A Day We Never Before Had

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A Day We Never Before Had

Postby Miki Yamuri » Tue Jul 08, 2014 9:05 pm

A Day We Never Before Had

Good Morning to all
Tis indeed morning

Tis so

All the birds are a signing to welcome the dawn
The dew doth diamond's sparkle among spider's webs
The webs as delacte as lace woven of fairy's hands
The world rejoices at all the splendor

Tis dawn
Tis dawn

Once again hath risen the sun
For it smiles upon all of Gaia's children
Bringing joy to each soul

The laughing brook winds its way
The lowing of the cow
The laughing wrinkle across the milk maid's brow
All rise to greet the dawn

Across the sky majesty paints
Soft fluffieness of cloud
The happy screech of eagle's cry
Magnificent splendor from on high

Tis Dawn
Tis Dawn

A day we never had
Rejoice in the wonder
Be so gald
For tomorrow may never come
Miki Yamuri
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