Universal Mega Corp Babies of all Ages - Hiring of Sally

Universal Mega Corp Babies of all Ages - Hiring of Sally

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Universal Mega Corp Babies of all Ages - Hiring of Sally ( PG )


Sally Stevens: 21yo Applicant

Debbie Connors: Acting Secretary ( Sister of Cupid - Persephone )

Mandy Walters: The Director of Babies of all Ages Daycare Center and Nursery

Scene: In the front office

Sally Stevens was a very pretty 21 yo woman. She had been out of work for several months due to the serious down turn in the economy. She had had no luck thus far in her search for employment. Because of a strange woman she had met at a bus stop, Sally had been shown an ad for a Special Executive Secretary to a Major Corporation called Babies of all Ages. The wages were wonderful and it even offered lifetime free heath care, clothing, and food. She couldn't turn this opportunity down

Sally came to the front door of the huge modern domed building and thought how cute it looked, all pink and trimmed in what looked like white lace. She entered the front revolving door into a plush foyer, complete with a circular center desk and many chairs and places that looked like play places for children. A very pretty young woman sat at the desk. Sally walks up to her.

If anyone ever looked as if she had the confidence to do any job but was just filling in as the receptionist because she was needed, it was this woman. Her long dark brown hair was wavy and perfectly in place, and her skin, which had a slight olive complexion, appeared as if she had never worn makeup in her life, nor had she ever needed to. She wore a loose white dress with a bit of gold trim that may have looked pretentious on others, but this woman pulled it off flawlessly.

As Sally walked up, she was talking on a pink cell phone, but she gave the impression that she was almost finished.

"I'm so glad you accepted, Young Lady," said the woman into her phone. "You'll see. Everything will be just wonderful for you from now on. Now, Janice is there to take care of you, so just follow her and you'll be fine. OK? Bye for now, Sweetheart."

She turned her pink phone off and immediately turned to Sally. "Good morning, Dear! Welcome to Babies of All Ages. My name is Debbie. How may I help you today?"

She held out her hand to Sally in greeting. Sally takes the woman's hand. As her hand touches Debbie's, A very strange chill runs all through Sally. It was by no means unpleasant ... but startling.

Sally says hesitantly, "Oh ... umm . I aaahh ... I came in response to the advertisement you had for the Special Executive Secretary to the President. I have references and several years experience."

Debbie giggles softly as she looks over the package Sally had handed her. She says in a wonderfully pleasant coo, "Well, if you would fill out this application, I'm sure we could find a suitable position for you."

About that time, another pretty young woman walks in. She looks around with a haughty sneer and walks up to Debbie. Debbie smiles her wonderful smile. Before she could speak, The young woman says in a arrogant aristocratic Way, "My name's Veronica. People call me Ronny. I'm here about the Executive Secretary job."

Debbie's smile never faltered, as she said, "And good morning to you, Ronny dear," holding out her hand for a handshake, which Veronica accepted, looking Debbie straight in the eyes.

Veronica then seemed to freeze for a moment, Sally thought, but then let go of the handshake with only a slight uncomfortable tremor. "Of course, I'm sure you are quite qualified, but you must fill out the application form -- company policy, I'm sure you understand."

Debbie handed Veronica a hefty stack of paper the same size as the one Sally had.

"Now, ladies, please find a place to sit that you're most comfortable in," said Debbie, "and once you've filled out your applications, we'll have your initial interviews right away. Don't forget your box of crayons," she said, handing a box of 8 large crayons to Veronica.

Sally also had one of these and was looking at it with slight bewilderment.

Ronny snorts, "Crayons? And just what are we supposed to do with a box of ... crayons?"

Sally giggles and replies, "Perhaps ... color the walls a bit and make them pretty?" and smiles a wonderful smile.

Debbie looks at Sally and her eyes narrow. She says out loud, "They are to fill out the application with. You will find this application is very unique."

Sally looks around and can only see a large play area full of really cute toys and dolls, several small tables set with a tea set, and several art tables scattered around

Debbie acts as if she is reading their minds as she says, "They are here in case we have ... children that need watching. Just pick a place you're most comfortable and fill out the application."

Sally chooses the art table, Ronny chooses the Tea table. Debbie makes careful note of this choice.

Ronny says haughtily to Sally, "I've got this job in the bag sweetheart, you may as well go home ... you aren't even competition." As she begins to quickly fill out the first few pages of the Application.

As the two young women filled out the standard forms of the first few pages, Debbie disappeared into a nearby office and emerged a few minutes later with a cup of tea.

"What?" Veronica suddenly shouted, standing up. "What kind of application question is this? 'Draw a picture of you doing your ideal job?'"

Debbie sipped her tea and looked steadily back at Veronica. "Yes, dear," she said, "that's what the crayons are for."

"But ... I've never heard of an application like this!" Ronny complained.

Debbie smiled slightly. "We do things just a bit differently here at Babies of All Ages," she explained. "Our whole focus is on what is good for the children, so we must make sure that every employee has a certain amount of creative intuition. We must all be ... in touch with our inner child, so to speak."

"Oh ... well I guess I understand ..." Ronny sat down. "I mean, of course I understand!" she said, glaring at Sally, who was putting the finishing touches on her third drawing. "That makes perfect sense!"

Sally was enjoying this. She always did like the cute little nick knacks and kept lots of them all around her. She thought the play area look of the room was absolutely adorable too. She had finally managed to draw her way through several pages of the application, when she came to 20 pages of ... legal stuff.

Debbie watched closely as Sally shook her head, and just signed them. Sally wanted the job, and she really didn't want to read 20 pages of elite typed legalese. She signs the last page and stands up. Ronny gives Sally a dirty look, she was only on the 2nd page of drawings.

Sally walks up and hands the huge stack of papers to Debbie and says softly, "I really like the way this room looks. It sort of brings out the .... inner child .. doesn't it?"

She looks around at all the cute pictures on the walls and the many decorations.

Debbie smiles at Sally as she asks, "Are you thirsty dear? It will be several minutes before the director can see you. She's in the process of interviewing one of our children ... I mean employees."

Sally looks at Debbie with a strange look. She thinks to herself .. children? ... then forgets it and replies, "Yes, please, I would like a bottled water if you have it." Debbie gives Sally a bottled water. Sally notices the top to it looks for the world like a nipple as she twists it off and takes a large sip. She returns to the art table and sits as she continues to drink her water.

As Debbie looked over her application and smiled, Sally relaxed and sipped her water. It was very high quality water, flavorful and with no trace of aftertaste. She quickly drank the entire bottle ... and saw that there was another six-pack of water bottles on the desk now. When had Debbie brought those out? Sally was distracted from thinking about that by Veronica's constant questions.

"Debbie, when it says, 'Draw your favorite place to go on vacation,' does that mean my favorite place to go on vacation from my current job, or from the job I'll have here?" was one of the questions Ronny asked. Another was, "When it says I should draw my favorite food, should I draw my favorite food I like to cook, or my favorite food to eat?"

Each time Debbie answered calmly and with no hint of frustration whatsoever. Sally was impressed by Debbie's patience.

Finally Debbie said, "I think the director can see you now, Sally. If you'd just come this way ..." She gestured for Sally to follow her. Sally got up, carrying her second bottle of water, which she was mostly done with. Debbie held out her hand. Sally took it without thinking. She felt a really strange tingling chill run intensely all through her to her deepest soul. She shivers as goose bumps rise all over her body.

Sally gasps and her eyes get really large. Debbie stops and turns. She looks inquisitively at Sally and asks in a very soft and soothing coo, "What's wrong sweet heart? Is there ... some thing wrong?"

Sally's mind becomes clouded suddenly as she blushed a very adorable pink. Debbie smiles wonderfully at this.

Sally squeaks out in a child like way, "I ... I just .. wet my panties." Then put her hand over her mouth quickly as she blushed even darker. "I .. no could help it ... it wasa accident."

Debbie says softly, "It's ok sweet heart. We have some clothes you can change into before you see the Director. It's ok, really,"

Sally doesn't know how to feel. She is totally mind blown over the fact she actually wet herself. When the very pleasant sensation of the reassuring pat on her hinny came, Sally giggles sweetly and feels so good. Debbie leads Sally through a door as Ronny sat and laughed. She just knew the job was her's now. Who would hire a woman that wet herself and acts like a baby?

Debbie led Sally into what looked like a walk-in closet with a mirror and several shelves, some of which seemed to have a lot of packages of ... disposable diapers and underpants? And racks of what looked like children's clothes in many different sizes.

"Let's see ... we don't have a lot here that would fit you, since this is mostly for the little ones whose parents bring them here, but we do have these in all sizes."

She handed Sally what looked like an adult-size Pull-Up Panty for little girls with a Disney Princesses print on the front and really cute lace around the waste, legs, and across the bottom. Sally sees the adorably cute pull up and accidentally spills the rest of her water all over herself in surprise. She gasps out in shock.

Debbie hugs Sally comfortingly and coos softly, "It's ok sweet heart. This Babydoll Dress will fit you perfectly. It's a Strawberry shortcake dress and it's adorable."

Sally looks at the dress and whines, "Is for a little baby. I notta baby amma grow ... umm, amma .. umm, big girl."

Debbie giggles and replies, "Well sweetie, it's this dress ... or your birthday suit. The Director is waiting."

Debbie holds out the panties and Sally steps daintily into them. Debbie helps Sally out of her very wet blouse, bra, and skirt.

Debbie coos softly, "Hold up your arms like a good girl."

Sally giggles as she holds up her arms and Debbie pulls the cute Babydoll dress down over her arms and head. Debbie straightens the wrinkles out of the short dress as she buttons it then ties the soft strawberry pink pinafore into a huge bow in the back.

Debbie coos softly, "Would you like me to make your hair pretty for the interview sweetie? I have a brush here and some cute barrettes."

Sally giggles adorably despite herself, she knows something is amiss, but the ever increasing normalness of her current state was over whelming and nods enthusiastically. Debbie brushes Sally's hair until it become very soft and shiny. She gathers it into 2 cute ponytails and secures them with 2 strawberry shaped barrettes.

Debbie again pats Sally softly on her hinny in a reassuring manner as she coos softly, "You are a very pretty little girl sweetheart. Would you like to see how you look in your new dress?"

Sally nods again as Debbie takes her gently by her shoulders and stands her in front of the mirror. Looking back from the reflection, was a very adorable little girl dressed in a very short Strawberry pink dress with little black spots, puffy sleeves, and a strawberry pink pinafore. There was lace around each sleeve and the hem. Peeking from below the hem, was the lacy trim to the legs of her matching pull up panties and just a hint of the first row of white ruffles on her cute round bottom. She had shoulder length ponytails done up with cute strawberry barrettes. On her face was an adorable expression of open mouthed wide eyed surprise.

Sally just knew ... something was ... wrong. It just was ... She just couldn't figure out what at this point. She loved the new dress and she felt safe in her pull ups. As hard as she thought about it, she couldn't remember for the life of her ... what could possibly be wrong.

“See, Dear? You look so adorable!” said Debbie, standing behind Sally. “The Director will just love you! Let’s go see her now.”

Taking a still-astonished Sally by the hand, Debbie led her back out to the main room, where Ronny was still coloring on the first few pictures of her application form.

“Oh, Debbie, when it says to draw your dream house, should that be – ha ha ha ha!” Ronny had begun to ask a question, but when she saw Sally she burst into laughter. “Oh my goodness! She looks like a toddler! Just one step above a baby! This is rich! I get it; you’ve decided to give me the job, so you’re having some fun with her before giving her the bad news.”

Sally began to realize what she had been forgetting – she wasn’t a toddler, but now she was dressed like one, right down to the Pull-Ups! Ronny’s words and this realization made her feel horribly embarrassed, and she blushed brightly and began to cry, which caused Ronny to burst out laughing again.

Debbie just smiled, held Sally’s hand reassuringly, and touched Sally under the chin with one finger, causing Sally to look up at her. Suddenly, looking into Debbie’s pale blue eyes, Sally stopped crying and felt an overwhelming feeling of calm; she knew, without knowing how she knew, that everything was going to be all right.

“I’ll be right back to answer your questions, Ronny,” said Debbie in her unshakably calm voice. Then she led Sally to the Director’s office, telling her, “Now Sweetheart, remember, you both came in with an equal chance at getting the job. Mandy, the Director, is very nice. Just be your sweet self, and you’ll be fine.”

Sally began sucking her thumb as she obediently followed Debbie. Ronny was beside herself with laughter as the door to the office closed behind them. Sally looked wide eyed all around the hugely opulent office. Behind a very large wooden desk sat a beautiful older woman dressed in a black business suit and low pumps.

Debbie says, "Mandy, this is Sally Stevens, she was wondering if she could be your Executive Secretary here at Babies of all Ages."

Mandy stands up and walks around the desk. Sally smiles as her eyes get big.

Sally says in a cute voice, "Hi, I ... amma big girl." then blushes pink. She really couldn’t think of anything else to say.

Mandy coos softly, "And how old are you sweet heart?"

Sally couldn't help what happened. She had been holding the edge of her dress nervously. She lifted the hem of her Dress with her other hand, showing her adorable pull ups, and held up 2 fingers. Mandy's eyes sparkled.

She asked, "And how do you feel about playing with plushy toys sweetie?"

Sally giggles and says softly, "They sof n stuff. Lovesa squeeze em."

Mandy said, "What a precious little girl you are, Sally! Debbie said you were having a lot of fun coloring the pictures, weren't you?"

Sally bounces up and down and nods enthusiastically. She says with a giggle in her voice, "I loveda colors n stuff. Made fillin out tha form fun too. Gotsa draw n no hadda stay inna lines n .... "

Sally stops abruptly as she feels some thing ... is so wrong. She cant quite put her finger on it ... Suddenly, she feels Debbie's soft pat on her hinny. All worries vanished as she felt so wonderful about everything. Sally giggles and continues, "I lovd doin it ... wasa bestus application evers."

Mandy smiled a friendly smile and said, "Well thank you Sweetheart -- did you know I made that form myself? Debbie says she thinks you're perfect. But you will have to say hi to people and be friendly to them and talk on the phone. Can you do all that, Sally?" Her tone was melodious, as if she were speaking to a small child, and her questions were in small words.

Sally giggles softly as she made this eyebrow raising statement. “I am articulate enough to converse with all who might happen to inquire about any topic. I also am verbose enough to convey all of the pertinent information in a clear, concise and, unmistakable manner." Then puts her hand to her mouth as her eyes get as large a saucers.

Debbie coos softly as she again pats Sally on her hinny, "See Mandy? It's as I told you. She's the perfect one ... and she's all yours."

Debbie gracefully withdrew from Mandy's office at that point, leaving Sally alone with the Director. "Wow, Sally, you are such a smart little girl!" Mandy said in her practiced sing-song voice. "You're going to be such a big help to me, and to the whole company! But Sally, why were you such a boring, ordinary big girl at your last job, when you're such a delightful, happy little girl here? Why do you think that is?"

Sally pokes out her bottom lip and says quietly, "Cuz, " she stomps her foot and crosses her arms, "They made me bea big girl like that. No lets me has enny fun. Tooks away alla my toys at my desk n stuff. Even fussed over my plant ... Hurby."

Mandy cooed back, "Oh, poor dear, you must have had such an awful time! Well, don't worry, because here you can have all the toys you want on your desk, and if you want plants, that's fine too. As long as you take care of them like a good girl! Are you a good girl, Sally?"

Sally nods her head enthusiastically, making her pony tails fly. She giggles softly as she claps her hands and twirls around several times while she says happily, "Amma very goo girl Miss Mandy. I doa goo job for u ... promise."

As she comes to a stop in front of Mandy. Sally wobbles dizzily on her feet for a second before realizing .... there's still some thing ...wrong. She looks around the room and says in a whimper, "Miss Mandy?? Is ... is ... there sompin wrong ... wif me?? I feel so .... strange n stuffs."

Mandy got up from her chair and came around her desk to take Sally's hand and stroked it lightly. "It's OK, Sweetie," she reassured her, "Debbie just has a ... well ... a way of bringing out the inner child in someone. That's why I asked her to help with this interview process. You've had to be so awfully grown up for so many years, poor dear, and now you've come to us, to people who can see that you're really just a little girl, and value you for that. You don't have to pretend anymore. If you don't want to work here, you can walk out the door and go home, and you'll be fine. But if you want to stay, you can stay with us, and I really hope you do. This will become permanent. You will become my Personal Executive Secretary ... and my very little toddler daughter. It's a life time position. I promise to take very good care of you."

Sally fumbles nervously with the hem of her dress. She lifts her left thumb to her mouth pulling the dress up and showing off her cute pull ups again. Sally is confused. She knows she is having more fun now than she has had in a really long time. She also knows she feels so wonderful about this nice lady Mandy and wants nothing more than to have her as mommy.

Sally wants so much to stay with her she nods her head again and says in a cute garbled way, "I wann shay wish yu hershh."

Sally feels a soft ... something creep into her mind and soul. She is scared for a bit as it happens. All of her Adult persona is delicately over written by that of an adorable little girl of 2.

Her higher functions were left totally intact. She would be totally able to do the job of a Corporate Executive Secretary ... while being only a little girl of 2 years. As this process continues, Sally lets go of it totally and allows it to happen. She is afraid at first as she realizes she will never again be an adult. She is aware that all the things she truly wanted to be rid of ... were being taken away, and she was now able to be her true self. She became so contentedly happy ... she wouldn't have to pretend to be a big girl any longer.

She rushes over to Mandy, and hugs her lovingly as she says softly in her cute voice, "Baby lov you mommy."

Mandy hugs Sally back and she coos softly, "I love you too sweetheart. Now, it's time for little girls like you to take their nap. You've had a long and hard morning."

Mandy took Sally's hand and gently led her back out into the main office, where Debbie was standing near Ronny and calmly answering her questions. When Ronny took a look at Sally, sucking her thumb and being led by the hand, Ronny burst out laughing yet again.

"Oh, wow!" she laughed, "you're taking this joke just about as far as you can, aren't you? You guys are awesome! I knew I'd fit in here!"

Mandy watched Sally carefully, but Sally didn't react visibly at all. Sally looked innocently at Ronny. In her mind, she knew Ronny was a mean big girl and it really didn't matter what she thought. Sally knew she was exactly who she was supposed to be and her new mommy was very happy to have her. Sally took her thumb from her mouth and stuck her tongue out at Ronny.

This caused Ronny to laugh even harder until ... Ronny's eyes get huge. She can't believe the warm dampness she feels creeping around her bottom.

Mandy giggled slightly but said to Sally, "Now, dear, it isn't polite to stick out your tongue. But perhaps you're tired. Let's get you a nice bottle and take you to somewhere you can have a nice nap." She led Sally out of the room.

Debbie giggles softly and says quietly, "She makes such an adorable little girl." Then Debbie turned to Ronny. "Something wrong, dear?" asked Debbie in her calm, friendly voice. "You've stopped signing the legal documents, and you're almost done."

Ronny can't believe she almost peed in her panties. As it was, they were uncomfortably damp from laughing.

She looks up at Debbie and replies, "Umm .. no, nothing's wrong. I was just really amused at the last girl. I can't believe how she has changed in the last hour. You guys really have the joke on her."

Ronny sees about 10 more pages of legalese and sighs. She finally signs the stack of papers and hands it to Debbie.

She asks, "Would you mind if I got .... some tea ... or maybe a diet soda? I'm kind of thirsty."

"Why yes, dear, we do have some tea," said Debbie. She walked across the room and picked up a pot that had apparently been brewing, then came back to Ronny's table. "One lump, or two?" she asked, holding up a sugar bowl.

The soft minty aroma was extremely pleasant as it filled the room. Ronny felt intoxicated by it as she replies dreamily, "2 please ... and a bit of cream if you have it ... thank you."

Ronny thought it ironic that she should be sitting at a table with a small tea set ... drinking tea. Debbie pours the amber/green liquid into one of the tiny cups on the table, then adds 2 lumps of sugar and pours in a touch of cream.

"Tea is just the perfect drink for you, my dear," said Debbie. "Always perfectly poised and perfect, aren't you, with manners impeccable? At least, in front of people you consider your superiors."

Ronny sips her tea daintily for a few minutes. The amazing aroma was sooo nice. Every sip seemed to infuse her with a softness and contentment to do ... just what she was told, unlike anything she had ever felt.

Debbie coos so softly, "We have an opening ... that would be just for a girl like you. We have a top of the line position in our Babydoll section. From what we see in your application, this fit you perfectly. It's a life time position."

Ronny tried to make sense of this. "Babydoll section? Top of the line? Well ... I know that Babies of All Ages makes dolls ... and all kinds of other children's toys too ... but I was here for an administrative assistant position ..."

"Indeed you were," said Debbie, "but I for one think you are much better qualified for this job, don't you? You'll be just right."

Ronny's mind begins to cloud up a bit as she thinks about what Debbie had said. Her words seemed to infiltrate into her subconscious. She takes another sip of her tea as Debbie sits across from her with another tea cup. A thrill run through Ronnie ... this feels so right suddenly.

Ronny giggles despite herself and asks in a cute voice, "And just what kind of position would this be? I am very qualified to be ... a Vice President."

Ronny notices her body begins to feel strange ... like her skin and joints are becoming .. sort of stiff ... yet pliable.

Sipping her own tea, Debbie answered, "Oh, make no mistake. This position is very special. One might even say that ... we're creating the position just for you." She paused and said, "But listen carefully. The position is not without ... certain restrictions. Being on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As you would expect in a position of such importance. You can walk out the door right now and go home, and you'll be just fine. But ... if you accept, we can make arrangements immediately."

Ronny didn't know what to think. It seemed she was being offered a very important position in the company. She finished her cup of tea and set the cup on the table. Debbie filled it once again and added the 2 lumps of sugar and a dash of cream. Ronny couldn't help but feel how natural this all was.

Debbie held out her hand and asks in a wonderfully enticing coo, "Time to make the choice sweet heart. What will it be?"

Ronny couldn't resist ... she tried with all her might, but it was futile. She took Debbie's offered hand. A very intense wave of pleasant tingles ran all through her to her very soul. Her eyes got huge as she realized ... she had totally soaked her panties. She dropped the full teacup she had in her other hand in shock ... all over her outfit.

"My goodness, I'm sorry," said Debbie with perfect poise. "I thought you had a firm grip on the cup. We'll certainly have to clean your suit for you. Yes, as I suspected, your blouse, blazer and skirt have all suffered, I'm afraid. We'd better get them off you and send them to be cleaned before the stain sets in."

She motioned for Ronny to follow her. Ronny was unable to help herself. She blushed softly as she followed Debbie into the same room She had escorted Sally into. A tingle of fear ran through her as she saw the many racks of adorable outfits, and the many stacks of disposable diapers and adorably cute pull up panties.

She gasps in a cute squeak, "Wha ... wh ... wha am I gonna wear? nuthin here but ... baby stuffs."

Ronny found it so hard to put sentences together. Her body continued to stiffen, yet stay pliable all at the same time.

"Well, as I told Sally -- the other girl, you know -- these are clothes for clients' children, so although we have them in many sizes, they are still children's clothes."

Debbie picked out what looked like a copy of Ronny's power suit, only instead of being a dark, conservative blue-gray, adults outfit, this one was a powder pink, and the skirt was shorter and was obviously intended for a very young little girl to play dress up. Still, the blazer and blouse were about the same size.

"Oh, what luck. I believe this will suit you quite well. Let's get those wet things off you."

She began to undress Ronny, who found it difficult to struggle or resist, especially since ... everything Debbie said sounded perfectly reasonable.

When Debbie had removed Ronny's skirt, she paused. "What's this? Oh dear. There's more wetness here than just tea, isn't there, Sweetie? Let's have a look at those panties."

She turned Ronny around by lightly taking hold of her shoulder. "Oh my, there seems to have been a bit of an accident. Well, we can't possibly make you stay in wet panties. Fortunately we have many alternatives."

She surveyed the shelves of disposable diapers and Pull-Ups. Ronnie's eyes became huge as she realized what Debbie intended to do. She struggle within herself to resist, but found it only made her more compliant with Debbie's wishes.

Debbie found a pair of adorable Rainbow Bright pull ups, with powder blue lace and ruffles.

Debbie held them out and cooed softly, "Now be a good little girl and step into your panties for me."

Ronny couldn't believe she had stepped into them until Debbie had pulled the up and patted her hinny. The pat made her feel so safe and happy ... she giggled.

Debbie helps dress Ronny in the new outfit. Ronny was unable to stop her and was amazed at how normal it felt to have someone dress her. Ronny could see in the mirror that she now looked like a very adorable little girl dressed as a cute Babydoll.

Debbie coos softly, "We have an opening in a new line of Dolls in our Companion series. We call it the Veronica Secretary Doll. She's a multipurpose doll, who also is known to be a baby as her owner desires."

Ronny squeaks adorably, "Owner? Babydoll? Wha ...??"

Debbie smiles as she brushes Ronny's hair and puts several cute berets in it. Ronny is totally mind blown at this time .... and just knows .... something it terribly wrong ... but cant think for the life of her what it might be.

"Oh yes, my dear," Debbie answered, putting the finishing touches on Ronny's hair and fixing up her makeup with a cloth. "You will be very special to your new owner. Don't worry. You'll be well taken care of. All your decisions will be made for you. And the only difference will be that instead of striking poses yourself, your poses will be chosen by someone else."

She led Ronny out of the walk-in closet by the hand. Ronny was flabbergasted as she was escorted into the door the director had taken Sally. Ronny felt so weird. She realized she was loosing the ability to think coherently. Everything began to take on an amazing sort of perception as Debbie took her through a large double door marked 'Babydoll Division.'

As Debbie led Ronny in by the hand, several of the Workers turned and began to aww and make adorable comments about the new Veronica Doll. Ronny realized with a start, Debbie was leading her to one of those strange Velvet lined boxes with all the electronic stuff attached.

"Oh! She's just perfect!" said one as Debbie led Ronny toward the box. "Oh yes, I can see why we made the box just for her." "Exquisite!" "Unique!" "She'll be some lucky child's special companion."

"And now, my dear, it will be time for you to wait," said Debbie, as the workers lifted Ronny and placed her ever so gently into the box. "When the box is opened, it will be by your new owner. I'm sure you'll get along fabulously. You, at least, won't be complaining."

As soon as Ronnie's skin touched the velvet of the box, she was unable to move. She felt like time had ... come to a stand still somehow. She lies there and stairs out of the box at the many workers who had come to admire the new doll and make wonderful comments.

Ronny was so scared ... and she was unable to do anything about it. One worker came over and slid a card of some kind into a slot just above Ronny's head. She kissed Ronny on her nose and cooed softly, "That's your new custom personality ordered by your new Owner. I know you will be very happy."

Shortly after she left, Ronny sees the adorable pony tailed face and head of Sally. She giggles softly and coos as she places a shipping manifest on Ronny’s chest,

"Yups, u was right silly. U gotsa Zecutive Sexatary job. U now tha Companion Doll to tha President ofa USA, Miss Virginia Dalin." she giggles adorably, "You will makes her very happy and doa goo job asa Companion Veronica Administrative Secretary Doll. The first and most special production model ever produced."

She bends and kisses Ronny softly, before closing the lid to the stasis box. The last sight Ronny saw ... was Sally's cute smiling face through the window above her, as she became the most unique and famous Babydoll in history.

"Well done, Sally," said Mandy, leading Sally back to the office. "How are your panties?" she asked, patting Sally lightly on the bottom. "Only a bit damp, I think -- no need for a change yet. Careful, though; you're really not ready for big girl panties, I might have to put you in diapers."

Sally giggles adorably, she didn’t mind in the least if she had on a diaper. She especially loved those super thick cloth ones.

Debbie followed along behind, smiling. When they reached the central secretary's desk, she stopped. "I suppose that's that, then, she said to Mandy."

Mandy had paused as well, still holding Sally's hand. "It seems so." She took a breath. "I can't thank you enough for helping me find Sally, here. Ever since my previous secretary, er, graduated, I've been at a loss. And as a bonus, that Veronica girl will do wonders for the company, I'm sure."

"Yes," said Debbie. "I'm happy to help make sure the company has only the best." She smiled at Sally. "Don't be afraid to be yourself anymore, Sweetheart, and you have all my blessings. And I do mean that." Debbie winked.

With a blue glow that rapidly grew from barely noticeable to blindingly bright, she was gone.

"I love her dearly," said Mandy to no one in particular, "but I do wish she would learn to use doors."

Sally looked confused.

Sally tugs on Mandy’s skirt and asks softly, "Wha ... what happened to Miss Debbie mommy? She ... gone an ... an ...??"

Mandy stoops and hugs Sally lovingly as she replies, "Well, sweetie ... do you know who Cupid is?"

Sally giggles softly and replies, "Course, he tha baby in diaper that makesa girls n boys fall in love."

Mandy nods, "That's right sweetheart. Well, that's his sister ... the Little known Goddess Persephone ... the Goddess of childhood and babies."

Sally asks softly, "She come back?"

Mandy giggles and replies, "Yes, sweetie, she'll be back. There's no place she would rather be than right here making Adults accept Baby Rules."

With that, she takes Sally by the hand and walks with her into her office.

~~ The End ~~
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