Christmas Lost

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Christmas Lost

Postby Miki Yamuri » Thu Dec 25, 2014 6:29 pm

Christmas Lost

Here I sit and ponder,
Through many lonely thoughts I wander.
Where's the love of all in this earth,
So long ago lost from birth.

So much misery and hurt,
Even the store Santa is awfully curt.
Far and wide I can see,
Anger and hate from whence I flee.

The very foundations of Heaven tremble,
Over how many seem to resemble,
An apostate from hell.
It has become so hard to tell.

Why has it become so hard,
To hear the loving song of the bard?
Grace the world does discard,
To follow a path of darkness without reguard.

With childlike wonder I hop aboard
To be young and free,
To dance with glee,
Under a flowering tree.

Why can't the world turn,
And learn not to burn?
A soft embrace should be our main concern.
Oh, when, will we ever learn?


I hope all have a truly Happy and Merry Christmas,
A very safe New Years.
And that You be the miracle.

With much love

Miki Yamuri
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