Emperess Series - The Sale

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Emperess Series - The Sale

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sat Jul 12, 2014 8:49 am

The Sale

My name is Mandy. I am the Royal Crown Princess of the Sigma Tao star system and I am on top of the world today! It is my 18th birthday and I know mom is making some kind of special arrangements for me. I have heard snatches of some kind of special preparations all week and am really excited to discover what they are.

Mom went to one of the most exclusive jewelers in the city 3 weeks ago and has had him make me something. She just picked it up yesterday. I have been going nuts with anticipation and curiosity.

I am sitting at my vanity in just my baby doll night gown. I see a very cute girl with green eyes and white blond hair looking excitedly back in the reflection. I inhale deeply and stretch. Oh man!! Today is a wonderful day to be alive!

Mom comes in the door and hugs and kisses me as she tickles me gently. I squirm and giggle helplessly.

She says, “Happy Birthday, Mandy. I want you to know, mommy loves you very much. I have a very special gift for you today. It will change your whole life.”

She places a box on the vanity in front of me. It is 12 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 2 inches deep. I know there is some kind of necklace in it. Mom opens the box.

Something takes hold of me deep in my most secret place in my mind. I shiver with the intensity of it. I cannot move. My body refuses to do what I am wanting to do. To immediately close the box. I know what this is and cannot believe it. I am totally helpless. I can’t even speak.

Mom says, “Mandy, today you are legal age to become a Royal Pet. Do you remember Lady Lisa Marie?”

I remember her. I had met her several years before at a Royal Ball held in the Alpha Centauri system. We had a really nice chat and I had liked her a lot. She was much older than me, but it hadn’t stopped us from having a great time that night and for several months after. She had me be her baby girl and I really enjoyed playing the part at first. She was a lot of fun and it was great not having any responsibilities and having all my needs taken care of. She just wanted me to be a baby forever and I was more into it being just for fun. I had quit playing that part and returned to my own star system.

Mom continues, “Her Imperial House has greater ranking than mine. You are now eligible and she has exercised her Imperial right under Galactic Law to purchase you as her Royal Pet. All the arrangements have been made by order of the Emperor and the Imperial Chancellor will be here in a little while to complete the transaction between Lady Lisa Marie’s and My Royal House.”

No! I am not a Pet. Mom has said her Royal House, not our Royal House. I am going to be just a piece of property. I am a Royal Princess, not property to be bought and sold!

Mom removes the Collar from its protective case. I see a very large Champagne Neuro Diamond in the ornate setting of the Pet Collar. I am still to be a Princess, the type of stone guarantees this. Only High Born Royal Pets wear this type of stone.

She places the collar around my neck. I am incredulous. I cannot believe I am being bought like a piece of furniture. I feel it as she closes it. I know it will never come off and I am now a Royal Pet for the rest of my life. A very special piece of property.

My eyesight becomes blurred. It feels like an inventory of who and what I am is taking place. I can actually feel this intensely and can see everything happening in images in my minds eye over the top of what is actually going on around me. I become confused immediately as everything I know to be true about me changes and new things become true.

I try to resist the changes that are being made to me. I am unable to. I feel more than strange as this process continues through out my entire consciousness.

I am vaguely aware my mom has taken me by the hand and is leading me somewhere. I realize she has taken me into the bathroom. She removes my baby doll nighty and helps me into the bath.

Mom says, “Sweetheart, you will lead a very comfortable and pampered life. She loves you very much and will take very good care of you. The one little twist here is that Lady Lisa Marie wants you to be an adult baby.”

I am still unable to speak. No, please! I ... don’t want to be ... something softly invades what I was thinking ... a momentary blank ... My thoughts continue ... an adult anymore. Please make sure I don’t have to be! I am adamant about this. I do not want to be an adult. I sit helplessly and realize I have no control over this. It is what ever Lady Lisa Marie wants.

Confusion ... something important has just happened and I’m not sure what it was.

Mommy washes me gently. I can sort of see she is pouring some kind of very thick gel into her palm through the images that are rapidly passing in my mind’s eye. She gently caresses me and applies the gel all over my body. It tingles.

Mom says, “This gel permanently removes the hair from your body. You will be soft skinned and smooth. You will never again have to shave.”

I can see the little hair that used to be on my body now in the bath water. I shiver. I can’t believe this is happening to me.

Mom continues, “You will never have to worry about being pregnant.”

I hear a hissing pop and feel a sting in my shoulder. I see the pneumo-syringe mom just injected my body with.

She continues, “Since you are a baby now, I have given you the genetic birth control that makes your ovaries into what they were when you were 2 years old. You will never have another period.”

She helps me to stand up. She softly rinses me off from head to foot. She takes me to the shower and washes my hair. I can see she is using baby shampoo. She rinses it clean and has me step out of the shower onto a soft fuzzy bathmat.

Mom dries me with a very thick, very soft bath towel. It feels so wonderful to have her do this. I truly wish mom would have done this for me before. Now it’s too late. I am to be someone else’s property.

She leads me by the hand into the changing room. I see a table setup next to the walk in closet. There is a changing mat on the table. She helps me on the table and has me lie on my back.

Mom smiles sweetly at me and says, “Mandy, you are such a sweet baby.”

She rubs her nose to mine and tickles me. I can’t help myself. I squeal with joy and squirm and kick my feet. She gives me a big kiss. I am in total bliss.

She lifts me by my ankles and puts a very thick and very soft cloth diaper under me. She puts me on top of it and opens my legs.

Mom explains, “Sweetheart, this, along with the Pet Collar’s programming, will insure you are totally incontinent. You will have to wear diapers for the rest of your life. Lady Lisa Marie will be your Mistress and you will be her Baby Girl Love Pet.”

I feel mom gently rubbing some kind of oil all between my legs and on my bottom. It makes me feel so weird as she gently caresses me and puts it thickly in all my private places.

She powders me very generously with very nice smelling baby powder, pulls the diaper between my legs and pins it on with locking diaper pins. She helps me off the table.

I am tingling very pleasantly all over.

I am relieved that I don’t have to be an adult anymore. I was really worried when mom was telling me?? ... I am confused ... I can’t remember exactly what mom had said about being an adult. I feel real strange when I try to remember. Something is not quite right ... I know I have forgotten something really important. It’s ok though, I am a baby and that’s what I want ... isn’t it??

I see mom take a pair of plastic lined powder blue rumba panties off the table and holds them out.

She says softly, “Step in baby.”

I step in them and she gently pulls them up.

I start to suck my thumb. I really enjoy doing this too. I have enjoyed doing this for ... funny, I can’t seem to remember how long I have loved this. I try to remember, I can’t. No biggie ... I keep sucking my thumb contentedly.

I see mommy take a very cute powder blue jumper off the table. It has puffy sleeves with broad white lace surrounding the arm openings. It has a squared collar opening with fine baby lace around it and around the hem.

Mom says gently, “Take your thumb out of your mouth and hold your arms up so I can get you in your dress baby.”

I take my thumb from my mouth and hold my arms up. Mom puts the dress over my arms and softly tugs my arms through the arm openings. It settles perfectly over me. The dress is very short and doesn’t completely cover my panties. It is obvious I am in diapers because of the bulk of my panties. I giggle at how cute I look in the floor mirror. I start to suck my thumb again.

Mom brushes my hair and ties it in 2 pony tails with matching ribbons. She has me sit on the changing table again. She puts some very soft blue and white booties on my feet. I giggle softly because it tickles as she puts them on me. She helps me back off the table.

I feel really weird and don’t understand why. My mind is still really fuzzy and I am sort of confused. There are no more images flashing in my mind’s eye and I am grateful for that. I can see again and that was important.

I look at myself in the mirror. I see a very adorably cute Ababy girl looking back and don’t understand why I feel so weird. Everything seems normal?? ... doesn’t it?? I am still very confused as my mind hasn’t cleared.

Mom says sweetly, “Oh Mandy,” she hugs and kisses me softly, “You are the most adorable baby girl.” She kisses me again, “You are just precious.”

I giggle softly and give mommy the best baby kiss I have. I see her eyes are moist with tears. She seems to be happy; I am unsure why she is crying.

Mommy takes me gently by the hand and leads me into the Imperial Office. I see the Imperial Chancellor sitting in a chair at the desk. I also see Lady Lisa Marie. My heart overflows with joyous love that she is here. Mommy lets go of my hand and I run up to Lady Lisa Marie and give her a big hug and a soft kiss. She hugs and kisses me back.

Mommy takes me by the hand and sits me in the empty chair beside the Imperial Chancellor as she wipes large tears from her eyes. I look innocently at the Imperial Chancellor and start to suck my thumb again.

I watch as he takes many papers out of a briefcase and puts them neatly on the desk.

He puts one paper on the table in front of mommy and says to her, “You must sign this bill of sale here where the X’s are and place your Royal Seal there.”

He hands her a stylus and she signs the paper. I see mommy put the Royal Stamp to the paper that applies the Royal Seal. She is very obviously crying. I don’t understand why.

He tells Lady Lisa Marie the same thing. I watch as she too signs the paper and applies her Royal Seal.

I see the paper. It is a bill of sale for me. Mommy received $200,000,000,000,000,000.00 in solid Golver from Lady Lisa Marie. This is the most precious metal known in the universe and this is an unimaginable fortune. It is as mommy said, a star system's ransom. I see the palates of it stacked across the room.

I see the Imperial Chancellor pick up another paper. This says it is an Imperial Galactic Title for the possession of a Royal Pet. It has my name on it as the Pet, mommy’s name as the seller, and Lady Lisa Marie’s as the new owner.

The Imperial Chancellor takes my hands and puts ink on them. He gently presses my fingers one at a time to the Title paper in the blocks marked for them. He presses my palms to the paper in the block for that and makes 2 full hand prints in its proper place.

He softly cleans my hands and says, “You are a good little baby Mandy. You will make Lady Lisa Marie very happy.”

I feel so good when he says that. I want nothing more than to please her. I giggle sweetly.

I watch as the Imperial Chancellor applies the Seal of the Galactic Imperium which carries the full power and force of the Emperor. It is now official ... I am the property of Lady Lisa Marie and will be her Baby Love Pet until she decides differently.

The Imperial Chancellor tells Lady Lisa Marie to call to me so I will imprint and be hers.

I hear a voice. It ... is so beautiful. It fills my soul and calls to me. My Mistress wants me to come to her. I cannot resist as I slide out of the chair and run to my Mistress. I am enraptured as I hug and kiss my Mistress passionately.

I see a strange woman across from us burst into tears and cry loudly. She is hysterical. The Imperial Chancellor comforts her as she cries into his broad shoulder.

I hear him tell her, “It’s ok Lady Beth, Mandy doesn’t even know you anymore. She belongs to Lady Lisa Marie. She will be well taken care of and you do have visitation rights because you are her birth mother. Just remember that Mandy will be a baby when you visit and you must be gentle with her. She will be a lot of fun for you to play with for the duration of your visit and she will very sweet and lovable.”

I hear the woman say in a very emotional way, “Good bye sweetheart. Mommy will see you on visitation day. I love you.”

The Imperial Chancellor helps the woman out of the chair and escorts her away.

My mistress takes a golden leash and attaches it to my Pet Collar. She picks up a Golden tag off the desk. I see she has a pair of needle nose pliers in her other hand. She shows me the tag. It is a pet tag that has my name, my owner’s name, my title number and a contact number should I get lost.

She opens the metal loop on the tag and puts it through the metal ring where the leash is attached to my Collar and squeezes it closed.

Mistress says softly, “Come my Pet, Lets go home.”

Mistress takes me out of the office. I am so excited. I can’t wait to please Mistress.

Mistress tells me “Mandy, you are the cutest baby girl I have ever seen.” she hugs and kisses me passionately then continues, "I am so happy to have you back as my baby. I want you to know I missed you so terribly and am glad I now own you. I will never let you go baby, never."

I hug and kiss Mistress passionately. My entire existence belongs to her and I want nothing more than to make her happy. I am elated she thinks I am pretty and I have pleased her in this way.

I helplessly wet my diaper as I sit in the aircar in the arms of my Mistress on the trip to my new home. I suckle her ample breast contentedly as She kisses and caresses me lovingly all the way to the craft that will take us back to Alpha Centauri.

I begin my new Life as a Royal Ababy Love Pet.
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