I See You On My Buddy List

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I See You On My Buddy List

Postby Miki Yamuri » Wed Nov 21, 2018 1:25 pm

I See You On My Buddy List

I see you on my Buddy List, I watch you come and go.
Like a light that flickers on and off, how little do you know
How much you mean to me, how much I like you so.
And when I hear the little chime, how welcome does it sound,
A pretty note that brings to me tidings that abound.
My online friend I always enjoy you so...
You have touched my life in many ways as you come and go.

You come with laughs, you come for hugs
It matters not the least.
As we share each day along the way...
I consider myself truly blessed.
Tears and smiles make up your name
And bring life to an unknown face...
It seems as though some thoughts are the same
As our messages travel from place to place.
When I see you on my Buddy List
I can't help but Smile...
I'm thankful you're my Buddy ...
and I just wanted you to know !
Miki Yamuri
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