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Love Shared

Postby Miki Yamuri » Tue Apr 02, 2019 6:20 am

Title: Love Shared


Miki Yamuri

Jennifer Funshine

Scene: In each other's arms

Moonlight, candles, forests, gardens, and roses in June,
Autumn leaves in May, all very magical and beautiful to me,
I would love to choose a place and take you there..
Make passionate love by the light of the moon. :X *sighs*

The soft whispering winds through the pines
The laughter of the brook
To hear the grass as it sings to the dew of the morn
The smell of the mist across the moor
The dampness on my brow
The soft sweet taste of your lingering kiss
Ummm ... the feel of your skin pressing against mine

mmmm :-* The enchanting perfume of your elegant hair
Swaying silently in the whispering summer wind
I wish you were mine.

The feel of your heart beating against mine
In sweet musical rhythm of loving kind
To fall into the deep wells of your eyes
To drink the heady wine of your love

All time would be frozen in your warm endearing embrace,
Your soothing touch and gentle gaze
Washing away all melancholy within my soul

To drowned there loved and caressed
To find the way so long missed
I hear the butterfly as it calls

The owl knows this song
The more he listens ... he less he says
How he became wise ... and old

To hear the bird rise in my soul
To feel you lips upon my breast
Two entwined in loves embrace

By: Miki Yamuri and Jennifer Funshine
Miki Yamuri
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