Brandon and the Nana/Babysitter Gauntlet

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Brandon and the Nana/Babysitter Gauntlet

Postby Miki Yamuri » Fri Jun 25, 2021 12:54 pm

Title: The Nana / Babysitter Gauntlet - By: Brandon Kennet and Miki Yamuri

Brandon saw the news come up with an important emergency announcement ... It concerned a mandatory new law just enacted.

Uh oh, thought Brandon, so far I've had an okay day. No nannies or babysitters randomly checking me. Brandon became very nervous.

The Voice of the news commentator on the nightly news said in a professional tone, "... and it has been unanimously passed that all citizens must go through the Nana / Babysitter Gauntlet to determine who is an impostor pretending to be an adult when they are actually and infant."

Uh oh, Brandon worried to himself even more. He always had a real problem with this anyway due to how feminine and youthful he appeared and hoped this wouldn't become one too.

A knock at the door, "Open up, this is Imposter Enforcement. We need you to come with us to face the gauntlet."

The young man tentatively opens the door... The uniformed officer at the door hands Brandon a summons to appear in court to face the Nana / Babysitter gauntlet within 48 hours or be forceably taken.

He refused and slams the door in the agent's face. Bad move, as that was grounds for being immediately taken by a Nanny and punished for being a naughty infant imposter.

Without warning, his door burst open and 4 extremely large women dressed in black maids outfits rush in and grab Brandon. He found himself held and taken to the large van parked at the curb.

The boy yelps and squirms as the women grab him. "Hey, lemme go!

Without preamble, after Brandon is in the Van, he finds it is a perfect place to change and care for an infant. The young man had his clothes shorn off with some type of small cutting tool. As the van began driving away he was forced onto a low bench and had some things pushed into him by one of the maids. "Eep!" He had been instantly stripped and placed on a padded surface, then lifted by his nakles and had 3 large slippery objects pushed into his bottom that felt warm, gooey, and tingly as they melted.

Brandon finds his bottom lowerd into a thick diaper, powdered, and it pinned on with locking diaper pins.

"A diaper?!" The boy whines and fusses as he is powdered and pinned up. "I'm too old for diapers!"

As one of the Nanas threads his feet into a pair of really cute pink plastic lined rumba panties she stated, "Your refusal to run the gauntlet automatically labels you an infant imposter. You will be dressed and treated as such from now on."

"But I don't want to be," he complained as she got him into the panties while they neared the central processing facility.

The large woman responded, "Isn't that adorable? The little girl is starting to talk." All the women laughed as Brandon was sat up and a really cute matching flutter sleeved baby dress was threaded over his head and arms. The boy grunts and squirms as he is sat up and the dress pulled onto him. Very adorable.

When they arrived at the facility, Brandon found himself lifted to the large woman's breast like the baby he was dressed as and his hinney patted in a most wonderful way while he was carried inside. The boy was lifted and carried in just like a baby. Seeing him like this, no one would doubt his status, whatever his protests.

They entered a chamber through 2 large massively thick wooden doors into what looked like a courtroom full of people and a judge sitting behind a raised dais. One of the women went to the judge and handed him a thick binder.

She said, "This individual refused the gauntlet and was automatically given Imposter Status."

The judge adjusted his mini wire framed glasses and looked at the binder for an instant, "It doesn't matter what you plead at this point young lady. From now on you are a little babygirl toddler and will be given to a deserving family."

The judge made his statement and banged his gavel: justice served in record time! Brandon began to sob in the large woman's arms. "No! I don't want to be a baby girl! I don't wanna!"

Brandon felt a very sharp sting in his neck and heard a hissing pop. The woman holding him said, "You should have taken your chances with the gauntlet. Now, you will be this adorably cute little baby girl."

He whimpers at the stings as a wonderfully tingling sensation began to spread all through his body. He was already being carried out the courtroom so the next trial could begin. It was now time for him to be taken to The Processing Center.

The large woman carried the helpless infant into another large room. It was a foyer with a receptionist. Behind her was a wall with a chute. He became really nervous.

Immediately the woman behind the counter brought out a large form and an ink pad with a roller. Brandon found his hands and feet inked well and prints made on the form. His new name would be Brandy. A new birth certificate for the new baby.

Brandon realized what she was doing but there was little he could do about it. Once done, he could then be sent through the infant factory.

Once Brandy had her hands and feet cleaned of ink, she was placed in a small oval shaped cart. Paperwork done, he was set in the chute. He blinked for a bit then yelped as the bottom fell out and he slid down onto a conveyor belt. He was off to have his maleness dealt with so Miss Brandy would be happy with her new condition.

Brandon saw the small sign where he was being taken. Masculinity Removal was what it said as he went through the opening into another large room full of mechanized equipment. Uh oh. He was still diapered and dressed like a little girl, for the moment at least as he was conveyed into a new room, brightly lit. Brandon was poked and prodded and injected many times. The ones in his crotch and chest hurt the most. His mouth was forced open and some kind of bitter mist was squirted in that made his throat feel strange along with the creeping weirdness all through his body that steadily intensified with every injection.

The conveyor stops. Immediately, mechanized hands descend from the walls and start pulling his clothes and diaper off. At first he was grateful, until he saw the many syringes. One for each butt cheek. One for his shoulder, with 3 others painfully injected into his crotch. Then the mist in his mouth. He began to fuss and squirm, just like an overgrown baby throwing a tantrum. "Waaaah!" as Brandon noticed his voice changing rapidly.

A hand descended, pushing at his parts. His gonads were pushed into him, then most of his cock, leaving only the nub that looked like a clitoris visible. He whimpered, crying now as he was wheeled to the next station: shaving and bathing.

After his maleness had been poked pushed tucked, or removed and he was rediapered, He was placed on the conveyor once again. Brandon saw that sign too. it read: Body Hair Removal.

Brandon found his head suddenly covered in some sort of thick gel that made his scalp tingle. mechanical hands massaged it in before he was placed in a warm, oily, tingly bubble bath. Once again, mechanical hands began to wash him from face to toes with a soft wash cloth. All the hair on his body vanished except for his scalp, eyelashes, and eyebrows.

The gel went on, all over his body. Hands immediately descended with cloths and began scrubbing him all over! When he was removed from the bath he was placed on yet again another conveyor. Warm air blew him dry until he entered another room labeled: Diapering and Dressing Room.

The Soap had cleaned his body and made his skin smooth and the shampoo made his hair much softer and fluffier. The pain from the injections had subsided, but to jis distress, Brandon realized his balls were still lodged inside and his penis was still just a nub that looked like a girls clitoris. "Oh no.."

Brandon came to a place where the conveyor split in two. One direction was all blue and labeled: Male Diapering and Dressing Area. The other was pretty pink and labeled: Female Diapering and Dressing Area. He noticed the fork in the belt.

A barrier descended, forcing him to go down the right path. '" h-hey, I'm not a girl," he whimpered as the belt brought him to a pink lit station with a large changing table. Uh oh. Brandon was sent to the pink side and entered a really cute place any toddler girl would love.

Without preamble, a large woman dressed in a black and white maid's outfit had Brandon on his back being held up by his ankles. 3 large slippery objects were once again pushed deeply into his bottom before it was lowered into a really thick and soft diaper. He was powdered well before the woman pulled it between his legs and fastened it on with cute ladybug locking diaper pins.

No robotic arms but an actual person this time. He wriggled as she took him by the ankles and pushed several things into his bottom. "Eep!" He is laid back down onto a diaper and bruskly powdered before she began pinning him up. "No I don't need a diaper! I'm not a baby!" He sobbed.

She bent over and rubbed noses as she threaded a cute pair of rumba panties on his legs, "You are now sweet heart. And a really adorable little girl too."

The poor diapered boy huffs and blushes. She threaded the pink panties over his butt, ignoring his protests as she gave him more soft and wonderful pats. He can feel the many drugs in his body as they surge all through him creating a super intense infantile contentedness he is having a harder and harder time ignoring.

The large woman picked Brandon up and carried him into a large room. The sign says: Sales and Adoptions. The Woman gives him another huge shot. She says in a soft coo, "Just relax. Nothing you can do about this. You will be a cute little toddler named Brandy as soon as your new parents arrive."

Brandon felt the massive shot as it slammed into his mind. Nothing he could do to stop anything now as a Young man and a Young woman came to the crib he had been laid in.

The woman cooed excitedly as she tweaked Brandon's cheek, "Oh, honey. She's so adorably cute. Can we get her??"

The man chortles, "Sure, let me get the paper work done ...

The woman picked Brandon from the crib to her breast as she patted his hinney. Brandon can no longer think as he became a cute little baby girl named Brandy.

~~ A New Beginning ~~
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