Rebirth - By Miki Yamuri

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Rebirth - By Miki Yamuri

Postby Miki Yamuri » Fri Sep 30, 2022 7:07 pm


By Miki Yamuri


The sun rose on this day the same as countless others. The time? Perhaps it was the day after tomorrow, or perhaps, it was today. Who knew?

The news was rampant with wars, rumors of wars, plagues, pestilence, and a global drought that was ushering in an age of massive starvation and famine.

Tornadoes ... the sizes of which were unprecedented in mankind's recorded history swept the land, leaving behind massive devastation in its wake. Heat waves ravaged the world as massive rains, hurricanes, and flooding covered the rest.

Humankind appeared to devise more and more clever and destructive ways to kill each other at an alarming rate.

Jason McCormic sipped his coffee as he watched the morning news, before leaving for work on this morning. It saddened his heart to see all the suffering humankind had brought upon itself.

Tina Delany spritzed herself delicately with Dream Angel perfume before leaving the restroom for a very important date. She was going to give her virginity to the man she just met at the bar for a very large sum of money. She had been fired from her job and had been unable to find another. The Human Resources refused to give her assistance, claiming she had made too much money the last year to qualify. Bills piled up and she desperately needed the money he was going to pay just to survive.

Eyes that were old before the first light of the first stars began, peered down on what used to be a garden world. Remorse filled this being's heart as it watched silently. So much death ... so much suffering ... so much ... all because of one very ignorant primate. The being couldn't believe this primate, who was blind in its own conceit, had poisoned this world until it hovered on the very brink.

The being turned and looked on his peers who stood silently by and said with much regret in his voice, "The time has come. We must take action or loose the garden."

A being dressed totally in black said in an ethereal voice, "And what actions should we take, Overlord?"

The being sighed heavily as he shook his head slowly, "We must preserve a garden world at all costs, there are so few of them. It is time for us to weed our garden."

A sad murmur of agreement whispered through the Council.

Another being dressed totally in scarlet said softly, "I shall see to it that specimens are taken for preservation prior to the ... action."

The Overlord turned his eyes back to the sights of the world. A tear came to his eye as he thought of all those who will not see the sun rise again at the dawn.

NORAD detected many objects ... as did Sky-watch. The objects approached from space faster than anything mankind could imagine, totally unaffected by heat of reentry, and seemingly impacted at various places around the globe. Before humankind could dispatch any kind of scouting party ... the objects rose again into the sky and vanished into the heavens.

Jason sipped his thermos of coffee as he sat in bumper to bumper traffic. He chuckled to himself as he wondered why they called this 'Rush Hour'. As far as he could see, it was four lanes of parking lot and would be for a long time.

His radio suddenly spazzed out and began to smoke as the car's motor stalled. A huge hole was torn in the roof of his car. A very bright light flashed from the sky and engulfed him. His mind went blank.

Tina was dressed in her sexiest miniskirt and halter top. She showed her man as much panty as she could as she offered her very sexy self to him. The room suddenly exploded as a huge hole was ripped in the roof directly above her. A very bright light flashed from the sky and engulfed her. Her mind went blank.

The being dressed totally in scarlet entered the large chamber and approached the Overlord. The being said in a sad, ethereal voice, "It is done, Overlord."

The Overlord turned to the being dressed totally in black and said sadly, "Do it quickly. Be merciful."

Jason opened his eyes as he regained consciousness. He sat up and looked around. He is totally nude ... and he sees an extremely attractive, nude, young woman lying close by. He had no idea how he came to be where he is. This room is small and only has the two pads where they were.

Tina opened her eyes and sat up. All her clothes are gone. She saw a very handsome, nude, young man sitting on a pad close by. He had an expression of fear and total shock on his face.

Tina lets out a fearful squeak as she futilely attempted to cover her nude body with her hands.

Jason put out a hand and said with a touch of fear in his voice, "Don't ... don't be afraid. I promise, I'm not going to do anything."

Tina sees his arousal and looked at him in fear. There was nothing he could do about it. She was, after all, extremely beautiful, sexy, and totally nude.

Jason stood and began to run his hands along all the walls. There didn't seem to be any kind of seams or openings or doors of any kind. Tina watched for a few minutes as he searched the walls. She began to relax as she realized he wasn't going to harm her in any way.

Tina asked in a fearful voice, "Do, you know where we are?"

Jason replied, "Haven't a clue. Last thing I remember is my car getting destroyed and a bright flash of light."

Tina stood up as she said, "Last thing I remember, is the room I was in being destroyed, the roof being torn off, then a bright flash of light." She looks at Jason with big fearful eyes, "You think they dropped the bomb? This, this is the after life?"

Jason shrugged his shoulders, "Could be. If it is, we must be going to hell."

Tina began to cry. She had plans that obviously weren’t going to happen now.

There was a flash of light. A large, very old being dressed totally in white suddenly was in the small room with them. Tina clung to Jason in fear as he wrapped his arms protectively around her.

The being nodded his head as he said in an ethereal voice, "Very good. The attraction is perfect I see."

Jason asked in fear, "Who are you? Where are we? What happened to us?"

The being replied softly in that voice, "I am the Overlord of the Gardens. It is my eternal task to oversee and protect the few Garden Worlds that exist in this reality. The two of you, along with a very select few others, have been preserved."

Tina said with a shocked gasp, "Preserved? What do you mean preserved?"

The being waved his hand, reality seemed to shift as a large view of their city appeared in the air before them.

The being said sadly, "Your peoples have made it their task to destroy a Garden World. This cannot and will not be allowed to happen." They see some kind of massive bombardment of the city begin. Within seconds, all that is left is a huge raging fire, nothing of the city remained. "We must now replant the garden and seed it with new life. You are one of those seeds."

Tina screams as Jason yells, "You, don't have the right ...!!"

The Overlord smiled, "I have every right. That world is mine, and you, who are just tenets there, also belong to me."

The being waved his hand once again. There is a bright flash of light, Tina and Jason's mind go blank.

The primate sits up. He looked around. He sat among soft and wonderfully smelling flowers and soft clover all around. He stands and looked around at the lush Garden he is in. He is totally nude, but this doesn't concern him. In fact, he doesn't even care.

He spies a very beautiful female primate lying on a soft bed of flowering clover. This female, he knows, is his soul mate. He walks over and gently caresses her cheek. Her eyes flutter open as she looks into his soft eyes and smiles.

He helped her to her feet as she held his hand and shivered with delight. She knew this was her soul mate and had nothing to fear from him.

They walked hand in hand a short distance through the flowers and fruit trees to the edge of a cliff, overlooking a huge river valley. A magnificent panorama of beauty lay before them. The female trembled as she realized the immense task before her.

Within both of them they knew to go forth and multiply and repopulate ... The Garden.

~~ The New Beginning ~~
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