Baby Jennie and the Lost Temper

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Baby Jennie and the Lost Temper

Postby Miki Yamuri » Wed Jan 19, 2022 8:11 am

Title: Baby Jennie and the Lost Temper


Baby Miki - Played by: Miki Yamuri

Baby Jennie – Played by: Jennie Flint

Scene: In Jennie's playpen

Once upon a time there was a little baby girl playing in her playpen. Her name was Jennie. Jennie was stacking blocks, one on top of the other, like a good little girl. She was making a pyramid. She didn't even care when her long red pigtails got in the way -- she just brushed her hair aside and carefully stacked the blocks.

Suddenly Tom, the big house cat, jumped into the playpen, right on top of Jennie's carefully built block pyramid! The baby girl watched in horror as her blocks scattered all over the playpen. It had taken so long!

Jennie wailed and cried, then screeched at Tom the cat, throwing a perfect baby temper tantrum. She even grabbed at Tom's tail and caught it, too! Tom didn't like this one bit. He let out a loud screeching yowl before wriggling free and jumping out of the playpen. He quickly ran off into the kitchen, where there were clangs and bangs.

"Oh, my!" came the voice of Jennie's Mommy TJ. "Can you help? Here, hold this while I try to catch Tom ..."

"Just a moment," said another voice, one that Jennie knew. It was Lisa. Miki's mommy. Soon Jennie had a friend in the playpen, because Miki's Mommy had brought her over to play! She deposited baby Miki in the playpen too and went back into the kitchen to help.

"Miki!" gasped Jennie, seeing her friend. She hugged Miki lots, because Miki was her bestest baby friend.

"Jennies!!" screeched Miki as she gave Jennie a big baby hug. “Am so glad mommy brought baby over ta play."

About that time, the 2 mommys walked through with Jennie's mommy comforting Tom kitty in her arms. The babies heard Jennie's mom say to Miki's mom, "Jennie lost her temper and pulled Tom's tail. He's still rather upset about it as you can see."

Miki's mom replies before the women leave ear shot and go into the other room, "I can tell, his ears are back and he was rather less than pleased when we caught him ..."

Miki's eyes get huge as she looks at her friend Jennie, "You losted your temper? What it looks like Jennies?? Did it hurted?"

Jennie was amazed, sitting there open-mouthed. "My temper? Me losted it? But ... when?"

Miki shrugs and says, "Where did it go?" She grabs the playpen rail and stands up. She bends over with her bottom in the air and her ruffles wiggling adorably as she looks between her legs. "It not there."

"Me only see cute ruffly pannies," said Jennie with a giggle.

Jennie looked around the playpen for anything that looked like a temper. You see, she was too little to know what a temper was!

"Is this a temper?" she said, holding up a soft rubber ball.

She bit it lightly with her 2 teeth for good measure. It was squishy and bounced back. Miki shakes her head slowly as she sucks her thumb thoughtfully. Miki spies a dark place under one of the plushy dolls. She drops to her hands and knees and crawls over to the doll. She snatches it up and looks under it.

A disappointed expression crosses Miki's face as she says around her thumb, "Ish no herth."

Jennie's head itched from all this puzzling, so she scratched it. "Me jus dunno," she said.

She put her pacifier in her mouth and sucked on it. She felt calmer, but she still didn't know where her temper had gotten to. Then she gasped and opened her mouth, her pacifier falling right out! Luckily it was attached to her dress with a pink ribbon.

"Oh!" she said. "Me jus had a scawy thought! What if ... it bounced outta the playpen?"

She crawled to the side and stood up, holding onto the railing with both hands. Miki grabs the rails and stands up. She looks out of the playpen and around the large room. There were so many places a lost temper could be hidden. Miki wiggles and squirms until she manages to crawl over the edge of the playpen rail and plops on her very thick diapered bottom.

Miki says, "I look unner tha papa san chair. Is dark anna goo place fora temper to gets losted."

Miki crawls over to the dark opening beneath the papa san chair. Jennie watches with big eyes as her bestus friend disappears into the darkness.

"Miki?" said Jennie. She was worried. Her friend had just vanished into the scary dark place under the papa san chair. "Miki?!" There was no sign of Miki. "Me save you Miki!" Jennie shouted, and started climbing over the playpen's side rail. She rolled over it and landed in a heap of pink satin, white lace, and red hair.

"Oofs," she said, collecting herself and sitting up. "Miki me come save you!" she called and crawled toward the chair.

Just before Jennie got to the dark opening, Miki's blond head poked out.

Miki says, "No temper there. Founda buncha stuffs ... like toys n dolls, but nuffin look likea temper."

Jennie and Miki sat back on their diapered hinnys and sucked their thumbs in thought as they looked around the room.

Miki says softly, "How ... did it feel whenna temper gots losted? Did it go fast ... slow ... twisty kinna??" She looks at Jennies curiously.

Jennie popped her paci into her mouth to help her think. "Humms," she said. "Musta been fast ... cause it happen bfore me knowed it. Was kinda like ..." Then suddenly Jennie gasped and her paci fell out of her mouth again. "No wait! Me knows!"

"We gotsa get back inna playpen!" said Jennie, crawling back over to it. She struggled to get up and over the side rail.

Miki asks excitedly, "Why Comes?" as she quickly crawls over to the playpen.

Miki pulls herself up and over the rail one more time, to fall slightly on top of Jennie in a jumble of ruffles, lace, and ponytails.

Miki manages to sit up beside Jennie as she asks, "Didja find it? Huh? didja?" Miki looks all around excitedly, but couldn't see anything that would resemble a temper.

About that time, the babies heard their mothers giggling. Miki's mom said to Jennie's mom, they are so adorable. They can play for hours together and not get into any kind of fuss."

Jennie's mom nods agreement, "They are the best of friends. I hope it lasts for life." The 2 women turn and go to the next room. Their foot falls fade to nothing.

Miki says with relief, "Wow ... we gots bak inna playpen jus in time. Think mommy mighta spanked us is we gots caught."

Jennie was getting herself back upright after climbing back into the playpen. "Spanked? Eeep! Me no wanna spankins!"

Then Jennie saw what she had come back into the playpen to get -- she saw a block. And reached for another one. Soon she was building a pyramid of blocks.

"Me was buildin blocks jus like dis," said Jennie. "That when that naughty Tom jumped in ... n the blocks wented all over! So me thinks a temper looks like ... blocks!" She had carefully built the pyramid up three layers already, and started on a fourth.

Miki softly giggled to herself as she watched the pyramid grow. She knew this game ... they played it all the time. They would build the stack ... the other would knock it down. The urge grew so strong ... Miki almost couldn't resist ... Miki knocks the stack of blocks over in a huge scattered pile. She looks innocently around as Jennie sits shocked for an instant.

Jennie did not get mad, she played this game with Miki all the time. Sometimes Jennie would be the builder-upper and Miki played the knocker-downer, and sometimes it was the other way around. In fact, Jennie had known that Miki's mommy was going to bring her over, and that was why Jennie had built a big pyramid of blocks, so her friend Miki could knock it down when she got there.

She hadn't gotten upset because of the pyramid being knocked down -- it had been because that naughty cat Tom had done it instead of her friend Miki! Jennie did not find her temper again thoguh, she did squeal with delight and giggle a lot when Miki knocked down the blocks.

Miki sucks her thumb thoughtfully for a second before saying, "Now ... whenna Tommy kitty knok downa bloks ... where tha temper go?" Miki looks all around the playpen.

When Jennie got done giggling, she looked around and said, "Hm. I thought maby a temper was shaped like a big pile o blocks. But me guess not."

Miki sees something under the edge of the large pillow chair over by the TV. Miki crawls over to the edge of the playpen, then manages to climb over ... to plop on her hinny on the other side. She crawls over to the pillow chair and looks under the edge. All she finds is a Mommy's Day magazine, a pen, and several assorted coins.

Miki sits back and says in an adorbly cute whiny voice, "No tempers unner here ... jus this stuffies." Miki looks at Jennie with an expression of disappointment. She says in a whimper, "Where you thiks it coulda gone? Maybe downna stairs inna basement?"

Jennie was looking at the things Miki had found. She knew a pen could be used for making art, maybe for improving the pictures in the picture book, and little round things made great stencils for drawing circles around. But then Miki's question reminded her that she was missing something -- something that was probably important. Wherever her temper was ... they had to find it.

"Oooo ... da basement is scawy Miki," she said. "But ... if it down dere -- we gotsa find it!!" She nodded to emphasize her resolve.

There was one obstacle they had to overcome first: the basement door. Miki and Jennie sat on the ground, looking up at the doorknob.

"I dunno Miki," said Jennie, "that door knob thingie is real high ups."

Miki leans up against the door and stands up. She stretches as far as she could on her tippy toes. Her fingers just barely touch the door knob. She plops back on her thickly diapered hinny and sucks her thumb thoughtfully.

She says, "Wasa door open when u losted tha temper? I don kno is baby can opena door." She looks at Jennie as Jennie shakes her head no. Miki continues, "Guess it no can gets down there is it no open ... huh?"

Miki crawls over to the edge of the arch leading into the dining room. Miki sees something very shiny and silver under the dining room table.

She squeals with delight, "Jennies!! Look .. isatta temper??"

Miki quickly crawls under the table to retrieve the object, only to find it was one of Tommy kitty's bell toys.

Miki says in a winy voice again, "Nopes ... this isnta temper neivers .. is jussa kitty thingy.”

About that time, the Large Tom cat comes up and starts to wallow on Miki thinking she was going to play with him because she had the bell toy. Miki gives the toy a toss ... Tommy kitty is gone in a flash of colors. The sound of the bell tinkling as Tom bats it all around is heard coming rapidly from many places.

Jennie gasped. "Miki! Tom the kitty cat always playin wif stuffs! Whatif ... whatif he gotted my temper n rolled it away somewheres?" She squeaked a bit as another thought came to her. "Whatif ... whatif he eated it?"

Miki gasps loudly as she puts her hands to her mouth. Miki says, "What we do is he eated it Jennies? We no can ever gets back tha tempers then."

Miki watches in horror as Tom kitty batted the bell around the room. Miki crawls over to a corner near the wash room and sits just as Lisa, Miki's mommy come in.

She looks down and says with a surprised coo, "How in the world did baby get in here? I thought I put you in the playpen with Jennie."

About that time, Lisa sees Jennie sitting under the dining room table.

Lisa bends and says softly, "Just what ... do the 2 of you think you're into?"

Lisa reaches under the table and pulls Jennie out and cradles her in her arms. She checks Jennie's diaper then continues, "Can you tell Auntie what your doing?" She tickles Jennie softly in her ribs.

Jennie giggled from the tickling! But then she said, "Me twyinna finds my temper Auntie Lisa -- Miki is helpin'. Cause me losted it."

Lisa laughed merrily. "Jennie," she asked, "do you still feel upset because that naughty cat knocked over your blocks?"

"Umm ... no, not weally," Jennie said shaking her head slowly. "Miki knocked 'em over an' me giggled lots!"

"Then I think you might have found your temper again without knowing it," she said, "because when you get angry and upset, you've lost your temper. But you're not upset anymore, so you must have found it."

Jennie was confused. "But Auntie ... what it look like?" she asked, looking over at Miki, who also looked confused.

Miki took the thumb she had been sucking on thoughtfully, "Mommy? Whatta tempers look likes? Why comes we no evers seed one?"

Lisa laughs, "Sweet hearts, if you're not mad anymore, the temper isn't lost. Understand?"

The 2 babies look at each other for a few seconds as Lisa picks Miki up into her arms too.

They say in an adorable unison, "Nopes." and shake their heads making their pony tails fly.

Lisa takes the girls back to the playpen and places Jennie in the pen. She checks Miki's diaper and tickles her before she places the gilling squirming baby in the pen with Jenny.

Lisa says softly, "Stay here for a little while and play like good girls, Jennie's mommy and me will bring you a temper ... ok sweeties?"

Both babies giggle as they nod. Lisa walks from the playroom.

Miki looks at Jennie and says, "Looks like mommy founda temper awwreadys ... we no gotsa look for it no mores."

"Well me guess not ... umm ... wanna knock down blocks some more?"

Miki happily agreed and started setting the blocks up for Jennie to knock down, and they took turns like good baby girls.

Soon, Miki's mommy and Jennie’s mommy came back into the playroom. They had a bright red ball looking thing with soft round spikes on it. Jennie's mommy wound the thing up and placed it into the playpen with the girls as they watched with huge eyes. It began to wiggle and squirm all over as it made adorable squeaking and squealing noises.

By this time both baby girls had totally forgotten about their quest to find Jennie's temper, because they were absorbed in delight and wonderment. Babies are like that. The 2 girls played with the new thing in total delight.

Lisa and TJ ... Jennie's mommy, stood in the arch of the dining room and watched the girls squeal in delight over the new toy.

TJ says softly to Lisa, "They are so adorable .... and to think this all stemmed from Jennie getting upset with the cat."

Both women giggle softly as they return to the living room and their card game.

~~ The End ~~
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