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Baby Talk

Postby Miki Yamuri » Tue Jul 26, 2022 9:40 am

Title: Baby Talk


Sandy Rose - 21yo: Played by Miki Yamuri

Jeremy Allen 19: Played by: Iwannabbabygirl

Scene: Library


Sandy Rose was a pretty young woman who had a strange fantasy. She wanted to find a boy ... and make him her baby girl Love Pet. She was rich and several of her friends had already done this very thing with their tennis pro boyfriends. She had finally found the most up to date research on genetic gender recomposition. She studied every word and set it to memory.

Sandy looks up from her computer screen at the library where she was watching and waiting for him. She sees a handsome young man coming through the doors ... he's a bit small for his age but that's one of the reasons Sandy wants him all to herself ...

Sandy gets up from the computer station she was sitting at and grabs an armful of her books. She wanders over and accidentally on purpose bumps into him. She drops all of her books and takes a soft tumble onto her bottom in front of him. She sits spread legged on the floor and allowed him to get a wonderful view of her lacy bikini panties before she blushes and closes her legs.

She looks up at him and says, "I .. I'm so sorry. I didn't see you. Please forgive me." She holds her short dress between her legs as she bends to pick up the many papers and books. She still manages to show him a wonderful view of her soft, round pantied bottom ...

Jeremy leans down helping Sandy up and picking up some of her books. "I'm sorry it was probably my fault. Wait ... aren't you in my art class?" noticing Sandy's face looked familiar.

One of the reasons Sandy wanted Jeremy is because Jeremy was only up to Sandy's nose in height. This meant that the formula would work even quicker ... she is delighted.

Sandy giggles. She replies softly, "Yes, I'm the one playing in the clay this week."

She stands and looks Jeremy over from head to foot. He was exactly perfect. She asks softly, "Would you walk me to my next class? I think we have the same teacher ... Mr Hanson?"

"Um..yeah. Sure" opening the door for Sandy ... leaving the library and walking towards the English hall. "So how are you enjoying Art class? Me I enjoy it because I get to be creative and have a blast" trying to make small talk while walking to English..

Sandy says, "I love art ... I get to make huge messes and they give me As for it. " **giggle** " Especially when we doing the splash art ... put on a plastic suit and just throw it against the canvassed wall."

She inspects him from behind and decides ... he's perfect. She walks closer to Jeremy and asks softly, "What are you doing after class? I don't have any others today .,. and thought maybe ... you would like to ... go for a walk??" She manages to get herself to blush.

Jeremy is shocked now recognizing who she is. Sandy Rose is one of the richest and most lovely looking ladies on campus. Jeremy was taken back from this offer. "Sure ... that would be nice."

They reach the English building, Jeremy opening the door for Sandy. English goes uneventfully. During class neither could keep their eyes of each other till the professor said class dismissed. Each had their own reasons.

Sandy stands up. There is a crowd of girls standing all around her chattering a mile a minute. Boys stop for a few seconds and try to get the attention of the girls. Some take notice and walk off with them. Jeremy hears Sandy apologies to every one and tell them she is meeting up with a friend. He sees a knowing look on the faces of Sandy's girlfriends as she leaves the group and approaches him.

She walks up to him and kisses him softly on his cheek as she takes his hand. Sandy says in a sweet voice as she leads him out of the classroom, "Lets go, before I'm over run."

Jeremy follows Sandy out the door. It was almost like she was dragging him. All the other guys made remarks like; when you get done babysitting him call a real man. Jeremy hangs his head low as he was always made fun of because of his height. Both Sandy and Jeremy leave the English building walking out onto the lawn.

Sandy turns suddenly and hugs Jeremy around the neck and kisses him softly on his lips. Jeremy is a bit stiff at first, them melts into it. She Kisses him softly and lovingly for a minute before she breaks the kiss.

She says softly as she wipes a lipstick smear from his lips, "That was just to show you ... you're the real man I’m with ... not those meat headed morons." She takes him by the hand and walks him toward the College park.

Jeremy is in shock as Sandy just kissed him. He was like putty when they headed to the park wondering why they were heading this direction. "I thought we were going back to your place?" Jeremy said. As Sandy just stops suddenly ...

She turns and giggles slightly and says, "This is the way to my apartment silly." She snuggles close and wraps her arms around Jeremy's waist, as she puts her hands in his back pockets.

She continues in a sweet voice, "I hope my baby wants to play some." She pokes out her bottom lip and looks adorable.

Jeremy is loving how Sandy is acting towards him. As they both walk through the park, they watch little kids play on the playground. Jeremy noticing a glisten in Sandy's eyes watching the little kids play. They stop suddenly at a dorm with a bell hop out front watching the door.

Jeremy whispers "how rich are you?" they both start to walk up the steps of the building

Sandy leans over and whispers softly, "I can probably buy this whole town out of debt with just daddy's credit card." She waves to the doorman as he opens the door for them. She basically drags Jeremy across the room to the elevators. The door she walks up to .. has no buttons, but a single pad with a key slot. She removes a golden key from around her neck and inserts it into the mechanism. The elevator door opens.

Sandy says happily, "I hope your not afraid of heights ... it's a long way up to the penthouse."

"No, not at all Sandy" says Jeremy as the elevator dings and the doors open. It looks like any normal elevator but there is another key pad and Sandy once again uses her keycard and the elevator goes up as Jeremy looks at Sandy as Sandy gives Jeremy's bottom a squeeze ... they both smile at one another ... reaching the top floor.

The door opens ... the apartment is absolutely fabulous. There is super thick shag carpets, a sunken living room with a huge flat screen TV dominating the pit. There are many large and very plush pillow chairs scattered all around the pit. A fully stocked bar ... although no alcohol he noticed. Bookcases filled with many types of books, on every topic he could think of.

Display cases filled with artifacts from all over the world. In one corner, A large glass case held the fossil of a small raptor type animal. It was only 4 feet tall. From the tip of it's tail to the tip of its fossilized nose ... it was about 8 feet long.

Sandy leads Jeremy into the living room, turns and hugs him close one more time and says in a soft enticing voice, "Would baby like something to eat ... or drink? I don't drink alcohol ... but I have most everything else." She kisses him lightly on the lips.

"Sure anything you have is fine.." Jeremy sits down on the sunken couch as the TV is set to nickelodeon. Jeremy not minding it too much thinking wow that this penthouse has to cost a fortune alone ... not to mention the entire building ... a large fortune.

Smiling as Sandy returns with a red drink, handing it to Jeremy. "Thanks ... I was thirsty" to Sandy's surprise Jeremy drinks the whole glass in one gulp.

Sandy watches with a sparkle in her eye. She knows it takes but a few minutes for the formula to work. She knows Jeremy will make a perfect baby girl ... and an even better Love Pet. She sits next to him on the large pillow chair and begins to put her hands under his shirt and caress his chest.

"Well ... well, Sandy, someone is frisky!" leaning over and starting to kiss Sandy's neck ever so softly and sensual.

Jeremy’s hand moving ever so much closer to Sandy's jean button until a sudden shock happens to him ... and a smile comes across Sandy's face ... Sandy sees a large wet spot forming between his legs. Before Jeremy can react, Sandy places her hand on the spot casually as if she were caressing him.

She gasps and her eyes get big ... she says with shock in her voice, "Are you wet Jeremy? What's this?"

She sits up as if in shock. His clothes had also suddenly started to get slightly big on him and hang loosely.

OMG!!! ... She does notice!! ... He gasps out in shock, "What the ..."

Looking down at the huge wet spot on his jeans, he jumps, Standing up looking down at his jeans. He was so humiliated about wetting his pants in front of Sandy, he had not been noticing that his clothes are growing bigger on him.

He gasps out, his voice noticeably higher pitched and more feminine, "I swear this has never happened.." brushing off his jeans ... looking up at Sandy in shock, his cheeks an adorable shade of rosy and pink.

Sandy stands up and giggles as she coos softly, "Well, sweetie ... seems this is as good a reason as any ... to ... umm ... maybe get you out of your jeans?" She slinks over to him and hugs him as she undoes and unzips his wet and baggy jeans.

Jeremy hugs Sandy and notices he is almost eye level with her breasts. This kind of rings an alarm bell in the back of his head. He is so excited about where Sandy’s hands are, He discounts how much taller she seemed to be. Sandy slides off the jeans with ease as he stands there still hugging her. He feels the coolness of the room against his wet undies and shivers a bit.

Sandy coos softly in his ear as she tickles it softly with her breath, "Would baby like to take a bath with mommy? We can do a nice warm bubble bath. Would that be fun?"

She can see he is shrinking nicely and unnoticed by him. She is getting excited ... she can't wait to see her new Love Pet all cute and in the new dress and bottoms she just bought for him. She is going over many cute names in her mind for her new pet as she begins to unbutton his shirt and lead him towards the bathroom.

Jeremy notices that Sandy's butt is bigger and more close to him paying no attention to what's going on with his body. He only cares that he is going to get laid by the most famous girl on campus. Jeremy also liked the role playing she was doing with him. Jeremy is brought into the bathroom by Sandy smiling, from ear to ear. Sandy hears Jeremy's wet boxers falling to the ground as they have become too big and heavy to stay up.

Sandy draws the bath. She pours a quantity of yellow gel into the steamy water. The wonderful smell of Jasmine fills the air. Many bubbles form in the water. She takes a red gel and pours a large quantity in her hand. She puts it in his hair and massages it in ... including his eyebrows and eyelashes. IT creates a very pleasant tingle in his scalp and face.

She repeats the same thing with herself. She knows this bath will remove all the body hair from his body. This gel will protect the scalp and eyebrows and eyelashes. Since Sandy doesn’t have any ... it will just keep her skin smooth and soft like his will shortly be.

She removes her Top and jeans ... then wiggles out of her panties enticingly. She takes him by the hand and coos softly, "Ok, baby sweet heart, come with mommy so I can wash baby an make her aww clean." She takes his hand and steps in the tub pulling him behind.

Jeremy gulps as he sees Sandy standing there naked in the tub wanting Jeremy to get in. Jeremy steps into the pleasantly warm bath water. Sandy helping Jeremy down into the water as he is now so small she can fit him between her legs and wash his hair and clean him properly. Jeremy excited but doesn't notice his little pee pee isn't hard or if it is ... its too small to see with the naked eye.

Sandy washes Jeremy in all of his squeaky places. She kisses him on his nose and coos like he's a baby, "Now mommy take care of her baby Love Pet. Gots rid of aww that dirty boy stuff n make you nice a feminine."

She had completed washing his body ... there was no hair on his boy. His skin tingled pleasantly and was soft and smooth. Sandy takes a bottle of red liquid and pours it on Jeremy's head. She lathers it in. His hair grows and becomes very soft and curly ... just like the girl he looked like.

Jeremy only feels a brief moment of a draft on his head then it’s warm again. Not knowing that Sandy is being serious. Jeremy plays along, "Baby has been very, very bad" turning around seeing Sandy's breasts. "Mommy has your breasts been always that big?" As Sandy stands up, Jeremy gets a birds eye view of Sandy's special place. Looking up, seeing how tall she had seemingly become. Since Sandy is trying to play the mommy role, he holds out his arms and says in his increasingly infantile girl’s voice, "Pick me up Mommy"...

Sandy coos softly, "Surly sweet heart. Mommy makes you a promise too. I will take very good care of you for the rest of you life. I know you will enjoy being my baby Girl Love Pet."

Sandy bends and scoops Jeremy from the tub and swaddles him in a very thick and soft towel. Before he can react at all, she picks him to her lips and blows in his tummy making a very loud raspberry noise. She coos softly again, "Aww bebe so silly," She blows in his tummy again then continues, "Jus so precious."

Jeremy's jaw just drops wondering what the heck is going on. First thing is that Sandy is a giant and the second is the strawberry blonde hair coming from his head.

Jeremy finally musters enough courage to talk, "What's going on here? Change me back..!!!"

He can’t help himself, suddenly, he begins laughing and giggling from the electric sensations from the raspberries Sandy gave Jeremy. Which makes his efforts so cute and less serious in Sandy's eyes.

Sandy coos softly, "Now baby, mommy caught you fair n square. You're going to be one of the elite Pets from now on. You belong to me."

She kisses him on his nose as she stands him on the thick bath mat. Jeremy knows ... he is no bigger than a 3 year old ... he can see his and Sandy’s reflection in the mirror. What he sees, is an adorable 3yo toddler girl with long curly blond hair all in ringlets standing there with an adorably surprised wide eyed expression.

Jeremy looks up at Sandy, a girl he thought he was going to get some action from but it looks like he won't for a while. "how did you catch me?" Jeremy is having to look up at Sandy now as he's no taller than her knees. Standing there naked looking up at Sandy. "how could you do this to me?"

Sandy bends down and dries Jeremy’s hair briskly with the fluffy towel. Whiles she's doing this she explains, "Me and my friends all have special Pets. Mandy has her Tennis pro boy toy as her pet. She is so adorable too. I love the little ruffles on the panties and rompers." she giggles a bit before she continues, "They way I caught you ... is I stalked you ... targeted you, lured you into the trap ... then sprang it. Now, here you are,"

She picks him up suddenly and twirls him around 3 times fast and gracefully, to have him come to rest on his back on a counter. She blows in his tummy several times.

Jeremy doesn't believe his ears he cannot believe that high price girls are turning their boyfriends into little baby girls. All the guys he's heard about gone missing are ones that were dating high end girls.

He gasps out in the most adorable baby girl voice, "But ... but ... I can't be a baby"

Jeremy is suddenly overpowered by the raspberries and squirms on the counter laughing and being adorable as any baby girl in this situation. Jeremy no longer has any rational thoughts from Sandy blowing on his tummy.

He squeals and shrieks, "Stop this... **Giggles lots and lots** ... Nnno ooo ... **shrieks with pure glee as he begins to giggles and kick happily**."

Sandy bends again and kisses him on his nose. He finds himself suddenly lifted into the air by his feet and plopped softly back onto something very thick and soft.

Sandy takes one of her feet and coos to baby, "This little piggy .... " She kisses and tickles the toe she has between her fingers then continue cooing, “Baby will now call me mommy from now on.”

Jeremy starts looking at Sandy, he cannot believe he has to call her Mommy from now on. Suddenly, another intensely electric surge runs through him as Sandy kisses and tickles his toes and continues doing ‘piggies’.

"Stop it! Stop it!" Jeremy protests in his adorable voice.

Jeremy can’t help giggling. He looks down as he squirms helplessly, trying to squirm out of Sandy’s loving assault on his extremely ticklish toes and feet. He realizes that he is laying in a Huggies Diaper.

"Turn me back into who I was ... now" Jeremy protests as he sees his new hair is getting in the way of his face. Pulling it out of the way.. "Turn me back into a adult now"

Sandy giggles pleasantly. She’s thinking it’s cute that he’s protesting this. She knows it’s too late for him to do anything about it .. the now she ... belongs to her.

Sandy coos reassuringly to her new baby, "Aww baby, silly girl. You never grow up. I promise ... you'll always be my Love Pet n be adorable. All my girlfriends gots one and you'll enjoy playing with them. Mommy promise."

She powders him well ... the sweet smell of baby powder fills the air. She pulls the Huggies between his legs and fastens the tapes on snugly. She lifts him up and slips a cute pair of Glowworm Rumba panties on ... then quickly stands him up and finishes pulling them the rest of the way up. Jeremy can see his reflection in the mirror. What he sees looking back is astonishing. The cutest little baby girl he has ever seen is looking back with huge eyes.

Sandy pats him reassuringly on his bottom ... the Huggies making loud crinkly noises. Jeremy looks at his reflection and doesn't believe it ... He watches his eyes turn from brown to a cute shade of blue looking like a baby girl and no wise like the man he was an hour ago.

Jeremy squeaks in his adorable voice, "You'll never get away with this! Someone will come looking for me.

Sandy hears a pop and let's out a cute smile towards Jeremy. It was now complete. He was, for the rest of his life, her cute baby girl love pet. She watches as his knees begin to wobble. Jeremy began having a hard time standing on the counter. Sandy wanted him to be just young enough to have to crawl many places, but old enough he could toddle ... with a little help.

Sandy pulls open the front of Jeremy's panties and diaper and looks in. All of his parts were now gone. She smile a huge smile and coos to baby, "And if they come looking ... mommy sure they looking for a man ... not an adorable and silly Love Pet like you. Now lift your arms like a good little girl so mommy can put your top on.”

Sandy holds out a beautiful lime green and gold glowworm babydoll top with puffy sleeves and lots of ruffles and bows.

Jeremy pouts as he does what he is told. Not believing he is little girl till Sandy is done putting the cute top on Jeremy. Sandy opens the panties and front of the diaper. Jeremy looks down shocked seeing nothing there ... no male genitalia in any way.

"But ...where did it go?" shocked, Jeremy breaks into tears on the counter falling onto his now her padded bottom.

Sandy hugs Him lovingly and coos to baby. She suddenly lays him on his back again and takes his foot in her hand. She takes his big toe and kisses it as she tickles his foot. She coos, " This little piggy went to market ... "

She did each toe ... kissing and tickling as she went. When she got to the little toe she coos, "And this little piggy went weee wee wee all the way home." and she blows into his tummy after she quickly pulls up his top and reveals her belly button making loud whooshing and raspberry noises.

Jeremy squeals, giggles, and kicks his feet as any baby would as Sandy does this.

"Sss ... Ss ... stop!” He squeals out in his adorable voice. "Why me to be your little girl?" looking up at Sandy with the cutest blue eyes.

Sandy picks Jeremy up and carries her to a chair and sits. She rests Jeremy comfortably in her arms and tweaks her nose gently as she coos, "Cuz sweetie, It's so much more fun to take a silly boy like you used to be ... and much more adorable to be a Pet Baby Girl like you are now. Besides, the transformation makes boys so pretty and cute." She kisses him on his nose then puts one of her beautiful nipples in his mouth. She continues, "Time for baby to eat now. .. then nappie poo."

Jeremy always wanted one of Sandy's nipples in his mouth but not for feeding purposes. Jeremy instinctively starts to suckle feeling warm milk rush into his mouth. He realizes he can’t hlp himself. He nurses helplessly as an very sweet infantile contentment began to over come him. He fights it for a bit .... but the closeness and love he felt, made his mind drift off into Never Never land of infantile dreams.

A long time passes before Sandy feels Jeremy stop suckling her nipple. Sandy coos to her new baby as she puts Jeremy on her shoulder and gently pats his bottom. She stands and carries him into another room. Jeremy vaguely sees this is a nursery all decked out in pink.

Sandy walks to the crib and lets down the rail. She gently places Jeremy in and kisses him on his cheek as she gives him another reassuring pat on his bottom.

She coos, "Sleep tight sweetie ... you'll feels so much better about everything when you wake. Pets always do. You can fight it if you want. Makes the eventual and inevitable surrender feel so much better for you." She giggles and leaves Jeremy to his many befuddled and fearful thoughts.

Jeremy groggily looks around the pink nursery ... shocked that the girl he liked ...liked him back but not in the same way he did. Sitting there in her Huggies opening the front and peering in ... Jeremy wonders how Sandy did all this. His eyes started to get super heavy. He was still super content and felt the warmth in his tummy as he fell asleep thinking this is all a dream and it can't be real.

Several hours later, Sandy enters the nursery happily humming a nursery rhyme. She goes to the crib and coos, "How's my baby girls this morning? Does silly baby need to be changed?" She pulls opens Jeremy's panties and diaper. A smile beams from her face ... Jeremy is very wet. She coos again in a cute voice, "Ohh ... baby aww wet n messy ... mommy fix that right away." She picks Jeremy out of the crib and carries him to the bath room.

Jeremy rubs his eyes looking up at the lovely Sandy. She was wearing a tight pair of female boy shorts, and a red and white tank top. Jeremy doesn’t remember much as he is placed on his wobbly feet and begins to waddle behind her. He begins to vaguely realize that his diaper is soaked and then remembers what Sandy has done. Looking up at Sandy Jeremy is about to talk till Sandy puts a pink pacifier in his mouth. Sandy pulls down Jeremy's panties and undoes the tapes on his diaper. She takes the messy wet diaper and places it in the trash.

Sandy coos softly, "Now be a good girl and step out of your panties for mommy."

Another Nurse enters the bathroom carrying several diapers and a cute rumba panty. She says softly, "Here's the clothes you wanted Miss." She turns and quickly leaves. Sandy finishes undressing Jeremy, then turns the water in the tub on ... adjusting it until it's soothingly warm. She pours a pink oil into the water and many bubbles form ... the sweet smell of Jasmine is every where.

Jeremy takes out the pink pacifier and babbles likes a baby, "You did this to me!" screamed Jeremy, standing there naked. "All I wanted to do was get into your pants! Now I can't because I'm tiny and I'm a girl! Thanks alot"

Jeremy scowled at Sandy ... watching her make a bubble bath.

Sandy turns and puts her hands on her hips. There is a scowl on her face. She says with authority in her voice, "Now baby needs to understand. She has no choice. Mommy can do other things that I am sure baby would like a lot less."

She then picks him up and puts him into the bubble bath and begins to wash him from head to foot. Every now and then, she would tickle Jeremy suddenly, causing giggles to escape him.

Jeremy let's out a giggle every once in a while. Looking up at Sandy from the tub giving her a mean face. Sandy puts bubbles on top of his head and calls him the bubble princess. Sandy washes all his little private places and tells him to close his eyes. Sandy pours a red gel into Jeremy’s head and begins to massage vigorously. The smell of roses fills Jeremy’s nose. Sandy rinses his long hair with the spray nozzle and helps him out of the tub. She dries him briskly from head to foot, tickling all along the way.

Jeremy pouts for a bit until the tickling begins. Then he can't help but laugh and giggle. The towel feeling so soft on Jeremy's skin.

"Stop it!" protested Jeremy adorably, but all Sandy did was smile and laugh at his feeble attempts.

Sandy whisks Jeremy into the air suddenly and deposits him on his back on the changing table. She lifts his feet and places an adorable pink disposable under him and sets him in it.

She tickles his feet softly and kisses each toe as she coos, "Mommy make baby feel sooo gooo!"

She takes baby powder and sprinkles it on and softly massages it in. She pulls the diaper between his legs and fastens the tapes before she blows in his tummy.

Jeremy is a bit dizzy from the perfume smell coming from the bathtub and all the loving tickles and soft caresses he is getting. Jeremy giggles and laughs as Sandy blows a raspberry on her tummy. Slightly pulling on Sandy's hair. Jeremy at the moment is calm and cooperating, and has no thoughts but happy baby.

Sandy quickly sits Jeremy up and puts his hands and head through the unsnapped part of a very cute turquoise romper. She pulls it down and lays him on his back. She snaps the snaps between his legs and sits him up again and ties the bib behind his neck. The romper has lace all around the bib and the legs with 5 rows of soft white ruffles on his bottom.

Sandy then puts his feet into a pair of softsox booties and ties the ribbon into bows around his ankles. She quickly gives him a shot of something before he can protest. He hears the hissing pop of the syringe and feels the hot liquid as it enters his body.

Sandy coos, "Mommy hope the shot no hurt too much baby," She hugs and kisses him softly before continuing, "But you needed that to make sure you're only able to do what babies can do. You're too adorable to be any older."

"What are you talking about Sandy?" finally regaining himself for a fleeting moment ... feeling the hot tingling sensation through his body. "I feel fine ... and I can do a lot more than a baby." Jeremy says with a smile on her face as he thinks he is smarter than Sandy who has a cute mischievous grin on her face.

Sandy picks Jeremy up and stands him on his feet, places his hands on the side of the counter, and lets him go.

She coos with a mischievous tone, "Ok baby, follow me since you’re such a big girl. I want to show you something."

Sandy walks to the door of the bathroom, kneels down with open arms, and waits for him. She still has an impish gleam in her eyes. Jeremy takes a few steps really leaning on the counter till he looses his balance and falls down onto his padded bottom.

"You shot me up so I can't walk ... that's it ... isn’t it?"

He starts laughing a bit until his voice fails and sounds more like a baby’s with all the cute gurgles and other infantile noises. If Sandy listened really close, she could understand what Jeremy was saying, other wise, it was all unintelligible and adorable baby. Sandy's smile, all the while growing..

Sandy claps her hands together and says in a happy voice, "Now, that's what a baby should sound like."

She walks over and stands him on his feet. She takes him by both hands and slowly walks him out of the bathroom into the nursery by balancing him between her hands as Jeremy holds onto Sandy’s index fingers for balance.

She continues, "So sweet heart, can baby say mommy? " She giggles then continues, "Or most anything else without sounding like an adorable baby?"

Jeremy pouts looking up at Sandy as he doesn't want to say anything that would add fuel to the baby fire. Shocked as the room is all pink with a strawberry shortcake theme to it. Jeremy can't believe this is his nursery. Or maybe since it was dark last time he didn't notice.

Sandy coos softly to her baby girl, "Now diddums is in her nursery and mommy make her all comfy."

Sandy walks Jeremy slowly over to a playpen, lifts him in and raises the rail. It locks in place with a soft click. She puts several dolls and hangs a birdie mobile above. She winds the mobile and it begins to play a cute song with lots of adorable bird sounds.

Jeremy watches as Sandy mocks him leaning over the playpen in just a towel making baby sounds. Jeremy throws the dolls into the opposite side of the playpen sitting on her padded rump not amused by what's going on. The bird song is somewhat making Jeremy tired as he starts to yawn.

Sandy suddenly lays Jeremy on his back and puts a small pillow by his head. She props a bottle of red liquid on the pillow with the nipple in his mouth. The sweet taste of strawberries touches his tongue.

Sandy tickles Jeremy softly in his ribs and says, "Now sweet heart. You might as well get used to it. There is no way back for you. You are my baby Pet and that's how you will stay." She kisses him softly then says, "Now, I'm going to let my friends know that I have a Pet and I want to show her off." She turns and leaves the nursery, leaving Jeremy with many frustrated and confused thoughts.

Jeremy lays there thinking how he got himself into this mess in the first place. Only if he wasn't in that library ... but then again he thinks. He remember she said she was following him and had laid a trap to catch him. Jeremy gulps as he drinks more from the strawberry bottle. Jeremy looks down as he can't be any older then a 2 year old. Shocked and ashamed Jeremy starts to cry realizing that the situation is that bad.

Sandy returns to the nursery. She rushes to the playpen and picks Jeremy up and holds him to her shoulder. She pats him reassuringly on his bottom and coos softly to her baby Love Pet, "Aww baby, it's all right. Mommy loves her pet a whoooolllee lots." She kisses him softly, "mommy knows it hard to adjust at first, it always is. But it'll be ok ... mommy promise."

Jeremy is shocked at his predicament but things are getting a lot worse when all of a sudden he starts to go pee pee in his diaper. Jeremy lays her head on Sandy's shoulder as she helplessly feels the warmth of the pee soaking through her diaper. Jeremy doesn't say a word knowing Sandy will turn it against him.

Sandy carries Jeremy into her bedroom and lays him on the bed. She props pillows on either side of him so baby won't fall off the bed and hurt herself. Jeremy watches as Sandy dances happily around the room and dresses in a cute peasant dress and soft flats. She comes to the bed and lays beside Jeremy and tickles him in his ribs as she rubs noses.

She coos in a cute voice, "Mommy wants baby to know that she has made mommy very happy. I am so proud of you too. You have taken the regression very quickly. You must have secretly wanted to be a baby or a girl for it to work so well and so fast."

Jeremy jaw drops looking at Sandy shocked, knowing he never ever thought of being a baby or a girl before. Laying there in his current situation, Jeremy pouts folding his arms shocked that Sandy did this to him in the first place and that she has the nerve to say Jeremy wanted this ... a thought dimly creeps into his memory. He is ashamed to remember this, but he really does want to be a girl ... and a helpless diaper dependant baby. He hadn’t thought of all the times he dressed up and wished since he turned 12 and threw out all his baby girl clothes so his mom wouldn’t find them.

The door bell rings and Jeremy’s mind goes away again. Sandy picks Jeremy up and says softly, "That must be Lisa."

She kisses Jeremy on his cheek as she carries him with her, "I think you'll like Lisa, she's a very sweet girl."

Sandy carries the helpless Jeremy to the front door and opens it. There is a very pretty girl with long brown hair standing there. In what was left of Jeremy’s big boy persona, he recognized Lisa ... This was his older brother’s wife.

Sandy says happily, "Hi Lisa, come on in. I was just playing with my new Pet."

Lisa giggles and coos softly, "She's just a living doll. How expensive is it to get the formula and make one?"

Sandy giggles and replies, "I'll give you enough of the Pet formula so you can make Tony into an adorable baby girl Love Pet just like mine."

Lisa tickles Jeremy softly as she makes cooing sounds to baby. She knows Jeremy’s brother will be just as adorable as he in a few hours ...

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