Growing Problems

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Growing Problems

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sun Jul 10, 2022 11:09 am

Title: Growing Problems


Kyle Robinson 24

Jennifer Louis 22

All Characters played by Miki Yamuri and Kyle Colborn

Scene: In the living room discussing daycare

Kyle was called over after work by Jennifer so they could hang out. It's what they normally did on a Thursday night. Kyle was sitting on the couch while Jennifer came back from the kitchen with a couple of bottled waters.

" So, how was work this week, Jenn?" Kyle asked as she handed him the bottled water.

“So far, it's been fun. I love taking care of children. They are sooo adorable and cute." Jennifer snuggled next to Kyle and tickled him in his ribs. She continued softly as she took a sip of her water, "I even give some of the adults a taste of childhood. They seem to hate it at first, then, in a day or two love it.”

Kyle took a sip of his water, leaned back on the couch, and looked at Jenn, " So some adults have asked you to treat them like kids? Like dressing up and acting? That's weird?!" Kyle said as Jenn turned on the TV. " My week has been horrible, boss really laid into me this week and I can't stand the job!" as he let out a long sigh.

Jennifer giggled softly as she replied, "Not just dressing and acting sweetie. They are ... children again and have to be cared for accordingly." She looked at him with her big blue eyes.

"Wait wait wait ... So, let me get this straight. You have some magical power which can turn adults into children? And, you’re turning the kids your watching parents to kids themselves because ... ?? Doesn't that make it hard for you to get paid?" Kyle asked with a surprised look on his face.

Jennifer giggled again, "Not at all, silly ... and yes. I turn as many adults into children as I possibly can. Babies of all Ages supplies more custom aged, adoptable children than any agency in the world." She took a dainty sip of her drink as she cut her eyes towards Kyle. She began to think he would make a wonderful little girl baby.

"Wait, so your work isn't only a daycare center, it's an adoption agency? How am I only hearing about this now that you can turn people into children? We have been friends all our lives! I mean, sure, you had a lot of babysitting jobs … oh!" Kyle stopped and put two and two together.

Jennifer smiled her most adorable smile, "Oh, now you get it ... huh? You see? Long time ago, I met this young woman. Her name was Persephone. She gave me this crystal rod. And I can make any person into any age or sex I choose with it." Jennifer took another sip as she watched Kyle closely.

So you can turn anyone into any age and any sex you want, but instead, your making everyone children? Why? Because it's making you more money? I'm not trying to be mean, just understanding. You turn them into kids for what ,a day or weekend, and then you turn them back into a adult?" Kyle was becoming more and more interested in this idea and his curiosity was really being peaked.

Jennifer replied, "I make them into children, because ... you're not going to believe this, I was asked to by the goddess of children and babies."

"That didn't answer my question. This sounds, impossible and insane. You turn them into babies for a short period of time? Your granting second childhoods to people? Is this why your always excited about your work because it's a new child every week? Does anyone else know? Does Babies of all Ages daycare know?" Kyle asked incredulously.

Jennifer can now tell Kyle is really curious about the idea. Jennifer leaned over and caressed his manhood as she gave him a tender brushing kiss on his lips, "Would snookums like ... to try it? It feels really wonderful." She smiled.

Kyle’s eyes grow large in wonder as he asked, "Wait, you want me to try? I mean, don't get me wrong, I am curious about it and you would make an excellent maternal figure. What age did you have in mind for me?"

Jennifer giggled like a little girl as she replied sexily, "I think you would make a wonderful little 4 year old. Too young for panties, and too old for diapers, and so adorable and unpotty trained. That's when you would be the most adorable ya know. When you have this fear of the potty monster."

Kyle thought about it for a minute, “If I were to be a kid again, Id want to be back in diapers. Id say maybe 2.5 to 3.5 … cause, I haven't told anyone this, but I really love the feel of diapers!" Kyle felt the tingle of a bit of embarrassment since he had never told that to anyone before.

Jennifer grinned, then got up from the sofa and left for another room. Kyle could hear drawers opening and closing. Jennifer returned with an ebony black box about two inches across, three inches deep and about thirteen inches long. She sat back on the sofa and opened the box. Within, was a beautifully crafted crystal wand with a soft leather handle.

Jennifer smiled, "If that's how old you want to be sweet heart." Her eyes sparkled, but I think the age of the infant is up to me.

"If it's only for the weekend, why not? I can call into work tomorrow and have a 3 day weekend as a child again. It might be fun? Considering you would be babysitting me. I just hope you have all the supplies or if you need any from work" Kyle replied with a huge smile on his face from this idea.

Jennifer said nothing as she removed the beautifully crafted wand from its felt box. With a practiced swish and flick motion of her wrist, Kyle felt the most wonderful surge rush all through his body. Next thing he knew, he's sitting in a pile of way oversized clothes. He also felt really weird in places.

Jennifer picked the now infant up and cooed softly, "There we are sweetheart. All done. You will grow up to be an extremely pretty girl." She gave Kyle a kiss on his nose, “I think 3 and a half is a good age for you to begin again. I love the adorableness of the potty training, and besides, I have some really cute clothes for you.”

Kyle looked down in shock at his small pudgy hands. His hair was now longer and curly brown. He couldn’t believe it as he looked down at his infant self and saw his new privates.

"You made me a girl! " Kyle said in an adorably squeaky voice. He looked back up at Jennifer. From his new perspective, she is now huge and had a soft glowing aura about her.

Jennifer giggled softly as she replaced the wand in its protective case, "Of course I did. I want you to discover a new life. You are going to make some guy really happy when you get older. You will love it a whole lot."

She carried Kyle from the living room into the bathroom. Kyle was shocked to see it contained all the necessary things to care for an infant little girl. Jennifer placed Kyle on a padded counter on his back.

She cooed softly, "Now, cuddle bug," she tickled Kyle in his ribs gently, "Let's get you aww cleaned up and dressed in this cute romper and thick diaper."

"Wait!" Kyle squeaked.. " This is a one way trip?" He gulped looking up at Jennifer as she smiled down at him. He began to immediately regret asking this and wishing this on himself. " I don't want to be a baby anymore, Jennifer! Turn me back!" Kyle said kicking a bit and squirming adorably.

Jennifer took the squirming Kyle by his ankles and cleaned him gently with a soft, sweet smelling baby wipe. Kyle's eyes get large as he gasps softly at the wonderful sensation. He felt his hinney being placed in the soft embrace of a super thick diaper. Jennifer powdered him well, the sweet aroma of baby powder permeates the area.

She then pulled the diaper between his legs and fastened it expertly on with locking diaper pins. She then threaded his feet through the leg openings of an adorable pair of plastic lined panties that had cute little pink kitties and teddy bears on them, and pulled them on over his diaper.

Jennifer cooed softly as she began to thread a cute glow worm romper over his head, "You have to grow back up sweetie. Don't worry, the guys are just gonna love you. From now on, your name is Kylie. Your a very cute little girl and are going be grow into a very beautiful and sexy woman all the guys will adore. Besides, in a very little while, you won’t even remember being anything else. Babies seem to forget things."

Kylie began to cry a little.. " I wouldn't have agreed to this if I knew I had to grow back up! Plus what do I tell my mom now! Oh, your son is now a 3.5 year old girl? Surprise!"

Jennifer picked him up and giggled a little as she gently wiped his tears from his face.

"What's so funny, Jennifer?" Kylie demanded in a very cute pouty voice.
Jennifer replied softly, "Oh, Kylie, you're so silly. The only mommy you have ... is me. You have no other life except as my daughter and you will grow up known as my daughter."

Jennifer finished snapping the snaps between Kylie's legs and tying the bib on the romper and held Kylie in a standing position. He looked so adorable as a girl. The yellow and green Romper had 4 rows of lime green ruffles on the bottom, and small yellow ruffles around the bib and legs.

Kyle looked at herself in the mirror. What she saw looking back was a very preciously adorable little girl with a very amazed expression on her face. Kylie looked up at Jennifer. She cant believe she fell for something like this. "I guess I'm a girl from now on. You said you can always use wand again. What if I wanted to always be a baby?"

Jennifer replied, "Can do that too, but ... there's a catch to being a permanent baby." she kissed him on his nose tenderly, "It means, you will be a total baby ... forever. No growing up, no big girl thoughts, only thoughts infants have. Besides. Think and say what ever adult thingy you need to say. Shortly you are going to be my 3 year old daughter."

Kylie looked at her adorable self in the mirror while Jennifer held her up by her arms making it seem like she is standing unaided. Kylie can actually feel his legs as they lost more and more of the adult abilities and became more wobbly and uncertain.

"Can I think on it this weekend?" Kylie asked. “And if I decide not to be ababy you turn me back?" How many people have you turned into babies?"

Jennifer cooed softly as she cradles Kylie in her arms, "Many, many. I love being Persephone's servant in this way. I can give so many a new start on life ... just like you cuddles!" With this, she twirls Kylie around several times real fast, then snuggles her close and kisses her on her cheek. Jennifer continues softly, "I promise you will be the cutest little girl ever and I will dress you adorably so everyone can see."

Jennifer placed Kylie on her back, then brought out an official looking document, and inkpad, and roller. She opened the pad and inked the roller well, then inked Kylie’s hands and feet and made perfect prints of them on the form in the places indicated before cleaning the ink off with a baby powder smelling wipee.

After Jennifer sat Kylie back up she said, “This is your new birth certificate. It is official and I’m registering it as soon as possible. You are now my daughter.”

Kylie is incredulous. He can also feel things starting to happen within his mind. His tummy also starts to feel like it’s very empty since he hadn’t eaten anything before coming over.

Jennifer carried Kylie from the bathroom on her shoulder and patted his hinney all the way. Each pat was like an electric eraser within her mind taking major adult things as it rushed all through her and exploded there in an wonderful infantile contentment.

Jennifer sat in the deep plushy arm chair and arranged Kylie in her arms. She cooed softly, "Mommy has another thing that babies love." With this comment, she undid her top. Jennifer then took a strange looking medallion and rubbed over botheth of her exposed breasts. She then took one of her firm gumdrop sized nipples on her perky breast and gave it a squeeze. A large drop of clear/white liquid formed. Quickly, before Kylie can do anything, Jennifer placed it in her mouth. The sweet taste of breast milk fills Kylie’s mouth as she squeezed her breast and made it squirt.

Kylie never knew that Jennifer could lactate let alone produce breastmilk. Kylie was suddenly washed in a huge wave of pleasure and mind numbing contentment. She cannot believe how wonderful tasting Jennifer’s breast milk was. Kylie continued to helplessly nurse until she could no longer think. Kylie opened her eyes in wonder as she lost more and more adulthood, and even knew it was happening and was helpless to do anything about it.

Kylie felt a weird sensation between her legs. It was soft and warm and spread all around her bottom. Jennifer knew Kylie was wetting her diaper like a good little baby for the very first time. Jennifer smiled, and made a pleasant game of it. She removed her nipple from Kylie's mouth, reties her breast back in her top, then put him to her shoulder and patted his wet bottom softly.

Jennifer cooed lovingly, "Is baby comfy and her tummy full?" She checked Kylie’s diaper and made a huge deal of the fact she had wet it.

"Aww, snookums. Such a big girl, huh? From now on, I'm going to have to check you often to make sure you didn't wet or poopie your diaper. Now, it’s time to go sit on the potty for a while."

Kylie felt a tingle of fear rush up and down her spine as Jennifer carried her into the potty, and Kylie got to see the potty through infant eyes.

Jennifer was so pleased that Kylie was now her daughter and insured she grew back up into a very beautiful, sexy, and extremely popular young women.

~~The Ending of the Dawn of a new Beginning ~~
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