Tye's Dream - By: Tiresias Rex

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Tye's Dream - By: Tiresias Rex

Postby Miki Yamuri » Wed Apr 12, 2023 9:09 am

Tye's Dream - By: Tiresias Rex

I pull up to the small bed and breakfast, excited and a bit nervous. It's my first meeting with a domme, and I have come dressed for the part (and thank God no one is around to see me). I'm in a lavender shaded onesie with dinosaur shaped prints. A disposable diaper underneath ... an adult Bambinos, and booties.

We're in Texas. A wooded glade. Somewhere outside of Waco. No one around. Two story house. Nondescript. Clothes line out back with various women's clothing and some cotton diapers and plastic panties drying in the spring sun. Temps are in the low 70s. Lovely day. A light wind rocks the clothes on the line.

There's a white 1970s Camaro in the front. It's a nice contrast to my current blue Prius.

I step out of the car and walk up to the porch. Ring the bell.

A tall, muscular brunette woman with an impressive chest opens the door. She's in a crisp white blouse and blue jeans. I instinctively sense that this is my domme, Lisa.

She compliments me ..."Look how cute you are!" and invites me in. I hear giggling ... two or three female voices...in the other room. I freeze, I thought we were supposed to be alone.

"It's okay, Miki and Laurie will be playing with you too. I assure you, they will not tell anyone else. What happens here, stays here." She says it with such finality that I feel this is a foreshadowing ... but of what?

I'm still nervous ... something doesn't feel right.

Lisa asks me to lower one sleeve of my onesie...I have to have an injection to ward off "boy germs" as she calls them.

She says in a soft coo, "Apparently, you have some intense allergy and you need to be protected from outside germ sources.

Lisa unzips the front of my onside ... I feel myself getting hard already. And I dutifully pull down a sleeve. The injection stings, but does not cause too much pain. I feel ... different as whatever it was spread slowly. Almost like the sensation of taking an Ecstasy tab. Lisa playfully brushes her hand across the front of my onesie/diaper. An electric shock runs up my spine. It's delightful.

Miki and Laurie come into the parlor. They each take an arm and we go into a giant playroom. Blocks, dolls, you name it. We play for a time all the while I continue to feel both "elevated" and a bit silly. I sense I am giggling a lot. The other two keep blowing kisses at me and brushing up against me playfully.

At one point, Laurie asks me: "Does Baby Chrissie have to go potty?" I say no, what would ever give her that idea? She laughs and points to the "tent" in my onesie front. I had no idea I was still erect.

Things blur and I find myself being led by the three ladies to a bedroom. Lisa lays me down and unzips my onesie. I start to protest, but Miki pushes a pacifier into my mouth. I begin to suck on it. I am now just in a diaper feeling sleepy and vulnerable.

Laurie suggests we play dress up; and before long, I am wearing cute mittens and a bonnet. Still in my diaper...and yes, still aroused.

Now things change in tone.

Lisa walks back into the room and she purrs, "Well, this is what you always wanted and what we chatted about. Yes, I am pregnant. Miki will be getting a little sister and my breasts need lots of attention. They ache when they get too full." She slowly and teasingly removes her blouse and unclasps a nursing bra.

Her breasts spill out, a glorious sight! She approaches the bed. While I am not bound to the bed, I feel that I am stuck there. The silk sheets feel amazing. I am giddy with the prospect of what is about to happen. I also find myself enthralled by this woman, her every word. I am totally submissive.This frightens me and gives me such pleasure simultaneously.

Lisa slides in next to me...rests her back against the headboard of the bed. Miki and Laurie position me in her arms and lap. They pull the pacifier out of my mouth which I just notice for the first time, is shaped like a penis.

Before I know it, a breast is pushed firmly into my mouth. I suckle instinctively... it tastes delicious. Not like the usual cantaloupe juice watery consistency, this is actually creamy, slightly thick. Is it supposed to taste like this? Again, something seems ... odd. I suck and slurp greedily. But I noticed that with each suck I am getting fuzzy. My thoughts are cloudy.

"Good baby ... good baby. " Lisa coos soothingly. "Only another hour to go..."

What did she mean by that?

"Miki...?" Lisa looks at Miki. She giggles and approaches me. Laurie pulls my legs apart and begins stroking me through the diaper. Slow, methodical, knowing. I get the sense that she has done this before. I am getting amazingly hard in my diaper. She smiles. She is definitely a professional.

"I wonder if he is a virgin?" Miki asks. "I love the sweet taste of a virgin boy on my tongue."

I try to mumble that I not a virgin, but can't for the fact that Lisa's ample breast is stuffed into my mouth.

"No tasting yet Miki. His diaper will get all the juice today." Miki pouts, but Laurie resumes the slow ministrations to my diapered cock.

Gods, this is beyond kinky. I love it.

This goes on seemingly forever. Laurie is a master of bringing me to the edge, but not letting me cum. Miki has left the room and calls to someone. Was that "Vickie"?

Stroke, stroke, rub, rub. My shaft, my testicles ... all over my diaper. I want Laurie to reach inside and stroke me directly. I sense that this is a no-no for domme Lisa's house. No direct touching aloud.

Finally, Lisa removes her left nipple with a plop. I am gasping, both full of fluid and aroused wanting more.

She looks at me ominously, stares and tells me, "You know I am a geneticist. You have read about me and you know that I am quite gifted with serums and body alternations. I practically told you all of this in all of our chats, but you obviously chose to ignore it."

I honestly thought she was just bragging or just telling me fantasies.

"My breast milk has been altered and is addictive. You will now now crave it, continually. As an extra 'bonus', that anti-viral injection I gave you earlier will help with the transformation."

What? What is she talking about? Words and thoughts are becoming difficult to generate.
I can understand speech. but I am starting to have a hard time forming coherent words or thoughts.

"Shh...it's okay, baby. The truth is, you are regressing even as we speak. Not physically. Miki, Vickie, and Laurie - who you are about to meet - insisted we have a big boy. But mentally, let's just say with each gulp of my milk you are getting younger and your mental processes are too. Now, with time, it will wear off, but that is why you will continually be feeding and being overdosed with regression drugs, so it become permanent. I have six months to go until my baby is born. Until then, well, the girls need a doll to play with and treat like their new baby sister."

Despite this horrifying news, my penis remains rock hard.

Lisa looks down and laughs. 'Oh, about that..." she playfully pokes my padded cock. "As soon as you cum....you'll be using your diapers for another reason and you'll regress even further, by at least several years. The greater the intensity of your orgasm, the more powerful the regression, and the younger you will be."

I groan. This is not what I wanted. I try to escape, but Lisa holds me in a vise like embrace while Vickie and Laurie each sit on my legs.

"Boy body for the girls to play with and a baby brain for me to enjoy while he nurses. Not a bad deal, hmmm?"

I shake my head. No, I wanted kink and diaper play but not this, not full-fledged for real regression.

But Lisa just steers my mouth towards her other breast. The right nipple is clearly lactating. Bumph. Into my mouth.

"Ohhhhh," she moans. "That's it, suck, baby and make mommy happy."

I cannot resist as Miki resumes the rubbing. OMG I am soooo close.

At that moment Laurie walks into the room. She is dressed like Miki and Vickie, in a cute t-shirt and Pull-Ups. She is also carrying something. It looks like a swimming pool "noodle." But big, thick and black.

She cheers! "Yay! My new toy has arrived!" She skips over to the bed. I am now in shock, about to cum, swallowing creamy milk, my mind growing hazier ... women giggling, touching me ... cooing over me and my predicament.

Laurie looks directly in my eyes. There is a darkness there.

"Mommy pwomised me a toy, is my birfday (she says with a girlish lisp) You didn't think this was all about you, did you?

I am going to pway with you and really pway with you hard."

Miki murmurs, "Laurie doesn't like boys and it may hurt." Laurie giggles and massages my thigh.

Rub, rub, stroke, stroke. Whisper. Swallowing, Rub...rub...Oh God...I'm going to...

Lisa purrs, "Suck, baby..."

Miki whispers, "Cum baby, cum for me, make a cummie for me"

Vickie giggles: "Is baby going to mess his diapers?"

Laurie says, stroking the black tube, "This is my favorite toy and I'm gonna make sure it's your bottom's favorite, too...nice and stuffed with my Big Moe. Calls it that cuz no matter how much is pushed in you, there's always MO."

I cum. It's too much. I spurt and spurt and spurt into my diapers. I lay there, mouth filled with a breast and wearing sticky Pampers.

Lisa says: "Now that's a double milking."

Miki cheers, Vickie smiles, while Laurie laughs. Lisa removes her breast and says to me: "Good girl. Now be a better babygirl. You will find you have no choice but to use your diapers.

She wraps a pink blanket around my top and watches, expectantly. As if on command, I feel a warm mass creeping from my backside creating a lump in my diapers. Then, without warning, a torrent of pee as I lost total control. I realize in a dim sort of way I have just used my diapers threefold. I am a messy baby. I know somehow from now on I need diapers.

Wait ... where are these thoughts coming from? I am not a baby! I am not ...

"Good baby!" all cheer.

My brain feels like it's falling ... I cannot form words ... is this the regression? I am pleased for Mommy...I made stinkies ... good baby ... but No! I am terrified of what is happening.

I have a life. Work. A house. I cannot be trapped here by these crazy women.

I am falling, falling ... and yet it feels good. A inner voice beckons me to keep sinking ... Good baby, goo baby...goo....

Laurie and Vickie laugh. Vickie says in a little girl voice: "Baby made stinks! Baby made stinks!"

Miki adds: "Babydoll needs diapers forever!"

It's all too much. I pass out, sinking into a warm darkness, my last thought being "wetties...goo" as I soak my diapers yet again.

Time passes. I wake up on an large changing table. Protective straps hold my wrists, and ankles and a large leather strap across my chest. Laurie is wiping my bottom carefully with wipes. She really explores with the wipes between my cheeks, and taking her time to wipe my penis and testicles, as well. Then she applies baby oil. My body betrays me again as I grow hard.

Vickie licks her lips. "I tasted you before after we changed you and you're right, you are not a virgin." She makes an adorable pouty face. "But your semen was musky and nice."

'Miki," I groan "I cannot lie,that was the most intense sexual experience of my life. You have to let me go. I can't be here."

Laurie pours ample amounts of baby powder over my loins. Her cute pout changes to a grimace. "But you signed up with Mommy. You told her you wanted to play. And we like to play for a very long time."

She then pins me into ridiculously thick cotton diapers. She starts to pull up some cute pink rumba panties on me, then pauses when they are halfway up my legs. A wicked grin forms on her face.

I sensed I was in a horror movie now. When would this end? I strain against the clamps on the table. No good. I am stuck. Bound. Helpless.

Laurie holds up a large ribbed dildo. "I changed my mind. Does baby need his prostate tickled? I don't want Mommy to

have all the fun."


"I put these diapers on too soon so let's unpin them again ... here's number 1 ..." One pin pops open. The side of my diaper falls loose. "And here's number 2 ..." Laurie reached for the second pin.

Lisa walks in, as if on cue, "Oh Laurie, you naughty girl. Good morning, Chrissie ..." Lisa chimes. "I hope you had a good night's rest. You were a very messy baby. You used your diapers at least twice more after you passed out. Remember?"

I grunt. No, I find that hard to believe.

"Not in a communicative mode. maybe baby is too young to talk? I see," says Lisa. "But here's what will be happening....you are going nowhere. We have had your car towed and turned over to the police. I told them a stalker had been threatening us lately. And they have your picture and an order to arrest you if you are spotted in the nearby community."

Oh, crap. So much for my escape plan ... a true realization I was trapped being a girl babydoll.

Lisa continued: "As I said, the girls need a baby boy toy for the next six months and congratulations, you are it! What we'll do with you after that will depend on you and maybe Miki. But I have some neighbors on the other side of the woods with some interesting appetites. So, who knows? Besides, you are a babydoll, a piece of property. I have the bill of sale and a title to you so you are all mine. Remember that release form you signed? It was durable power of attorney."

God, how could this get any worse?

Lisa keeps talking, the master villain is "monologuing."

"And what will happen each morning and afternoon is quite simple: miking. Double milking. I need these lovely mammy glands drained and you need your schlong (the girls laugh at this word) drained as well. It's a win-win for all: you get younger and you get a wonderful orgasm! Plus: Miki and Laurie get practice with changing diapers. A win-win. The injection I gave you lasts for a week. So there will be more, many more including several overdoses to insure the effects eventually become permanent."

I protest, feebly.

And then Laurie walks in. She's stunning, dressed in black leather and a black diaper cover. OMG!! she's actually a baby doll dominatrix.

"It's time for my playtime, Mommy. Can the milking wait? Just for today?"

"Of course, dear..." smirks Lisa. "But try to leave his ass somewhat whole, I sense he is a virgin there."

The girls all laugh. Vickie grabs me as Laurie grabs my arms and says, not too reassuringly, "Come along ... time for some stretching exercises, baby boy."

As I am being stripped and strapped into some strange kind of frame that held my bottom in the air and my legs spread, I see Laurie spreading some kind of thick colloid onto the ribbed toy. Vickie holds my hinney cheeks open as Laurie pushes it in very deeply ... OMG!! now I know exactly what she meant by stretching ...
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Re: Tye's Dream - By: Tiresias Rex

Postby TiresiasRex » Fri Oct 06, 2023 5:11 pm

Wow! I completely forgot about this dream! (and it's been years since I shared it with you, Miki). Blessings to you for bringing this back - and all of the wonderful memories associated with it.

I'm sure many of your fans would agree: "my" fate in this story is not exactly too horrible! 8-)
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