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( Or Lamentations of a Returning Soldier )

Why do the heathen rage when they have the whole of the earth in their hands?

What is it that make the young rise and kill the old, to turn a Son against his Father?

Why is it such a hard thing to live and be, and who is it that tells me I cannot?

Why do you hate me because I am good and to throw stones with curses?

Is there pleasure in a bruised and battered heart?

Where are the joys in life that are bestowed upon all men?

Can you hear a tear my friend?

To see the devastation of a beloved Nation by those whom I swore to protect,

To defend even if it were to the forfeiture of my own life.

Hard It is to return and find that even the simplest of pleasures

Are corrupted to the point that it is indistinguishable from pain.

I have a hard time dealing with this sort of cross and am having a hard time bearing it.

I am tired in my soul, nowhere left to run, no place in the sun.

Why does this world hate me so?

I was a good soldier , defending the rights of my loved ones with my life and my all.

I have nothing left to give, why do they yet take from me?

To what end shall this bring, and upon whose brow will it fall?

Can you hear a tear my friend?

To see the land of my fathers gone before my eyes, to loose before I have yet had a chance to fight.

I have nothing to fight for, there is just nothing left.

I am as a broken thing lying in the street.

Everyone passes and sees, they make comments of shame

Yet no one stops and sees the beauty in me.

To take and hold, to patch and mold, to make again that which I could be.

To be judged before the fact and be guilty of a crime I have not to commit.

I am not clean, there is a darkness round about.

Why can I not see the way that is meant for me?

It is strange to return, to long in your soul for home, and find there is no home there.

The loneliness, the heart break, to fight so hard and find the battle's lost

All the while it seemed to win.

Can you hear a tear my friend?

We can, all of us who went, we lost.

Can you hear a tear ?
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