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Stepping Stones

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sat Jun 28, 2014 4:49 pm

Stepping Stones

I see a large rock, no not a rock,
A large round object with an opening like a cave.
I see a sign, it says to me, this way to THE GATEWAY of FANTASY.
Swirling fire in its heart, breaking like a wave.
It speaks," I am the Guardian of Fantasy.
Ask, Thee I take
Just for its sake.
Wheresoever thou wish, How ever thou will.
Thee but seek of me, stepping stones forevermore."
A thought, a glimmer of a thought, just a fancy fantasy you see.
I as a baby girl.
diapered in mommy's arms,
sweet, innocent, and free.
A fairytail, a story she tells to me.
A swirling around and I was there,
Swirling around and I was there.
In mommy's arm soft and sweet a fairy tail she tells to me.
Stepping Stones, Stepping Stones, she tells to me.
I walk the road of laughter and feel the mist upon my face.
I have left the adults behind, all of the human race.
I see the Sun rise as a child, Its magic fantasies of ruffles and lace.
I am free to play and to laugh and know childhood's grace.
Letting all the yesterdays fall
To the pools of forgetfulness' hallowed hall.
I forever close that door and childhood's wonder restore.
Seeing the morning mist rise, through a young child's eyes.
Eyes filled with wonder, a whole world to explore.
I see with new eyes, the eyes of a girl child.
I smell of the dawn,
The sight of the dawn.
The coolness in my face.
The clinging dampness, On my bare feet
As I play in mud puddles along my street.
Mud, wondrous mud. The slimy, slippery, grimy mud!
Deep, even green, most wondrous sight I've seen...mud.
I sit and play, my diaper fills. Oh the forgotten joy of wondrous mud!
Rain drops falling to the ground,
Falling all around.
Missing me and falling, into a pool.
Ripples, expanding to no end.
Small innocent, Just a Sound,
Just rain drops falling to The ground.
An ant, working all its days. Who can say how it plays?
What is life to one such as that? Or to a cat?
A sweet child's wonder, life all aglow.
All these things are stepping stones
Stones to forevermore.
Just stepping stones ... to forevermore.
Miki Yamuri
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