The Family

The Family

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The Family

by Jennie Flint and Miki Yamuri

Johnny Rodina -- college-age son of a mysterious family
Susi Rodina -- Johnny’s mother
Varazslo Rodina -- Johnny’s father
Jane Rodina -- Johnny’s younger sister
Great-Uncle Nosephoros - Family Vampire
Cousin Winnataka - Wizard
Demmie Cortin - college age daughter of Computer Industrialist
Cressida Cortin - Demmie’s mother
Phidias (“Phil”) Cortin - Demmie’s father, a computer industrialist
Nana Woods - an older, experienced nanny from the Nana Cooperative, assigned to the Cortin family
Nana Edwards - leader of the Nana Cooperative, assigned to the Babydoll Club
Nana Jennings - a younger and determined nanny from the Nana Cooperative
Persephone - Goddess of Babies
Nana Pederson - Goddess of Nanas
Cousin Thorvald and Cousin Bronnwyn -- from somewhere in Scandinavia, enjoy carousing, loud singing and jokes, and heavy metal (as in blacksmithing)

“Now, Johnny,” Johnny’s mother told him, “remember to look both ways before you cross the street, and I’ve packed your backpack with everything you should need today, including a yummy lunch for you, so you’re all set, OK?”
“Mom, I’m going to college, not kindergarten,” Johnny said, but this didn’t stop her from reaching up and tousling his unruly brown hair.
“I know, I know, Honey, but you’ll always be my little cub -- I mean, boy,” she said. “Look at you, all grown up -- it seems like only yesterday that you were in diapers and shortalls, sucking on your pacifier. Actually, it was only yesterday.” She giggled, and so did he. “Now, I know it’s hard not to suck your thumb, but you’ll just have to manage -- I’ve packed you some chewing gum and lollipops in case it gets too hard. But we’ve all got to be a little bit circumspect to get by in the outside world -- just like I have to be sure not to change in front of outsiders, and your father has to be careful with his incantations.”
“And Jane has to be careful to hide her tail,” Johnny said. “I’d better go, Mom, or I’m going to be late to class.”
“One more check,” she said, patting his rear quickly. “Only the slightest bit of dampness deep inside your diapers! I think you’ll be OK until lunchtime, and you know how to change yourself now.”
“Yep, I’ve been practicing!” Johnny smiled proudly. “Nobody’s gonna mistake me for anything but a big boy! Even though I’m not one.” He giggled. “It’s like a game of pretend!”
“That’s the spirit!” his mom cheered. “Make the best of today, Johnny!” She hugged him one more time.
“I’ll see you for supper tonight, Mom!” Johnny said. “I love you!” He skipped out the door, but then shifted into a more ordinary-looking gait as he went up the sidewalk away from the enormous family house, between the dark and foreboding trees, until he reached the street, where it seemed much sunnier somehow. The house was shrouded from view by the thick vegetation around it, and the Rodinas got few visitors, but for them it was what they were used to, and they liked it that way.
Johnny waited at the bus stop, and no one gave him a second look. He longed to suck his thumb, as he always had done, but he fought the impulse because he knew the people around him wouldn’t understand. His little sister Jane had outgrown thumbsucking and diapers, but her tail had grown longer and more dextrous -- all members of the family had their own particular individuality, and they all valued each other for their differences.
Finally the bus came, and he got on board and showed his pass. Next stop: Coventry College, for his first day of classes! Johnny was excited. He bounced in his seat a little with enthusiasm, until he noticed he was doing it and stopped. He hoped no one had seen.

Demmie Cortin was definitely excited to be going to her first day of college. She had dressed in a very cute little powder blue sundress with puffy sleeves, a white lace pinafore, and shiny black flats. The thickness of her rhumba pullups felt nice as she sat in her seat. She looked exactly like her 3 foot tall Suzy babydoll she kept on her bed. Demmie did her level best to emulate the appearance of her most favorite doll.
Demmie went over and over the warnings and instructions she had been given. She knew she was a very pretty and very cute young woman, and against her mother’s advice, she had dressed to show it. She was following in the budding Babydoll fad that was sweeping the fetish internet, although the world today wasn’t quite as accepting of an Adult Babydoll as she thought it should be.
As she sat in her seat and thought about her first day, she noticed a young man get on the bus. Outward appearances were normal, but there was something about his demeanor that caught her eye. She watched as he bounced slightly in his seat.
Demmie considered herself a Babydoll, and she had insured that was how she looked today. She watched the way the young man fidgeted slightly. A smile crossed her pretty face as she thought this might be someone she could befriend and invite over to … play.
She slid from her seat, showing off lots of her ruffled panties in the process, and walked the row up to where the young man was sitting and said in a very cute and shy voice, “Hello. My name’s Demmie. Can we … be friends?”

From Johnny’s point of view, this was very unusual. Few outsiders came right up and spoke to him. Most of them were boys who were kind of scary and threatening, but his mother had always just told him that they were trying to make themselves look big and strong to show off in front of their friends or to impress girls. After a talk with Mom or Dad, they were usually not so impressive. Sometimes their pants were in need of changing, too, and they didn’t usually wear diapers like Johnny.
So Johnny was understandably apprehensive when this young woman, admittedly quite adorable, bounced over and sat next to him. He wanted to suck his thumb, but remembered that he couldn’t do that in public. “F-friends?” he asked. “I … I guess so,” he said. “I’m Johnny. You’re very pretty. Is it … OK to dress like that? In the outside world, I mean?”
Demmie replied in a soft shy voice, “Imma babydoll an this how babydoll’s dress. No can help what everyone else thinks.”
Johnny looked on with surprise as Demmie actually started to suck her thumb. It was quite obvious to him that this young lady was not very concerned with what might happen when all those who were beginning to stare actually took real notice.
Demmie whispered, “I’m one of the new kinds of girls. We are the Babydoll’s.” she held out her Pad computer and brought up a webpage dedicated to the Babydoll fetish.
“Wow,” said Johnny, “I hadn’t heard of this. The outside world is always so interesting.”
“Outside world?” Demmie asked.
“Well … my family is a bit … unusual. We keep to ourselves.” Johnny looked at the pad again. “I think it’s easier for girls than it would be for boys. The outside world is unfair and stupid and thinks girls should be protected, like children. So they’re not so surprised when there are girls who act like children.”
Demmie smiled as she replied, “Well, this babydoll thinks you are a hidden child pretending to be a big boy.”
Johnny’s face held the expression of someone caught completely off guard. He looked fearfully around. By this time, only an older woman was still watching them. She had a large approving smile on her face and it was obvious she was thinking nicely about them.
Demmie said, “I’m not having accidents yet. Do you?” Then looked at him with innocent eyes.
Johnny was incredulous by this time. He replied, “What do you mean, do I? I’m a big boy and don’t have …. Accidents.”
Demmie giggled, “Mmk, big boyyeee. Since we gonna be at college, lets goto the forum first and get us some milk and cookies.”
“So what are you studying?” Johnny asked as they nibbled on their cookies over glasses of milk. Johnny had a straw and was being very careful not to get crumbs down his front, since he wasn’t wearing a bib as he usually did at meals.
Demmie replied, “Am studying Art and Physical Science this semester. Think am gonna major in Computer Programming and math. That’s where my strong suit is.”
“Ohhhh,” Johnny said. “I’m studying psychology -- I want to understand people better.”
“The outside world?”
“I’ve always wanted to know what … people were like,” said Johnny. “I think that if I study that, I might understand …”
“Understand how you can --” Demmie began, but then she was interrupted.
“My goodness, aren’t you adorable,” said a blonde girl who had walked by. “Such a cute little girl!” She turned to Johnny. “And you,” she said, “are definitely a cute boy. I’m sure I’ll see YOU again.” She went away, her hips swaying as she carried her backpack, off to her next class.
“Who was that?” Johnny asked.
“No idea,” Demmie said. “She’s got a certain opinion of herself.”
“I think she thinks she’s … very grown up,” Johnny said. “I am not certain that anyone is really that grown up.”
Demmie giggled adorably, “I not. Imma Babydoll n I just this manys.” she held up 3 fingers as she put the thumb of her left hand in her mouth long enough for Johnny to get an idea.
Johnny asked softly, “Is … your whole family … I mean, are they like you? Babydolls, I mean?”
Demmie shook her head and replied sadly, “Nopes. They actually dead set against me being a Babydoll. Since I am old enough, I decided to be what I really am.”
Johnny looked around the room that was rapidly filling with people, “I think most people are sorta not liking us cuz we different.”
Demmie replied with a sigh, “I know. I wish I could have worn a thick pullup like the one you have on. Instead, I have on a pair of thick Rhumba pullup panties for a big girl.”
“You … you can tell?” Johnny asked, looking around surreptitiously, wondering who else knew.
“One baby knows another,” commented Demmie. “Do you … need them?”
“Yeah, I always have,” said Johnny. “I can’t be … trained. Everyone in my family is special in some way -- well, every family is like that really. Ours is just … a lil bit different. What about you? Do you need to wear them?”
“Not … really,” said Demmie. “Sometimes … I wish I did. Sometimes I don’t.”
Johnny looked Demmie in the eyes. “If there was a way for you to really be a real baby,” he asked, “would you do it?”
“I … I don’t know,” Demmie replied, looking away. “Only if …” She looked back at him, then continued, “there were someone to take care of me.”
“And your family … they don’t want you to be a … Babydoll, you’re calling it?” Johnny asked. “They don’t support you?”
“No,” Demmie said. “They don’t understand. They don’t know what I’m really like. They only know what they wish I was like. They don’t know why I can’t be that. But it’s not who I am.”
“Wow,” said Johnny, looking down. “I guess I’m lucky. My family is behind me all the way. But then … everyone in my family is different. The rest of the world would probably call them unusual. But to us they’re all just family.”
“Your family is big, then?” asked Demmie. “Sounds like it.”
“I guess so,” Johnny said. “I mean, there hasn’t been a reunion for a while. But we’re scattered all over the world.”
Demmie sat and thought about how nice it would be if she too had her entire family behind her. She wondered what it would be like to be diaper dependant and have some loving person change her when she needed it.
Johnny noticed the faraway gaze in Demmie’s eyes and asked softly, “Would … would you like to come over to my house and meet my father? He would be more than happy to show you how to have accidents if that’s what you really want.”
Demmie’s thoughts were interrupted by a bell sounding. The crowded Forum filled with hustling crowds of young men and women all off to their next class.
One young man stopped and cornered Demmie. He said, “My oh my, don’t you look good enough to eat. Don’t worry, I’ll be very gentle.”
Johnny didn’t think; he walked up behind the young man and put a hand on his shoulder, saying, “Do you have a problem?”
The boy spun around, stopped for an instant, then mumbled, “Uh, I’m … uh, sorry, ‘scuse me, I gotta go … sorry,” then he slunk off, a large wet spot spreading on the front of his jeans.
Johnny took Demmie by the hand and said, “Come with me, little girl, together we’ll go to our next class. We have the same one, I think … that history appreciation thing.”
Demmie said softly, “That was … a very brave thing you just did.” She stood on her tippy toes and gave Johnny a sweet kiss on his cheek. “That man could have hurt a Babydoll like you n me.”
Johnny didn’t know what to think. His face blushed strawberry pink and a chill ran up his spine as he thought of what might have happened if that man had been of a different sort. “I … didn’t really think about it,” he said. “He was being mean. He didn’t have to do that.”
“Did he … wet his pants?” Demmie asked. “You touched him …”
“Sometimes I can … do things,” Johnny said. “I’ll tell you about it later. Not in public.”
“Noooo, that’s not fair, now I’m curious!” Demmie pouted. “But OK, I’ll wait.”

The introductory day of the course showed that it was going to be interesting, but they would still have to write papers. Afterward, they left the lecture hall together.
“Soooooo,” said Demmie, “you’re like what, a mutant?”
“I said most people would call people in our family … unusual,” Johnny said. “I’m really not that unusual. Everyone’s a baby to start with. I just … changed less than some. And I can spread it to others. Temporarily. But I have to touch them.”
“You could … do it to me?”
“Yes, but only if you want it,” Johnny said. “I only did it to that guy a little bit, and he wet his pants and could barely walk or talk.”
Demmie giggled as she lifted her short dress and showed Johnny her ruffled pullups, “Can ya maybe …??” she blushed softly pink, “Kinda makes me have a small accident?”
Johnny smiled. He knew he could, but would rather his dad take charge of this project since he seemed to have the better ability. He looked at the ground and shuffled his feet, “I … think my dad should hear of this. He can do better at that than I ever could.” Johnny looked up and took Demmie by the hand, “Sides, hesa Adult n we aren’t.”
The two of them looked at each other for an instant before they walked off towards the bus to Johnny’s house, giggling.

“Hi, Mom, I’m home,” Johnny said, opening the front door.
“Your front yard is like … a bramble thicket,” Demmie said.
“Hi, Johnny, and … who’s your friend?” asked Johnny’s mother.
“Oh -- Mom, this is Demmie Cortin,” said Johnny. “Demmie, this is my mother, Susi Rodina.”
“Hi Mrs. Rodina,” said Demmie.
Smiling at Demmie, Johnny’s mother said, “You’re dressed so adorably! No wonder Johnny felt a kinship with you. Maybe he sensed a kindred spirit. Well, don’t worry, my dear, we won’t judge you here. It’s just not what we do.”
“I … how do you know?” Demmie asked.
“Among other things I have a very good sense of smell, and I know exactly what baby powder and baby lotion smell like.” Susi smiled. “Would you like some milk and cookies?”
“Oh yes please Mommy!” said Johnny excitedly. He was already sucking his thumb, relaxing his outdoor persona now that he was home.
“Haha, OK, Johnny, let’s get you into your chair,” said Susi, leading them all into the kitchen, where there was a large wooden high chair, and she helped Johnny into it, fastening a belt around his waist to hold him in. “Demmie, how much of a baby are you? Do you need a bib? We only have one high chair that will fit you, though, and Johnny needs it. You could take turns, I guess.”
Demmie stood transfixed for an instant. Here was Johnny’s mom offering to fulfill one of her wildest fantasies.
Demmie giggled and replied, “If Johnny’s in one, I needa be in one too.” She was so overwhelmed that she wasn’t thinking straight, or she’d have noticed that Susi had just said they had only one chair.
Susi smiled as she somehow opened a closet, brought out another high chair anyway, and lifted Demmie into it. She said softly, “If you would like, after your snack, I could change your panties. I have a really cute pair of diaper pullups I think you’ll be very comfy in. Too bad Johnny doesn’t like girly things. I think they’re so adorable.”
Demmie felt a tingle run through her. Before she knew what she had asked, “Is it possible I could have an accident first?” then she blushed super red. Demmie could feel her face burning with it.
Susi smiled and replied, “Of course, little girls like you should always have accidents.” She looked over at Johnny, who reached out and touched Demmie softly on her cheek. Demmie felt a wonderful rush all through her, then a warm wetness began to spread around her bottom. There was nothing she could do to stop it, not that she wanted to, but she had to know -- and even though she tried to stop wetting herself, she just couldn’t.
Demmie also felt so … different as a contentedness unlike anything she’d ever known spread all through her. She couldn’t help it as she clapped her hands and giggled in delight.
“Oh dear, Johnny, I hope you didn’t overdo it,” said Susi, looking a bit worriedly at Demmie.
“No, Mommy, just a little teeny tiny bit,” Johnny said. “I think Demmie really does wanna be a baby real bad.”
“Well, little baby girls need bibs to protect their clothes just like little baby boys,” said Johnny’s mother, tying an oversized bib around Demmie’s neck. It had a design consisting of pink bats and ghosts on it, like something for a baby girl’s first Halloween. She set a sippy cup full of cold milk and a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies in front of Demmie, to match the ones in front of Johnny. “There, now, you just have fun,” Susie said to her.
They heard the door open again. “Hi, Mom, hi Johnny, who’s the other baby?” asked a young blonde girl, about 12 years old by her size, who came into the kitchen. “Oh hey, cookies, can I have some?”
“What’s the magic word, dear?” asked Susi.
“Ajji Majji la Tarajji,” said the girl.
“Very good, Jane,” Susi said. “Here, you can have some too.” She handed the girl another plate of cookies, which she had been keeping on the stovetop, probably because she’d known it would be needed. “Would you like some milk to go with them?”
“Yes, please,” said Jane. Her mother handed her a glass of milk, not a sippy cup, and she took it with … her tail? Yes, her tail; Jane had a long, agile tail covered with fur as blonde as her hair. “Thanks, Mom!” She sat down at the table.
“This baby girl is Demmie -- your baby brother met her at school today,” explained Susi. “Isn’t that right, Demmie?” Demmie looked at Jane and just nodded with a cookie in her mouth; she was getting little spots of chocolate all over her hands, face and bib. She didn’t notice, and she also didn’t notice that she didn’t even try to think of words to say to Johnny’s big sister … or little sister … no, she was definitely the big sister; she didn’t have to wear a bib or drink from a sippy cup or probably even wear diapers.
“Wow, she goes to college dressed like that?” Jane asked.
“So it would seem,” Susi answered.
“Does baby Johnny have a girlfriend?” asked Jane, giggling, looking at Johnny, who stuck out his tongue at her.
“Haha, well, let’s not jump to conclusions, Sweetheart. You’ve brought home a few boys to visit too.”
“Yeah, but they all ran away after a while. Did he do the, y’know, the thing? I’m guessing they don’t let people into college if they act like that all the time.”
“Only very slightly,” said Susi. “She really took to it. I hope she’ll be OK to go home soon, otherwise she might have to spend the night and sleep it off.”
“I’m not sure you can get a crib out of the magic closet,” said Jane. “It’s not wide enough.”
The door opened again. “Hi everyone, I am home!” said a man’s voice with a light Eastern European accent. “How is my wonderful family?” Entering the kitchen was a tall man with a thin stripe of gray parting the center of his jet-black hair, wearing a white shirt and a red tie under a black suit and vest.
“Darling!” said Susi, standing up to kiss him. “This is Demmie, a friend of Johnny’s from college. Demmie, this is my husband Varazslo.” Demmie tried to mutter something polite, but her mouth was full of cookies, and she wasn’t certain that what she’d tried to say were actual words anyway. “She wanted Johnny to use his touch on her, so he did, just a little bit. I told him it was OK.”
“Well, she’s really taking to it like a salamander to fire!” said Varazslo. “There’s a neotenic ergoaffinity there, unless I miss my guess, but now is not the time for thaumaturgy -- now is the time for hugging my beautiful daughter!” He leaned over and put his arms around Jane.
“Daaaaad!” said Jane, complaining but giggling nonetheless.
“And how is my wonderful son?” asked Johnny’s father, coming over to the high chair and tousling his hair. “Who is a silly boy? Eh? Who?” Johnny laughed, and so did his father.
“Daddy, I think Demmie maybe wants …” Johnny began.
“Ah, yes, just as I thought, she wants to be a baby again,” said Varazslo. “Well, we can talk about it once she can talk. There are questions. How old, and does she want her body to grow down with her, and how would she handle college when her mind can’t handle the alphabet. Many details. But that is for later. I am going to get out of my work clothes. Ajji Majji la Tarajji!” As he said this, he gestured with his hands, there was a puff of smoke and a flicker of light that played over his figure, and suddenly he was casually dressed in jeans, a red polo shirt, and goofy purple flip-flops.
There was a high-pitched noise from outside the room. “Oh, Dad, you set off the smoke alarm again,” said Jane.
“Ah, silly me, I will shut it off,” said Varazslo, leaving the kitchen in the direction of the alarm’s whine.
The alarm went silent as Varazslo returned. Demmie had finished eating her cookies, or more appropriate description, smearing them all over her mouth. Varazslo took a cloth from the sink and wet it with warm water, then came over and cleaned Demmie’s face and hands, insuring each finger got the proper attention so no chocolate was left.
Of course Demmie, in her infantile state, giggled and screeched and squirmed like any toddler in that predicament.
Johnny said, “She says she’s a Babydoll.”
Varazslo nodded and replied, “I can tell. How hard did you induct her when you did this? She’s really developing it nicely.”
Johnny replied sheepishly, “Honest, I just bumped her a bit. Was just enough to make her wet her panties and have a cute little accident.”
Susi spoke up, “She had wanted to have an accident and wet her panties. I told Johnny to go ahead and do it. He didn’t do it hard, just a gentle caress.”
Demmie clapped her hands. In her mind she began to suspect something wasn’t quite … as it was when she arrived. She couldn’t quite put her finger on what the problem was … her thoughts were interrupted as Susi took her from the high chair and twirled her around several times amid a loud and cheery “Wheeeee!”
Demmie screeched with delight as she spun around in Susi’s arms several times, before coming to rest on her back. Susi lifted her by her ankles and pulled her soaking wet pullups off. Susi cleaned Demmi well with a soft baby wipe, then lifted her by her ankles again and placed her bottom in the soft embrace of a very thick cloth crawly diaper. Susi powdered Demmie well, then pulled the thick diaper between her legs and pinned it on with locking diaper pins.
Susi bent over suddenly and blew a loud raspberry right in the center of Demmi’s tummy. Of course, Demmie’s mind went totally away as she screeched, kicked, squirmed, and giggled exactly as any infant would under those conditions.
Susi cooed, “That’s a good Babydoll, so cute and wonderful.”
Susi threaded Demmie’s feet through the leg openings of the cutest pair of pink and green plastic lined rhumba panties. She stood Demmie up so she rested against Susi’s shoulder, then pulled them the rest of the way up.
As she carried Demmie over to the playroom, she patted her bottom softly and cooed, “There we are. Baby’s all clean and diapered.” Demmie giggled happily as Susi gently set her down to play with Johnny, who was already there.
“Hi, Demmie!” said Johnny. “You sure do like being a baby, don’t you?”
“Yea I sure does!” Demmie said. “How come your mom and dad and sister can’t unnerstan a thing I say? An’ how comes I can’t unnerstan them no more?”
“‘Cause you’re speakin’ babytalk, like me!” Johnny said. “I speak babytalk and grownup talk both. But ever since I touched you, you can only talk an’ unnerstand babytalk. ‘Til it wears off that’s how you’re gonna be.”
“OK,” said Johnny’s mother, “I’ll just let you two play and babble at each other all you want. I’ll be back at bedtime.” She put a large baby gate in place across the door so the two babies wouldn’t wander out, and left.
“How long ‘til it wears off tho?” Demmie asked.
“I dunno,” said Johnny with a shrug. “Shoulda worn off already. I didn’t touch you any harder than that guy who was scarin’ you at school. I think … you must really wannit. Is like you’re holdin’ onto it or somethin’.”
“You mean … you only touched me a teeny bit?” asked Demmie. “What would it be like if you really zapped me?”
“Um … I dunno,” said Johnny. “I never zapped anybody real hard with it. I guess you would probably be creepin’ on the floor, not even crawlin’, and you couldn’t even come close to feedin’ yourself.”
“Whoa,” Demmie said. “I hope … I can experience that someday.”
“Err … but you gotta go to college an’ stuff,” Johnny said.
“Yeahhhh,” said Demmie reluctantly. “You can’t … unzap me or something, can you?”
“Huh -- I never tried that,” said Johnny. “I guess I could see.”
“You can re-zap me and un-zap me whenever you need to that way,” Demmie said. “Try it. Please? It can’t hurt.”
“Um, OK, let me see …” Johnny thought for a moment about taking away whatever he had given to her with his earlier touch and lightly touched her cheek with his hand again. Demmie felt very strange all of a sudden, as if her head had simultaneously cleared … and forgotten something emotionally important at the same time.
“What --? Oh!” Demmie exclaimed. “I’m -- in real diapers. Real actual diapers. Wait, of course I am. I remember it happening. But it’s strange; it’s like it happened a long time ago.
“It was 15 minutes ago,” said Johnny. “And you’re talking in grownup talk now. I guess it worked! You taught me a new trick!”
“That is … so amazingly awesome! Wait … does your sister have a tail? And did your dad do magic?”
“Yeah … each of us is different in our own way,” said Johnny.
“I guess you -- oh wait!”
“I have to tell my mom and dad I’m OK!” Demmie said. “Um, where’s my phone?”
“Mom probably put it with your other stuff. We can ask her. MOMMYYY?” yelled Johnny.
“Wwwwhaaaatttt’sss wwrooooonngggg, Jjjoooohhnnnyyy?” asked a voice. The shape of a woman emerged from a nearby wall, transparent and with a bluish tinge.
“Oh, hi, Aunt Spectra,” said Johnny. “This is Demmie. Demmie, this is Aunt Spectra. She’s actually my dad’s aunt. She’s visiting.”
“Oh, uh, I’m glad to meet you!” said Demmie, wondering whether to reach out for a handshake.
“Aunt Spectra, we were just wondering where Demmie’s phone is,” said Johnny. “I think Mom put it with Demmie’s other things. Could you please ask Mom if Demmie can have her phone?”
“Sssssuuuurrreeee ttthhiiinnnnggg, Ddddeeeaaaarrrr,” Aunt Spectra said; her voice was like an echo heard from far away. She drifted off through the walls.
“I-is she a ghost?” asked Demmie.
“Don’t be silly,” said Johnny, “you have to die before you can be a ghost.”
“Oh, Demmie, sweetie?” said Susi’s voice from the door. “I’ve brought your phone. Aunt Spectra said you wanted it. Did Johnny’s touch wear off?”
“I found out I can undo it, Mommy,” Johnny said.
“Oh, that’s a wonderful discovery, Dear,” said Susi, handing Demmie the mobile phone. “I suppose your parents are probably wondering where you are.”
“Yeah, it’s getting toward supper time, and they’re expecting me home,” Demmie said.
“You’re perfectly welcome to stay to supper,” said Susi, “and you can be either a grownup or a baby, your choice. But only if your parents say it’s OK. If not, we can make sure you get home safely.”
“Thank you so much, Mrs. Rodina,” Demmie said, and called her parents on her phone.
“Let’s go over here, Dear,” Susi said to Johnny, taking his hand and leading him to a corner of the playroom. “It’s not nice to eavesdrop. Demmie seems like a very nice girl, doesn’t she?”
“Yeah, Mommy, she’s very nice,” he said. “She’s not scared at all by how different we are. Maybe not everyone in the outside world is bad.”
“Well, as we always say, there are a few good ones out there. After all, your Grandpa Geoffrey was from the outside world, and your cousin Giulia met her husband at a baseball game.”
“She said he was the bat boy,” Johnny said with a giggle.
“Exactly, and that’s probably what got her attention,” Susi said with a smile. “And there are lots of others in the family history. But we do have to be careful. Her family may not approve of us. She may be fine with people who are a bit different, and that’s great, but that may be because she’s a bit different herself.”
“They’ve imagined a narrow paradigm for her since before she was born, and she tries to rebel against it?” asked Johnny.
“That’s very clever, Dear, and it’s sad that some families in the outside world are like that,” Susi said.
Demmie’s mother was furious. Johnny and his parents could hear her voice from across the room. It had nothing to do with the fact she hadn’t come right home from college nor the fact she had called so late. The thing that had her irate, was the fact she had actually had the nerve to leave the house practically dressed as an infant. It was quite obvious the woman wanted her daughter to come home and change, but since she was at someone’s home, it would be far better she stayed there and have them dress her more appropriately.
Demmie turned toward Johnny and his mother, having hung up the phone.
Demmie said sheepishly, “My mom is … kinda upset that I’m a Babydoll and dressed like one.”
Jane came over to Demmie and patted her thickly diapered bottom, “Don’t worry, sweetheart, here, you are a Babydoll and that’s final.”
Susi said in agreement, “That’s right. And since you basically have your mother’s approval to stay, “ Susi giggled, “And have us dress you more appropriately. Come with me Babydoll. I have an outfit you’ll love.”
Susi held her hand out. Demmie shly took it and was led off to another room. Everyone watched as they left.
Jane giggled, “I know what she going to dress her in.”
Johnny asked, “What? Just a diaper?”
Jane shook her head, “No, it’s that Snuggle Bug Babydoll romper. The soft yellow one with the little spots and the large ruffles all over. It crinkles when you move in it.”
Johnny blushes pink in the cheeks.
Varazslo said softly as he hugged Johnny, “Don’t be ashamed. You were so adorable in it. I wish you liked those kinds of outfits more. You are so cute in them.”
Jane agreed, “Yea, you shouldn’t fuss so when mom wants to dress you. You are just made for that kind of thing.”
Johnny shook his head, “I would rather wear the toddler boy stuffies. It … suits me better.”
About that time, Susi led the now redressed Demmie back into the room. She was sucking the thumb on her left hand. The Snuggle Bug Romper fit her perfectly and all could hear the soft crinkle swish of the plastic lining as she toddled. The super thick diaper Susi had put on her made it easier for her to toddle now due to all the bulk. Her ruffled hinny was poofy enough from it that Demmie couldn’t keep her feet and fell onto her padded behind. Of course, it didn’t hurt, due to the same padding.
Everyone made a huge deal of it as Varazslo held out his index fingers for Demmie to grab hold of. Demmie couldn't believe how easily she was slipping into the role she so desired to be part of as Varazslo lifted her to her feet and led her slowly by his fingers.
“Gee, Demmie, you look so perfect and cute!” said Johnny. “I can’t believe your mommy doesn’t want you to dress like this. Maybe she’s just worried that people will hurt you. The outside world can be dangerous.”
“Well, I’m going to start supper,” said Susi. “It’ll probably be about half an hour. Demmie, it’s up to you whether you want to eat as a baby or a grownup, but you’re so adorable like this that I think I know what my vote would be!” She went downstairs toward the kitchen.
“Well,” said Johnny’s father, sitting down in a chair, “we might have a little time to talk. Demmie, you like to be a baby, yes?”
“Well -- yes,” said Demmie. “It just feels -- right. Like I never really grew up -- or wanted to.”
“Ah, I see. I would like to help you, if it is OK with you, and with Johnny, and with your parents, of course. There are things I can do. But there are many questions. How young a baby do you see yourself being, for one of them?”
“Well, I …” Demmie began. “I see myself crawling, but not creeping. I see myself trying to feed myself, but not being very good at it. I imagine babbling bits of words but mostly not able to put anything together. I can’t understand most of what grownups say around me … does this help?”
“It helps you,” said Varazslo. “I would say you are somewhere around 18 months old. But do you want to be that in your mind only, or do you want your body to match? You do live in the outside world -- other people would understand better if you looked the part. Silly, I know, but that’s how it is.”
“I -- I -- wait, you can even do that?” asked Demmie. “Physically turn me into a baby?”
“Nothing is impossible,” Varazslo said. “But then we have to think about going to college. If your mind is too young to form a sentence or read a book, how do you do that?”
“I, well, I always hoped there would be a way to switch,” said Demmie, “and be a baby whenever I didn’t need to be a grownup -- wait, this is crazy! It’s like what I daydream about.”
“We are such stuff as dreams are made on,” Varazslo quoted. “Dreams make reality. Without them, how would we guide our future? But you are speaking of having two lives, an adult life and a baby life. How do you follow two paths at once?”
“Well … Johnny kind of does,” said Demmie.
“Indeed he does,” Varazslo said. “He has learned to pretend to be an adult at times when he needs to. But he also does not physically turn into a little baby when he is at home. He just relaxes and acts like his true baby self.”
“I guess so.”
“You should think. About how you can be all that you are. After all, suppose you get married someday? You must marry someone who knows you are a baby and can take care of you. But you must also be those parts of yourself that are adult. How can you do this? Is time to start thinking about it. I am sure there is an answer. But you must find it. I do not say that you cannot have help finding it. But in the end you must decide.”
“I … will, Mr. Rodina,” said Demmie. “You’ve given me a lot to think about.”
Demmie worried over this new found solution to her dream. She couldn’t believe that the chance meeting on the bus had produced this kind of result. She also knew that she wanted more than anything to experience being an infant again, but she also knew she wanted to goto college as well. All the fantasies of her being a wonderful mix of both dance in her head like a dried pea rolling around inside an aluminium pot. She finally came to the conclusion, that if this were possible, she wanted to become a babydoll. What this entailed was she would be an infant who was able to pretend and function like an adult when necessary, then revert to her normal state of being. She also wanted to be about the same size as her favorite Suzy doll, the one she had dressed like that morning.
Finally she said in a shy and cute little girl way, “Mr. Rodina? Would it … I mean,” she shuffled her feet as she looked down, “Could it be that I amma Babydoll? I mean, that I isa baby pretending to be a big girl when necessary, but amma Babydoll when I don’t?”
He nodded, “Anything’s possible sweetheart. What is your parents going to think about that?”
Demmie’s face took on a pained expression as she remembered her mother’s total opposition to the whole thing. Especially the argument over the way she was dressed this morning.
“I see,” said Varazslo. “Well. You are what, 18 years old? Old enough to make decisions. But family is still important. For our family … family is everything.”
“But your family … it’s so … I guess the word is diverse,” said Demmie, adding wistfully, “but no matter how different they are, family members still get support.”
Varazslo answered, “Because they are family, but also because even if we are all different, we are also all the same. Everyone has their special abilities and special challenges. Jane has a tail. But is the most agile girl I have ever seen. She could be Olympic gymnast. But only if she did not have to hide the tail. Still, we can be proud of her.”
“My family isn’t proud of me,” said Demmie, looking down.
“Nonsense,” Varazslo said. “They are proud. But … is outside world. They are concerned with appearances. They are proud of everything but the way you dress.”
“But the way I dress is how I express myself,” Demmie said.
“Outside world is strange place,” said Varazslo. “How people dress is last thing they should worry about.”
“What’s the first thing?”
“Growth of sewer monster population. But I think is time for supper!” He stood up. “You think about what you want. Maybe we can help.”
“Wait, sewer monster --?” Demmie started.
“Time to come downstairs,” Susi said from behind Demmie. She had apparently come up the stairs completely silently. “I guess you’re going to join Johnny and eat as a baby, which is fine with me!” She picked up Demmie and gently carried her over her shoulder. Susi was obviously a lot stronger than one would suspect from looking at her.
“I get Johnny,” Varazslo said. “Hey, Johnny, ready for supper?” He took out a long, narrow silver wand, engraved with intricate symbols.
“Yup! Ready, Dad!” Johnny put down the blocks he had been playing with and sat up straight.
“Ajji Majji la Tarajji,” said Varazslo, gesturing toward Johnny with the wand. There was a flash, and Johnny was gone. But as soon as Susi carried Demmie downstairs, she saw that he was in his high chair in the kitchen, right next to the one that Susi carried Demmie to and buckled her in.
Susi fastened the high chair’s tray in front of Demmie, saying, “There we go! All fastened in and ready for takeoff! Actually I don’t know if you like planes.”
Demmie giggled. “Planes are OK!”
“Oh good!” said Susi, tying a bib on Demmie that had different airplanes from some children’s movie on it.
Susi sat in front of Demmie while Varazslo sat in front of Johnny. Demmie had no idea what came over her as she began to squirm and fidget and play in the food as any happy infant would. Susi got more on Demmie than in her, just as Varazslo did with Johnny. Demmie couldn’t remember when she had so much fun at meal time.
Susi said in a cooing voice, “Annnddd heeerrrre comes the jet in to park in the hangar.” She brought the spoonful of food up to Demmie’s mouth. Demmie did exactly as any playful infant would have done, and more of it was on her, than in her.
Varazslo and Susi laughed heartily at Johnny and Demmie’s antics as Johnny’s little sister fed herself with her prehensile tail. Aunt Spectra sat with Jane at the table, apparently perfectly able to handle cutlery and eat solid food despite being somewhat translucent.
About that time, the phone rang. Susi answered it, “Why .. yes Mrs Cortin, Demmie’s still here. Yes, she’s dressed appropriately for a girl of her age.” Susi looked at Demmie who was dressed in the adorable romper and a hugely thick crawly diaper. Susi smiled as she said, “I will have Demmie come home immediately after Supper. Yes, she will have on the same outfit she had on this morning.” Demmie’s mother’s voice could be heard rising as Susi took the receiver from her ear and held it away from her head a bit. Finally, Susi said, “She will be along directly. Supper’s almost done.” then hung up the phone without preamble.
Susi looked at Demmie with a sad expression. She knew in her heart that Demmie was going to have a hard time of being the Babydoll that she more than obviously was.
Susi went to the sink and wet a small towel in warm water, then brought it back. She cooed softly, “Here we go baby, let Auntie clean your face and hands. Such an adorable little girl.”
Susi cleaned Demmie’s hands and face, then removed the bib from around her neck before releasing her from the highchair. With one deft swoop, she held Demmie under one arm for an instant, just long enough to check her diaper to see if she would need a change before going home.
“My, my, someone is wet again,” said Susi. “I’ll just take you up to the nursery for a quick change. We can put you back into the clothes you were wearing when you arrived …” They left.
“Dad, what’s she gonna do?” asked Jane. “The outside world isn’t safe for her, not now, dressed like when I first saw her. It’s getting dark.”
“Oh, I thought we could just give her a ride home,” said Varazslo.
“Yay! A ride in the car!” said Johnny, excitedly thumping his hands on the high chair tray in front of him.
“Yes. But first let us get you cleaned up, young man,” Johnny’s father said to him, going to the kitchen sink and getting a washcloth wet with warm water. “Your face has more left on it than your plate.”
Susi dressed Demmie in her cute Babydoll Sundress and now cleaned rhumba panties. She patted her softly on her hinney as she cooed, “You are such a cute little girl. My oh my! I do hope you decide to come play with Johnny more. He needs another Baby about his age in the playroom.” She asked Demmie where she lived so they could get her home.
Demmie felt somehow different now. She didn’t feel like the big girl playing at being a Babydoll any longer. What she felt like, was a very little girl lost in a world full of adults.
Susi cooed softly, “I’m not sure, but the way you took to Johnny’s psychoregression power, you just might still have small accidents. You might want to take precautions for a day or so.”
Varazslo took Demmie by the hand, and had Johnny’s in his other hand. He led them out to a very fancy Del Sterling automobile and opened the back door. Demmie’s eyes got big and her mouth opened in surprise. The interior of the vehicle was many time larger than it could have possibly been based on the size of the car’s exterior.
Varazslo lifted Johnny into what looked like a baby’s car seat made for a large infant. He turned and lifted her into a second one that had just appeared right beside it and buckled them both into the plush seat.
Demmie said in a cute shy way, “Umm … Mr. Varazslo? How comes …”
Varazslo laughed and replied, “Don’t worry, sweetheart, you are a baby and things like this probably won't make sense to you.” He shut the door and entered the driver’s seat, way far off in the distance.
Johnny and Demmie giggled and made funny faces at each other all the way home. As it looked like they were turning into Demmie’s neighborhood, Johnny touched Demmie’s pacifier, which had fallen out of her mouth while she was laughing and was sitting in front of her on her car seat’s safety bar. “Don’t forget that,” he said to her. “Is a present … from me to you.”
“I no forget,” said Demmie. “I good girl.”
The car stopped, and the door opened. “Well, time to get out,” Varazslo said. “All good things must come to an end, as Chaucer said, more or less. We’ll walk you to the door.” He unbuckled both Johnny and Demmie from their car seats and helped them out of the car. Demmie made a point to pick up her pacifier -- she guessed it was hers now, since it was a gift, and that meant it was one she would treasure -- and put it in her school backpack, which someone had thoughtfully put in the car for her.

“It’s almost time for our favorite show,” said Phil Cortin, Demmie’s father, wandering toward the home theater room in his comfortable casual clothes and slippers.
“Which reminds me,” said Demmie’s mother, “don’t you think our daughter is out rather late? Especially … dressed as she is? I can’t bear to think what sort of people are out at this hour --” The doorbell rang.
“That’s probably her, Cressie,” said Phil, going to look at the security monitor to make sure. “She’s just fine, despite it all. But I agree with you, she shouldn’t go out dressed like some kind of --” He paused, seeing his daughter on the monitor with three strangers.
“Well now who are they?” asked Cressida Cortin -- rhetorically, because Phil didn’t know any more than she did.
“I suppose we’re about to find out,” Phil said, opening the door.
“Hi, Mommy, Daddy,” said Demmie, waving at them adorably. “This is Johnny Rodina. I met him at class today. And this is his mommy, Susi, and his daddy Varazslo. Did I say that right?”
“You sure did!” Varazslo said.
“And this is my mommy, Cressida, and my daddy, Phil. His name’s really Phidias, but everyone calls him Phil.” Varazslo immediately held out his hand to shake Phil’s.
With a bit of hesitation, Phil reached out and shook Varazslo’s hand. “I … it’s good to meet you,” he stammered out. “Thank you for bringing our daughter home safely.”
“Oh, it was no trouble at all,” Varazslo said. “She’s so well behaved! You did a good job with this one.” Demmie blushed, guessing that he probably meant that she had behaved like a proper baby, but he didn’t say a word about that part.
“Yes, not like some children today,” Susi said. “Practically all grown up and in college, yet they’re running around acting like babies, carrying on at all hours and not doing any of their studies. But Demmie here insisted that she had to get right home after supper, so she could do her homework. And it’s only her first day of classes, just like Johnny!”
“I … er …” Cressida began, seeming flustered. “Johnny, if you were dressed like, well, that, I see why my daughter may have noticed you …” She pointed at Johnny’s blue overalls and red and white striped shirt, and the small plushie peeping out of the overalls’ front pocket. He looked like a little boy even to someone who didn’t see the thick diapers he wore underneath.
“No, Ma’am,” said Johnny, “actually I was just wearing jeans and a polo shirt then. But we got onto the same bus, and it turned out we were both starting classes today.”
“I … see …” Cressida said. “Well, dear, it’s getting late, so why don’t you thank the … Rodinas, is that right? And come in to do your … homework, as you said.”
“Yup, I probably better get to it,” Demmie said. “Bye bye everyone -- I hope I can see you again soon! I’ll see you at school, Johnny!”
“Enjoy your evening!” Varazslo shouted as the door closed. “You know, Jupiter and Venus are entering a close conjunction tonight --” Obviously no one was listening at this point. “Well. Nobody takes an interest in astrology nowadays.”
“Don’t worry, Dear,” said Susi as they walked back to the car, “you can talk to Uncle Umbrius all about it. He’s coming to visit at midnight.”
“Of course! He loves the stars,” Varazslo said as Susi buckled Johnny into Demmie’s car seat.
“We might have to get another car seat for real,” said Varazslo, gesturing at the seat Johnny had ridden here in, which vanished. “It’s twice the wear sending one back in time to do double duty.”
“I hope Miss Demmie can visit again soon,” said Susi as they drove home. “I’m not entirely sure her parents were pleased to see us.”
“Well, I’m sure we’d be just as protective if some strangers had brought Jane home,” said Varazslo. “It’s probably just a parent-daughter thing.”

Cressida stood with her hands on her hips and a serious scowl on her otherwise pretty face. She said in a harsh tone, “Now, young lady, would you mind explaining that?” she pointed at the adorable sundress outfit Demmie had on. “I made myself quite clear you were not to leave this house dressed like that. You’re eighteen and not three.”
Phil said calmly, “Now, dear. She’s very adorable that way. It somehow seems to fit how she is too. It isn’t too out of place. Think of those girls from across town and what they had on at the restaurant yesterday. If I didn’t know better, I would swear they had on their pajamas.”
Cressida scowled at Phil even more darkly as she spat, “Maybe so, but at least they were dressed as young women and not like a baby. How do you explain this?” She quickly lifted the short hem to Demmies sundress and showed her very thick ruffled Pull-ups. They were designed to look just like a little girl’s, and were made to be absorbent.
“Oh, Sweetie, are you having your problems again?” Phil asked sympathetically. “I thought you’d licked that problem back when you were 12.”
Demmie blushed deeply. It was true that she’d had nighttime wetting problems at that age. Although it was embarrassing to remember, she didn’t know how to tell them that was also when she’d learned that she liked the nighttime protection panties her parents had gotten for her and the comforting, safe feeling they gave her. She also didn’t know how to tell them that she wanted to have wetting problems again. Though it wasn’t really a problem if you wanted it to happen, was it?
“Aww,” continued her father, “if you’re having problems like that you should tell us; we’ll help you through them just like we did before.”
“But … before you just made me go to the bathroom a lot and drink less before bed,” Demmie said. “And you got me that alarm thing that went off and woke me up when it happened. I didn’t get a decent night’s sleep for months.”
“It worked,” said Cressida, as if that excused everything. “You are 18! You’re an adult! You can’t go out dressed like that, especially wearing … those! They’re barely better than diapers! It’s not just about what people will say -- it’s calling attention to yourself! You’re very lucky you weren’t assaulted on the street!”
“There was one guy at college who looked like he was going to try something,” said Demmie. “Johnny stopped him.”
“Johnny?” Cressida asked. “Don’t even mention him -- did you see how he was dressed, Phil? He’s obviously got something wrong with him. I think he’s some kind of sexual pervert and his parents either don’t know or, worse, they do know and they’re encouraging him. I bet he’s an only child. When parents only have one child, they let them do whatever they want.”
“If only I could be so lucky,” said Demmie under her breath.
But Cressida didn’t hear Demmie, because Phil was already saying, “No, I’ve heard of the Rodinas -- they’ve got a daughter too, just starting high school.”
“But … that means … they left her at home alone while they brought Demmie home!” Cressida ranted. “That’s irresponsible parenting!”
“Um, she might have been in the car --” Phil began.
“She wasn’t in the car,” said Demmie, “but they’ve got relatives visiting. I met Johnny’s aunt. Jane wasn’t alone in the house.” She carefully avoided mentioning the fact that the aunt was in
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