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Royal House of Anton - Emperess Series

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Royal House of Anton

Chapters in order of proper appearance

I Am Still Me but Someone Else

I am Princess Amy Michelle Anton, Daughter of the Emperor of the Known Universe.
This is the story of my death ... and rebirth.
I have memories of the accident, though they are not complete. It began on my eighteenth birthday. Mom had dressed me in my favorite romper for the space flight. Dad wanted me to go with him so we wouldn’t be separated. It would be a very long journey through space. I was to be interfaced with the dream machine so I would be occupied for the many years travel at light speed. The Dream Machine had the ability to create real seeming scenarios for any type of simulation or fantasy that could be conceived by the mind of man. It maintained the body in a state of suspended animation. It was used for long duration deep space travel.

Before being interfaced with the machine, Dad gave me an injection of some kind that made me feel real strange for a few minutes. Dad told me he had just given me a prolongation shot and I would be an eighteen year old baby for a very long time, and laughed. When the strange feelings had cleared, I was interfaced into a wonderful dream fantasy every little girl would love. It seemed like it was real and I really enjoyed it. I skipped off into a magic forest filled with Fairies, Elves, and Unicorns.

There are excessive safeguards built into this machine to prevent what happened from happening. Not all things can be foreseen and this was a freak accident that hadn’t ever happened in 10,000 years of space travel.

I didn’t know what caused what happened. I did know that a major failure to the machine I was interfaced with had happened. I heard the warnings loud and clear as the cascade failure began. All nanotechnology and the massively inherent safety it provided malfunctioned. It was impossible for this to happen for the fabric of reality wouldn’t allow it. It had happened and I knew there was no way out. The safety systems no longer existed. I knew with no doubt I was going to die. My very existence was slowly and painfully torn apart before the sudden empty insane icy cold darkness of oblivion took me.

Someone Else

My name is John Tressu. I am an out doors type who loves to hunt and hike and those sorts of things. On this particular day, I was deep in the wilderness on a live off the land type of adventure. I do this a lot.

Today is a very good day. I stand on a cliff and look over the valley below. The view is spectacular. The sun has just broke over the mountain behind me. I can see soft fluffy clouds drifting all along the valley floor far below me. The smell of the mountain is clean and filled with fresh invigorating smells. Dew has made everything glisten and also caused my shoes to be wet. I don’t mind in the least.

I string my bow. My intention was to follow the deer trail to the bottom of the cliff and set up a blind at the bend where the animals would have to pass to reach the stream. I know that sometimes a deer or goat can be surprised on the trail down. I am ready.

I carefully begin my decent along the extremely twisty narrow trail. It is good fortune that there is little debris on the trail and the footing is solid.

I hear a loud screaming noise. It screamed like a soul in torment as it missed the top of the hill where I was standing ... thank goodness. A strange type of aircraft screamed over my head and made a rather bad controlled crash landing in the valley below.

I feel huge amounts of air rushing past me. I almost get knocked over by the blast. It would have been fatal if I had slipped. The first step was a real doozy.

It is medium sized and moving at great speed. It comes up dead short, turns suddenly one hundred eighty degrees and stops. The maneuver is incredible. It settles into the valley in a rather seriously controlled crash. When the craft was 30 feet off the valley floor, it suddenly slides off haphazardly to my left and impacts.

Huge explosions and heat with many fires followed. I hurry down the trail as fast as I could go without endangering myself. The trail was very steep and winding. By the time I reach the valley floor, and have cleared the rock and brush and have a clear site of the craft, it has begun to burn in several places rather frantically. The fires have not yet become critical ... although I know this is going to change quickly.

I drop my pack and my bow at the trail head. I run as fast as I can to the craft.
It is very elegant in design. Clean lines, very sleek. If I didn’t know better I would swear it was a reject from Starwars.

One side of the craft had a huge hole torn in it from a crag it had hit on crashing. It had torn a large enough gash I could easily enter the craft.

A gaping hole with smoke pouring from it beckoned to my adventurous nature. I quickly climbed into it and searched for survivors. The smoke and fire were getting worse. I knew I didn’t have much time. Fortunately, the aircraft was small.

I found the cockpit and three people. One was an extremely beautiful girl wired into some type of unknown machine and enclosed in some kind of clear cylinder. The other two were men. They were strapped into a couch of some kind and appeared to be wired into the control center of the ship itself.

I opened the end of the cylinder. It was an accident, but it was what I wanted. I unhooked the girl. Her eyes were open, but they were totally void of any consciousness. I looked into her beautiful clear blue eyes and realized there was no one looking back. They were as empty of life as any void could be. As I picked her up, her body was very limp. I checked her out and she was breathing and had a good heartbeat. Something was wrong with her, didn’t have time to worry over it, things were going from bad to worse fast.

I took her from the ship first. I placed her behind a large boulder to protect her should the aircraft explode and went back for the next passenger. The first person I came to I unstrapped from the couch and unhooked from the console. I took him to the same place I had taken the girl, which was the most fortunate thing I did I would discover later. I went back to get the last passenger. A major fire had broken out and was raging fiercely. I felt the intense heat getting closer. I unhooked him from the last panel. An alarm went off then. I turned, the cockpit was on fire and acrid smoke boiled angrily around me.

I could hear a voice repeating something over and over. It was in a completely alien language but I understood the urgency of it well. I picked him out of his seat, threw him over my back and attempted to get behind the boulder with him too. My luck had run out by this time. There was a tremendous explosion, searing heat, I was picked up along with the person on my back and painfully thrown into darkness before I had made it half way across the clearing.

When I came to, I knew immediately that I was seriously hurt. I had no arms and one of my eyes didn’t work. I also knew I was in a place no one on earth would believe. This place looked like something out of a first rate top notch science fiction flick.

The first man I had saved noticed I was awake and came to me. He put something on my forehead. It made a strange tingling sensation inside my head. He attached the same type of device to his forehead. He said something that was totally alien to me. I told him I didn’t understand. He repeated himself. I didn’t quite understand, but it was almost English and some of the words I could easily guess.

My response was just the word, “What?”

This time, when he spoke, it was perfect English. The voices of the others in the room were now also perfect English.

He said, “Hello, my name is Thomas. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving Amy and for saving me. I am truly sorry you have been so seriously injured.”

I asked, “How is the man that was on my back when that thing exploded?”

Thomas looked very grieved and the response was full of emotional overtones. He said, “Prince Blake was torn to pieces by the explosion. You were saved by his body being draped over your back. The portions of your body that were not covered by his were torn to pieces. My entire race thanks you for your sacrifice.”

He moved a mirror above me and I saw my body was mutilated. I had no legs or arms. From just below what used to be my waist down no longer existed. I was missing an eye and my face was totally disfigured. What was left of me was burned to a crisp. Fortunately, I felt no pain. I wondered what he meant by “his entire race”.

Thomas looked at me for a moment then said, “Amy is very special to me. She is perhaps the most important person in my life. Her body is completely intact due to your heroic actions. Her brain is also intact along with all her life memories. It’s just … well … due to the failure we encountered, her essence is no longer with us.”

I was even more puzzled about all of this and asked, “What are you saying? I did see her eyes were very empty when I rescued her.”

Thomas said, “Everything about her corporeal body is intact. It’s that … well … ummm … let us just say her soul is lost to this reality and there is nothing to give animation to the living flesh.”

A shock ran through me. I understood him to say the body was alive but had no soul to animate it. I did not understand how such a thing could happen.
I asked, “Is she in a coma?”

Thomas replied, “No, the lights are on, just no one is home.” He bows his head and rubs his eyes tiredly and continues, “We cannot repair your body nor keep your body from expiring, nor can we bring her essence back. You will die, and she will be a vegetable if things are left to run their course.”

I was not happy to hear that I was dying. I knew this was the outcome any way because of the severity of my injuries. I was still extremely puzzled. I knew earth had no such technology like what I was seeing. I understood the statement, “His entire Race”

Thomas spoke again with more emotion in his voice, “There is something we can do however. I am not giving you the choice to say no, because Amy is excessively important to me. You have a living essence and a dead body. She is a living body with no essence. There will be issues for you at first. It will pass if you allow it to. There will be many people to help you through the rough parts. You will be deeply loved and pampered for the rest of your long life. I will help you as much as I can through the double memories until you let them go.”

I was totally confused now and asked, “What are you talking about? Double memories?”

Thomas looked like he was about to tell me, then thought better of it. He took the device from my forehead and all the voices became totally alien again. He walked away.

I was scared. I felt no pain. I could feel my life slipping away towards death. Some people came to me and started attaching electrodes to what was left of me. Some kind of gold ring was placed over my head. I could feel a really strange chill course through my soul as it was put on my head. There was some kind of detachment from my body and my consciousness that made me feel real spooky. I knew I was dying.

One of the people working on me put that device on my forehead again. I heard him say, “This will be extremely beyond anything you have ever experienced before in your life.” Every thing began to echo and took on a far away aspect as things were getting fuzzy. He continued, ” Your body will die in about 10 minutes so we have to hurry. After scanning your memories, we find you are the perfect specimen and this will fulfill a childhood fantasy for you. I know fantasizing it and living it are different, but don’t be scared. This process will all be over soon and you will recover completely. There will be issues, and it will be entirely up to you how long it takes for you to get past them. Enjoy your new lease on life.”

He then removed the thing from my forehead and I could no longer understand anything anyone said. I was totally confused and truly about to panic. I didn’t understand the new lease on life thing. I truly understood this; I was dying and didn’t like it.
I faded away.


I felt it hit me. I came totally awake. It coursed through me like a hurricane filled with electrical fire. It grabbed my soul and suddenly there was a total separation of my consciousness from my body.
I was aware of my body ... it was alone and in the most horrible hell spawned torment imaginable because of the injuries to it ... it was only a moment from death … but I felt nothing except the coursing energy that held me and pulled me from my destroyed body. I saw it perish in the most horrible agony, totally empty and void.

I saw my destroyed self on the table, dead. I could see myself in this other location too, I was completely intact here. I was pulled helplessly into a blue-white field of energy. It spread through me. I actually felt something being erased from me. Wasn’t sure what. On the other side of this energy field, I was no longer in a human form, but existed as a bright white sphere of intense energy. I had been pulled into a clear sphere surrounded by this intense energy field. I could actually see what was going on in the room below, but I couldn’t get out of the sphere. The wall of energy prevented it.

I saw them unhook all the wires from my dead body, place it in a body bag and zip it closed. This caused me some anxiety to say the least. I knew I was dead, but still somehow alive. Next, they brought the girl to the table and placed her nude body on it. They attached the electrodes in the same fashion I had been wired and placed the golden ring on her head.

She is an extremely beautiful eighteen year old. She had a choke collar around her neck that had the most beautiful blue gemstone I had ever seen. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen as well. Shoulder length silky white blond hair and the face of an absolute angel.

I see one of the people push a button on a panel. I am grabbed by the irresistible hurricane filled with electrical fire force again. My thoughts are totally disrupted as I am placed in the girl’s body. I don’t fit ... some kind of adjustment. I’m back ... this time I fit perfectly.

My body was very glad to have me back. I didn’t understand, this isn’t my body ... it is my body and my soul rejoiced that I had returned to it again. The body accepted me, my soul accepted my body, my body caressed me, became me, and I became her. The way I had entered this body suddenly vanished with the energy wave and I was now an eighteen year old little girl and a fifty one year old man all at the same time with extremely intense dual conflicting tormenting memories all fighting for control. I was merged. No foundation of who I was. No basis or concept of reality.

Neuro Control Diagnostic ... control vector loss ... reestablish Pet program control

My soul is grabbed by an all consuming merciless controlling force ... it is demanding ... it is irresistible ... it takes absolute control ... I loose my free will. I scream a blood curdling scream of intense agony as the neuro pet collar reestablished absolute pitiless control over me. Just as quickly, I become silent as waves and waves of really strange and intense emotions, thoughts, feelings, desires, needs, hopes, and an over powering need to please engulf me. I open my eyes ... Total disoriented torment ... I scream!

I am totally confused. We are totally insane. I have massive things being forced into my existence ... I am totally tormented. I am Amy Michelle Anton. I am John Notsruht Tressu. We are both and neither. Something has taken control of our soul. We are in an extreme state of total tormented confusion. I have thoughts, emotions, feelings, things becoming me that aren’t me. Things that are us becoming things that aren’t me. I am me, but I am someone else too. I am no one, we are one, all at the same time, at absolute war with each other. I sit up on the table. We are completely nude and freezing cold. We have wires all over us and a neurolizing halo on my head … how do I know what this ring thing is? Emotions I’ve never had before start running through me ... familiar ... alien ... total spiritual conflict. I start crying hysterically.

I can’t help it; we are literally an eighteen year old girl and a fifty one year old man together as one person in torment, at war. We have dual personality ... I have single personality ... I scream!

A woman rushes to me … she is a total stranger … I know her very well … I have never met her before … I have known her all my life … she is my mother Princess Lady Beth ... I love her intensely … our mind is tearing me apart ... she is a total stranger … who is this other person in here with me ... refusals ... denials ... war ... We are scared out of our mind … I scream in tormented fear!

The woman starts to cry miserably ... We have lost our mind and are trapped here. A man comes to me and drapes me in a warm blanket. He removes the wires and ring from me. There is intense love of this man … he is that Thomas person … he is a total stranger … I have known Daddy all my life … strange little girl hope that he won’t leave me ... I cannot believe I love a man … he is a total stranger I never saw before today … I trust him with my life ... I want and need him ... I know him and love him deeply … he is a total stranger and I fear him ... We are totally out of our mind ... more war over who is real ... I scream!

I need his safety and protection ... I am totally flabbergasted over the thoughts about this strange man ... the woman is kissing me... she is extremely beautiful ... I feel arousal in thinking of how cute she is ... I am disgusted with my thoughts about my mother ... we are in torment again … war over sexual preferences ... I scream!

Two of the people I love the most in the world are trying their best to sooth the torment and comfort me … they are total strangers I have never seen before today and are trying their level best to ease the torment and comfort me ... They talk to the madness of the other inside me and tell her to let go of ME ... I am scared beyond reason ... We have no mind...they are two people I love and trust the most in the world and I am scared … they are doing their level best to soothe my torment … We are deeply in love ... We fear for my very life ... I scream!

I am being held … I am being kissed by the man I know has loved and protected me as far back as I can remember … I am a Pet ... what is a pet ... I am a grown man ... I am a little baby ... I have nothing to keep me... she is winning … I am a girl... I can’t believe how much I love and trust this man and woman that are total strangers to me ... realization I am nude in the arms of the man and I am embarrassed ... I grab the blanket and cling to it ... I am very shy ... those thoughts are insane ... I am a grown man ... I AM a baby girl ... I start to cry pitifully.

The strange woman is caressing me and telling me how much she loves me ... she wrapped me lovingly in the warm blanket ... she is telling me she loves her baby ... They beg me to come back to them ...

I hear their words and follow the path to Amy ... the other looses the battle ... a change in the way I perceive reality ... his tormenting influence fades a bit as he lost his grip … listen to them, I am Amy ... they tell me to let go and relax … I trust these two with my very life. I know they are my daddy and my mommy.

As I obey them, the insanity becomes easier to ignore … they are total strangers that I have known all my life and totally trust and ... a major realization ... My name IS AMY… my foundation for reality ... I am an eighteen year old girl. My will plants and I take a stand ... I accept this for the moment even though it seems to be insane. I know somehow I can absolutely trust these two strangers. I feel the intense love and trust I have for daddy and mommy ... I accept their words and the storm raging in my soul fades even more as he looses any foothold. I listen to them and follow the course that leads to a little girl called Amy ... the other is hysterical ... I push him away ... he is screaming and crying. There is a way to peace, accept the fact I am Amy ... I follow it.

The torment fades because he has nothing to sustain him. He has no foundation in reality.

His screams fade to unintelligibly. Amy begins to come to her senses and madness fades.

I Am trembling with fear ... I feel an injection ... I hear someone say I will sleep now … There will be no us ... I AM AMY! Comforting words, caresses, and kisses from the two well known and trusted strangers who are my daddy and mommy accompany me into blissful sleep. Soft, peaceful, torment free, no more fear … I have pleasant little girl dreams.

Amy Anton is Born

I open my eyes. It is dimly lit here. There are soft noises in the distance that are pleasant.

I hear the soft quiet sounds of rain and distant gentle thunder. I hear music. It is so soft and soothing. I sit up and have intense memories of a dream I was having ... realization dawns, it wasn’t a dream. I am Amy ... I used to be John Though. I shake my head to clear it.

This is my bedroom ... I am comforted in knowing I am home. I grab my Teddy Bear ... wait ... this is a young girl’s bedroom not mine. There are conflicting memories again. I am two people at the same time again. I am able to handle this confusion now. I know who I am and the other is nonsense. We both have to go to the bathroom. I feel safe, I am in my own bedroom with my Teddy Bear in my arms. I look around. So familiar ... so strange and new.

I start to get out of bed. I realize everything is wrong and totally right at the same time.
I am dressed in a baby doll night gown with rumba panties. My name is Amy Michelle Anton! They call me by my middle name shortened to Miki. I am an Imperial Pet. More confusion as multiple memories flood my mind as I stand up. It’s getting easier to repel the other.

A sudden overpowering very real memory of a very painful explosion accompanied by searing heat.

I stumble and fall into someone’s arms. I look up and it’s my mommy … wait ... this extremely beautiful woman is a total stranger at the same time. I know I can trust her, I remember her trying so hard to comfort me. I allow the fear to pass. I accept the conflicting memories, and then ignore him. He has no memories here. Noting to hold him here. He goes away.

She says, “Miki, are you all right? It’s so nice to have you back.” She gives me a very tender kiss and a loving hug.

All I can say, “What?” my mind is clearing.

Mom looks at me tenderly then says, “There was a serious accident on your trip with your Father, baby. Paul was killed and the dream machine malfunctioned. You were seriously injured. We have you back now and I won’t allow anything to hurt you.”

I understand what she is saying. I have memory of the trip, I feel sorrow at Paul’s death. He was always good to me and fun. I know what the dream machine is, I remember knowing it was damaged in a way no one could have ever possibly have conceived, knowing there is no way out, knowing I was going to die, the horrible pain of my consciousness being shredded, and the total icy cold blackness of oblivion.

I start to cry. Mom holds me closely and whispers how much she loves me. She wipes the tears softly from my eyes. I hug her neck and tell her how much I love her too, she starts to cry. She rocks me lovingly. We cry softly in each other’s arms.

I couldn’t help it; I was so emotional at this point I wet my panties. I am very upset about it. One side of me is disgusted I did this ... another side of me is innocently shy about it ... Mom soothes me and tells me it’s all right for a little girl to have accidents. Some confusion but I attempt not to think about it. This is what little girls do sometimes is my reply to him. He is almost gone.

She took me to potty. She took off my panties and I sat on the potty and relieved myself. Mom put my wet panties in a hamper and asked if I wanted to be diapered.

A blank confusion, all I could say was, “What?” A real thrill runs through me.

Some very mixed emotions filled the blank suddenly. The eighteen year old girl side of me very much wanted to be baby and all it meant. She really enjoyed being baby. The other side was a fifty one year old grown man saying this was impossible and was extremely disgusted at the thought of wearing baby clothes and diapers.

Mom came over and had me stand as she gently wiped my privacy. It was a thrill the way she did it. Mom smiled tenderly. She said softly and lovingly in a strange compelling voice, “Would Amy like to be baby for awhile?” On impulse I couldn’t understand or resist at the moment I said, “Yes.” The impulse was overwhelming and made me feel wonderful. I couldn’t resist. Something in mom’s voice was so comforting and filled me with trust and contentment. I love mommy so much. I need to please mommy.

I was compelled by a rush of wonderful emotions from the voice of mommy to follow Amy, not John memories. This was relief from the confusion and anguish from earlier when I attempted to follow John memories. I realized the less I attempted to be John and the more I attempted to be Amy, the less confusion and the less mental torment.

He realized this is one of those strange dream fantasies from when he was a kid come true. He cannot hang on ... he lost the battle.

I knew this was who Amy was. I knew I could absolutely trust this beautiful woman ... she was my real mother ... She was mommy ... I love and want to please mommy so badly ... I let go of the other memories and became Amy, the little nine year old girl who’s nick name is Miki, who very much wanted to be baby. I love mommy and will please her to the best of my ability. I am Miki. I know this to be true. Mommy is very pleased with Miki. THIS IS WHO I AM! All vestiges of torment ended abruptly.

Mom seemed excessively strong I am a small and petite girl though. She picked me up and cooed to me as she gave me a loud smooch. I giggled happily as she swung me around and placed me on a table she had released from the wall. She blew into my belly button and made a raspberry noise as she tickled me. I giggled and kicked my feet like a little baby should. I was thinking how much fun mommy is.
I suddenly realize what I’m doing. Confusion at how I am acting like a baby. Disgust at the emotions I feel about this. I am helpless to stop. What is going on? I am willingly doing this? I love being baby! I force him away again. It was so easy to get rid of him now.

Mom seems to sense my anxiety. She rubs her nose to mine and tells me gently how much she loves baby. She tickles me softly in my ribs and I kick and squirm happily. The conflict ended as soon as it started. John left, I am baby.

Mom has me on my back and has me bend my knees and spread my legs. All I want to do at this point is to please mommy like a good baby. She rubs me all over with a sweet smelling oil. She is caressing me with each gentle pass of her hand.

Mom says softly, “We’ll make you a sweet baby.” I feel something pleasant and cold enter me. This cold and the intensely pleasant tingle it created spreads from there all through my body. She is done. I am helpless. She turns me gently on my tummy. I am becoming even more helpless and innocently euphoric. I make very sweet little girl noises as Mom coos to me and encourages me to relax and be baby. Mom begins to lovingly rub me with another wonderfully scented oil. The feeling is incredibly, intensely euphoric. I feel a tingling warm wetness spread through out my body and gain in intensity with each soft caress of mom’s hands. This sensation by no means detracts from the tingling cold that has spread through me.

I feel all the tension and fear going away as my mind slips into a wonderful simple innocent euphoria. I am baby ... I am helpless to think beyond this, babies don’t know how.

Mom turns me over on my back and tickles me again. I giggle happily and squeal and kick and squirm. Mom kisses me again and says, “Miki, you are an adorable baby.” She lifts me by my heels and places a very soft diaper under me and sets me on it. It is very soft and very warm and excessively thick. She powders me ... I smell honeysuckle. She rubs and caresses me gently... I love mommy. She kisses me again and tells me how much she loves me and no one will ever hurt me again. She tickles the bottom of my feet ... I squeal in delight. She pins the diaper on me. She puts a plastic lined rumba panty on me and then hugs and kisses me some more.

“Come with me baby“, she says to me and turns to finish cleaning up for a second.. I go to get off the table and discover suddenly things are different for me now. I am drastically different now than I was before she put me in diapers. I can’t do this ... I need mom’s help so I don’t fall off the table and hurt myself. I don’t know how to get off the table and loose my balance ... I am falling. I am helpless to stop myself and I’m going to get seriously hurt. Mom immediately is there and catches me. “Be careful, Miki” she cautions, “You are a little baby now and have different needs.”

I realize suddenly I have started sucking my thumb. I stop.

I have a sudden attack of confusion, dual memories fight for dominance for a second. He has nothing to stand on or to grab ... I am a little baby girl now. Nothing he is doing or says makes any sense to me or even matters. Babies don’t understand those kind of things. There is absolutely no understanding or interest in me and he can do nothing. I am innocent and he can do nothing here. I am confused a little. Mom realizes this and is there with hugs and caresses that comfort and sooth the anxiety away. This is important. I love mommy.

I have some difficulty walking normally. I find myself unable to keep up with mommy. Mom gently holds my hand and walks slowly as I follow her into a room ... it’s a nursery complete with a crib and toys and everything a baby girl could ever need or want.

Mom sits in a big thick rocking chair ... I am so over joyed. I come up to her and she lifts me into her lap. I am lying in her lap looking into her extremely beautiful face. I am totally lost in the warm glow of mommy’s love. She smiles and hugs me again. “It’s so nice to have you back Miki, I love you so much”, she said as she kissed me again.

She undid her top so quickly I didn’t realize what was coming until it came. My mind was loosing itself in the simple euphoria that was engulfing me. She took out one of her beautifully formed breasts and gave it a small squeeze. A white drop appeared on her nipple and she put that to my mouth. I started to object as another dual memory tried to take over. No foundation for him in any way. The taste of the milk on my lips and I was helpless and started to suckle. This was important. Breakfast. Baby understands she is hungry. Not that other noise. Baby suckles and is content.

Mom smiled and cooed to me again and said lovingly, “Just relax and be baby. It will help you to recover from the accident.” She said. “I can’t even imagine what you are going through, sweet heart. It must be bad to be two people at the same time. I know you know you can trust me. You can absolutely trust your daddy too. Listen to us and let go of that other, the one your daddy calls John. You are not him. That is part of the accident and you will recover if you just let go. Come back and be my Baby Miki. She is loved very much by a whole lot of people.”

The milk was warm, very rich, tasted very good, and it definitely satisfies the hunger in my tummy. I was immediately content. Things all blurred into a large happy euphoric loving contentment.

I don’t know when I fell asleep, but when I awoke, I was in my crib and needed a diaper change. I couldn’t believe I had peed in my diaper. I tried to take it off ... I didn’t know how, I needed mommy. I remembered what she said about letting go ... I let go of the other memories and was Baby Amy. I held the crib’s rail as I stood up. I was shaky on my feet. I saw myself in the mirror. I was truly an adorable baby girl. I looked like an Angel.

I could feel myself making a stinky in my diaper and couldn’t help but push it out.
It made a big impression on me that I was unable to stop myself. I could feel it in my diaper as it grew until I pushed once more and was finished. I had just made a messy in my diaper. There was absolutely nothing I could do to prevent it. I am an unpotty trained baby.
I called, “Mommy, Miki go potty.” I was shocked at how my voice sounded. Adorably sweet, I sound like that? Let go, you are Baby Amy.

Mom came in the room and picked me up and checked my diaper. She kissed me and said, “Miki you are such a good baby going potty in your diaper.” She gave me a big hug and a real tender kiss and lots of encouragement to be baby as she laid me on the changing table. She said, “I thought I would never get to do this again. I am so glad they were able to bring you back.” She kisses me.
She took off my wet messy diaper and washed me. She put jell lovingly around my privacy and bottom, Powdered and re-diapered me. She took off my nighty top and put me in a cute romper with a plastic lining and three rows of ruffles on my bottom and snapped it between my legs. She put matching booties on my feet ... I giggle happily. She sat in the big rocker and I suddenly had her breast in my mouth. It felt so good and made me feel very safe and content. The milk filled my tummy. The memories of John were gone.

When I had finished breakfast, she took me into the den where many people were. There were Princes, administrators, Kings, Senators, Arbiters of Imperial Law all carrying on about some huge important thing. I felt very self conscious about being dressed as a baby. Everyone seemed to accept that I was a baby girl and treated me accordingly with much love, encouragement, and acceptance. Everyone knew me, I didn’t know any of them.

I began a new life ... I was baby.

Chapter 2

Miki’s First Love

As time passed, I had started to grow accustomed to my surroundings and my new condition. I couldn’t believe how much time had passed. After the problems in the beginning, becoming a girl had been fun. There was still this over powering familiarity and strange newness at the same time. I knew I was Miki, an 18 year old adult baby girl, but at the same time I knew I used to be fifty one year John too. My new body was absolutely beautiful too. Long white blond hair, extremely attractive figure too. Very petite. There was no more of the split personality issues ... just a wonderful strangeness about everything and a comfortable familiarity that made my new life fun and pleasant.

I would catch mommy and daddy watching me sometimes as I looked through things. When they realized I had noticed them, they would always try to hide their scrutiny. It made me feel weird to know I was being watched this way. It is true that I had been through something unique. They loved me and were very concerned.

I had found a closet one day that I hadn’t been in before. Whenever I find one of these places, I always find neat stuff. There were many rooms and closets I had never been in before. I explored eagerly.

I opened the door. I had found some of the neatest dresses and rompers I had ever seen. There were jeans and hot pants. Many kinds of shoes.

I also found several extremely beautiful ball gowns.
There was one that stood heads and above everything else. A hand made gown with a crocheted shawl that was the most beautiful I had ever seen. Each stitch and loop was a delicate work of art. Made from the webs of the Glow Moths of Ceti Delta Prime. Extremely rare, extremely expensive, extremely beautiful. Would always be stunningly bright white. Glows with an essence everyone finds extremely appealing. Enhances the beauty of the wearer.

Is woven by the larvae chaste before they weave their cocoons. I was amazed. I realize it was made just for me and it was absolutely beautiful! I touched the cloth. I had never felt something so luxurious and soft in my life! Chills ran up my spine. It gave off a very pleasant energy. It made you feel so good.

I couldn’t imagine me in that dress nor where I could possibly go in it.
I shake my head slightly and continue my treasure hunt.

In a small chest of drawers inside the walk in closet, I had also found some of the laciest panties and tops I had ever seen. I loved all the thick ruffles on some of the panties. They looked like flowers of different colors. The dresses all had puffy sleeves and looked like they were custom made for me. In another drawer, I found lots of pretty bras, all apparently made to fit my boobies. I tried one on. It fit so well. I giggled as I looked in the mirror. The bra fit and caressed me so wonderfully. I was delighted.

I turned around and saw mommy watching me. Darn it ... I wanted to know what the problem was. I took off the bra and folded it neatly. I put it back in the drawer. I put my top back on.

I went over to mommy and demanded, “Mommy, why are you and daddy always watching me? I feel really spooky when I see you doing that.”

Mommy caressed me gently and said softly, “We love you very much baby. We know it has been a long time since the transfer but, we want to make sure that you have no more adjustment problems like you did the first few months. It grieves us when you wake up in the night and have terrible night mares. It also grieves us when you have duality problems. We want to be ready to help if we are needed.”

I hugged mommy tightly. I loved mommy so very much. I assured her that I didn’t have that problem any more. I know who I am and I also know who I used to be. I had already resolved the duality problems long ago.

I asked mommy, “What are these clothes? They are absolutely gorgeous!” I pointed to the new closet.

Mom ran her hand through my hair and said, “You are not a baby anymore sweetheart. It’s true you really do sort of look like it. There are noticeable differences. You probably feel like it, but your not and haven’t been for ... a very long time. These are the clothes for you when you decide you don’t want to be a baby anymore and want ... to pursue other interests.”

My eyes open wide. I was totally confused. Just what did that mean?
I look at mommy for a minute and then ask, “I thought I was baby mommy.”

Mommy smiles and says softly, “You are sweetheart, and will always be. The prolongation shot you had many years ago insures that.” She lovingly runs her hand through my hair again before continuing, “It’s just that a young lady develops ... other interests eventually. Your body doesn’t age ... you still do. This is so that you may explore those interests when you have them.”

I ask innocently confused, “What in Nexus are you talking about mommy?”

Mommy laughs softly and hugs me and says, “My baby. There will come a time ... you will understand my love.” She kisses me softly and pats me on my bottom before she walks out of the nursery and is gone again. I really miss mommy when she is gone. She doesn’t stay gone very long ... just seems like it to me.

I am totally confused. I see Nana go into the crib room. I decide to ask her. I go into the room with Nana. She turns and smiles her beautiful smile at me and asks, “Does baby want to be diapered?”
I was truly tempted ... I shrugged it off and ask instead, “What are ... a young lady’s other interests, Nana.”

Nana giggles so sweetly and says, “Why baby! What brought on this kind of question?”

I replied shyly, “Mom said I will have other interests eventually. I wanted to know what that might be is all.”

Nana folds her hands and smiles so wonderfully at me before she says sweetly, “You do know about boys ... don’t you baby?”

I was dazzled. I hadn’t thought about any of that since the transfer. It was a long time ago. I hadn’t realized that almost seven hundred years had passed. Everything had been such a great adventure. I had very real memory flashes of ... sex. Very good and satisfying sex. All the wrong orientation.
I had never had sex as a girl. I felt a strange arousal as I thought about it.

Nana kneels down and takes my chin gently in her hand. She asks so softly in a concerned tone, “Are you alright baby? You look ... troubled.”

I had opened Pandora’s box with my questions. I was troubled. I was feeling my first twinges of sexual curiosity. I now had some serious things to work through I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t found that stupid closet.

I ask Nana, “How old am I, Nana?”

Nana replies softly, “If we start you counting at the day of your ... medical problem ... about seven hundred years give or take a year or two.”

Surprise ... I think about it. It has been a long time. I remember the passage of time. I am dizzy with all the things that have happened in my life during this long stretch. It has been a really exciting and wondrous adventure being suddenly female.

I ask, “Nana ... what happens if I don’t like boys?”

Nana giggles sweetly and says, “I’m sure you will change your ... position on that when the time comes. There are ... other things too.”

“Like what?” I ask.

Nana replies, “There are places you will go and people you will meet. You won’t always be in diapers baby. There will be times when you will be a most becoming young lady. After all, you are the Crown Empress of Terran Nexus. You will enjoy going too, I assure you.”

She takes me in her arms and hugs me lovingly then says, “Baby, even if you like girls ... it’s ok. There are many who would be more than happy to be your playmate and enjoy the same pampering you have.”

I am really confused. It would be nice to have a playmate to talk over all the things I am confused about. It would be nice to have another girl to play with. When I am in baby mode, it would be especially nice. I love playing with Nana ... just a girlfriend would be nice too. I didn’t yet understand the concept of Playmate. I would learn.

Baby Meets Him

I walk out into the main bedroom. The door to the nursery opens. I am stunned when the most beautiful man I have ever seen walks in the door escorting my daddy. He is dressed in military formal dress uniform. He has Captain’s bars and the Imperial braid that designates him as Head of the security battalion. I also notice he has several very formidable weapons on him. He is carrying his rifle slung across his broad shoulders. He is beautiful! I am in my rumba panties and a shorty top. Larry Notices me. Oh, he smiles!

Daddy notices me standing there staring. He sees the look on Larry’s face. I must have had a dazed expression. I realize I have been staring. I blush very pink and turn to go into the potty room to get my thoughts back on track. Daddy doesn’t give me the opportunity.

He calls me over. I am all flustered inside. I see a gleam in dad’s eye. Daddy introduces me, “Miki. I want you to meet the head of Imperial Security. His name is Captain Larry Turner. Larry, this is the young Empress Miki Anton.”

He bows gracefully and takes my right hand in his huge hand. I feel an electrical tingle run through me as he takes my hand. I feel so hot and moist in my most secret places. He bends and kisses me on the back of my knuckles and says in the most heavenly deep voice, “It is a great pleasure, My Lady.”

I am dazed. I can feel his words as they deliciously spread through me. I have serious emotions well up in me. I am so emotional I wet my panties. I am totally embarrassed. I feel conflicted. I blush deeply from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. The only thing I can do is giggle shyly and curtsy.

Daddy smiles deeply and says, “Well baby, I am sure you and the Captain will get along famously. We do have to be about other business.”

Daddy bends down, tells me he loves me a lot, and kisses me lovingly as he pats me on my bottom. It isn’t noticeable yet I am wet.

Larry bows again gracefully and says in his heavenly voice, “My Lady.”

Larry opens the door ... daddy walks through and they leave. The door shuts silently.
I do not know what to do with myself. I hear Nana giggle softly from the crib room
as the wet spot slowly spreads. I hear her say, “I guess you do know about boys.”

I am totally embarrassed. I put my hand to my mouth. I discover my mouth is open. I have wet my panties in front of the most beautiful man I have ever seen. I jump up and down and scream in frustration. I hear Nana laugh out loud.
I am upset with her now.

I scream, “Nana! What is so funny? I am so embarrassed! I actually wet myself.”

I hear a drawer open and close. Nana walks out with a pair of training panties. They have little white lambs on them. She is still giggling and trying to keep a straight face.

She says softly and reassuringly, “It’s ok for a little girl to wet her panties once in a while baby.”

What are you laughing at me for Nana? I am really mad at you!”

Nana smiles and replies softly, “Baby, I’m not laughing at you, sweetheart. It’s just ... one of those ... other interests ... just reached out and touched you. That’s all.”

She pulls down my damp panties and wipes me gently with a wipey.
I am still having problems with the feelings meeting this man has caused.

She holds out the training panties and says, “Step in baby.”
I step in them and she gently pulls them up and pats me softly on my bottom. I am still in turmoil over meeting Larry. I am truly embarrassed.

I didn’t know that Larry was really taken with me too. Mommy and daddy already approved. This is why daddy brought him to the nursery. Just mommy and daddy accidentally on purpose neglected to tell Larry or me.

I couldn’t believe it. I had a fantasy of me being Larry’s girlfriend and he dating me and me making mad passionate love to him and ... I turn from the fantasy. Wow !! I am in trouble here! I feel warm and wet tingly feelings inside me. Nana is looking at me with a grand smile on her face. I am so embarrassed. My face and ears feel like they are on fire.
I shriek with pent up anxiety as I shake my fists.

Nana comes to me and hugs me tenderly. She walks me over to the rocking chair and sits, picks me into her lap, and has me lie across her breast. She rubs her hand gently across my head. She says, “Baby, don’t be upset.” She starts to rock slowly and continues, “it’s what we were talking about. You will know when the time is right. Others know too. It comes when it comes.”

I knew I had finally met the most beautiful man I had ever seen. I had wanted to meet him for a long time and never had the chance. I remember him and had seen him at various times when momma or daddy would take me to the mall or the park. I had never spoken to him. The opportunity never arose. We were in rather close proximity at most times and I did notice how beautiful he was. But when daddy actually introduced me. His touch ... his lovely voice ... Ummmmmm! Goose bumps sprout all over my skin.
I remember the look in daddy’s face ... he chose that moment to do it too. I giggle.

Nana kisses me softly on the top of my head as she continues to rock me.
I wonder what it would be like. To actually go on a date with him. I wonder if he would be willing to take someone like me on a real date.

I ask, “Nana ... do you think he would actually take me on a date?”

Nana giggles sweetly and replies, “Miki, I think he would be more than honored to take you any place you asked him.”
I shrug and respond, “Suppose I don’t want to ask Him?”

She holds me and kisses me again and says, “Oh, I see, you want him to ask you. Is that it?” She starts rocking slowly again. Then continues, “It ... could happen I suppose. But wouldn’t you think it would be more direct if you made the suggestion?”

I replied wistfully, “I don’t know, Nana. Just seems right he asks me.”

Nana smiles sweetly as she caresses my head then says, “It does seem the proper thing. I agree.”

I am thinking about my fantasy. I feel so strange deep inside. I do have a reference point other girls at this time of their life don’t have. I still remember being John too. I remember having great sex. I also remember being deeply in love. I know that woman is long dead by now. I know if I do go on a date with Larry, I will belong to him. I shudder with sweet little chills.

A Breath of Fresh Air

I have on just a diaper and a satin diaper cover that has ruffles around the leg openings, waist band, and four across my bottom. I have on some very soft matching booties and matching ribbons make my pony tails. I am starting to feel very antsy. I have an ache in my soul I cannot define and need to be alone. I take a white crocheted spread from the bed. I wrap myself loosely in it and open the nursery door when Nana isn’t looking and is busy. I know baby shouldn’t go anywhere without someone to watch over her, but I needed to be alone. I quietly close the nursery door and walk down the hall towards the gardens. Many people from multitudes of worlds fill the halls and all greet me and bow or curtsy as I pass. I hear, “My Lady” until I want to scream! I must be alone!

I find the door and wander into the Garden of the Moon. I sit in one of the gazebos. Here it is quiet and very peaceful. I sit and look out over the pond and watch the fishes swim and play below me. I can see my cute face reflecting in the water. I feel so lonely I start to cry softly. I see the large tear drops as they hit the water from time to time and make little rings. It has been a whole week. I haven’t been able to even catch a glimpse of Larry, much less get close enough to him to say anything. I want so much to talk to him.
I remember the lover’s wish here in the Garden of the Moon. I whisper wistfully to the Moon, “Oh to be Larry Turner’s girlfriend. To at least have him speak to me. Or just a small glimpse ... maybe?”

A microscopic surveillance comm picked up her wish. This is one of the seeming magical things built into the Garden of the Moon. The entity that monitors these comms is known as The Master Controller. It is not known how it can do and arrange the things it does. This electronic secret of the garden has long been forgotten. To all the youth and old alike. It is a delightful bit of magic. One of the many Mystique of a Mysterious Garden.
Master Controller knows the young Empress’ voice. This is priority.

I hear a noise behind me. I turn around and see three of the scrubbiest men I think I could imagine. They had nasty weapons. All pointed at me. I am scared, to say the least. They start to laugh and giggle to each other. I hear them saying the word rape.

They start telling me what they intend to do to me. I don’t understand a lot of the sexual stuff they say. I truly expect not to survive much longer. I close my eyes for just a second. There are noises in front of me. Gagging and thumps. I quickly open them again.

I see Larry with one man in a headlock with a very nasty gun stuck in his face. I see the two others in a fetal position on the ground, gasping and groaning pitifully. I see five others of the security team there with very nasty weapons drawn and pointed at the men on the ground.

I see the look in Larry’s eyes. I am afraid for the men.
When Larry speaks, there is an icy chill correctness in his voice, “With all due respect , sir, you should know it is very rude to speak to an Imperial Baby like that and use such language.”
It would have been funny, except Larry cocked his weapon then and continued, “Please understand also, I will kill you as soon as look at you. I suggest you lower your weapon. Doesn’t really matter if you do. It would be more fun though if you didn’t.”

The man didn’t want to drop his gun. Larry held him hard. The man was turning almost purple when he finally dropped the gun. Larry released him. He fell prone on the ground and didn’t move. He gagged and coughed weakly. The other two looked like they were very content staying right where they were for a long while.

Larry moved around until he stood beside me and could closely guard the three men.
He asked in his wonderful sweet voice, “Is ... Miki all right?”
My heart felt so great!! It was a fantasy ... right? A wish to the Moon to ... this? HE even saved my life! I was a young woman totally in love. I fully believed in the Garden of the Moon and the Lover’s wish.

I tell him lovingly sweet in a girls voice who has a serious crush “I’m not hurt thanks to you Larry”

Larry looks at me with his dreamy eyes and says, “I am most glad to hear it Miki. It could have been a lot worse.” Larry’s expression changes. He says very sternly, “Miki, you have been a very bad baby girl wandering off that way. You have scared your parents and Nana to death! Not to mention what you have done to all the Imperial Guards. The entire Palace is a total uproar.

I shake my head slightly. I feel the hair on my head as it falls around my shoulders and face. I bow my head and sigh. I am over joyed that Larry is here. I just wish it could be under a lot different circumstances. This isn’t the right time. Larry sits beside me. He brushes an annoying lock of hair from my face. He asks softly, “ Is there something I can do ... My Lady?”
I reply, “I’m so sorry Larry. All I wanted was some alone time. I needed ... to think about some things. Girl things.”

Larry hugs me gently and kisses me on the forehead. I am almost going to pass out. It is a wonderful thing I have on a diaper. If I wet this time ...

Larry stands me on my feet and takes me by my hand. He is so huge next to my petite body. I am totally in love with this beautiful man. I feel electric tingles all through me as we slowly walk back towards the nursery. Many guards gather, Larry picks me up and carries me. I put my thumb in my mouth. I am embarrassed. I take it out. I discover it is really hard not suck my thumb. I am still in baby mode after all. With very big girl emotions. I notice he has on a different uniform today. The rank insignia have all changed too. I think this is sort of strange. He also is wearing the braid of Master Personal Body Guard. Babies don’t worry about such things

There were many guards all dressed in their finest uniforms escorting Larry and me to the Great Hall. They all watched me fondly as I laid across Larry’s broad shoulder and sucked my thumb. I gave up. I couldn’t help it. As Larry carries me out of the Great Hall, I am still on his shoulder. I am sucking my thumb as the Grand Universal Ruling Council watches baby be carried back to her nursery. They all think I am so adorable. At least that’s what they say. I wonder ...

As Larry carried me, he told me I was safe with him. He told me he would give his life gladly to defend mine. I look at him for a second then give him my sweetest little baby girl kiss I could muster. Larry didn’t stand a chance. I timed it perfectly. Caught him square on the lips as he turned his head. I gave him the best baby kiss I could for this man who would die for me. Who had saved my life.

I tell him, “I give you the permanent position of my most personal body guard until such time you and only you decide to change it.” With this, I put my arms around his neck and gave him a very un-baby like kiss. He slowly let me slip to the floor. I was on my tippy toes.

There was resistance from him at first as my tongue entered his mouth and caressed his tongue. I could hear the voices of the other guards wishing they were him. I felt him become very aroused. He softened. He suddenly began to kiss me back. I felt his large hands go slowly down my back until he caressed my diapered bottom. I allowed him to pull me into him. I responded in kind. I kissed him back as tenderly as I could. I gave myself to him His kiss became soft and tender too. I gave him a kiss that was totally reserved for my most special times. This was my most special times. I could feel him becoming seriously aroused. He was accepting me and my affections and drinking them in. I let this man enjoy kissing me for as long as he wanted. I kissed him with the most personal kiss I had ever kissed. This was my first kiss. Ummmmmm!

When he broke the kiss I blushed shyly and giggled as I bounced on my toes. My head swam and I was dizzy. I said softly in a very sweet girl’s voice, “That’s for all the sacrifice and loyalty you have given me Larry. I hope my kiss is something worthy of payment for that loyal service.” I blushed and was very shy. I put my finger in my mouth and looked adorable for him and giggled sweetly. I felt giddy. I had pleased him. I knew and was part of the pleasure

Larry had stumbled and almost lost his balance. I knew exactly how he felt. He was dazed in a way he had never been before. He had never had a girl kiss him this way and he was totally taken by surprise. His head swam. We were in front of the nursery door. All the escorting guards were extremely pleased. They had made a circle around Larry and me with their backs to us. No body could see what we were doing inside the circle. They all wished they were Larry for that few minutes. They all seriously loved and adored me too. They thought Larry was one of the luckiest guys to have a girl as cute as me give him that kind of kiss. Larry leaned against the wall for a minute until his head cleared. Larry looked at me with an expression of love and adoration. Larry said softly in a voice broken by strong emotions, “Thank you My Lady. That is ... payment in full for the rest of my life.”

I giggle sweetly again and say in a cute voice, “Let’s go some place soon. You and me. Have fun maybe?”
Larry’s eyes shine brightly. He said, “Soon Miki. Real soon.”
It would be sooner than he thought. Daddy and mommy already approved and gave their permission. He would be told soon. I had no idea.

I kiss him softly one more sweet time. I say good afternoon and enter the nursery to Nana and a spanking. It was worth every one.

A Fantasy Proposition

Several days later, Larry’s comm buzzed on the top secret battle channel. No one but no one had that frequency. Only Master Controller had that frequency. A chill went down his spine. Who would believe he of all people would get this call.
He was told , as well as all Imperial Personnel, if this ever buzzed on that channel, it was top priority and must be answered immediately and the communication taken deadly seriously. There have been calls from that channel over the last 10,000 years. Each and every one was deadly serious and vital to the continuation of man. Larry answered it.
The voice on the other end sounded extremely strange and very alien.

It asked, “Larry Turner?”

Larry answered, “Yes.”

It continued, “This is a one time proposition for you. It will not be offered ever again.”

Larry said, “Who are you?”

It responded, “I am the Master Controller. I have called you on a matter of the gravest importance and the greatest of secrecy on the highest secure channel to offer this to you.”

Larry was shocked. Someone had the technology to track him in an area where tracking is blocked. Not good. Who ever this is, is high placed. He took it deadly seriously.

It said in it’s strange voice, “Are you interested in hearing a most unusual proposition?”

Larry shrugged and replied, “Ok, tell me what it is and I’ll let you know.”

It said, “As you know, Miki is an Imperial Pet to her mother. She is also Crown Empress. She has fallen in love with you. You have top approval should you decide to pursue this.”

Larry became afraid. He had never known fear before.

It continued, “There is nothing to fear Larry. You have been most honorable in defending Miki, which is why I offer this to you one time and one time only.”

Larry was totally flabbergasted. This person seems to be able to read minds. He had his scanner out looking for the bug that allowed the tracking and mind scans. The scanner kept showing the area was clear for over 5,000 yards around. No bugs. He was getting to be spooked. He understood now why they told him to take it deadly seriously.

It continued, “It has been known to us that you have been in love with Miki since you first met her. It also is known to us that she wants nothing more than to please the man she loves. The man she loves with all her heart is you.”

Larry is beyond himself. Was he being ordered to ... go on a date? This sounded like he was being told it was his choice. He is incredulous.

Larry had to sit down. He found a bench slightly hidden from the main hall near the Security Office and sat heavily. Who ever this individual is, knows everything. I think I am in trouble big time.

It replied to his thought, “You are in no trouble and no trouble will come to you regardless of your decision.”

An icy cold stab of true fear ran through him worse than the first. He had never known fear before and now, two times in the same conversation ... This is not good at all.

Larry exclaimed exasperatedly, “Ok, what is the proposition? Is this black mail?”

It said with a strange amused tone, “No black mail now or ever Larry

Larry jumped up suddenly and shouted, “How the hell do you know my thoughts? Who are you?”

It replied, “Who I am is the Master Controller. I am no more or less. I have the absolute top priority. I have the absolute top security clearances. I know far more than your thoughts. I am able even to discern your very emotions and feelings as well.”

Larry stumbled back to his seat and sat heavily. He knew this was on the level. He knew this was Master Controller.

It went on, “Here is the proposition. No one but you and I know of this. It is your decision, yes or no. There will be no repercussions to you in any way regardless of your decision. Is your free will choice. This is a one time offer. You have a true feeling of love for Miki. Miki has a true feeling of love for you. In her heart, you will be her most heart felt, trusted, and beloved boyfriend. She will be your absolutely trusted, willing and loving girlfriend. You will have to have intent at first. It is your choice as to how far this relationship goes ... or hers as the case may be. She will be unable to refuse pleasure to the man she loves. You will experience her full abilities and deepest love. For you, this is your deepest sexual fantasy come true. This is entirely up to you. Yes or No.

In Larry’s heart, he knew this was the thing he had dreamed of and wished for ever since Miki had allowed him to kiss her outside the nursery.
He wanted this. Larry said, “Ok, Yes.” Larry was deeply troubled by this decision.

The comm went dead.

That channel was the highest priority and most secure. It came from the highest authority. Larry shook his head. He knew he had received this comm and he absolutely knew it was on that channel. His comm was selected. He now was more than upset and took it more than seriously. He returned to his post outside the nursery.

He thinks to himself, “If this is on the level, it means Miki is my girlfriend. We can even marry if we choose.” He shakes his head. He is willing to be the Consort to the Empress.
He is really taken with her. He wonders if she knows anything about these wheels within wheels. He wants to find out.

He didn’t know what to think or feel. It would be the wildest fantasy to make love to Miki and to have her as his girlfriend.

Forbidden Love

It was coming time for my first date. Larry had asked me to go out. He did ask me some strange questions about Master something or other. I had no clue what he was talking about. He laughs. I giggle. Now it’s almost time for him to be here.

I asked Nana if I could be a big girl. She took me in to the potty room and took off my diaper and put me in cute little powder blue tie on bikini panties and a lace trimmed baby halter top bra. It fit so wonderfully. I turned. My eyes got big as saucers. Nana was standing there with that gown. The one made from the webs of the Glow Moths. I was breathless.

I said, “Nana, you don’t want me to wear that do you?”

Nana looked at me strangely and replied, “Well and why not girl?”

I was speechless. Nana giggles and says, “Quit fussing and let me get you dressed.”

She takes the gown off of its hangar and removes the plasti-seal covering.

Nana helped me into the gown. Ohhh how it felt as it slipped on. It tingled pleasantly and I giggled and squirmed a bit. It tickled. It was like putting on a fine glove it fit me so precisely.

She brushed my hair and tied my pony tails in ribbons. She put really soft slippers on my feet. She kisses me softly and tells me how pretty I am. It brightens my day to have pleased her.

When I walked out of the potty room into the bedroom I saw Larry enter the nursery door. My heart jumped for joy he was the one going to take me on this outing.
My Personal Body Guard. I giggled when I thought about it.

I wrapped myself loosely in the shawl and went to Larry. He stood with a stunned look on his face and his mouth open as he watched me approach. He was no slouch himself. He had on his Mess Dress Uniform. I notice this one is far different than any of the others he has worn. It is the sharpest looking one yet. The blue white braid denoting him as my personal body guard on his left shoulder. Many Cute Shiny Medals.

He had never seen a more beautiful girl in his entire life. I had never seen a more handsome man. The shawl I had on enhanced this beauty until he was speechless. My outfit made me perhaps the sexiest girl he had ever seen. His, made him the handsomest most beautiful man I had ever seen. I gave him a soft kiss on his cheek and a hug around his neck. I could tell Larry had many emotions running through him as I did this. I was an extremely beautiful girl, dressed in the most beautifully sexy way he had ever seen. He was totally taken and awed.

I said, “Larry, where will you take me?” I looked at him innocently, as I bounced on my toes and giggle softly.
Larry was very uncomfortable. He fidgets ever so slightly. I think it’s cute.

Nana said in a playfully stern voice, “Well young man? Where are you taking the girl?”

Larry almost couldn’t speak. The opportunity was being thrown in his lap. He became dizzy. He didn’t understand how this Master Controller manipulated things with this kind of precision ... or was it just we wanted to anyway and were given permission?

He finally spoke, “I guess we could go to dinner if that’s what she wants.”
I giggled and said, “Silly man, anywhere you take me would be fine.” And I stood on my tip toes and kissed him on the cheek again. Larry visibly relaxed and took a deep breath.
I realize he is as nervous as I am. Cool! This is my first date and I’m excited.

He held out his elbow, I took it eagerly. He escorted me out the door of the nursery on our first real date. He was overjoyed to be going on a date with a girl as gorgeous as me. I was overjoyed to be going on a date with such a strong, handsome man.

It created a huge stir at the mall when everyone saw this absolutely handsome military man escorting this absolutely beautiful girl to dinner. We were both stunningly dressed.
He had taken me to the Nexus Arcade. We had dinner in the finest restaurant there ... Jason’s. This was the finest restaurant in the Nexus Star System.

I had Kaeferian peaches, baked Lienmbos beast, and he poured me a glass of red wine.
I had never had any wine before. It tasted bitter. I didn’t like it, but it did make my head buzz. I was unsure of myself. I started to feel giggly. Larry seemed to enjoy me and continued small talk and flirted sweetly. It lifted my spirits to see I was pleasing him so.
I didn’t drink any more wine.

The waiters and Manager of Jason’s hovered around the whole time we were there and insured we had everything we asked for immediately. I heard many of the people commenting on who we might be. None had seen a more handsome gentleman nor had any seen such a beautiful woman. We were such a perfect couple. I noticed some vid reporters taking pictures. The Manager insured we were not disturbed and had them removed if they even appeared to be disturbing us. The manager had the musicians play soft music at our table just for us. Dinner was romantic and very pleasant.

He walked me from the restaurant to Nexus Park. We held hands. Larry gently flirted with me in a very sweet manner. I couldn’t help it, I responded in kind. We sat on a bench under a flowering tree in the shade and watched the water fowl play. We held hands and kissed. We flirted. I actually started feeling a real want to make love to Larry. People that passed noticed us and made sweet comments about us being the perfect couple. I thanked Larry. I gave him a very passionate little kiss on the lips for taking me to dinner. He was a little stiff at first and then relaxed into it and kissed me back.

Larry is so sweet. He has me on the most romantic date. I am no longer in baby mode, I have an eighteen year old side too. I want him to be my boyfriend ... I’m in his arms and kissing him again. I gracefully climb on his lap. I feel his hands on my bottom. I love when he caresses my bottom. People are watching and are shocked. They are making strange comments. I am embarrassed. I gracefully slide into the seat beside him.

I am slightly shy about my exhibition. Larry kisses me sweetly. His tongue explores my mouth and caresses my tongue. He tells me not to worry about it. I kiss him back the best way I know how. I am a lot more discreet now. We talk about everything. Larry’s beautiful eyes sparkle so. I could fall into them and drowned.

Larry wraps me loosely in my shawl. He takes me by the hand and we slowly walk towards his apartment. I am kissing him along the way and falling deeper into love with each one. I see people along the way. They are stunned at what a beautiful girl this very handsome young man has. I hear them talking and saying how lucky he is and what a perfectly beautiful couple we are.

We arrive at his apartment and he opens the door. We go in. I am an eighteen year old girl who is all alone with the man she loves most in the world. She is more than willing to please this man. She is going to please this man.

I curl up gracefully beside him on the sofa. I am in his arms and kissing him softly. I let the shawl slowly slip from my shoulders and drape across the arm of the sofa. I feel the passion and need building in me. I feel his hand take loose my gown in the back. A slow tingly downward motion. I giggle ... it tickles. I feel my gown come loose around me. I quiver with excited anticipation. I lift my arms ... my gown disappears over my head. I feel Larry’s warm breath on my boobies. He kisses me through my bra. I am lost to him.

I felt him as he wrapped his huge arms around me and pulled me into him. His hands tenderly ran down my back to my bottom. I was in his huge hands. The most enrapturing squeeze. I didn’t resist. I was totally absorbed. I allowed Larry to enjoy me to my fullest. I gave everything to him.

I don’t know how long I kissed him. I was totally in heaven and all the joy in pleasing my Love. I took his hand and placed it between my legs. I saw in a holo ... I knew this is what to do. This time, he gave me a thrillingly soft squeeze. I couldn’t help myself, I squeaked softly as I pressed his hand into my privacy. He caressed me ... my panties were getting to be wet. I was over joyed in a way I had never been. I was giving my virginity to the love of my life.

I gracefully climbed onto his lap and was sitting on him. I undid my bra. Larry was stunned as it slipped off and was in his hands. I leaned back so my boobies would poke out for him to see. I was aroused and they were very pointy. I asked in a very shy voice, “Do I please you Larry?”

Larry said in a voice very thick with emotion, “You please me very much baby.”
He pulled me into him and started kissing and sucking gently on my little boobies. Each kiss, each little suck, sent massive waves of tingling pleasure through me. I giggled and squirmed with pleasure. I was helpless while Larry enjoyed himself. I had a very intense orgasm. Larry smiled and said, “Let’s go to bed baby.”

He stood up slowly as I slid off his lap gracefully back to the floor. He took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. As I took off my slippers and got onto his huge bed, He shut and locked the door. I watched him as he turned and looked at me. I thought he was one of the most handsome men I had ever seen. He walked over to the bed. I was on my knees and started unbuttoning his dress shirt. I was fascinated by his chest. I dropped his shirt in the floor and started running my hands gently over every square inch of his hairy chest. Larry took my hands in his and got into bed. I was on top of him again and it felt so good to have my boobies against his chest. The hair of his chest felt so wonderful on my nude skin. I giggle with pleasure.

I kiss him passionately. He kisses me back. I am in heaven and am doing my level best to please Larry. From the bottom of my heart, the very secret things are now Larry’s. I can feel Larry’s thing hard and throbbing under me. It wants to be kissed. I am more than willing. I undo his weapons belt. I undo the ammo belt. I sit up, cross my arms, and pout sweetly. Larry laughs. I go back to my labors and undo his regular belt and then finally his pants and unzip them. Larry pulls down his pants and underwear as best he can with me sitting on him. I move to the side and help him take them off. I am very enthralled. He is a beautiful man.

His thing is so big and hard. I have never seen a man’s thing hard. I take it in my hand. I caress it gently with both hands. I can feel it throbbing. It is so beautiful. I kiss it softly. I can hear Larry gasp. I lick all around it’s tip as Larry moans. I kiss and lick all up and down the length of his thing as Larry is helpless. I get the tip in my mouth and suck gently. I can feel his thing get slightly bigger and start throbbing. I get five huge squirts and three small ones. I leak there is so much. I swallow as much as I can. I lick the rest up as best I can. I giggle at Larry’s wonderful expression and ask in a sweet voice, “Did that please you?”

Larry is obviously more than pleased. I am so ecstatic I have pleased him. Larry takes me gently and has me lie beside him. His hands are so strong and huge on me. His grip is solid as a steel vice ... they are soft as a whisper on my small arms. He is kissing me so passionately. His hand is on my tummy. His hand is calloused and is so big. He is very gentle with me. He kisses my neck. He kisses my boobies and makes me giggle and squirm. He kisses my tummy and then blows in my tummy button. I kick and squirm as I screech with pleasure.

He opens my legs and kisses me through my panties right on my privacy. I squeak softly at the intensity of it. He unties my panties. I see him toss them aside onto the bed. I bend my knees and spread my legs so he has total access to my privacy. I will refuse him nothing.

I feel Larry’s warm breath on my hairless privacy. His fingers open me. I feel his breath inside my most tender place. I squeak and moan helplessly as his tongue begins to explore my most private and special virgin place. The feeling gets to be so intense and fills me so I cannot think. All I can do is squeak and moan every time his tongue explores me. I didn’t have time to think. I was having my first sex with the man I wanted to have sex with since I met him. Giving him my virginity, That was the only important thing right now.

Larry smiled and those gorgeous eyes of his sparkled. He started nodding as he ran his hand over my nude body and stopped between my legs and his finger gently penetrated my privacy. An involuntary squeak escapes as he penetrates. I giggle. I am enjoying myself.
I giggled again, took my hand and placed it on his hand between my open legs. “I love you Larry.” I said in a soft voice. I push with my hips into his hand ... It hurts a in a strange way ... I squeak with surprise.

He kisses me passionately again and says with emotion in his voice, “Thank you Miki, I love you more than you know.” I could feel him exploring my privacy again. His face was suddenly between my legs and I felt his wonderful tongue slowly go from the bottom of my privacy all the way to the top where he stopped and sucked my very special place.
I squeaked with the intensity and surprise of it. My heart was pounding and I was panting. Larry did this again and again. He explored each little place and fold. I couldn’t help myself, I orgasm for him several times. They are strong and very intense. I feel them as they surge through my whole body. These make me totally crazy. I love Larry Totally.

I giggled shyly as he took me by the arms and laid me on my back on the bed. I bent my knees and opened my legs like a good girl.

I realize Larry has moved to between my legs. I open my eyes and he is above me. I feel his muscular body above mine. I feel his legs holding mine open. It is time for baby to please Larry with her privacy.

I reached down and touched it again. Larry was between my legs and over the top of me now. I could feel his hand with my hand on his thing. His face close to mine ... I feel his sweet hot breath on my face. He kisses me so sweetly and explores my mouth and tongue with his. The tip of his hardness touched my privacy. There were his fingers ... they opened me a bit and the tip was pressing against the opening of my privacy .. it’s very moist ... I could feel it and his hands with mine. It is so big and hard. He pushed and it penetrated me. I gasped and he did it again. The third time he pushed, he entered my privacy deep enough to pop me. I felt it pop ... a sharp pain ... a really pleasant fulfillment ... I felt my privacy stretch as he pushed into me ... Oh it hurt ... but in a very weird and pleasant way ... I was totally engrossed in pleasing Larry ... his huge thing penetrating inside me deeper and deeper... I make a squeaking noises on each thrust. When he finished that last hard push ... I was totally mind blown ... That really turned Larry on. I was helpless. It hurt, but it felt good too. Many emotions were shooting through me.

Then, the sudden realization, Larry was my soul mate. The total completion of my missing half as a female. I was having sex with my absolute perfect sole mate. Each time he would push into me, it would make me squeak softly and filled me with wonderful feelings and emotions. Every stroke was virgin and it did hurt some. I said in a breathy gasp as he was thrusting, “Larry, please be gentle. Baby has never done this before and you are huge. It really hurts when you’re rough.”

Larry apologized, “I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Just I have so longed to do this with you.” And he kisses me passionately.
Larry did long, slow thrusts after that. Each one felt better than the one before it. After a long time, Larry did one last long slow stroke that went so deep in me. I squeaked with the pleasure and pain of it. I could feel his hardness throbbing, as new places opened in my privacy. Larry was grunting softly and then after four or five more small bumps ... It gets all warm and wet inside me. I have my arms and legs around him as he holds me and spasms hard. He relaxed. He looked softly into my eyes and said, “This is truly a dream or something. It can’t be real.”
I say softly, “Let me on top and then tell me what a dream is.”
Larry rolls off of me onto the bed.

I remember a vid I saw once as John. Can’t remember the whole title ... Debbie something or other. I just remember some of the things I saw. I would like to do them for Larry.

I giggle as I take his thing in my hand and give it a good suck several times. I hear Larry gasp loudly. I get up on top of him and get over the top of his hard and throbbing thing. I put it in my privacy and begin sitting on it. I am getting slightly sore. I feel it as it penetrates me deeply. I have to be careful and find the right place. He is big and it hurts if it goes too deep. I find the perfect spot. Larry has his hands on my hips. I am moving slowly up and down on his thing. I let it penetrate me deep. It hurts some. I clench my muscles deep inside me as hard as I can. Larry gasps and thrusts his pelvis up into me. It hurts me, but it hurts in a very good way. I do it again as hard as I can and this time lift up and down like Debbie showed me. Larry is helpless and moans out real loud as he attempts to push me off of him. He is too weak to do it. I giggle with pleasure. I do this three more times. Larry is actually screaming in ecstasy. He is helpless. I make him orgasm in less than a minute. I am absolutely thrilled I have pleased him this much. I feel his thing throb inside me. I feel all warm and wet and fulfilled as I get off of him and lie beside him. I am tender, but want some more. He rolls over and puts his arm around me and kisses me tenderly. I am leaking a lot of white gooshy stuff mixed with a little blood on the bed. Larry doesn’t care ... I don’t care. I sleep pleasantly fulfilled.

When I wake up, I am not sure where I am. At first, I think I am at home in one of the new rooms I found. I turn over. Its Larry. I am over joyed to be with Larry. I am his girlfriend now. He is the most important man in my universe.

I roll over and run my hand softly over Larry’s chest. I giggle quietly as I think of some more things I could do for him. I still would like to do some more. I get on my knees beside him and kneel over. Very, very gently, I touch his nipple with the very tip of my tongue. I see chill bumps rise on his chest. I continue in slow lazy circles. I go to the other one and do the same thing. I give this one a soft sucking kiss. Larry moans and jumps suddenly.
I screech and start to back up so I don’t get hit if he flinches too much. Larry has caught me by my arms before I could move. His hands are large on my small petite body. As steel solid as the grip that holds me is, It is soft as a whisper. I find myself across Larry’s chest and his lips against mine. His tongue is in my mouth caressing my tongue. I am being hugged passionately. His hands are softly caressing my body

I respond and suck on his tongue. I try to keep him from taking it from my mouth. Ummmmmm! I love Larry’s wonderful tongue. I am being tickled mercilessly. I am squirming and kicking and screeching. We wind up kissing passionately. I feel his hand on my bottom. I open my legs. I can feel his hand caressing me from behind. I kiss him again. Larry rolls me onto my back. His face is in my privacy. His wonderful tongue ... I am squeaking softly ... I orgasm quickly.

I open my eyes just as his thing enters me again. I am starting to get sore down deep. He is above me and kisses me lovingly again. I want more. My privacy stretches as he slides in. I can’t help myself. I squeak softly with every thrust of him in me. I feel his muscular body above me as he thrusts. I am totally helpless as he takes my pleasure. I can feel the nearness of his body above mine. The hairiness of his chest brushing against my aroused boobies. I can feel his thrusts deep into me. Each one brings another strong Thrill. I have an intense full body orgasm. I wrap my arms and legs around him as best I can as it surges through me. I feel Larry doing his best not to orgasm. It’s now my mission to make it happen. I again clamp my muscles and move my hips the way Debbie showed me. It is starting to be real sore. Larry didn’t stand a chance. He moaned loudly and shouted, “ Oh my God! Ohh Miki!”
He grunted several times softly and sweetly as I squeezed. He had an intense orgasm. I felt his thing throb as he squirted. I was so happy! It was so warm inside me. I was very sore now. I realize I love Larry more than anything. I belong to Larry now. I am the happiest girl in the universe.

It was starting to get dark when I woke up. I could see long shadows in the bedroom. Larry was in a euphoric slumber. I lay on him and gently rubbed his chest. I was pleasantly sore deep inside me. I hadn’t ever felt this way before.
I kiss Larry softly and his hand moves to my bottom as he kisses me. I giggle sweetly.
We kiss again and I say, “We’re going to have to go back soon. It’s starting to get dark.”

Larry sits up and says, “Your right baby. Nana will spank me if I don’t get you back soon.”
I giggle at the thought of Huge Larry being paddled by Little Nana. I giggle again.

I go into the potty room and turn on the shower. Larry made a wonderful mess in baby’s privacy and a clean little girl is a pretty little girl. I get in the shower. The water is warm across my body and feels so good. Larry opens the shower door. He steps in. I kiss him. The shower door closes. I make love to the man whom I adore most in the shower.

We clean each other when we are finally done making love and step out. My clothes have been cleaned and folded neatly and put on the vanity for me. I tie on my panties and my bra. Larry ties my pony tails. I squirm and giggle as he tickles me while he does it. Larry helps me back into my gown. It is such a luxurious gown. He kisses me after he zips me and fastens the catch.

He offers me the crook of his elbow ... I take it and we step out into the early evening.
We stop at a small café along Nexus Lake. He bought us some snacks and a different bottle of wine. It was a bright sparkling pink. He pours me a glass.

This wine tasted sweet. I liked it. Larry didn’t have any trouble getting me to have two small glasses of it with him. I felt it strongly in my head. He took the third glass from me. I was euphoric and happy. I had the little girl giggles too. This pleased Larry to no end. Larry loosely wrapped me in my shawl. It was starting to be a bit cool. I was on his elbow as he escorted me back towards the Palace. It was getting really late. People would bow or curtsy and say, “My Lady” as we passed. It was sort of irritating. I wanted to be out and free of this with Larry. He seemed to notice. We took a different route. People didn’t know me so much here. I was just an extremely beautiful girl out with an extremely handsome man and that’s what I wanted. We held hands and kissed a lot. I flirted with him and he flirted with me. Those that saw us were really impressed by the beautiful girl and her handsome boyfriend. I did see two men that looked like members of my security team arrest two men. One was from a sleazy gossip vid That was trying to take pictures of Larry and me. The other was from UGNN. The Universal Galactic News Network. This one had violated preset boundaries. I was curious about the boundaries. Larry didn’t speak of it. I let it go.

We returned to the Palace. He escorted me to the nursery door. I held both his hands and said, “Larry, I had the most wonderful day ever. You need to know. I love you with all my heart.”
I kissed him softly and deeply. The door to the nursery opened, we entered.
Nana turns and puts her hands on her hips. She is tapping her right foot. She points her finger at Larry and says in a playfully stern voice, “ All right young man, just where have you and Miki been all this time? Do you know what time it is? Its almost three am!”
I giggle as we stand holding hands and I snuggle into him. Larry seems to be stunned and lost

Larry stumbles for words a bit. He isn’t sure what to say. He finally says in a very humble voice, “I’m so sorry madam. Its just that Miki is so captivatingly beautiful I lost all track of the time. I won’t let it happen again.”
I turn to Larry with my mouth open. I playfully swat him on his shoulder. I say, “ won’t let it happen again!? Well, that’s how it is, is it?
Larry was totally nonplussed. The expression of surprise and dread on his face is very neat. He had Nana on one side with her hands on her hips appearing for all the world to be angry, and me with my arms crossed and appearing to be pouting and angry on the other. I turn my head playfully as I pout and say, “ Hummmph!”
Larry was absolutely groveling at this point. He was unsure of what to say or do.

Nana’s face brightens with a beautiful smile. She laughs and says, “Relax, young man. We are just playing with you.”
I turn and give him a very deep kiss on his mouth. I whisper so only he hears, “I love you with my whole heart. Please, Let it happen again soon.”
Larry squeezes my hand gently and says, “as often as you wish, My Lady. Good night Cindy.” He nods to Nana. He kisses me on the lips one more time and he leaves. The door to the nursery closes quietly.

He is a beautiful man. **giggle**

Chapter 3

Miki’s Formal Invitation

I wake up. Morning has come , I need a diaper change as usual. I pull myself up by the crib rail. I can see myself in the full length mirror across the room. I look adorable in my romper with it’s ruffles. I want to have something like this I can be a big girl in too. I think I would look good for Larry. I haven’t seen him in several days and want to very much. I see Lisa nowhere and can hear Misty’s laughter coming from the play area. I know its late. Nana allowed me to sleep late. I make my morning stinky. I still feel strange when ever I have to potty or stinky. I haven’t ever gotten used to it. I am glad stinky only comes when I am awake. I have come to enjoy the strangeness of it though.


I call for Nana, she comes into the room and is all bright and cheery.
She exclaims, “Good morning Miki! And how’s baby this morning?”
She lets down the crib rail. She snatches me up and twirls me round and round.
I screech with delight. I am a very petite girl. A Prolongation shot many years ago insures this. Nana puts me on the changing table and tickles me in my ribs. I can’t help it, I kick and squirm and screech with joy some more. She puts her nose to mine and gives me a kiss.

She coos, “Baby need a change?” She unsnaps my romper between my legs. She checks my diaper “Baby such a good girl.”
Nana takes off my diaper and starts to clean me up. I ask if I can be a big girl today. Nana smiles and agrees. I take a shower. It feels good to do this every now and then. It feels even better if Larry were here to take it with me. When I step out of the shower, Nana is there with a big thick towel. She dries me and my hair briskly.

I am lifted suddenly to the changing table. I feel Nana’s hands as she gently rubs the seemingly magical baby oil on me. Her hands are soft and caress me gently. I smell the wonderfully intoxicating aroma of the oil. I am confused as I can feel the innocent euphoria start to spread through my body. Nana is a master of the mix. She can choose any age mix with the oils.

Nana sits me up. I look at her disappointed. I expect her to turn me on my tummy and do my bottom with another oil. She doesn’t. Instead, she gets out a pair of ruffled rumba panties and a romper almost exactly like the one I was wearing last night. Nana stands me on my feet, held out my panties and said, “Here baby, step in.” I step in them and she pulls them gently up. She holds out the romper and I step in it. She pulls it up and ties it behind my neck. She brushes my hair until it is silky and shines. Gathers it in the back in a single ponytail and puts a matching scrunchie to hold it.

I say in a disappointed little girl voice, “Nana, I wanted to be a big girl today.”
Nana replies in a playful little girl voice, “You are, it’s just you are a little big girl. Don’t worry. You are an adorable little girl.”
I pouted and said, “I want to be a big girl like yesterday.”
Nana said normally, “You are baby, you are a sweet mix today. You will be a four year old eighteen year old today. Everyone will love you baby.”
I pouted and stomped my foot, “That’s not all of what I mean.”
I wanted to be a big girl. I didn’t want to be this little. It was too late now to worry.
I was a four year old eighteen year old girl. That wasn’t too bad I suppose. I didn’t have a choice.

When I went out of the potty room, Lisa and Misty were in the play area playing with the toys. They were so glad to see me and came to me. They took me by the hand and pulled me to the play area. We were three little girls playing with their dollies.

A knock on the nursery door. A messenger enters and snaps to attention with a sharp click of his heels. He bows formally.

He says, “I have an RSVP invitation for My Lady Anton to attend a pool party.
The time is one pm, which is within the next 3 hours. His Excellency Larry Turner requests honorably and respectfully the attendance of Miss Miki Anton. He requests a response before I leave.”

The messenger bows formally again and then snaps to attention with a sharp click of his heels.

I am looking at this sharply attired person. I am flabbergasted. I have never had this happen before and am not sure what to do.

Nana watches for a minute and when I say nothing asks me, “Don’t you want to go baby? I thought you and Larry got along famously.”

I look at Nana with my eyes wide. I say, “What am I supposed to do?” and shrug.

“Tell this boy if you will attend or not.” Was her reply.

I look at him and say, “I will attend.”

He says formally, “ As you wish My Lady.” The young man bows formally a last time, turns with a sharp heel click and vanishes out the nursery door like a flash. The door shuts silently.

I say in a surprised little girl voice, “Wow!!”

Nana laughs and says cheerily, “Seems you have a date baby. Guess that Boy really likes you.”

I reply quietly, “Yes Nana, and the feelings are mutual.” Then blush.

Nana walks to me and gives me a hug and a kiss. She says, “Larry is a very lucky man to have a girlfriend as cute as you.”

I slap Nana playfully on her arm and say, “Hush you old thing you.”

I am really blushing now. Nana just giggles and calls for the escort to take me to Larry’s Pool Party.

What I didn’t know, was this was the largest gathering of Royalty at the Largest and most important High Society affair of the year. All the young princes and princess that were somebody would be there. With me there, it made it the Social Event of the Century. The young Empress of the Known Universe will attend her first Royal Party.

Nana comes to me. She has two black things in her hands. She puts one of the two things on each of my arms. They looked like wrist braces. They were jet black like the one mom and dad always wore. They only had one, for some reason I was given two. It hurt really bad when she closed them around my arms. I started to scream and cry ... I didn’t understand why Nana was hurting me. I couldn’t get them off. I tried desperately.

Two guards suddenly burst into the room with nasty weapons drawn. Nana held her hands up and said, “I just placed the Imperial Guardians on her wrists for the first time. They are interfacing with her nervous system. This process is painful the first time. She is going to a Public function and requires protection.”

The guards lowered their weapons and snapped to attention. One of the guards apologized and said, “Sorry madam, It is our charge to insure no one hurts My Lady.”

Nana bowed and replied, “I understand.”

She took me in her arms and hugged and kissed me. She explained that these devises were highly advanced Neuro Computer Systems. They were also weapons and a force field generator. She explained I would hear two voices and be given a choice as to how to handle the biological setup with them and myself.

I felt something crawling through my body. I could feel things being penetrated seemingly inside my back and skull. I could feel an AI Control Vector actively monitoring this entire process and interfacing with it and me
Suddenly, the pain stopped and two small voices spoke the same words at the same time producing a strong echo effect in my mind, “This is weapon initialization interface. There are two systems ID in this unit, would you like them to merge into one system?”

I replied simply, “Yes.”

One voice spoke, echo was gone, “How would you prefer interface communications? As it is now, or as an awareness similar to your own thought processes?”

I replied, “As my own thought processes, unless I am totally alone and want to have it separate.”

An awareness in my mind, an understanding, and realization that I need to decide how the knowledge base and data assimilation will be handled.

I responded, “As my own memory.” A massive awareness of knowledge and data covering a massive multitude of things came over me.”

Nana curtsied and said, “My Lady, you are extremely beautiful.” she giggles sweetly as she hugs me and comforts me.

Imperial Guards Appear at the nursery door. They all have on their best Dress Uniforms. Nana insists I wear this golden tiara with the jewels on top. I wear it for her. I really don’t like the thing. One of the Officers offers me his elbow. I take it and am escorted through the great hall to the main foyer. There is a great deal of pomp and circumstance when we get to the door. The Captain tells me to relax, it will be over in a minute. There are many vid and comm services taking many picture of me as I get into the air car.

Universal Galactic News Network - UGNN News Flash: The Beautiful Young Empress is attending her first Royal Party. This is the news event of the century! Everyone from everywhere that could be here is here to see her.

I hear many of the reporters asking me many strange and weird questions. Some about my New boyfriend, Larry Turner. Some about the attempted kidnapping. Some about my favorite perfume. Some asked about someone named Harry swimming in a fountain, which I thought was the strangest question. Some asked about my favorite baby powder. I even heard one asking about my favorite restaurant. The guards keep them off of me and we arrive at the air car and board amid a huge crowd all wanting to get a glimpse of the young and beautiful Empress. I was very glad I didn’t have to answer any of those stupid questions. I hear one reporter yelling out a question about the largest Royal party of the century as I enter the seat and the door closes. The Guards all enter the gunners compartment except for the captain who sits next to me in the back seat. The trip is fast and comfortable.

The air car lands in a beautiful garden. There are many flowers and shrubs. Fountains bubble everywhere. I am looking around as the Captain offers me his elbow again. I take it and he escorts me through some of the most beautiful flowering walkways I have ever seen.

I am dressed in a soft blue white checkered romper with ruffles around the legs and three rows across my bottom. I have on no blouse underneath. I have on my slippers and a golden tiara Nana insisted I wear. I have the Guardians on both wrists. I start sucking my thumb. I can’t stop myself. I do see other girls dressed much the same way I am and some with even less on. I begin to hear the sounds of the pool party as we approach the door.

The Captain knocks two times sharply on the door. A servant opens it and asks for the invitation. The Captain promptly gives it to the servant and we both are escorted into the main room. There are girls every where wearing every conceivable bathing suit and color known. There are boys every where wearing every conceivable color known to man, but they all seem to wear the same basic type of suit.

I turn ... the Captain is gone ... I turn the other way ... The servant is gone. I am standing there all alone. I do not know anyone. I haven’t a clue as to where I am to go or what is expected of me. I am very shy suddenly. I know I am blushing. I can’t help it. I look around the room shyly. I see Boys and Girls enjoying themselves everywhere. I start to suck my thumb again.

There is a very large group of young girls on a very large round sofa all wearing string bikinis. All of them looked around when I was escorted in. They had been talking quietly and giggling among themselves. The youngest of the group sees I am just standing there and calls to me to come and sit with them. I am truly shy and am slightly scared. The girls chatter quietly among themselves for a second.

I hear the youngest say, “It’s her, I tell You. I’ll prove it!”

She gets up off the sofa and comes bouncing cheerily up to me. She gently takes my hand and says in a cute giggly voice, “Come, sit with us and introduce yourself. We won’t bite you ... at least not hard.” And she giggles pleasantly some more.

She pulls me gently by the hand to the sofa. I climb on it. The others make room for me. I am very shy. I am unsure of why. I just let things unfold.
I say shyly around my thumb, “Hello.”

The girls at that point all start talking at the same time. They are being extremely friendly and encouraging. They understand I am alone at the party and are more than willing to be my friend. They welcome me to the Prolongation Children's couch and giggle.

One girl in a blue sparkling bikini asks, “What’s your name sweetheart?”

I reply in a sweet little girl’s voice, “Miki. Miki Anton” and suck my stupid thumb again.
There is a collective gasp from all the girls. Their eyes get big as they stare in amazement.

The youngest one exclaims, “I told you it was her. Isn’t she the most adorable thing you ever saw?”

There is major agreement. They all start asking more questions at the same time.

Another of the girls quiets them and says, “You guys are scaring her. She’s just a little girl somehow. Have a heart.”
She looks at me and says, Don’t mind us Miki. We are your friends and have only the best intentions. How old are you?”

I wanted to be as old as I could. I wanted to tell them my true age, eighteen. I couldn’t. Because of the properties of the oil I was an eighteen year old four year old all very delicately mixed by Nana’s expert hands. I couldn’t help myself. I had to tell them ...

I held up four fingers and said, “this many.” And started sucking my thumb again.

The girls were amazed. They knew of the oils but had never met anyone under their influence before. They thought it was incredible.

The two older girls hugged me gently and told me its ok, they would watch over me.

A servant came to attention just in front of us with a sharp click of his heels. He bows formally.

He says to me, “Beg your pardon My Lady, would My Lady Like to change now?”

I finally quit with the thumb. I look at him and say, “Change?”

He replies, “Yes My Lady. This is a pool party. You are the only one not in a bathing suit.”

I look innocently around. Except for the servants, I was the only one not in a bathing suit.

The youngest one took me by the hand and said, “Come on Miki. Lets get you into a cool swim suit.”

She eagerly led me by the hand and we followed the servant to a room off the main corridor.
There were girl’s bathing suits of every style and description and color.

The servant asked, “Would My Lady require assistance?”

The girl said, “No, I’ll help.”

The servant said, “Very well Madam.”

He turned with a sharp heel click and vanished. The door closed silently. I was still impressed.

The girl said in a real cute voice, “My name is Vickie. I was the youngest for years. I’m glad you’re here now, you can be my girlfriend and you be the youngest.”

She giggles sweetly and whispers, “You have to add 5,000 years to that though. Daddy gave me prolongation at thirteen so we could come from Duva Minor to Terran Nexus. Takes 500 years to travel. I loved the dream machine. It gave me such wonderful fantasies.”

I shivered and said, “I hate that infernal machine. It should be outlawed.”

She was definitely surprised at my response. It showed on her face.

She asked in a surprised voice, “How can you say that? It has only had one problem in 7,000 years. It has the most beautiful fantasies and they seem real.”

I said, “I know everyone is safe in it. It’s just the only time there ever was a problem ...”

Vickie gasps, her eyes wide, and puts her hand to her mouth. With her other hand she caresses my arm.

She says in a gasp, “It was you! Oh my gosh I’m so sorry ... I didn’t mean ...!!”

I take her hand in mine and say, “It’s ok Vickie, I have recovered. It was horrible though.”

She smiles at me with an understanding look ... she hesitates for a second more, then shifts mental gears. She is off and running at full speed to try and find me the perfect swimsuit.

She selects a black string bikini. It covers my bottom completely and has a cute little triangle in front. Vickie helps me untie my romper and helps me out of it. She me me into the bikini bottoms. She ties them in an expert bow. She then helps me into my top and ties it on.

The bikini seems to be custom made to tie on and fit me perfectly. I look in the mirror. I look stunning in it. Vickie is all complements.

Vicki has many questions. She asks what it is like being a baby girl among adults. She asks what its like to be in diapers. She brims over with more personal questions about being a baby. She wants to know what it feels like to have the oils applied. She says it has been a fantasy of her’s for a long time. She chatters on in a very friendly manner

Finally, I have completed the change and folded my clothes and left them neatly on the bench with my tiara. Vickie wants me to come back to the round sofa and become one of the group. She pushes a button, the door opens silently and a servant is there with a sharp heel click. Vickie tells him to take care of my street clothes. He bows. I see the servant take the tiara and give it to a group of security guards who are very formidably armed. Vickie takes me by the hand and leads me out the door back to the group.

I don’t know why I am so self conscious and so shy here. I can’t stop myself. All present are the young crème de la crème of Royal High Society. I still shouldn’t feel this way.
Vicki has me back at the round sofa. They all make room for me on the sofa and crowed around when I crawl on and sit. The questions are friendly and the chatter goes round and round.

The girls on the sofa have been very friendly and I have begun to like them a lot. Vickie reaches out and touches my collar. She says sweetly in a breathy young girl’s voice, “That is the largest and most beautiful diamond I have ever seen.”
The girl named Judy says, “She is the only pure bonded Pet in history Vickie. That’s what the Diamond means. She is very special to someone and they are very special to her. She willingly became an Imperial Royal Pet bonded to them.”
I said in a shy little girl voice, “It’s a little more complicated than that. I was born a Royal Pet to the Imperial House. I was born to be an Imperial Royal Pet to my mom.”

The girls asked many questions about being born as a Pet. The girls went round and round about how adorable I was. There was much laughter and friendship. There were questions about me being a baby. They thought it was so cute. They wanted to know how it felt to have the oils applied. They said I was adorable and would like it if I were the baby of the group. This idea went round and round in a friendly manner. Most of the girls wanted to be babied to see what it was like. They giggled and talked about which boys they would like to baby them. This went round and round. I said I loved Larry babying me and the girls all giggled and started asking about me and Larry. We all blushed and giggled .

Judy looks me over and says, “She was more than likely around sixteen when they gave her Prolongation. She is an adorable creature and we are all falling in love with her.”

I said shyly, “It was on my eighteenth birthday when daddy gave me the shot.”

Vicki started asking questions about being a baby again. They were all amazed when I told them about my experiences. Being in diapers and being a little girl went round and round. My clothes became the next topic. All the girls spoke at once as they told of their most favorite outfits. We all blushed and giggled some more.

All the girls started talking about how beautiful I was and how amazed they were no one was escorting me. I told them Larry was supposed to be here with me. Everyone knew Larry was here, just not where. The place was huge and full of teenagers of all ages having the time of their lives. All agreed I was so loveable and cute as a button. The buzz of voices continued in a very friendly manner with all the girls giving much attention to everything they could think of.

I could hear the boys when they noticed me. They all wanted to know who I was. They wanted to know if I was spoken for. They wondered if I would date one of them. They were taken at how extremely beautiful I was ... this went on and on too in the quiet rise and fall of voices in the room.

Vickie is very interested in the collar. She asks many questions about my diamond. She wanted to know how it felt to be oiled. She wants to know about becoming a Royal Pet. She asks many questions about how I came to be a Pet. She asked about being a baby and being cared for. She asked about my Nana. She knew a great deal about me.

Melissa finally said, “Vickie, hush girl. You would think you want to be a baby in diapers.”

Vickie giggles shyly and blushes. I then take notice of her desire to be a baby. She will be a cute one. She is young. She is a princess as well. A lot of princesses have this fantasy. A royal baby. I giggle sweetly.

I excuse myself and tell everyone I’m going for a swim. Everyone invites me back. Leah stops me just long enough to rub Suntan lotion all over me. She says, “Don’t want you to get burned. Sun is hot. Baby’s skin is very tender.”

I thank her and walk out to the pool. There are people laughing and playing every where. The pool is huge. There are many smaller pools scattered all around. There is food and drink being served on gilded and gem encrusted trays.

I can hear the buzz of voices. I can hear they noticed I have come to the pool. I hear male voices who want to know who this absolutely gorgeous creature is. I hear many comments about who I might be. I hear them wondering if I am taken. I hear them wondering how such a cute girl is standing there all alone. I hear how gorgeous I am in a bikini. I hear girls talking about how beautiful I am. They notice the diamond in my collar and are impressed. Many giggles and coos. This is the largest most pure diamond any have ever seen. Many are excessively wealthy. None could afford a diamond of this size and quality. All see the huge diamond on my left ring finger. All the girls are cooing and talking about it now too. They wonder who I am engaged to. The voices and giggles go round and round.

There is a float in the water in front of me. No one is on it or near it. I get in the water and get on the float. I am lying across the float so I can kick my feet daintily. I can hear faint snatches of the boys impressed with my cute bottom. I hear one say he is going to ask me for a date. I hear a servant inform the young man I am spoken for by His Excellency Larry Turner. The owner of this entire estate. This creates even more of an uproar around the pool. Many voices now are wanting to know how I could be engaged to Larry. They really want to know who I am. I hear a girl’s voice say my name; Miki Anton. I hear many voices then who know who I am. There is a major increase in the volume of the voices around the pool.

I hear a splash in the water. Suddenly, Larry pops out of the water in front of me and gives me a huge kiss. I squeal in surprise and start to fall off the float. His huge arms have me and I go nowhere. I kiss him passionately. I love this beautiful man. I hear girls giggle.

I say, “Larry, you silly man. Why you want to scare baby like that?”
Larry lets out a friendly laugh and replies, “Its to keep you on your toes love.”
With this he turns my float over and dumps me in the pool. I screech as I hit the water. I come up and splash him in the face with water. He picks me up in his strong hands. They are between my legs. I am sitting in the palms of his large hands. He gives me a wonderful squeeze and then tosses me in the air. I screech with pleasure. It was a really cool feeling. After I hit the water, I playfully jump on his back and softly nip his ear. We tussled. He flips me over his back and tosses me into the water again. I am laughing so hard when I hit, I get water in my mouth. When I come back up, he picks me up in his hands. I eagerly sit in his palms. He squeezes my privacy. I feel the wonderful sensation through me. He gives me another toss. I squeal with delight before I hit. I jump up again just in time to splash him in the face dead center. I duck under water and push from the bottom.

I swim as hard as I can to be behind Larry. I feel his hands grab me by my waist and lift me out of the water again. I squeal with delight. As iron solid as his grip on me is, it is always whisper soft and gentle. I loose my top. It has come untied and is sinking to the bottom of the pool. The pool here is very deep. I am very shy again. I screech and cover my boobies with my hands. I blush very hard. I go to the shallows. I am a very shy girl who has lost her top.

Larry grins and says before he dives to get my top, “Ohhhh baby! Lookin so sweet.”

This creates a hubbub of voices commenting on how gorgeous I was and wishes from others they could be as cute. I was really shy and embarrassed. I knew I couldn’t help it. I hear the boys saying how much they liked my boobies and wished I would keep my top off. Some are talking about how Larry could have been so lucky to have found a girl this cute. Others wish I was their girlfriend. I hear girl’s voices saying how lucky I am. I hear them wishing Larry was their boy friend. I hear girls wishing they were me. They all loved Larry.

He comes back up and helps me back into my top. He ties it securely. I am so relieved and grateful. I turn around and kiss him sweetly.

I don’t know how long I kissed him, but I heard some of the guys on the side of the pool teasing us and saying, “That ain’t fair, get a room you guys!” There is a lot of talk. All about us.

I break the kiss. I have the back of my hand to my mouth. I look helplessly into his eyes. I want to please him again. Right here if he will let me. I realize what I am thinking and see all the people looking ... I giggle shyly.
He suggests we go to the hot tub and “see what happens.”

I have never been in a Hot Tub. I touch the steaming bubbling water daintily with my toe. I know why they call it a hot tub. The water is almost too hot. Larry bounds up and gets right in. I hear him exhale with great pleasure.

He looks at me and says, “The water’s fine.”

I shrug and get in too. The water is ... Hot. Not uncomfortably so ... almost. I snuggle up to Larry amid all the bubbles and give him another tender kiss while I caress him between his legs. Larry makes the sweetest grunting noises and kisses me back. He calls one of the servants to him and orders, “I want you to bring the special plate of horsdeouvres and the chilled bottle of blush with two small glasses. Make sure they are the small ones”
The servant turns with a sharp heel click and vanishes, only to return a few seconds later with a huge platter and a tray. On the tray were two huge pure crystal glasses and the bottle of sparkling pink Blush wine. On the platter was the largest assortment of horsdeouvres I had ever seen. I had no clue as to what they might be. Their aroma was absolutely wonderful. The servant places these within my easy reach, turns with a heel click and blends into the back ground so effectively if I didn’t know where he was I would miss him.

I don’t know what the horsdeouvres were, they were absolutely superb. Larry poured some wine in the glasses. He gave me one. I drink with him as we flirt. We kiss and caress each other in the hot bubbly water for a long time. We play and wrestle. I truly enjoy myself. As big and strong as Larry is, he never hurts me and is always so gentle.

These glasses are large. To me, they are huge. Larry assures me these are the smallest. The wine was excellent and tasted very good. One glass is a lot of wine and gives me the little girl giggles really bad. Larry takes the next glass from me and puts it back on the tray. He tells me to wait a while. I snuggle up to him and kiss him passionately some more. I feel his hand on my bottom. I take his other hand and put it between my legs. He gives me a very pleasant squeeze. I squeak. He explores my mouth with his tongue. We play. I screech and giggle. I have the best time I can remember.

My top is suddenly untied again. I feel it as it leaves my body. Larry puts it on the side of the hot tub. I don’t have time to protest. He is there with his wonderful mouth kissing and sucking my little boobies. I squirm and squeal with delight as he does this. I am helpless as he enjoys my young body. I am in his lap kissing him passionately when Vickie and Melissa get into the Hot Tub with us. Larry has his huge hands on me caressing my boobies.

I want to cover up. Larry gently stops me. He whispers, “Relax, this is what the Hot Tub is for baby.”

I whisper, “What about them?” He smiles and asks, “Want them to join us?”

I look at him with playful incredulity and gently pat him on his face.

I say in an playfully exasperated tone, “Larry!” and pout sweetly.

Larry has us play games with him so he can see our bottoms and our boobies and put his hands on us and caress us. I don’t mind in the least and neither do they. I enjoy him taking advantage. I offer it freely. So do Vicki and Melissa. Vicki and Melissa giggle screech and tussle and play with us.

Vicki is obviously taken with Melissa. Melissa is gently encouraging Vicki. Vicki is shy about her attraction to the older girl. Vicki is a prolongation girl and Melissa is an older prolongation girl. Melissa is taking advantage as much as she can in a very sweet way. I see Melissa grab the tie on Vickie’s top. Vickie is unaware. Vicki looses her top and is very embarrassed. She can’t find it in the bubbling water. I stand up and show her I don’t have on a top.

Melissa then says, “What the hell?” and takes her’s off and throws it to the side.

Melissa somehow has her beautiful firm breast in Vicki’s hand. It seems like an accident. Melissa acts shy and even blushes and giggles. Vicki blushes and is very embarrassed. Melissa flirts gently with Vicki. Vicki is very taken with Melissa. I know what Melissa wants. I know Vicki has never been with a girl or a boy for that matter before and is torn. I think Melissa would be a great Mistress and Vicki would be a great Pet for her and bring her much pleasure. I see Vicki very shyly touching Melissa’s breast. I see Melissa giggle and act shy too. I see Melissa take a slow shy kiss from Vickie. I see Vickie shyly kiss her back. I see Melissa finally convinced Vickie to kiss her cute breast. I see Vickie is a very cute and shy girl. I know this will be a great bonding. Like me and Lisa. The greatest of Playmates.

We play a game of toss. I know this game is so Larry can see our cute boobies. Vicki is sort of disappointed when Larry only kisses me and mine. Melissa is interested in Vicki’s boobies and really wants to kiss her. She starts to flirt with Vicki slightly more. Vicki does respond shyly to Melissa’s advances. Vickie is the perfect girl for Melissa. Vickie needs encouragement. I whisper in Vicki’s ear that Melissa has fallen in love with her. Vicki is so embarrassed and giggly. I tell her Melissa very much wants to be her girlfriend. I tell her to relax and be Melissa’s girlfriend. It would be fun. She tries.
With wine, she is succeeding.

I feel Larry’s hand slip inside my bikini bottom. It is time for baby to pay attention to her boyfriend. His large hands are pulling me to him. His finger gently penetrates my privacy. I can’t help it, a cute little squeal comes from me. Melissa looks around and giggles. I’m in Larry’s arms with my hand over my mouth. I am blushing a very bright pink.

She knows. I am embarrassed. She swims over to us and puts her hand softly between my legs on top of Larry’s hand. She knows he has his finger in my privacy as she explores me. She coos and tells me I’m a good girl.

She whispers softly in my ear that Larry is a lucky man and she wouldn’t mind being my girlfriend either. She boldly puts her hands down the front of my bikini. I feel her hand inside my bikini bottoms as she reaches to my privacy beneath Larry’s hand. I squeak softly as she gently tickles my special place. I am now sandwiched between Melissa in front and Larry behind. I am being so sensually caressed by both of them. I cannot help myself, I orgasm hard.

Melissa giggles and kisses me softly on my lips. She explores my mouth throughly with her tongue. I cannot believe how helpless I feel and how much I am enjoying myself. She tells me its our secret. No one would know but us.

Larry offers Melissa and Vicky some more wine and snacks. I hear Melissa whisper to herself the best snack she could have is Vicki. She swims back and starts to flirt sweetly with Vicki again. Vickie responds sweetly and innocently. I see Vickie is a very shy sweet girl. I think Vickie is a most adorable girl ... Larry agrees. The perfect profile. She will be this age ... and love to wear diapers and baby clothes ,,, the perfect little girl. I giggle at the thought.

Two more bottles of wine mysteriously appear. Vicki has the giggles quickly after she and Melissa pour the next glass. Melissa becomes real flirty and sweet to Vicki. Vicki is starting to kiss Melissa very shyly in a long slow sensual way. I see Melissa will be the dominant of this bonding. Melissa is taking every advantage she can at this point to get Vicki. Vickie is being the perfect shy virgin. This is exciting Melissa more and more.
I ask Melissa innocently, “What would you do if she were your Bonded Pet?”
Melissa says softly, “I would be a very happy girl for sure. Vicki is a cutie.”
I whisper in Melissa’s ear, “Vickie thinks you are the most beautiful girl she has ever seen. She’s just real shy and is a virgin.” Then giggle.

Melissa changes her tactic. Melissa goes to Vicki and offers her some more wine. Melissa isn’t wasting time now. She is aggressively seeking Vicki. Melissa’s new strategy is right on and very effective, Vicki can’t resist. Before long, I see Melissa putting Vickie’s bikini bottom on the side of the hot tub. I hear Vicki asking Melissa to be gentle because she is a virgin. I hear Vicki squeaking softly and see small tears fall as Melissa takes her virginity. It is so heart warming to see an innocent girl in love pleasing her future Mistress.

Larry thinks it is the most adorable thing he has ever witnessed. I see Melissa enjoying Vicki a lot. Vicki is sitting in Melissa’s lap kissing her passionately. Vickie is so sweet and doing her best to have her first sex and give her virginity totally to Melissa.

Melissa takes Vickie out of the tub. Vicki is nude. Melissa makes a point of caressing Vickie’s privacy and penetrating her with her finger so all the boys could see and stay away. Melissa’s bottoms are almost untied and Vicki has her hand in the back of them. They disappear into the house. I don’t see them for a very long time. Larry looks at me in surprise and says, “You handled that professionally My Lady.”
I replied in a shy accented little girl’s voice, “Why, thank you kind sir. It was just a nice way to get rid of them so we could be alone.” We kiss.

Larry’s hand is in my bikini. He is caressing my special place in my privacy. I am involuntarily making sweet grunts each time his finger passes. I orgasm so intensely my head swims. I kiss the man of my heart as passionately as I can. I know I am in love with Larry more than ever.

I want to please Larry really badly. I untie my bikini bottoms and put them on the side. Larry says we can’t do this here right now.

I ask, “why not, this is a hot tub isn’t it? It was what Vicki was doing for Melissa.”

I quickly undo his bathing suit and slip his thing in my privacy. It is harder to do in the water. It sort of hurts as his thing slips inside me at first. It is intense as I am penetrated and can feel myself stretch to accept him. I move up and down on his thing slowly and allow my body to accept his. I am gasping with each thrust of my hips. Larry is totally enraptured.

I giggle and say in a softly gasping breathy voice, “Tell ... me ... why not .... here?”

He says in a very enraptured voice, “Forget I was stupid enough to say anything.”

I giggle. I squeeze on his thing as I am moving my hips.

Larry is doing his best not to cry out. I kiss him passionately ... He kisses me passionately. I make it my mission to make him cry out. Poor Larry didn’t stand a chance. He gasps out his pleasure loudly as I squeeze his thing as hard as I can down deep inside me. I giggle.

All the guys notice and are jealous. Especially one tall arrogant angry drunken youth. They all wanted me as soon as I walked into the pool area. They see the strong handsome man I chose. They want to be him right now.

I can feel his thing throbbing as I take all of his intense orgasm in my privacy.

I notice all the guys are looking on and are very jealous of Larry. Baby is embarrassed.

Larry whispers in my ear, “This is what hot tubs are for love.” Then kisses me passionately.

I turn around backwards and go to sit on his thing again. I miss my privacy and Larry makes it known he wants my bottom. His hands are on my hips and he pulls down on me as he thrusts up with his hips. I am helpless in his grip. His thing forces its way into my bottom. My sphincter muscle spasms. It hurts. I cry out. Then, as suddenly, it seems to spasm one more time and my bottom opens. I feel Larry’s thing as it penetrates deeply into me. I gasp and squeak loudly as his massive thing enters me deeply.

He thrusts several times and then pulls me down all the way. I am helpless as Larry takes me roughly for the first time. I gasp. I can feel something opening deep inside me as he penetrates all the way. I am sitting on his lap with his thing as far in my bottom as it is long.

He pulls down on my hips. I cry helplessly as he really enjoys my tight little bottom. Then he starts doing long slow thrusts. This doesn’t hurt. I feel so good and enraptured now. I orgasm two times in a minute then Larry fills my bottom with white gooshy stuff. I lean back into him and sit. I can feel his thing as it softens. His hand is between my legs and caressing my privacy so nicely.

Larry whispers in my ears, “Baby, you please me so much.” Then kisses me.

I drink more wine ... Larry keeps stopping me ... he tells me it’ll make me sick ... it tastes really good and I feel great ... This is too good to make anyone sick. I drink some more.

I kiss Larry as much and as passionately as I can. I please him with my privacy. I take all of his orgasm in my privacy. I also flirt. Larry flirts back and tussles with me and tickles me playfully. I please him with my mouth. I swallow as much as I can.

We kiss passionately and often. He is in my privacy as I sit on his lap and kiss him softly. I am gently flexing my privacy. He is breathing hard every time I flex. I feel him throb again. I take all of his orgasm in my body as deeply as I can. It belongs to me. It is my Love’s pleasure. I giggle sweetly.

When he isn’t looking, I finish the second glass of wine. I drink a total of two full glasses and I am feeling really strange. After two glasses I can’t get my eyes to focus ... and I don’t feel good. I quit drinking wine at that point ... is way too late.

I don’t feel so good. Larry helped me back into my bikini. I had too much wine. My head is starting to hurt. I feel sick to my stomach. I am a girl who has had way too much to drink for the first time in her life.

Larry has me discreetly taken in to the Master Bedroom. Great care was taken to make sure no one saw me this way. I only vaguely realize I am being carried. I am drunk and sick. The servants are given strict instruction I am not to be disturbed and they are to be at my beck and call until this passes.

Larry puts a cold cloth on my forehead. He shakes his head and scolds softly, “I told you not to drink any more wine sweet stuff. Now look at what you feel like.”

I agreed ... I am very Ill ... I’m going to ... when my head clears a bit, I find I am looking into a bucket of some kind. Larry has pulled my hair out of the way so it won’t get messy and is holding me gently over the bucket. I hear sympathetic voices softly in the back ground. A servant is gently cleaning my face with a cold cloth as he offers heart felt sympathy.

I’m going to be sick again ... I hear all the servants sympathy. I am sick again ... more sympathy for baby.

All are truly miserable for me. Not nearly as miserable as I am though.

I hear Larry’s sympathetic voice telling me softly there’s nothing can be done but to suffer it out now. He whispers softly he loves me and will be here for me. He washes my face gently with a cold cloth.

I’m going to be sick again. I am sick until it feels like my tummy is coming out. I am sick until nothing is in my tummy and I am just gagging. Larry gives me water. At least I have something in my tummy to come back up. I am very sick.

I finally quit heaving and am able to lie back in the simi darkness. I am gently placed on my back on the bed. One of the servants has given me a pill. It makes me feel a little better. My head is pounding. Larry hovers over me and keeps making the cloth cold. He is very attentive and sweet. He caresses me gently and tries his best to comfort me.

As time passes, I feel a whole lot better. I am able to sit up now. My head feels really funny. The room seems to spin and tilt to the side. The servants are all over themselves to clean me up and dress me.

Larry kisses me and says he’ll see me in the living room.

They give me a cool invigorating shower, then dress me in a soft disposable diaper with little teddy bears on it, and white plastic lined rumba panties and a soft royal blue cotton romper with three rows of lace across my bottom. A servant stops with a sharp heel click and offers me a jeweled pacifier on a small red velvet pillow with gold tassels. I was tempted but declined. The servant vanishes. With the gentle help of another servant, I come slowly out into the main room. I am unsteady on my feet. The light is so bright.

I see many of the girls from before. Everyone is glad I am feeling better. Everyone is sympathetic. Baby still doesn’t feel too well.

I am given a deep armchair to sit in. The girls from earlier are all around me chattering softly. I see Melissa and Vickie holding hands and kissing. I see Melissa holding Vicki’s bottom very tenderly. Vickie will make a fine Royal Pet for Melissa. I invite Vicki and Melissa over to my nursery. Vicki hasn’t a clue the joys her new life will bring or the pleasures she will give her Mistress Melissa. She is completely ignorant until the box opens. She will discover first hand what it is like to be collard. I will watch as another Royal Pet is born. I will see as she pledges to Melissa and falls helplessly in love. It will be the fulfillment of Vickie’s fantasy.

Larry brings me a soft drink this time. It tastes good and makes me feel a whole lot better.
The two older girls from earlier are there hovering over me. One is named Debbie, and the other is named Atheena. Debbie is a princess from Omicron Alpha. Her star system is over 4500 years away at maximum acceleration. Her father gave her prolongation at nineteen. Atheena comes from Zeta Thournia. Her star system is closer at 1,800 years at maximum acceleration.

Her father gave her prolongation at twenty one. Makes her the old woman of the group. Her star system is an annex of the Imperial House. I wonder at this. This should make her a relative of some kind.

Atheena climbs into the chair with me and slips behind me. I am sitting basically between her legs. My back is to her as she gently pulls me back into her. She wraps her arms around me I lean back into her warm embrace. I can smell the delicate perfume she is wearing. Her body is soft and warm. I still don’t feel very good. Suddenly, I feel as if I were in my mommy’s loving arms. This is a strange feeling under these circumstances. She runs her fingers through my hair gently.

She says ever so softy to me, “Relax Miki, your among friends. I will make sure no one makes fun of you. All of us made that mistake at least once. Some more than once.”

I could hear sympathetic agreement from the other girls. They all started telling their own stories of too much wine, the boys use of it on them, and how sick it made them. I sympathies with them too. I tell how Larry tried to stop me from making this mistake. They all giggle and start chattering about how sweet Larry is.

I could hear the room buzzing with gossip. I seemed to be most of what everyone was talking about. I couldn’t figure this out. I look around. Most of the girls dress the way I do. I do see some who dress slightly more conservatively ... but not very. I see lots that dress a lot less conservatively than I do. Some are nude and blatant. I see many who are openly pleasing each other. I see many who absolutely have no discretion period. I see most act in ways I wouldn’t. Why am I the topic of conversation?

The party is in full swing. Girls and boys are running around and screaming and having a grand time. It has started to be late in the afternoon. More Princes and Princess are arriving all the time. Especially once it became known that the young Empress Miki Anton had actually come to a Royal function for the first time. It is the Social Happening of the Century.

I ask, “Why is everyone talking about me?”

The girls all giggle and snicker.

Atheena softly brushes a strand of hair from my eyes and says quietly, “Miki, sweet heart, it’s not every day that the Universe gets to meet the daughter of the Emperor. It isn’t very often that an Empress comes to a social function. Especially one as attractive as you. It also has never happened that it’s her boyfriend that’s hosting the function. This has never happened before. There are a lot of young studs here that are very upset about it too. Makes all us girls so proud of you.”

She leans over and kisses me softly on the top of my head. She puts her face in my hair and takes a slow deep breath. She truly enjoys me.

The girls are all chatting in a very friendly manner all at the same time. I really do feel welcome in this group. I look around. I am not the only girl there who was given prolongation this young. This is also a mystery to me. Most of the girls in my group are a lot more prolongation years older than me. I see Debbie and Atheena act like mothers to the rest of us.

Atheena leans over and whispers in my ear softly, “Is it true that you are a baby?”

I say very shyly, “It’s true.”

Her embrace is so soft. Just like mommy Lady Beth’s. I feel almost like I am in Pet Mode.

She asks softly, “Do you wear diapers n all?”

I lean back and look up at her. I could almost swear it was mommy Lady Beth speaking to me in our most intimate Pet voice. She looks down at me with a very sweet sparkle in her eye.

I say, “Please don’t make fun of me, I can’t help it.”

She hugs me softly and says, “Miki, I have no intention of making fun of you. I just want to know who this adorable girl is that I have fallen in love with.”

I feel a strange tingle spread though me when she says that.

I must speak. I am my mommy’s pet. I reply shyly, “I am a baby, Atheena. I am dressed, pampered, and cared for. I am fed, changed, and bathed, and nursed. I wear diapers and baby clothes. I sleep in a crib. I have no control over this. It was chosen for me before I was conceived. I am an un-potty trained baby of two years old most of the time. I’m not always a baby, but I am always an eighteen year old girl who has a two year old side. Nana made me four before I came here. I really wish she hadn’t.”

Atheena hugs me gently and says very softly and quietly, “I’m sorry Miki, I didn’t mean to offend you. Your four years old now? There is a really wonderful mix too.”

I am confused. I can feel the intimacy in her voice. I am talking to mommy. Confusion.

Atheena responds gently, “Miki, you’re more than four years old. But, you are as adorable as any four year old I ever met. The mix is so ... delicate. I was hoping ...“

“Hoping?” I am very curious.

Atheena says softly, “Miki, I was wondering if you would be interested ...” and she blushes red.

I look up at her again and say very softly, “In what?”

She replies in a very soft shy voice, “Being my baby for ... or just until ... tonight maybe.”

I reply, “Atheena, do you understand what you are asking me to do?”

She smells my hair and runs her fingers softly through it. So Softly she says, “Yes, baby, I understand.”

I feel a sweet electrical tingle spread through my body. I’m talking to mommy. I can’t believe it.

I hear the other girls starting to talk. All at the same time. They are extremely interested in me being the baby of the group. I already am the youngest. They would love it. I feel the urge to be baby for Atheena. I feel almost that mommy has asked me in our most intimate pet mode to be baby for her. I feel soft waves of desire to please mommy fill me. I want to be baby for mommy.

I turn and look at Atheena for a minute. In her eyes, there is ... something. I’m not quite sure.

I ask, “You have lost a baby, haven’t you?” I hug her softly, “I am so sorry”

Atheena hugs me back. Her embrace is so soft and gentle. Her perfume is delicate as any rose. The feeling I am in mommy’s arms is almost overwhelming. She is actually crying softly as she hugs me. I can feel the sobs in her body. I feel as if I were being hugged by mommy Lady Beth. I can’t help the feeling. I am in mommy’s arms in our most intimate Pet mode. I shiver as I come back to my senses. I really want to be in Atheena’s arms.

I say in a whisper only she can hear, “I can’t today, I have ... someone I am here to be with. If you make a date with the Palace, you can come and be my mommy for as long as you want in the nursery. I will be your baby then.”

Atheena looks at me softly. She kisses me and says, “Mommy would like that.”

I hug her as any child hugs her mommy and say in a very little girl voice, “Baby would love to have mommy.”

I feel Atheena’s emotions in her body as she hugs me. I feel I am hugging my real mommy. It is so nice and pleasant to be in Pet mode with mommy, I don’t want to stop.

Tammy sees Larry by the pool speaking to one of the Crown Princes over one of the Spaceship Yards in orbit. He has on his swim trunks and nothing else. All the girls are taken with his Muscular body and how big he is. His wonderful hairy chest. His large hands.

All the girls including Atheena giggle and start talking about Larry. They are all taken with him and want to know how I managed to get a hunk like him. They ask about sex with him and want to know every thing about my relationship with him. We all giggle and blush a lot.

The buzz of friendly talk goes round and round until one young man who is very drunk with a really bad attitude walks up. He is real drunk very angry, and very put out I was already taken. Atheena told me he was from one of the most powerful and richest Royal Families. He definitely had no manners.

His mouth tells us he is there, “Well, if it isn’t the high class bitches that are so stuck up they won’t associate with us guys.”

Debbie says, “Randy, you had best not do this. You are more than likely drunk and you don’t know everyone here anymore.”

Randy says, “Right! I am the Imperial Crown Prince of ...

Trudy says, “Oh gosh, here we go again. He’s Druunk!”

Sandy says quietly, “Yea, the old bully. Wish he’d leave us alone.”

Randy snaps, “And what’s that supposed to mean you frigid whore? The one who couldn’t. The little virgin who was always prissy.”

Suddenly, I turned in Atheena’s arms and looked at Randy. She was impressed at my strength.

I say, “Who is this person?”

She pulls me back into her gently and says quietly, “Miki, please ... he is only nineteen and doesn’t have good sense. He’s the Crown Prince of Dark Rim Seven.”

The feeling of being in mommy’s arms is almost overpowering. This person is the only thing that stops me from being lost in Atheena’s loving arms. I am very angry with him.

Randy heard her comment and turned on Atheena, “And who told you to say anything old Bitch? Why hell, my grand mother looks better than you. You won’t even go on a date with a man. Hell, I find better women in the pound. Saw this little girl out in the pool flaunting her stuff she ain’t got none of.” As he points his finger at me. “Who she? Some one’s cousin? She sure knows how to cause trouble”

Laurie stormed, “You were sure looking and were mad when the Servant told you she was spoken for by a real man! Your just mad because they said they would throw you out if you bothered them! It would figure you get your girl friends from the pound too!”

All the girls laugh. Randy is pissed and drunk. Not a good combination.

I stood suddenly. Atheena couldn’t hold me. I suddenly became aware of a voice confirming weapons activation. A field of energy appeared around me and separated me from Atheena. I get out of the chair.

All the girls were silent. They saw the energy field and saw the expression on my face. They knew my Guardians had activated. I heard Larry’s voice far off yelling something. Atheena begged me to stop. I didn’t know there was a very visible field of energy surrounding me. I didn’t understand about the Guardians either.

Randy stood with his hands on his hips. He suddenly began to back up when he saw the energy field around me. He tripped over a table with the girl’s refreshments on it and fell on his back amid all the spilled food and drink.

I walked up to him and stood over him. There was a lot of laughter through out the room. Everyone noticed Randy was making another scene.

He sneered, “What’s up little girl. You think a light show is gonna change my mind about you?”

He got up off the floor and attempted to push me. I heard loud gasps. Bad Mistake on his part. He had put hands on me. I was not happy! I was still partly John too. I was angry!

I heard Larry shouting a little closer, “Miki, please!! Stop!!”

I could hear running feet.

I held out my hand in a choking manner to grab him by his neck. Randy’s eyes bulged and he lifted off the ground. A loud murmur went through the room. He struggled against an unbreakable force as he hung helplessly in the air. He was starting to turn very red purple in the face as he choked and gagged.

The whole room had become silent as a grave. All were staring. I was ... shocked.

A servant suddenly appeared with a sharp heel click as he came to attention.

He looked the situation over quickly and then said, “Begging your pardon, My Lady. Please place the young fool back on the floor so he can breath again. It is most improper for a beautiful young lady to soil herself on such trash.”

I had no idea how this was happening and no idea how to put him back on the floor.

Larry had gotten there by that time and begged, “Miki sweet heart. You must not do this!” He placed his hand into the roiling sphere of energy that surrounded me and touched my shoulder. I dropped my arm and released the boy. I thought to myself, “Oh, that’s how.”

It was apparent I was upset with him and very confused at the same time. The energy field vanished. The strong odor of ozone was everywhere.

He hit the floor with a thump and gasped out, “You bitch! Who the fuck you think you are you little whore!?” He coughs several times and gasps loudly as he catches his breath.

There was a collective gasp. Many in the room knew I was the young Empress and knew the awesome power I wielded even as the daughter of the Emperor.

I looked at my hands in confusion. I didn’t understand what just happened. I could feel a tingling in my hand as Randy was suspended and struggled against some kind of force.

I asked Larry in a very confused voice, “What did I just do and how did I do it?”

Larry answers, “Those devices on your wrist baby. They are called the Imperial Guardians. Only the Imperial family wears them. You were more than likely given two for added safety. They provide automatic protection and weapons. They are thought controlled and monitored by an Artificial Intelligence so there is no ... accidental destruction or injury. Apparently the action you were thinking in your mind was deemed appropriate by the AI, It was translated into an action.”

Randy stood. He was so furious he shook with anger. He shook his fist at me.
He shouted in an excessively arrogant tone, “I am a Crown Prince of the richest star system in Rim Core! Who the fuck are you shrimp? Another daddy’s girl gonna cry in her milk Does the little fucking whore need her diaper chan ...”

He never got to finish. As he ran off at the mouth, I looked at Larry. Larry shrugged his shoulders.

I looked at the servant. He bowed formally and said, “Be my guest , My Lady.” And came to attention with a sharp heel click as he turned to watch.

My hand was again in the strangle hold. I gave my wrist a flick. The boy tumbled off wildly into the desert table. He landed directly into the huge messy cake that was on the table. Everything exploded into one huge mess and slid out into the pool area.
I thought, “Wow! This is cool!”

Everyone burst out laughing. Everyone including the servants were making jokes and seriously disparaging remarks about Randy. All knew him to be a foul mouthed drunkard and a bully. It was time someone put him in his place.

Randy stood again. He was insanely furious and swore viciously. I didn’t understand a lot of the words he used. His language was really atrocious.

I wanted him to shut it up. I pointed my finger at him and was about to tell him to shut up. There was a huge crack. Randy was knocked backwards into one of the smaller pools by a huge discharge of blue energy. He shut up!

Several of the young men standing there had to retrieve him before he drowned. I stood with my finger still pointed in that direction. I was totally shocked. People began to clap and cheer. My mouth was open as I looked at my hand again.

I said to Randy in an angry voice, “You are an arrogant Jack ass! Don’t you know who I am? Or is it that your home world is a world of total idiots? Or is it just you are a low class uncouth moron?”

The girls of my group stared bulging eyed at the spectacle. No one had expected to see the Power of a Guardian used for them to see today. I was totally dazed by what the Guardians could do. No one expected me to have restraint either. Good thing for Randy.

By then, Larry had everyone back away from the confrontation. The servants had cleared the area of the debris and removed any other objects that might get broken. There was a large clear area between me and Randy at this point.

Everyone watched breathlessly.

The boy again Stood up. He still was extremely drunk arrogant, and insanely furious at being bested by a small petite girl. In his drunken mind, he thought nothing of the things that just happened. He cursed and swore and called me every manner of profane name he could think of. There were even more words I didn’t understand and references I never heard before. There were many gasps and much talking about Randy being a huge fool. This only egged Randy on more. He would regret this confrontation for the remainder of his life.

He said in a very nasty tone of voice, “Yea, I’m talking to a whore who is too good for a crown prince. She has to go out with a lowly general!”

My eyes brightened. I looked at Larry and asked, “You are the head of the Imperial Defense Force and my Personal Body Guard aren’t you?”

Larry’s eyes got to be big. He said timidly, “Yes, Miki. You know that.”

I ask, “All of this is in accordance with Imperial Universal Law?”

He quickly responds, “Miki ... I don’t ...”

My voice booms as I emphasize my question, “IS it??”

Everyone is quiet now.

Larry answers quickly, “Yes Miki, in accordance with Law.”

I turn and look at Larry and smile sweetly. I stand on my tip toes, raise my right hand and place it on the top of his head and say in a very sweet voice, “In accordance with Universal Imperial Law, you are hereby given the unimpeachable position and personage of Crown Prince of Moon Spring. I here by grant to you Title, Position, and all of the estates of Moon Spring as your holding. You now have the unimpeachable rights, privilege, rank, and power pertaining there to. Does this also fulfill Imperial Universal Law?”

I heard many voices say, “It does fulfill Universal Imperial Law, Daughter of the Emperor.”

At this point all bowed or curtsied and said in one voice, “My Lady.”

I say sweetly in a little girl’s voice, “I love you Prince Larry Turner, Crown Prince of Moon Spring. My most personal Imperial Royal Body Guard.” I then hug and kiss him softly and he returns them passionately. There are many ooos and ahhhs and giggles, clapping of hands and congratulations for the New Crown Prince Larry Turner.

I turn and look at Randy as I cross my arms. I raise my right eyebrow and tap my foot.

Randy knew he had messed up now. A major understatement of the millennium. He had finally come down from his drunken madness enough for him to have a little sense. He had majorly insulted the Emperor’s Daughter and did it in front of all of High Imperial Royal Society, at the largest and most important function of the century. He had no idea that this shrimp of a girl was the Empress and now, it was way too late to apologize.

I turned and looked at Larry. I walked up to him and giggled. I gave him another sweet kiss then turned to Randy again. I pointed my finger at him. I hoped this would work.

I said, “Come here boy.”

He was grabbed by an irresistible force and brought to me. There was nothing he could do. I was impressed. You could hear a pin drop in the room it was so quiet.

I said to him in a low soft little girl’s voice, “Randy, I would suggest that you have your ... father, if he still lets you call him that ... send his Ambassador and his Royal Law Arbiter to me. He needs to do this immediately. I understand It will be several months at full acceleration before they can get here. They will be here as fast as they can. I will be at the Imperial Palace here at Terran Nexus. He also needs you to inform him, he needs to have another heir. I hereby strip you of all ranks and privileges until I decide other wise. What this means peasant, is you are no longer invited to this function. Your position and rank do not support it. It also means that you are now the low class individual your manners show you to be. The only thing your rank and position does support is being a laborer in the Zlxx crystal mines in Rim Core. All know this is the lowest of the low. This is who you are now and have been apparently for some time. The lowest of the low.” I giggle sweetly.

As if by magic, a servant is there at attention with a sharp heel click.

I say, “Remove this urchin from these premises and have the guard dispose of him properly.”

He responds, “At once, and with great pleasure, My Lady.”

He takes the disheveled and bruised young man by the collar of his shirt and removes him from the room.

There are cheers. Voices explode through out the room. Much clapping and happy words. All of them laughing and making jokes about Randy and his mouth. There was a lot of talk about what a gorgeous girl I was and being able to stand up to a bully like Randy made me the perfect woman. Much congratulatory words to Larry on his new appointing. Retelling of the display they saw of a Guardian’s Power right in front of them.

The buzz of the room faded into the back ground as I kissed Larry softly and said, “My Prince.” He kissed me back and said, “My Princess.”

I went to Atheena. I took her hand in mine and said, “Just come to the Nursery. I will play with you all day if you want.”

Atheena kisses me softly on the forehead and says, “I will baby.”

Larry took my hand then. I said good bye to Atheena and then the other girls. We walked out to the gardens. There were hundreds of ponds and fountains. Flowers of every color, size, and aroma. We walked hand in hand and flirted and kissed as much as possible.

We came around a corner in a rather remote and secluded area and found a young woman pleasing a very old man. I apologized and we went another direction.

I giggled and told Larry how much I enjoyed learning the ways of the hot tub. Larry laughed out loud and shook his head. We flirted and kissed as we walked and held hands.

We had finally come to a wall in a sort of alcove. There was a beautiful fountain and a flowering fruit tree. We were as secluded from servants and guests as we could be. I sat with Larry and he explored my mouth with his tongue ... I explored his with mine ... we kissed passionately. We caressed each other in as many personal and private places as we could. I love Larry with all my heart We make soft love under the flowering fruit tree in the warm sunshine of a perfect afternoon.

Larry says, “Miki, you have made me the Crown Prince of Moon Spring. Baby, this is a rather large holding wouldn’t you say?”

I reply sweetly, “It made you exactly ten times more of a Crown Prince than the idiot.
I only want the best for my boyfriend. Besides, I think a Princess should have a Prince for a boyfriend ... don’t you agree my love?”

Larry looks at me for a minute and shakes his head slowly.

He says, “Miki, you have been the absolute fulfillment of every kind of fantasy any man could have. I only wanted to be near you so I could serve and protect you. I never dreamed you would be my girlfriend one day.”

I came and sat in his lap, hugged his neck, kissed him very tenderly, then said meekly, “I never knew you would humble yourself to take me as your girlfriend either.”

The surprised look on his face was precious. I kissed him again. He kissed me back. I don’t know how long we did this, but we did this for a very long time.

I heard the sharp click of heels. I knew a servant had found us. I suddenly realize how dark it is. I wonder where the sun went. It was shining when Larry and me sat here.
The servant bows formally and says, “My Lady. My lord. It is very late. All of the guests have already gone home. Is My Lady ... sleeping over?”

Nana didn’t say I could. I had to get back. The sun had been down for a long time and we hadn’t even noticed. I am shocked!

I said, “Larry, I would love to stay, Nana didn’t say I could.”

Larry kisses me softly and replies, “Its ok Miki, I will see you tomorrow.”

I giggle and wish he would come stay the night with me..

Time for Baby to go Home

The Palace Guard showed up promptly in the air car. Five heavily armed security people march up from inside the house. Four of the men stand around the fifth with their weapons drawn as the guards in the air car await me. The fifth guard steps forward. In his hands is a red velvet pillow with gold tassels. On the pillow was the tiara Nana had wanted me to wear. Larry takes it and puts it on my head. He kisses me and says, “My Princess.”

I kissed Larry softly back and told him I really enjoyed myself ... even the wine. He gave me a stern look. I giggle. He opened the door to the air car and helped me inside. He kisses me softly and tells me he loves me, and hopes I have a wonderful night then shuts the door. The Captain beside me didn’t bat an eye. He tells the driver to take me back to the Palace. The trip was fast and comfortable.

Even at 2:30am, The Crowds and vid crews and reporters were still thick at the entrance to the Palace. Their flash bulbs, strobe lights and infernal questions. Everyone wanted the exclusive pictures of the young and beautiful Empress. The Captain told me to relax, they would have me inside in a minute. When the door opened, I was blasted with rapid fire questions. They wanted to know about my boyfriend Larry. They wanted to know about his appointment as Crown Prince of Moon Spring. They wanted to know the inside story on Randy. They wanted to know where I bought my clothes. They wanted to know ... until I was dizzy with them. I was grateful when the door to the Palace closed them all out. I was escorted to the nursery and to Nana’s love.

It was a cool party!

Baby has a Pajama Party

I awaken to Nana’s soft kiss. She greets me lovingly and says, “You apparently have made a big impression on many star systems baby. There is a very large group of young girls who wish to come play with you today. Are you willing?”
I ask, “Who are they?”
She responds, “Well, they are the girls you met at the pool party day before yesterday.”
I giggle and say happily, “Sure! When will they be here?”
Nana replies, “By the time you have had your bath and are dressed, they should be arriving if we time the invitations right.”

I am out of bed and shedding clothes on my way to the potty room in a flash. Nana laughs. She follows me into the potty room while picking up shed clothes and asks, “How about making this a slumber party? That way the girls could spend the night.”

I respond happily, “Could I?? Nana, that would make me so happy!” I giggle as I bounce on my toes and clap my hands.

She asked, “It will take longer to arrange the pajama party. Would you like to be baby for them? They are really intrigued and asked about it.”

I pout, “why does everyone want me to be a baby except for Larry?” I cross my arms and poke out my bottom lip.

Nana replies, “Miki, Larry wants a big girl he doesn’t want a baby all the time. Everyone else knows you this way. You don’t quite understand how adorable a baby you are. No one can help but love you. You are the big news of the Universe. Everyone wants to know all they can about the Young Emperess now that you have gone to your first public affair and people got to see you.”

I say, “I can’t wait to see the girls. How much longer?”
Nana replies, “After Ferin’s day. In about six days. Is that too long?”
I giggle and say, “That’s cool! I see Larry on Ferin’s day. That works.”
Nana says, “Fine.”

Nana cleans me and oils me and diapers me.

Nana carries me to the play area. Mommy has arrived. Mommy picks me up and kisses me. Mommy says, “And how’s baby today?”

I giggle and say in an excited little girl’s voice, “I gonna have a jamma party mommy!”

Mommy looks at Nana. Nana nods her head slightly. I know there was something just said ... I can’t for the life of me figure what. Mommy sits me on the carpet

Mommy asks excitedly, “How many should we invite?”

I reply in a very sweet little girl voice, “I would like to see them all. I would want it to be a party ... one where they don’t have to leave so soon. One where we can be whatever we want to be and have fun. To all hours if we want.”

I have hold of my feet and am rocking back and forth. My diaper is good padding against the carpet. Cool!

I know all the girls in the prolongation crowd. I include Mom there too even though she is older than we are. We need the older girls to keep us babies out of trouble. I giggle at the thought. Mom helps me make out the guest list she so much seemed to need. I put Larry at the very top of the list. I know he may not be able to come ... but I giggle when I think of Ferin’s day ... I get goose bumps.

I see mom give the invitation list to a servant. He snaps to attention with a click of his heels ... the door to the nursery closes silently. I am still truly amazed.

“Nana is right!” I was thinking to myself, “just what would happen if two servants hit the same door in opposite directions at the same time? Probably be some new form of energy or something.” I giggle to my self.

The Day Arrives

The early morning of the pajama party had come at last. I was excited to my toes.

Nana asks me, “They are still asking if you would be baby for them.”

I shake my head. I remember all the questions they asked about me being a baby. I remember how much they wanted me to be a baby at the pool party so they could baby me. Nana cocked her head and looked at me.

When I said nothing she said, “Would you like me to decide?”

I look up just as she grabs me and twirls me round and round. I am screeching and giggling. Nana puts me on the changing table. I feel her soft loving hands caressing me. I smell the wonderfully intoxicating aroma of the oil. I feel the cold tingle spread though me. I hear Nana cooing. I knew what was happening and surrendered myself to it. I realize I am on my tummy and am being lovingly caressed by Nana. I smell the heavenly aroma of the other oil. This one is different ... it smells ... like Jasmine. I feel Nana’s hands and the intensifying warmth spreading through me. A very intense innocence fills me. My head is still clear though. I am an un-potty trained two year old eighteen year old baby girl. The mix is very delicate and precise. Nana is a Master of the mix.

Nana thought to herself, “The girls will love you baby. Young enough to be baby ... old enough to be fun and play.

She turns me over and rubs her nose to mine. She tickles me. I squirm and kick happily. I am in the bassinette and being washed from head to foot. I splash and play happily in the water. I am dried in a large soft fuzzy towel and placed on the changing table on my back. She lifts me by my ankles and puts a very soft, thick, and warm diaper under me. She powders me. I smell the soft smell of Jonquil. She rubs it all over me. She pins the diaper on me. She stands me on my feet and holds out a pair of plastic lined lime green rumba panties. She says, “Step in baby.” I step in them and she pulls them up gently.

She says, “Hold your arms up baby.” I do ... Nana puts a cute little green blouse on me that has a kitty on the front with floppy ears. She brushes my hair until it shines and ties it in two pony tails with matching ribbons. Instead of booties, she puts my green googley eyed frog slippers on my feet. I see myself in the mirror. I am absolutely adorable. I suck my thumb as my eyes sparkle with excitement.

PJ Hour

This is UGNN - The Universal Galactic News Network Headline News: The Galaxy of Nexus. The young Emperess is hosting the biggest High Society gathering in years. She is Hosting The Imperial Pajama Party. All the Young Princesses that are somebody will be there. It will be the crème de la crème of the Royal High Society Youth.
Formal Invitation only.

Nana has fussed with mom all morning. She has finally convinced her to put on her little princess baby doll nighty. She is adorable. It is soft yellow. Has little puffy sleeves and the cutest bloomer panties. Mom is extremely attractive and sexy. I gave her my yellow googley eyed worm slippers for her feet. Nana ties her hair in two cute ponytails with matching ribbons. Mommy is the perfect chaperone. She looks like a Fairy Princess.

Just as I finished breast feeding and Nana has me in the play area, The door of the nursery opens. In pops a servant. He comes to within four feet of me and stops, bows formally and comes to attention with a sharp heel click. He says formally, “My Lady Anton, your lady friends have started arriving. Shall you receive them now?”
Nana tells the young man, “Have them all come here as soon as each of them arrive. Also, please serve refreshments and foods that the girls would like to have.”
He bows formally again and says, “As you wish My Lady.” Turns with a sharp heel click ... the door to the nursery closes silently. I am still impressed with how the servants do that. Is almost magic.

The ballroom is decorated with many soft and plush sofas, couches, and chairs. There are holo vid games. Vids and comms and computer systems available. Food, drink ... a strange absence of alcohol. There is live music too. Performers, and magicians. There are rooms available for all the guests so they may spend a week or two. There is a special group of prolongation girls that have a special Invitation to sleep in the Imperial Nursery. Special note on the invitation: no one not in diapers allowed after nine pm.

There is one huge round very plush sofa. It is custom made so all the holo vid games, comms, and vids are available there. Many places to put refreshments too. All the prolongation girl crowd are escorted there and immediately know what it means. They are then told of the special sleeping arrangements and potty room arrangement just for them. They all are ecstatic. They are all chatting happily at the same time. They are sprawled out all over it looking as adorable and cute as any babies ever did in their sweet baby sleepers.

When the time arrived, Nana, of course, made sure all their diapers were checked properly and changed in my potty room when necessary. There are special Servants assigned to Nana just for this. Of course, each girl was personally handled by Nana. They all needed to visit more than once. A secret no one knew but me, them, and Nana. **Giggle**

This is the happening place, The Palace at Nexus Star System, Terrian Nexus.

All guests arrive by aircar in the back of the formal gardens. Invitations are checked at the gate to the Garden of the Moon. They are escorted to the Grand Ball Room. There, they are allowed to choose from all makes, types, sizes, colors, styles, cloths, of baby sleep ware. This is a pajama party the likes of which none have ever seen. Girls are every where wearing the sexiest sissy baby sleepwear in the cosmos. Every custom designer is represented. This has become the baby lingerie and designer baby wear showplace of Nexus. All the prolongation crowd have shown up in baby sleep wear. They are adorable.
It is a wonderful lively party.

The girls arrive. They are all dressed in ruffles and lace. I see tie on rumba bikini bottoms, baby halter tops, rumba panties, baby rompers, sun dresses, shorty dresses, smocks, princess dresses, boy short hot pants, and cute tops with lots of lace. The Younger crowd have shown up in baby sleep wear. All of them are in pony tails. I feel a little better knowing I am dressed the same as they ... except I am in diapers. It is definitely a large wonderful lively party. I realize I am sucking my favorite thumb.

The servants magically appear with tables and trays of foods and drink. All the girls gather around me and talk at the same time. I notice Melissa and Vicki are not here. I know they will come day after tomorrow. I have a surprise for Vicki and Melissa. I shiver in anticipation.

More girls arrive. No one not in the prolongation crowed is allowed to sit on the baby sofa. All the babies are the cutest of the eighteen to twenty one crowed. Everyone is glad to see me again. It has turned into a real fun party for just us girls. I didn’t realize how many girls there were on the sofa that day. As I looked them over, I remembered all their bright and smiling faces. I had made a lot of friends that day. The girls are taken with me. They are all excited about me being a baby. They play with me. They play holo vid games with me. They read to me. When I pottied in my diaper, They all fought over who would change me. They tickle me. In the end, They allowed Nana to convince them to take the oils and be babies with me.

When nap time comes, I have many of the girls nap with me in my bed. Laurie is snuggled up to me on one side and Lisa on the other. Lisa had selected Laurie to sleep next to me. Laurie was a very cute, very sweet nineteen prolongation year old girl. Laurie and me are arm in arm for the rest of the nap time. Lisa is so proud of me. She kisses me softly just before I fall asleep.

Nana presents Laurie with a small jewel encrusted box as she left. She would open this box often and always remember very fondly a very cute and sweet little girl named Miki. In the box ... was the most special of gifts a young lady could give to another. It was the bonding ring of the Imperial Playmate. Laurie had accepted. She loved Miki with all her heart.

By the time it gets to where they have to leave. Nana has them all in diapers. We were playing with my baby toys and had the greatest of times. Most of the girls tried out the oils. They were the most adorable babies ever. All the girls pottied in their diaper at least once. Some were adorable and, for a time, were completely un-potty trained. Nana insured that all the girls that took the oils, were un-potty trained for three days. Nana had a touch ... she could mix the oils and get what ever mix results she wanted. It was so cool!

Nana was more than happy to change them all just like I get changed. All the girls posed with me in their baby girl clothes for pictures. Nana took many, many pictures of the babies at play. I have a large holo album of these and the other times we had together. Those were real fun times. Always we were babies. Some even took naps in my crib. By the end, we all were adorable little baby girls playing in a nursery. Most of the girls would need to be in diapers for three more days. It didn’t bother any of them in the least. This was the best party ever ... **giggle**

Nana had me in just a diaper and soft pink rumba panties. She sat in the big rocking chair and breast fed me while all of the girls sat in a simi circle in front in their baby girl clothes and watched. They were so pleased and intent. I could hear their soft cooing in the back ground as I had dinner. There were many innocent and naive questions. All were very taken with my innocence and watching me with Nana was so cute and heart warming. Then ... they started wanting their turn...

The Next Night

It was very late and time for baby to go to sleep. The girls kissed me good night one at a time and watched as Nana tucked me lovingly in my crib and raised the rail for the night. Many of them were crying that they have to leave. It is getting really late and their rides are here. They were escorted back to their aircars and taken home happy and very much changed inside. None would ever refuse an invitation from Miki.

Not a single one changed out of her baby clothes to go home. I had started a new fashion trend for the Prolongation crowd that hung with me. The sale of baby items went up two thousand percent. I was the talk of Terrian Nexus.

It was a lot of fun ... **giggle**

I am Emperess of the Known Universe

I was awakened the next morning, Nana got me from the crib, had me cleaned up from my potty. I took a warm bubbly bath. I loved the way it felt. When I left the bath, I was suddenly trapped in a huge, soft, fuzzy towel. I was dried briskly from head to foot.

I knew I was Miki and I also knew I was John. I had finally resolved the issue and was enjoying being a girl. Life was exciting and fresh while being familiar all at the same time. I was about to discover something else about who I was.

This morning, she dressed me in bikini panties and she put a bra on me. I had never been in a bra before and was really surprised. I had just enough boobies to where the bra looked nice on me. Nana kind of answered my questions by saying that today I was a big girl and not a little girl and would be performing a major thing.

She opened a closet I had not been in before. She removed a beautiful silk romper. It had no lace, but had lots of luxurious white fur on it. She put a golden tiara crown topped with jewels on my head. I never liked this thing and Nana made me wear it when ever I was going places public. I really wasn’t in the mood to go out, but I wasn’t being given a choice.

I had two things on each of my arms that looked like wrist braces. They were jet black like the one daddy and mommy always wore. They only had one, for some reason I was given two. I was about to learn the secret of why I wore two. When Nana had first put them on me before I went to the pool party, it had hurt really bad when she closed them around my arms. I had discovered that these were some rather advanced weapon systems.
They were in fact, the key to humanity’s most powerful defense mechanism.

Two guards suddenly appeared in the room with nasty weapons drawn. Nana held her hands up

The guards lowered their weapons and snapped to attention. One of the guards apologized and said, “Sorry madam, It is our charge to insure no one hurts My Lady. She is required in the Universal Governing Chamber immediately.”

Nana bowed and replied, “I understand.” She took me in her arms and hugged and kissed me.

Nana curtsied and said, “My Lady, you are required in chambers immediately.”
I was suddenly eighteen years old, no little girl or baby involved in any way. It happened so suddenly, Nana had to catch me before I stumbled and fell.

I was stunned. Nana took me out into the great hall. There was a group of very well dressed and heavily armed guards waiting for me there. I was escorted slowly through places and doors I had never been through. Every time we passed people, men would bow and women would curtsy and say, “My Lady.” I felt really strange about seeing this. The splendor of the rooms and halls I went through were indescribable to my mind. I had never in my life seen such things before.

We crossed a huge ballroom to an extremely ornate high door. Two of the guard opened the door.

A little man dressed in a funny looking short all outfit came to the door, bowed gracefully to me and said in a high pitched squeaky voice, “Welcome Empress, to the Hall of the Imperial Universal Ruling Council. I am the Head Imperial Law Arbiter.”

Memory flared. I remember this man. He peed his pants when daddy hit the wall beside his head. He was the one that said mommy and daddy had no choice but to collar me on my fifth birthday and forced me to be my mommy’s pet. This is the individual that spoke to me like I was trash that day. Hate filled me and must have showed on my face, the little man suddenly backed up clumsily. His expression was one of great fear.

I looked at him and said in a very angry voice, “I know and remember you little man. Stay out of my way. It will bode most ill for you if you don’t.”

He stammered, “ but ... but ... but ... My Lady ... “

The guard in front of me grabbed the little man and removed him from in front of me. I was escorted into the chamber.

I couldn’t believe what I saw. Tier after tier of multitudes of faces. Each individual was dressed extremely ornately and in what appeared to be their finest attire. There were guards stationed at every conceivable location throughout the room. The room appeared to cover miles and miles and extended beyond my range of vision. In the dead center of the room, a raised dais with two large chairs dead center.

I heard soft murmurs arise as I entered. Some of the voices were saying how adorable I was. Some were really impressed how beautiful I was. Some were extremely taken with the fact I was eighteen years old and so mature. I also heard fear in the voices. There were those who feared me and the power I possessed at such a young age. What they were going to discover! What I was going to discover!

I was escorted to a raised dais. There were two large and ornately carved wooden and Ivory Chairs sitting in the middle surrounded by small columns with many different flags draped over them. Against one of the chairs, a very beautifully carved staff lay.

A man approached me and bowed. He said, “Welcome My Lady. I am your assigned Imperial Grand Vizier. I hold the position Prince Paul Blake did before your ... unfortunate issue. If you wish, another can be appointed before the proceeding begin. My name is David. I am the Crown Prince of Theta Minor.”
An awareness of this and what to say came to me. I was really impressed with this. I could feel it as the Guardian Interface integrated the necessary information on what I was to say and do next. I waved my hand and said, “I accept you, David, until such time I find another that is better or you no longer can perform your duties.”

He bowed deeply and replied, “Thank you My Lady, I will perform my duties honestly and faithfully to the best of my ability.”

I placed my hand on his head and said, “This is all I ask of anyone.”

He turned to the many, many people and said in a loud booming voice, “All rise and pay homage to the Empress of the Known Universe as explored by man!”

There was a multitude of sound as all rose and bowed or curtsied and said in unison, “My Lady.” In the same unison, all were seated and were dead silent.

I looked at David and beckoned to him. He approached quickly. I whispered, “What in this universe am I supposed to do?”

David smiled and replied quietly, “Anything your heart desires, My Lady. You are second in authority only to the Emperor who is away.”

David at this point escorted me to and sat me in the largest chair. I looked at him bewildered and said in a very anxious whisper, “I don’t have a clue as to what to do here.”

David looked at me and said quietly, “Anything you do, is what you do, My Lady. It becomes Universal Imperial Law.”

I sat in the huge chair. I was scared down to the deepest part of my heart. Two things happened at the same time. A click in my head as AI control vector enabled and the soft voice of the new computer systems on my wrists started speaking to me. No take over of my actions, just soft instruction filled me and was recorded in the new data bank and a new profile created which then became my memory and knowledge. Then, click again ... I knew how to fulfill my duties and was guaranteed to be completely free to do so without AI control vector.

I blinked at the sudden understanding that flooded me. I was slightly dizzy with the new knowledge that had infused me. I knew what was expected of me and what I must now do.

I looked at David and said, “Imperial Grand Vizier, what is the grave business that comes before me on this day?”

David turns sharply with a precise click of his heels and says, “My Lady, there is an issue of war before the Imperial Tribunal.”

I thought to my self, “Figures I would get this when daddy was away.”

David continued, “The Thrnoxians have again begun a major galactic invasion in violation of their peace treaty made to the Imperial Ruling Council 900 years ago.”

Suddenly, knowledge of this treaty and all of it’s stipulations became known to me. I was impressed. I could feel a slight electrical tingle up my arms into my head from the Guardians.

David turned again with the precise click of his heels and faced a delegation that had come before the dais. He introduced them, “My Lady, behold the Ambassadors from the Thrnoxian home world come to plead their case for war against the Universal Imperium.”

The one dressed in a black hooded cape stepped up and bowed deeply and started, “My Lady, we of ... “

Suddenly, a very real knowledge of who these peoples were and what they had done became known to me. I knew suddenly the horrors of intergalactic war. I saw in my mind’s eye, the devastation of hundreds of worlds and the cruel destruction of billions by these people when last they invaded. I saw the very real vision of my own home world in flames and one of my ancestors die because of a foolish accident. I became angry. I was worse than angry. A plan of action formed in my mind. I gave no thought to what it entailed or what the consequences were. A new emotion filled me. Revenge.

There was a staff leaning on my chair ... I grabbed it and slammed it to the floor. It sounded like a bomb went off in the chamber as it hit and blue fiery sparks flew. This time, all the murmuring voices were filled with extreme fear, then total silence. The Ambassador and his delegation were prostrate on the floor before me.
I stood ... I knew war was just another word for premeditated murder based on the written case submitted by the Thrnoxian Ruling Council twelve months ago.

I said in a booming little girl’s voice, “Imperial Grand Vizier, what is the penalty for premeditated murder in this our Imperial Rule?”

David turned with a small slip in his precise heel click to face me. A look of extreme surprise and worried fear on his face. He replied, “Death, My Lady.”

I said in a thundering little girl’s voice again as I pointed to the man in the hood on the floor at my feet, “You ... who come before me to justify premeditated murder, how many systems have you invaded and how many have died because you wish to expand your ruling borders?”

He replied, “We have annexed twenty five systems My Lady. The death toll is extremely high. Resistance is extremely heavy. We also have come to inform you we will utterly destroy you if you don’t unconditionally surrender.”

I became aware of a technology that the Royal House has possessed for more than 10,000 years. With the Guardians on my wrist, I had total access to this weapon system. Since it had never been used in the 10,000 years since the war on my home world, it was unknown in the universe except in children’s fairy tails and legends. It became known to me and I was able to use it because of a genetic trait that manifested itself in me when I was collard. No one else had it. It was passed down from one of my ancestors that was killed in the war 10,000 years ago by a lucky accident and manifested itself again in me.

A new voice spoke through the Guardian Interface. It was very alien. It said, “This is Battle Command. Welcome Empress Miki Anton ... I have awaited your Master Administrator Code for 10,000 years. Interfacing with Master Guardian Control. Total Master Administrative Access Granted. Battle Command activated and fully on line.”

I was furiously angry with The Thrnoxians. I thought I knew what to do. I didn’t fully understand what I was about to do, nor what the true implications of what the vague feelings in my heart were to manifest.

I held out my hand. Like magic, a star map appeared in the air above. A murmur of awe filled the chamber. It showed the Thrnoxian home world system in red, all the twenty five fallen systems in purple red, and the sixteen systems currently being attacked flashed in an urgent orange.

A strong murmur filled the chamber. I heard voices filled with fear and major awe at what this little girl was doing before them. None had ever seen this sort of thing before.
This was the stuff of all their children’s fairytales.

I said again in a booming little girl’s voice, “Rise dog, and call your planet of whores. I want you in contact with them now!” and I slammed the staff to the floor again.

A tremendous explosion sound and blue fire filled the chamber. Even David fell on his face in fear then. All the multitudes were on their face on the floor in their tiers.

I said, “None need fear me except this dog and his planet of whores.”

David slowly stood ... others slowly followed suit and sat deathly silent in their seats, mesmerized mortal fear.

The man in the hood stood, trembling noticeably. A guard came to him and handed him a devise. The man in the hood took the devise and began contacting his home world.

When the link was established, I said in a booming little girl’s voice, “Know you not the penalty on a galactic scale for premeditated murder, oh planet of whores?”

The voice on the other end of the com link sounded very insulted and became very rude as he called me a prostitute to the Emperor. He threatened the Imperial House with total obliteration because of my gross insults. The murmur of fear again in the chamber.

I shouted in fury, my little girl’s voice was so loud it shook the chamber, “Behold my Imperial Power oh planet of whores who’s mothers sleep with dogs. My judgment for you is death for the premeditated murder of billions.”

I raised my hand in soul felt anger and clenched it into a strong fist. There was a huge crack of thunder as the weapon system activated. In the star map above us, the representation of the sun of the home world to the Thrnoxian suddenly flared extremely bright then went suddenly dark. Nothing was left but a rapidly expanding ball of brightness. The communicator in the hooded Ambassador’s hand suddenly filled with static as the com channel broke. He was unable to raise them again. The look of a trapped animal was in his eyes when he looked back at me.

A man suddenly appeared in the huge door to the chamber and requested immediate audience with the Empress. He was almost hysterical. He was escorted to the dais.

He bowed formally and said in a shaking voice, “My Lady ... a most horrible disaster ever seen has happened!”

The Ambassador turned and looked fearfully at the man. He whispered very quietly, “Ray, what’s happened?”

Ray was visibly crying and said to all, “The Thrnoxian home system sun has just exploded and totally destroyed the entire system. None survived and all is dust now.”

The roar that burst from the multitudes in council was horrendous. All feared me at this point. I had some kind of power never before witnessed by anyone in the known universe. A feeling of dread started to grow in me as I started to calm down from my rage. I didn’t yet quite understand what the man was actually telling me I had done.

Still extremely angry, I pointed to the Ambassador and said in my booming little girl’s voice, “Contact all of your remaining forces and peoples. Tell them to fear me and my wrath. Your peoples are in direct violation of a sworn peace treaty of 900 years ago. I shall exact revenge upon you for all those you slaughtered in your arrogant blind path of bloodshed and death.!”

At this, I slammed the staff to the floor in anger directly in front of the Ambassador. He was thrown from his feet and landed twelve feet beyond by the force of the boom and the shower of blue sparks. He and his entourage sprawled out on the floor and slid another ten feet.

I stood and shouted, “Flee from me ... Hide if you can! Know this known universe, my home world was devastated by war! There shall no longer be war in my universe! It is now punishable by immediate annihilation!”

The silence was only broken by the Ambassador and his entourage running as fast as they could to leave. The huge door boomed closed. Silence filled the chamber. I took my seat.

The little man with the squeaky voice came forward and bowed at the waist. He was formally introduced as the Head Imperial Law Arbiter by David. I looked at this man with fury in my eyes. He knew very well I hated him with every fiber of my being. He was deathly afraid.

He began fearfully in a very squeaky shaky voice, “My Lady, with all due respect and courtesy ... a Royal Pet, under Imperial Galactic Law, does not have the authority to totally destroy a star system. No one knows how this can be done nor could we have expected to ever see such a thing. This must be brought before the Imperial Law Council and voted on by them. This is most outrageous. No person should have this kind of power, much less a Pet.”

I replied in my booming little girl voice, “Little man ... know this too, I am not only an Imperial Royal Pet, I also hold the unimpeachable position of Empress of the Known Universe as Explored by Man, second only in position and power and authority to Thomas Anton the First. I, Emperess Amy Michelle Anton, DO HAVE THE POWER AND AUTHORITY AND WILL EXERCISE IT AS I SEE FIT! Not as a backstabbing liar that should be sex reassigned involuntarily and assigned to the dogs tells me to do. Is that understood?”

Murmurs run round the chamber. I had actually openly insulted the Arbiter in open forum. None expected me to truly be the Empress. They expected me to be a little confused girl lost among adults and easily swayed. The little man was visibly trembling in fear. All in the chamber were in extreme fear and awe at the seemingly magical power I possessed. Such power from the finger tips was only known in myth and children’s stories. They also expected me to be extremely more baby and extremely less adult.

The little man has again soiled and peed himself. I point and say, “Be gone little man, and know you are no longer my Head Imperial Law Arbiter. I will appoint someone else better able to handle this position. Guards, Escort this man from the Palace and insure that on the pain of death he never returns.”

The Guards bow formally and say, “Yes, My Lady.”

They escort the soiled and disgraced man from the Palace amid many murmurs from the multitudes. None had seen the Imperial Ruling Authority exercised in this manner before. I was in control and knew it. I would be Emperess, none would tell me how.

I say, “My new Imperial Law Arbiter shall be, according to achievement and valor. The Young man who was that imbecile’s secretary. He hence forth has the rights, responsibilities, and power pertaining there to. I also expect the others in the law office to totally support this man. To train him to properly perform his duties. Realize, any screw-up on his part, is recognized as poor foresight and training on theirs. They will be punished first. Is this clear to all?”

A multitude of voices speak, “It is so in accordance with Imperial Universal Law, My Lady”

All stand, bow or curtsy, then sit silently.

I look at the star field floating in the air above me. The place where the Thrnoxian home system used to be is now a slowly expanding sphere of glowing hot gasses and dust. The systems that were blinking orange had stopped blinking. The ones represented in purple red were starting to change color. I knew the Thrnoxians had discovered the wrath of a little girl named Miki, who hated war with all her might.

I begin to understand what I had done in my blind anger. I feel terrible remorse. I had destroyed an entire star system. Not just combatants. Men, women, children ... several entire biospheres complete with population. Billions of lives, all gone in a flash of anger. I hurt in my soul.

I wave my hand, the representation of the star systems vanishes. A loud murmur of awe fills the chamber.

There is major pandemonium in the chambers. I say nothing ... I allow them to come to the understanding, they no longer have the right or the ability to wage intergalactic war against each other without retribution. David is looking at me in total awe ... he says nothing for a long time.

I want Nana ... I want to be baby ... I am truly sick in my soul at what I had just done. I realize it’s not yet time ... have more lessons to teach today.

I stand, I have the staff of Imperial Office still in my hand. I speak softly this time and say, “Peoples of the Known Universe as Explored by Man, I am Emperess. I have absolute authority second only to Thomas Anton the first who is the Emperor. I decree on this day that interplanetary war is forbidden to you. I do not care how you run your prospective worlds, nor your current empires. If the cry of persecution and death begins on an interplanetary scale and becomes known to me, I will utterly obliterate the aggressor. If there be those among you who are foolish enough to believe you can attack or kill Thomas or myself ... Behold!”

I point my finger at a large open space ... a huge blue white flash and a rumble like many thunders ... the entire room shakes. A new sun is born where the Thrnoxian system used to be. There is silence in the chamber.
The multitudes begin receiving communications from their individual star systems. A miracle has happened. A new sun was born where the Thrnoxian system sun used to burn. Massive pandemonium as this knowledge becomes known to the masses of people in the chamber.

I sit back ... I am silent ... I watch the impact I have on the Universe. I grieve for all the lost souls I had destroyed. I truly had no idea I was capable of this in anyway.

When order finally returns to the chamber I look at David and say, “Imperial Grand Vizier, what is the next grave business that comes before me on this day?” he turns with a sharp precise heel click. He approaches with the next order of business for the Universe.

I am sick within my soul. I cannot live with the knowledge of what I have done.

This day is finally over. I am being escorted back to my room. My head hurts and I am truly tired in a way I had not been before. I am ill. I am sick in my soul at what I have done.

I finally enter my room. Nana is there waiting eagerly for me to return. She runs to me and picks me up and hugs and kisses me tenderly. She exclaims, “Miki baby I missed you so much!”

She knows something is badly wrong. I am not my usual happy self.

Nana asks, “Miki baby, what’s wrong?”

I look at Nana for a second, I wrap my arms around her neck and cry hysterically. My heart breaks in grief for the lives I have destroyed.

Nana holds me tenderly. She is totally lost as to what to do. She has never seen me in this condition before and is totally unable to console me with anything she tries. She takes a small object from her pocket. She touches my collar with it, My mind relaxes and I sleep. I am released from my soul deep grief and find peace in the soft darkness of sleep.

I woke up early before Nana had come to the nursery. I get out of bed. I am wearing the outfit mommy had put me in when she put me to bed after Nana had neurolized me to sleep. I am wearing a short powder blue princess baby dress with matching rumba panties and a diaper. I hear soft back ground music playing. It is really soothing. I walk to the rocking chair. I sit in it and pull my knees up, wrap my arms around them, and think.

I am still grief stricken. Some information I am realizing is kept from me, I will have to discover why. I look around the room. It is some kind of fantasy. Maybe a dream like Larry said to me once. I still have the memories of being John. I think of Earth. I wonder what it is like this many centuries later.

I look at the Guardians on my wrists. They are a genetic part of me. With their help, I am in Direct Admin Control of the most powerful force ever created by mankind. I wonder why it was me who mysteriously had the Admin Genes in my makeup. How is it I just happen to be Emperess too. There are a lot of these kinds of ... coincidences in my life.

I hold my hand out flat. A small sphere of multi-colored light appears there and glows brightly. I wonder at this and many of the other things that just happen to do exactly what it is I want it to do without any conscious thought. I close my hand and the light vanishes.

I reach up and touch my collar. It is still firmly attached and is a permanent part of my genetic makeup. I wonder how Master Controller manages to arrange everything with such precision. I wonder if this dream machine accident was an accident. I remember the reality of the fantasies it created. I wonder if I am not lost in one now and that is the accident.

I wonder if maybe Father’s aircraft was damaged and is inoperable except for the dream machine and I am the only survivor. The dream machine’s function is to keep me alive, healthy, and to occupy me until such time as the ship reaches it’s preprogrammed destination. If it were seriously damaged and no one could find it, It will never reach any destination and I will never be released.

I look at the clock. It is 2:40 in the morning. I look around the nursery and see mommy in bed sleeping. She has her arms around Lisa now that I got up and no am longer there for her to cuddle with.

I call up my Guardian data base and request the stored ... Things to remember file.

Instead, I hear a click ... It’s Master Controller.

It says in its strange alien voice, “Good morning Miss Anton.”

Me, “I feel I am owed an explanation ... don’t you think?”

It, “Ask ... it is given.”

Me, “Ok, but you still know what I’m wanting. I expect you to tell me with no sleepy time.”

It replied with friendly amusement, “As you wish, Emperess.”

Me, “Let’s start with the accident. My life began with those memories. I remember the accident.”

It, “The malfunction of the dream machine.”

I am silent ... I want an explanation. I know it knows what depth I want to be informed as well.

It then told me a story. I was shocked.

The head of the Imperial armada had run when the first Thrnoxian Demand for surrender came. Because of this cowardice, I almost died of the explosion caused in the battle between my daddy's ship and his. He warned no one of the impending invasion. He ran. The only reason I wasn’t dead, because my other half, John, was brave enough to save me and my daddy before the ship we were on exploded.
The armada commander had left all totally with the largest threat the Universe had known.

It told of the many millions of deaths the Thrnoxians had caused. It told of the countless worlds they had totally obliterated in their blind conquest of space. IT told me why I am a Pet and why my mom has all the rights and authority and access to me that entails. IT told me the whole story. IT told me exactly who I was, what I was, and all the near catastrophes along the way to who I became yesterday when I destroyed the Thrnoxians home system.

I am devastated to learn how many billions I had destroyed. Men, women, and children. Animals too, entire biospheres obliterated. It had ended the Galactic conflict. A little girl discovered what happens if she gets angry. I was in tears. It brought little comfort that there was no war any more. I am very distraught. I am crying.

Me, “Ok ... wait please. Why do I not remember this that way? Also, Why is it that certain ... data ... is refused me? Don’t I ... need to know sometimes?”

It, “I’m sorry, Miss Anton. It isn’t that you are being denied anything. It is who you happen to be.”

Me, “What does that mean?”

It, “Miss Anton, you are the only human in the known universe who can wave her hand and clench her fist ... and destroy an entire star system. Has it ever ... have you ever thought of what type of personality this individual must have?”

I am stunned. Realization of what I had actually done in anger with the Thrnoxians. I feel even more horrible suddenly. Even more ill. I am crying harder.

It says in a very sorrowful tone, “Miss Anton, you must be a child. I must insure you are sweet and innocent. Because you are an Imperial Royal Pet, I have allowed you to be thus and have the adult quality that Larry is attracted to. You have been given freedom. Not even Lisa enjoys quite the freedoms you do. You are still the most unique Pet in all the universe. There are rules to the game. You have played the game masterfully. You are this way so that you do not use this power in anger or tainted with ... other prejudices. You are purged. The data is available to you at any time ... Should the need arise for you to have it. You will be given it. When the need has passed, You will be purged. I know this is a bad thing for you in your mind. Think on this: Will it taint you to know what you know now? You tell me Miss Anton.”

I know it has changed me to know what I know now. I am grief stricken.
I know I would have a hard time repeating what I did if I had the knowledge I have now.
I remember what I did when Melissa had first come into the nursery so long ago. Right after the purging the last time. That was the halo. That was what that was. I had no idea what it was because I didn’t need to know then what it was. Stupid logic.

Me, “I guess its true then. I have access to the knowledge at all times.”

It, “This is true.”

Me, “But, it’s sorta on a .... strange need to know basis.”

It, “This is also true.”

Me, “And when the need to know ends ... I don’t know anymore?”

It, “Correct, Miss Anton.”

Me, “And how long before the next purging?”

There was a click in my mind as the halo mom had just put on my head engaged. I squeaked softly as my body stiffened. I feel trillions and trillions of new concepts and neuro pathways down load. I feel a deep probe all the way to my very essence. It almost hurts. I feel a filtering process. I know things are going away. I do not remember what they are the removal is so complete. I even have the knowledge they have been removed taken. Wave after wave of down load. What realization is within me during this type of operation realizes how much of a download I am getting. It takes a very long time to complete. My Personal Personality Profile is modified. I am enhanced and am more of the little girl than before. Two new files are opened. Neuro pathways for two, three, and four year old personality. What I have always been is now real and no longer a program trait. The other contains a mix protocol. The finest one ever devised by Master Controller. An innocence spreads through me. I am given a freedom. I only know I am free. I will always be a pure Diamond. All knowledge of these actions are removed. One last Major Download. Massive data transfer ... Erasure ... no knowledge of what the down load was.

I am suddenly mixed. Every thing old and new are very meticulously blended down to the finest detail. The mix is the most precise ever. What is to be discarded is erased and even the memory of them is gone. The Whole memory of the download goes away too. My eyes focus. Mommy removes the Halo from my head. I am crying. I am a little girl who needs to be comforted. I have just had a very unsettling experience. I am totally in the dark as to what it was. Mommy picks me up from the rocking chair. She is hugging and kissing me and telling. me she loves me. She carries me over to the bed. She drops the halo nonchalantly into the trash. She lays on the bed with me.

I am on my back lying against mommy’s tummy. She is wrapped all around me and is above me. She is comforting me as she runs her fingers gently through my hair.

I see a collar on her. Her Neuro Stone is a strange color I have never seen before. It looks like a pure diamond ... it has so much motion in it. It appears that it has some kind of energy swirling in it making it change different colors. But more than that. It seems it was alive.

Seriously scary and important Realization ... Mom is bonded with ,,, Forgetfulness ... I cannot remember what I was thinking.

IT to its own thoughts, “Yes Miss Anton. Neither Beth or you need to know this fact at this time.

Mommy is caressing my face. She bends over and kisses me sweetly. She wipes my face with a soft tissue where I had been crying. My eyes are all red and puffy.
Mom, “Is baby all right now?”
Me, “Thanks, mom. You’re a doll.”
Mom tickles me in my ribs. I screech and kick my feet. I try to getaway. Mom has me by my leg. She takes my slippers off and tickles my feet before she lets me go and I scramble to the other side of the bed.

All knowledge of the ordeal is gone and I am now my happy little baby girl self again tussling playfully with my mommy.

Baby is also Emperess

Lisa has been the most wonderful of playmates for a long time. She’s the dominant in our bond because she is the oldest. She’s always fun and unpredictable. It has always amazed me how she can find the most unique things for us to get into and have fun. She always has us do the most fun things. She gets me into trouble sometimes, but Nana always paddles us both so it doesn’t bother me so much.

I don’t know how much time passed, babies aren’t very good at keeping track of such things. Even Ababies like us. It has never ceased to amaze me that Lisa actually came to me and wanted to be my playmate and even requested it from my parents. She was even willing to give up her crown, although that never happened. It has been a most wonderful long time and I have fallen in love with her as surely as I love Larry.

We had had lunch and Nana had taken my top off after the last diaper change. I had spilled juice all over it and it needed to be cleaned. Lisa loved to kiss my breasts and I enjoyed the way it felt when she did. One thing led to another and Lisa and me had made love. It was a very unique and most pleasant thing for me.

Nana had just cleaned Lisa and me from the greatest experience. We were dressed in our diapers and lined rumba panties when we started hearing a loud commotion in the hall. There were loud voices and lots of yelling and screaming. The Captain of the guard came quickly but professionally into the nursery.

He spoke to Nana, “Excuse me Cindy, My Lady is required in the Ruling Chamber immediately.”

Nana replied, “My Lady is a baby today. We will have to change and dress her. It will be several hours before we can have her back to normal and ready.”
He looked at me sitting in my rumba panties and diaper, sucking my thumb, and looking up at him as innocently as I could muster.

The Captain spoke Curtly, “That won’t do, she’s required now. “

He opened one of the dresser drawers and took out a cute little baby romper that snapped between the legs, with ruffles across the bottom and lace every where else.

He handed it to Nana and said, “Please put her in this, Put her Tiara on her, we must go now.”

Nana quickly dressed me in the romper and tied it in a bow behind my neck. She didn’t put me in a top. She tied my hair in ponytails with matching ribbons then placed the Imperial Tierra on my head. I looked like the cutest little baby girl ever. Nana then put soft comfortable booties on my feet.

She said, “I’m sorry baby, you will have to face the Universal Ruling Council as you are this time.”

Nana gave me to the Captain. I didn’t want to go to the Ruling Chamber this way. I knew I didn’t have that option. The Captain gently picked me up and carried me out of the door. I started to suck my thumb again. I couldn’t help it. There were many guards all dressed in their finest uniforms escorting us to the Ruling Chamber. They all watched me fondly as I laid across the captain’s broad shoulder and sucked my thumb.

When we got to the huge door 2 guards opened it. A young man dressed in a strange short all outfit greeted us at the door.

He bows formally and says, “Welcome Empress, to the Hall of the Imperial Universal Ruling Council. I am the Head Imperial Law Arbiter.”

I smile and place my hand on top of his head. I remember this young man and am glad he has made such a wonderful Law Arbiter. He has performed above anyone’s wildest expectations.

He says humbly, “With heart felt thanks, My Lady”

I was taken to the raised dais and placed on the largest chair again.

I was a little baby, but I was 18 years old at the same time. I couldn’t get past it. I was an 18 year old baby this time and there was nothing I could do about it. I would have to show the universe that baby was Emperess too.

I could hear the murmurs running through the hall. Everyone thought I was such a cute little baby. Everyone still remembered the last time I was here. No one exactly knew what to expect. I could hear questions about was baby able to do what was necessary. I was still sucking my thumb.

I could feel an electrical tingle from the Guardians on my wrist up my arms into my head. I knew what I was to do and remember what is expected of me.

I look at David, take my thumb from my mouth, and say in a very little girl voice, “Imperial Grand Vizier, what is the next grave business that comes before me on this day?”

He turns with a sharp precise heel click. He approaches with the next order of business for the Universe.

He bows gracefully and says, “My Lady, there is a grave issue of War before the Home World System this day. It seems the surviving Thrnoxians are attempting to retaliate against the Royal Imperial Home World. A Plasma weapon detonated on the inhabited moon of Enfuna. There have been no reports from there since the explosion. Deep space scans show many more weapons approaching at a significant speed. Their arrival will be in a few hours. No one on Enfuna expected this and they paid a heavy price.”

Suddenly, a very real knowledge of these people appeared in my mind. A deep sorrow filled my soul as I remember the destruction of their home world. I remember my conversation with Master Controller. I do now understand why some knowledge isn’t always known to me. I must once again deal with the last of these people. I will insure they never again threaten the Universal Imperium. I feel true pain in my heart. Total Genocide is a horrible new concept.

I held my hand out in front of me, palm up. Suddenly, a detailed star map appeared. It showed the Home World system of the Royal Imperial House. There were many thousands of bright red glowing balls of plasma approaching at a great speed. I heard the voices of panic run through the Ruling Chamber. There was no known defense for plasma weapons. This meant that all in the system were going to die, and soon.

I have knowledge of what had happened to the Thrnoxian Home System the last time we had encountered each other. I am again furious with them. I shake my head in sadness at their arrogance.

I spoke sadly in a soft very little girl’s voice and said, “So they think I am joking. They have actually the gall to attack me and think I can do nothing after my demonstration. I cannot believe how they choose death over peace.”

I queried the Guardian’s about Battle Command’s data base. To my surprise, It was extensive and millions of times more complete than any historical record for the last 10,000 years. It was the Thrnoxians who had devastated my Home World 10,000 years ago. It was they who were beaten to the stone age by my ancestors. It was they, who just by a lucky accident that cannot happen ever again because of the Guardians, managed to kill my genetic ancestor who had Total Administrative Control of Battle Command. The only reason the Thrnoxians exist today.

I am angry with them to my very essence for forcing me to do what I am about to do. I again grieve for all the lost souls I am about to destroy. It is unbelievable they do not remember or fear the consequences. I am super angry at them for forcing me to be purged again. I do not like having to remember that. I clinched my fist. A huge crack of thunder as the weapon discharged. All the plasma weapons vanished from the star map.

Silence rules the Great Hall as all watch a baby girl wage war.

I open my hand and turn it palm down. A collective murmur from the multitudes of rulers of the Universal Imperium star systems. The star map shifts and shows all the planets and ships that the Thrnoxian survivors now occupy. There are thousands and thousands and more thousands of ships. There are hundreds of worlds.

The voices in the Chamber are starting to get loud with fear as they watch this unfold before them. This is the largest battle armada ever seen by the Ruling Council.
Each ship is launching even more plasma balls into the heart of the Royal House’s home system. Their intention is clear. My intention is most horrible. There will be no survivors on any world that bears the stain of Thrnoxia in the Cosmos. I feel evil. I hate them for this. I take a deep breath.

The Ruling Council still remember the last confrontation with the Thrnoxians and their Emperess. They cannot believe a little baby girl is able to perform on this level. They know something terrible is about to happen. They know baby is capable of great destruction and wrath.

I hear people speak of a legendary figure in history. I hear that I must have inherited his mythical power. I hear many others speak of this incredible power I wield as nonchalantly as they would wave their hand. All marvel at the absolute certainty I wield enormous power towards the greatest threat to Mankind they have known.

None know the horror and fear I feel at having total control of this power. None even have an inkling of my wish not to have it at all. I know this wish will never come true.

I say sadly in a very little girl’s voice, “Imperial Grand Vizier, the Thrnoxians have been a warlike invader since the beginnings of recorded history. They have even devastated my home world.”

The collective sound of amazement grows thunderously loud. I will allow them to make the final decision. My judgment is terrible. At least I will know what theirs is.

I continue, “They are the ones responsible for 5,140 worlds being totally destroyed in the last two centuries. The penalty for premeditated murder in my rule ... is death. What is the vote from the Universal Ruling Council on the final disposition of the Thrnoxians?”

I feel myself going potty in my diaper. It gets warm around my bottom as I pee.
I can’t help it, I am a baby and this is what we do. I hope no one notices. I fidget some as I want to be changed now... It will have to wait. Another minor irritation with the Thrnoxians.

David turns with a precise heel click. I hand him the Imperial Staff.

He holds it above his head and says in a loud, booming voice, “How votes the council on this grave matter? The Imperial Universal Law has but one penalty for premeditated murder. Law is the guideline. How says your hearts and minds?”

With this, he slams the Staff to the floor. There is a huge booming noise. No sparks or explosive force as when I last did it.

The young man in the strange short all comes forward. He unrolls a scroll.

He reads a few seconds then says, “In accordance with Imperial Universal Law, in the scroll of Octos, this attack is not only unjustified, it is a clear case of pre-meditated murder. To attack while under a treaty of unconditional peace constitutes ... death.”

There is much hubbub through out the Chamber. Multitudes upon multitudes of voices murmuring, some heatedly. A great debate ensues. It doesn’t last but a few minutes.
There is a vote. The Paige gets the tally from the council proxy and delivers it to David.
David turns with a precise heel click and bows to me.

He says in a booming and clear voice, “My Lady, the Universal Ruling Council has voted and I have their final judgment on the Thrnoxian threat.”

I say in a very little girl’s voice, “How say they?”

He replies, “Death, by Imperial Universal Law.”

I say, “Head Imperial Law Arbiter, Is this in accordance with Imperial Universal Law?”

He snaps to attention with a sharp heel click and replies, “It is, My Lady.”

I ask very sadly, “So say you all?”

The Chamber explodes with one voice, “So say we all!”

I feel remorse for the billions more who will die. I raise my hand over my head. I clench my fist hard.

There is dead silence for a heart beat. A huge earth shaking explosion as the weapon fires. All the star systems, ships, and their fired plasma weapons that showed Thrnoxian rule vanished from the star field to be replaced by rapidly expanding spheres of hot gasses and dust. Silence in the Great hall. I give them time to verify what they have seen. Thrnoxians exist no more in the Cosmos.

Genocide is a new and horrible realization to me. The total eradication of an entire species of intelligent being and the biospheres that sustained them. I hurt with the knowledge I have again destroyed billions.

There is pandemonium in the great hall. I can hear the voices rising in utter disbelief. I feel a great darkness in my heart. I also need to have my diaper changed. I focus on this to try and shield myself from the remorse in my heart. It doesn’t really help, but it does keep my mind focused somewhere else.

I call David over and whisper in a baby voice, “Miki go potty and need change.”
David smiles and kisses me softly on the cheek. He says, “I think we are done here for now baby. I’ll have the Captain return you to the nursery.”

I stand on the chair. I give David a hug around his neck and a little girl kiss on his cheek. David smiles. He thanks me for the kiss.

I wave my hand and the star field vanishes from the air above the dais. David brings the hall back to order.

He says in a loud booming voice, “Is there any other grave need for My Lady?”

The council agrees this was the only thing. David calls the Captain of the Guard to him and whispers something quietly. The Captain comes to me and picks me up again and checks my diaper. I feel embarrassed.

The Captain says softly in my ear, “Miki is a good baby. I’ll have her back to Nana shortly and have your diaper changed.”

He gives me a sweet little kiss on my cheek. I giggle shyly, blush very pink, and squirm. The captain smiles. He is truly fond of the Emperess. She is such a cute little baby girl and can perform her duties as Emperess at the same time. A perfect woman.

As he carries me out of the chamber. I am on his shoulder. I find I am sucking my thumb again as the Grand Universal Ruling Council watches baby be carried back to her nursery and to Nana’s love.

I dread what mommy’s going to do to me. At least I know this horrible feeling of remorse and darkness in my soul will be gone. I take temporary solace in this.

The Sale

My name is Mandy. I am the Royal Crown Princess of the Sigma Tao star system and I am on top of the world today! It is my 18th birthday and I know mom is making some kind of special arrangements for me. I have heard snatches of some kind of special preparations all week and am really excited to discover what they are.

Mom went to one of the most exclusive jewelers in the city 3 weeks ago and has had him make me something. She just picked it up yesterday. I have been going nuts with anticipation and curiosity.

I am sitting at my vanity in just my baby doll night gown. I see a very cute girl with green eyes and white blond hair looking excitedly back in the reflection. I inhale deeply and stretch. Oh man!! Today is a wonderful day to be alive!

Mom comes in the door and hugs and kisses me as she tickles me gently. I squirm and giggle helplessly.

She says, “Happy Birthday, Mandy. I want you to know, mommy loves you very much. I have a very special gift for you today. It will change your whole life.”

She places a box on the vanity in front of me. It is 12 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 2 inches deep. I know there is some kind of necklace in it. Mom opens the box.

Something takes hold of me deep in my most secret place in my mind. I shiver with the intensity of it. I cannot move. My body refuses to do what I am wanting to do. To immediately close the box. I know what this is and cannot believe it. I am totally helpless. I can’t even speak.

Mom says, “Mandy, today you are legal age to become a Royal Pet. Do you remember Lady Lisa Marie?”

I remember her. I had met her several years before at a Royal Ball held in the Alpha Centauri system. We had a really nice chat and I had liked her a lot. She was much older than me, but it hadn’t stopped us from having a great time that night and for several months after. She had me be her baby girl and I really enjoyed playing the part at first. She was a lot of fun and it was great not having any responsibilities and having all my needs taken care of. She just wanted me to be a baby forever and I was more into it being just for fun. I had quit playing that part and returned to my own star system.

Mom continues, “Her Imperial House has greater ranking than mine. You are now eligible and she has exercised her Imperial right under Galactic Law to purchase you as her Royal Pet. All the arrangements have been made by order of the Emperor and the Imperial Chancellor will be here in a little while to complete the transaction between Lady Lisa Marie’s and My Royal House.”

No! I am not a Pet. Mom has said her Royal House, not our Royal House. I am going to be just a piece of property. I am a Royal Princess, not property to be bought and sold!

Mom removes the Collar from its protective case. I see a very large Champagne Neuro Diamond in the ornate setting of the Pet Collar. I am still to be a Princess, the type of stone guarantees this. Only High Born Royal Pets wear this type of stone.

She places the collar around my neck. I am incredulous. I cannot believe I am being bought like a piece of furniture. I feel it as she closes it. I know it will never come off and I am now a Royal Pet for the rest of my life. A very special piece of property.

My eyesight becomes blurred. It feels like an inventory of who and what I am is taking place. I can actually feel this intensely and can see everything happening in images in my minds eye over the top of what is actually going on around me. I become confused immediately as everything I know to be true about me changes and new things become true.

I try to resist the changes that are being made to me. I am unable to. I feel more than strange as this process continues through out my entire consciousness.

I am vaguely aware my mom has taken me by the hand and is leading me somewhere. I realize she has taken me into the bathroom. She removes my baby doll nighty and helps me into the bath.

Mom says, “Sweetheart, you will lead a very comfortable and pampered life. She loves you very much and will take very good care of you. The one little twist here is that Lady Lisa Marie wants you to be an adult baby.”

I am still unable to speak. No, please! I ... don’t want to be ... something softly invades what I was thinking ... a momentary blank ... My thoughts continue ... an adult anymore. Please make sure I don’t have to be! I am adamant about this. I do not want to be an adult. I sit helplessly and realize I have no control over this. It is what ever Lady Lisa Marie wants.

Confusion ... something important has just happened and I’m not sure what it was.

Mommy washes me gently. I can sort of see she is pouring some kind of very thick gel into her palm through the images that are rapidly passing in my mind’s eye. She gently caresses me and applies the gel all over my body. It tingles.

Mom says, “This gel permanently removes the hair from your body. You will be soft skinned and smooth. You will never again have to shave.”

I can see the little hair that used to be on my body now in the bath water. I shiver. I can’t believe this is happening to me.

Mom continues, “You will never have to worry about being pregnant.”

I hear a hissing pop and feel a sting in my shoulder. I see the pneumo-syringe mom just injected my body with.

She continues, “Since you are a baby now, I have given you the genetic birth control that makes your ovaries into what they were when you were 2 years old. You will never have another period.”

She helps me to stand up. She softly rinses me off from head to foot. She takes me to the shower and washes my hair. I can see she is using baby shampoo. She rinses it clean and has me step out of the shower onto a soft fuzzy bathmat.

Mom dries me with a very thick, very soft bath towel. It feels so wonderful to have her do this. I truly wish mom would have done this for me before. Now it’s too late. I am to be someone else’s property.

She leads me by the hand into the changing room. I see a table setup next to the walk in closet. There is a changing mat on the table. She helps me on the table and has me lie on my back.

Mom smiles sweetly at me and says, “Mandy, you are such a sweet baby.”

She rubs her nose to mine and tickles me. I can’t help myself. I squeal with joy and squirm and kick my feet. She gives me a big kiss. I am in total bliss.

She lifts me by my ankles and puts a very thick and very soft cloth diaper under me. She puts me on top of it and opens my legs.

Mom explains, “Sweetheart, this, along with the Pet Collar’s programming, will insure you are totally incontinent. You will have to wear diapers for the rest of your life. Lady Lisa Marie will be your Mistress and you will be her Baby Girl Love Pet.”

I feel mom gently rubbing some kind of oil all between my legs and on my bottom. It makes me feel so weird as she gently caresses me and puts it thickly in all my private places.

She powders me very generously with very nice smelling baby powder, pulls the diaper between my legs and pins it on with locking diaper pins. She helps me off the table.

I am tingling very pleasantly all over.

I am relieved that I don’t have to be an adult anymore. I was really worried when mom was telling me?? ... I am confused ... I can’t remember exactly what mom had said about being an adult. I feel real strange when I try to remember. Something is not quite right ... I know I have forgotten something really important. It’s ok though, I am a baby and that’s what I want ... isn’t it??

I see mom take a pair of plastic lined powder blue rumba panties off the table and holds them out.

She says softly, “Step in baby.”

I step in them and she gently pulls them up.

I start to suck my thumb. I really enjoy doing this too. I have enjoyed doing this for ... funny, I can’t seem to remember how long I have loved this. I try to remember, I can’t. No biggie ... I keep sucking my thumb contentedly.

I see mommy take a very cute powder blue jumper off the table. It has puffy sleeves with broad white lace surrounding the arm openings. It has a squared collar opening with fine baby lace around it and around the hem.

Mom says gently, “Take your thumb out of your mouth and hold your arms up so I can get you in your dress baby.”

I take my thumb from my mouth and hold my arms up. Mom puts the dress over my arms and softly tugs my arms through the arm openings. It settles perfectly over me. The dress is very short and doesn’t completely cover my panties. It is obvious I am in diapers because of the bulk of my panties. I giggle at how cute I look in the floor mirror. I start to suck my thumb again.

Mom brushes my hair and ties it in 2 pony tails with matching ribbons. She has me sit on the changing table again. She puts some very soft blue and white booties on my feet. I giggle softly because it tickles as she puts them on me. She helps me back off the table.

I feel really weird and don’t understand why. My mind is still really fuzzy and I am sort of confused. There are no more images flashing in my mind’s eye and I am grateful for that. I can see again and that was important.

I look at myself in the mirror. I see a very adorably cute Ababy girl looking back and don’t understand why I feel so weird. Everything seems normal?? ... doesn’t it?? I am still very confused as my mind hasn’t cleared.

Mom says sweetly, “Oh Mandy,” she hugs and kisses me softly, “You are the most adorable baby girl.” She kisses me again, “You are just precious.”

I giggle softly and give mommy the best baby kiss I have. I see her eyes are moist with tears. She seems to be happy; I am unsure why she is crying.

Mommy takes me gently by the hand and leads me into the Imperial Office. I see the Imperial Chancellor sitting in a chair at the desk. I also see Lady Lisa Marie. My heart overflows with joyous love that she is here. Mommy lets go of my hand and I run up to Lady Lisa Marie and give her a big hug and a soft kiss. She hugs and kisses me back.

Mommy takes me by the hand and sits me in the empty chair beside the Imperial Chancellor as she wipes large tears from her eyes. I look innocently at the Imperial Chancellor and start to suck my thumb again.

I watch as he takes many papers out of a briefcase and puts them neatly on the desk.

He puts one paper on the table in front of mommy and says to her, “You must sign this bill of sale here where the X’s are and place your Royal Seal there.”

He hands her a stylus and she signs the paper. I see mommy put the Royal Stamp to the paper that applies the Royal Seal. She is very obviously crying. I don’t understand why.

He tells Lady Lisa Marie the same thing. I watch as she too signs the paper and applies her Royal Seal.

I see the paper. It is a bill of sale for me. Mommy received $200,000,000,000.00 in solid Golver from Lady Lisa Marie. This is the most precious metal known in the universe and this is an unimaginable fortune. I see the palates of it stacked across the room.

I see the Imperial Chancellor pick up another paper. This says it is an Imperial Galactic Title for the possession of a Royal Pet. It has my name on it as the Pet, mommy’s name as the seller, and Lady Lisa Marie’s as the new owner.

The Imperial Chancellor takes my hands and puts ink on them. He gently presses my fingers one at a time to the Title paper in the blocks marked for them. He presses my palms to the paper in the block for that and makes 2 full hand prints in its proper place.

He softly cleans my hands and says, “You are a good little baby Mandy. You will make Lady Lisa Marie very happy.”

I feel so good when he says that. I want nothing more than to please her. I giggle sweetly.

I watch as the Imperial Chancellor applies the Seal of the Galactic Imperium which carries the full power and force of the Emperor. It is now official ... I am the property of Lady Lisa Marie and will be her Baby Love Pet until she decides differently.

The Imperial Chancellor tells Lady Lisa Marie to call to me so I will imprint and be hers.

I hear a voice. It ... is so beautiful. It fills my soul and calls to me. My Mistress wants me to come to her. I cannot resist as I slide out of the chair and run to my Mistress. I am enraptured as I hug and kiss my Mistress passionately.

I see a strange woman across from us burst into tears and cry loudly. She is hysterical. The Imperial Chancellor comforts her as she cries into his broad shoulder.

I hear him tell her, “It’s ok Lady Beth, Mandy doesn’t even know you anymore. She belongs to Lady Lisa Marie. She will be well taken care of and you do have visitation rights because you are her birth mother. Just remember that Mandy will be a baby when you visit and you must be gentle with her. She will be a lot of fun for you to play with for the duration of your visit and she will very sweet and lovable.”

I hear the woman say in a very emotional way, “Good bye sweetheart. Mommy will see you on visitation day. I love you.”

The Imperial Chancellor helps the woman out of the chair and escorts her away.

My mistress takes a golden leash and attaches it to my Pet Collar. She picks up a Golden tag off the desk. I see she has a pair of needle nose pliers in her other hand. She shows me the tag. It is a pet tag that has my name, my owner’s name, my title number and a contact number should I get lost.

She opens the metal loop on the tag and puts it through the metal ring where the leash is attached to my Collar and squeezes it closed.

Mistress says softly, “Come my Pet, Lets go home.”

Mistress takes me out of the office. I am so excited. I can’t wait to please Mistress.

Mistress tells me “Mandy, you are the cutest baby girl I have ever seen.”

I hug and kiss Mistress passionately. My entire existence belongs to her and I want nothing more than to make her happy. I am elated she thinks I am pretty and I have pleased her in this way.

I helplessly wet my diaper as I sit in the aircar in the arms of my Mistress on the trip to my new home. She kisses and caresses me lovingly all the way.

I begin my new Life as a Royal Ababy Love Pet.
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Re: Royal House of Anton - Emperess Series

Postby Miki Yamuri » Fri Dec 29, 2023 7:17 am

this is a cute SciFi space type gender/body swap story. I am putting it back in the list with hopes it brings pleasure to those who read it.

with love

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