The Ultimatum

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The Ultimatum

Postby Miki Yamuri » Thu Apr 06, 2023 7:09 pm

The Ultimatum

Kyle Stevenson - 21

Tanya Infante - 19

By: Kyle Colbern and Miki Yamuri


Kyle was sitting at the apartment waiting for his girlfriend to arrive home from work so they could have an amazing

weekend. Kyle had planned a Netflix movie marathon with popcorn, soda and all the junk food you could think of.

Kyle was on cloud nine having Tanya for a girlfriend, she was absolutely perfect in every way. But Kyle kept a secret from

her because he didn’t know how she would handle it. Kyle was an adult baby, he hid his stuff way in the back of the

hallway closet which Tanya really doesn’t go into because it’s mostly cleaning supplies and Kyle does the cleaning in the



Tanya had come over to enjoy a long evening with her boyfriend. She really liked him alot and didn’t mind spending the

weekend with him.

She had arrived with an armload of groceries. She intended to make a really nice meal. It wasn’t long before she was up to

her elbows in preparations when she accidently knocked a large container of milk into the floor making a huge mess.

She cleaned her hands and went to the hall closet to get a mop and some cleaning items to clean up the mess. As she

rummaged around in the closet, she came across a large plastic container. When she opened it, low and behold, it

contained some of the most adorably precious baby clothes she had ever seen along with many other infant items.

She held up one of the ruffly rompers. It was too large to be an actual infants, but she knew it was exactly the right size to

fit Kyle. A large smile came to her face as she carried the romper into the living room and held it up for Kyle to see.

“Oh, sweetiekins,” she cooed pleasantly, “would you please explain this … and those other things in the hall closet?”

Kyle is in absolute shock that Tanya found his baby stuff in the closet. Kyle didn’t know how to respond, how do you tell

your beautiful and amazing girlfriend that you secretly like to be a toddler again. But Kyle began to think that he was

supposed to be open and honest with Tanya and that he didn’t want to lie.

So Kyle stood up and looked at Tanya, “Okay, I secretly pretend I’m a toddler again when you’re not around and that’s

my stuff. I was hiding it in the cleaning closet because you rarely ever go in there. That’s what’s in my closet, I know

everyone isn’t into it so that’s why I didn’t tell you because how do I tell you that I like being a toddler but I also like

being your boyfriend.” Kyle says waiting to hear what Tanya’s response will be.

Taynya’s eyes narrowed as her smile grew, “Well, sweetheart, It would seem you have a choice to make. Do you really

want to be a toddler? I would … umm take good care of you. You do need to know, you would be all toddler. Can’t have

a baby doing adult things, now can we?”

Kyle is a bit in shock by Tanya’s response. “ Wait, so you’re saying you’re okay with this? And that you’d want me to be

24/7? So you’d be my babysitter then or Nanny?” Kyle says looking at Tanya as he never thought in a million years that

they would be having this conversation.

Tanya replied, “I would be more than happy to be your Nana. But, you would be a baby, not my boyfriend. You can give

up on that baby stuff, and be an adult, then, I can be your girlfriend.”

Kyle looks at Tanya, knowing how she is with children is amazing. Just last weekend Kyle went with Tanya to her sisters

house and she was amazing with her niece who is 4. “Look I wouldn’t do that to you unless you wanted to be a Mommy.

Cause then that changes everything” Kyle says almost nonchalantly like there is a difference between them. “Plus I

remember you saying you always wanted a little girl”

Tanya cuddled close and patted Kyle on his bottom, “I told you, a toddler is way too young to worry over silly adult

things. If you want to be a little baby girl, it’s ok with me. I will promise to take very good care of you. The hitch is

though, that’s what you will be, my baby.”

Kyle stands and looks down at Tanya “So, you’d have me live in essence my fantasy of being a toddler again? Diapers,

car seats, strollers, daycares, everything? But you’d want me to be a little girl? I mean I’m a boy though!” Kyle says

standing there. “So you’d be my mommy and I’d be your little girl? If I agreed would you start trying to produce milk?”

Kyle is curious to hear the answer as both Tanya and Kyle have almost come to the same conclusion in all of this.

Tanya replied, “If that’s a yes to being my toddler baby girl, I will take the injections. Not real sure how effective they will

be, that procedure doesn’t always work.” Tanya takes Kyle by the hand and starts pulling him towards the bedroom, It’s

time for my baby to be properly dressed.”

Kyle looks at Tanya as she is tugging him toward the bedroom. “ but.. but.. I’m a guy though.” Kyle says as he sees

Tanya carrying all the baby things to their bedroom. “But you’d rather have me as your little girl than your boyfriend?”

Kyle says looking at Tanya.

Tanya replied as she began to remove all of Kyle’s clothes, “You said you wanted to be a toddler. And you know that I

want a little girl so if you’re going to be my toddler then you’re going to be a little girl! So we will be getting little girl things

for you and all your old stuff is now mine since toddlers don’t have adult things.”

Kyle lays on their bed as Tanya powders his bum and puts him in a diaper and tapes it up. Tanya takes the cute rhumba

panties and slides them up Kyle’s legs and Tanya pulls Kyle up. “I think I’m going to pierce your ears so you can wear

cute earrings and I will have to get some hormones so you can start looking like a little girl” Tanya smiles as she is enjoying

this way too much.

Tanya had insured Kyle would use his diaper like a good little baby by inserting several suppositories into his hinney as

she diapered him. By the time they melted, he would be totally unable to help going potty either way. She would make sure

he lost his potty training by continuing this treatment until it became permanent in the next few weeks.

Kyle stood up and heard the crinkling of his diaper. Kyle looked at Tanya and never felt so small in his life and vulnerable,

Kyle had never had a real life mommy before and it was a wave of new feelings rushing over him. Kyle felt uncomfortable

with the suppositories Tanya used and made him a bit uncomfortable. Kyle was about to say a word but before he could

Tanya popped a pacifier in his mouth.

Now Kyle was the baby he had always fantasied about, although he discovered being a baby was a whole lot different than pretending.

~~the start of a baby's new life~~
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