Thus Quotes The Computer...The Neon God

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Thus Quotes The Computer...The Neon God

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sat Dec 20, 2014 8:35 pm

Thus Quotes The Computer...The Neon God

I see the flash, I hear the click,
I truly know this trick.
Down it digs, long remember , never sleep.
For this beast, no depth too deep.
With all the bits and bytes,
Mankind hopes to reach new heights.
Memory long, lightning fast,
Numbering bodies to the last.
On our foreheads a number sticks,
A mark left by colored needle pricks
An icy wind through our soul
Through our Spirit darkness sows.
Money gone, what need to steal?
Stand be counted, show your zeal!
There's a new way in the land,
Reach out take his hand.
Come to the glass,
See people mass.
From afar I see,
Those things meant for me.
Can't you see?
All the things said to me, will never set me free.
I hear the voice metallic and cold,
Telling the masses to be bold.
Hunt down those who will not choose,
Show the world how they lose.
His mark I will not take
Even for my life's sake.
No number shall I be
For this man shall stay free!
Thus quotes the Neon God, " REJECT...REJECT...REPROGRAM...I AM YOURSELF."
Miki Yamuri
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