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BXx – Xy Virus

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BXx – Xy Virus

Scene: Nano/Gen Inc. - Foremost Nano Genetic Research Facility on the Planet

There is an exciting new project in the lab that is showing much progress in treating birth defects on a genetic level. The scientists are very excited with the new technique of combining the T69 viral RNA with the newly constructed BX RNA recombinant carrier.

There is great promise that this is also the coveted Fountain of Youth sought so long by mankind as well. The new carrier rebuilds genetic material and makes it younger in the process. The results thus far have been both miraculous and startling.

What they didn't know at the time ... the virus had mutated. This of itself was insignificant so long as it was contained properly, and the mutation would have been discovered very soon.

As it happened, one of the new techs had not completely followed safety protocols and sterilization procedures. He had rushed through the decon and skipped over the antiseptic rinse. Because of this laps, the newly mutated RNA protocol was allowed to combine with the Rhino Virus that the Tech unknowingly had contracted ... a common cold.

This created a xenomorphic transmutation gender reassignment Syndrome. It was highly contagious as all Rhino Viral components are, and, there was no known cure ever found for the common cold ... or this virus either. Less than 20% of global population were naturally immune. It spread like a winter’s cold through out the planet.

Larry, the new Tech, was proceeding to the lobby to get his pepperoni pizza he had ordered for lunch. The Bx virus had shared genes and proteins with the Rhino Virus and the new mutation was multiplying rapidly on his hands as he contaminated the money he was to give to the delivery person.

Unfortunately, I was the delivery person and this was the start of a global infection that would change world history.

My name was Jason and I used to be 24 years old. I was a Science Major in college and was studying to be a Research Physician. I was infected 6 years ago, I am now called Debbie and am one of the lucky ones, I am now 9 and am the foremost geneticist on Earth. This is how all this came to be.


I was truly impressed when I walked into the main reception area for Nano/Gen. The carpet was a type of grass I had never seen before. The lighting I couldn’t even guess at.

There was a very cheery and beautiful young lady receptionist behind what looked like a mahogany counter.

She looks up and smiles a smile that really turned me on, and said, “Hi, you must be here for Larry. Have a seat and he’ll be here in a moment.”

I said, “Thanks.”

She made a call on the phone as I had a seat in one of the comfortable looking chairs.

When I sat, it was like the chair reached around and caressed me. I jumped up in total shock with a yelp.

The receptionist giggles softly and says in a cheery voice, “It won’t hurt you. It’s a genetic construct ... an organism genetically manipulated to be a very comfortable form fitting chair.”

I am more than impressed. I gingerly sit back in the chair. It conforms to my body like a very well made leather glove and caresses me softly. She was right ... this is the most comfortable chair I had ever sat in. It is so comfortable, I am almost asleep in the few short minutes that passed before Larry showed up and I gave him his pizza and he paid me.

It was so weird too ... when he gave me the money ... I should have known then and there something was wrong. I could feel a really strange tingle in my fingers that sort of spread quickly through me. It happened so fast ... I tingled all over for a few minutes and then it suddenly went away. I didn’t really think about it again till later ... when the dreams began.

I went through my delivery day ... unknowingly spreading contagion through out the city in an ever widening area well beyond any human capabilities to contain it. Each person I had contact with ... again spread the contagion even further.

The money I received all went into the night deposit except what I had used for change ... the night deposit went into the bank tellers hands for sorting and counting, then redistribution in a million other places after it had contaminated even more of the money supply.

By the middle of the next day, the BXx-Xy Virus had become air borne. It then spread by the whims of mother Gaia herself on her soft gentle breezes.


I arrived home finally on the afternoon of the 3rd day. My feet hurt and I was really tired. My throat was really scratchy ... I thought I was coming down with a cold ... Just what I needed ... to be sick and have to work.

I took a long hot shower with lots of steam. I took 2 cold tablets for congestion and dosed myself up with Nyquil. Odds were good that I would be spared the worst of this cold.

I drank my hot chamomile tea with honey. By the time I had finished my cup, my eyes were very heavy and I went to bed. Sleep came extremely fast.

The Dreams I had were very vivid. They were of me being a young girl at first. It was so real ... later they became of me as a young baby girl of about 3.

I woke suddenly with a shout. I looked around the room. There was dim light and I could hear the soft music from my I-Pod. I could still feel the intensity of the dream and the tingles of all the sensations still on my skin. I was in the midst of a cold sweat ... I was so cold.

I realized I was wet with perspiration and my hands and arms tingled very strangely and my mind was fuzzy. I knew I had the flu. I got out of bed ... It hit me ... my pajamas hung on me like they were several sizes too big ... I was scared at this point.


I called the hospital and told them my symptoms ... The pajama thing they discounted at first, the other symptoms they attributed to a serious cold or flu or worse and told me to come in so a doctor could see me.

The doctor gave me a very thorough exam and physical. All symptomology at this point showed a bad case of the common cold or flu ... except the weight loss, the changes in the skin, the body mass reduction, and the rapid hair growth on my head and loss on the rest of my body. This he couldn’t account for in any way. My face had even seemed to be changing a bit ... becoming softer and .. well cuter, as the Nurse put it.

The doctor did many tests and took blood for testing. He prescribed Ibuprofen and bed rest with lots of fluids. He informed me that when the results were back, if there was anything to be concerned about, they would call me.

I returned home ... it was almost 3am. I was starting to feel that all over icky feeling of the flu starting to creep in on me. My throat was really scratchy and my voice was beginning to become high pitched. I just knew I was going to loose my voice ... dang it!

I went to the bathroom. I noticed my privates were seemingly a lot smaller too and might have even been pulling up into my crotch. I discounted this and put it off to the fact I was starting to have chills. I went to the jon ... I had a hard time getting my penus out of where it had recessed to. I finally had to sit on the toilet to go. After I wiped myself clean between my legs, I then crawled back into my bed. Sleep came immediately ... and those really vivid strange dreams of me as a cute little baby girl of 3.

A New Life

I awake suddenly ... I know a lot of time has passed but am unsure of how much ... my pants are wet and I’m hungry. My mind is confused. I am not feeling very well. I still sorta feel icky. I am snuggled up to a very large and soft Teddy Bear. Seeing this actually made me feel better

I feel really funny all over. I am unsure, but I don’t feel like myself. My mind is clouded and I have many vague and fuzzy memories of me being examined and being a very cute baby girl, and even many vague memories of having a diaper change and baths. The memories of the dreams are very vivid and I can still feel the sensations intensely all over my body.

The air is very cool. I can hear many things going beep and can see many red and green lights flashing blurrily off in the distance. There is something in my mouth. It is taped there and I can hear a whooshing noise every time I feel coolness forced into my lungs.

I can smell baby powder sweetly all around me mixed with other odors I don’t recognize.
My eyes clear somewhat. I am in what is clearly a hospital nursery for babies. I am in a pink colored crib. This room is one of those environmentally sealed rooms that has a positive pressure. Air is allowed to go only one direction when the door is opened.

I see People in sealed suits moving slowly around the nursery checking all the instruments and writing down all the readings. I am confused by the Isolation techniques I see.

One of the space suited individuals notices my eyes are open. They come over to me. I realize either they are tremendously big ... or I have shrunk somehow. My mind is in a total state of confusion.

It is a young female nurse. She coos to me like I’m a baby, “Hello cutie. Baby is going to be all right. I will change you in just a minute.”

Baby? What’s going on?? I see the large Teddy Bear I had been snuggled up to when I woke up and an empty baby bottle beside me. The air being forced into my lungs makes me breath against what my normal rhythm would be ... I am very uncomfortable.

I try to sit up and discover I am in a very large hospital isolation nursery. I am wearing plastic panties and a diaper that is quite clearly in need of changing. I have on a white shirt that snaps closed over my shoulders and down the side and a lacy pair of booties on my feet.

I have lots of trouble sitting up and have to use the crib rail to pull up on. I feel so odd. I notice I have shoulder length hair and it is tied in ponytails.

I look around the room. There are many cribs with boys and girls of all ages. There is an apparatus that is clearly an artificial womb. Within is a fetus of less than 3 months gestation. I can see as many of this Artificial Womb as I can see regular cribs ... something is terribly wrong!

I am very uncomfortable sitting up with this tube in my throat that is forcing air into my lungs. The Nurse returns, removes the tube from my airway then turns the machine off.

She reaches in and picks me up and carries me into another room. I am totally mind blown. This woman in the space suit is several times larger than me.

I squirm and kick trying to get loose as I say in a very sweet little girl’s voice, “What’s happening?? Let me go!”

I cannot believe what my voice sounds like ... I am startled enough to quit fighting and fussing.

The Nurse giggles softly and coos to me gently, “Relax sweetie. Your one of the lucky ones. You caught a virus. That was 190 days ago. You were the first case. It reassigned your gender and regressed you to a baby girl of approximately 3 years old. Your no longer contagious, so we are taking you out of isolation.”

I am totally mind blown ... I’m a 3 year old? A girl?

The Nurse continues, “Some of the people who caught the Virus, regressed past the point of fecundation. We could have saved them if we knew it would happen. We built the wombcrib to tend to the ones that are coming now.”

I ask in a cute baby voice, “Feecon ... what??”

I know I should know what that means ... I just can’t remember right now for some reason.

The Nurse replies, “Fecundation is the point of conception. Where everything begins.”

I ponder this with trepidation. I cannot believe what I see in the shiny surface of one of the machines. In the nurse’s arms is a very adorable baby girl. She has on white plastic panties and a baby top. Her hair is in ponytails and cute lacy booties on her feet. I am totally shocked ... this baby is me! This is impossible!

The Nurse gently places me on a large and well padded vinyl counter.

The Nurse coos softly, “Now we get these dirty clothes off baby and get her a nice warm bath.”

She unsnaps the snaps across my shoulders, both sleeves, and down the right side of my top. She removes it and tosses it into a large plastic decon container. She gently lays me on my back and pulls down my panties and tosses them in the container. She takes the booties off and tosses them in. She unfastens the diaper pins and lifts me by my ankles. The diaper comes quickly off and she cleans my messy bottom. I am back on the table. The diaper too goes into the container.

I feel wonderful chills run through me as the Nurse cleans my crotch. Each wipe was a wonderful new thrilling sensation I had not experienced before.

I put my hand there and feel my new vagina. I am totally in shock.

The Nurse picks me up gently and carries me to a large basinet tub set into another counter top. The water was pleasantly warm and smelled of Tropical Fruits.

As she washed me and caressed me gently, this over powering urge to play and splash in the water over came me ... I couldn’t help it ... I splashed and played in the water like any little baby and really enjoyed doing it.

The Nurse told me of the plague as I played in the water and she washed me from head to foot. Less than 20% of the total world population were naturally immune thus far. These had to become Nurses, Mommies, Daddies and Nanas to care for the billions that had been infected.

All wars stopped as well as any other type of hostility. There were not enough adults left in the earth to fight. There are new cases every day. There is hope though, the infection seems to have spread as far as it’s going 190 days later. At this point, the number of newly infected has fallen off sharply and continues to dwindle rapidly.

New laws are being enacted. Some of the infected are still capable of doing their routine work ... some were physically unable but mentally able ... some had to grow up all over again ... some had to be reborn in one of the wombcribs. Many of the infected had changed gender as I had. Some had changed and stayed the same genetic age. Some regressed as the same gender. It all depended on the way the genetic code of each individual was manipulated by the BXx-Xy virus.

The earth was reeling in the wake of this catastrophe.

The Nurse helped me from the tub and into a very thick towel. She dried me from head to toe and even managed to tickle me. I couldn’t help myself, I giggled and squirmed in sheer joy of the wonderful sensation.

She picked me off my feet suddenly and twirled me around several times and placed me softly back on the changing counter. I screeched with joy the whole time.

She said is a very breathy cooing voice, “ohh ... cuteums gots piggies!!”

She then begins to tickle my feet and toes with the soft end of the glove on her hand.
Waves of unadulterated joy spread through me. I was in total heaven as I squealed, kicked, and giggled. I am very contentedly happy at this point.

She quickly turns me on my tummy and begins to rub some sweet smelling cream on my bottom. It feels wonderfully good to have my bottom caressed like this. She turns me on my back and continues spreading the cream all over my crotch. More waves of very pleasant new sensations as she caresses the cream into my skin.

She says cooingly in a breathy voice, “Gotta make sure baby doesn’t get a hurty diaper rash.”

Then she tickles me in my ribs again. I am totally lost in this most wonderful sensation.

I realize I am being lifted by my ankles and something is being put under my bottom. I am set on a very thick and warm diaper. The nurse powders me very generously with baby powder, then pulls the diaper up between my legs and fastens it snugly on.

She picks me from the table and stands me on my feet. She holds out a cute pair of plastic panties with pink, yellow, blue, and red Teddy Bears on them. I step into them without being asked. I know I will have a really nasty accident if I’m not in diapers judging from the one she had just taken off of me.

I am still incredulous over being a girl and 3 years old ... I wonder if I will grow back up? My mind is clear ... but there is still confusion over things. I know I shouldn’t be confused ... I can’t help it though, there are just some concepts I no longer am sure of.

She picks me up from the floor and carries me back to the nursery with all the other ‘children’ and places me back in my crib.

The nurse coos softly, “I’ll be back in a bit baby. Your no longer contagious, so we’re taking you from isolation. I have to get the isolation transfer container.”

She turns and walks to the TV set and turns it on ... the news is coming on. She leaves.

I see a very cute little girl sitting behind the news anchor desk on the TV. She has on a soft grey jumper and little red berets in her hair.

She says in a very cute voice, “Good evening, this is BNC nightly news with Thomasena Brokowe. The top of the news tonight is the BXx-Xy Virus. It has devastated the world and continues to spread unabated. Scientists have been unable to discover a cure as it ...”

I stop listening. I can see here before me what it apparently has done to the world. I know who Tom Brokowe was ... I see who she is now ... I am totally mind blown.

The nurse returns with something that looks like a child safety seat incased in a clear box of some kind of metallic feeling substance.

She smiles softly and coos, “This is the carrier we will take you from isolation in.”

She sits it on the floor and opens the top. She unbuckles all the straps. She stands and walk over to my crib, lifts me out and sets me into the soft body conforming child seat.

After she straps me in, she lifts the carrier and carries it to what looks like a conveyor belt that leads into a decontamination unit. She closes and seals the lid, then attaches hoses to the connections on the side. At this point all the air in the carrier was recycled with new air laced with disinfectant.

The nurse then disconnects the hoses from the carrier and starts the conveyor. It carries me through the hyperbaric seal and begins to spray industrial strength disinfectant along with a solution of boric acid and water. The carrier passes through another seal. I can hear pressure escaping loudly, but the carrier is not where the noise is coming from. The conveyor stops, a bright flash and I could feel a brush of heat as fire dances all around the carrier for 30 seconds. It was becoming uncomfortably warm in the carrier when the fire stopped and it passed through another seal. The conveyor stops, and this time a very light mist of cryogenic liquid nitrogen quickly covers the carrier. The temperature drops back to a comfortable level as the conveyor begins to move again and carries me through another seal and out into a large room. The frozen nitrogen sublimates into a thick mist and evaporates rapidly.

I see a very pretty blond nurse walk up to the carrier, unlock, then unseal the top. She unstraps me and lifts me out of the carrier. She twirls me round and round several times before she hugs me to her and kisses me on my nose. I am screeching with pure childlike joy and excitement.

The Nurse says softly, “My name is Lacy. I’m your nurse while you’re here. I am also the person that has been assigned to be your caretaker until or if you should grow back up ... that is, if you want me to be.”

She picks up a brush and brushes my hair softly. She gathers it into a bunch and ties a soft red ribbon in it. She repeats the process and I have cute little pony tails.

Lacy continues, “We have a machine that was invented just recently to test you in. We need to determine how much your mind has regressed in comparison to how young your genetic age has become. We know your genetic age is 36 months. This is so we can prescribe the proper care for you while ... or if you are growing back up. If your mind is intact enough, you will be allowed certain adult freedoms based on your size and new physical abilities.”

I realize there are things about me I should remember and don’t fully understand anymore. I know there are many things I am now unable to do because I am only 3 feet tall. The most incredible thing ... I am now a little girl ... I still can’t believe this.

I ask in a very cute little girl’s voice, “Did I have to be put in a wombcrib?”

Lacy caresses my cheek softly and replies, “No, sweetie, your one of the lucky ones in that regard. You changed gender and regressed to a genetic age of 36 months and stabilized. I, on the other hand, changed gender and regressed to 18 years and stabilized.

I used to be the head of WHO contagious Disease Control. My name was Dr. Harlie Brundertlandis, I used to be 60 years old. I caught the virus from you sweet heart. I was trying my best to stop it. We can’t ... can’t cure the common cold.”

I look at Lacy in total surprise. I can’t believe this beautiful young Nurse used to be a 60 year old man. Then I look down at my plastic panties and the many colored Teddy Bears ... this is so strange.

I ask softly, “So this is how it is globally?”

Lacy replies as softly, “Yes, baby, this is how it is globally. Some have become girls, some have become boys, some have stayed the same gender. Many, many have become children and babies of all ages ... including prebirth.”

I ask, “If this is the way it is globally, then why was I in total Isolation with those others? Seems it doesn’t matter at this point.”

Lacy replies, “Good question. I can see your mind is mostly intact ... this is a good sign.”

She bends down and kisses me softly on the nose before she continues, “You and the original Technician, Larry Hollingsworth, had the original patient 0: BXx – Xy Virus just as it had first mutated. This virus had not stabilized and is highly mutateable. By the 3rd day, the virus had become air borne and stabilized to where it wasn’t mutating into a new form with each contact. All the people in the isolation nursery have the original virus. Larry was the first to regress beyond Fecundation. He became a mass of white jelly and genetic material. We discovered after it had happened, we could have recombined it all and could have regestated him in a wombcrib. By the time we had figured it all out and built the first wombcribs ... many had become unviable. We managed to save many millions though.”

My mind reels as the magnitude of what happened strikes home ... and in only 190 days.

I ask in my adorable little girl’s voice, “This testing machine ... does it hurt?”

Lacy giggles and replies, “Not a bit. It is a really strange thing to go through though.”

I ask, “What you mean ... strange?”

She says softly, “It’s like ... everything dissolves ... becomes a dream or something. That’s where I’m taking you next.”

Lacy helps me to my feet. She takes me softly by the hand and slowly leads me out into the hall. I see many young boys and girls of all ages dressed in Hospital Staff clothing.
There are nurses and doctors that look no more than 5 years old.

Lacy opens a door that’s labeled: ‘Psychological Age Testing Unit’. I am glad I can still read.

The entire room was filled with electronic apparatus. In the very center of the room, was one of the very soft Genetic Chairs. I could see lots of electronic devices attached to it. This in turn was connected by a thick cable to a control console inside a small enclosed room with many observation windows.

Lacy kisses me softly and says in a cooing voice, “Now don’t be afraid baby, none of this will hurt you, I promise.”

I am surprised at how comforted I felt when Lacy had said that. I feel a weight lifted and I am slightly giddy over this new thing. I actually have to stop myself from bouncing slightly on my toes from the anticipation.

Lacy leads me to the chair and helps me in. There is a Golden ring attached to the chair by a thick cable. She places this on my head as the chair conforms to my body and caresses me softly. I am very contentedly comfortable. I begin to fall asleep the chair is so comfy.

I have a very strange, but pleasant dream. Everything seemed to melt and become unreal.
Waves of very strange but intensely pleasant sensations wash over and through me. No thought ... just pleasant and intense ... feelings.

I awake from my dream ... Lacy is standing over me and removing the ring from my head.

She says in a cheery voice,” Well , baby girl, seems you have a cute little mix of Psychological traits. You are going to be one of the smartest 3 year olds on earth. There are now limitations on some of the things you will be allowed to do. You are, after all, too young to perform many tasks.”

Lacy gently helps me out of the very comfortable chair and stands me on my feet. I can’t believe it ... I am being told I’m too young to do something. I’m not sure what the new limitations are ... but I know some are just plain I am too small to do them. I am only 3 feet tall and weigh 33 pounds.

I ask in a cute little girl’s voice, “How severe are the limitations on me?”

Lacy replies quietly, “You won’t be able to drive or operate much of the heavy equipment. The Gamma – Ray Department and X – Ray Department are off limits. However, all of the genetics labs and chemistry labs will be available.”

What did she say?? She’s talking to me like ... like I’m one of the personnel. I look up at her. There is a gleam in her eye and a cute smile at the corner of her lips.

I say with a bit of surprise, “What are you saying? The Genetics and Chemistry Labs are available? Available for what?”

Lacy giggles as she bends over and gives me a very pleasant kiss on my lips.

She replies sweetly, “Why baby, before all this happened you were the leading contender for a Nobel Prize in Genetics. You were the top honor student at the University. You are probably one of the few top Geneticists left in the world that is psychologically capable of performing that duty. We understand there are some ... age issues, but I’m sure we can work around those when the need arises.”

I am totally flabbergasted. The only thing I could do ... suck my thumb ... I couldn’t help it.

Lacy continues, “Basically, you’re the head of the Genetics and Chemistry Departments. You have unlimited funds and global resources to help find a solution. We understand ... there may not be a cure. This virus will probably mutate at the same rate the Rhino Virus mutates. A different viral contagious form could return every year. So far however, it appears BXx – Xy is one of the dead end strains. When it became air borne, its genetic proteins stabilized. Apparently, IT doesn’t recur, or shouldn’t ... which would be fortunate.”


I was officially drafted to head the team that is researching the vaccine for BXx – Xy.
It wasn’t a completely dead strain. Every couple years since, there is an outbreak. It isn’t as severe nor globally devastating ... usually just a localized pocket springs up and then goes away within 21 to 61 days.

After 6 years of research ... we have found nothing to cure or vaccinate against BXx – Xy.
As I stand on my stool and look into the isolation nursery at this years bunch of new infected, I did notice a new trend. All of the new ones were gender reassigned and regressed beyond fecundation. All the children this year had to be regestated in the wombcribs. A startling change in the viral symptomology.

Lacy comes behind and caresses my face gently and says softly, “Don’t despair Debbie my love, we will find a cure.”

I kiss her and she kisses me back lovingly. I know we will find a cure ... Lacy said so.
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