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Postby Miki Yamuri » Sat Dec 11, 2021 8:55 am


Is the earth worth the life of even one individual? Let us consider this for a moment, for how long will a man's claim on the earth hold? Does the man take this with him when he dies? Most certainly not, therefore does the price for the earth have to always be the blood of another?

I see the flag we fly in the air and I see those who wish to burn it. I see those who speak of equality and yet they are no more equal than when someone gives them the earth on a platter. This does not make them equal, all this does is make them feel they can get away with more.

The Schools are based on the same system and can go no farther than the slowest student. How are the rest of the body expected to learn when there are a few individuals who came not to learn but to occupy a space in the ether of School until the law allows them to drop out? Is this just to those who truly need the space and are denied it because there is a small quantity that need not be there but are because justice is supposed to be served by them being there?

Let us consider education as a gift and not a right. Let us get those who can do and will prove that they are willing to sacrifice to go and allow them to go and to take those who wish not to learn and allow them to do the jobs that no one else is willing to do. Make it to where if they wish to learn something else, that this is available to them. If they show the same apathy that they showed before, penalize them into staying for a predetermined amount of time before they can try to go again. At no time allow the welfare role to grow as they do now. If there is an able body, send them to work doing a job for the City. If they are unwilling to work, send them to the work camp and make them work anyway.

But is this right? Every man speaks of work, and every man has a talent. Why then can we not put those to work using those talents? Select them early and develop them to be useful members of society instead of allowing them to vegetate and rot on drugs.

Again, is this also right? To what end are we working? I can see people doing things all their lives and still not know what it is they are doing and why. Life has become a mystery and one wonders why the pretty young girl loves the social out cast instead of the one who would truly try to love her and keep her safe.

Why does the one who really wants to escape, always find himself bound and tied by that which he truly doesn't want? The old saying about all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy is truer than any other statement. Stress takes its toll on all and especially those who break their backs all the time and get nowhere.

It's hard to wake on the cold grey dawn and go when you know you have lost anyway.

Is this whole thing worth the price of your soul? What price for glory?

Your soul?

Surly, I think the price is much too high.
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