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The Last Unicorn

Postby Miki Yamuri » Wed Aug 23, 2017 2:17 pm

The Last Unicorn

Out of winter's might
From the darkness of winter's night

I stumble into a magical place
Where winter never shows its cold gray face

Spring abounds from tree to tree
Gentle breeze laughs with glee

I stand old and broken with fingers gnarled
Hair unkempt greyed and snarled

To my dimmed sight visions come
Lost and forgotten joys that made my young heart hum

In my eye, tear drops sting
Memories of innocents lost ring

A most terrible yearning in my soul
I sit, weep, and know not my goal

On my neck I feel
Oh so soft and genteel

Through my spirit it goes
Darkness fades, joy grows

I quickly turn and see
That which reason says cannot be

So bright and sparkly white
A true vision in my sight

Old and gray has gone away
Innocents and youth here to stay.

With a giggle and toss of her head
My young ears hear what she said

I am the last that will ever be
I stayed to set you free

Childhood evermore
Old age never a chore

The clock is but once wound
for you is twice around

By: Miki Yamuri
Miki Yamuri
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