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The Secret Girl

Postby LilJennie » Wed Jan 25, 2023 9:08 pm

The Secret Girl

By Miki Yamuri and LilJennie

My name is Jimmy ... sometimes. And ... when I was young, like just learning to walk, my Dad got stationed in an Asian location. Wives could come with the understanding they were coming to a location classified as an active warzone … although children were not allowed, due to the hazardous nature of the location.

I was sent to live with my grandmother and her three daughters. Lynn, Sue, and Becky. I’m not sure why, but from the time I arrived, until I started 1st grade … I was a girl named Tina. I can’t remember that time very well, but what I do remember is that … I didn’t mind.

It just seemed so natural. I think Grandma might have been making something for one of my aunts to wear and asked me to help. She was super handy with sewing, and the girls were not much older than me – she’d had Mom really young and the others later. But I do remember being the dressmaker’s dummy for Grandma … before she made me dresses of my own. But I’m getting ahead of the story.

I think Grandma just noticed that I seemed happier when I got to wear pretty things. And why not? I’d been sent to Grandma’s with a total of five outfits, all of them blue jeans or black or khaki slacks, and blue or white shirts. Sure, kids grow out of things fast, so it’s hard to keep up, but really. If I was happy or sad, could I express that with what I was wearing? Not with what I had, I couldn’t, and forget about expressing anything more complicated than that.

But Becky, Lynn, and Sue each had her own style and dressed to express it. I noticed it the first time I met them. Lynn was the happy one, all giggles and frills, Sue was the straightforward one, in simple shapes and solid colors, and Becky was the complicated one, adding accessories and patterns. I remember feeling … unequipped. Like I didn’t have the tools I needed. It was like being in a foreign country and not knowing the language.

Until Grandma had me try something on that she was making for Lynn. It was so frilly. I’m guessing, but I must have lit up like a sunny day. Grandma probably noticed, because I do very clearly remember the day, not long after I arrived, when she asked me if I wanted her to make a dress for me too. I didn’t know that I wasn’t supposed to say yes. I do know that Grandma and the girls went into another room to talk about it. I don’t know what they said. But Grandma asked me a lot of questions, both about what kind of dress I wanted and about why.

That was how it started. I soon found myself the proud owner of not only a new dress but also a whole wardrobe full of hand-me-downs that all three girls had grown out of. Suddenly I felt like I could say anything in this new language. Grandma gently started to show me what colors and patterns went with which others, so my self-chosen outfits became less migraine-inducing. Since Grandma had more or less been dressing me a a girl since I was learning to walk, it was very natural for me.


No one in the small rural area where Grandma lived ever knew I was a boy. I played dollies with my older aunts, and even went to jammie parties with the other girls, to whom I’d been introduced as “Tina.” Nobody ever noticed I wasn’t a girl. Whenever I was in anything that might have revealed something, like my panties or a swimsuit, everything was somehow covered up, and I looked like any of the other girls there at the time. I sort of suspect Grandma was quietly making sure everything I had was made to conceal any differences that might have otherwise been visible.

By the time I was told I had to dress like a boy and start school, I had a complete wardrobe any little girl would envy. I loved the white cotton panties and wore them under my boy clothes … I was still a girl, only secretly. But dressing like a boy was terrible. I felt like I was pretending to be somebody I wasn’t. What I wore underneath was my only solace.

I found that I liked girls too, and that fact, I thought, insured that all I did as a girl would be hidden and secret. My best friends were all girls, because I just felt that I had more in common with them.

I really liked Cathy and Janice when I was in grammar school. We went most everywhere together and had a lot of fun. I came to quickly know how they felt about guys who dressed like girls … and I knew I had to keep Tina secret.

Soon, I discovered that there were actual panties made for boys that solved my undies issue when we had to dress out for gym. Others might not realize, but I knew I had on panties and was still secretly a girl. Somehow that made it feel OK.

By the time I was 16, my mom and dad had bought a huge acreage in a remote mountain area. After working my butt off for most of several years at the mill and earning the money, I managed to convince my parents to let me build a small dome home on the property, about the size of a 4 bedroom house, on a bluff overlooking a meadow leading to a meandering creek. The type of home I chose was eco-friendly, and the exterior could be built for peanuts compared to a similar box constructed house.

Being of dome construction, it was very cheap to have a company come out and basically print the shell. They actually used the material dug from the dome’s foundation to create the slurry used in the print, reducing materials costs by thousands.

As for the interior, I was handy enough to complete that alone. Besides, once the outer shell was completed, which only took the print machine 4 hours, and once the doors and windows were installed, I could basically live in it the way it was. The entire dome shell took about 6 hours including setting of the windows and doors.

When the dome was almost completed on the inside, I had already basically furnished the place I only had a couple of walls to finish rocking, mudding, and painting. That was when I discovered, that my dad was having installed, when the various companies arrived to do the work, a complete grid-independent solar generating unit, along with a modern septic composting system, and had my dome attached to his well for water.

His attitude was that I was 18 by this time and a man. I’d graduated from high school. I paid to have the dome built with my own money and I needed my own space. Although there was a string attached; I had to come to the main house every day and even eat supper with them in the evenings from time to time on a regular basis. That was easy and I could pick and choose the times.

This was perfect. I even made a large room that I designated as Tina’s room. I decorated it to perfection. When someone would enter that room, they knew immediately that it was a girl’s room. The closets were filled with very cute and sexy dresses, rompers, jeans, and other very nice girl clothes.

The chest of drawers was filled with my favorite panties, nighties, tops, bras, tights, and leggings. Even the four-poster canopy bed with the lace fringes and silk sheets. I had made sure to put a large floor-to-ceiling mirror next to the bathroom door so I could admire how I looked when my secret girl came out into the open.

I even got mail for Miss Tina Pearson, including spam emails to that account. It happened one Saturday morning – the new email tone sounded. I opened my email and found a porno ad from a place called “Trans-World: a change by choice.”

OK, lets see what kind of nudies these are … I opened the email. Total shock when I saw the .. transgirls. They were gorgeous. OK, Tina was intrigued, so I sat at the computer and brought up the site. The video that caught my real attention was the one that showed that I might have a vagina, although what would have been ovaries were external as gonads and had the opening hidden.

I sat in total amazed shock as I saw a very pretty girl, with a thingy. A man came into the view, spread this girl’s legs, and stretched her small gonad sack up slightly to produce a place that looked remarkably like a vagina … one that he forthwith put his penis in and enjoyed himself until he ejaculated. Other than her thingy, the girl looked like a girl – one who had just had very pleasant sex.

I closed the browser window and looked down. I had on my boy panties, so all my male parts were well hidden. I got up and walked into Tina’s room, then shut and locked the door. My secret girl was going to be out.

I took off my shirt and pants, then looked at myself in the mirror before I lay down on the bed and pulled my boy panties down. Except for the hair on my head, I could pass for a girl. I started gently feeling around my gonads. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was searching for, but I knew I would know when I found it.

To my amazement, I discovered ... a place. It was in exactly the same location as any other girl. I pushed my finger in to explore; the sensation was so weird and pleasant. I got brave after a few minutes of exploration and pushed my finger in deeper. There was a very sharp pain for just an instant, then OMG!! It felt so weird. I actually lay back and had the most wonderful sexual fantasy as I explored my new place with my finger. I think I had one of the best orgasms of my life.

I finally got up and dressed. Tina was here, and she intended to be cute. I put on my sexiest lacy black panties and a matching puffy-sleeved pullover top. I wiggled into a nice pair of black leggings, then looked at myself in the mirror. Except for the hair on my head, I saw a rather nice looking girl in the reflection.

And then I felt a pang of loneliness. Sure, Tina existed. I’d made sure she did. I’d protected her and given her a space in which she could exist. But that was all she could do – exist. Nobody else in the world knew she existed – except perhaps for Grandma and my three aunts, who lived across the country, and they might not even remember, or they might have thought it was just a phase I’d gone through. My parents – I wasn’t sure how much they knew.

Grandma and my aunts had told them, I’m sure, and they knew I liked wearing white cotton panties to school. They even bought them for me and let me do it, but I was sure they also thought that was a phase. I still felt as if I had to keep this part of my life secret. Tina was a secret, and I realized that she didn’t like being one.

Tina was me, and I couldn’t be me if she was a secret.


I started to look through the internet for a solution to the hair problem I had. What I chose was a shoulder length fall of dishwater blonde. When it arrived, I was astonished. I thought I was going to get something barely passable as a wig due to its low cost.

What I got looked and felt like I was holding someone’s hair in my hand. It was even made of 100% human hair and came with care instructions that were very easy to follow. I discovered I could even wash it like a normal head of hair without any detrimental effects.

I put on a cute pair of white bikini gaff panties and a pushup bra, and wiggled into a pair of my hip-hugger jeans. I pulled a cute strappy top on over that and sat at the vanity. I looked at myself in the mirror for a minute, then placed the wig on my head and made the adjustments.

The girl who looked back at me from the mirror was Tina. The wig perfectly completed Tina in a most wonderful way. Now to put it to the test, which was very scary. I knew that town was a ways away, but I also knew of the Arcade Mall, where all the local youth gathered.

I was going to the dance hall and see if Tina would be accepted among the others. I did my makeup, blending a bit of orange corrector over my concealer, put on my foundation over that, and brushed on a tad of blush to my cheeks. I gave myself several squirts of Dream Angel perfume, added a touch of lip gloss to make my lips look juicy. Tina’s reflection was perfect in my mind. It was scary, but it was time to see if she would be accepted and if this ID card I had made for Tina would pass muster.


I grabbed my purse and made sure I had my ID. I was confident the driver’s license naming me as Tina was perfect too. I knew having such a forgery was wrong, or at least illegal, but this was important enough to me that I didn’t care.

I drove my little beetle to town. It was a long way, but it was nice to have some wind blowing through my new hair … it felt neat. It started as soon as I parked at the Arcade Mall and got out of the car. A group of young people saw me and called over to me.

One of the young women said, “Hi, I’m Jody. What’s your name? I don’t recognize you.”

I replied, “Hi, Jody. My name’s Tina. I came from Doal Creek, which is a ways away, and I wanted to see this famous mall.” I was using a voice I’d practiced since I was a little kid. I could easily switch back and forth. It was like acting – except that it was only when I tried to sound like a man that I really felt like I was acting.

One of the young men laughed, “Famous? Shoot, this place probably barely even rates as a mall, much less having any fame.”

Everyone laughed.

“Yea, I’d think it’d rate as much more of a hangout or something,” said a very handsome young man as he walked over to me. “My name’s Andy, Miss Tina. And I would find it an honor if you would accept me as your date for tonight. I’m the only one without an escort.” He held out his elbow in a friendly way.

I looked around, and sure enough, everyone else was paired but him. OK, so far so good. He was a very handsome, well-groomed young man. I took him by the elbow with my hands and replied, “Sure, lets see what the place is like. I would be most happy to accompany you.”

I was almost overwhelmed to be accepted as just one of the girls in the group. No one was the wiser. Even my voice came out perfectly with no practice – I’d never forgotten how to sound like that. I knew Tina had arrived. I was still a secret girl, but that girl was able to go out in public.

I had the time of my life. We danced, we laughed, we talked, we made jokes. It wasn’t long before I was holding Andy’s hand. I knew it was coming, but Andy managed to surprise me with a kiss. At first, I was a little apprehensive, but it was so amazing! Tina was actually getting her first kiss.

The rest of the group made many cheerful and supportive remarks. The ones where others at the hall were saying Andy and me made a perfect couple felt really great. Dancing with Andy was nice too, even when he put his hands on my bottom, pulled me close and gave it a wonderful squeeze. I could feel it as his manhood enlarged too. I almost wet my panties, it felt so nice ... again a new and wonderful experience for Tina.

Next thing I realized, Andy and me were snuggled very close and were kissing as we slowly danced. I looked around; the guys and girls in my group looked on approvingly. I also saw several lone wolf guys looking on with what seemed to be envy. Of course, this made Tina feel very feminine and wonderful.

One of the other girls in the group came over and sat by me. She was an extremely pretty brunette with same length hair as my fall. She said cheerily, “Hi. my name’s Laurie. You're Tina, right?”

I nodded and replied, “Nice to meet you, Laurie. Hope we can get together again soon – this is fun.”

She laughed, “I can tell. You and Andy sure hit it off.”

I couldn’t help it, I giggled. Laurie smiled as I replied, “He seems to be a nice guy. He’s friendly, and not pushy.”

Laurie looked at me for an instant longer, then said softly so only I heard, “But you … are one of those … ummm twins??” She smiled and said even more softly, “I wouldn’t mind so much … if you and I might get to be better friends. I … might even be helpful. Don’t be afraid, I’m not going to say anything, but I know … you are trans … aren’t you?”

I gasped softly. She knew … I asked, “How … did you figure it out?”

She rubbed the front of her neck, “Girls don’t have Adam’s Apples, Sweetie. But that will be our secret ... OK?”

All I could do was nod; I was so stunned. This was a shock. Of course I knew it, but some guys’ Adam’s apples were bigger than mine, and some girls had larger throats than others too, but also, not everyone knew this, so only Laurie had apparently noticed, and then she’d had to ask.

This was my first time out as Tina since I’d been a little kid, and it had been super wonderful so far, but Laurie’s comment kind of put the brakes on it. I’d have to be careful. I didn’t know how Andy or anyone else would react if they found out I was trans. I’d heard horror stories, and I really didn’t want things to go that way. But I also didn’t want to go back into hiding.

As if to echo my thoughts, Laurie was saying softly, “You’ll want to be careful around here. I don’t think Andy would hurt you if he found out, not physically, but, well, this isn’t a big city. Some of those guys out on the floor, though … definitely watch out for them.”

“I just … want to be myself,” I said to her in an almost-whisper.

“I know what you mean, Honey,” Laurie replied with a pat to my hand, still speaking very softly. “Sadly not everyone’s as understanding here. But that’s because hardly anyone knows any trans people personally, so it’s too easy to think of you all as some faraway idea, not real people. Maybe it’ll be different someday. I hope so.”

I chose that moment to freshen up my lip gloss, but I quietly asked, “How is it that you’re so understanding, Laurie?”

“Me?” she said. “Well maybe it’s because I’m in college. I got a scholarship to a private university. There are some trans people there. Both guys and girls. Plus some nonbinary folks. But we might wanna cut short the girl talk, because I think our dates are gonna come looking for us.”

We all gathered round a large table. A huge Chicago Zip Z pizza was delivered. It was as big around as the table and almost two inches thick. A real meat pie … and it smelled heavenly.

Of course, the guys dug in like animals. I found myself being dainty about it all. After looking around, it seems I had nailed it perfectly, as the other girls were doing exactly the same.

The night passed in a huge blur until I noticed the large clock hanging over the dance floor. It read quarter of midnight … OMG! I had to get home.

Laurie came up to me when she saw me getting ready to leave and asked softly, “Would it be a huge imposition if I asked you for a ride home?”

I replied, “Not in the least, as long as it isn’t too far from Doal Creek.”

She smiled and said, “Actually, I live just the other side of Miller’s Pond, near the old spillway.”

I was surprised; she lived less than 3 miles from me. “Here. this is my phone number.” She gave me hers in return. “I need to get home. I think my mom is going to have a fit about how late I am.”

Laurie smirked. “Mine too. But at least another girl brought me home and not one of the guys. Makes it just a teeny bit better.”

We excused ourselves and walked out to my Bug. We got in and started girl talking all the way to her house. Her mom was waiting for her when we arrived.

Laurie bounded out of the car and said cherrily, “Hi, mom. I want you to meet Tina. She’s new to the area, and I met her at the mall.”

Her mother beamed a huge smile as she held out a hand, “Hello, Tina. Welcome to the neighborhood, so to speak. I’m glad to see you brought her home instead of one of those ruffians. Makes me feel better.”

I replied, “Hello, Ma’am. I hope we aren’t too late.” I looked at my watch as I took her hand momentarily; it was now almost 1 a.m. “I think I’m going to be in real trouble getting home this late.”

I said my goodbyes and proceeded home. Wow! I felt just great. Now Tina was for real. She even had a prospective new boyfriend. Not bad for the first time. My lips still tingled pleasantly from the kisses Andy and I had been sharing. It was so nice.

Now, luckily, I had been exaggerating a bit about being in trouble for getting home so late. I lived in my own house, of course, and it wasn’t even in line of sight from my parents’ house. They couldn’t even see from their windows whether my lights were on or off. Frankly, I’d chosen the location for that reason.

I drove up to my house and quickly let myself in. I was not about to be caught by my parents after that. Tina was happy, so I was happy. I went up to my room – Tina’s room. I looked in the mirror and once again saw the correct reflection. I sighed. Then I took the wig off and set it on its stand. Tina or James, it was time for bed.


Laurie told her mother how wonderful a girl Tina was. She had newly arrived in Dole Creek and had gone to the Arcade Mall to see the place. Laurie didn’t say anything about trans anything and was even sort of tickled she had had to literally ask if Tina was trans, because she hadn’t been completely sure. She looked exactly like a very pretty young woman … she had even fooled Andy.

Laurie dressed in a really cute and sexy babydoll nighty with tie-on string bikini panties, then went to bed. As she lay in her bed, she softly caressed between her legs as she thought about the possibilities with Tina.

Laurie was inclined to be bi ... she found both women and men just as attractive, and Tina not only was a very beautiful young woman, but she also filled the bill for sort of still being male. Laurie wasn’t sure how much of Tina was male, really – Tina had it all, even the round bottom and cute little breasts.

Laurie giggled a bit as she realized Tina had her smitten too. She really hoped she could get Tina to be not only her friend, but her girlfriend as well. She held up the napkin Tina had written her cell number on. Yes, tomorrow was Saturday, and it would be a three-day weekend … and Laurie hoped Tina was still willing to come out and play. Laurie could think of so many things she wanted to do with her; it was incredible.

Laurie fell asleep and had a very erotic and wonderful dream, all about Tina.


I had just gotten back from visiting my parents and having breakfast with them. This freed me up for the three-day weekend. I didn’t have to worry about anything until Tuesday … lots of time to play.

I went upstairs to Tina’s room, then shut and locked the door. Tina was coming, and it was sort of a tradition ... I was, after all, a secret girl. I smirked, although she wasn’t all that secret, as I remembered the wonderful time Tina had had at the Arcade.

I had just finished doing my makeup and putting on and adjusting my fall in the proper way so it looked natural when the cell phone I had just for Tina chimed. The name was Laurie Meddows, and the number I had scribbled down on the napkin on my vanity table showed beneath with the green tag that said VERIFIED.

I answered in Tina’s voice, “Hello Laurie. I want you to know I had a wonderful time last night.”

Laurie giggled, “Well, cuteness, how would you feel about a girls’ day out? I know the Arcade Mall is small … but there are tons of independent kiosks to explore. Enough to drive a girl to confusion.”

I laughed, “OK, I’d love to have a girls’ day out. What should I wear?”

Laurie replied, “Something cute. I’m wearing a denim romper. If you have one, we could twin, maybe?”

I replied, “I do have one. I’ll wear my blue pullover underneath. I wouldn’t feel right with no top on. Would show too much.”

Laurie replied back, “If you have a pullover with puffy sleeves, it’s what I have on now.”

I replied back, “Sounds like a plan. I’ll pick you up at your house in about an hour. Bye.” I ended the call.

I got up from the vanity and went to the chest of drawers and opened the middle drawer. I took out a blue pullover with poofy sleeves and pulled it on. After I adjusted it, the way it was made held me in such a way that I had breasts and even a little cleavage that showed.

I made sure what little male parts I had were tucked properly in the gaff panties, then opened the bottom drawer and took out my denim romper. I wiggled into it, then fastened the straps and buttoned several of the brass buttons on either side, but left enough open to be real sexy.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I was amazed at the transformation. In James mode, I did look sort of effeminate, but still like a man. As Tina looked back at me from the reflection, I knew I was really a girl inside and not a boy.

I leaned over and put my cell in my purse as I slung it over my shoulder. Reflexively I brushed a long lock of hair from my face and tucked it behind my ear before I left the house, got in my bug, and went to Laurie’s house. I was positive Laurie and I would look almost the same.

Mrs. Meddows, Laurie’s mother, answered the door. She shrieked softly, put her hands to her mouth as she gasped, “Yoou are soooo cute. Laurie! You must see Tina. You and her are almost dressed the same!” she yelled back into the house as she escorted me in.

Laurie appeared from around a corner and stood. I looked her over; she was – except for the color of her top and our hair color, we were twins.

Mrs. Meddows quickly stepped somewhere and reappeared. “I just have to have a picture of the two of you,” she said as she raised what looked like an extremely expensive digital camera.

As if choreographed, I looked at Laurie just as she looked at me. We each held out and took the other’s hand. Just as Mrs. Meddows snapped the picture, Laurie took hold of me in a soft hug. We were snuggling close as the picture was made.

Mrs. Meddows said, “OMG! That is the perfect picture. I’ll have some copies for you in a few minutes if you want them.”

Laurie said as she released me from the hug, “I don’t want to scare you, Sugar. What that was all about is … that you and I are girls. You’re my friend, and I want you to think that way from now on … hear me? Just so you know, now my mom has proof, you’re a girl, Tina.”

I didn’t know what to feel or say as I looked at Laurie with an expression of total amazement. I felt absolutely no ill intent, and I was positive Laurie was offering more than just friendship.

I said, for the lack of anything else in mind, “With benefits …”

Laurie cocked her head to one side and said in a strange tone, “That would depend on the .. umm .. benefit, wouldn’t it, Sugar?”

I smiled and relaxed. “Yes … and I hope we might explore a couple?”

Laurie picked up her pocketbook and checked to make sure everything was in it, slung it around her shoulder, took me by the hand, and swept us out the door. I could hear her mother saying, “You girls have a good time!”

Man!! I have to tell you, Tina felt really good as she bounced into the bug and fastened the seat belts.

Laurie said, “Now, Sweetie, you have a brand new kind of problem.”

“Oh?” I asked, “And just what might that be?”

Laurie looked at me and smiled, “Guys, silly girl. You and me are probably gonna get swarmed at first.”

I hadn’t thought about that. “What can we do about it?”

Laurie giggled, “Well, you could always say you’re my girlfriend. And, by the way, I hope that’s what’s happening.” Then she leaned over and gave me the softest sweetest kiss on my lips ever. I have to say, it really made an impression … not to mention feeling really good.

We walked into the mall hand in hand. I could see all the men undressing us with their eyes, but none seemed inclined to come hit on us yet. I was so glad about that.

Laurie took me to a kiosk that had a sign saying, “Babydoll Emporium.” OMG!! The clothes were so adorably cute and had lots of lace and ruffles. Tina loved lace and ruffles – I mean, I loved lace and ruffles.

Laurie said softly, “Don’t be offended, Sweetiekins, but I want my little girl to be dressed as cute and sexy as I can manage.” Then she went to one of the racks and picked up a really cute Lolita babydoll dress and a pair of matching panties and handed them to me. “Now, little girl, go get dressed while I pay for those.”

“What about my romper?”

“Don’t worry about that, I’ll have it put in a box so we won’t lose it.”

I had to admit, I really adored the dress she’d picked out for me. But of course, one shouldn’t buy anything without trying it on for size first. I went back to the dressing room and changed into the cute ruffly panties and dress, looking at myself in the mirror. I gasped in surprise; Tina loved looking this cute. Then I came back out for Laurie to see.

Laurie bounced up and down adorably when she saw me. “Ohhhhhh you’re so cute!” she said. “But let’s just be sure it fits first. We just want to make sure we don’t have to go up or down a size. If it needs to be adjusted a bit, I can do that.” She started checking to make sure it fit everywhere.

“Actually … I know how to do that too,” I said. I’d often had to alter clothes to fit me, as they didn’t really make most women’s clothes to quite fit my frame.

“That’s great! We can work on it … together!” Laurie said. “I think this one’s the right size! It could stand to be taken in around here,” she said, tugging a bit around the hips, “and let out a bit here,” she added, tapping at the waist, “but it already looks great!” And she whispered in my ear. “And if you manage to get on hormones, that may not be necessary.”

I looked at Laurie. She was a very beautiful young woman, and from what she had told me, I was just as pretty. I was dressed in a very short babydoll dress with matching ruffled panties. The hem of the very short dress was just short enough to show off the lace around the legs of my panties that peeked enticingly from beneath. I looked at myself in the store’s mirror, and a very adorable and sexy Babydoll looked back.

I said, “From what I heard, getting hormones is hard and expensive.”

Laurie replied, “Normally, it might be …” she cocked her head to one side and looked at me quizzically, “You mean you don’t know who I am?” her expression became a bright and sunny smile.

I smiled back as I replied, “You’re Laurie Meddows …”

She giggled, “Yea, yea … My father owns Meddows Scientific. Why I’m telling you not to worry about money, and please don’t be offended. I would love nothing more than to dress you and cuddle you like the Babydoll I know you are. If you want to start hormones, let me know; I’ll get you everything you would ever need. Even surgery, if you want it.”

I was totally astonished. I’d come out as Tina one time, and suddenly the door had opened that could allow me to be Tina all the time and not be a secret any longer. As good as this made me feel, I was still totally astonished and confused. And what were my parents going to think?

I felt really bad when we were loading our purchases into the back of my bug. I found that Laurie had purchased several Babydoll Dresses and many types of some of the most adorable panties I had ever seen. She had also gotten me four really cute rompers with lace and ruffles, not to mention several jumpers and three playsuits, all my size.

I stood back and said, “Laurie, I can’t let you spend that kind of money on stuff just for me – I mean, we just met.”

Laurie came over to me, and before I knew what was happening, I felt her finger inside my panties, pushing that special spot I had only just discovered I had. I gasped softy and grabbed hold of her as my knees became weak. I felt her finger penetrate me ... not deeply, but enough. She only did a few strokes, then kissed me. I shivered as she pulled her finger out.

Laurie whispered softly, “Sweetiekens, I know that you are a girl … and I also know you are a Babydoll. Not all Babydolls are in diapers, although if you feel so inclined that can be arranged. Don’t be offended or upset. I just want my little girl Babydoll to be the cutest in this hick town.”

I was a bit taken aback by this talk of diapers, as that wasn’t something I had even considered trying. I knew people were into all kinds of things, though, and it wasn’t as if I was going to condemn anyone for doing anything that was strange but harmless.

I had no idea what I felt just then as I threw the last dozen boxes in the back of the bug. All the way back to my place, Laurie kept caressing me gently between my legs. I would totally be lying if I said I didn’t like it or that I protested in any way.

Laurie told me she was totally infatuated with me and would love nothing more right then than to have a real close relationship with me. She would be the little girl, and of course I would be her Babydoll. At that point, since we had gotten to my house and unloaded the bug, with her caressing my small boobies and kissing me, I was too confused to object as I more or less snuggled deeper into her wonderful caresses.

Laurie was dressed in a shorty smock dress, black leggings and black flat slippers. She took me by the hand and said, “OK, Sweetie. You are this little girl’s Babydoll, remember that. Lets us go to the filling station hangout. I want to show off my adorable Babydoll to all my friends.” There was a nearby gas station and convenience store that was a local hangout, I knew.


“Well, I can tell you’ve been shopping with Laurie,” said Jody with a giggle, looking at my outfit. “She’s got a certain … unmistakable style.”

“You know me so well,” said Laurie with a grin.

“So are we to assume that you two are an item now?” asked Carol, a redheaded friend of Laurie’s I’d met at the mall but hadn’t learned the name of until now.

“Let’s just say we’re hoping things go that way,” Laurie said.

“I mean, I hope so too,” I said, with a bit of a blush. We were all hanging out outside the convenience store, and the place wasn’t exactly busy. Even the usually crowded gaming and dining room only had a few people there playing games. The employees inside apparently didn’t feel like telling us to move along.


We all gathered around an empty table and sat. Of course, without warning, Laurie made this big production of checking her babydoll’s panties to make sure I hadn’t had a small accident. I felt so weird over it. I felt … helpless, and loved … and something deep inside I didn’t know I had before.

I was mind blown over everything, then amazed that the others at the table, and the few others in the gaming area, took very little notice and seemed to accept it as normal. I sat in my chair and actually squirmed like a little girl.

Joy giggled then said, “Well, Tina, it appears you are adapting to Laurie well.”

The others laughed and giggled pleasantly as the waitress served the drinks and snacks while she commented on how adorably cute I was. This made me feel wonderful and forget all about Laurie checking me.

Carol grinned and said softly, “Tina, I want you to know you are so adorable. Can I have some images of you and Laurie together?”

I looked at Laurie and she looked at me. I took her hand and stood. Before Laurie could do it to me, just as Carol snapped the shot, I took Laurie in my arms, showed off my ruffled panties as best I could doing it, and hugged her close and kissed her. The picture came out perfect too.

I felt Laurie wrap her arms around me, take my bottom in her hands and squeeze gently as she kissed me back just as deeply. As Laurie and I passionately explored each other’s mouth with our wiggly tongues, Carol took many really nice pictures of a Little Girl and her Babydoll showing off her ruffles, while doing major PDA.

The afternoon couldn’t have been more fun for me. I was kinda fussy about Laurie checking my panties and making huge deal out of seeing if her babydoll had an accident, but after a while, I sort of got used to it, since everyone seemed to take it in stride as a normal happenstance.

After a while and several fun videogames, along with several delicious snacks, Laurie leaned over and whispered softly, “Is Babydoll sure she wouldn’t want to try out a nice soft and very thick cloth diaper tonight?? I mean ... after we do some industrial snuggling, that is.”

I looked a Laurie and asked, “What do you mean by ... industrial?”

She laughed, “A lot of fun, and it will feel really strange and wonderful. Especially for you.”

“Really?” I asked, “Why is that?”

She leaned over and whispered softly, “Because, you’ve never done it as a girl before.” Then she gave me a hinney pat that was so wonderful … and checked to make sure I hadn’t wet my panties again.

I realized I had no issues with being a Babydoll, and was very excited about what Laurie had planned for later. I was kinda worried about the diaper thing, because Laurie wanted me to be dependent. But what should I say to Laurie about it? Part of me worried that this was going too fast. And another part of me worried about what my parents would say.

They didn’t know I was Tina. They only knew me as James. Yes, they knew about my “girl phase” when I’d gone to stay with Grandma. Yes, they knew I preferred panties, as I’ve explained. But I didn’t know what they’d say about my actually being trans. I mean, I wanted to transition fully someday, with hormones and surgery and everything. But what they’d say about it if I came out to them I just couldn’t imagine. Never mind the diapers that Laurie was introducing.

“Laurie, I …” I said softly.

“Yes, Sweetie?” she said, looking into my eyes with that awesome smile of hers.

“I’m … scared about what my parents would say,” I said. “They don’t know I’m … Tina.” I told her about my agreement with them. “I’m having supper with them tonight.”

“Oh, Sweetie,” she said, “you’re going to have to come out to them sometime, you know. I can’t tell you when. You have to decide when you feel ready. But you can’t hide yourself from them forever.”

“I know, but …” I said. I explained how my house was on their property. I didn’t live in their house, but they could throw me off their land if they wanted to. Technically the house was mine, but the land it was on was theirs.

“It’s complicated,” she said. “I know. But we can work something out until you feel comfortable having the talk with them. Do you want to bring me to meet them?”

“I … well … that would be fine, and maybe even helpful, if you don’t, you know, spill the beans.”

“You mean, call you James, or Jim or Jimmy or whatever?” asked Laurie.

“Yeah, that,” I said.

“Of course I can do that, Sweetie,” Laurie assured me. “And I think I know what your plan is.”


“Yeah! You want them to get to know and like me so that when you come out to them, whenever that happens, they won’t blame me for causing it.” Laurie patted the back of my hand.

“I actually had been worrying about that,” I said.

“Sweetie, they’re going to pick something to blame,” Laurie said, nodding unhappily. “If it isn’t me, it’ll be something else. Maybe themselves. Maybe your grandma. It’ll take time. But here, let’s get you home.”

We drove to my house in the bug, listening to some of Laurie’s favorite music. That was why I didn’t see the car’s clock. I turned round a bend toward my driveway … and saw my dad’s pickup there, by my house. I stopped immediately and shifted into reverse.

“Was that your …?” Laurie asked.

“My dad’s pickup!” I said. I was dressed as Tina, but my parents knew my car. “I didn’t see him, though. He’s got keys to my house … was he inside? Why’s he here?” I checked the time. “Oh no! I’m late for supper! Why didn’t I notice the time? I didn’t show up, and he must have called, and I didn’t answer …”

“He called your other phone, which you left at home,” said Laurie, nodding in understanding. We were out of sight of my house again. “Now you’re worrying whether he went in and found Tina’s room.”

“The door locks, and I left my phone in my … well, Jim’s bedroom, but still, if he sees me looking like this, there will be enough questions,” I said. “What am I gonna do?”

“Easy peasy, Sweetie,” said Laurie. “Do you think he’ll stay at your house for long?”

“No, probably not,” I said. “Not if he didn’t see this car. He’ll think I went out, and forgot my phone, and didn’t check the time any other way.”

“OK, then,” she said. “We’ll just go for a drive and come back in about 15 minutes, then you’ll change your clothes and call them and tell them that you were with me.”

“They don’t know who you are, though,” I said.

“Fine, you can introduce me to them. But I think they’ll accept a girl making you forget things and be late.”

I nodded. “A lot more easily than they’ll accept me being a girl and forgetting things and being late. But won’t they blame it on you?”

“I doubt it,” she said. “But you know them better than I do, of course.”

By this time I was driving on the state highway, taking a loop that would take me through a few local towns and bring me back in about 15 minutes, as we’d planned. “But what if –?” I started to say.

“Now, let’s not go borrowing trouble,” said Laurie. “We can tell them the truth, just not all of it. You were with me. You were having a good time. You got distracted and didn’t realize what time it was. Nothing about that is a lie – is it?”

“Nothing at all,” I said, not realizing that I’d just said I’d been having a good time, but she was right; that wasn’t a lie at all.

“It’s gonna be weird hearing you talk like a boy,” she said.

We drove up to my house, and sure enough, my dad’s pickup was gone. I hurried into the house, and Laurie got to look around it for the first time, amazed because she’d never seen a home constructed like this one before. I went straight to my room – meaning Tina’s – and hurriedly got myself looking like James. Laurie helped make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything – no lipstick left, no nail polish even – and I dressed as if I’d been on a date, with a button-down shirt and a tie even.

“Fancy,” Laurie said. “If I were into that kind of thing, I’d be impressed.”

I finally grabbed my phone and called my parents’ house number. “Oh, Jim, goodness, we’d started to worry about you,” my mom said. “But you say you just lost track of time?”

“Yeah, Mom, I was with – well, I was with a girl, and –”

“A girl, really? What’s her name?”

“Laurie, Mom, and if you want to meet her, she’s right here. I can come up to the house with her now if it’s all right –”

“Well, sure!” said my mom. “I’ll just tell your father while you’re on the way. I’m sure he’ll understand. He went looking for you, you know.”

“He did?” I asked. “I mean … I’m glad he was worried … I mean, you know, that he was concerned about my well-being and such …”

“I understand, Honey. But he went round your house and didn’t find you there, and he said that when he called your phone it rang in your bedroom, so you must’ve left your phone behind. Now, normally you don’t go anywhere without that gadget, but now that I know you were with a girl … well, that’s different. I’ll explain to him.”

“OK, Mom,” I said. “We’ll be right up.”

We locked up and got in the bug again for the short drive up to my parents’ house. “Assuming this goes all right, this was a close call,” I said.

“Once you come out to them, this is something you won’t have to worry about again,” said Laurie, “but I’m not gonna push. You’ve got your own pace. And I know it’s different for trans girls than it is for trans guys.”

“Is there any way … you could introduce me to some of your other trans friends?” I asked. “I … think it might be good if I could …”

“Talk to others who’ve been through what you’re about to go through?” asked Laurie. “Sure, though they’re all home in different places for the summer. Some of ‘em don’t live too far away. I’ll ask.”

We pulled up to my parents’ house, which looked like some kind of rustic skiing or fishing log cabin from outside. The outside lights were on, even though it wasn’t dark yet.

“They built this new?” asked Laurie.

“It just looks like that on the outside,” I said. I rang the bell.


Mom answered the door. She was dressed casually in a flutter sleeved top and a pair if tight fitting jeans. “There you are. And this goddess must be Laurie.” Mom held out her hand and took Laurie’s daintily. “My name’s Joy, glad to meet you.”

Laurie smiled and said cherrily, “My last name’s Meddows. I met your son in passing at what this hick burg calls a mall.”

Mom laughed, “I’m glad someone actually agrees with me.”

I said, “Now, wait a minute. You can’t deny the beauty and wide open space aren’t appealing.”

Laurie replied, “Wide open, but .. geee. No one said anything about remote wilderness and some native habitats.”

I couldn’t help it as mom and me burst out laughing.

“What I hate is those witch doctor rituals every full moon and every …”

Mom pushed me on my shoulder, “Hush, boy. Givin way them thar secrets, aincha?”

We all laughed as dad walked up, “Well, so the prodigal son has arrived.” He held out his hand and said cordially, “Hi, my name's Anthony.””

Laurie waved in a really cute way, “Hi, I’m Laurie Meddows.”

Dad’s eyes got big in dawning recognition, “Well I’ll be, got a real celebrity here.” He and Laurie gently shook hands.

Laurie blushed strawberry pink then said, “It’s not like that. I’m just the girl next door.”

I took Laurie’s hand as mom and dad escorted us into the den and offered us the soft plushy daveno. I knew now that Mom and Dad totally approved of Laurie, because they had sat us on the snuggle sofa. The way it was made and its plushiness insured that if two sat on it together they would be snuggling in a few minutes whether they liked it or not.

Dad said as he entered the dining area off through an arch, “I hope my cooking is to your liking. I’m serving roast beef, string beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, and Brussels sprouts in butter.”

Mom interjected, “Don’t forget the fresh baked bread and the downy flaked rolls.”

Laurie clapped her hands as she said, “I’m sorry I made him late for dinner now. Darn, that’s a feast.”

Dad came back into the den through the arch with a large tray and set it up. After several trips, he had brought in several pots and a medium sized platter and put it on the tray. From there, he served up a large plate full and handed it to Laurie before serving up another and handing it to me followed by silverware and two lap trays so we wouldn’t make a mess.

Mom walked up and placed a large manila envelope on my tray. “Your grandmother has sent some pictures from when you were little. This package, she said has some pictures of your little girlfriend Tina.”

Laurie squeaked, “Oooo, I wanna see them. Bet she was sooo cute.”

Mom gave me the strangest look then picked up the package and opened it. She removed several pictures and handed them to Laurie. Laurie showed me the pictures of a very adorable little girl with long hair and ponytails dressed in really lacy and adorable outfits of all types.

I knew who it really was in those pictures too: not a girlfriend, but me. OMG!! I had to talk to Grandma and find out how much she told – and to whom.

Laurie said as she took a small nibble of the roast, “Tina was a very adorable little girl.” She looked at me with a sparkle in her eye. “I wonder what happened to her?”

I felt a tingle run down my spine. I knew Mom knew something she wasn’t saying. I also knew that whatever it was, Mom had heard it from Grandma, and these pictures were the proof. And Laurie … she knew everything and even had pictures of Tina and herself in several very intimate hugs while both showed off lots of cute ruffles.

Laurie very diplomatically didn’t ask why my grandmother’s package of photos didn’t contain any of me – even though they actually did. Instead she turned the conversation over to college, where she was majoring in graphic arts and fashion design. “I want to either get into advertising or start a clothing line,” she said. “Or both!”

“That’s wonderful, dear,” said Mom. “If you study hard, I’m sure your dreams can come true.”

“I’m a firm believer in dreams coming true if you pursue them and don’t give up,” said Laurie with a sidelong glance at me. What was that about? Was she talking about her dreams for me, or my dreams for becoming Tina? I obviously couldn’t ask right then.

Mom and Dad had obviously both accepted the explanation that I’d been late because I’d been with Laurie and had forgotten my phone, so there weren’t questions about that. I’d apparently dodged a bullet. If they’d seen my car pull up and a strange young woman get out of the driver’s seat, there’d definitely have been questions. But I knew I’d have to tell them someday, sooner or later.


“Hi, Grandma,” I said when I called her on the phone the next day. Laurie and I had gone back to my house after supper, and she’d inspected Tina’s closet before we did some snuggling and I drove her home before it got too late. But I’d been wondering about Grandma, what she remembered, what she’d told Mom … and the timing of this.

“Oh, hello, James dear,” came her kindly voice. “It’s so good to hear from you.”

“It – it’s good to hear your voice too, Grandma,” I said. “Mom was showing me some photos you sent.”

“Oh, yes, dear, all those photos of Tina from when you were little. Do you remember her?”

“I – yes, I do, Grandma,” I said. I gulped. “I haven’t stopped carrying a little bit of Tina inside me since then.”

“That’s nice to hear, dear,” said Grandma. “I told Joy – your mother – all about Tina, you know.”

“I … see,” I said. “What … would you say was your impression of her reaction? When you told her?”

“To be honest, I think she thought it was just a phase, dear,” said Grandma. “She got her son back when you left us. She didn’t seem upset, just confused, when I told her that I had a pretty little granddaughter for several months instead of a grandson. And she has told me that you’ve preferred girls’ underwear to boys’ ever since then.”

“She told you that?” I asked.

“Oh yes, mothers and daughters tell each other everything,” she said. I couldn’t help suspecting Grandma of slipping a hidden message in there.

“Grandma, I …” I started. “I haven’t … just carried a little bit of Tina inside me.”

“All these years, I’ve been wondering whether there was a bit more Tina in you than James, dear.”

“I have to tell you, Grandma … Tina feels like the real me. James feels like play-acting.”

“It’s wonderful that you’re finally deciding to tell me, dear,” said Grandma. “Now you don’t have to pretend with me. Do you think I could talk to Tina now?”

I swallowed and took a deep breath, then answered in my Tina voice. “Of course, Grandma – I’ve been wanting to talk to you again for ever so long!”

“There she is,” Grandma said, “my sweet granddaughter. Your mother’s sisters miss you, you know. They told Joy all about you too, back then.”

“Th-they did?” I replied. “I … wow …”

“You’re going to have to tell her sometime, dear.”

“I know, Grandma,” I said. “I just –”

“You’re too scared of what will happen if she doesn’t accept the truth?” asked Grandma. “I understand, dear. Just know that I already accept it – have since you were little – and you can always talk to me. Do you want me to tell your aunts?”

“I – uh –” I swallowed again. “I’m going to tell them myself! As practice!”

“That’s a very good idea, dear,” said Grandma. “They won’t be surprised at all, and they’ll accept you for who you truly are.”

“There’s more, though, Grandma,” I said. “I think I might be – a Babydoll.”


“I’ve met a girl who likes to dress me up like her Babydoll, and she even wants to put me in … well, diapers,” I said. In for a penny, in for a pound, they say.

“Oh, I see, dear. That sounds absolutely adorable! And I understand that too. You never got to be a baby girl, did you? You only got to be a baby boy. That’s a part of your childhood as a girl that you never had. You got to be a little girl when you were with me and your aunts, but never a baby girl or toddler girl. So it sounds quite natural that you’d want to fill in that missing part of your life. I’m so glad you’ve met a girlfriend who knows the real you, dear.”

“You don’t know how good it feels to hear you say these things, Grandma …”

“Well, you don’t know how glad I am that my granddaughter might get to finally be herself and come out of hiding, dear. Just remember, I love you, Tina. Love yourself, and let others love you for who you are.”

There were tears in my eyes. “I love you too, Gramma!” I said in my littlest Tina voice. “Thank you so much!”


But it would be a while before I talked to Mom about this, let alone Dad. I still had to practice telling my aunts. And I wanted to tell Laurie all about my talk with Grandma. I felt like a huge burden had been lifted from my back. There was at least one person in my family who was absolutely certain that I was Tina and deserved to live as her.

The next time I saw Laurie was that evening. I wore the babydoll dress she’d bought me to the hangout at the gas station. Laurie was there and greeted me with a kiss right out of the car. “Oh Laurie,” I said, in my Tina voice, “I talked to my Grandma, and I’ve got the best news ever!” I told her about the conversation I had with her.

“That’s so great!” said Laurie. “Sounds like not only is she OK with you being Tina, she’s OK with you being a Babydoll. Maybe that’ll make it easier for you to come out to your parents, when you’re ready. And it also sounds like there’s a path to that happening – you can do practice runs on your aunts. You have what, three of them?”

“Yeah, Mom had three sisters, each of them a lot younger than she is,” I said. “They’re not a lot older than I am.”

“Maybe that’ll make them easy to talk to,” said Laurie.

“Yeah, maybe, but is it wrong that I kind of wish they were … harder to talk to?” I asked. “I mean, they’re supposed to be practice for telling Mom and Dad, but they’re nowhere near as … I dunno …”

“Nowhere near as mature?” offered Laurie.

“Yeah, that,” I said. “Mom’s more intimidating because, well, she’s my mom. But also she’s more mature, or she seems like it. She’s like …”

“Like an authority figure,” Laurie suggested. “She and your Dad have always been the adults in the family since you could remember.”

“Yeah, exactly,” I said. “I guess that’s more or less the same for everyone.”

“Pretty much,” Laurie said.

“Did you have to come out to your parents?” I asked her.

Laurie replied, “Not really come out to them, as they realized early on I could develop the same attraction for boys as for girls. As I was growing up, I found it much easier to relate to another girl than a boy, and my parents supported me in my pursuit. Besides, girls love dressing cute, and I love nothing more than having my very own babydoll. Now I have you, and I promise to take good care of you.”

This made me feel really good. Tina had a little girl girlfriend, and Tina intended to be the very best Babydoll she could possibly be for Laurie. Tina now had her ultimate goal at her feet, the ability to be the girl she knew in her heart she truly was.

Laurie suggested that we both go and visit my grandmother and my three aunts. I was fine with that. Laurie wanted very much for me to go as Tina and be dressed as her babydoll. I was fine with this as I packed the bug with the things we would need and started off for her house.

The drive was long. When we stopped for lunch, the many people within the diner all took notice of the little girl and her babydoll as soon as we walked in. The waitress bubbled over as she asked many questions about where we got our clothes and how much they cost.

When we arrived at Grandma’s house, Lynn, Sue, and Becky were all dressed in really cute rompers and were waiting for me in the front yard – it was clear that they wanted things to be like old times. They all screeched and jumped up and down with joy as Becky said loudly, “Mom! Tina and her girlfriend are here!”

I saw Grandma as she came out on the porch.She was wearing a very pretty floral dress with a full-length white apron. She held out her arms and said lovingly, “Come to me, my precious granddaughter. It’s been so long.”

A really nice wave of good feelings ran all through me as I shrieked and ran into her arms for a long overdue snuggling hug. I gasped and my eyes got huge as Granny took hold of my ruffled bottom and gave it a wonderful pat. My aunts came up and were hopping up and down with joy that Tina had finally come home, and even brought a friend to play.

“So after all this time you realized you were really Tina all along?” asked my aunt Lynn. We were sitting around the table having some of Grandma’s delicious and famous molasses cookies with milk. Laurie had suggested bringing my milk to me in a sippy cup, but Grandma hadn’t had any supplies for little kids around the house for decades. But being in that kitchen was really taking me back – although everything looked oddly smaller.

“I never stopped,” I said. “My time here as Tina was the first time I’d truly felt like myself. But … it’s hard out there. You see TV shows where guys dress up as girls and it’s played for laughs. People tell jokes about boys who are feminine in any way. It drives home that message that girls’ stuff isn’t for boys, period, end of story.”

“That’s totally fake,” said Aunt Sue. “And totally unfair. It used to be that boys’ stuff wasn’t for girls, either, but not anymore. But anyway, you felt like you had to hide Tina inside you. That must have been awful.”

“It was,” I said. “I mean, it wasn’t the worst thing ever – but it wasn’t the best either.”

“Joy and Tony didn’t know?” asked Aunt Becky.

“Not that I know of,” I said, “and if they did, they didn’t let on. But there was that one odd thing. I always preferred girls’ panties to boys’ underwear. And they went along with it. Thinking about that, I don’t know how they didn’t know.”

“I can probably answer that,” said Grandma. “I did tell Joy what happened while you were living here with us. She was surprised and asked me whether you liked other boys. I told her you were far too young to even think about that but that you’d just taken to girls’ clothes. And Joy said that was fine, but that you wouldn’t be able to go to school like that – as a boy dressed as a girl.”

“And I remember that Mom and Dad told me that I was already on the books as a boy and had already gone to kindergarten as a boy, so everyone would know I was ‘really’ a boy if I showed up as a girl,” I said. “I don’t remember all of that conversation, but what I can remember suggests that maybe I wanted to go to school as a girl, not as a boy dressed as a girl. And Mom and Dad didn’t think that would work.”

“Yes,” said Grandma, “so I suggested that if you still wanted to, perhaps you should dress as a girl in ways that nobody could see – assuming it wasn’t just a phase. Sometimes these things don’t last, I said.”

“So maybe Tina’s parents just thought her wanting to wear girls’ panties would go away, so they went along with it?” asked Laurie. “And they just sort of got used to it when it didn’t go away?”

“So it seems,” said Grandma. “So, Tina, as far as I’m concerned, you’re Tina, you’ve never stopped being her, and you can be her forever.”

“Same here,” said Aunt Sue.

“Ohhhh this is just so wonderful!” gushed Aunt Lynn.

“It’s just like old times!” said Aunt Becky.

“But,” added Grandma, “Tina is going to need a lot of support when it comes to Joy and Tony. And we can’t push her. She can’t tell them until she’s really ready. Do you feel ready, dear?”

“Not … not really,” I said. I didn’t know what would happen. The way things were, I knew what my life was like. I knew what would happen from day to day. I knew there were no lawmakers trying to take my rights away. If I changed to being Tina full time … so many other things would change. But I would have a lot more family support than some had.

“You just make your decision when you feel like making it, dear,” said Grandma. “Everyone in this house knows who you really are and wants you to be happy as that person.”

“Except your cat,” said Aunt Sue. “He ignores all of us equally.”

There was general chuckling. “Mittens is a curmudgeonly old man,” said Grandma. “Reminds me a bit of your father, Sue – your grandfather,” she said to me.

“My parents support me,” said Laurie, “and they’ve been fine with trans friends I’ve met at college, when they’ve met them too.”

“That’s great to hear, Laurie!” said Aunt Becky. “I’m the only one among us who has any trans kids – as far as we know, anyway – but I’m behind Mike all the way, even if we did name him Michaela at birth.”

“So … what do we do now?” I asked.

“I think we should have a good old-fashioned dress-up party!” said Aunt Lynn.


The table was fantastic with all the food and decorations.The smells of many good things to eat filled the room. All the girls were dressed in really cute fairy princess babydoll dresses and matching panties. The huge cake was filled with many good things.

I looked around at the many decorations and felt really good. No better coming out party than this, I was sure. We all played simple games like pin the tail; we even bobbed for apples.

Becky handed me a plate filled with cookies and cake. I said with a messy face, “Alla this’ll maka girl fat.”

Everyone laughed.

Grandmom said, “Not just this once. This is time to recognize my grandaughter.”

We had a grand time until it started to get late. Grandmother told Laurie we could sleep in my old room. The bed was big enough for the both of us, and it was that time. Laurie led me to my old bedroom by the hand like the Babydoll I was, then rummaged through her suitcase and brought out 2 really adorably cute babydoll nighties and matching panties.

I dressed and then looked at my reflection … I was just as sexy as Laurie, and I noticed the panties were made especially to hide my small male parts. They did it so well it didn’t seem like I had any.

Laurie took me in her arms and gave me a huge French kiss. She explored my mouth well with her very wiggly tongue as I sort of melted into her. I felt the wonderful squeeze she gave my bottom before she leaned back slightly and caressed my small boobies. Each tweak of my nipples sent surges of pleasure all through me.

It came as sort of a surprise when Laurie laid me across the bed, covered me with a small flowery quilt, then snuggled in beside me. We cuddled and kissed. OMG!! This was so nice as I became seriously aroused.

Without warning, I felt Laurie’s hand slip into the front of my panties after she had made sure I was on my back and had spread my legs. It wasn’t like when this had happened to me as James, as Laurie seemed to almost ignore my small thing and caressed a place between my small gonads.

After a few minutes of this, Laurie cooed softly as she untied my panties, “Lift up a little so I can take off your bottoms.”

I lifted and felt coolness between my legs as they were taken away. She pulled up on the scrotum in a way that caused a poofy place to appear where they used to be. Laurie smiled as she took her index finger and … penetrated me there. It was sort of uncomfortable at first. The more she did it, however, the more wonderful it felt.

Laurie cooed softly as she kissed me and penetrated me, “Just relax, Tina. Allow it to happen. Accept the fact you are a girl and I’m taking your virginity tonight. I promise not to do anal tonight unless you want it.”

Suddenly, Laurie had a large 9 inch vibrator in her hands that was shaped like a man’s penis. She put a bit of lubricant on its tip and turned it on before she pulled on my small scrotum again in the way that made that poofy place. This time, after she had penetrated it with her finger for a bit, it looked like a vaginal opening.

Laurie placed the vibrating tip of the toy into that place. OMG!! I lost my mind as Tina was deeply penetrated and lost her virginity. Each stroke brought new sensations and even caused my boobies to somehow enlarge as Laurie bent and licked the tips of my nipples softly. I was totally losing my mind as Laurie seemingly knew exactly where to push and place the vibrator to insure I was totally helpless.

Right in the middle of one of the most excruciatingly pleasant and very deep penetrations, the vibrations stopped. I was lost in a haze as I felt somehow that the vibrator was throbbing or something. I could feel a very warm and wet sensation inside me. I looked up and saw Laurie squeezing some kind of bulb with a tube attached to the vibrator. With each squeeze I felt a hot, wet surge deep inside that really turned me on.

Laurie smiled as she bent and kissed me once again, “Now you know why a girl loves doing it so much, Sweetheart. And …” It was so intense as she pulled the vibrator out of my new opening. I could feel the wetness drip from that new place down to my bottom. “I have even shown you how nice it is to go all the way.”

I replied in a small helpless way, “Can … can … can we do it more? I mean, I have never ever had such wonderful feelings as this.”

Laurie smiled as she began to penetrate me again, “Sure, all you want, Babydoll. I will also go all the way with you, if you are able.” She began to play with my very small thing. “Of course, we want this to shrink away and become your clitoris, but even if we started right now, even with the latest discoveries, that can’t happen before sometime next year.” I took that in and imagined what could be if what she was saying were true, and meanwhile, she took it in her mouth and began to suck while she played with the tip with her very wonderful wiggly tongue.

The next morning, I found myself all snuggled up to Laurie. She had her hand down the back of my panties and a large handfull of my bottom. I felt absolutely wonderful as I wiggled out of bed, then went to the potty to freshen up and make sure my fall was on properly.

Tina had arrived and had lost her virginity to a wonderful girl, and I absolutely had no regrets. Now, I had to confront my parents. I really was wondering how much they knew, now that I’d had a talk with Grandma.

I dressed in a really cute smock top, a pair of white bikini gaff panties, and a black pair of footed leggings. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. With my pushup bra on, I had a really sexy although small set of boobies, but enough to have some cleavage. I smiled. Tina would very shortly no longer be a secret.


“Was that true, what you were saying?” I asked Laurie, as I drove us back toward home.

“About … turning your thingie into a clitoris?” she asked.

“Yeah … is that even possible?”

“With some of the discoveries being made right now by my family’s company … maybe,” she said. “Embryonic tissue starts out undifferentiated, neither male nor female. In the womb, an embryo is subjected to a hormone bath that comes from the mother’s body, usually based on whether the embryo has XX or XY chromosomes, but sometimes there are errors, and that’s how there are women who have XY chromosomes who don’t even know it until they get a genetic test, and vice versa. Anyway, the hormone bath changes parts of the embryo’s developing body. They’ve recently found a way to fool the body’s cells into thinking they’re in that embryonic state again, and they’ll develop according to whatever hormones are present – so if you’re on medications to block your male hormones and to introduce female hormones, they’ll gradually change. Or, that’s how it works in lab animals.”

“This is being tested now?” I asked, incredulous.

“Yes, although of course they’re using hormones specific to those animal species,” she said. “Rabbits born male have gotten pregnant and given birth naturally after this treatment. Human testing starts soon.”

“And I’d want to be on HRT anyway …” I said. “Either I’d have to get a diagnosis of gender dysphoria or go to one of those informed-consent clinics.”

“Exactly,” said Laurie. “I just … want you to be happy, to be who you really are, and I might be able to help that really happen.”

“I … wow,” I said. “I can’t even believe it’s real. I want it to happen.”

“Well, I can help you fill out an application for the test program,” said Laurie. “There are already volunteers, so it’s not as if there’s a shortage. But I’m hoping you can still get in. If not, we’ll have to wait until the testing phase is over and the process is approved by the government. Typical bureaucratic junk.”


About a week later, Laurie took me to Meddows Scientific Testing Facility. I was sitting at one of the small cubby desks filling out the many pages of the application. I put my face in my hands in frustration when I came to the medical authorization paperwork.

Laurie leaned over and put her hand softly on my back as she asked quietly, “What’s the matter, babydoll? I’m sure what ever it is we can over come it.”

I handed the authorization to Laurie, “This says one of the mandatory requirements is a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria from a licensed psychiatrist. I have never in my life even seen a doctor about … being a secret girl.”

About that time, a very nice looking middle aged woman in green scrubs came to my table and placed her hand gently on my back, “What’s the matter? I’m Doctor Ramie Petrophskie. I also happen to be the head of this research facility.” She nodded to Laurie, “Good to see you again, Laurie. In answer to your question on the phone, yes, I might be able to help your friend. Are they transitioning from female to male?”

Laurie replied before I could, “No, the poor dear is a girl trapped in a male body.”

Dr. Petrophskie cocked her head to one side as she raised an eyebrow, “Oh, really? I wouldn’t have known; you’re presenting very authentically. Are you on HRT or blockers?”

I replied in a whiney little girl’s voice, “No, I’m just ... stuck this way.”

“Would you mind if I looked at your ID and medical data?” the doctor asked. “I’d like to help, but I need more information.” I handed her my ID – the legal one – and the file of medical information I had collected before coming here. She read everything carefully while Laurie and I talked.

Finally, Dr. Petrophskie picked up the authorization paperwork and filled it out, then handed it back to me, “Nobody who isn’t experiencing gender dysphoria would go to such lengths. All I need you to do is put your signature where I have indicated with a star. Now, any other catastrophes I can help with?”

Laurie replied, “I would very much like to get Tina here into the regendering genetics testing program if I can.”

Before she left, Dr. Petrophskie said, “Don’t worry about that. Your friend here has almost already transitioned, and without any hormones. It’s truly amazing.”

She handed me a sheet with the official logo of the testing facility and all the proper signatories that showed Tina Pearson, AKA James Pearson, was an active member of the testing group. It also said I was to report to the main lab A-17 ASAP for my first genetic injections. Then the doctor left us.

I was in total shock.

Laurie giggled, “Well, Babydoll, it appears to your little girl that you are going to be a complete female babydoll sooner than you thought.”

Laurie smiled as she stood and took me by the hand. As we walked down the semi-crowded hallway, I saw our reflections in some of the highly polished surfaces. We looked just like a little girl walking with her babydoll.

Laurie brought me to a door labeled A-17, which whooshed open as we approached, then closed behind us. As Laurie led me in, I saw several people who looked … different. Several of them looked very effeminate, but still male, while several of them looked very masculine, but obviously still female.

One middle-aged woman with glasses turned and smiled, “Hi, I’m Dr. Tanaga. You must be Laurie.” She stooped and patted my head, “And you must be her new Babydoll, Tina.” She indicated a plushy chair with a foldaway tray, “Please have a seat and make yourself comfy. I have the sheet on you and was just looking it over.”

I sat in the chair. It reclined and was extremely comfy. Dr. Tanaga came up beside me and said softly, “Now, just relax, Tina. I’m going to give you several shots that are going to start the process of reconfiguring your genetics. I’ll do my very best not to make this hurt any more than absolutely necessary.” She leaned close and whispered, “And it’s ok for a little girl to cry if she wants.”

I watched as she filled several syringes with different colored liquids, one of which was a bright gold color and was very thick. She sat me up and loosened the top of my dress, revealing my chest. Before I could react, she had given both of my small boobies a huge injection of the thick gold gel. Did I mention how much the injection hurt? Well ... it did, a lot.

My chest felt instantly strange as I could sort of feel something changing. Next, my panties came off. I could feel the coolness of the lab on my naked flesh as I was laid on my back.

Dr. Tanaga said in a soft reassuring tone as I felt her gently take my gonads and scrotum in her gloved hand, “Oh, my. I see you are already on your way. Not much left, is there? I’m sorry about this, but I have to give you the full 3 shots.”

OMG!! Sharp stabbing stinging pain! First in each gonad. I could feel the shot as it entered me in both gonads … it felt like they filled with fire … and It hurt. Next, Dr. Tanaga pulled my small thingy up towards my tummy and injected it right at the base. Once again, the sharp stabbing pain, and the really weird sensation of the liquid as it entered my body.

My chest, my tummy, between my legs, even my bottom felt so weird. I felt it as the Dr. pulled my panties back on.

Dr. Tanaga said softly and reassuringly, “Now, Sweetheart. I have to tell you there’s no way out of this after those injections. Your body will take a week or so, but from this instant on, you must think of yourself as a female, you have no choice at this point, you will start looking more female almost immediately, which you have mostly already accomplished.”

She sat me up once again and fastened my dress back. I wasn’t exactly positive, but it sure felt like my boobies had somehow gotten a bit bigger. My thingy also seemed to feel different and my panties actually fit better. It felt so strange. I could sort of feel things … changing.

Dr. Tanaga explained, “Now, what those shots are doing, basically speaking, is reconfiguring your cells to become more like the embryonic stem cells your body was made of when you were still inside your mother’s womb. Those cells could develop in a number of different ways. We’re targeting the cells that have to do with reproduction and secondary sex characteristics, so the rest of your cells, like your muscles, your lungs, and so forth, aren’t majorly affected. But there was also a starter dose of estrogen, because we have to tell the cells how they should be developing now. We’re also giving you estrogen pills that you should take daily, so your cells all get a constant message: they should redevelop into female organs, not male ones. We’ll keep monitoring your status, and eventually, once your testes become ovaries, you’ll be self-sufficient and won’t need an outside source of estrogen.”

“What about …” I began. My voice cracked.

Dr. Tanaga nodded. “Things like your vocal cords will also be affected,” she said. “Your voice will be changing. I can’t predict how exactly – though that squeak I just heard suggests that it’ll get substantially higher. I do know that you’ll have a less pronounced Adam’s apple. There will be other changes, like facial hair, and the other body hair. But as I said, we’re going to be closely monitoring you for signs of any health problems at all.”

Then I was shown to the receptionist’s counter, where I was set up with daily checkup appointments for the next two weeks and the promised daily hormone tablets.

“I can’t believe this is really happening,” I whispered to Laurie.

“It’s real,” Laurie said. “It’s happening for all of these people, and it’s happening for you.”

“Excuse me, are you another subject?” asked a person as we exited back to the waiting room. “I ask because I can’t tell if you’re a trans girl or a trans guy – I don’t know whether you’re just getting started or just getting finished.”

“Yeah, my name’s Tina,” I said. “I’m a girl. Are you a girl or a guy? I don’t mean before – I mean what you want to be.”

“That’s the way!” they said. They were taller than I was, but they had visible breasts and wore their light brown hair long. “I’m Hannah, and I’ve been doing the treatment for about a week – here for my checkup.” Hannah’s voice was higher than most men, but it still had a masculine inflection – that was something that had to be practiced, I knew. Hannah was older than me, perhaps in her mid-thirties.

“I just got started,” I said, making Hannah gasp.

“You just got started? And other than your height and Adam’s apple I wouldn’t even know you hadn’t been a girl all your life!” She seemed honestly amazed. “I’m sorry. I just haven’t had a chance to be who I really am. Until now. I’ve been struggling with my gender for a long time. A long list of doctors who didn’t understand. And finally I was diagnosed with gender dysphoria – it seems so obvious now! I was on hormones already, and then my doctor heard about this trial.”

“It’s like … a dream come true,” I said. My voice sounded higher to me already. I’d have to watch out and not try to make it too high, or I’d be sounding like a babydoll for real.

“I’ve had to hide who I was for so long … now I won’t have to anymore,” said Hannah. “It’s like I’ve always been this …”

“Secret girl!” I said. “Exactly!”

“Secret girl!” Hannah said at the same time. “That’s just what it’s been like! I can’t even describe what it’s felt like, letting myself be me. But I think you know what I mean.”

“I do,” I said. “I wish I could talk to you more, but I think you have an appointment.”

“Oh – right. Look, there’s a support group I’m part of, through this trial, so maybe you should look into that,” Hannah said. “But I’ve gotta go for right now.”

“Good luck, Hannah,” I said. Laurie smiled at her, and she went in for her checkup as Laurie and I went out to the car.


I felt so weird and strange I let Laurie drive us back to my house. By the time we got back to my place and I got out of the car, the sensation was so strong. It felt like my center of gravity had changed somehow. I knew for a fact, my boobies had gotten bigger. I was now a full A cup and rapidly headed for a small B. I could also feel the way the back of my panties felt. I knew my bottom had somehow changed too, because they fit so much better.

As Laurie led me to the house by my hand I said, “I have …” I was in shock. That wasn’t my voice, but some young woman’s.

Laurie smiled as she said, “I know, the voice and few things change fast. Some of the more major things I’m told take a while. The research suggests that within a year, you will be my Tina for real.” She took me in her arms and hugged me as we kissed.

After I recovered from the kisses and caresses, I completed what I was going to say, “I have to tell mom and dad. I have no choice at this point.” I walked into Tina’s bedroom and looked at myself in the mirror as I took off the cute dress Laurie had me in. I stood in just my adorable little string bikini panties and looked at myself in the mirror.

My breasts had gotten larger. They were really cute mounds with a gumdrop nipple on top surrounded by a dark brown areola. My bottom had filled out and was the very round one I had always wanted.

I reached down the front of my panties. My eyes got large in total surprise, my gonads and scrotum had seemingly disappeared, and my thingy was just a nub that looked and felt more like a clitorus than a penis. Of course, I also had an opening now that the gonads were inside me.

I picked up my Jimmy cell and punched the speed dial for my mom. If anyone would understand, it was her. I noticed my hand, it no longer looked like a man’s hand either, then again, mine always were the delicate sort.

The phone rang twice, “Hi, Jimmy. Hope you are having a lovely day.”

I replied, “So far, has been nice. I have something to talk with you about that is very important.”

Mom was silent for an instant longer than normal then said, “Jimmy?? You don’t sound like Jimmy, you sound more like Laurie.”

I replied, “That’s what I have to talk with you about. I have never truly been Jimmy.”

Mom replied, “Oh, I knew that. Mother told me what a pretty little girl you were when you lived with them. I also understood your need to wear the panties and helped you with that.”

“What about … Dad?? How’s he gonna take this?”

Mom laughed, “Sugar, you have always looked more female than male. We both knew it was just a matter of time ... it came sooner than we thought, but it’s ok. Come to the house, bring Laurie. We’ll have dinner and make plans.”


I wasn’t sure what to think or feel, but I had gotten used to that lately. Laurie and I went up to my parents’ house, but this was the first time I’d been there dressed as Tina. I had my wig on and everything. We hadn’t gone all out with the babydoll look, because I didn’t want to push things too far, but I did wear a dress – just a fashionable floral print, with flat heel shoes. I’d done my makeup, but I didn’t go all out with that either – just enough to erase the facial shadow and smooth things out, and it may have been expectations, but it seemed as if I didn’t have to cover it up as much as I usually did.

Mom and Dad opened the door together. “Ohhhhh, there you are!” said Mom. “My little girl’s all grown up!”

My dad was … unenthusiastic, though. “Well, please come in,” he said simply. There was some kind of sadness in his face and mien, but he didn’t say anything about it at first.

Once we got situated in the living room, Mom asked, “So, are you deciding to do the hormone thing, or …?”

“Yeah, about that,” I said. “There’s an experimental therapy, and I got accepted to the trials …” I explained about it as best I could. “So, after about a year, it’ll be as if I’d always been a girl, in most ways,” I finished. “It won’t make me any shorter, and it won’t change my facial structure.”

“My goodness,” said Mom. “It sounds … like you’re pretty serious about it, then.”

“I always have been,” I said. “I wish I could have talked about it. But I felt like I couldn’t.”

Dad said, “I’m … never gonna be able to go out for a drink with my son.” There was a bit of a tear in his eye. “I won’t be able to play catch with my son ever again.”

“Hey, Dad,” I said, “you’ll be able to go out for a drink with your daughter, and what’s wrong with playing catch with your daughter?”

He brightened up a little bit. “That is true, I suppose. No rule that says daughters can’t play catch.” He paused for a moment. “And I guess without knowing it I’ve always been playing catch with my daughter, haven’t I?”

“There you go, Tony,” said Mom. “That’s the way.”

We talked about the experimental treatment, and whether it might be dangerous, so I told them that the clinic wanted me to come in for weekly tests and checkups in case something went wrong. I knew that the treatment had been developed over a decade earlier but had caused cancer in a lot of lab animals, which was the problem that most of the research since then had been trying to solve.

They’d reduced the incidence of cancer to the same levels as in the general population, and that was why the FDA had given the go-ahead for human trials. I decided not to tell my parents about the cancer part yet. That was one of the reasons for the weekly tests. If anything like that developed, they’d catch it quickly, since they were testing specifically for it. I did mention that my dad might have to wait until the treatment was over for that drink, because they’d said I should stay away from alcohol and other drugs until everything stabilized.

“Well your voice already sounds a lot more like a girl’s voice than it used to,” said Mom.

“I already knew how to sound like a girl when I talked,” I said, “but now it’s happening sort of by itself. It’s hard to control it now. I feel like I’ll sound like a little girl if I’m not careful – adjusting my voice on top of the changes that are happening to it.”

“Which would be adorable, in my opinion,” said Laurie with a giggle.

“And you’re … okay with this, right?” asked Mom. “You’re going to … stay with her through this?”

“That’s my intent,” said Laurie. “I’ve found a wonderful girl, and I’m helping her become her real self so she doesn’t have to hide anymore. Not around me, not around anybody.”

“You just be careful,” my dad said suddenly. “There are a lot of bigoted people around here who aren’t going to treat you with kindness. Either if they find out you’re a girl who wasn’t born with a girl’s body, or even if they just find out you’re a girl dating another girl. There are people who don’t accept that.”

“Sad but true,” said Mom. “You’re always going to be our child, and we’ll always try to protect you, but it’s a mean world out there sometimes.”

“I’ve seen some of that,” said Laurie enigmatically, “but not among my friends. They’re good ones.”

“I hope someday people can just accept others for who they are,” I said. “Not try to fit people into the boxes they think they should fit into.”

“Someday, but not today, not yet,” said my dad. “Not sure how I tell the folks at the plant that I have a daughter now, but I’ll find a way.”

“We’ll figure it out, Tony,” said my mom. “For now, who wants supper? The casserole’s been keeping warm in the oven.”


Laurie and I went back to my house after a really scrumptious meal. I felt like a super huge worry had been taken off my mind. I couldn’t have been happier as Laurie led me into the house by my hand. Mom was completely on board with the fact I was transitioning rapidly into a very pretty and shapely girl. Dad, on the other hand, was rather reserved over the whole thing, but was still supportive.

I went into Tina’s room, took off my wig, and put it on its stand. Laurie came in, wrapped her arms around me, and gave me a kiss on my cheek.

She said softly, “I want you to know I’m proud of you. That was a very brave thing you did.” She reached down and gave my budding breast a wonderful little tweak, “I want my babydoll to be really cute tonight. I have something special in mind.” She went to the dresser, opened the middle drawer, and took out one of my poofy sleeved, very lacy and ruffly babydoll nighties and handed it to me. “I’ll be back in a minute, I have to change.”

I smiled, thinking that Tina was going to be very happy free. I tossed the nightie and panties on the bed. That’s when I noticed something about the panties ... they snapped up the sides. They were just as lacy, ruffly, and cute as the originals, but these were reusable diaper training panties with a plastic lining, as if for very little girls.

Still, I loved how adorable they were … and they matched the top perfectly. I wiggled into the top and situated my breasts. For the very first time, the top actually fit properly there. Now, the panties. I left them snapped and wiggled into them as well. I was looking at myself in the mirror, turning my new round bottom from side to side and looking at the ruffles when Laurie came back in.

She was wearing the babydoll nighty, although she had on the proper bottoms. Laurie shrieked, “TINA!! OMG!! You are sooo cute.”

She rushed up to me and hugged me as she turned me around and gave me a huge kiss.

Once we had broken the kiss, I managed to pant out, “Laurie ... What’s up with the panties? These are for …”

“Yes, sweetie.” Darn, the hinney pat was so wonderful … and different feeling, and the crinkling sound added something. “Those are Babydoll panties, and you are now officially my Babydoll.”

“But, Laurie … “ I started to protest.

“OK, Miss Smarty panties … why did you try them on?” She stood with her head cocked to one side and hands on her hips.

I thought about it and replied, “I thought they were cute and wanted to see how they looked on me.”

Laurie giggled, “Yeah, right. More like the Babydoll inside you did an insist, and you couldn’t resist.”

“I, uh, um …” I said, but couldn’t think of how to answer.

There was a question I had about those panties, but I wasn’t sure how to ask it. It came up later, though. The rest of that night was wonderful. We cuddled, we snuggled, we explored. But … my body was feeling strange all over. I knew things were changing everywhere, and I imagined that I could feel it happening. I wasn’t sure how much of that was just my expectations.


“All right, Tina,” said Dr. Tanaga, “your one-week checkup results are looking pretty much as expected. We aren’t seeing any complications or unexpected changes. We’re just going to give you your weekly treatment and send you on your way with the usual advice for what to expect.” There were no injections specifically into my chest or gonads; there were just several shots into my arm.

“Now, as your tissue starts to reorganize itself along different lines, there are often confused nerve impulses,” she said. “This is why we often suggest that patients at this stage start to wear some type of incontinence protection.”

Laurie said, “You mean …?” Knowing her as I did by this time, I knew exactly what she was excited about.

“We have every intention to ensure you’re supplied with everything you need and can send you home with several packages of …” Dr. Tanaga began.

“No, don’t you worry about that, I’ll take care of everything she needs,” said Laurie.

“I’m gonna be wearing diapers, aren’t I?” I asked.

“Not just any diapers,” said Laurie, “I’ll make sure they’re the best ones around!”

“Well, that’s fine, but let’s get you into one right now and make sure you know about skin care and hygiene …” said the doctor. “If you’ll just lie back, I can show you …”

So I did. The hospital gown they had me in was easy to take off, and she showed me how to use lotion and powder to protect my skin and how to properly fasten the disposable undergarment so it would stay on and minimize leaks. That was pretty embarrassing, thinking that I’d be losing control of my bladder, but considering that all the cells around where it opened were going to be moving around pretty radically, it made sense.

When I got my Babydoll dress back on and Laurie was taking us back out to the car, she patted my hiney gleefully. I felt like I could hear myself crinkle as I walked, but then again, I couldn’t really, and it didn’t matter as long as Laurie was there with me. “I’ll be taking great care of my Babydoll,” she said. “I’ll have to check you a lot so I know when you need changing!”

“Really, I can still tell when I have to go …” I said.

“You know, I’d be perfectly fine if you just didn’t worry about that,” she said, “that is, until after the treatment’s over.”

A few nights later, a package arrived at my house, one that Laurie had said was coming. Opening it revealed that it contained four large cases of something called Poofies Ultra Baby-Dry, and sure enough, they were diapers – I’d never seen anything like them. They were very thick and decorated with beautiful baby patterns like colorful blocks, Teddy Bears, baby bottles, rattles, and safety pins. And sure enough, Laurie squeaked like a little girl when she got me into them.

They crinkled far more than the medical ones whenever I moved, even when she slid the plastic-lined panties on over them. I hadn’t had any accidents yet; the medical diapers had so far just been a precaution. But better safe than sorry, and, well, the fact was that I’d never had a chance to be a baby girl. In a way, that’s what Laurie was helping me do – a second childhood, this time as the gender I felt I should’ve been brought up in.

“Ohhhh, look at you! You’re so perfect!” she said. “Let’s get your nightie on you!”

“C-can I say that you … you’re also perfect?” I said. “How did I get so lucky?”


Several months had passed and my transformation seemed to accelerate as I rapidly became ever more female. My breasts hadn’t gotten really large, a small B, but they fit my body build perfectly, although I did have to get all new bras to accommodate since the others were basically training bras. All my panties now fit, I didn’t need to wear the gaffs any longer.

My gonads had vanished, and my penis had shrunk down to something like a half inch long round thing smaller than my little finger. I liked this change because now I could wear regular panties and they fit and looked really nice. Even my leggins were sexy on me and no special care had to be made to accommodate … things.

Laurie had dressed me in a really cute romper, and of course I had a poofy bottom with the diapers she had me in. Laurie commented that it helped show off the 2 rows of adorable ruffles there.

Yea, yea … am sure … giggle. Anyways, I had to admit I loved the way it looked … especially how female it made me feel. I couldn’t believe Tina was actually free, and looked even more beautiful than ever.

Laurie took me to the hangout at Arcade Mall. The whole gang was there including Andy. The girls all gathered around and made many comments on how cute and adorable the romper was and how wonderful it looked on me. Carol even patted my poofy bottom and made a cute comment about me being a true babydoll.

I was slightly shy and very self conscious, but the gang all accepted the fact I was Laurie’s Babydoll, and the night went on in a very wonderful way.

Andy came up to me and and took one of my hands, “It’s very nice to see you again, Tina. And I have to say, you are very pretty and looking very sexy.”

Carol laughed and said, “Silly man. Of course she’s adorably sexy … she’s Laurie’s Babydoll, and that’s normal.”

The other girls agreed. One even said, “Of course she’s also Laurie’s Babydoll, so there's no way Tina would be any other way, now is there?”

Andy agreed as he led me out on the dance floor and we danced a slow dance as we snuggled and kissed. I was totally in heaven, Tina was free, and I intended to keep her that way.

It happened suddenly. I had no warning until I felt the warm wetness creeping around my bottom. Laurie leaned over and whispered, “Is my Babydoll needing a change? You have this cute surprised expression.”

She proceeded to check me in front of everyone. I was so embarrassed until I realized that none of them were even paying attention as Laurie led me by the hand off to the girl’s room for a quick change.

“There you go, all cleaned up and dry,” said Laurie, during a moment when nobody else was in the bathroom. “Making sure my Babydoll stays comfy!”

“But, but, I … I … I wet my diaper,” I said. “I … guess I knew it would happen, but it’s been months. I thought maybe I’d escaped that side effect. Now I feel like … like I can’t be allowed on furniture because I don’t know when it’ll happen again.”

“Well we definitely can’t allow you on furniture without your diapers!” said Laurie, smoothing my romper after zipping it back up. “But I’ll keep you in these nice thick comfy ones, so don’t worry! You’re not going to leak.”

“I just feel so … out of control!” I said.

“You don’t need to be in control, Tina,” said Laurie, patting my crinkly hiney. “Taking care of you is my job now. And please, don’t worry about it, because I love it!”

“OK …” I said. I still didn’t feel totally safe and secure about all of this. I didn’t know yet that Laurie had me in the Cadillac of Adult Baby diapers; just one of them could hold a prodigious amount of liquid, so a baby in these diapers could go more than 24 hours without a change if necessary – but Laurie would never let it go anywhere near that long. I didn’t need to worry, but I didn’t know that.

We went back out to the dance area, and this time I danced with Laurie.

Andy came over and sat with me and Laurie. He said softly, “Tina, I want you to know you have gotten to be even more beautiful since I first met you.” Everyone smiled.

Laurie smiled and said, “Are you trying to say you have a thing for my babydoll??”

All the girls giggled as Andy blushed crimson.

I didn’t know what to feel or think at that point. I actually had a guy who had feelings for me … WOW!

Andy stammered a bit then said, “What do you expect? She’s a nice girl and we get along well.”

Laurie replied, “Yea, but you better behave yourself, she belongs to me. My property.”

The other girls chorused, “Yea, she’s Laurie’s Babydoll, not yours.”

Andy smiled, “Well, can I borrow her once in awhile to go to dinner or a movie or something?”

Laurie rubbed her chin in apparent thought, “Well .. maybe, if Tina wants to. But I’m telling you, mind your manners. She’s a very nice girl and a very nice Babydoll.”

Andy stood and held his hand to me, “Would Laurie’s Babydoll like to dance some with this unworthy guy?”

Amid the other girl’s giggles I replied as I took his hand, “Sure. You don’t mind, do you Laurie?”

Laurie smiled and replied, “Not in the least. Enjoy yourself.”

I’m not real sure how long we stayed at the Hangout; it was all a very happy blur. Plus, I had a strawberry daiquiri or two and it went straight to my head.

Before I knew it, Laurie had me home and stripped to just a diaper and plastic panties.I was in bed all snuggled up to her as she whispered softly, “I know this is sudden, but what happened at the club … was nice. I would like it very much if you were more ... diaper dependent.”

I gasped and looked at her all big eyed. A strange tingle ran through me as a weird longing came over me. I replied, “I … don’t know about it, Laurie.”

She kissed me on my lips and whispered, “But it would make your little girl very happy. I loved changing you and checking you.”

I felt Laurie’s hand as it slipped into my diaper and caressed my new place. It was intense, to say the least. I said, “If it will make you happy, I suppose I could do it. Just, I’m a clean girl and don’t want to be messy.”

Laurie hugged me lovingly as she said, “Don’t worry, Babydoll, I promise to keep you as clean and spotless as possible. Besides, Andy might … want to do things sometimes.”


I sat in the examining room waiting for the latest doctor’s report. By this time several more months had passed and the genetic regendering process I had been injected with were performing their jobs to perfection. I had been told the reason it was happening so fast was due to me already being naturally well along the transformation to being female before the injections of the engineered stem cells.

Laurie had insisted I had to be in diapers because of the increasing incidence of incontinence I was experiencing. Then again, she insured I was dressed exactly like those large companion Babydolls on sale at the local toy store. I even looked like one.

Laurie, of course, had started dressing like a little girl. She was the perfect little girl to complement my Babydoll, and everyone in my family and Laurie’s circle of friends seemed to approve. At least, no one caused any issues, but seemed to encourage it.

The doctor came in with her clipboard and sat at the desk. She typed on the keyboard of her office computer for a minute, then turned and said, “Tina, I have to say you’re one of the most amazing subjects I have in this program.” She brought up a screen full of data as she explained, “As best I can tell, from the most current testing, you’re about to have a remarkable thing happen to you, and it should be very soon.”

I fidgeted for a bit then asked in the cute voice that was now mine, “Is ... is it something … bad?”

The doctor turned and patted me on my knee, “Not in the least, although it might be a bit scary for you at first.”

Laurie asked, “Is it serious, Doctor? Is my babydoll having a real problem?”

The doctor smiled as she replied, “Tina, your body has developed into a female form quite rapidly. You and two others are the most successful subjects in our experiment. Your gonads and penis have transformed, and you are about to have your first period.”

A tingle ran all through me like an electric charge. A period? “OMG!” I thought. “It’s really happened; I’m now Tina not only in outward appearance, but in fact.” I also had a strange urge come over me about Andy that was sort of difficult to put out of my mind. Was a really nice fantasy too.

“Oh – well, that’s not what I’d consider a problem,” said Laurie. “After all, some of us have had them for a while now. I can help her through that. It’s natural for girls.”

“All right, that’s good,” said the doctor. “But just remember that every girl is different. There’s no way to know how her experience will be – whether her flow will be light or heavy, whether her cramps will be serious or minimal, there’s no real way of predicting it. The girls who undergo this transition procedure are just as unpredictable in that regard as girls who were born female.”

“Does this mean I could get …” I started.

“Pregnant?” the doctor answered for me. “It certainly does. We haven’t had any post-transition women become pregnant yet – the procedure is simply too new – so we don’t know how that will go when it happens, whether there will be any complications. But in all the animal tests, post-transition females were able to conceive and give birth to normal offspring. The new stem cells caused the generation of a number of viable ova in the ovaries before the body’s cells settled into their final state.”

“Ova with XY chromosomes?” I asked.

“That’s not how it works,” said the doctor. “Ova only have one single X chromosome from that last pair. Your body’s cells still have XY chromosomes – we tested – but your ova will all have a copy of that X – along with one copy of each of the other 22. The process naturally selects only the X from the final chromosome pair. This is why we genetically screen candidates, though – if there’s a birth defect in that X chromosome, it would be passed along 100% of the time. Fortunately, you don’t have any known genetic flaws on your X chromosome. Anyway, this does mean you’ll have to be careful about birth control if you don’t want to get pregnant – and you should use protection anyway or insist that your partners use it, so you can minimize the spread of STDs, unless you and a partner are in an exclusive relationship.”

“Yes, I understand,” I replied.

“Don’t worry, I know all about being a girl,” said Laurie.

“Well, your test results are excellent,” said the doctor. “You’re not showing any signs of complications, and as I said, your transition is proceeding far faster than average. You might even stop experiencing incontinence episodes before the muscles atrophy, so you wouldn’t have to retrain and exercise your bladder after the transition.”

“What if I don’t want to?” I asked without thinking.

“What if you …?” the doctor asked, confused.

“If my Babydoll wants to stay a Babydoll, it’s perfectly fine with me,” said Laurie.

“Well … an incontinent lifestyle implies certain skin care issues, but as long as those needs are met, you can remain healthy …” the doctor said. “Most adults prefer to avoid incontinence and its life complications if they can possibly avoid it …”

“I’m finding out what it’s like to be a baby girl, which I’ve never had a chance to do,” I said.

“I see,” said the doctor, making some notes on the computer. “That does actually make some sense. I’ll mention it to the psych segment of the team. They may want to ask you some questions, mostly to make sure that you’re coming to this decision from a good place, but also to find out whether such an approach might occasionally be good for other patients. I did notice that the … undergarment you’re wearing is noticeably juvenile looking, but I figured that was just a fashion choice.”

“It is – they’re super cute,” I said, “but these are also super comfortable and way more absorbent than the medical ones.”

“Only the best for my Babydoll,” said Laurie.

“Well I can only give you the information so you can make an informed decision,” said the doctor. “If you make no effort to exercise your bladder during the transition period, the muscles will return to an infantile atrophied state, meaning that they’ll be very weak, and your bladder won’t retain any urine. If you ever change your mind in the future, you’ll be facing an extensive muscle strengthening and potty training effort like any other baby if you ever want to be out of diapers again.”

“Thank you, Doctor,” I said. “I understand.”


I lay awake that night thinking of how fortunate I had been meeting Laurie. I couldn't believe it, but I had really nice feelings about being in diapers for Laurie … I realized I was really taken with the whole being her babydoll thing.

I also was having some really weird thoughts about Andy I couldn’t shake. I wiggled out of Laurie’s wonderful grasp and wandered over to the mirror. The babydoll top and super thick diapers beneath my rumba bottoms actually looked perfect.

As I slowly turned from side to side looking at the reflection of my ruffled, poofy hinney, Laurie had gotten out of bed and walked behind me and wrapped her arms around me. I was pulled into a very warm embrace as she slipped her hands between my legs over my panties and thick diaper.

Laurie said in a soft cooing voice, “I want you to know, accepting being a babydoll for me is one of the most wonderful things anyone has ever done for me.” Very quickly I found myself in her arms, and a very wiggly tongue was entwined with mine.

When we came up for air after that wonderful kiss, I replied “I wanted to be free to express who I truly was. On the very day I had chosen to have Tina come out … you arrived and actually set me free. It’s very easy to be … who I am … a Babydoll. Not a girl hidden away and taken out only in secret.”

Laurie had pulled my panties down and was unfastening the safety pins on my diaper before I knew it. I felt the rush of cool air between my legs as Laurie removed it and her finger found my opening once again. She held me on my feet as my kees became weak. Laurie took me to the bed and had removed my top before laying me on my back. OMG! Laurie held my legs open and basically had me for her bed time snack. I had to admit, I didn’t complain a bit.


When I woke up the next morning, I had my back to Laurie and was all snuggled up. She had an arm round me and a hand full of one of my new and very sensitive breasts. All I had on was a very thick and damp diaper and a cute pair of yellow plastic lined rumba panties with white lace and ruffles.

While I was trying to wiggle out of bed, Laurie sort of woke up. “Where you off to, Babydoll? It’s very early still.”

I replied quietly, “I’m going to the potty, Laurie. I think I need to use it.”

Laurie giggled softly as she pulled me back into bed and wrapped her shapely legs around me, “Don't be silly, Babydoll. Mommy’s sure you're wet now, although not so bad as to be messy. Just go back to sleep and let yourself be a good little girl.”

I felt so weird for an instant. What Laurie said was so reasonable. I couldn’t help it anyways, and I had even had a small poopie accident earlier that totally tickled Laurie to death. “But Laurie …”

Laurie rolled over and whispered in my ear, “Another thingy you are forgetting, Sweetie.”

“What am I forgetting?”

Laurie giggled a bit then replied, “The potty monster, remember? It bites little girl Babydolls learning to go potty on the hinney.”

I couldn’t help myself as I giggled, then snuggled back into Laurie’s warm, loving embrace. As I was falling asleep, the wonderfully warm sensation and tingly feelings of me wetting my diaper as it ran and was absorbed. I couldn't have helped it if I tried … then I was dreaming of me and Laurie on a white sandy beach. Strangely enough, all I had on in the dream was a diaper and panties.

When Laurie finally decided it was time for us to get out of bed, she said, “Well, it’s time to get the Babydoll all cleaned up for her Babydoll day. First let’s get you out of that diaper …”

She dealt with my diaper and cleaned up the small amount of poo there was, as I had started to have that kind of accident as well, but then she ran me a bath with lots of bubbles and led me by the hand to the tub once it was ready.

She made sure I was all scrubbed. She even washed my hair, which was getting longer, but it had only been a couple of months, so it was only about an inch longer than it had been, and I’d kept it pretty short in order to make it easier to wear wigs such as my favorite blonde fall. Someday my real hair would look like that, I realized with a wonderful feeling, but for now it wasn’t even shoulder length yet. Hair takes time.

The lovely baby powder scented body wash she was using left me smelling like a Babydoll too, and when she got me dried off I was already smelling like baby powder before she powdered me and put my next diaper on me. I was starting to need a bra, but it was only an A cup by this time.

They’d said there was no way to know how big my breasts would get before they stopped growing, just like any other girl. But for now this gave me another cute article of clothing to wear, a shiny pink satin-like one with white lace. It wasn’t baby print like my diaper, but it was very Babydoll-like and enhanced my budding breasts nicely.

The treatment had made my facial hair cease to grow, so I barely needed any makeup at all anymore. Looking in a mirror, I thought my Adam’s apple had gotten much smaller. I wasn’t growing hair on my chest anymore either.

There was still leg hair and pubic hair, of course, but those were becoming the finer vellus hair, other wise known as peach fuzz. Adult women had hair in those places too, of course, but Laurie had said that we could always take me to an electrolysis or laser hair removal spa to get those taken out too, once the treatment was over. As it was, I only had to lightly shave every once in a while. Some of the wonderful body lotions and creams also aided in keeping the hair removed, my skin smooth, and very soft.

Laurie was there and insured her Babydoll was properly diapered as she held out a cute pair of plastic panties, “Be a good babydoll, and step in for mommy.” Laurie cooed in that wonderful way she had.

I realized it was more impulse than thought, but I took hold of Laurie’s shoulder for stability, then daintily stepped into them. Laurie pulled them up and gave me a neat hinney pat. It felt so good, in fact, I almost wet my fresh diaper.

As she held it out for me, Laurie cooed softly, “OK, Babydoll, hold your arms up so I can get your dress on.”

I put my arms up and wiggled as I giggled. Laurie smiled as she threaded my arms and head into a really adorable smock dress with puffy sleeves and elastic collar. I had no words to say how it felt as Laurie pulled the dress on me and adjusted it.

Next. she held out a pair of black tights. I sat on the edge of a small table as Laurie threaded my feet into them. I found myself in Laurie’s arms as she pulled them the rest of the way up and patted my ruffled hinney.

I saw my reflection, Tina was very definitely a Babaydoll. I also found it really strange, but nice, to have found a group that accepted the fact I was a Babydoll and Laurie and me were actually an item. As a matter of fact, It seemed that the hangout at the mall started having more and more Babydolls and their mistresses dressed as adorably and sexy as you could imagine intermingled with the others.

I turned and suddenly found Laurie putting something around my neck. There was a soft click and a wonderful tingle all through me. Laurie kissed me on my lips and said, “Now it’s official. I’ve placed my collar on you, my love. You are now officially my Babydoll Pet”

I gasped as I turned around expecting some horrid gaudy thing … only to find a large smoked diamond set in a gold setting. The collar was made of some very high quality leather like material. The collar was turned in such a way that I could see 3 small gold ring attachments in the reflection. 2 of them had tags attached.

I could tell that one tag identified me as Miss Laurie Meddows’ Pet named Tina. It even had a serial number and registration number on it. The other tag had Laurie’s emergency contact information should I become lost.

I turned and looked at Laurie with my mouth open. I got one of the most wonderful kisses ever. As we broke from the wiggly tongues, I sat back with my heart pounding. I had no clue what to feel or think at that moment. So many really strange emotions rushed all through me, coupled with the increasing intensity of the tingling rushes all through me, I couldn’t think.

All I knew for sure was that Tina was here and was going to stay. She really liked freedom so far and really loved the idea of being Laurie’s Babydoll.

Laurie picked up her purse, grabbed a very pretty and elaborate gold leash, then attached it to the empty ring on my collar. She said, “We’re off to the hangout. Carol is throwing a party, and we’re invited.”

I tapped on the leash as Laurie led me out the front door. “What’s this all about?”

Laurie giggled, “Well, according to mall regs, all pets have to be on a leash. We don’t want some petty thing like that to interfere, do we?”


Almost a year had passed. I not only looked like a really pretty young woman, I had started having my periods just as I’d been told I would. I stood nude and looked at myself in the reflection while Laurie puttered about downstairs.

The reflection showed my bottom had filled out and my hips had spread. This had caused my middle to narrow, relatively speaking. From what I saw, Laurie had real competition now. My breasts seemed to have stopped growing at about a B cup. A sports B was nice.

I looked over at the clothes Laurie had laid out for me. A really cute Glow Worm romper with lots of ruffles. Laurie had already told me not to put a top on under it, but just to tie the bib on, which I did. I really was impressed with my reflection. A very shapely and very sexy young woman looked back at me from the mirror. According to their latest tests done on me, I was the very first to make the 100% transition, and I’d done it super fast without any complications.

There still had to be a diaper. I was dependent on them now; I would truly have accidents if I went without. Laurie would be coming in shortly to check my diaper, and another fresh one lay on the bed.

Laurie came in the room about that time and pulled open the back of my romper and checked my diaper, “Well, Sweetheart. Seems you are about as adorably cute as they come.”

I giggled as she patted my thickly diapered bottom and made it crinkle, “You said we were going someplace. Where are you taking me?”

Laurie replied as she took me by the hand and led me downstairs, “Today is such a nice summer day, I thought we would go to the Park Lake and have us a little picnic.” She attached the gold leash to my collar.

I giggled as I bounced up and down happily on my toes and clapped my hands, “Ooo that sounds nice.”

Laurie grabbed up a diaper bag and a small backpack with food and drinks in it. “Let’s go, Babydoll, we have to meet someone there.”

As Laurie put me in the specially made ‘infant’ seat, I asked, “Who we meeting at the lake, Mommy?”

Laurie beamed a huge smile at that. “We meeting Jody and her new Babydoll, Carol.”

“Carol?” I echoed in surprise, “When did Carol become a Babydoll?”

As Laurie pulled out of the driveway and headed towards the lake she replied, “Shortly after she saw you become one.” Laurie patted my thigh softly. “Seems you started a real trend, too. When we get to the lake, odds are good there will be more Babydolls.”

“I started … a trend?” I asked. This was actually a foreign thought to me. All my life I had tried to hide who I really was. I didn’t think anyone would want to be like me. Who would? But now Laurie was saying I’d inspired others?

“Seems like it, Sweetheart!” she replied. “The only question is … who wants to be a Babydoll, and who wants to have one of their very own?”

“Is there anybody who sometimes likes to be a Babydoll and sometimes likes to be on … the other end of the leash?” I asked out of curiosity.

“I met somebody like that,” said Laurie, “but they don’t live around here. Here, let me put on some of your favorite Babydoll music for you to sing along to.” Laurie turned on the music player, and music for little kids started to play. I happily sang along, because it was just so bright and cheerful, and it made both me and Laurie happy. I was singing like a carefree toddler girl and probably wetting my diaper like one, and it seemed as if we got to the lake by magic in no time at all.

Laurie got things out of the car. “Hey, how come I have to carry the diaper bag?” I asked.

“Because you’re the one who needs it,” she said, “and besides, I have to carry the picnic bag. Hi Jodyyyy! Hi Babydoll Carol!”

Carol, who was blushing quite a bit, waved shyly to us, while Jody, dressed like a cute little girl way younger than her actual age, waved wildly and beckoned us over to their picnic table. Carol, of course, was dressed even younger than Jody, wearing a white bubble romper like a baby girl would wear, covered with a print of multicolored balloons, and she had a huge pink bow in her hair and pink flip-flops on her feet. I couldn’t tell whether Carol was wearing diapers under that romper, but she easily could have been.

“Carol!” I said. “Yay! Welcome to the Babydoll Club!”

Carol giggled and blushed. “Thanks Tina! I just … felt so happy every time I saw you with Laurie, having so much fun, and I talked to Jody about it, so … here we are!”

We Babydolls were both led to a large fenced in area. Within were seesaws, swings, sand boxes, and lots of places to make a real muddy mess. As soon as Laurie took the leash off, I dunno, sompin happen in my head n babydoll went totally baby


I screeched loudly and toddled over to the wet place n flopped just as Carol arrived and plopped on her hinney next to me. Of course when two babies are in water with mud ... needless to say, we made mud pies, mud cakes … and a huge muddy mess.

By the time Laurie had come to get me and Jody had taken Carol in hand, it took a bit to clean us up. By the time we were put in a high chair for Babydolls, all we had on were our plastic panties, our thick diapers, and baby T tops, because we were in public.

Laurie brought over a plate with small cut-up bits of grill-cooked hotdogs, chicken, hamburger, and BBQ all mixed into a wonderful mess. Of course Carol and I dug in with our fingers before Laurie or Jody could feed us. This also meant experimenting to find out if BBQ sauce made a good facial or hair wash … Ooo, it was fun.

I didn’t know what had happened until later. We eventually got some of our food inside us, and it seemed Laurie and Jody had brought extra clothes for us, just as one would for a real baby, because messiness happens. I also didn’t know whether Carol actually used her diapers like I did, or whether it was just part of the outfit. I don’t remember exchanging any real words with Carol after the initial greeting; we may have just been in childlike play mode.

It wasn’t until it was getting dark and time to go home that I started to realize that time had passed and wondered what had happened to me. “Woah, huh, wha? Wha happa?” I asked Laurie as she was packing up her backpack. “Wow … that was fun … but what wassit?”

“You don’t remember that happening before?” asked Laurie. I didn’t. “You’ve done that a few times, but never for very long, just a few seconds or minutes at a time. It means you’re a natural! You just slipped into a happy baby frame of mind. It happens when we’re playing and I encourage you, but it never lasts long. Until today. I think you had enough reinforcement with Carol there too, and enough safety with Jody and me watching over you both. It’s interesting that it seems to happen to Carol too.”

“I … woah … I got my cute clothes all muddy … I sowwy, Mommy …” I was still a bit out of it.

“It’s fine; the machine can get ‘em clean,” she said. “But we’re putting you in the bathtub when we get you home, not least because of that messy diaper of yours.”

“Wha?” I asked. I hadn’t even realized. Was I turning into a baby girl? If so … I loved it. Not necessarily the diaper part, but the attention, the love, and the lack of stress. I guess Tina had to be a baby before she could grow up, which made sense, since she’d never had permission to exist at that age.


The next day found Laurie and me at the picnic park. Laurie was dressed in her cutest little girl outfit and had me in a soft, powder blue jumper with flutter sleeves and a matching pair of cute plastic lined rumba panties that almost showed beneath the hem of the jumper.

There was some sort of festival going on near the large and beautiful pond. As Laurie led me down the walk by the hand, and I sucked my thumb like a good Babydoll, I could see there were many small huts and banners fluttering everywhere.

I could hear music playing, and I could see a group of individuals playing strange musical instruments unlike any I had ever seen. The wonderful smells of many delicious items being cooked wafted slowly on the breeze, as did the screeching happy voices of what sounded like children playing in the distance.

By the time Laurie and I had arrived at the entrance to the festival, it had become obvious that this was no ordinary gathering. The woman at the gate said cheerily, “Welcome to our first Babydoll Fair. I see both of you are all ready for it.” She bent over and patted me on the head as Laurie dug in her purse for a minute. “And this is one adorable babydoll.” She tickled me under the chin which made me feel … so weird.

Laurie removed two tickets from her purse and handed them to the woman. “Here’s our passes. I’m Laurie, the little girl.” She indicated me and added, “And this adorable little thing is my Babydoll, Tina.”

The woman’s face brightened, “OH! Sorry, I haven’t met you in person and didn’t realize. You and your Babydoll have free autonomy here today, since it was, after all, the two of you who started the Babydoll trend.” The woman stamped the tickets, tagged them, and handed them back to Laurie. “Show those whenever a payment of some sort is required. Today’s event is on the house.”

Laurie replied, “Thanks!” then put the tickets back in her purse. She took me by the hand, and we started towards the gathering in the middle of the large pavillion. I immediately noticed that the crowed consisted mostly of little girls and their Babydolls. Some of the Babydolls weren’t female, and some of the littles were very adorably dressed men.

“Mommy,” I asked as we walked along, “are there really this many Babydolls around here?”

“Not too many, Sweetie,” said Laurie quietly in my ear. “I don’t know most of these people – at least, not by sight. They say people came from all over the country – some from other countries too. I might know some of them from the internet without knowing what they look like, though. They were all talking about how they were so glad the event would protect their identity so nobody would find out what … wait, what?”

She seemed to be looking at something behind me, so I turned around to look too. There was a Faux News truck pulling up in the parking lot. As we watched, a reporter and a couple of technicians came out and started getting out cameras and microphones.

“Pretty sure they can’t be here,” said Laurie. “Though I suppose they could interview someone if they signed a waiver saying it was okay. Oh, wait, there go the event security people.”

Some large, imposing-looking people in black uniforms, men and women both, approached the news van, and there was a conversation taking place.

“What’s gonna happen, Mommy?” I asked as we watched.

“I guess we’ll find out,” said Laurie. “Or … let’s go find out right now!” She led me toward the news van.

“Look,” said the reporter, “there’s a little thing called freedom of the press, so we don’t have to go anywhere …”

“Hey, lady,” said one of the security guards, “I ain’t no lawyer, I just know the guests who come here paid money for their tickets, that money pays my wages, and the people who pay me promised the guests no reporters. I don’t know how you even found this place, but you weren’t invited to the party. Get lost.”

“Excuse me,” said Laurie to the reporter, “you can’t interview anybody unless they sign a waiver, right?”

“Well, that’s more or less true,” the reporter replied. “People can sue us if we put them on TV without permission. If they want. And if they can afford it.”

“And if you put somebody with a lot of money, or powerful friends, on TV without their permission?” Laurie asked.

“Well, no, I wouldn’t want to do that, of course,” she said.

“On the other hand, what if you got people who wanted to be interviewed?” asked Laurie. “People who signed the waiver, so you’d have a story and wouldn’t get sued by several multimillionaires?”

“I’m listening,” said the reporter. “You wouldn’t happen to know anyone like that, would you?”

“It’s possible,” Laurie said. “Do you have any waiver forms? You might want to get them ready. Let me talk to some people.”

It wasn’t long before Laurie had gotten in touch with a lot of her online friends, many of whom turned out to be at the event, and found some of them who were willing to be interviewed. The one stipulation was that they couldn’t reveal where the event was taking place, and the story couldn’t air until after the event was over.


I stood and sucked my thumb thoughtfully as several groups of adorably dressed men and women littles with their babydolls came and signed the waivers for the interview. I must have been in baby mode at the time, because for the life of me I couldn’t count high enough to tell how many wanted to be interviewed, but it seemed possible that about a dozen pairs were present for it.

I turned and asked Laurie, “Why comes isit am actin more n more likesa Babydoll wifouts meanin tas?”

Laurie giggled softly as she tapped the large jewel on the front of my collar, “It’s the fact you are wearing this. It’s actually a special product from the R&D department of my Dad’s company. He had them research and build it once he learned I had a real Babydoll of my own. I’m sorry, Sweetie, but you have no choice at this point. I promise to take the very best of care of you. You belong to me and will never want for anything. That collar insures you will be the very best Babydoll and are all mine.”

I stood for a minute or so, not real sure what to think or feel. I wasn’t sure I really wanted to belong to somebody. Now I understood why I kept slipping into baby mode so easily ... I wasn’t being a baby ... was being a Babydoll.

I said adorably, “But .. but mommy …”

Laurie came to me, took me in her arms and gave me a wonderful kiss, “You have absolutely nothing to ever worry over again. You are way too young of a Babydoll to have any thoughts but toddler thoughts.”

Before I could do anything, Laurie had brought out a small leather thing and opened it. It turned out to be a jeweler’s tool kit. Immediately, she tapped just below the stone in my collar and a small panel opened.

I felt it all through me and deep in my head as she made some kind of adjustment. My mind suddenly let go and something deep within me was freed. I could actually feel it as whatever she was doing took away any hope of my ever being an adult ... but the need and urge to be the very best Babydoll I could became paramount.

I could feel it as the new instructions intensely but pleasantly surged all through me and I wet my diaper like a good Babydoll.

Laurie cooed softly, “Now, that make Babydoll feel better?” Her hiney pat felt so much more intense.


As an aside, I am in fact writing this. It’s not as if the gizmo destroyed my mind or caused brain damage or anything. Whenever Laurie turns the thing off, I’m just as adult as I was before; I’m just diaper dependent and have a thumbsucking habit – OK, maybe not quite as adult as before. We’ve had conversations about whether I want it off. I don’t. My time with Laurie is bliss. But then there are times when I have to visit my family and have to talk.

It’s not as if I know how the thing works, though. Laurie tried to explain it to me with the gizmo turned off, and it was like she was trying to explain it to me while the thing was turned on. I couldn’t make head or tail of all the techno mumbo jumbo.


So I babbled something about how amazing it felt, but I’m not sure what actually came out. The fact that my thumb was in my mouth made whatever it was that much less intelligible. It was like my interface with the world had changed. Everything seemed brightly colored, especially things I thought were toys, and I wanted to go play with them.

Some part of me could seemingly tell who was acting like a Babydoll and who wasn’t. I wanted to go play with the Babydolls. But I also wanted to play with that toy, and eat that tasty looking thing over there. There was now a very good reason why Laurie had a leash on me. I was definitely in danger of wandering off.

Not that I’d go far; my legs were wobbly and unsteady, especially in thick diapers. Laurie said something to me, but I didn’t really understand what it was, though she was smiling and giggling, so I giggled too. What she was actually saying was that maybe she should get me a stroller, but she didn’t have one with her that day.


“So yeah, I’m Sandra Gee, and I’ve got tons of videos up on MeTube – check me out! But I also love being a Babydoll for my adorable girlfriend Phoebe – look at her! So adorable!” I was sucking my thumb and watching the people being interviewed with Laurie holding my hand, although I didn’t really understand what they were saying. I watched the video later, though, so that’s what she was saying.

Sandy didn’t have to worry about losing her job if she went on TV as a Babydoll – she’d probably just get even more views and make even more money than she already did. But when she got done with the reporter, she came over to me and babbled at me happily. “Look at you! You’re so cute!” she said to me and gave me a hug. I hugged back.

And I realized that I’d understood her. She’d babbled at me, and I’d understood her. It was a very simple message she’d communicated, but the baby part of my mind understood just fine – and that was the only part of it that was really working just then. I babbled back and said something like, “I love hugs! You’re super cute! We’re friends now!”

“Yes we are! I hope our Mommies let us play!” she said. We both giggled at each other, and I’m sure we gave anybody watching diabetes, but I was feeling pure bliss, and she was the cutest Babydoll I’d ever seen.

And then the next one I saw was the cutest one ever, and then the next one was, and then Sandy was again when I looked at her again. Laurie and Sandy’s Mommy laughed and talked to each other, but I didn’t understand, and I don’t think Sandy did either.


While I truly enjoy playing with the other Babydolls, Laurie came to me and knelt down. She had her tool kit out and a piece of paper. As she read over what the paper said she cooed softly, “Don’t be afraid, Tina. Mommy gonna make it where you are your adorable babydoll self, bu also able to perform normal adult functions as necessary. I think this will be a lot better for you and a lot safer.”

With that, Laurie tapped the bottom of the large stone in my collar and opened the small door. I could feel it intensely in my head as she adjusted something. My infantile way of seeing things didn’t seem to change, but my ability to deal with things sort of was enhanced. I was now a really cute little toddler Babydoll who was also able to perform adult things as necessary.

Laurie cooed softly as she closed the door under the stone in my collar, “There we go, Sweetheart.” She hugged and kissed me. “That will make it a lot easier for you to function.”

I got up off the floor like any toddler and showed off my ruffles. I found it easier to get up, although I still toddled more or less the same. About that time, something really intense washed all through me. I had no choice, I plopped on my bottom. Good thing I had on a thick diaper for padding.

Laurie cooed softly, “Did babydoll fall down go boom booms?” then held out her two index fingers.

I couldn’t help myself as I reached up and took hold. Laurie lifted me to my wobbly feet, then walked me over to a pile of plushy toys before letting me plop once again.

Suddenly I saw a plush Unicorn doll that became the most important thing in my reality. It was so soft and fuzzy as I grabbed it up and hugged it.

One of the other Babydolls named Alice screeched and started to cry, “That ... tha ... tha mine … Mommy brungded it for me.”

I smiled as she was set beside me. Not sure why I did it, but I swung the plushy and hit Alice in the head with it. Alice stopped whining and blinked in surprise, before she giggled and picked up a snow leopard plushy and hit me back. It was such fun ta hasa plushy fight as we screeched, giggled, and tumbled all about.

While this was going on, I saw several bouncy balls sitting next to a wall. I got up once again and showed off my ruffles before I toddled over to one of the balls and go on it. I held onto the handles and started to bounce. Alice and several of the other Babydolls noticed, including several of the adorably cute male Babydolls; they all came over, and we started having a bumper ball rally.


Even somema tha little girls n boys come n joinded in. Afore longs, had lotsa us aww bouncin’ around, screechin’, hollerin’, and havina grand ol’ baby time.

Tina is my name. It was never really Jimmy. I was always a girl. I just had to keep it secret for a while. But now, thanks to Laurie, I’m the happiest Babydoll in the world. And there are lots of others too.
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