A Morning with Michelle

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A Morning with Michelle

Postby Miki Yamuri » Thu Jun 15, 2023 7:09 am

A Morning with Michelle

I am dreaming ... it is a most wonderful dream too. In it, I have a pet cloud. Is all sof an fluffy an pink an tastes like strawberry cotton candy an ... well >>blushes<< let’s say I really love this cloud. I can get on it and fly anywheres I wanna and go as high as I wanna as fast as I wanna and don’t have to worry about fallin off. I fly to many wonderful and magical places and meet many strange and weird critters >>giggle<<.

A soft light comes on ... I am almost awake but still am in that wonderful state of awake ... but still asleep and dreaming.

A soft voice says as my hinny is gently patted, "Good morning sweetheart, is baby aww wet n needsa baf?"

I can feel the back of my panties and diaper being pulled open and a warm soft hand reaches in and checks me as it squeezes my hinny softly. It tickles ... I giggle and roll over onto my back just in time for very warm, moist, and soft lips to touch mine. I am given a very wonderful and loving French Kiss and very loving caresses. Of course I return them with as much love as I can ... Imma Living Babydoll and I am in love with my mommy.

Her soft cooing voice, "Aww baby is aww wet. Now mommy takes baby and give her a bath and makes her aww clean."

Mommy’s 2 strong hands take hold of me and lift me out of my crib and lays me across her shoulder. I can still feel my hinny being softly patted as I start to suck my thumb dreamily.

Mommy is a large but very shapely and beautiful woman. I am small, petit, and a very pretty girl ... mommy has no problems carrying me.

A door opens and a bright light is on. I sleepily rub my eyes as mommy stands me on my feet on the thick soft bathmat in front of the tub. She kisses me softly as she pats my hinny one last time and plugs the tub. She adjusts the water to where it's steamy warm and pours several cap fulls of Estee Bath oil into the water. The wonderful smell of flowers fills the steamy air.

Mommy pulls down my panties and helps me out of them. She then unfastens the locking diaper pins and cleans me sorta with the wet diaper before tossing it into the diaper pail by the sink. I really enjoy it as she cleans my squeaky places with several baby wipes. They feel cold and kinda rough on my privacy. It still feels really goo and tickles. I squirm and giggle as mommy wipes me gently.

Mommy's strong hands take me under my arms and lifts me into the tub. The wonderfully warm water feels so tingly with the bath oils. Makes my skin feel so soft n stuff.

Suddenly, a very large and soft washcloth is in my face and my nose is being washed gently. Next, my ears ... >>gasping<< mommy does this in a way that it tickles >>giggles<< ... I squirm and splash in the water as I giggle. Mommy lathers the cloth well, then washes me completely, all the while tickling me now and again causing me to splash and generally have a wonderful time. By the time she had washed my hair and finished with the conditioner, my skin tingles wonderfully and I feel like I’m in heaven.

Mommy coos to me softly, “Now baby aww squeaky and clean.”

She then tickles me in my ribs causing me to screech and squirm making a huge wet mess all over. It’s a good thing there are many thick and absorbent bathmats on the floor or it would have been a big disaster >>giggles<<.

Mommy tells baby, “Now stand up sweet heart and let mommy rinse you off one last time.”

I am helped to my feet as my Little Girl Anne comes to the door, rubbing her eyes sleepily. Every Babydoll hasa little girl. >>giggles<<

While mommy is rinsing me off with the spray nozzle, Anne asks softly, “Moommy, can I be in pannies today? Ia big girl n no wanna be inna diaper no more.”

Mommy giggles and replies, “Sweetie, last time we tried that, you had a huge accident right in front of company. Remember? You were so embarrassed. Well, the company will be here again soon and I don’t want my baby having another embarrassing accident. Mommy want her baby in a nice thick diaper. That way it’s not an accident.”

Is true too. Baby Rules say is baby inna diaper, is no accident, is spected ta happens.

Anne pokes out her bottom lip and whines, “But, mommy, I notta baby. Ia little girl n supposa b in pull ups.”

She stomps her foot and crosses her arms in a cute pout. Anne is a very beautiful girl. She is dressed in a pair of cute rumba panties with pink ruffles. They have baby Tweety and friends all over. She has on a matching babydoll top. It is more than obvious she is in a very thick diaper under her panties.

Mommy lifts me from the tub onto the bathmat. She kisses me softly and coos, “Now baby, stand here and be a good girl while mommy tends to Anne, Ok?”

I nod as mommy wraps me in a huge thick towel. It is soft and very warm. I suck my thumb and watch mommy and Anne.

Mommy goes to Anne and kisses her the same way she kissed me. Anne is in love with mommy same as me. >>shy<<

Mommy says, “Are you wet again Anne? If you would just learn to use your potty, I would be happy to put you in panties. It’s all right for a little girl to have accidents now and then, but you are still not potty trained and can’t help it.”

Anne whines more, “But mommy ...” >>pouts<<

Mommy hugs Anne and says softly, “Besides, you are a baby ... mine.”

Mommy gives Anne a huge loving kiss as she pulls open the front of her panties and diaper and gently checks her. Her diaper is wet same as mine was.

Mommy had taken Anne’s potty training and had conditioned her to be resistant to repotty training. Mommy wanted Anne to be older than me, but still in diapers. She was also my babysitter while mommy was at that W place.

>>whispers<< Isa 4 letter word n baby no can use those kindsa words >>shakes head<<.

Mommy had special thick diapers that were made into pannies for Anne to wear until mommy gots back home. They were really cute too >>giggles<<|

Gots lotsa colors n lotsa ruffles n lace too. They very thick and sorbant and made Anne’s hinny poofy n stuff. That way when Anne became wet n messy, she could change them herself. When we in diapers, mommy has em locked on. Babies too young ta change their own clothes n stuffs. Thasa dult’s job ... Baby Rules. Only ception is when mommy at work n Anne sa babysitter, then it her sponcability. >>nods<<

Mommy coos softly to Anne, “Sweet heart, if you weren’t in diapers, you would have wet the bed again last night. You’re soaked. As soon as I’m done with Michelle, it’s your turn ... and, no sweetie, mommy will keep you in diapers until you learn to use your potty.”

Anne starts to cry, “B b but m m mommy >>sniffs pitifully<< potty monster gets me. It gots teef!!”

Mommy laughs and replies gently, “Well sweetikins, you can take Teddy with you to keep the ol potty monster away.”

I giggle too. I look at Anne’s potty. It is a very cute pink and white with lots of lambs, and Teddy Bears, and rabbits every where. I swears ... I no can seea potty monster nor enny teefs ... Baby Rules say ... that aww monsters gotsa b scary n never cute ... so there.

Mommy pats the whimpering Anne lovingly on her hinny as she turns back to me. She dries me briskly from head to foot with the towel, tickling me at every opportunity. The whole experience was a giggly tickly fun time. Mommy gave me many soft caresses in special ways and many kisses. Kisses are portaint toa Babydoll, everone special n means sompin lovin.

Mommy moves gracefully to the counter and opens a cabinet above. In it are many hugely thick diapers and many of Anne’s special Diaper Panties. Mommy removes a very hugely thick crawly diaper and picks up the bottle of baby powder.

She places them on the counter as she coos, “Ok, Michelle, Come here so mommy can diaper you.”

I bounce over. Mommy lifts me under my arms and sets me on the counter and lays me on my back. I suck my thumb as mommy rubs A&D ointment between my legs. This keeps baby from gettena hurty rash. >>shivers<<

Suddenly, mommy has hold of one of my feet ... NOOOO!!! She kisses my toes and sucks on one of them. I am extremely ticklish and this sends me into a screeching wiggling fit. I try very hard to get away from the intenseness. I can feel mommy’s finger as it softly and intensely runs over the arch of my foot. >>gasping<<

Mommy coos softly as she kisses and uses her tongue on my toes and feet. I am locked in her iron, but gentle grip and can’t squirm away.

Mommy coos softly as Anne giggles, “This little piggy went to market ...”

>>Screeches and kicks to no avail<<

Mommy finally gets to my baby toe after an eternity of intense blissful agony ... >>Giggles lots n lots<<

She coos softly, “And this little piggy went wee wee weee all the way home.”

Quickly as I could, I attempt to cover my tummy button. >>gasping<< mommy’s soft warm lips are there first. I get a huge n noisy raspberry.

>>screams loudly and has a giggling kicking fit as Mommy does this several times<<

Next thing I know, mommy’s above me looking at me. She smiles that >>shivers wif goosy bumps<< wonderful smile and bends and kisses me softly on my lips as she caresses my face. I can feel her soft hair as it falls around my head like a shower ... the softness of her top brushing against my skin ... her lips and her probing tongue.

She coos so softly, “I love you very much baby. You’re the joy of my life.”

My heart overflows as I hug mommy’s neck and kiss her back.

I say softly between kisses, “I lov u lots n lots mommy.”

Mommy stands suddenly, grabs me by my ankles, and lifts my bottom off of the counter. I can feel it as she places the hugely thick crawly diaper under my hinny and sets me in its thick pillow like padding.

Mommy’s lips again are on my tummy button blowing a hugely loud raspberry. I kick and squeal with the delight of the intensity of it. When I catch my breath, the soft sweet smell of baby powder surrounds me. Mommy powders me well, then pulls the front of the diaper between my legs. She spreads my legs a bit so the thick padding will fit. She fastens it on with locking diaper pins and sits me up.

The paddin in the diaper is so sof n thick, it’s like sitting ona very thick pillow. Baby gots lotsa paddin too ... can do faww down go boom n no hurts my hinny >>giggles<< makesa kewlies game ta play.

Mommy picks uppa stiff bristled brush and brushes my hair n takes alla knots out. Baby screeches n squirms whenna knot there ... it hurts. My hair aww limp asa noodle, sos I no gets em much. When she done, she puts 2 lady bug scrunches in my hair n makes cute pony tails.

Mommy bends slightly and puts my feet into a lime green paira rumba pannies wif large ruffles on the bottom. She stands me on my feet, then pulls them the rest of the way up, making sure they fit snugly around by legs and waist so baby doesn’t leak.

Mommy pats me softly as I look back at my bottom. It’s obvious I’m in a diaper. There is a large amount of bulk and causes my pannies to be poofy. The linin in my pannies makesa crinkling noise as I move. It’s really hard to stand up in this diaper. There’s a huge amount of bulk between my legs.

I no gots much boobies sos mommy no hardly put baby inna top. She say she likesa see my gumdrop boobies >>blushes pink<< they cute n dorable. Laurie gots more n is inna top lots. Not awways tho, cuz mommy makes her bea baby too >>snickers<<.

Mommy holds out her index fingers and says softly, “Take hold sweetie, let’s play fingers.”

I giggle as I take hold of mommy’s fingers. I see Anne standing in the door sucking her thumb. She’s sucha Biiggg Girl donchakno >>giggles<<. Mommy walks me outa the potty room into the Nursery holding me sorta up and guiding me in the direction she wanted me ta go and praising me about my accomplishment.

She lifts me back into my crib and hands me my favorite HP Laptop. This is one of the few big girl things baby llowed ta do. I boot up my puter as I hear mommy runnin more water inna tub. I can hear Anne being an adorable little girl tryin ta gets mommy not ta keeps her in diapers.

After baby checks her E-Mails n stuff, Anne an mommy come outta the potty room. Anne only has on a paira her Diaper pannies. Mommy walks to the closet and removes a cute jumper.

She turns and says in a sweet sing song voice, “Ok little girl, come here and let mommy put your jumper on you.”

Anne walks slowly over to mommy. Mommy takes Ann’s thumb from her mouth and has Anne raise her arms. She fits Anne’s hands and head into the proper places and pulls it the rest of the way down. Mommy smoothes out a few wrinkles and steps back.

Mommy coos softly, “Well, I must say ... you make a very cute little baby.”

Anne’s top was a very nice and short jumper with many balloons and clowns on it. It very closely matched her panties. The thickness of the panties made it appear she was in a diaper enny way.

Anne pokes out her bottom lip and squeals, “Am notta baby amma little girl.”

Mommy hugs Anne and coos softly, “But you are a little girl ... and my baby sweetie, and always will be.”

They kiss lovingly as I sit and watch. Mommy caresses Anne’s bottom making her gasp softly before breaking the kiss. I can tell Anne wants nothing more ... than to be right where she is >>giggles<< even tho she wanna whines over it. >>snickers more<<

Mommy takes Anne by the hand and leads her towards the Nursery door. She says, “Time to make breakfast. Baby Anne will come and help mommy with it.”

On her way out the door, she raises the rails on my crib and locks them in place. I have no way of getting out of the crib and into trouble >>blushes shyly<< until someone lowers them again.

Mommy an Anne leave the Nursery n baby alone wif my laptop till time ta eats.


Just as I had finished my last kissy face onna IM, Anne come in the nursery an says, “Time for breakfast baby.” As she lets down the rail and helps me to the floor. Anne could pick baby up, but I was too big for her to carry.

Anne toddles over to the closet and gets a pair of my fuzzy green slippers and bring them to me. They match my panties and even gots googley eyes. I put on my slippers and stretch out my arms. Anne bends and helps me to my feet. She gives mea huuuggee hug anna sweet kiss on my lips.

She says softly, “Good morning baby. I have some new stuff ta play wif after mommy at work.”

I giggle and reply, “Was it tha stuffies fromma basement?”

She nods her head an says, “It onena th games mom usedta play when shea little girl.”

We both giggle as Anne gives me a snuggle snake and helps me to the stairs leading to the den by my hand. I sit and go down them 1 at a time on my bottom. I kno baby can’t walk so goo an it safe thisa way >>nods<< is Baby Rules ya kno. Baby gotsa go down stairs on her bottom an up em likesa crab >>giggles<<.

I can sorta walk if I hold onta stuff as I go. I can make steps, but it takesa long time to do cuza how the diaper is. I jusa baby learnin ta walks till Anne can gets inta pannies. >>pokes out bottom lip<<

I walks along tha wall into tha den. I gets on my hands n knees and crawls across the carpet into tha kitchen. I sit beside the 2 high chairs inna middle of the room n suck my thumb patiently as I waits for mommy ta come n puts baby in. I cuddle wif my snuggle snake cuz he aww fuzzy n sof n stuff.

Mommy comes from the stove and picks me up and puts me in onena the High Chairs. She lowers the tray over my head. I can more feel than hear as it locks in place keeping baby from getten outta tha chair by herself. Keeps baby from fallin out too. Mommy then fastens the seat strap and locks it in place too. Baby safe now n no can fall outta her high chair.

Isa nuther Baby Rule: Babies no can do certain thingys by themselves, needs dults ta do it for us.

Anne toddles over to the other high chair and begins to climb in. Mommy comes over and pats her hinny as she assists her into the seat. She lowers the tray and fastens the belt in place.

She takes a large spoon from a drawer and dips it into the steaming pot. She fills 2 bowls with maple oatmeal and adds some brown sugar to the top. She walks to Anne and places a bowl on her tray. She hands Anne a large soup spoon as she ties a bib around her neck.

Mommy coos softly, “And you are a big girl and can feed yourself without making a huge mess. I have to feed Michelle so she gets more in her than on her. You know how much she loves to make messes.”

I make an adorable face an pokes out my bottom lip as mommy an Anne giggle. Is true ... this Ababy lovesa makesa goo mess >>giggles<<.

Mommy grabsa chair and sets it next to me and sits. She putsa bowla oatmeal on my tray and dips a spoon init. She ties a bib around my neck, then scoops up the first spoonful. She coos softly and makes cute baby noises as she feeds me my morning oatmeal. Of course, soma what mommy was tryin ta puts into baby .. gots onto baby >>snickers<< is jus how it is ya kno.

Anne was no different tho, she no makesa mess as big as baby, but she still gots lots on her jus likea goo baby should >>nods<<. Is spected ofa baby ta makes a mess n be dorables about it. Course, tha Adult Conspiracy tries ta keepsa baby from makina goo mess sometimes ... no fun ... is real gaa >>pouts<<.

Mommy stands up, pullsa cloth from her shoulder an sorta cleans baby’s hands n face. She takesa bowl wif her to tha sink n put it in. She goes to Anne n cleans her hands n face wiffa cloth too. Mommy goes back to tha sink n rinses tha cloth out n finishes cleaning our hands and face.

After depositing the towel inna sink, mommy goes to Anne n opensa tray onna high chair n undoes tha belt. Mommy gives Anne onna our special vitamins, then Anne climbs outta her high chair n toddles off to tha den wif her thumb in her mouth.

Mommy comes to me an lifts th tray and releases th belt. She gives me onna them an I swallows it likea goo girl. Her strong hands pick me up from under my arms and put me across her shoulder. She hums softly as she pats my hinny and carries me into the den and plops me onna soft n fluffy pillow chair in fronna tha flatscreen.

Anne toddles over to tha toy box. Sittin besides it is our bouncy balls. One blue other red. Anne likesa red one n baby no minds cuz I likes powder blue enny way >>giggles<<. She takes em by their handles n drags em over ta me.

Baby can bounce onna bouncy ball inna crawly diaper. Ball gots handles sos we can hold on. Anne n baby had races round tha den anna kitchen onna bouncy balls while mommy washed stuff. Has lotsa screechy baby fun >>giggles lots n lots<<.

Mommy finally gots done wif her dult’s stuffies an grabs up baby n huggies me n kisses me and places me inna playpen. She calls Anne over and has her get into th playpen too.

Anne whines, “Mommy, I a big girl ... no needsa go back to bed. Then yawnsa a cute and adorable yawn.

Mommy coos, “It’s still really early and mommy has something she wants the both of you to hear. The Bridge Club won’t start arriving until 9 or so, and I think all babies should get a bit more sleep.”

She disappears into the kitchen for an instant, to return with 2 large bottles fulla pink liquid and 2 small CD players wif headphones. She lays me on my back and places a small pillow beside my head. She puts the headsets on us. They gots big pillow pads around tha ears n seals out alla other sounds. She propsa bottle onna pillow an in my mouth. The mostus wunnerful flavor of strawberry Quick touches baby’s tongue. Course I nurse it happily .. is onena my favorites.

Baby was aww ready feelin sorta sleepy enny way. My head felt kinda fuzzy. I could hear the wonderfully soothing music begin. There were several undulating tones I could feel all through me pleasantly. A soft echoing voice in the back ground seemingly to circle me slowly in several directions at the same time. I couldn’t quite hear what it was they were saying ... dint matter tho ... baby was sleep fast.
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