Baby Rules: The Cute and Adorable Rule

Baby Rules: The Cute and Adorable Rule

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Baby Rules: The Cute and Adorable Rule

All Characters Played by Jennie Flint and Miki Yamuri

Persephone - Goddess of childhood and bringer of babies
Becky - Persephone’s Cherubim Daughter
Trina - Persephone’s Cherubim Daughter
Katie - 18yo 24/7 infant
Cindy - 18yo Weekend Warrior infant

“Now, girls,” said Persephone to her daughters, “you’ve watched as I called people up on my pink comm unit … I think it’s time I teach you to do the same thing.”
“You ask them if they accept Baby Rules,” said Trina. “But what does that mean?”
“Yeah, what are Baby Rules anyway, Mommy?” asked Becky. “Is there a list?”
“There are many Baby Rules,” said Persephone, “and it is important to know them. You never know when one of them needs to be … enforced.”
“OK,” said Trina, “if you have a list of them, I can learn them all.”
“It’s not that simple, Trina dear.” Persephone smiled at her. “You can’t just know what they say -- you have to know what they mean.”
“Mommy, you sound like you’re about to start tellin’ us a story!” said Becky. “I love your stories!”
“Yes … and no,” Persephone said. “I think I should show you this story instead. It takes place on a planet far away -- but not as far away as it was a moment ago.”
“Ooo, you’re telling a riddle, Mommy!” said Trina. “I love your riddles! But I bet I can guess this one -- it’s on the planet this ship is going to, isn’t it?”
“Right you are,” said Persephone, gesturing at a holoscreen, “the planet Albus Major.” An image of a planet appeared on the screen, slowly turning in space. “There are two sisters, both of them babies -- and you will have to decide which one is following the rule and which one isn’t.”
“What rule is it, Mommy?” asked Becky.
“A very important rule,” said Persephone. “Babies must be adorable and cute.”
“What’s that mean?” asked Trina, frowning. “Cute is … in the eye of the beholder.”
“Exactly why it’s best for you to see for yourselves,” Persephone answered. “We will watch our story unfold when we arrive.”

The girls wiggled and squirmed impatiently as they watched the planet on the screen grow larger. The ship was more than just a spaceship; it could travel not only through space, but time and dimensionally as well. The planet in question was still thousands of light years away, until Persephone pushed a button and the ship traversed the intervening space through an interdimensional time vortex.
Becky sucked her thumb as she looked out the view port. The stars suddenly appeared from the inky blackness, and they were in orbit.
“Let’s give you a bit of a sneak peek,” said Persephone, gesturing at the viewscreen. On the screen, a large playpen appeared, Within were 2 girls in diapers. One was in a beautiful pink dress with lots of frills, her hair done immaculately in pretty curls, perfectly framing her beautiful face. She was looking around restlessly, pushing at the sides of the playpen with her hands, showing her painted nails. The other had a more plain looking lilac purple dress and straight brown hair; this one sat quietly, stacking her blocks in a huge pyramid. “Here you see two sisters -- the one with the curls is Katie, and the quiet one is Cindy.”
Katie turned, made a mad face, and seemed to throw a tantrum, kicking the blocks over. The other girl, Cindy, watched with big eyes as the blocks scattered all over. But then, all she did was giggle and begin to restack them again as she gathered them up from around the playpen.
Persephone asked, “Now, sugar bugs, which of them are following the Adorable and Cute Rule?”
“Well, Katie is more dressed up -- but why are they so differently dressed?” Trina wrinkled her forehead in thought. “I’d think their parents would dress them the same.”
“And Cindy is more calm and seems happier,” said Becky, “but why does one of them seem to not want to be in the playpen while the other one seems content to be there?”
“There’s clearly more to the story,” said Trina.
“And so there is,” Persephone told them. “That’s why you’re going to visit them and find out what the answer truly is. One of them isn’t following the rule -- and when babies don’t follow Baby Rules, there are consequences.”
Because Persephone was a goddess and Becky and Trina were her cherubim daughters, going to the planet from the ship was just a flash of light. Trina and Becky were still having trouble with the fact that they had these powers too. After spending so much time in a mortal orphanage, they had actually thought they too were human.
Persephone appeared to be a young woman dressed in a black dress with white trim. She held Becky and Trina in her arms as she knocked on the door. A young woman answered and blinked as she saw the 3 of them.
Persephone said softly, “Hello. My name’s Debbie. I’m the Nanny you called about. I hope you don’t mind, but I had to bring along 2 other babies to watch over.”
The woman looked at them with confusion for an instant. Persephone waved her hand slowly. Recognition filled the young woman’s eyes as she said, “Yes, yes, of course, do come in and I’ll introduce you to my babies.”
She turned and escorted them into the house. She took them to the nursery and said, This is Katie … and this is Cindy.”
Katie frowned as she stuck out her tongue at them. Cindy, on the other hand, used the playpen rails to stand and held out her arms towards “Debbie.”
Cindy said in her baby voice, “Come, we b fwens n pway wifs my blocks.”
“I know a great game to play with your blocks,” said Katie. “It’s called 52 Pickup.” She grabbed an armload of the blocks and dumped them out of the playpen and onto the floor, where they bounced and clattered and scattered all over. Katie laughed and laughed.
“I no think that is such a fun game,” said Cindy with a sigh. She climbed out of the playpen and started picking the blocks up, putting them back in. As she did so, Katie giggled and dropped a few more blocks out of the playpen.
“Cindy, how comes you lets her do that?” asked Trina.
“Katie always beens the little sister,” said Cindy. “She always gotted away wif everyfing ‘cause she was the little cute one. An’ I always hadda be the grown up ‘sponsible one.”
“But I see your parents were wise and allowed you both to be babies,” said Persephone.
“I’m a baby all the time,” said Katie, “because I’m a real baby. Cindy’s only a part-time baby. She’s a grown-up part of the time.”
“But -- Mommy,” said Trina quietly, “doesn’t that mean Cindy isn’t following Baby Rules?”
“Shh, sweetheart,” whispered Persephone back, “keep talking to them, and more importantly, listening to them. You have to figure it out.”
“It’s true,” said Cindy. “Actually it’s getting close to time for me to go to class. I’m studying at the university.”
“But you’re not done putting the blocks back in!” complained Katie.
“I’m sorry, Katie,” said Cindy, “but I’ll have to finish later. If I don’t go now, I’ll be late.” She collected her e-book reader and her notebook, putting them in her backpack. Then she checked her dress in the mirror to make sure it covered her diaper.
“But if all the blocks aren’t back in, I’ll cry!” Katie threatened.
“You are a baby, you know,” said Cindy. “If you don’t cry about the blocks, you’ll cry about something else sooner or later.” She kissed Katie on the head. “I love you, Katie, and try not to give the new nanny and her babies too much trouble.” Cindy hurried out the door.
“But … but …” There were tears in Katie’s eyes.
“Well, I think someone needs a diaper change,” said Persephone, picking up Katie effortlessly and carrying her to the changing table. Katie was so surprised at being picked up so easily that she completely forgot what she had been going to cry about.
Persephone expertly removed, cleaned, then rediapered Katie before she even knew exactly what was happening. Persephone smiles as she quickly bends and blows a large and noisy raspberry right in Katie’s most ticklish part of her tummy. Katie’s eyes get large as she shrieks out in pure helpless joy.
Persephone coos softly, “Poor baby. So mistreated and neglected, aren’t you?”
She bends quickly once again and blows a second large and super tickly raspberry right in Katie’s tummy button. Katie lies back and gasps softly as Persephone took hold of one of her feet and begins to softly kiss each toe.
Persephone coos softly, “This little piggy …” as she tickles and kisses each little toe individually. By the time Persephone had brought Katie back to the playpen and set her in, Katie almost couldn’t think. Her body was alive with the pleasant afterglow of wonderful raspberries and piggies.
“We have got to learn how you do that, Mom,” said Trina.
“Oh, you will,” Persephone said.
“Yay!” Becky giggled. “It looks so fun!”
“Now, girls,” suggested Persephone, “why don’t you take this time to get to know Katie better? It might help you make your decision.”
“Hmm, OK,” said Trina. “I’m going to start with picking up the blocks.” She went around the room gathering up the blocks that Katie had dropped out of the playpen, but instead of putting them back in a few at a time as Cindy had done, Trina collected them all in one place on the floor outside the playpen first, then scooped them up and dropped them all back in at once, where they clattered atop the other blocks. The sound attracted Katie’s attention, and she sat up and picked up some of the blocks, starting to play with them. Trina observed this, saying, “She looks like an adorable, happy baby to me. Not sure I like how she treats her sister. Can she see us?”
“Only … sort of,” Persephone explained. “If you directly talk to her or interact with her, she’ll notice you, but the rest of the time, you’re hidden from her, in a way. I’m doing this so you can talk about her without her realizing you’re talking about her.”
“Well I’m gonna play with her,” said Becky. “Can I get in the playpen?”
“Of course, Sweetheart,” said Persephone. She picked Becky up and set her gently down next to Katie in the playpen.
“Hi, Katie!” said Becky. Katie looked up at her suddenly, her blonde curls bouncing.
“Who you?” Katie asked. “Oh yeah, one of the nanny’s kids. What you want?” She pulled away from the pile of blocks, claiming a corner of the playpen as her space.
“I just wanna play,” said Becky. “Do you wanna play together?”
“Why?” Katie asked suspiciously.
“I just like playing,” Becky said. “Don’t you?”
“Course,” said Katie. “I know a game. It’s called the Leave Katie Alone game. The rules are you leave Katie alone. Whoever leaves Katie alone the best wins.”
“How you gonna leave yourself alone?” Becky asked. “I don’t know if you can win.”
“Uh-oh, what’s that sound?” asked Katie. “It’s the sound of Katie not being left alone. I don’t know if you can win either.”
“We just don’t know each other very well,” said Becky. “I’m Becky, and that’s my sister Trina out there, and we just love playing wif other babies!” Trina was watching this carefully from outside the playpen.
“I’m Katie, and I’m a baby, and I love playing with other babies as long as they’re myself,” said Katie.
“So it’s never fun to play with your sister?” asked Becky.
“No!” answered Katie abruptly. Then she added, grudgingly, “Well, sometimes.”
Cindy had returned from school early. When she walked in, Persephone, in her guise as Nana, was waiting for her.
Persephone coos softly, “Come, little girl, it’s time to change you and make sure you are a cute little baby.” Persephone held out her hand.
Cindy took Persephone’s hand. A super intense surge ran all through Cindy’s existence. It was like being struck by lightning, except it was super pleasant as large goose bumps rose all over her body.
Persephone coos softly, “Just relax sweetheart. Today, you are the little baby you so want to be just to teach my daughters a few things about what it is they do.”
Cindy couldn’t help herself. She felt so … silly and infantile. She began to giggle as she was led into the potty room for cleaning and changing. Persephone helped the girl from her skirt and blouse, then gently pulled down her lacy, plastic lined panties.
Persephone cooed softly, “Baby really needs to get changed, doesn’t she?”
Persephone helped Cindy onto the padded changing surface, then removed her wet and soiled diaper. Persephone took Cindy by her ankles and lifted her up, while she cleaned all of Cindy’s squeaky places with a large, soft baby wipe.
Persephone expertly powdered and pinned the new diaper on. She threaded Cindy’s feet through an adorable pair of yellow lined rumba panties with large white ruffles all over. Last thing Persephone did, was put Cindy’s matching baby doll top on her and straighten out the wrinkles.
Cindy knew something was different about today, but her mind couldn’t fathom just exactly what. Persephone held out her hand once again and Cindy took it. Once again, the super intense wave of sensations flooded her soul. It was like a huge wave washing all through her body, cleansing her from the inside. She felt so wonderfully innocent suddenly as Persephone lifted Cindy into the playpen.
“Oooo hi,” said Becky to the latest playpen occupant. “I’m Becky!”
“Hiiiii Becky,” said Cindy, “Me Cindy! Me ‘member you -- you onna Miz Debbie’s lil girls, wight?”
“Uh huh!” said Becky, nodding. “Does you wanna play?”
“I wove to play!” said Cindy. “I no always get to play so … when me can, me does! Whatcha wanna play?”
“What do this toy do?” Becky asked.
“Ooo, it fun,” said Cindy, showing her. “You opens it up an’ there all these lil aminals, an’ you take em out, an’ you can puts ‘em in these cars …” Soon Becky and Cindy were playing happily, while Katie just crossed her arms and frowned in her corner of the playpen. Suddenly Katie reached over and grabbed the toy.
“Mine!” said Katie.
“Hey!” said Becky. “We was playin’ wif that.”
“It mine,” said Katie.
“You can play wif it wif us,” said Cindy. “C’mon Katie. Dun be that way.”
“No!” Katie said. “Me wannit.”
“Oh well, we play wif this,” said Becky. “What this toy do?”
“Hey!” said Katie. “You no want this one no mores?”
“Me thought you wanted its,” said Becky.
“Do!” Katie said, holding it close to herself.
“K then, we play wif somefin’ else.” Becky picked up some kind of ball that made rattling noises. “What this do?”
“It make noises,” said Cindy. “Is funny.” She giggled.
“Mom, I think I thought of something,” said Trina to Persephone.
“Me too,” said Becky.
Suddenly they were both outside the playpen, and Cindy and Katie were inside, their attention focused on each other. “What did you think of, honey bunches?”
“Cindy think of other peoples,” said Becky, “an’ Katie only think of herselfs.”
“Yeah!” said Trina. “And bein’ cute an’ adorable is about how happy you make other peoples. Katie is real pretty an’ stuffs, but … she no make you wanna be around her.”
“Cindy make me wanna play wif her just by bein’ so friendly,” said Becky.
“But … Katie only like that if other peoples around,” said Trina. “I think … the selfish little brat isn’t the real her. She only does that when she know someone watching.”
“Very good, girls,” said Persephone. “So you would say that Cindy follows the Cute and Adorable Rule, but Katie doesn’t.”
“Yeah,” said Trina. “Cindy may not get to be a baby all the time, but she better at it.”
“Katie look adorable, but she no act like it,” said Becky.
“Not when people is around, anyway,” added Trina. “There still a cute ’n adorable baby in there, but she no let anyone see it … kinda like me when not wif Becky ’n you, Mommy.”
Persephone put her two cherub daughters back in the playpen, then sat back in the chair nearby and observed. She smiled as she thought about how things are not always what they appear. Some seem to have the mistaken idea that they can sometimes get things by being a way contrary to the actual goal.
Becky sighed in frustration as Katie continued to act like a brat. Trina and Cindy started to stack the blocks in a large tower once again. Katie rushed over and grabbed as many as she could in a dash and grab, then tossed them over the side of the playpen.
Becky, Cindy, and Trina began clapping their hands and giggling happily at Katie’s antics.
Katie turned and looked at them with big confused eyes as she wondered what was going on.
Katie said, “Why comes u all are no upset wifs me?”
Becky said as she clapped her hands, “Why comes upset? Is what this game aww bouts.”
Katie said, “Huh?”
Trina said softly, “Is sos babies can stack em up, then knocks em down in mostus creative way.”
“But … nggg!” Katie made a frustrated sound. She started grabbing other toys and tossing them out of the playpen. She practically whipped herself up into a full-on tantrum, screeching and crying and turning red in the face. When she was done, there were no more toys in the playpen -- they were scattered all over the floor outside instead. All that remained inside the playpen were the four girls and a blankie or two.
Then she looked up. She heard giggling and clapping. “Huh?” Katie said again.
“Wow, that was amazins!” said Trina. “You good at that!”
Becky nodded. “Yeah! It an important baby skill! Throwin’ stuff outta playpens is vewy babyish.”
Cindy added, “Well, Katie does get more practice at being a baby than I do. I just … well, I go to classes.”
“That important too,” said Trina to Cindy. “Is good to know stuffs.” But to Becky she said, “That was super fun! It looked like you wanted to make us upset though.”
“I … uh …” Katie said uncertainly. Then she composed herself and shouted, “You are so frustrating! Who are you, anyway? You act like babies, but you don’t!”
“We just our mommy’s kids,” said Becky with a shrug. “Maybe we no see things the same as most peoples.”
“Did you want to make us cry?” asked Trina. “Does that usually work on Cindy?”
Cindy blushed, but Katie said, “Y-yes! It makes her cry!”
“And does that make you happy?” Trina pressed the issue.
“Y -- no -- kind of!” Katie spluttered. “Why do you care?”
“Because we gotsa question to answer,” said Becky.
“Huh?” Katie was confused.
“Would you say that babies were supposed to be cute and adorable?” asked Trina. She looked at Katie, and also at Cindy.
“Well …” said Katie, “it is one of the main reasons I want to be a baby. I want to be cute and adorable all the time! So Mommy helps me always make my hair nice and curly, and puts me in shiny pretty bright-colored dresses.”
Cindy blushed and shyly turned away. “I want you to be pretty,” she said. “I help too.”
“But …” asked Becky, “what does it mean? How many friends do you have?”
“I gots lots of friends!” said Katie. “When we all meet up we show each other all our newest baby dresses and hairdos and diapers.”
“I have some friends too,” said Cindy.
“Nobody wants to hear about your friends!” said Katie.
“We get together and take our teddy bears and pacifiers and go to fun places,” Cindy said with a quiet giggle. “Last week we went out for ice cream and wore our bibs and I got butterscotch syrup all over myself. It was so silly.”
“It sounds like you have lots of fun, and it makes you happy!” Becky said to Cindy.
“Yes! It does!” Cindy replied, her face beaming happily.
Trina asked Katie, “What about you? Does it make you happy, spending time with your friends?”
“I … well … yes! It does!” Katie answered, a touch angrily.
“Are you sure?” Trina asked. “Or are you just being defensive?”
“I’m not being defensive!” Katie shouted. “Leave me alone!”
“Uh … huh,” Becky said, in an unconvinced way.
Becky looked Katie over as she sat and poked her bottom lip out in a major pout. Becky wiggled her way to her knees, then poked her hinny in the air and stood up on her wobbly legs. She waddles over to Katie and plops beside her in a rush of crinkling plastic from her panties.
Becky said in a soft voice that penetrated to Katie’s soul, “A baby is to be cute and adorable.” She bent over to where she looked into Katie’s face and continued softly, “Babies must obey Baby Rules … or there are consequences.”
Katie crossed her arms and said with a humph in her voice, “I’m tha one thassa 24/7 real baby.” Katie points at Cindy, “No pretendin likes her.” Then poked out her lip further in a huge pout.
Trina looked at Cindy before she said, “Are you being cute and adorable …. Katie? Or … ru beina real brat that needs mommy ta spank?”
Cindy’s eyes get big as she puts her hands to her mouth in fear, “Nooooo … u no can tell mommy. Her spankins hurt.” Then Cindy poked out her bottom lip adorably.
Katie snorted, “Am no affeareda mommy’s spankings. They jus swats onna diapers. Can takes em.”
Persephone smiles again as she listened to Katie’s bravado. She began to hatch a plot … to see just how brave Katie is when mommy is on the war path.
“Well,” said Persephone, “it’s getting close to the time when your mommy said she’d be home.”
“Oh no,” said Cindy, “and the nursery is such a mess!” She looked around worriedly at all the toys scattered across the floor, not a one of them inside the playpen where it belonged.
“What?” Katie said. “Quick! We gotta get this place cleaned up!” She started struggling to get out of the playpen.
“Is that her car in the driveway?” asked Trina, looking out the window.
Cindy was already out of the playpen, picking up toys. She held her dress out in front of her to form an impromptu basket. Yes, it revealed her diaper, but it hardly mattered at this point. Katie, on the other hand, had an armload of toys and was trying to get them to the playpen, but then she heard the front door open, and right then she slipped on another toy, and in order to keep from landing on her face, she dropped everything, and the toys went clattering away again. “Aaaa! Nooooo! I no wanna spankinnnnn!” she wailed.
“How do you know she won’t blame Cindy?” asked Trina.
“’Cause Mommy knows Cindy never throws toys outta the playpen!” cried Katie. “She gonna know it was meeeeheeeheeeee!”
“No cry Katie,” said Cindy, “I gots mosta them already -- I almost done.” She did have the majority of the toys back in the playpen.
“Cindyyyyy,” said Katie, hugging her sister, “how come you always helpin’ me even though I make you cwyyyy?”
“’Cause I’m your sister and I love you, silly,” said Cindy. “That’s why I go to school, you know. It’s in case someday we can’t live at Mom and Dad’s house and be babies all the time. It’s so I can have a job and have a house for us to live in, just in case.”
“What?” asked Katie with a gasp that stopped her crying. “You goin’ to school … in case you gots to take care of me?”
“Yeah!” said Cindy. “You know that! I told you that before.”
“Yeah but … I didn’t really … understand.” Katie looked around. “Hey … how come Mommy isn’t up here yet?”
“Maybe that wasn’t her car in the driveway,” said Trina. “I think it might have just been somebody turning around. Sorry, I don’t know what your mom’s car looks like.”
“You tricked me!” Katie said, a bit upset. “She’s not home yet.”
“No,” said Persephone, “but I will, of course, tell her everything that happened, so in a way, she never left.”
“Eeeek!” Katie screeched. “No! Please, don’t tell her I threw all the toys on the floor! That makes her really mad!”
“So why you do it?” asked Becky.
“’Cause … well …” Katie began.
“Well?” Becky pressed.
“’Cause I always felt like Cindy was tryin’ to get away from me,” Katie finally admitted. “Goin’ to school alla time … she usedta always be here wif me, but then it was college and she was here less and less. I thought she was gonna move out an’ leave me all alone …” She started to cry again.
“Oh Katie,” said Cindy, “I’m never gonna leave you all alone! Though I gotta admit, sometimes when you’re being a total brat, the thought crosses my mind.” She hugged her sister.
Trina and Becky stood suddenly at the same time. There was a flash of blue/white light … and the girls had changed guises. Cindy and Katie looked at them with big eyes. Trina and Becky were now dressed in golden colored rumba panties with thick poofy diapers underneath. They had on an adorable Babydoll top trimmed in gold and silver lace that sparkled mysteriously.
Katie gasped, “Wh … Who … I mean …” she points at Becky and Trina as she sputters.
Trina says softly, “One of the important Baby Rules … A baby will be cute and adorable. While it’s true, there are several different angles to the being naughty rules in Baby Rules, but violation of the cute and adorable rule, has punishments.”
Becky nods, “Yea, How can you pretend to be a 24/7 baby … and treat your sister that way? She, is in fact, obeying Baby Rules and being cute and adorable.”
Trina gracefully glided up to Katie. Persephone smiles as she raises her hand to hide it from casual view. It so tickled her to see them using their unique ability for the first time. It brought small tears to Persephone’s eyes as she watched with joy in her heart.”
Trina whispered in Katie’s ear in a really cute coo, “It’s alright, sweetie bug. Do you accept Baby Rules totally?”
Katie had no defense against what rushed massively through her soul. It was like being struck by lightning as nothing she could do could prevent her from replying. For all the superficiality, for all the lashing out at her sister trying to get attention, deep down in her heart, she had chosen the life of a baby because that was what she truly wanted to be. She gasped out softly, “I … do. I really do.”
“Then maybe it’s time to start over,” whispered Trina in Katie’s ear, and Trina kissed her on top of her head. Katie felt something like a pleasurable electric shock shoot through her from head to foot, and suddenly her experience of the world around her changed dramatically. She looked at her sister and didn’t think “sister” or “Cindy,” or even “girl I know” -- she didn’t think in words at all. She had an image of Cindy in her now-infantile mind, a familiar and friendly image, and she smiled and reached for her with both arms.
“Awww, do you want a hug, Katie?” asked Cindy. “That’s so sweet! Here, hugs are so wonderful.” Cindy crawled over and hugged her sister happily. But to Katie, who hadn’t understood a single word, it was all just the sound of Cindy’s voice and the warm, loving hug, and she was so happy she didn’t know what to do except hug some more.
“See!” said Katie happily.
“See what? Where?” Cindy asked, looking around.
“See wah na ba ba,” Katie continued, letting go of Cindy and picking up a block. She tried to chew on it, finding the sensations fascinating.
“Um, is she going to be OK?” asked Cindy.
“Yeah -- she’s gonna be all baby for a while, but we think it’ll be good for her,” said Becky.
“Are you -- is she --” said Cindy, pointing to Persephone. “I’ve heard … stories …”
“She watches over all babies, no matter what age,” said Trina, “and we’re her daughters, so we’ll be watching too. And … don’t worry. Your reward for being a good girl will come. But right now, you can’t afford to be all baby for any length of time. You have classes and homework. You’re preparing for the future, and that’s good! Someday, though, the time will come when you can be a baby for real, and when that day comes … just be sure to answer your phone.” Trina kissed Cindy on the head too, and Cindy felt a lovely tingle, but of another kind. Cindy could feel a giggle welling up within her inner child, so she let it loose, laughing and wetting her diaper just like a baby who had been tickled. “Cute and adorable -- that’s one test you certainly pass.” Trina smiled warmly.
About that time, Their mother walked in. Her eyes get large for just a second as recognition fills them. She points and says, “I know you … you’re … those Little Sisters I’ve heard stories about.” She puts her hands to her mouth in a loud gasp.
The woman turns and looks at Persephone. The glamour that hid their true nature from mortal eyes fell away with the knowledge of who they truly were.
The woman gasped, “I … I’ve heard the stories my mother told me as a child. I even tell them to my own.” she gesture to Katie and Cindy, “I … never in a lifetime thought I would find her in my nursery as my Nana.”
Persephone stands and glides over to the nearly hysterical woman and hugged her gently. Persephone said in a very soft cooing voice, “Relax, sweet heart. You are a very good little girl.” Persephone pats the woman on her hinny several soft times.
Her eyes get large as she seems to loose many years from her body. She shivers slightly as she realizes with shock, she had wet her panties.
Persephone coos softly as she leads the woman from the room by the hand, “Relax, snuggle bug, ‘Nana has the most adorable outfit for a good little girl like you.”

“So did we do OK?” asked Becky, after they were back on the spaceship.
“You both did excellently,” said Persephone. “A job well done. Now, of course, there are many other Baby Rules to learn about, but we can wait until tomorrow for the next one. Right now, it’s time for my little baby cherubs to go night-night.” And as she changed Trina and Becky’s diapers and got them dressed in their sleepers for the night, she sang them a sweet song that was older than time but younger than tomorrow’s sunrise.
~~ The End - of this beginning ~~
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