Charlaine's Discipline Program - Author unkown

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Charlaine's Discipline Program - Author unkown

Postby Miki Yamuri » Wed Sep 08, 2021 7:00 am

Charlaine's Discipline Program

Dear Auntie Helga,

Let me tell you about Charlaine. I once thought her to be the meanest girl in the whole wide world. Charlaine was 15 years old. Her cousin Sally was 12. Charlaine earned money babysitting. Her mother considered her mature enough to babysit children her own age or younger. On this particular day, Charlaine was babysitting Sally. They were sitting out at their picnic table in their back yard. I saw them there, drinking lemonade. I was 15 years old and, in fact, about 6 months older than Charlaine.

I walked up to them and said, "Hi. Can I have some lemonade"? It was then that I noticed that they were drinking from pink glasses with pictures of little fairies on them.

"Sure you can, Larry", she said as she poured lemonade into another little pink glass. As she handed me the glass, she said, "here you are Larry Stuart. Lemonade in a little pink fairy glass".

I blushed, but only said, "Thank you, Charlaine". I really like lemonade, and didn't want to make her angry. Charlaine smiled. "We are playing a game. Sally and I are high-class ladies. You must play too, if you want more lemonade".

The lemonade was really good and the plastic glass very small. I knew that I would want more. "Alright", I decided. "How do I play this game with you"? I had decided that, since there was no one else around, it just didn't much matter.

"Your name will be Priscilla", explained Charlaine. "You will talk very sweetly in a very girlish voice".

"Ah, all right", I answered.

"Not like that", spoke Charlaine.

"I would just adore being sweet and pretty Priscilla", I said in a high pitched voice.

"Perfect", said Charlaine as she poured me more lemonade. "Please tell us, Priscilla, what color are your lacey panties"?

"Why pink, of course", I answered. I was actually enjoying myself, as I used to enjoy pretending.

"Don't you just love pretty flowers"?

"Oh my yes. My favorite is pretty pink pansies", I said.

Charlene and Sally giggled. This really got me started. "I love to wear sweet smelling perfume and lipstick. My favorite toy is my baby doll that really pees herself". Charlaine and Sally both laughed out loud. "You wait right here. We have something to show you, Larry". The two girls stepped just into the house and closed and latched the screen door. "Come here and listen", instructed Charlaine. Charlaine had a tape recorder. She played their entire conversation. My face turned beet red. Then Charlaine went somewhere in the house, for just a few minutes. Then she returned.

"I have the tape recorder well hidden. From now on, if you do not do exactly as I tell you, I will play it at school for all of your friends". Both girls smiled at the horror on my face. "Do you understand,Priscilla"?

"Yes, Charlaine", I answered meekly. "Put these on", she said as she handed me a pair of very delicate pink panties. I tried to explain to her that I could not change right there in the open sunlight. "You can stand behind that bush", she decided.

I stepped behind the short bush and felt very exposed as I removed my shoes and then my blue jeans.

"Take off your underwear too", insisted Charlaine. "Throw them over here to me". I did as I was told. Then I quickly pulled up the delicate silky panties. They felt as if they were tissue paper thin. "Now toss me your blue jeans and remove your shirt", ordered Charlaine. Reluctantly, I did as she commanded.

"Now, my prissy Priscilla, you will step away from the bush". My face was candy apple red as I stepped out in front of the girls. They both giggled with glee. "I will give you more panties", said Charlaine. "You had better be wearing panties at any time that I should ask to see them. Is that perfectly clear"?

"Yes, Ma'am", I said meekly. And I did. From that day on, I have always worn pretty silky panties. And of course, Charlaine had lots of fun with me. She began babysitting me. On those occasions, she always put me into a diaper. But, that is yet another story.

Thank you, Sissy Toby.

Thank you for your letter Sissy Toby. It never ceases to amaze me how young girls take to this treatment of their male counterparts. I'm sure our readers would love to hear more.

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