The Contract by: Miki Yamuri and Kylie Colbern

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The Contract by: Miki Yamuri and Kylie Colbern

Postby Miki Yamuri » Wed Jan 19, 2022 6:41 pm

The Contract

Ashley Olsen - 18

Debbie Olsen - 39

All characters played by: Miki Yamuri and Kylie Colbern

Ashley patiently waited at home for her mom to arrive back from work as she held some documents in her hands. Recently the world had widely accepted Adult Babies and even had clothing lines, furniture and daycares specifically for them. Ashley wanted to talk with her mom about signing a legally binding document declaring her an adult baby because her friend Jessica did it and she absolutely loved it.

Ashley didn’t know how her mom was going to react to this news but she can only hope her mom was the best and would love her to be a crawly toddler again for her.

Debbie was so glad to finally get home. She had the worst kind of day at work and looked forward to being home and relaxing, maybe even having a couple glasses of wine. She parked the car and walked up to the door. Before she could open it, her very pretty daughter, Ashley, had already opened the door and greeted her.

Debbie smiled as she replied, “Well, Hello to you too. What has you so excited today?”

“Well okay…” Ashley looked around and brought her mom into the house. “ Well, you know that recently the world has started to accept Adult Babies as legal children. I was wondering..” Ashley got quiet and handed the paperwork to her mom and waited for her to read it as they were still standing in the doorway of their house. Ashley was super excited about this.

“Here let’s go sit in the living room while you read the paperwork” Ashley grabbed her mom's arm and brought her into the living room so she could sit down to read the paperwork.

Debbie dropped her purse beside the chair and sat. She crossed her legs at the ankles as she read over the legal document. A smile crossed her face as she looked at Ashley from time to time as she flipped through the many pages.

Debbie looked up finally and said softly, “Have you read over this whole document, sweet heart? Once the process has started, it’s for life.”

Ashley looked down at the ground as she contemplated it for a second then replied “ Yes mom, I have read the whole document and I understand that it’s for life.” Ashley looked a bit nervous. She saw her mom smile, but didn’t know if it was a good or bad inclination to what she was thinking.

After a while Ashley spoke up a bit “So what do you think Mom?”

Debbie had just finished filling out her acceptance for the care and ownership of an Adult Baby. She handed the large stack of legal documents to Ashly and replied, “I think, an infant like you should sign and date all those papers while I call the Adult Baby Center to arrange for your examination and shots.” Debbie took her cell from her purse and began dialing.

Ashley’s jaw dropped, she couldn’t believe her mother signed the documents so quickly. Ashley looked down at them in her hand seeing her mother's signature and date on them. “ So I get to be like Jessica? That’s my best friend. She convinced her mom to have her as an Adult Baby and she loves it!” Ashley quickly grabbed the pen from her mom and signed her name and dated it to all the pages and didn’t notice the specifications her mom had requested. Ashley handed the paperwork back to her mom who was still on the phone.

“In an hour? OK, I’ll be there then. Oh, bring some clothes and diapers too? That quick? Oh, I see.” Debbie laughed, “I’ll see you then and she has signed all the documents and is no longer an adult. Bye.” Debbie hung up the phone and said, “We need to make a quick stop at Babies of all Ages before we get to the doctor’s office. No need to bring anything with you, nothing else matters to you now.” Debbie took Ashley by the hand and basically escorted her from the house to the car, placed her in the back seat and fastened her seatbelts for her like she was already a toddler.

Ashley was so excited she could barely contain herself! Ashley kicked her feet happily in the backseat. Ashley watched as her mom walked around her car and got into the drivers seat. “Mom! Thank you, I can’t believe you signed the papers so quickly! I was ready to debate with you on this but eek!” Ashley screamed again with joy as she just signed away her adulthood.

Debbie stopped at Babies of all ages. Ashley noticed the adorable clothes, panties, and diapers her mom bought were for someone a degree or so smaller than she was. No amount of asking got any direct answers except that a baby didn’t need to know such things. It wasn’t long before they had arrived at the Dr.’s office.
Debbie walked in with the large stack of papers in one hand and Ashley in the other. She walked up to the desk and said to the nurse there, “Hi, I’m Debbie Olsen and this is my toddler daughter, Ashley. We have an appointment.”

The woman smiled as she took the documents and read them over page by page. “She rounded the desk and took Ashley by the hand, “It will only be about 30 minutes. Wait here and we will come get you when the procedure is complete. Ashley Watched her mom sit and wave to her as the nurse more or less pulled her by the hand into another room.

Ashley was pulled into a room which had paintings of a cottage and colorful animals on the walls. Ashley was sat down in a chair like a toddler child next to a padded table. The nurse began to take all Ashley’s vitals. After that the nurse informed Ashley to strip naked and get up on the table.

Ashley began to strip naked and once she was done and stepped out of her panties, the nurse took the clothes with her out of the room. Ashly could see from where she sat the nurse tossed them into an incinerator device and destroyed them. Ashley sat there excited waiting for the doctor to come in.

Ashley began to think that she didn’t have to worry about any adult things anymore like bills, job or a car and just gets to worry about which toys to play with and what new adventure she can go on around the house.

A young woman in a white lab coat entered the room. In her hand was a large case of some sort which she sat on the counter and snapped open the latches. She didn’t say anything as she removed several large syringes and several tubes of different colored liquids that seemed to glow.

She filled the first with a large amount of green glowy liquid and turned to Ashly. Quickly, the woman took Ashly’s arm and injected her with the green stuff. Ashly gasped loudly as the hot burning liquid surged through her body and exploded in her mind.

Ashly’s body seemed to catch fire as the woman filled another syringe with a blue liquid. Ashley felt it as another woman had gently taken hold of her and laid her back on the table she had been sitting on. Her body had ceased to do as she had wanted. The other woman came to Ashley and injected her with the large quantity of blue liquid.

The second woman cood softly, “There, there baby girl, it will all be over in a minute and we can give baby a bath and dress her in a safe comfy diaper.”

Ashley tried to focus on the sound of this woman’s voice as heat from the liquids they injected into her continued to heat her body. Ashley looked down in shock as she began to see her breasts slowly shrinking back into her body and large amounts of some kind of jelly form all over her nude body. Ashley was now totally in shock at what was happening!

Ashley saw the nurse's hand slowly getting bigger and bigger, while she looked back at her chest her breasts were completely gone and she was now flat chested!

Ashley winces, “This Hurts!”

Ashley was totally mind blown as she felt her body impossibly becoming too small for her. A very large amount of genetic residue had formed all over her body as she continued to shrink.

“Sherry?” asked the woman holding Ashley by the head, “How young is this one going to be?”

Sherry replied as she finished loading the large syringe with a deep red liquid, “Paperwork said too old for diapers and too young for panties. Just barely able to walk and can do a cute fall down go boom for her mommy.”

As Sherry injected Ashley with yet another large amount of thick liquid, the woman holding Ashley’s head bent over and kissed her on the nose softly, “You are going to be so preciously adorable. And think, you will be who you are in your mind, but be a cute little toddler externally and act like one forever.”

Both women laugh as Ashley gets yet another huge injection. This one puts out the burning, and sends deep chills all through her as the cold liquid surges through her body to once again caused an infantile explosion in her mind.

Ashley felt the cooling, she began to calm down as she saw both of these nurses acting so casually to what was happening to her. “ How many people do you do this to in a day?” Ashley asked.

But before Ashley could get an answer the chill began to affect her judgement a little as she looked at the nurses once again with them having a smile on their face. Ashley saw the woman’s mouth moving but didn’t understand any of the words coming out as it sounded just like an infant's babble.

Ashley began to panic as she didn’t know why she couldn’t understand the nurses anymore. Ashley tried to get off the table but the one nurse held her down with ease. Ashley’s eyes began to dart around the room in panic until everything went black.

When Ashley awoke, She was being dressed in a really cute pair of lacy yellow plastic lined rumba panties. She had a really thick cloth diaper pinned snugly but comfortably on. After the woman pulled the panties on, Sherry said, “Laurie, I think this one is trying to talk. It’s so cute.”

Laurie sat Ashly up and put a matching pair of booties on her feet. She cooed softly, “There we are, sweetheart. You are now a cute little baby again. Your mommy will be here in a minute to get you.”

About that time, Debbie entered the room. Her eyes grew large as she gasped, “OMG!! She’s so adorable.”

Laurie walked over to Debbie and said, “If you want to breastfeed her, we will need to give you this injection. I must warn you, you will always lactate after this so you can feed her.”

Debbie looked at Ashley and smiled broadly as she held out her arm. Laurie gave Debbie a huge injection of a clear liquid.”

Debbie shivered as her breasts actually grew slightly larger as they began to make milk.

Debbie walked to the table and picked her new infant up and held her to her breast as she patted her hinney, “OMG!! Ashley. I so missed having you as my baby. Now, you always will be.”

Ashley was still in shock, she couldn’t understand any of the adults and what they were saying. Only way Ashley knew what was happening was by everyone’s actions. Ashley watched her mom’s breasts grow in size and felt her tummy growl a little.

Ashley felt it soothing to be held like this by her mom. Ashley looked down in shock seeing her legs are wiggling in the air as the nurses must’ve shrunk her somehow and she was even more amazed her breasts were completely gone now! Ashley looked around at everyone and just sat happily in her mom's arms.

Debbie asked, “Could .. you know … “

Laurie smiled and said, “Breast feed her? Sure. Happens all the time. While you do that, we need to get ready for the next customer. The demand for babies this way is very high.”

As Debbie sat and undid her top and took off her bra, Laurie began to restock the items for the next regression client.

Debbie cooed softly as she put the swollen nipple to Ashley’s lips, “There we are sweetheart. Enjoy. I know I will. I so missed breast feeding you.”

Ashley is a bit shocked seeing her mom's breast once again but that shock turned to helpless infantil bliss. It felt very comforting to have her mom’s milk warm her mouth and tummy. Ashley closed her eyes and began to nurse quietly just like any infant that age under those circumstances. Ashley was going nuts in her mind as her body did things she knew she wasn’t telling it to. Still, her mother's nipple was giving her food and comforting at the same time and Ashley helplessly faded into an infantile state of total bliss.

Ashley could feel the soft comforting pats on her padded bottom as she listened to the sound of her mother's cooing voice.

As Ashley nursed, it dawned on her that her friend wasn’t like this. She was more adult and less baby, and hadn’t shrunk this way. Ashly was an actual Toddler at this point in all but mind. She hoped, at least, she would learn to talk better as time went by. Then, she felt the warm wetness creep around her bottom as she had her first baby wetting in many years.

Ashley was in shock! She just wet her diaper and didn’t even realize it was happening until it happened. Ashely stopped nursing and began to pat her diaper as she looked up at her mom. Ashley tried speaking to her mom but remembered that she couldn’t really communicate all that well with adults anymore so she did something she hasn’t done for a while and began to cry.

Debby took Ashley in her arms and patted her wet bottom, “There, there baby. Mommy will make it all better.” She checked Ashley’s diaper and made a huge deal of it, “Aww, my big girl had a potty in her dipee.” she giggled, “So adorable. Soon, you will have your first poopy too. I want to see what your poopy face looks like again. As I remember it was adorable too, although kinda stinky.”

Debbie pulled down Ashley’s panties and took off the wet diaper. She cleaned her well with a sweet smelling baby wipe, then powdered her generously. With the wonderful smell of baby powder drifting through the air, Debbie Diapered, then pulled Ashley’s panties back on.

As she carried Ashly into the examining room and stood her on her wobbly feet she said, “I so missed having you this age sweetheart. Mommy will take really good care of baby this time around. I made sure you were a real toddler, and not one of those other kinds that are an infant adult mix. I was so hoping you didn’t reread the paperwork, and you didn’t.”

Ashley stood on her feet but they felt so wobbly that they would give out at any moment. Ashley saw a full length mirror that was on the wall and was shocked. Ashley saw what was herself, but only around 3’4 feet tall, maybe up to her moms hip in height, and exactly as she was when she was a toddler just learning to walk. Ashley was astonished that she was this small, Ashley looked up at her mom which she was a towering presence now. Ashley tried to speak again but can’t, all her mouth would do is make adorable baby babble.

Ashley saw a kid’s table with crayons and coloring books and slowly waddled over to them. Ashley grabed one of the crayons and began to write out a message to her mom telling her “Tank you fer makin me baby gain”. Ashely looked it over for spell checking. Nothing she could really do and held it out to her mom.

Debbie giggled and clapped her hands together in glee, “That is such a nice picture, honey, all the scribbly lines all over the page.”

Debbie bent and hugged her new baby lovingly as one of the nurse’s said, “Just so you know, she’s still the same age she originally was in her mind, but she will be unable to react to the world in any way other than the toddler you requested.”

Debbie stood picking up Ashley at the same time, “Will she be able to, you know talk and things?”

As time goes by, she will be able to talk like a very young child, but it still will be very infantile. She’s the baby you requested. We can, for an additional fee, modify her a bit to allow for more custom requests.”

Debbie replied, “Maybe later. Right now I’m enjoying having her back to the place she was so adorable.”

Debbie carried Ashly out to the car and put her in the very plush and thickly padded reward facing infant seat and strapped her in. Debbie put a pacifier in Ashley’s mouth that stopped her from fussing. Ashly was shocked at how wonderful it made her feel to have a pacifier to suck on.

The ride home was quick, although Ashley had fallen asleep during the trip and didn’t awaken until Debbie had placed her face down on a soft blanket that was spread on the carpet and softly and lovingly patted her thickly diapered bottom.

Debbie took out her cell and began to dial many numbers. After a few minutes, Ashley went to her knees, then stood up like any toddler would. She stood on her wobbly feet for a few second before she could get her balance.

Ashley did her best to walk, but quickly discovered she could barely toddle as she took a few steps before tripping and plopping on her thickly diapered bottom. As soon as that happened, Ashley knew it didn’t hurt, but she couldn’t help herself as the over powering urge over came her and she start to cry.

Debbie showed up instantly and cooed softly as she picked Ashley up and patted her hinney softly, “Aww, diddams faw down go boom?” she gave Ashly a small kiss on her cheek, “Mommy make it all better. I invited all you friends over to play with you. They think it’s so adorable you chose to be a toddler again.”

Ashley felt a tingle of embarrassment run through her as Debbie stood her back on her wobbly feet. This time, how ever, Debbie held out her index fingers of both hand which Ashley held onto. Debbie then proceeded to ‘walk’ Ashly back into the den.

Ashly realized at that point, the den had been redecorated into a play area for her. Many infant toys and plushies we scattered in easy reach all around. Debbie lifted Ashley and placed her in a bouncy chair. Ashly’s feet could barely reach the ground. All she could do was bounce up and down … which she found to be quite pleasant. The more she bounced, the more infantile her thought patterns became until she realized with a start what was happening. Ashley realized then she was helpless to stop being who she now was .. a very adorably cute toddler.

It wasn’t long before the doorbell rang and Debbie went to answer it. Ashley could hear the delighted voices as she brought what sounded like several people in.

Ashly was totally shocked when her mother walked in with all her friends. The immediately gathered around and started cooing softly.

Mandy said with excitement in her voice, “OMG!! She is so adorable. She looks just like a babydoll. Not like an adult baby like Jessica. This is way better!”

Jessie picked Ashly up to her breast and patted her thickly diapered bottom softly, “I want to thank you, Mrs.Olsen for letting us come and babysit for you. We are so going to enjoy this.”
All the girls giggled as they began to play with Ashley. Ashly was helpless to do anything about it. She had signed the legal document that made her a babydoll for the rest of her natural life … which would be extremely long due to the process that made her this way.

As Laurie placed a large nipple in Ashley’s mouth, and the warm sweet taste of milk flowed in, All Ashly could do was relax and enjoy her new life. She was now and for a very long time, everyone's babydoll.

~~ A new beginning ~~
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