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All Characters played by: Miki Yamuri and Jennie Flint

This story is about a young man named John. Throughout his life he was not the biggest, strongest, or most athletic boy. He never played any sports. He was five and a half feet tall with long brown hair and green eyes. All the girls in high school thought he was adorably “cute,” and a few suggested he should be a girl because he was so pretty.

He was more of the brainy nerdy type and because of that most of the guys didn't like hanging out with him. So instead he chose to hang out with the girls. This made him happy because all his life he seemed to fit in better with the girls. Not to mention the secret he had.

Ever since he could remember he loved dressing like a girl -- and wearing diapers. He was afraid what others might think, so he always mostly did it in secret when his parents where not home. All through high school he kept it a secret. Sometimes he would wear a pair of panties under his clothes just because it made him feel secure. There were a few special girls who would dress him up as one of their visiting female cousins and go places. John was so pretty that no one ever was the wiser.

It was getting towards the end of his senior year and all he could think about was what college he wanted to go to. He was accepted to every college he applied for and was having a hard time deciding. It came down to Harvard Law or Princeton. On his way home one day his cell phone rang.

He answered, "Hello?"

"Hi sweetie, it's your mom." His mother said.

"Oh, hi, Mom, what's up?"

"You got a letter from the Department of Defense. I don't know what it is, but I left it on the kitchen table for you."

"That's weird I wonder what it could be? What do you mean you left it out for me? Where you going tonight?"

"Your dad and I are going to my mothers this weekend. Don't you remember?"

John thought a moment and then remembered he wasn't going because he was supposed to go the river with his friend Leah, but that got canceled because the weather was bad. He thought for a second but decided not to tell his mom so that he could have the house to himself for the weekend.

His mom said "Are you still there, or did I lose you to your thoughts again?"

"Oh, I'm sorry mom. I just forgot you and dad where going this weekend. I've just been thinking about college and stuff."

"You're always thinking about that. Anyway, I decided to leave early to beat the traffic, so I left you some money on the table with your mail. Have a good weekend at the river with Leah."

John smiled because he knew what he was going to do while they were gone.

"Ok mom, you and dad have a good time at grandmas' house. I will see you when you get back. Love ya."

His mom said a something then hung up. He wasn't paying attention because all he could think about was getting out his diapers and dresses. Just the thought of it made him giggle.

He hurried home as fast as he could, speeding around corners and driving over the speed limit. When he got home his parents had already left. Seeing this, he ran to the door, unlocked it, and ran upstairs. He threw his school stuff on the desk in his room and opened the closet. He grabbed a bag hidden in the back corner of the closet and set it on the bed. He opened it and grabbed a diaper, a pair of cute frilly plastic panties, baby power, and a bottle of sweet smelling baby powder. Then grabbed a pink dress and a pair of pink booties and set it all on the bed.

He started undressing as he went across the hall to draw himself a nice bath. As the bath was filling he went to the kitchen to get something to drink. He entered the kitchen and saw the envelope sitting on the table. Picking it up and reading the label


He wondered what it could be. On the back it had an official DOD seal on it. He decided it could wait until after his bath and until he got comfortable. He poured some wonderful rose smelling bubble bath into the water and slowly slid into the tub. The feeling of the bubbles and the warm water he quickly fell asleep.

Awakening a few hours later because the water had gotten to be uncomfortably cold, he got out of the tub and dried himself off and went to his room. He quickly dressed himself in his diaper and onesie and headed back to the kitchen to read his letter. As he opened the letter, he realized what it was.

"IT CAN'T BE!!!! I'm enrolled in college ... I'm ... exempt!" he screamed.

It was a draft notice with his name on it.

As it all settled in, he noticed he had wet his diaper. All he could do was sit there and cry. He didn't know what else to do. He took the letter with him into his room and set it oh his bed. He changed his diaper and he laid down and started sucking his thumb. He started sobbing softly, and then realized he needed to tell his parents. So, he dialed his moms' number and she picked up on the second ring.

"Hello?" his mom answered

"MOM… I'M BEING…. DR….DRAFTED… IN TO… THE … M… M… MILITARY!" He shouted through sobs.

"Calm down I can't understand you honey. Now tell me again what you said"

"Ok, mom, I'm being drafted into the military… I don't know what to do… I'm not cut out for this… I want to go to college."

"What? There’s no draft right now … it must be a misunderstanding … are you sure it’s not just a reminder to register for the draft? Every young man has to do that when he turns 18, you know ..."

"But, mom, it really doesn’t look like that! It’s not fair! Put Dad on the phone." John said.

John's mom hands the phone to his dad. "Son, we’ll figure this out when we get home. But if that’s what it is, you should be proud to serve your country. I don't want to hear you complain, whine, moan, groan, nothing. You got that?"

"Ok, Dad… I guess I will see you when you get home." John hung up the phone.

John spent the rest of the weekend in diapers and little girl clothes. Soon he was having a good time wetting and messing his diapers and forgot all about it. On Sunday night he cleaned himself up and dressed normally.

For the next 2 months, his life was back to its normal routine, except, he stopped wearing his diapers and girly clothes, so he could get out of the habit. His parents inquired about the draft, but it turned out that it was a special program of some kind -- apparently top secret. It wasn’t exactly a draft per se, but it amounted to the same thing.
Chapter 2

Two months later, it was now time for him to leave to go to boot camp. The fact he was going to college did not exempt him from having to serve for some strange reason.

Before he even got off the bus the Drill Instructor was yelling at him and he already felt the urge to cry.


"Yes, sir" everyone answered


"YES, SIR!!" They all yelled together at the top of their lungs.


"YES, SIR!!"


"AYE, AYE SIR!!" They responded and started running off the bus. They exited the bus and were put in line by height. Since John was the shortest and the DI noticed him right away.


"I'M 19 SIR" John said.




"YES, SIR!!" John answered and went to the back of the line. He was so close to crying that he had a hard time holding it in. He didn't want to bring more attention to himself.

For the next 30 minutes, they were required to pick up, then drop their baggage on command, do squats and push ups at the DI's whim. John noticed that many of the other recruits seemed like they were about to cry too.

They were run all over the place getting things they were going to need for boot camp. Things like new underwear, uniforms, boots, toiletries, and everything else you could imagine, all the while getting yelled at by the DI.


"AYE, AYE SIR!" They responded and ran into line.

Yet again, John was in the back. He hated being short. Plus he liked his long hair and was not looking forward to getting it chopped off. His DI was right behind him, pushing everyone forward through the door. Little did John know that this was no ordinary door for him. That this door would change his life forever.

As it came time for John to enter the BX barber shop, the DI leans over and whispers in his ear softly, “For you, there is a special place ... you have been recruited by B Company for special assignment.”

John feels a gentle push on his back as the DI shoved him into the door. As he stumbles through the door, John feels an incredibly intense electric surge run through his body as he passes into the Barbershop. Things had changed radically from what he had seen through the door, to where he was now.

He looks around in shock and notices the walls are no longer dirty beige, but are now a pretty pink and decorated with rainbows and cute looking drawings. He realizes this isn't a barbershop, but a salon for babies.

John sees a very cute woman wearing a green jumper that wasn't long enough to cover her frilly panties and thick diaper walk up to him.

She asks in a sweet voice "Are you lost, Sweetie? You can't find the place I told you to go to?"

"Where am I, and what is this place?" he asked, in a high-pitched voice that startled him.

"Why, Darling, you're at Princess Boot Camp for Baby Company, and this is the salon. I'm the head stylist .... my name's Sally.” She giggled in an adorable little girl way, “Don't you remember the DI telling you that a minute ago? Come, Joanna, sit down so we can fix your hair up right."

John … now Joanna … was dumbfounded and didn't know what to do. Sally took him by the hand and led him towards the chair. As he passed a mirror, he got a good look at himself and instantly wet himself. As the wetness soaked his panties and ran down his leg, he stopped in total shock at what he saw in the reflection.

He was looking at a female version of himself. He was wearing a cute pink princess jumper with flutter arm openings, matching pink lacy panties that showed beneath the short jumper's hem, and shiny black Mary Jane shoes. He/she could not believe it. He reached down and felt for his member …. Somehow he had been transformed into a girl.

That's when she noticed she had wet her panties and, unable to stop the overwhelming emotions that overflowed suddenly, began to cry.

She couldn't stop; she just kept crying until Sally said, "Come with me, Sweetie. I will get you cleaned up and put into a nice thick diaper." As Sally led Joanna into the back of the salon, she went on to explain, "This is Princess Boot Camp. You were chosen to be here by the Head Nana. We saw that even though you were a boy you loved to dress like a sissy princess and wear diapers. We put the draft notice there just for you. As you went through the transport door at the BX Barber Shop, you were transformed into a girl and given new clothes. From now on you will be Joanna, and when you graduate you will be Princess Joanna. You will serve the country as we see fit. And you will learn to BE a girl from this day on. This program is only for a select few, and it takes a special kind of boy to change completely. If you don't think you can make it, though, then you must decide now. If you decide to go back to your life as a boy, you will be in the military and will not remember this. But, if you decide to stay a girl, you will be a girl forever, and you will live as a princess in this new world."

Joanna thought for a moment and asked, "What about my parents?"

Sally giggles, "Don't worry, dear; that is all taken care of. No need to worry."

Joanna couldn't help what happened. He really didn't intend to do anything.The urge was overpowering and took control of him.

"OK, then, I want to be a princess." Joanna responded and giggled.

He felt super intense waves of very pleasant sensations run all through him as his choice became permanent.

Sally led Joanna to the changing table, helped her onto it, and took off her panties. She cleaned Joanna.

Sally cooed softly, "Lift up your hiney, baby girl".

Joanna did as she was told. Sally slid a nice thick diaper under Joanna's bottom and set her onto its thick and soft embrace. Joanna shivered with the delight of it. She saw Sally smile and her eyes sparkle as she powdered Joanna well. Sally brought up the front of the diaper and pinned it closed with locking diaper pins.

As Joanna lay there totally mind blown, Sally bent over and blew a huge raspberry into Joanna's tummy. Joanna's mind went blank for a few minutes as she kicked and screeched and was totally a little baby.

Sally helped Joanna back on her feet after putting a cute pair of rubber soled crocheted booties on her feet.

As Sally holds out a cute pair of white and pink plastic lined rumba panties with many cartoon characters on it, Sally cooed softly, "OK, baby, step in".

Joanna held onto Sally for balance as she stepped into the panties one foot at a time. Sally pulled them up and gave Joanna a wonderfully pleasant pat on her hinny.. At this point all Joanna could think about is how good it felt to have someone put a diaper on her instead of doing it herself.

She was led back over to the chair and told to sit down and be a good girl so her hair could be done and made cute. Joanna could feel Sally's fingers massaging one of several gels into her scalp. It made her head tingle and her hair curl into long adorable ringlets. When Sally had finished with the gel, she gathered a bunch on each side of Joanna's head and made 2 really cute, curly ponytails.

Once Joanna's hair was done, she met her new friends of "Baby Company". These were the girls she would be spending the rest of boot camp with.

Sally said in a soft coo, “Girls, on the crawl, to the dorm, scurry.”

Though they did not literally crawl, they did scurry to the dorm. Joanna hoped she would be able to meet each one of them and learn more about how they had gotten here, and what they would be doing. She was burning with curiosity about this place.

The dorm was a communal living space, but there its resemblance to a military barracks ended. Each girl had a pale pink crib with her name on it in sparkly gold and white script, decorated with nursery-rhyme characters. Each crib had a mobile dangling above it. Next to each crib each girl had a changing table and a diaper pail. And each girl had a clothing rack containing just one article of clothing, no doubt the thing they were to change into next: some sort of footed sleeper. Joanna noticed that each girl’s sleeper was a different color, but that was all they had. Evidently bedtime was soon.

Joanna was momentarily startled by the time. It had been late morning when she had lined up for the barber. But looking out one of the windows, it was clear that the sun was setting. Where had the time gone?

But there was no time to wonder about time for now. Each girl was standing in front of her own crib, not at attention, but being respectfully quiet and looking around. Several eyes fell upon Joanna, who felt self-conscious as a result, but they didn’t look angry or accusing, just curious. She got the feeling that there had been other newcomers, and there would be others after her; they just wanted to know who the new girl was.

“OK, girls, we have a new girl joining us this evening,” said Sally, walking down the aisle between the two long rows of cribs. “Her name is Joanna, and she’s a very new girl, so be a good girl and be nice to her.”

There was a chorus of feminine voices saying, “Yes, Miss Sally,” and “Welcome, Joanna,” and “Pleased to meet you,” but Sally went on, so things quieted down again quickly.

“Now, Joanna, this is your crib here,” Sally said, leading Joanna to a crib with “Joanna” painted on it in the same glittery gold and white flowing script. “Everyone, what time is it?”

“Bedtime for baby girls,” said every girl in the room at once with a giggle.

Sally came to Joanna first and lifted her to the changing table. With quick, well practiced efficiency, had her stripped down and lifted by her ankles in no time. Joanna gaped softly as Sally cleaned her hinney and other places gently with a large, sweet smelling baby wipe.

Joanna felt 3 large and slippery somethings being inserted into her hinney, before Sally set it into a thick, warm diaper. Sally then powdered Joanna generously and expertly pinned the diaper on, then got the onesie from the hanger. After putting a very nosy crinkling plastic panty on Joanna, Sally pulled the onesie over Joanna’s head and fitted her arms through the sleeves. As Sally snapped the snaps closed up the legs of the onesie, Joanna noticed her hands were inside a pair of mittens, making it impossible for her to use her hands normally.

As Sally picked Joanna up, then placed her into the crib, she cooed softly, “Now, Sweetheart, I’ve put 3 of the standard de-potty-training suppositories in your bottom. Don’t fight it … there’s nothing you can do about it. From now on, like all the rest of the girls here, you will be diaper dependent. Tomorrow. I will introduce you to the potty monster. You’ll understand more then.”

With this, Sally placed a large bottle of wonderfully tasting strawberry milk in her mouth before raising the crib side and moving on to the girl in the next crib. With her padded mittens, it was all Joanna could do to hold onto the bottle. She hadn’t realized she was this hungry, and she didn’t want to lose this delicious drink.

By the time Joanna had finished her bottle, she was very nearly asleep. Sally had made it through to the last girl, apparently, because the lights dimmed, and she looked up when she heard soft music-box music coming from the pretty mobile that dangled above her crib, decorated with glowing stars and moons. The music quietly played, and Joanna thought she heard a quiet, feminine voice speaking soothingly to her. Something about being a good baby girl and listening carefully, and becoming an even better baby girl. She didn’t remember anything else until morning.

The sunlight beamed in through the large windows and shone on every baby girl’s face including Joanna’s. For a moment she had no idea where she was. All she knew was that she was a baby girl named Joanna and she loved wearing her diapers and … sucking her thumb? She realized she had her thumb in her mouth. She took it out. It was so wrinkly that she was sure it must have been in her mouth all night. But she didn’t remember being a thumbsucker … or did she? It seemed the most natural thing she could think of, so much so that she put it right back in. And then she realized that she needed a diaper change badly. She could feel the mushy mess inside her diaper, and she could smell it a little too.

For some reason this upset her a great deal, and as soon as she felt the slightest bit upset, she found herself whimpering and sniffling, helpless to stop herself. She suddenly burst into tears, and she wasn’t the only one. Several other girls were doing just the same. Joanna would have figured that they were probably in the same diaper predicament, if she weren’t focused on how miserable she herself felt right now.

Shortly, Sally came in and clapped her hands several times, “Good morning B Company.” Immediately, all the crying became whimpering, “The diaper brigade is here and will give each of you a bath. After you’re dressed properly, we will have Potty Monster drills.”
Sally turned and went into a small office off to one side as several women entered and began dealing with the morning baths and diaper changes.

One large woman picked Joanna up and began unsnapping her onesie and unpinning her very wet and messy diaper. Joanna’s eyes grew large as the woman cleaned Joanna’s bottom with the folded over diaper before tossing it into the diaper pail. Next, Joanna was lifted from the changing table and quickly placed into a tub that looked for the world like a bassinet filled with warm water and soap bubbles.

As soon as the large woman turned away for a moment, Joanna had an overpowering urge … to splash. There was absolutely nothing Joanna could do to stop herself from patting her hands in the water. The more she did it, the better she felt, and the stronger the urge became. Joanna giggled gleefully as she made a huge mess.

The large woman came back, placed her hand on her hips and smiled broadly. As she knelt down and soaped a large thick cloth she cooed softly, “That’s it. Just allow it to happen. There is nothing you can do to stop it or change it. You are now a baby girl.”

With this, The woman washed Joanna lovingly and insured she was squeaky clean, before diapering Joanna, and putting her in a cute pair of powder blue plastic lined rumba panties.

As the woman tied the ribbons on Joanna’s booties, Joanna asked in her very cute voice, “How … comded mes here? Why comes am here?” Joanna was startled at the sound of her voice, and her inability to speak normally.

The woman smiled as she cooed softly, “You are here, because you were selected to become one of the elite. Your dreams and desires were analysed and digitized. What resulted was the fact that you are perfect for this assignment.”

Joanna gasped, “Wha … asss .. umms … assigmenteted??”

The woman lifted Joanna and placed her on her wobbly feet, “You will understand more later when you’re older. Right now, get ready to meet one of your worst fears … the Potty Monster.”

The woman led Joanna over to several of the other girls who were dressed exactly the same way she was, in just a thick diaper, a cute pair of powder blue plastic lined rumba panties, and matching rubber soled booties. Joanna looked around and saw the remainder of the girls being tended to and dressed.

“Hi,” said a red-headed girl to Joanna shyly. “Ams Beff. Is weally BeTHHHHH,” she said, strongly emphasizing the sound until Joanna thought she would bite her tongue, “but is easier ta say Beff. You Joanna. I heard Miss Sawwy say.”

“Only somma tha girls here,” said Joanna.

“Thass wight,” Beth said. “I kinda new so I still doin’ Potty Monser trainins. It pwobly the leastest fun thing.”

“Oh …” said Joanna, already starting to feel apprehensive. “Is it … scawy?”

“Is … notta nice monser,” said Beth, squirming. “No wants it …”

“I no think I wannit eiver,” said Joanna.

“There some kinda test,” Beth said. “Ya do goo, you no gotsa do Potty Monser trainins no more.”

“What issa test?” Joanna asked.

“Issa secret,” Beth said with a pout. “Only girls that know issa girls that passeded alweady. They no here.”

Sally came from the office and took Beth by her hand. She cooed softly “It’s time, Sweetheart.”

Joanna watched as Beth was led off by the hand out of the dorm room. Beth obviously was terrified as the door closed, cutting off the encounter from the rest. In a few short minutes, Sally returned, carrying Beth and patting her reassuringly on her hiney. Beth was visibly shivering and sniffling, with tears on her cheeks, and that made Joanna even more apprehensive. “There, there, Sweetie Bug. That was perfect. You won’t have to face that meany again,” said Sally as she placed Beth in a crib with a large bottle of milk.

Sally turned toward Joanna and held her hand out, “Come with me, Cutie. It’s time for you to meet the Potty Monster.”

As Sally took Joanna by her hand and led her from the dorm, a cold chill of fear began to run down her spine. It wasn’t just because of this test’s obvious effects on Beth. There was something else, something deep within her, that was telling her that what she was about to face was a thing of pure primal terror. Sally led Joanna down a short hall to a door and opened it.

Right there in front of Joanna, was the Potty Monster. It had long black furry ears. Googly rolly eyes, and a long red tongue that spread out in front of it.

It occurred to Joanna later that what she’d seen was silly, like something from a children’s TV show, but that was when it was at a distance, far away, when she knew she’d never have to face it again. Here, in this moment, Joanna felt the terror spread from her spine into her chest and legs as Sally gently pushed her into the room with this horror from a baby’s worst nightmare.

Joanna lost it then. All she could do was scream and throw a fit as she tried her best to get away. Her diaper was soaked, of course. Pure, shaking, irrational terror gripped her to the depths of her soul, and she knew that this was something she knew she never wanted to be in the same room with ever again.

Joanna suddenly realized that Sally was carrying her and patting her bottom with such wonderful pats as she cooed softly, “That was perfect, Snuggle Bug. You passed the first time out.”

All Joanna could do was whimper as she sucked her thumb and was carried back to the dorm. Each wonderful pat Sally gave Joanna sent massive rushes all through her body that ended in an explosion of infantile contentment in her mind that rearranged many things. Staying away from the Potty Monster was now a major priority for her, and moving away from ever using the potty again was a positive, happy, even joyful experience. Joanna could feel these changes happening in her mind, but there was nothing she could do about it.

When Joanna awoke after being placed in her crib with a bottle of wonderful tasting milk, she looked up at the pretty mobile and thought she remembered a soft, gentle voice telling her a wonderful story, but the details were quickly fading from memory. Then she realized she was in a different dorm. She sat up and looked around. This was obviously a large nursery designed to care for many infants. Joanna could see Beth in the crib next to hers, and several of the others that she knew had passed the Potty Monster test. Joanna shivered with a small fear tingling through her at the memory … then stopped. Even questioning why she feared the monster made tingles of trepidation wash over her.

“All right, girls,” said Sally happily, entering the room, “I hope everyone had a good nap! Now it’s time for some fun -- don’t worry, nothing scary this time!”

All the girls were dressed in many different colored Snuggle Bug or Ladybug rompers. Sally had on a cute Powder Blue Snuggle Bug romper with white lace and ruffles. It was obvious she too was in a thick diaper.

Sally clapped her hands together and said in a coo, “All right girls, on the crawl … to the playroom.”

She turned and stood for an minute while the other babies gathered behind her, she toddled off to the next room with the other babies toddling adorably behind her like ducklings. She exited the nursery and turned down the hall for a short distance before opening a door to allow her brood through.

They all came to a stop with big eyes as they did a perfect in unison faww down go boom. All around were many colored bouncy balls with handles.

Sally got on one as she said with a giggle, “Follow me, girls. This is how we have bouncy wars.” She then proceeded to bounce happily around the room.

As the others got on one of the bouncy balls and started to bounce, Sally would come bouncing over and bump into them like bumper cars. Joanna watched this for a bit while an incredible urge built within her. It wasn’t long before Joanna realized she too was on a bouncy ball, bouncing into all she could, and having the time of her life.

She had no idea how long it had been when Sally finally stood up and said, “Well done, girls! We’ll be doing that again tomorrow, but it’s time for a diaper change and then another activity.” Joanne and the others all lined up at the changing tables for the assistants to change them.

“Beff!” said Joanna, not even noticing how she was pronouncing Beth’s name. “This so fun! Lots better’n the … you know.”

Beth shivered at the thought of the Potty Monster. “Yea!” she said. “I wonder what we gots next?”

Sally stopped and put her hands on both girls’ shoulders as she said quietly, “Next it’s a game we call Babytalk.”

After their diaper changes, Sally led the girls into the playroom, which had all kinds of play equipment, but right now, the floor was covered with padded waterproof mats. “Everyone find a partner and sit down on a mat with them -- we’re going to play a game!”

Joanna and Beth picked each other, and they sat down on one of the mats. There were lots of small toys around -- blocks, small soft dolls, objects that jingled and rattled and squeaked -- and soon Sally was explaining the game. “This game is called Babytalk! It’s a lot of fun! Take turns, look around you, pick an object, and try to tell your partner that you want it -- but you can’t use any words! No pointing either. You can make gestures with your hands, you can make noises, but imagine you’re a really little baby and don’t know any words at all! Go, and have fun!”

“Nnnnn,” said Beth, looking at Joanna. She got the impression Beth wanted her to go first. Joanna looked around and saw a pretty pink and white sparkly ball by Beth. “Ooooo,” she said, making her mouth round. She made a circle with her hands. Beth picked up a rattle that had a round end and looked questioningly at her, but Joanna shook her head and said, “Oooooo,” again. Beth looked confused. Joanna mimed rolling a ball, then even did a somersault, which showed her diapered bottom and made Beth giggle. Then Beth saw the ball, and her eyes got wide. She picked it up and offered it to Joanna. Joanna nodded and giggled happily when Beth gave the correct object to her. She clapped excitedly for Beth. Then it was Beth’s turn.

Beth said and held out her arms and wiggled her fingers as she realized the only sounds could come out of her were “goooththhhh.”

Joanna’s eye got big as she said in an adorable voice, “Oooo thas goo goo … frrtthhh ggautthh.”

Both girls sat for a minute with big eyes as they realized they had forgotten how to talk for now. Beth made more indications with her arms and wiggly fingers before Joanna got the idea Beth wanted the soft Snow leopard plushy doll. Joanna picked it up and handed it to Beth. As Beth took it in her arms and gave it a large huggies, a very strong need and overwhelming want to do the very same thing over came Joanna.

Before either of them knew what happened, they were tussling and hitting each other with plushy dolls as they screeched and giggled with sheer infantile delight.

Sally toddled over and sat some sort of boxy device on a small table next to Beth and Joanna. When Sally turned it on, she toddled off to observe several other infants trying to complete the exercise.

A soft, hypnotizingly sweet cooing voice spoke, “Ohhh such good little babies. Forgot how to talk, but know how to play. Soo fun … just let go and let it happen. Your subconscious wants and needs it to happen. This is how it will be from now on babies …” and proceeded to weave a mind entrainment spell so soft and pleasant neither of them realized it was happening.

Joanna decided to play the game some more. She made some unintelligible babbling noises at Beth, thinking of a soft rattling block toy that was next to her friend. She felt a rush of pleasurable feelings knowing that she no longer knew the words for the toy -- and that she actually really did want it very much. Knowing that she was becoming more and more childlike and babylike made her feel very good about herself.

Astonishingly, Beth seemed to know exactly what she wanted this time and picked up the toy. She gave it right to Joanna and babbled something at her -- and Joanna felt like she knew exactly what Beth meant! Joanna looked around herself and saw a colorful apple-shaped toy that jingled when it was rocked. She picked it up and gave it to Beth right away. Beth babbled happily at her, and Joanne knew her friend was thanking her. Without knowing it was happening, all the baby girls were being trained to speak and understand a language that wasn’t really a language, because its sounds were constantly changing, but that all babies are born knowing.

By this time Joanna had no recollection of her former life as a boy named John -- and frankly didn’t want to. Joanna’s parents thought she was away at Army boot camp, and who knew what their reaction would be if they could have seen what she was like now, but the girl who had been pretending to be John was no more -- or rather, she was what she always should have been, and more.

As the little girls all played, screeched, giggled, and babbled, a bright blue / white flash appeared in the dead center of the play room. All the babies became quiet as they looked to the figure that had appeared.

A very beautiful and shapely young woman in a opaque white gossamer gown trimmed in gold stood smiling at all the new infants.

Sally got huge eyes as she screeched out in an infantile voice, “Auntie Cepone!!!” then toddled over as fast as she could into the woman’s open arms.

The woman picked Sally up and held her in a soft embrace as she patted her diapered hinney. Each pat obviously affected Sally as she lay across the woman’s shoulder and began to suck her thumb.

One of the attending Nanas came up and curtsied as she said, “Welcome to B Company, Miss Persephone. I think you will find the troops are coming along well.”

The woman gave Sally a soft kiss on her forehead before setting her back on her wobbly feet, “Are they ready to accept Baby Rules?”

Sally bounced up and down and said in an adorable voice, “I does … I does!”

Persephone smiled as she cooed softly, “I know you have, sugar dumpling, but what about all of them?”

Sally sucked her thumb thoughtfully for an instant then said loudly in her adorable voice, “ Babies, listen up.” to all the normal adults of this world, it would have more than likely sounded like gibberish, “Auntie gosta askteded a question. Jus … say yes.”

Persephone giggled as she asked in that wonderful voice of hers, “All of you … do you accept Baby Rules?”

Silence ruled for a bit as those words ran all through the girls like they had been hit by lightning. Some even seemed to struggle not to do anything, until it overpowered them and they all began to screech happily.

In the Universal Language of Infant, they had all accepted. Persephone waved her arm, a bright blue/white flash, the nursery was once again empty.

One Nana said to another as she began to tidy up, “It does my heart good to see so many passing the course. I know they will all grow up to be wonderful young woman.”

One of the Nanas smiled as she replied, “I remember. It felt so good to say yes …”

~~ The Circle Continues ~~
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