Miss Brandon .. The Home-Ec Mascot

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Miss Brandon .. The Home-Ec Mascot

Postby Miki Yamuri » Wed Feb 01, 2023 12:32 pm

Title: Miss Brandon .. The Home-Ec Mascot

By: Brandon Kennett and Miki Yamuri


Brandon was standing in the hall at the local college Lowlands University waiting for his next class, HomeEc, to begin.

Several of the female students had started chattering in low tones. Brandon couldn't hear what was being said. Suddenly, several of the nursing students have a hold of him while one of the Homeec students began rapidly removing his cloths until he was in just his tighty whities.

He yelps and squirms as he was tackled, being stripped. "Hey, get off me! Stop!"

His undies were removed and a table was set up. One of the nurses fetched some caps while the home ec students made sure he was on all fours. He pants and fusses as they pulled his clothes away. Before Brandon knew it, one of the nurses had folded out a padded table. Brandon found himself nude and another nursing student had his hinney held in the air as 3 large slippery items were pleasantly pushed deep inside him. "Ahh!"

Next, He was flipped over. Diapers were pushed under him and he was being diapered! "No, stop!"
Brandon found his hinney being set in a very thick, soft diaper, powdered well, before it is pinned on him. Before he knew it the homeec student, a pretty brunette, was taping him into the diaper. Now he could be taken back to class.

To Brandon's Horror, the crowed of young women took him by his hands and led him into his next class. All he had on was a diaper and a pair of cute plastic lined rumba panties. All eyes were on him. He was dressed like an overgrown infant, a little boy who'd just had a diaper change. They brought him to the homeec class, which was mostly ready to start, minus the girls and him. Uh oh.

A loud hubbub of voices began as the students that were there began to make a huge deal out of the girls bringing their toddler infant to class. They were all pointing and murmuring at him. The diaper was very obvious as he was brought to the front of the class and the teacher.

The teacher clapped her hands together and said in a happy coo, "There she is. Welcome to HomeEc ... we even have a changing room just for toddlers like you." It was about that time Brandon felt butter flies in his tummy and a strange rhythmic pushing.

Oh no. The boy blushed more. "Please, er, ma'am, I'm not supposed to be here. I'm not a toddler."

The teacher Cooed softly. "Why, the infant is trying to talk. So cute." About that time, Brandon couldn't help it as he let go with a huge and very loud fart, then proceeded to fill his diaper with wet gooshy stuff. Everyone could tell, it was very odoriferous.

Little did he know, he was the day's project! Right there in front of class. Several of the girls started taking notes while he filled his diaper.

The instructor pointed to one of the girls and said, "Jena, why don't you demonstrate to the class the proper way to clean and change a messy baby." she held her nose, "We all know she's desperate for a change now."

Right in front of everyone, Jena made a huge deal out of checking and announcing loudly that Brandon had messed her diaper and needed a change.

She?! Brandon started to fuss, but one of the students in the front got up and walked over. He yelped when she reached down, cupping his crinkly crotch and pulling open the waistband to check him. "H-hey,s top that!"

Jena took Brandon by the hand and walked him over to a thickly padded table. To his great surprise, she lifted him onto it and pulled down his panties and started removing his soiled diaper while everyone else took many notes.

The table was set up in the middle of the room. She had to talk about all the steps she was doing. He yelps in surprise as she lifted him up and laid him on his back, starting to undo the diaper right there. The class hadn't been there when he was originally put in it, but this first diaper was a thin, generic, unimpressive thing, barely suitable for use.

The old messy diaper was removed, rolled up and disposed of. He squirmed as she pulled out three more suppositories and began pushing them into his bottom. "Ohhh!" He murmurs in surprise as they go in.

Once again, Brandon found himself held up by his ankles as 3 large objects were pushed pleasantly into his bottom before it is set into the soft embraces of a thick crawly diaper and it is penned comfortably on.

While he is being thickly diapered, the rest of the class takes many notes, and more than a few took pictures with their palmtops. Once the suppositories were in, she continued the diapering. Lotion and powder all over his bottom and crotch, and she pushed at his privates into his pouch, until only the nub of his penis was still exposed, before she taped him up.

One of the girls had her camera out, taking pictures for the school newspaper while this all went on.

After that, he was once again lifted by his ankles and had a cute pair of snuggle bug plastic lined panties pulled on then he was sat up and the adorably cute matching snuggle bug babydoll dress was pulled over his head and his arms threaded into the poofy sleeves.

The blue plastic lined rumba panties were discarded. This time he was getting lady bug red with black polka dots and a matching dress. Another student passed these clothes over to the one dressing him as she helped get each piece onto the boy.

The teacher stood and said in a happy voice as she clapped her hands, "Excellent work girls. Now, Tammy, go get the stroller so we can show off our newest mascot to the rest of the student body at the rally."

Student rally! He'd almost forgotten! They didn't do his hair yet, so he was still kinda recognizable. "Wait, no, you can't!"

Brandon found himself having a cute matching baby bonnet put on his head as the girls strapped him into the stroller and locked the straps with small golden locks insuring Brandon couldn't escape.

Next, the Teacher said, "OK Cindy, you push our new babygirl mascot to the rally, we will meet you there."

Brandon finds himself in the hugely crowded hall as the rest of the students headed towards the stadium for the rally.

While they tied a bonnet around his head. One of the girls pulled out a stroller and he was picked up and propped into it. He squirmed, unable to get out as the class wrapped up their lesson and began to leave, heading to the big rally.

When they arrived, everyone stood and started cheering and calling out his name Brandon .... Brandon ... Brandon ...

How embarrassing. They all knew it was him. He wanted to die of shame as he was strolled out into the center of the gym, the class escorting him.

The principal walked out onto the stage to a podium and announced, "I want everyone to raise a large cheer for The Home-Ec Mascot ... Miss Brandon."

The assembly went wild with cheers and applause as Brandon helplessly messed his diaper.

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