Emperess Series - Miki’s Formal Invitation

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Emperess Series - Miki’s Formal Invitation

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sat Jul 12, 2014 8:52 am

Miki’s Formal Invitation

I wake up. Morning has come , I need a diaper change as usual. I pull myself up by the crib rail. I can see myself in the full length mirror across the room. I look adorable in my romper with it’s ruffles. I want to have something like this I can be a big girl in too. I think I would look good for Larry. I haven’t seen him in several days and want to very much. I see Lisa nowhere and can hear Misty’s laughter coming from the play area. I know its late. Nana allowed me to sleep late. I make my morning stinky. I still feel strange when ever I have to potty or stinky. I haven’t ever gotten used to it. I am glad stinky only comes when I am awake. I have come to enjoy the strangeness of it though.


I call for Nana, she comes into the room and is all bright and cheery.
She exclaims, “Good morning Miki! And how’s baby this morning?”
She lets down the crib rail. She snatches me up and twirls me round and round.
I screech with delight. I am a very petit girl. A Prolongation shot many years ago insures this. Nana puts me on the changing table and tickles me in my ribs. I can’t help it, I kick and squirm and screech with joy some more. She puts her nose to mine and gives me a kiss.

She coos, “Baby need a change?” She unsnaps my romper between my legs. She checks my diaper “Baby such a good girl.”
Nana takes off my diaper and starts to clean me up. I ask if I can be a big girl today. Nana smiles and agrees. I take a shower. It feels good to do this every now and then. It feels even better if Larry were here to take it with me. When I step out of the shower, Nana is there with a big thick towel. She dries me and my hair briskly.

I am lifted suddenly to the changing table. I feel Nana’s hands as she gently rubs the seemingly magical baby oil on me. Her hands are soft and caress me gently. I smell the wonderfully intoxicating aroma of the oil. I am confused as I can feel the innocent euphoria start to spread through my body. Nana is a master of the mix. She can choose any age mix with the oils.

Nana sits me up. I look at her disappointed. I expect her to turn me on my tummy and do my bottom with another oil. She doesn’t. Instead, she gets out a pair of ruffled rumba panties and a romper almost exactly like the one I was wearing last night. Nana stands me on my feet, held out my panties and said, “Here baby, step in.” I step in them and she pulls them gently up. She holds out the romper and I step in it. She pulls it up and ties it behind my neck. She brushes my hair until it is silky and shines. Gathers it in the back in a single ponytail and puts a matching scrunche to hold it.

I say in a disappointed little girl voice, “Nana, I wanted to be a big girl today.”
Nana replies in a playful little girl voice, “You are, it’s just you are a little big girl. Don’t worry. You are an adorable little girl.”
I pouted and said, “I want to be a big girl like yesterday.”
Nana said normally, “You are baby, you are a sweet mix today. You will be a four year old eighteen year old today. Everyone will love you baby.”
I pouted and stomped my foot, “That’s not all of what I mean.”
I wanted to be a big girl. I didn’t want to be this little. It was too late now to worry.
I was a four year old eighteen year old girl. That wasn’t too bad I suppose. I didn’t have a choice.

When I went out of the potty room, Lisa and Misty were in the play area playing with the toys. They were so glad to see me and came to me. They took me by the hand and pulled me to the play area. We were three little girls playing with their dollies.

A knock on the nursery door. A messenger enters and snaps to attention with a sharp click of his heels. He bows formally.

He says, “I have an RSVP invitation for My Lady Anton to attend a pool party.
The time is one pm, which is within the next 3 hours. His Excellency Larry Turner requests honorably and respectfully the attendance of Miss Miki Anton. He requests a response before I leave.”

The messenger bows formally again and then snaps to attention with a sharp click of his heels.

I am looking at this sharply attired person. I am flabbergasted. I have never had this happen before and am not sure what to do.

Nana watches for a minute and when I say nothing asks me, “Don’t you want to go baby? I thought you and Larry got along famously.”

I look at Nana with my eyes wide. I say, “What am I supposed to do?” and shrug.

“Tell this boy if you will attend or not.” Was her reply.

I look at him and say, “I will attend.”

He says formally, “ As you wish My Lady.” The young man bows formally a last time, turns with a sharp heel click and vanishes out the nursery door like a flash. The door shuts silently.

I say in a surprised little girl voice, “Wow!!”

Nana laughs and says cheerily, “Seems you have a date baby. Guess that Boy really likes you.”

I reply quietly, “Yes Nana, and the feelings are mutual.” Then blush.

Nana walks to me and gives me a hug and a kiss. She says, “Larry is a very lucky man to have a girlfriend as cute as you.”

I slap Nana playfully on her arm and say, “Hush you old thing you.”

I am really blushing now. Nana just giggles and calls for the escort to take me to Larry’s Pool Party.

What I didn’t know, was this was the largest gathering of Royalty at the Largest and most important High Society affair of the year. All the young princes and princess that were somebody would be there. With me there, it made it the Social Event of the Century. The young Empress of the Known Universe will attend her first Royal Party.

Nana comes to me. She has two black things in her hands. She puts one of the two things on each of my arms. They looked like wrist braces. They were jet black like the one mom and dad always wore. They only had one, for some reason I was given two. It hurt really bad when she closed them around my arms. I started to scream and cry ... I didn’t understand why Nana was hurting me. I couldn’t get them off. I tried desperately.

Two guards suddenly burst into the room with nasty weapons drawn. Nana held her hands up and said, “I just placed the Imperial Guardians on her wrists for the first time. They are interfacing with her nervous system. This process is painful the first time. She is going to a Public function and requires protection.”

The guards lowered their weapons and snapped to attention. One of the guards apologized and said, “Sorry madam, It is our charge to insure no one hurts My Lady.”

Nana bowed and replied, “I understand.”

She took me in her arms and hugged and kissed me. She explained that these devises were highly advanced Neuro Computer Systems. They were also weapons and a force field generator. She explained I would hear two voices and be given a choice as to how to handle the biological setup with them and myself.

I felt something crawling through my body. I could feel things being penetrated seemingly inside my back and skull. I could feel an AI Control Vector actively monitoring this entire process and interfacing with it and me
Suddenly, the pain stopped and two small voices spoke the same words at the same time producing a strong echo effect in my mind, “This is weapon initialization interface. There are two systems ID in this unit, would you like them to merge into one system?”

I replied simply, “Yes.”

One voice spoke, echo was gone, “How would you prefer interface communications? As it is now, or as an awareness similar to your own thought processes?”

I replied, “As my own thought processes, unless I am totally alone and want to have it separate.”

An awareness in my mind, an understanding, and realization that I need to decide how the knowledge base and data assimilation will be handled.

I responded, “As my own memory.” A massive awareness of knowledge and data covering a massive multitude of things came over me.”

Nana curtsied and said, “My Lady, you are extremely beautiful.” she giggles sweetly as she hugs me and comforts me.

Imperial Guards Appear at the nursery door. They all have on their best Dress Uniforms. Nana insists I wear this golden tiara with the jewels on top. I wear it for her. I really don’t like the thing. One of the Officers offers me his elbow. I take it and am escorted through the great hall to the main foyer. There is a great deal of pomp and circumstance when we get to the door. The Captain tells me to relax, it will be over in a minute. There are many vid and comm services taking many picture of me as I get into the aircar.

Universal Galactic News Network - UGNN News Flash: The Beautiful Young Emperess is attending her first Royal Party. This is the news event of the century! Everyone from everywhere that could be here is here to see her.

I hear many of the reporters asking me many strange and weird questions. Some about my New boyfriend, Larry Turner. Some about the attempted kidnapping. Some about my favorite perfume. Some asked about someone named Harry swimming in a fountain, which I thought was the strangest question. Some asked about my favorite baby powder. I even heard one asking about my favorite restaurant. The guards keep them off of me and we arrive at the aircar and board amid a huge crowd all wanting to get a glimpse of the young and beautiful Emperess. I was very glad I didn’t have to answer any of those stupid questions. I hear one reporter yelling out a question about the largest Royal party of the century as I enter the seat and the door closes. The Guards all enter the gunners compartment except for the captain who sits next to me in the back seat. The trip is fast and comfortable.

The aircar lands in a beautiful garden. There are many flowers and shrubs. Fountains bubble everywhere. I am looking around as the Captain offers me his elbow again. I take it and he escorts me through some of the most beautiful flowering walkways I have ever seen.

I am dressed in a soft blue white checkered romper with ruffles around the legs and three rows across my bottom. I have on no blouse underneath. I have on my slippers and a golden tiara Nana insisted I wear. I have the Guardians on both wrists. I start sucking my thumb. I can’t stop myself. I do see other girls dressed much the same way I am and some with even less on. I begin to hear the sounds of the pool party as we approach the door.

The Captain knocks two times sharply on the door. A servant opens it and asks for the invitation. The Captain promptly gives it to the servant and we both are escorted into the main room. There are girls every where wearing every conceivable bathing suit and color known. There are boys every where wearing every conceivable color known to man, but they all seem to wear the same basic type of suit.

I turn ... the Captain is gone ... I turn the other way ... The servant is gone. I am standing there all alone. I do not know anyone. I haven’t a clue as to where I am to go or what is expected of me. I am very shy suddenly. I know I am blushing. I can’t help it. I look around the room shyly. I see Boys and Girls enjoying themselves everywhere. I start to suck my thumb again.

There is a very large group of young girls on a very large round sofa all wearing string bikinis. All of them looked around when I was escorted in. They had been talking quietly and giggling among themselves. The youngest of the group sees I am just standing there and calls to me to come and sit with them. I am truly shy and am slightly scared. The girls chatter quietly among themselves for a second.

I hear the youngest say, “It’s her I tell You. I’ll prove it!”

She gets up off the sofa and comes bouncing cheerily up to me. She gently takes my hand and says in a cute giggly voice, “Come, sit with us and introduce yourself. We won’t bite you ... at least not hard.” And she giggles pleasantly some more.

She pulls me gently by the hand to the sofa. I climb on it. The others make room for me. I am very shy. I am unsure of why. I just let things unfold.
I say shyly around my thumb, “Hello.”

The girls at that point all start talking at the same time. They are being extremely friendly and encouraging. They understand I am alone at the party and are more than willing to be my friend. They welcome me to the Prolongation Children’s couch and giggle.

One girl in a blue sparkling bikini asks, “What’s your name sweetheart?”

I reply in a sweet little girl’s voice, “Miki. Miki Anton” and suck my stupid thumb again.
There is a collective gasp from all the girls. Their eyes get big as they stare in amazement.

The youngest one exclaims, “I told you it was her. Isn’t she the most adorable thing you ever saw?”

There is major agreement. They all start asking more questions at the same time.

Another of the girls quiets them and says, “You guys are scaring her. She’s just a little girl somehow. Have a heart.”
She looks at me and says, Don’t mind us Miki. We are your friends and have only the best intentions. How old are you?”

I wanted to be as old as I could. I wanted to tell them my true age, eighteen. I couldn’t. Because of the properties of the oil I was an eighteen year old four year old all very delicately mixed by Nana’s expert hands. I couldn’t help myself. I had to tell them ...

I held up four fingers and said, “this many.” And started sucking my thumb again.

The girls were amazed. They knew of the oils but had never met anyone under their influence before. They thought it was incredible.

The two older girls hugged me gently and told me its ok, they would watch over me.

A servant came to attention just in front of us with a sharp click of his heels. He bows formally.

He says to me, “Beg your pardon My Lady, would My Lady Like to change now?”

I finally quit with the thumb. I look at him and say, “Change?”

He replies, “Yes My lady. This is a pool party. You are the only one not in a bathing suit.”

I look innocently around. Except for the servants, I was the only one not in a bathing suit.

The youngest one took me by the hand and said, “Come on Miki. Lets get you into a cool swim suit.”

She eagerly led me by the hand and we followed the servant to a room off the main corridor. There were girl’s bathing suits of every style and description and color.

The servant asked, “Would My Lady require assistance?”

The girl said, “No, I’ll help.”

The servant said, “Very well Madam.”

He turned with a sharp heel click and vanished. The door closed silently. I was still impressed.

The girl said in a real cute voice, “My name is Vickie. I was the youngest for years. I’m glad you’re here now, you can be my girlfriend and you be the youngest.”

She giggles sweetly and whispers, “You have to add 5,000 years to that though. Daddy gave me prolongation at thirteen so we could come from Duva Minor to Terrian Nexus. Takes 500 years to travel. I loved the dream machine. It gave me such wonderful fantasies.”

I shivered and said, “I hate that infernal machine. It should be outlawed.”

She was definitely surprised at my response. It showed on her face.

She asked in a surprised voice, “How can you say that? It has only had one problem in 7,000 years. It has the most beautiful fantasies and they seem real.”

I said, “I know everyone is safe in it. It’s just the only time there ever was a problem ...”

Vickie gasps, her eyes wide, and puts her hand to her mouth. With her other hand she caresses my arm.

She says in a gasp, “It was you! Oh my gosh I’m so sorry ... I didn’t mean ...!!”

I take her hand in mine and say, “It’s ok Vickie, I have recovered. It was horrible though.”

She smiles at me with an understanding look ... she hesitates for a second more, then shifts mental gears. She is off and running at full speed to try and find me the perfect swimsuit.

She selects a black string bikini. It covers my bottom completely and has a cute little triangle in front. Vickie helps me untie my romper and helps me out of it. She helps me into the bikini bottoms. She ties them in an expert bow. She then helps me into my top and ties it on.

The bikini seems to be custom made to tie on and fit me perfectly. I look in the mirror. I look stunning in it. Vickie is all complements.

Vicki has many questions. She asks what it is like being a baby girl among adults. She asks what its like to be in diapers. She brims over with more personal questions about being a baby. She wants to know what it feels like to have the oils applied. She says it has been a fantasy of her’s for a long time. She chatters on in a very friendly manner

Finally, I have completed the change and folded my clothes and left them neatly on the bench with my tiara. Vickie wants me to come back to the round sofa and become one of the group. She pushes a button, the door opens silently and a servant is there with a sharp heel click. Vickie tells him to take care of my street clothes. He bows. I see the servant take the tiara and give it to a group of security guards who are very formidably armed. Vickie takes me by the hand and leads me out the door back to the group.

I don’t know why I am so self conscious and so shy here. I can’t stop myself. All present are the young crème de la crème of Royal High Society. I still shouldn’t feel this way.
Vicki has me back at the round sofa. They all make room for me on the sofa and crowed around when I crawl on and sit. The questions are friendly and the chatter goes round and round.

The girls on the sofa have been very friendly and I have begun to like them a lot. Vickie reaches out and touches my collar. She says sweetly in a breathy young girl’s voice, “That is the largest and most beautiful diamond I have ever seen.”
The girl named Judy says, “She is the only pure bonded Pet in history Vickie. That’s what the Diamond means. She is very special to someone and they are very special to her. She willingly became an Imperial Royal Pet bonded to them.”
I said in a shy little girl voice, “It’s a little more complicated than that. I was born a Royal Pet to the Imperial House. I was born to be an Imperial Royal Pet to my mom.”

The girls asked many questions about being born as a Pet. The girls went round and round about how adorable I was. There was much laughter and friendship. There were questions about me being a baby. They thought it was so cute. They wanted to know how it felt to have the oils applied. They said I was adorable and would like it if I were the baby of the group. This idea went round and round in a friendly manner. Most of the girls wanted to be babied to see what it was like. They giggled and talked about which boys they would like to baby them. This went round and round. I said I loved Larry babying me and the girls all giggled and started asking about me and Larry. We all blushed and giggled .

Judy looks me over and says, “She was more than likely around sixteen when they gave her Prolongation. She is an adorable creature and we are all falling in love with her.”

I said shyly, “It was on my eighteenth birthday when daddy gave me the shot.”

Vicki started asking questions about being a baby again. They were all amazed when I told them about my experiences. Being in diapers and being a little girl went round and round. My clothes became the next topic. All the girls spoke at once as they told of their most favorite outfits. We all blushed and giggled some more.

All the girls started talking about how beautiful I was and how amazed they were no one was escorting me. I told them Larry was supposed to be here with me. Everyone knew Larry was here, just not where. The place was huge and full of teenagers of all ages having the time of their lives. All agreed I was so loveable and cute as a button. The buzz of voices continued in a very friendly manner with all the girls giving much attention to everything they could think of.

I could hear the boys when they noticed me. They all wanted to know who I was. They wanted to know if I was spoken for. They wondered if I would date one of them. They were taken at how extremely beautiful I was ... this went on and on too in the quiet rise and fall of voices in the room.

Vickie is very interested in the collar. She asks many questions about my diamond. She wanted to know how it felt to be oiled. She wants to know about becoming a Royal Pet. She asks many questions about how I came to be a Pet. She asked about being a baby and being cared for. She asked about my Nana. She knew a great deal about me.

Melissa finally said, “Vickie, hush girl. You would think you want to be a baby in diapers.”

Vickie giggles shyly and blushes. I then take notice of her desire to be a baby. She will be a cute one. She is young. She is a princess as well. A lot of princesses have this fantasy. A royal baby. I giggle sweetly.

I excuse myself and tell everyone I’m going for a swim. Everyone invites me back. Leah stops me just long enough to rub Suntan lotion all over me. She says, “Don’t want you to get burned. Sun is hot. Baby’s skin is very tender.”

I thank her and walk out to the pool. There are people laughing and playing every where. The pool is huge. There are many smaller pools scattered all around. There is food and drink being served on gilded and gem encrusted trays.

I can hear the buzz of voices. I can hear they noticed I have come to the pool. I hear male voices who want to know who this absolutely gorgeous creature is. I hear many comments about who I might be. I hear them wondering if I am taken. I hear them wondering how such a cute girl is standing there all alone. I hear how gorgeous I am in a bikini. I hear girls talking about how beautiful I am. They notice the diamond in my collar and are impressed. Many giggles and coos. This is the largest most pure diamond any have ever seen. Many are excessively wealthy. None could afford a diamond of this size and quality. All see the huge diamond on my left ring finger. All the girls are cooing and talking about it now too. They wonder who I am engaged to. The voices and giggles go round and round.

There is a float in the water in front of me. No one is on it or near it. I get in the water and get on the float. I am lying across the float so I can kick my feet daintily. I can hear faint snatches of the boys impressed with my cute bottom. I hear one say he is going to ask me for a date. I hear a servant inform the young man I am spoken for by His Excellency Larry Turner. The owner of this entire estate. This creates even more of an uproar around the pool. Many voices now are wanting to know how I could be engaged to Larry. They really want to know who I am. I hear a girl’s voice say my name; Miki Anton. I hear many voices then who know who I am. There is a major increase in the volume of the voices around the pool.
I hear a splash in the water. Suddenly, Larry pops out of the water in front of me and gives me a huge kiss. I squeal in surprise and start to fall off the float. His huge arms have me and I go nowhere. I kiss him passionately. I love this beautiful man. I hear girls giggle.

I say, “Larry, you silly man. Why you want to scare baby like that?”
Larry lets out a friendly laugh and replies, “Its to keep you on your toes love.”
With this he turns my float over and dumps me in the pool. I screech as I hit the water. I come up and splash him in the face with water. He picks me up in his strong hands. They are between my legs. I am sitting in the palms of his large hands. He gives me a wonderful squeeze and then tosses me in the air. I screech with pleasure. It was a really cool feeling. After I hit the water, I playfully jump on his back and softly nip his ear. We tussled. He flips me over his back and tosses me into the water again. I am laughing so hard when I hit, I get water in my mouth. When I come back up, he picks me up in his hands. I eagerly sit in his palms. He squeezes my privacy. I feel the wonderful sensation through me. He gives me another toss. I squeal with delight before I hit. I jump up again just in time to splash him in the face dead center. I duck under water and push from the bottom.

I swim as hard as I can to be behind Larry. I feel his hands grab me by my waist and lift me out of the water again. I squeal with delight. As iron solid as his grip on me is, it is always whisper soft and gentle. I loose my top. It has come untied and is sinking to the bottom of the pool. The pool here is very deep. I am very shy again. I screech and cover my boobies with my hands. I blush very hard. I go to the shallows. I am a very shy girl who has lost her top.

Larry grins and says before he dives to get my top, “Ohhhh baby! Lookin so sweet.”

This creates a hubbub of voices commenting on how gorgeous I was and wishes from others they could be as cute. I was really shy and embarrassed. I knew I couldn’t help it. I hear the boys saying how much they liked my boobies and wished I would keep my top off. Some are talking about how Larry could have been so lucky to have found a girl this cute. Others wish I was their girlfriend. I hear girl’s voices saying how lucky I am. I hear them wishing Larry was their boy friend. I hear girls wishing they were me. They all loved Larry.

He comes back up and helps me back into my top. He ties it securely. I am so relieved and grateful. I turn around and kiss him sweetly.

I don’t know how long I kissed him, but I heard some of the guys on the side of the pool teasing us and saying, “That ain’t fair, get a room you guys!” There is a lot of talk. All about us.

I break the kiss. I have the back of my hand to my mouth. I look helplessly into his eyes. I want to please him again. Right here if he will let me. I realize what I am thinking and see all the people looking ... I giggle shyly.
He suggests we go to the hot tub and “see what happens.”

I have never been in a Hot Tub. I touch the steaming bubbling water daintily with my toe. I know why they call it a hot tub. The water is almost too hot. Larry bounds up and gets right in. I hear him exhale with great pleasure.

He looks at me and says, “The water’s fine.”

I shrug and get in too. The water is ... Hot. Not uncomfortably so ... almost. I snuggle up to Larry amid all the bubbles and give him another tender kiss while I caress him between his legs. Larry makes the sweetest grunting noises and kisses me back. He calls one of the servants to him and orders, “I want you to bring the special plate of horsdeouvres and the chilled bottle of blush with two small glasses. Make sure they are the small ones”
The servant turns with a sharp heel click and vanishes, only to return a few seconds later with a huge platter and a tray. On the tray were two huge pure crystal glasses and the bottle of sparkling pink Blush wine. On the platter was the largest assortment of horsdeouvres I had ever seen. I had no clue as to what they might be. Their aroma was absolutely wonderful. The servant places these within my easy reach, turns with a heel click and blends into the back ground so effectively if I didn’t know where he was I would miss him.

I don’t know what the horsdeouvres were, they were absolutely superb. Larry poured some wine in the glasses. He gave me one. I drink with him as we flirt. We kiss and caress each other in the hot bubbly water for a long time. We play and wrestle. I truly enjoy myself. As big and strong as Larry is, he never hurts me and is always so gentle.

These glasses are large. To me, they are huge. Larry assures me these are the smallest. The wine was excellent and tasted very good. One glass is a lot of wine and gives me the little girl giggles really bad. Larry takes the next glass from me and puts it back on the tray. He tells me to wait a while. I snuggle up to him and kiss him passionately some more. I feel his hand on my bottom. I take his other hand and put it between my legs. He gives me a very pleasant squeeze. I squeak. He explores my mouth with his tongue. We play. I screech and giggle. I have the best time I can remember.

My top is suddenly untied again. I feel it as it leaves my body. Larry puts it on the side of the hot tub. I don’t have time to protest. He is there with his wonderful mouth kissing and sucking my little boobies. I squirm and squeal with delight as he does this. I am helpless as he enjoys my young body. I am in his lap kissing him passionately when Vickie and Melissa get into the Hot Tub with us. Larry has his huge hands on me caressing my boobies.

I want to cover up. Larry gently stops me. He whispers, “Relax, this is what the Hot Tub is for baby.”

I whisper, “What about them?” He smiles and asks, “Want them to join us?”

I look at him with playful incredulity and gently pat him on his face.

I say in an playfully exasperated tone, “Larry!” and pout sweetly.

Larry has us play games with him so he can see our bottoms and our boobies and put his hands on us and caress us. I don’t mind in the least and neither do they. I enjoy him taking advantage. I offer it freely. So do Vicki and Melissa. Vicki and Melissa giggle screech and tussle and play with us.

Vicki is obviously taken with Melissa. Melissa is gently encouraging Vicki. Vicki is shy about her attraction to the older girl. Vicki is a prolongation girl and Melissa is an older prolongation girl. Melissa is taking advantage as much as she can in a very sweet way. I see Melissa grab the tie on Vickie’s top. Vickie is unaware. Vicki looses her top and is very embarrassed. She can’t find it in the bubbling water. I stand up and show her I don’t have on a top.

Melissa then says, “What the hell?” and takes her’s off and throws it to the side.

Melissa somehow has her beautiful firm breast in Vicki’s hand. It seems like an accident. Melissa acts shy and even blushes and giggles. Vicki blushes and is very embarrassed. Melissa flirts gently with Vicki. Vicki is very taken with Melissa. I know what Melissa wants. I know Vicki has never been with a girl or a boy for that matter before and is torn. I think Melissa would be a great Mistress and Vicki would be a great Pet for her and bring her much pleasure. I see Vicki very shyly touching Melissa’s breast. I see Melissa giggle and act shy too. I see Melissa take a slow shy kiss from Vickie. I see Vickie shyly kiss her back. I see Melissa finally convinced Vickie to kiss her cute breast. I see Vickie is a very cute and shy girl. I know this will be a great bonding. Like me and Lisa. The greatest of Playmates.

We play a game of toss. I know this game is so Larry can see our cute boobies. Vicki is sort of disappointed when Larry only kisses me and mine. Melissa is interested in Vicki’s boobies and really wants to kiss her. She starts to flirt with Vicki slightly more. Vicki does respond shyly to Melissa’s advances. Vickie is the perfect girl for Melissa. Vickie needs encouragement. I whisper in Vicki’s ear that Melissa has fallen in love with her. Vicki is so embarrassed and giggly. I tell her Melissa very much wants to be her girlfriend. I tell her to relax and be Melissa’s girlfriend. It would be fun. She tries.
With wine, she is succeeding.

I feel Larry’s hand slip inside my bikini bottom. It is time for baby to pay attention to her boyfriend. His large hands are pulling me to him. His finger gently penetrates my privacy. I can’t help it, a cute little squeal comes from me. Melissa looks around and giggles. I’m in Larry’s arms with my hand over my mouth. I am blushing a very bright pink.

She knows. I am embarrassed. She swims over to us and puts her hand softly between my legs on top of Larry’s hand. She knows he has his finger in my privacy as she explores me. She coos and tells me I’m a good girl.

She whispers softly in my ear that Larry is a lucky man and she wouldn’t mind being my girlfriend either. She boldly puts her hands down the front of my bikini. I feel her hand inside my bikini bottoms as she reaches to my privacy beneath Larry’s hand. I squeak softly as she gently tickles my special place. I am now sandwiched between Melissa in front and Larry behind. I am being so sensually caressed by both of them. I cannot help myself, I orgasm hard.

Melissa giggles and kisses me softly on my lips. She explores my mouth throughly with her tongue. I cannot believe how helpless I feel and how much I am enjoying myself. She tells me its our secret. No one would know but us.

Larry offers Melissa and Vicky some more wine and snacks. I hear Melissa whisper to herself the best snack she could have is Vicki. She swims back and starts to flirt sweetly with Vicki again. Vickie responds sweetly and innocently. I see Vickie is a very shy sweet girl. I think Vickie is a most adorable girl ... Larry agrees. The perfect profile. She will be this age ... and love to wear diapers and baby clothes ,,, the perfect little girl. I giggle at the thought.

Two more bottles of wine mysteriously appear. Vicki has the giggles quickly after she and Melissa pour the next glass. Melissa becomes real flirty and sweet to Vicki. Vicki is starting to kiss Melissa very shyly in a long slow sensual way. I see Melissa will be the dominant of this bonding. Melissa is taking every advantage she can at this point to get Vicki. Vickie is being the perfect shy virgin. This is exciting Melissa more and more.
I ask Melissa innocently, “What would you do if she were your Bonded Pet?”
Melissa says softly, “I would be a very happy girl for sure. Vicki is a cutie.”
I whisper in Melissa’s ear, “Vickie thinks you are the most beautiful girl she has ever seen. She’s just real shy and is a virgin.” Then giggle.

Melissa changes her tactic. Melissa goes to Vicki and offers her some more wine. Melissa isn’t wasting time now. She is aggressively seeking Vicki. Melissa’s new strategy is right on and very effective, Vicki can’t resist. Before long, I see Melissa putting Vickie’s bikini bottom on the side of the hot tub. I hear Vicki asking Melissa to be gentle because she is a virgin. I hear Vicki squeaking softly and see small tears fall as Melissa takes her virginity. It is so heart warming to see an innocent girl in love pleasing her future Mistress.

Larry thinks it is the most adorable thing he has ever witnessed. I see Melissa enjoying Vicki a lot. Vicki is sitting in Melissa’s lap kissing her passionately. Vickie is so sweet and doing her best to have her first sex and give her virginity totally to Melissa.

Melissa takes Vickie out of the tub. Vicki is nude. Melissa makes a point of caressing Vickie’s privacy and penetrating her with her finger so all the boys could see and stay away. Melissa’s bottoms are almost untied and Vicki has her hand in the back of them. They disappear into the house. I don’t see them for a very long time. Larry looks at me in surprise and says, “You handled that professionally My Lady.”
I replied in a shy accented little girl’s voice, “Why, thank you kind sir. It was just a nice way to get rid of them so we could be alone.” We kiss.

Larry’s hand is in my bikini. He is caressing my special place in my privacy. I am involuntarily making sweet grunts each time his finger passes. I orgasm so intensely my head swims. I kiss the man of my heart as passionately as I can. I know I am in love with Larry more than ever.

I want to please Larry really badly. I untie my bikini bottoms and put them on the side. Larry says we can’t do this here right now.

I ask, “why not, this is a hot tub isn’t it? It was what Vicki was doing for Melissa.”

I quickly undo his bathing suit and slip his thing in my privacy. It is harder to do in the water. It sort of hurts as his thing slips inside me at first. It is intense as I am penetrated and can feel myself stretch to accept him. I move up and down on his thing slowly and allow my body to accept his. I am gasping with each thrust of my hips. Larry is totally enraptured.

I giggle and say in a softly gasping breathy voice, “Tell ... me ... why not .... here?”

He says in a very enraptured voice, “Forget I was stupid enough to say anything.”

I giggle. I squeeze on his thing as I am moving my hips.

Larry is doing his best not to cry out. I kiss him passionately ... He kisses me passionately. I make it my mission to make him cry out. Poor Larry didn’t stand a chance. He gasps out his pleasure loudly as I squeeze his thing as hard as I can down deep inside me. I giggle.

All the guys notice and are jealous. Especially one tall arrogant angry drunken youth. They all wanted me as soon as I walked into the pool area. They see the strong handsome man I chose. They want to be him right now.

I can feel his thing throbbing as I take all of his intense orgasm in my privacy.

I notice all the guys are looking on and are very jealous of Larry. Baby is embarrassed.

Larry whispers in my ear, “This is what hot tubs are for love.” Then kisses me passionately.

I turn around backwards and go to sit on his thing again. I miss my privacy and Larry makes it known he wants my bottom. His hands are on my hips and he pulls down on me as he thrusts up with his hips. I am helpless in his grip. His thing forces its way into my bottom. My sphincter muscle spasms. It hurts. I cry out. Then, as suddenly, it seems to spasm one more time and my bottom opens. I feel Larry’s thing as it penetrates deeply into me. I gasp and squeak loudly as his massive thing enters me deeply.

He thrusts several times and then pulls me down all the way. I am helpless as Larry takes me roughly for the first time. I gasp. I can feel something opening deep inside me as he penetrates all the way. I am sitting on his lap with his thing as far in my bottom as it is long.

He pulls down on my hips. I cry helplessly as he really enjoys my tight little bottom. Then he starts doing long slow thrusts. This doesn’t hurt. I feel so good and enraptured now. I orgasm two times in a minute then Larry fills my bottom with white gooshy stuff. I lean back into him and sit. I can feel his thing as it softens. His hand is between my legs and caressing my privacy so nicely.

Larry whispers in my ears, “Baby, you please me so much.” Then kisses me.

I drink more wine ... Larry keeps stopping me ... he tells me it’ll make me sick ... it tastes really good and I feel great ... This is too good to make anyone sick. I drink some more.

I kiss Larry as much and as passionately as I can. I please him with my privacy. I take all of his orgasm in my privacy. I also flirt. Larry flirts back and tussles with me and tickles me playfully. I please him with my mouth. I swallow as much as I can.

We kiss passionately and often. He is in my privacy as I sit on his lap and kiss him softly. I am gently flexing my privacy. He is breathing hard every time I flex. I feel him throb again. I take all of his orgasm in my body as deeply as I can. It belongs to me. It is my Love’s pleasure. I giggle sweetly.

When he isn’t looking, I finish the second glass of wine. I drink a total of two full glasses and I am feeling really strange. After two glasses I can’t get my eyes to focus ... and I don’t feel good. I quit drinking wine at that point ... is way too late.

I don’t feel so good. Larry helped me back into my bikini. I had too much wine. My head is starting to hurt. I feel sick to my stomach. I am a girl who has had way too much to drink for the first time in her life.

Larry has me discreetly taken in to the Master Bedroom. Great care was taken to make sure no one saw me this way. I only vaguely realize I am being carried. I am drunk and sick. The servants are given strict instruction I am not to be disturbed and they are to be at my beck and call until this passes.

Larry puts a cold cloth on my forehead. He shakes his head and scolds softly, “I told you not to drink any more wine sweet stuff. Now look at what you feel like.”

I agreed ... I am very Ill ... I’m going to ... when my head clears a bit, I find I am looking into a bucket of some kind. Larry has pulled my hair out of the way so it won’t get messy and is holding me gently over the bucket. I hear sympathetic voices softly in the back ground. A servant is gently cleaning my face with a cold cloth as he offers heart felt sympathy.

I’m going to be sick again ... I hear all the servants sympathy. I am sick again ... more sympathy for baby.

All are truly miserable for me. Not nearly as miserable as I am though.

I hear Larry’s sympathetic voice telling me softly there’s nothing can be done but to suffer it out now. He whispers softly he loves me and will be here for me. He washes my face gently with a cold cloth.

I’m going to be sick again. I am sick until it feels like my tummy is coming out. I am sick until nothing is in my tummy and I am just gagging. Larry gives me water. At least I have something in my tummy to come back up. I am very sick.

I finally quit heaving and am able to lie back in the simi darkness. I am gently placed on my back on the bed. One of the servants has given me a pill. It makes me feel a little better. My head is pounding. Larry hovers over me and keeps making the cloth cold. He is very attentive and sweet. He caresses me gently and tries his best to comfort me.

As time passes, I feel a whole lot better. I am able to sit up now. My head feels really funny. The room seems to spin and tilt to the side. The servants are all over themselves to clean me up and dress me.

Larry kisses me and says he’ll see me in the living room.

They give me a cool invigorating shower, then dress me in a soft disposable diaper with little teddy bears on it, and white plastic lined rumba panties and a soft royal blue cotton romper with three rows of lace across my bottom. A servant stops with a sharp heel click and offers me a jeweled pacifier on a small red velvet pillow with gold tassels. I was tempted but declined. The servant vanishes. With the gentle help of another servant, I come slowly out into the main room. I am unsteady on my feet. The light is so bright.

I see many of the girls from before. Everyone is glad I am feeling better. Everyone is sympathetic. Baby still doesn’t feel too well.

I am given a deep armchair to sit in. The girls from earlier are all around me chattering softly. I see Melissa and Vickie holding hands and kissing. I see Melissa holding Vicki’s bottom very tenderly. Vickie will make a fine Royal Pet for Melissa. I invite Vicki and Melissa over to my nursery. Vicki hasn’t a clue the joys her new life will bring or the pleasures she will give her Mistress Melissa. She is completely ignorant until the box opens. She will discover first hand what it is like to be collard. I will watch as another Royal Pet is born. I will see as she pledges to Melissa and falls helplessly in love. It will be the fulfillment of Vickie’s fantasy.

Larry brings me a soft drink this time. It tastes good and makes me feel a whole lot better.
The two older girls from earlier are there hovering over me. One is named Debbie, and the other is named Atheena. Debbie is a princess from Omicron Alpha. Her star system is over 4500 years away at maximum acceleration. Her father gave her prolongation at nineteen. Atheena comes from Zeta Thournia. Her star system is closer at 1,800 years at maximum acceleration.
Her father gave her prolongation at twenty one. Makes her the old woman of the group. Her star system is an annex of the Imperial House. I wonder at this. This should make her a relative of some kind.

Atheena climbs into the chair with me and slips behind me. I am sitting basically between her legs. My back is to her as she gently pulls me back into her. She wraps her arms around me I lean back into her warm embrace. I can smell the delicate perfume she is wearing. Her body is soft and warm. I still don’t feel very good. Suddenly, I feel as if I were in my mommy’s loving arms. This is a strange feeling under these circumstances. She runs her fingers through my hair gently.

She says ever so softy to me, “Relax Miki, your among friends. I will make sure no one makes fun of you. All of us made that mistake at least once. Some more than once.”

I could hear sympathetic agreement from the other girls. They all started telling their own stories of too much wine, the boys use of it on them, and how sick it made them. I sympathies with them too. I tell how Larry tried to stop me from making this mistake. They all giggle and start chattering about how sweet Larry is.

I could hear the room buzzing with gossip. I seemed to be most of what everyone was talking about. I couldn’t figure this out. I look around. Most of the girls dress the way I do. I do see some who dress slightly more conservatively ... but not very. I see lots that dress a lot less conservatively than I do. Some are nude and blatant. I see many who are openly pleasing each other. I see many who absolutely have no discretion period. I see most act in ways I wouldn’t. Why am I the topic of conversation?

The party is in full swing. Girls and boys are running around and screaming and having a grand time. It has started to be late in the afternoon. More Princes and Princess are arriving all the time. Especially once it became known that the young Emperess Miki Anton had actually come to a Royal function for the first time. It is the Social Happening of the Century.

I ask, “Why is everyone talking about me?”

The girls all giggle and snicker.

Atheena softly brushes a strand of hair from my eyes and says quietly, “Miki, sweet heart, it’s not every day that the Universe gets to meet the daughter of the Emperor. It isn’t very often that an Emperess comes to a social function. Especially one as attractive as you. It also has never happened that it’s her boyfriend that’s hosting the function. This has never happened before. There are a lot of young studs here that are very upset about it too. Makes all us girls so proud of you.”

She leans over and kisses me softly on the top of my head. She puts her face in my hair and takes a slow deep breath. She truly enjoys me.

The girls are all chatting in a very friendly manner all at the same time. I really do feel welcome in this group. I look around. I am the only girl there who was given prolongation this young. This is also a mystery to me. Most of the girls in my group are a lot more prolongation years older than me. I see Debbie and Atheena act like mothers to the rest of us.

Atheena leans over and whispers in my ear softly, “Is it true that you are a baby?”

I say very shyly, “It’s true.”

Her embrace is so soft. Just like mommy Lady Beth’s. I feel almost like I am in Pet Mode.

She asks softly, “Do you wear diapers n all?”

I lean back and look up at her. I could almost swear it was mommy Lady Beth speaking to me in our most intimate Pet voice. She looks down at me with a very sweet sparkle in her eye.

I say, “Please don’t make fun of me, I can’t help it.”

She hugs me softly and says, “Miki, I have no intention of making fun of you. I just want to know who this adorable girl is that I have fallen in love with.”

I feel a strange tingle spread though me when she says that.

I must speak. I am my mommy’s pet. I reply shyly, “I am a baby, Atheena. I am dressed, pampered, and cared for. I am fed, changed, and bathed, and nursed. I wear diapers and baby clothes. I sleep in a crib. I have no control over this. It was chosen for me before I was conceived. I am an un-potty trained baby of two years old most of the time. I’m not always a baby, but I am always an eighteen year old girl who has a two year old side. Nana made me four before I came here. I really wish she hadn’t.”

Atheena hugs me gently and says very softly and quietly, “I’m sorry Miki, I didn’t mean to offend you. Your four years old now? There is a really wonderful mix too.”

I am confused. I can feel the intimacy in her voice. I am talking to mommy. Confusion.

Atheena responds gently, “Miki, you’re more than four years old. But, you are as adorable as any four year old I ever met. The mix is so ... delicate. I was hoping ...“

“Hoping?” I am very curious.
Atheena says softly, “Miki, I was wondering if you would be interested ...” and she blushes red.

I look up at her again and say very softly, “In what?”

She replies in a very soft shy voice, “Being my baby for ... or just until ... tonight maybe.”

I reply, “Atheena, do you understand what you are asking me to do?”

She smells my hair and runs her fingers softly through it. So Softly she says, “Yes, baby, I understand.”

I feel a sweet electrical tingle spread through my body. I’m talking to mommy. I can’t believe it.

I hear the other girls starting to talk. All at the same time. They are extremely interested in me being the baby of the group. I already am the youngest. They would love it. I feel the urge to be baby for Atheena. I feel almost that mommy has asked me in our most intimate pet mode to be baby for her. I feel soft waves of desire to please mommy fill me. I want to be baby for mommy.

I turn and look at Atheena for a minute. In her eyes, there is ... something. I’m not quite sure.

I ask, “You have lost a baby, haven’t you?” I hug her softly, “I am so sorry”

Atheena hugs me back. Her embrace is so soft and gentle. Her perfume is delicate as any rose. The feeling I am in mommy’s arms is almost overwhelming. She is actually crying softly as she hugs me. I can feel the sobs in her body. I feel as if I were being hugged by mommy Lady Beth. I can’t help the feeling. I am in mommy’s arms in our most intimate Pet mode. I shiver as I come back to my senses. I really want to be in Atheena’s arms.

I say in a whisper only she can hear, “I can’t today, I have ... someone I am here to be with. If you make a date with the Palace, you can come and be my mommy for as long as you want in the nursery. I will be your baby then.”

Atheena looks at me softly. She kisses me and says, “Mommy would like that.”

I hug her as any child hugs her mommy and say in a very little girl voice, “Baby would love to have mommy.”

I feel Atheena’s emotions in her body as she hugs me. I feel I am hugging my real mommy. It is so nice and pleasant to be in Pet mode with mommy, I don’t want to stop.

Tammy sees Larry by the pool speaking to one of the Crown Princes over one of the Spaceship Yards in orbit. He has on his swim trunks and nothing else. All the girls are taken with his Muscular body and how big he is. His wonderful hairy chest. His large hands.

All the girls including Atheena giggle and start talking about Larry. They are all taken with him and want to know how I managed to get a hunk like him. They ask about sex with him and want to know every thing about my relationship with him. We all giggle and blush a lot.

The buzz of friendly talk goes round and round until one young man who is very drunk with a really bad attitude walks up. He is real drunk very angry, and very put out I was already taken. Atheena told me he was from one of the most powerful and richest Royal Families. He definitely had no manners.

His mouth tells us he is there, “Well, if it isn’t the high class bitches that are so stuck up they won’t associate with us guys.”

Debbie says, “Randy, you had best not do this. You are more than likely drunk and you don’t know everyone here anymore.”

Randy says, “Right! I am the Imperial Crown Prince of ...

Trudy says, “Oh gosh, here we go again. He’s Druunk!”

Sandy says quietly, “Yea, the old bully. Wish he’d leave us alone.”

Randy snaps, “And what’s that supposed to mean you frigid whore? The one who couldn’t. The little virgin who was always prissy.”

Suddenly, I turned in Atheena’s arms and looked at Randy. She was impressed at my strength.

I say, “Who is this person?”

She pulls me back into her gently and says quietly, “Miki, please ... he is only nineteen and doesn’t have good sense. He’s the Crown Prince of Dark Rim Seven.”

The feeling of being in mommy’s arms is almost overpowering. This person is the only thing that stops me from being lost in Atheena’s loving arms. I am very angry with him.

Randy heard her comment and turned on Atheena, “And who told you to say anything old Bitch? Why hell, my grand mother looks better than you. You won’t even go on a date with a man. Hell, I find better women in the pound. Saw this little girl out in the pool flaunting her stuff she ain’t got none of.” As he points his finger at me. “Who she? Some one’s cousin? She sure knows how to cause trouble”
Laurie stormed, “You were sure looking and were mad when the Servant told you she was spoken for by a real man! Your just mad because they said they would throw you out if you bothered them! It would figure you get your girl friends from the pound too!”

All the girls laugh. Randy is pissed and drunk. Not a good combination.

I stood suddenly. Atheena couldn’t hold me. I suddenly became aware of a voice confirming weapons activation. A field of energy appeared around me and separated me from Atheena. I get out of the chair.

All the girls were silent. They saw the energy field and saw the expression on my face. They knew my Guardians had activated. I heard Larry’s voice far off yelling something. Atheena begged me to stop. I didn’t know there was a very visible field of energy surrounding me. I didn’t understand about the Guardians either.

Randy stood with his hands on his hips. He suddenly began to back up when he saw the energy field around me. He tripped over a table with the girl’s refreshments on it and fell on his back amid all the spilled food and drink.

I walked up to him and stood over him. There was a lot of laughter through out the room. Everyone noticed Randy was making another scene.

He sneered, “What’s up little girl. You think a light show is gonna change my mind about you?”

He got up off the floor and attempted to push me. I heard loud gasps. Bad Mistake on his part. He had put hands on me. I was not happy! I was still partly John too. I was angry!

I heard Larry shouting a little closer, “Miki, please!! Stop!!”
I could hear running feet.

I held out my hand in a choking manner to grab him by his neck. Randy’s eyes bulged and he lifted off the ground. A loud murmur went through the room.
He struggled against an unbreakable force as he hung helplessly in the air. He was starting to turn very red purple in the face as he choked and gagged.

The whole room had become silent as a grave. All were staring. I was ... shocked.

A servant suddenly appeared with a sharp heel click as he came to attention.

He looked the situation over quickly and then said, “Begging your pardon, My Lady. Please place the young fool back on the floor so he can breath again. It is most improper for a beautiful young lady to soil herself on such trash.”

I had no idea how this was happening and no idea how to put him back on the floor.

Larry had gotten there by that time and begged, “Miki sweet heart. You must not do this!” He placed his hand into the roiling sphere of energy that surrounded me and touched my shoulder. I dropped my arm and released the boy.
I thought to myself, “Oh, that’s how.”

It was apparent I was upset with him and very confused at the same time. The energy field vanished. The strong odor of ozone was everywhere.

He hit the floor with a thump and gasped out, “You bitch! Who the fuck you think you are you little whore!?” He coughs several times and gasps loudly as he catches his breath.

There was a collective gasp. Many in the room knew I was the young Emperess and knew the awesome power I wielded even as the daughter of the Emperor.

I looked at my hands in confusion. I didn’t understand what just happened. I could feel a tingling in my hand as Randy was suspended and struggled against some kind of force.

I asked Larry in a very confused voice, “What did I just do and how did I do it?”

Larry answers, “Those devices on your wrist baby. They are called the Imperial Guardians. Only the Imperial family wears them. You were more than likely given two for added safety. They provide automatic protection and weapons. They are thought controlled and monitored by an Artificial Intelligence so there is no ... accidental destruction or injury. Apparently the action you were thinking in your mind was deemed appropriate by the AI, It was translated into an action.”

Randy stood. He was so furious he shook with anger. He shook his fist at me.
He shouted in an excessively arrogant tone, “I am a Crown Prince of the richest star system in Rim Core! Who the fuck are you shrimp? Another daddy’s girl gonna cry in her milk Does the little fucking whore need her diaper chan ...”

He never got to finish. As he ran off at the mouth, I looked at Larry. Larry shrugged his shoulders.

I looked at the servant. He bowed formally and said, “Be my guest , My Lady.” And came to attention with a sharp heel click as he turned to watch.

My hand was again in the strangle hold. I gave my wrist a flick. The boy tumbled off wildly into the desert table. He landed directly into the huge messy cake that was on the table. Everything exploded into one huge mess and slid out into the pool area.
I thought, “Wow! This is cool!”

Everyone burst out laughing. Everyone including the servants were making jokes and seriously disparaging remarks about Randy. All knew him to be a foul mouthed drunkard and a bully. It was time someone put him in his place.

Randy stood again. He was insanely furious and swore viciously. I didn’t understand a lot of the words he used. His language was really atrocious.

I wanted him to shut it up. I pointed my finger at him and was about to tell him to shut up. There was a huge crack. Randy was knocked backwards into one of the smaller pools by a huge discharge of blue energy. He shut up!

Several of the young men standing there had to retrieve him before he drowned. I stood with my finger still pointed in that direction. I was totally shocked. People began to clap and cheer. My mouth was open as I looked at my hand again.

I said to randy in an angry voice, “You are an arrogant Jack ass! Don’t you know who I am? Or is it that your home world is a world of total idiots? Or is it just you are a low class uncouth moron?”

The girls of my group stared bulging eyed at the spectacle. No one had expected to see the Power of a Guardian used for them to see today. I was totally dazed by what the Guardians could do. No one expected me to have restraint either. Good thing for Randy.

By then, Larry had everyone back away from the confrontation. The servants had cleared the area of the debris and removed any other objects that might get broken. There was a large clear area between me and Randy at this point.

Everyone watched breathlessly.

The boy again Stood up. He still was extremely drunk arrogant, and insanely furious at being bested by a small petit girl. In his drunken mind, he thought nothing of the things that just happened. He cursed and swore and called me every manner of profane name he could think of. There were even more words I didn’t understand and references I never heard before. There were many gasps and much talking about Randy being a huge fool. This only egged Randy on more. He would regret this confrontation for the remainder of his life.

He said in a very nasty tone of voice, “Yea, I’m talking to a whore who is too good for a crown prince. She has to go out with a lowly general!”

My eyes brightened. I looked at Larry and asked, “You are the head of the Imperial Defense Force and my Personal Body Guard aren’t you?”

Larry’s eyes got to be big. He said timidly, “Yes, Miki. You know that.”

I ask, “All of this is in accordance with Imperial Universal Law?”

He quickly responds, “Miki ... I don’t ...”

My voice booms as I emphasize my question, “IS it??”

Everyone is quiet now.

Larry answers quickly, “Yes Miki, in accordance with Law.”

I turn and look at Larry and smile sweetly. I stand on my tip toes, raise my right hand and place it on the top of his head and say in a very sweet voice, “In accordance with Universal Imperial Law, you are herby given the unimpeachable position and personage of Crown Prince of Moon Spring. I here by grant to you Title, Position, and all of the estates of Moon Spring as your holding. You now have the unimpeachable rights, privilege, rank, and power pertaining there to. Does this also fulfill Imperial Universal Law?”

I heard many voices say, “It does fulfill Universal Imperial Law, Daughter of the Emperor.”

At this point all bowed or curtsied and said in one voice, “My Lady.”

I say sweetly in a little girl’s voice, “I love you Prince Larry Turner, Crown Prince of Moon Spring. My most personal Imperial Royal Body Guard.” I then hug and kiss him softly and he returns them passionately. There are many ooos and ahhhs and giggles, clapping of hands and congratulations for the New Crown Prince Larry Turner.

I turn and look at Randy as I cross my arms. I raise my right eyebrow and tap my foot.

Randy knew he had messed up now. A major understatement of the millennium. He had finally come down from his drunken madness enough for him to have a little sense. He had majorly insulted the Emperor’s Daughter and did it in front of all of High Imperial Royal Society, at the largest and most important function of the century. He had no idea that this shrimp of a girl was the Emperess and now, it was way too late to apologize.

I turned and looked at Larry. I walked up to him and giggled. I gave him another sweet kiss then turned to Randy again. I pointed my finger at him. I hoped this would work.

I said, “Come here boy.”

He was grabbed by an irresistible force and brought to me. There was nothing he could do. I was impressed. You could hear a pin drop in the room it was so quiet.

I said to him in a low soft little girl’s voice, “Randy, I would suggest that you have your ... father, if he still lets you call him that ... send his Ambassador and his Royal Law Arbiter to me. He needs to do this immediately. I understand It will be several months at full acceleration before they can get here. They will be here as fast as they can. I will be at the Imperial Palace here at Terrian Nexus. He also needs you to inform him, he needs to have another heir. I hereby strip you of all ranks and privileges until I decide other wise. What this means peasant, is you are no longer invited to this function. Your position and rank do not support it. It also means that you are now the low class individual your manners show you to be. The only thing your rank and position does support is being a laborer in the Zlxx crystal mines in Rim Core. All know this is the lowest of the low. This is who you are now and have been apparently for some time. The lowest of the low.” I giggle sweetly.

As if by magic, a servant is there at attention with a sharp heel click.

I say, “Remove this urchin from these premises and have the guard dispose of him properly.”

He responds, “At once, and with great pleasure, My Lady.”

He takes the disheveled and bruised young man by the collar of his shirt and removes him from the room.

There are cheers. Voices explode through out the room. Much clapping and happy words. All of them laughing and making jokes about Randy and his mouth. There was a lot of talk about what a gorgeous girl I was and being able to stand up to a bully like Randy made me the perfect woman. Much congratulatory words to Larry on his new appointing. Retelling of the display they saw of a Guardian’s Power right in front of them.

The buzz of the room faded into the back ground as I kissed Larry softly and said, “My Prince.” He kissed me back and said, “My Princess.”

I went to Atheena. I took her hand in mine and said, “Just come to the Nursery. I will play with you all day if you want.”

Atheena kisses me softly on the forehead and says, “I will baby.”

Larry took my hand then. I said good bye to Atheena and then the other girls. We walked out to the gardens. There were hundreds of ponds and fountains. Flowers of every color, size, and aroma. We walked hand in hand and flirted and kissed as much as possible.

We came around a corner in a rather remote and secluded area and found a young woman pleasing a very old man. I apologized and we went another direction.

I giggled and told Larry how much I enjoyed learning the ways of the hot tub. Larry laughed out loud and shook his head. We flirted and kissed as we walked and held hands.

We had finally come to a wall in a sort of alcove. There was a beautiful fountain and a flowering fruit tree. We were as secluded from servants and guests as we could be. I sat with Larry and he explored my mouth with his tongue ... I explored his with mine ... we kissed passionately. We caressed each other in as many personal and private places as we could. I love Larry with all my heart We make soft love under the flowering fruit tree in the warm sunshine of a perfect afternoon.

Larry says, “Miki, you have made me the Crown Prince of Moon Spring. Baby, this is a rather large holding wouldn’t you say?”

I reply sweetly, “It made you exactly ten times more of a Crown Prince than the idiot.
I only want the best for my boyfriend. Besides, I think a Princess should have a Prince for a boyfriend ... don’t you agree my love?”

Larry looks at me for a minute and shakes his head slowly.

He says, “Miki, you have been the absolute fulfillment of every kind of fantasy any man could have. I only wanted to be near you so I could serve and protect you. I never dreamed you would be my girlfriend one day.”

I came and sat in his lap, hugged his neck, kissed him very tenderly, then said meekly, “I never knew you would humble yourself to take me as your girlfriend either.”

The surprised look on his face was precious. I kissed him again. He kissed me back. I don’t know how long we did this, but we did this for a very long time.

I heard the sharp click of heels. I knew a servant had found us. I suddenly realize how dark it is. I wonder where the sun went. It was shining when Larry and me sat here.
The servant bows formally and says, “My Lady. My lord. It is very late. All of the guests have already gone home. Is My Lady ... sleeping over?”

Nana didn’t say I could. I had to get back. The sun had been down for a long time and we hadn’t even noticed. I am shocked!

I said, “Larry, I would love to stay, Nana didn’t say I could.”

Larry kisses me softly and replies, “Its ok Miki, I will see you tomorrow.”

I giggle and wish he would come stay the night with me..

Time for Baby to go Home

The Palace Guard showed up promptly in the aircar. Five heavily armed security people march up from inside the house. Four of the men stand around the fifth with their weapons drawn as the guards in the aircar await me. The fifth guard steps forward. In his hands is a red velvet pillow with gold tassels. On the pillow was the tiara Nana had wanted me to wear. Larry takes it and puts it on my head. He kisses me and says, “My Princess.”

I kissed Larry softly back and told him I really enjoyed myself ... even the wine. He gave me a stern look. I giggle. He opened the door to the aircar and helped me inside. He kisses me softly and tells me he loves me, and hopes I have a wonderful night then shuts the door. The Captain beside me didn’t bat an eye. He tells the driver to take me back to the Palace. The trip was fast and comfortable.

Even at 2:30am, The Crowds and vid crews and reporters were still thick at the entrance to the Palace. Their flash bulbs, strobe lights and infernal questions. Everyone wanted the exclusive pictures of the young and beautiful Emperess. The Captain told me to relax, they would have me inside in a minute. When the door opened, I was blasted with rapid fire questions. They wanted to know about my boyfriend Larry. They wanted to know about his appointment as Crown Prince of Moon Spring. They wanted to know the inside story on Randy. They wanted to know where I bought my clothes. They wanted to know ... until I was dizzy with them. I was grateful when the door to the Palace closed them all out. I was escorted to the nursery and to Nana’s love.

It was a cool party!
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