Teddy Bear and the Magic Lamp

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Teddy Bear and the Magic Lamp

Postby Miki Yamuri » Thu Oct 06, 2022 7:14 am

Teddy Bear and the Magic Lamp

By: Miki Yamuri and Andreea

Characters :

Ted Bexar, 29 - Adventurer on an expedition into an unexplored part of the Mysterious Longbow Wood – Played by Andreea

Debbie Blake, 21 - Historian seeking the mysterious Lost Treasure of the ages – Played by Miki Yamuri

Scene: Camp deep in The lost Longbow wood along a winding river.


Camp has finally been set up, the smells of the cooking food on the fire filled the camp at last.

Ted asks Debbie, "Tell me about the legends of this place ... and what you're here for."

Debbie opens her backpack and removes a thick Diary looking book. She opens the aged pages gently and shows him the pictures of a treasure and a map beginning here at this point on the river and leading many miles into the unexplored depths of Longbow wood.

Debbie Replies, "According to this, there is a huge treasure called ‘The Treasure of the Ages'. I’m looking to find this treasure.”

Ted inquires, "Any idea what this treasure might be?"

Debbie replies, "Most all of it is said to be magical in nature."

"Magical?" he replies, with a faint sneer. "You really believe that?"

She replies, "Well, Teddy Bear, Not the magical part ... the treasure part I do."

She shows Ted a letter from one of the Famous Perry Explorers that had vanished in the late 18th century. This letter gave detailed explanations of an extremely valuable treasure located in a cave several miles from here.

"Good ... because as long as it's valuable in nature, I'll be content with my fifty percent"

Ted shakes his head and continues with a slight irritation in his voice, “I wish you would quit calling me Teddy Bear, Debbie. It’s kind of ... embarrassing.”

Debbie giggles sweetly and says softly, “It’s a cute name for someone I care a lot about.”

Ted shakes his head as he sighs in resignation. He asks, "What do you think became of their expedition?"

She replies, "No one knows for sure. This letter was the last communication received from him from this very camp."

She turns to another page, She shows Ted the very last entry in the book. It was a notation of a hidden cave into the mountain and how to find it.

Debbie says, "This journal was sent back by Perry so there would be a written account of where this cave is.”

He asks, "Tell me, Debbie ... Are you feeling adventurous?"

Debbie giggles softly and replies, "I most certainly am. The mountain is only 4 miles north of here and we could be there by late morning."

Ted states in a serious voice, "We should bring the guns ... just in case. Not that we don't know for sure that Perry and his boys didn't just fall off a cliff, but we may as well cover all angles."

Debbie stands and walks over to several huge crates. She opens the top one and removes a top of the line AR14 with scope.

She says, "I agree."

Ted takes food and other supplies from another crate. 3 day's worth of food for each, to cover contingencies. He gives Debbie the OS map of the area, to compare with Perry's map.

Debbie packs several strap on carry sacks crammed with ammo for the weapons. She prepares for the journey that begins the most fascinating adventure the both of them will ever have.

Debbie says, "After we eat, we’ll leave and this will be the base camp. There will be 24 hour radio communication so we won't just ... disappear."

Ted says, “Good idea, We radio our current location to the nearest ranger station, which is still remote. We are already far from civilization and they need to know where we are.”

They eat the meal slowly as they discuss Perry’s map and compare it to the OS map of their journey.

Presently, they set out. The meal finished, the 2 adventurers leave camp and follow an unexplored trail through the deep Forest to the mountain. The initial stage of the journey is both easy and pleasant.

Progress is reasonable at first, but the woods become denser very soon and the way became very rugged and in many places, no clear path of any kind to follow. They are required to hack their way through many places, while the morning advances all-too-rapidly.

By the time the 2 had reached the place marked on the map "Swamp of Mystery" ... it was very late afternoon. They still had more than a mile to go to the mountain.

Ted had found a small cave in the side of one of the high hills. He turns on his radio to report their location to base camp .... nothing but static fills the airwaves. He adjusts the frequency, to no avail. He tries repeatedly, but all he can get is interminable static. Static fills the air. Realizing that he is just wasting the battery, he turns it off.

Debbie asks with concern, "Can you raise Base Camp?"

"I dunno. Maybe the terrain here's blocking the signal”, he says weakly.

Debbie says softly with concern, "This sounds ... strangely familiar."

"Try raising them on yours," Ted suggests, slightly desperately.

Debbie turns on her radio ... nothing but deep static.

Debbie says, "We don't have anyone to send back to base camp."

"Oh well... At least we know they're not broken," Ted says, not very consolingly.

Debbie unslings her Ar and pulls the charging handle.

"Isn't that just a bit drastic?" Ted asks.

She replies, "Well I think I want to be ready." She takes the safety off and continues, "Besides, you never know what might be hiding in a cave like that."

"I'm sure it's just the terrain ... or the weather ... or maybe they're having trouble at base," Ted says as he also unslings his weapon.

Debbie turns on her flashlight and peers in the opening of the cave. There are many strange symbols on the walls and ceiling. Some appear to be made of solid gold.

Ted leans in for a closer look. He realizes there is something familiar about them ...

Ted says, "Definitely Meso-American. I can't be more specific than that."

Debbie replies, "Look at the way the other side of the cave is shaped. Looks like a door or something has been rocked in."

Ted agrees, "Not primitive, though. Not by a long shot. This took some serious engineering skill. It looks stable to me. Should be safe enough to go on, at least a short distance."

The 2 of them stay close together as they walk slowly deeper into the stygian darkness of the cave. The only light is the intense beams from their flashlights. Ted shines the beam around. The passage is narrow, and descending, with walls that are too regularly shaped for a natural formation.

Ted can see more symbols carved around the walls, and some more of gold inlay. Sun-discs, serpents, eagles, and strange misshapen figures. Probably figures of deities.

Debbie asks, "Can you identify any of this?" as she waves her arm. She continues, "I've never seen anything like this before."

Ted Replies, "Not really my field, but it sure has that Aztec flavor to it, or maybe something even earlier. I don't want to get too excited, mind ... but the word ‘Eldorado’ comes to mind."

Debbie examines something that looks very much like an Egyptian Cartouche. She rubs the dirt from the finely carved lines and it reveals a hieroglyphic tale of magic and many wishes.

"What do you think it represents?" Ted asks.

Debbie asks, "Can you read this, or should I translate? I know this particular tale."

Ted responds, "I think that would be your field of expertise, so let's hear it."

She explains, "It's different than the actual story I heard but ... this is about a magic lamp. Says ‘a mighty Ginn was captured and enslaved to a lamp. Any who find it has a wish granted’ ... or ... maybe ... it says many wishes ... can't tell the rock’s broken here."

She runs her fingers slowly over the missing part of the inscription.

She asks playfully, "So Teddy Bear, you still don't believe in magic?"

Ted replies with a slight irritation in his voice at being called Teddy Bear again, "Show me that's anything more than an old fairy-tale, and I'll rethink my position."

Debbie turns her light to the other wall. Another cartouche is over a very finely carved shelf adorned in gold an jewels. On the shelf was a lamp that obviously was old as time

Ted states excitedly, "These engravings must be worth millions ... Wish I'd brought a crowbar."

Debbie points and says, "What about that ... lamp? A coincidence?"

She walks over to the shelf with her light trained on the lamp. There is an almost unreadable inscription on the side covered with grime.

Ted muses, "Weird ... All the influences. Aztec, Egyptian, Arabic ... Or was this from a civilization that influenced all of them?"

Debbie shrugs and replies playfully, "Well, Teddy Bear ... since you want proof of the existence of magic. Why don’t you pick up what this cartouche is calling the Magic Lamp of Ages?"

She looks at Ted and giggles softly.

Ted sniffs in irritation, "Did I say I wanted proof of magic? Still, I would like proof of *authenticity*. I'd hate to send this to the head of archaeology only to find it had "made in China" stamped on the bottom."

She giggles again and says playfully, "Ok, Teddy Bear, pick it up and read the inscription on it. I'll help if I can."

Ted picks up the lamp, and turns it over in his hands. It feels lighter than gold ... disappointingly. The inscription baffles him, and he passes it to Debbie. Debbie takes the lamp. She rubs the inscription softly in hopes of making it a bit clearer.

She finally reads out loud, “They who rub the lamp shall be granted wishes.”

"Want to make a wish?" asks Ted, dryly.

She laughs and says, "Sure ... let's see a Ginn."

She rubs the lamp vigorously. There is a bright blue/white flash. A very beautiful Woman stood before them. She was dressed in an almost ephemeral dress seemingly woven of smoke.

Debbie drops the lamp and falls backward onto Ted. Ted is transfixed to the spot, his mouth gaping in disbelief.

The woman speaks softly, "I am the Ginn of the lamp. Ask and I shall deliver."

Debbie exclaims, "damn ... it's real!"

Ted retorts sarcastically, "Don't be silly. It's a ... trick ... of some sort. A ... projection."

Debbie stands up and puts her hands on her hips.

She says in an exasperated tone as she points to Ted, "How about him being a little 4yo girl? Teach him that this is real?"

The Ginn smiles and replies softly, "Your wish is my command."

There is another soft flash of blue/white light. Ted feels a strong tingle throughout his body ... Pleasant, but soon overwhelming.

Ted can hear Debbie gasp loudly. He knows he should feel frightened ... but does not. For it is so inherently soothing. Ted's body transforms quickly into an adorable little girl in ponytails

The Gin asks softly, "Another Mistress? Or shall I go until you summon again?"

Ted can see Debbie all wide eyed and her mouth is open

"What's happened?" asks Ted, and is stunned at the sound of her new voice.

Debbie gasps out in shock, "You ... you ... really did change!"

She kneels down in front of Ted. Ted is speechless. She briefly thinks about wishing herself back the way she was, but her former personality is receding by the moment.

Debbie asks with much concern, "Are you alright? How do you feel?"

She feels confused, though, and somewhat embarrassed in her very ill-fitting clothes.

As Debbie touches Ted’s face softly, she says, "I wish she was dressed in a cute little dress and rumba panties too."

The Ginn again smiles and replies softly, "Your wish is my command."

A flash of light, and Ted is suddenly dressed in the most adorable little ballerina-type dress, with frilly panties and pink tights. It feels so natural, and she twirls happily, loving how pretty she now looks and feels.

Debbie giggles as the Ginn again asks, "Another Mistress?"

"Me make wish?" asks Ted, hopefully.

The Ginn looks softly at the new little girl Ted has become and Replies, Your fantasy is my command."

Ted asks in a very adorable little girl’s voice, "Wish ... I had someone to play with."

The Ginn smiles and says softly, "Your wish is my command."

There is another soft blue/white flash. Debbie feels and intense tingle run through her body. She should be afraid, but it feels too intensely good.

The Ginn again asks, "Another Mistress?"

Debbie realizes suddenly she too has changed. She had transformed into a girl of 3. She stands amid her very ill fitting clothes.

Ted, feeling sorry for her, turns to the Ginn and says, "Wish she could have pretty clothes like mine."

The Ginn looks softly at the new Ted and Replies, “Your wish is my command."

There is a soft blue/white flash ... Debbie is standing in a very short baby dress, rumba panties and a diaper.

Debbie gasps softly at the wonderful feeling. She looks down and is confused for a bit by her new clothes. She realizes she is diapered and in plastic lined panties.

Ted slowly approaches, and holds Debbie’s hand.

The Ginn smiles adoringly and asks softly in a voice like she's talking to very young children, "Would you children like another wish? Your fantasies are my command."

Ted looks around the grim cavern, and, finding it spooky and depressing (and too young to be fascinated by the history or value of it), asks, "Wish we had somewhere nice to play."

The Ginn waves her hand ... there is a .. melting of reality as the darkness is replaced by a wonderful Nursery. There are toys and little soft plush dolls everywhere. The floor is covered in a thick soft carpet so not to injure young knees. There are ornately carved cribs against one wall and a huge toy chest on the other. Many stuffed animals sat neatly on top. There are many games for little girls to play.

They are not alone: there are some other little girls in the room already, but they are wearing very ornate, lacy, antique dresses and playing with old-fashioned wooden toys, and exquisite antique dolls.

Debbie looks around and asks in a very adorable baby voice, "Do you believe in magic now?"

Ted nods her head ‘yes’.

One of the other girls sees the new arrivals, skips towards them merrily, and kisses them both, to their amazement (though not displeasure).

She giggles airily, "I'm Jane ... Jane Perry. Would you like to play with us?"
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