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This is the true story of how I was tricked into staying with an obsessive Aunt of mine for a few weeks during the summer holidays. And how I was deliberately regressed into the life of a baby. Those two weeks were the strangest of my young life� this is what happened.

When I was around 12 years old, my parents took me to see an Aunt of mine, she had moved back into the area having been away since I was a toddler. Apparently she used to live two doors down and was very close with my mother. She was only an acquaintance but we always called her Auntie Caroline.
As we entered the house my Aunt and my Mum hugged and kissed each other excitedly, their eyes wide and bright and sparkling with tears. After the commotion had died down they turned their attention to me.

�Oh my,� Said my Aunt, staring right into me with her piercing eyes. �Is this my little Todd? You haven�t changed a bit, Come and give your Auntie a big hug!� My Aunt buried me in her arms and gave me a tight squeeze, she was a powerfully built lady, but had a very feminine, womanly air, She had a nice face and her short black hair was cut into a �bob�.

The next hour for me was a nightmare, I was taken into the lounge where my Aunt lifted me up and sat me on her knee on the sofa. I felt really embarrassed, my Mother was sitting opposite as if it were perfectly normal and began to tell my Aunt all about me. My Aunt kept squeezing me and patting me as she bounced me on her knee, telling me how she used to come round and change my nappies for me when my Mother was busy.

�I used to love changing your nappy!� She said excitedly, my face getting redder and redder. �You don�t need changing now do you?� She said as she pulled open the top of my shorts and then let them go with a snap. I didn�t know which way to look, this last remark had caught me by surprise and I remember looking to my Mother for help but she just joined my Aunt in a loud teasing laugh.
It wasn�t long before my wish to leave was granted, but not before my Aunt had given my bottom another couple of pats before letting me go and play in the garden.
The garden was huge, and so was the house come to think of it, apparently my Aunt had moved away with her Husband on the pretence of moving their day-care nursery to a bigger house, but after about 8 years the relationship and plans all fell through and she moved back to my home town considerably richer but without a family. The garden had a massive lawn, the grass was very green and felt very soft under foot. The best thing about it was the tent, it was right at the end of the lawn and was huge. I unzipped the front flap and crawled inside, it was vast, and so warm under the early summer sun, the floor was padded and soft and very comfortable, ideal for a place to relax and read comics.

Lunch around the dinner table was filled with adult talk. Auntie Caroline was explaining that she was hoping to restart her day-care nursery into this house as soon as she could acquire enough clientele. It was all boring stuff, and I sat there (Next to my Aunt at her request) quietly and politely eating my food, my parents were very strict with me and table manners were top of their agenda, (second only to stealing and swearing). The strange thing was that I began to notice that my Aunt was constantly looking at me with a big broad smile, every now and then she would give me a wink or squeeze my leg, and whenever she did speak to me it was in a sort of babyish tone. Eventually I was allowd to leave the table and was told to go and read my comics that I had brought with me into the living room, as I went out of the kitchen my Aunt, under her breath told my Mother that I was still gorgeous just as she remembered me.


The next day my Mother came into my room with a very stern look on her face, she closed the door behind her and sat next to me on the bed.

�Todd?� She said calmly, �Did you take anything from Auntie Caroline�s house yesterday?�

�No?� I replied blankly.

�I�m giving you one more chance,� She said sternly. �Did you take anything from Auntie Caroline�s house! Yesterday?�
I looked up at my mother and shook my head, my heart beating hard, and my brain frantically searching through memories of the day before. Then slowly and deliberately my Mother reached over to my bag of comics and placing a hand inside, carefully pulled out a shiny pink crystal.
I was astounded, how had that got in there? I remembered seeing it on the coffee table, I even picked it up, but steal it? NO WAY!!
My Mother ignored my pleas and stormed out of the room, forbidding me to leave until she came back with my punishment. Moments later she returned and I immediately began to protest my innocence, but my Mother was having none of it, she told me that Auntie Caroline had seen me put the crystal into my bag, and that I was in serious trouble. Then she said that aside from a severe spanking before bed tonight, she was going to ask Aunty Caroline to come up with an idea for a further punishment. I was mortified, and broke down in tears there and then, my Mother slammed the door leaving me alone and crying.
That evening just before bed, my mother came in to spank me, but just before she did, she told me that Aunty Caroline had suggested that instead of my parents taking me on the family holiday to Portugal, I was to spend the two weeks at her house instead. I couldn�t believe what was happening, I cried and cried and protested my innocence but it did no good at all, my Mother spanked me and put me to bed and that was that.


When the time came for my two week stay at Auntie Caroline�s, my Parents took me round and dropped me off on the Saturday evening before their flight, I felt thoroughly miserable and sulked for most of the way there. Auntie Caroline was waiting in the doorway as we approached. I was ushered in with another pat on the bottom as my parents drove away.

�There now,� She said in that babyish tone. �Let�s get you settled in shall we?� She took my bags and led me into the living room, sat me down on the sofa and told me that she had a lovely tea ready for me. I sat watching TV while she fussed around getting the table ready.
I sat at the table politely as she came in and placed my plate down in front of me� on it was a few fish fingers, some potato faces and a small serving of beans. It seemed really odd, and quite a babyish meal, and I put it down to the fact that she�d only ever looked after babies and toddlers and therefore wasn�t used to looking after a twelve year old, so I politely ate it all, (which wasn�t difficult) and said no more.
At around 8:30 Auntie Caroline said that it was time for bed and that she would make me a nice milky drink to take with me. I was a little disappointed because my bedtime at weekends was 9 pm, but I didn�t want to say anything in case it got back to my parents. My Mother and Father had read the riot act to me that day, basically saying that if I did anything wrong at all, even the smallest thing� I would be in serious trouble when they returned, so I made my way up to my new bedroom. There were quite a few rooms upstairs, mine was at the end of the corridor and over-looked the back of the house. Then just as I was getting into bed Auntie Caroline came in with a hot drink.

�There you go Todd, I�ve made you a nice milky drink to help you sleep.� She said, with a huge motherly smile on her face.

�I don�t really have trouble sleeping Auntie Caroline.� I replied, placing the mug on the bedside table. She smiled again and placing the mug back into my hand said,

�Well drink it all up for me please Todd, It�s good for you and it will be a shame to waste it.� With her eyes watching my every move I drank it all up and then sank down into the covers.

That night I must have slept very deeply indeed, it had only seemed like I�d been asleep for a short time and yet it was morning already. But as I stirred a strange feeling came over me, and it wasn�t long before I realized what it was� I had wet the bed. I was horrified! I had never done anything like that before, and it had happened in someone else�s house! Then, to make things worse, right at that moment the door flew open and in came Auntie Caroline. She strode over to the curtains and opened them with a good hard jerk.
�Morning sleepy head time to get up!� She roared, as she made her way over to my bed. I held on tight to the duvet, my heart beating hard, my brain working overtime trying to think, maybe I could wash them without her knowing. Then suddenly she ripped the covers out of my hand and pulled them away, as a magician would pull a tablecloth away from a heavily laid table. I tried in vain to cover up the wet patch but it was too late, she had seen it.

�Oh my little prince did we have an accident last night?� She said, her expression full of surprise.

�No, well, I�, I sort of, but�� I stammered.

�Oh there, there,� She cooed. �Don�t worry, I�m not cross, you go and have a wash and I�ll get this sorted and then make you some breakfast eh?�
As I went into the bathroom I felt really awkward, and a bit ashamed of myself. It did seem that she was treating me like a five year old, and yet here I was wetting the bed just like one� I couldn�t understand it.

The rest of the day went by pretty normally, after breakfast I was aloud to play anywhere I wanted, and so I went into the tent and read some comics, (my favourite pastime), Auntie Caroline didn�t mention my bedtime accident at all during the day, but when it came to bed time that next night, I had a surprise waiting for me.

8:30 arrived and Auntie Caroline told me it was time for bed and that I was to wait for her before I got undressed, so I climbed the stairs and went into my room. A few minutes later she came into my room carrying what looked like a disposable nappy in her hand and sat next to me on the bed. I froze, horrified at what she was going to say next, surely that nappy wasn�t for me? My mouth went dry as she started to speak.

�Now then Todd,� She said calmly, �I think it would be best if you wore a pair of �Pull-ups� in bed tonight, we don�t want anymore wet sheets tonight do we?� I was struck dumb, my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth as I tried to reply.

�I won�t wet the bed again Auntie, I promise!� I said, my whole body shaking with nerves as I looked pleadingly into her eyes.
She paused for a moment. I stared at the �Pull-ups� in her hand, while the voice in my head was praying for her to change her mind.

�Well how about you wear these tonight, and in the morning if you�re still dry I�ll forget the whole thing, okay?� She said, placing them on the bed.
�Now you get yourself ready while I go and make your bedtime drink okay?�
After she had left the room I sat there for a while, wondering how I could get out of this, I picked them up and examined them, I�d never seen a pair up close before, and I remember thinking that at least they weren�t real nappies and that I would be spared the humiliation of having them put on me, so I quickly undressed, slipped my feet into them and pulled them up. They were very snug and a little bulky, and the outer layer was like plastic� shiny and very and smooth. Just then I heard Aunty Caroline returning and I jumped into bed pulling the covers over me as quickly as I could.

�Here we go,� She said, placing the mug on the bedside table. �A nice milky drink before bed, just what a growing boy needs.�

�I�m not sure if I want a drink tonight Auntie.� I replied.

�Oh but you have to have a warm milky drink before bedtime sweetie,� She said in that familiar childish tone. �Drink it all up for me and be a good boy?� Again she sat on my bed and waited for me to drink it all down, I felt a little awkward but it did taste nice, sort of chocolaty with a very unusual sweetness. I felt a bit embarrassed about wearing a nappy, it really felt unusual as I sat in bed, I could feel the bulkiness between my legs as I wriggled around to get comfortable, and it made little soft crinkly sounds whenever I moved.
I was just about to sink down under the covers, thinking that I�d got away without Auntie Caroline seeing me in my �pull-ups, when she said,

�Have you brushed your teeth yet?�
I froze, wondering if I could get away with it before finally admitting defeat.

�Er� no, but can I do it in the morning?� I replied.

�No, come on,� She said with a wry smile. �Do them now for me and then into bed with you.�

I felt my face go a slight shade of red as I swung my legs out from under the covers and headed for the bathroom, Auntie Caroline�s eyes fixed on me as I went. I felt very self- conscious as I came back to bed, hanging my head in shame at the thought of what I must look like, a twelve year old wearing �pull-ups� To make things worse Auntie Caroline stopped me before I got into bed and checked that I had put them on properly.

�Ooh you look so cute sweetie!� She said as she patted my bottom and tucked me in.


Again, like before, I didn�t remember going to sleep, and I know that I really slept deeply because it only felt like I was asleep for a few minutes. I was awoken by the sound of Auntie Caroline opening the curtains, letting the early morning sun stream in through the windows. I yawned and stretched and then something made me wake up really quickly, something felt different� Then I remembered the �Pull-ups�, I instinctively reached down to touch them, they felt hard and quite damp, and then I realized with horror that they were wet.
I didn�t have time to react before Aunty Caroline was lifting the covers off of me, she looked down at my �Pull-ups� and placed her fingers under the leg elastic, I squirmed with embarrassment as I felt her fingers probe inside.

�Looks like my baby�s wet again?� She said, giving them another squeeze.

�I�I� I�m sorry, I�� I stuttered.

�Sshh,� She said as she sat down on the bed next to me. �I had a feeling you might be wet again Todd, but don�t worry, your secrets safe with me.� She placed a re-assuring hand on my shoulder, � Don�t worry sweetie, I don�t mind, I�m not cross.�
I was almost in tears, I felt like my body was betraying me, how could this happen?

�I�ve never done this before,� I whimpered. �Honest.�

�Sshh,� She continued. �Don�t worry baby, it might just be because you�re in a strange bed,�
She gave me a cuddle and gently stoked my hair and then said,
�Look, tell you what, how about I make you some nice breakfast and then I take you out for a picnic, somewhere nice ok?� Then she kissed me on the cheek, told me to get washed and changed and then left the room.


Despite the beautiful hot weather and the fact that we were on our way out, I still felt ashamed of my wetting during the night. Auntie Caroline had been so nice about it, she had made me a glorious breakfast with sausage, eggs and bacon. We were headed for the town�s park, which had glorious views of the English countryside, and had slides and swings in a massive play area there.

We put a blanket on the ground and set things out, I was allowed to go and play while Auntie Caroline relaxed on the blanket with a book. Every now and then I would come over to have a glass of her home made juice, the bacon I had ate at breakfast had really made me thirsty.

A little while later after I had worn myself out I came back for some lunch, Auntie Caroline had made some sandwiches and I sat down and tucked into them straight away.
Then just as I was finishing my food a strange feeling came over me, to my absolute horror I realized that I had wet myself again. I couldn�t believe it, what was happening to me? I was totally confused, why had I not felt like I had wanted to go? My body started to shake and I went very quiet. What was I going to do? Auntie Caroline could sense that something was wrong, and then she noticed my wet shorts.

�Oh baby what�s happened?� She said, as she reached forward and touched my wet shorts. �You�ve had another accident!�

�No� I� I didn�t mean to� it just happened.� I stammered.

�Does your Mother know you do this?� She said.

�No,� I replied. �I�ve never done this before� honest!�

�Well, we�ll have to go back to the house and get you cleaned up won�t we�, She replied as she started to pack the picnic things away.

As she folded up the blanket I just stood there not knowing what to do or where to look. It was incredibly embarrassing. I could feel the wetness against my skin and as we walked towards the car I looked down at my shorts and saw a huge wet patch.


The journey home I�ll never forget. Auntie Caroline was silent for a while as if deep in thought. We got a good few miles down the road when she suddenly said,

�I think when we get home Todd, we�ll get you cleaned up, and then I think it would be best if I put you back into nappies.� My Heart leapt into my mouth at the shock of those words.

�No Auntie, please!� I cried. �It was just an accident, I promise� please don�t� I don�t need to wear�� But Auntie Caroline stopped me in my tracks.

�I�m sorry Todd it�s for your own good, we can�t keep having accidents now can we?� I felt myself starting to get upset, the horror of the situation was too much to comprehend. �I mean, I�ll have to start treating you like a baby if you�re going to keep wetting all the time.� She continued.

�No Please Auntie Caroline,� I pleaded. � I didn�t mean to do it, I�ve never ever done that before. I don�t need to wear a nappy honest, please don�t make me wear them.� My voice began to break into a cry as I looked searchingly at her, but I could see by the way she was shaking her head that she�d already made up her mind.

�No I�m sorry Todd, my mind is made up, you�re going to wear nappies full time from now on, as soon as we get home I�ll clean you up and then I�ll have to put a nappy on you, I�m sorry.� I started to cry as she continued, �It�s obvious that you�re still too young to wear proper clothes, some boys just take longer to develop that�s all, but don�t worry, I�ll look after you, I�ll give you a nice warm bath as soon as we get home, we�ll get you nice and clean so you�ll feel really comfortable.� She softened her tone and gave me a smile and said, �Don�t cry, you�ll soon get used to it, I�ll take care of you.�

My mind was in turmoil on the way back home, it hadn�t really sunk in what was happening to me. Was I really going to have to wear a nappy? A proper baby�s nappy? The thought was too horrible to imagine and I felt myself starting to cry again.


My whole body was shaking with nerves when Auntie Caroline swung the car into the drive. As soon as we entered the house, she dropped the bags in the hall and taking my hand led me up the stairs to the bathroom. She then stood me by the bath and proceeded to fill it. Clouds of steam rose high into the air as the taps gushed out the hot water.

�Now let�s get you out of these wet things shall we?� She said as she reached forward to remove my clothes.

�No, Auntie please,� I cried, backing away as her fingers gripped the hem of my t-shirt. �I can do it myself.� Auntie Caroline looked at me a little sternly and said,

�Todd. Baby�s don�t undress themselves, you�re going to have to get used to it, now come on, arms up!� She commanded. With a feeling of defeat I lifted them up as she pulled the t-shirt up and over my head.
Then she knelt down in front of me and reached for the clip on my shorts. I felt them loosen as the clip was snapped open.

�No please Auntie!� I whimpered, as she unzipped my flies and began to pull my shorts down my legs. �I don�t need a nappy, I won�t have any more accidents I promise!� I placed my hands on her shoulders for support as she pulled my shorts over my feet. I was shaking with panic now. I felt truly helpless as Auntie Caroline quite casually slipped her fingers down the sides of my underpants and began to pull them down.

�There,� She said as she pulled them down my legs and over my feet. �Nearly done, soon have you nice and clean.� She gathered up my shorts and underclothes and took them over to the laundry basket, leaving me standing by the bath naked and exposed. I felt my face glowing red as she returned, but she seemed to be oblivious to it, as if doing this was second nature.

�PLEASE Auntie!� I cried, tears welling up in my eyes, �I�m not a baby, I didn�t mean to� please don�t�� I began to cry as Aunty Caroline turned off the taps.
�Sshh,� She cooed. �Don�t be silly Todd, you obviously need mothering and taking care of, I�m not doing this to punish you, but if your going to wet yourself and cry all the time then I have to treat you like a baby don�t I?�

�But it was an accident Auntie,� I sobbed. �I don�t know how it happened, I�ve never� please� I�m not a baby� �

�Todd that�s enough, don�t be so silly,� She said as she placed her hand in the water and checked the temperature. �I�m sure there are lots of boys your age who still have to wear nappies, it�s nothing to be ashamed of.� Her voice softened as she continued. �You don�t have to worry, I�m going to look after you, I�ll bathe you and feed you, and change your nappies everyday so you�ll always be comfortable. I�m going to take good care of you.�

I stood there crying and naked as Auntie Caroline waited for me to step into the bath. I felt so ashamed and embarrassed as I stood there with my hands covering my dignity. Eventually I conceded, and I stepped in to the bath and lowered myself into it, the warm soapy water giving me goose bumps as I sat down. Auntie Caroline immediately grabbed a flannel and proceeded to wash me. �There,� She continued. �We�ll soon get you nice and clean. Then once you�re all washed and ready, we�ll get you dried off, powdered, and into a nice fresh nappy, and then it won�t matter if you have any more accidents will it?� I continued to cry as she reached down with the flannel, plunging it deep between my legs.

After Auntie Caroline had given me a thorough cleaning, she stood me up and helped me out of the tub. Then she wrapped me in a huge fluffy towel and proceeded to dry me. My body jerked as she vigorously patted and rubbed me dry.

�There we go,� She said as she took the towel off of me. �All dry.� I stood there completely naked and ashamed as she took the towel and proceeded to place it back over the hot radiator. Then she took my hand and led me out of the bathroom. I felt so embarrassed and humiliated as I was led completely naked along the landing towards a waiting bedroom. There was something so horribly degrading and humiliating about being led hand �in-hand completely naked to another room in the house by a fully clothed woman. The horror of what was happening was too much, and as she pulled me towards a door marked, �Nursery� I tried in vain to pull my hand from hers.

�No, Please Auntie!� I cried. Fiercely trying to pull in the other direction. I�ll be good honest!�

�It�s too late I�m afraid Todd,� She said as she opened the door and led me inside. �Babies have to be looked after. Now stop crying and be a good boy!�

�But I�m not a baby! Please Auntie!� But Auntie Caroline didn�t answer, she simply led me over to what looked like a large chest of drawers, on top of which lay a padded changing mat.

�Now let�s get you into your nappy shall we? Hop onto here sweetie� She said, patting the mat with her hand.
A fresh wave of dread swept over me at the thought of what was about to happen.

�Do I have to?� I said, my voice shaking nervously. �Can�t I just wear � I mean� I don�t want to��

�Come on silly baby!� she said sarcastically. �I told you, you can�t wear boy�s clothes if you�re going to have little accidents all the time can you?� And she patted the mat once again.

�But I won�t anymore I promise! Please Auntie,� I replied, �I don�t want to wear a nappy! Please��
I felt the dread inside me intensify as the full horror of the situation enveloped me. Auntie Caroline then put her hands around my waist and lifted me up onto the changing table and �plonked� me down onto it. Then she swung my legs round so that I was facing the right way.
My whole body was shaking as I sat on top of the changing table.

I can�t express enough the humility and shame I was feeling, being naked and exposed and knowing that I was being prepared for something so humiliating was just too much to comprehend. I felt a strong sense of violation as I sat on top of that chest of drawers without a stitch of clothing on, and knowing that within a few minutes Auntie Caroline would be putting a nappy on me, and seeing my private parts and nether regions up close, a virtual stranger.
Tears were streaming down my cheeks as I looked down to see her open one of the drawers, inside of which was a line of neatly folded shiny white disposable nappies. Instinctively I closed me legs tight together as she took one of the nappies out of the drawer and placed it by my feet. Then she opened another drawer and took out a plastic bottle of talcum powder.

�Lie down for me please Todd so I can put some powder on you.� She said commandingly, patting the mat behind me. I looked at her despairingly, begging her with my eyes to let me go. �C�mon,� She continued, �Lie back for me, there�s a good boy.� My heart was pounding so hard in my chest it felt as though my whole body was shaking.

�No. Please Auntie,� I sobbed. �Please don�t. I don�t want to wear a nappy, I�ll be good I promise!�

�Todd, if you don�t do as your told I will have to punish you.� She said sternly. �I will put you across my knee and spank your bare bottom, or I could easily call your parents and tell them what a naughty boy you�ve been.�

A fresh wave of frustration swept over me at those words and I began to cry big heaving sobs, my face screwed up tight and my eyes streaming with tears.

�But� it�s� not� fair! I�m NOT a baby� why� do� I have to� wear a nappy?� I sobbed uncontrollably.

Then I heard another drawer being opened and I looked up to see Auntie Caroline holding a large yellow babies dummy in her hand.

�I think it would be best if you had a dummy for a while,� She said, placing a hand on my shoulder. �Pop this in sweetie it�ll help calm you down.� And before I knew it she�d popped the dummy into my mouth. Almost without thinking I began to suck on it, the soft rubber nipple almost filling my mouth. Then I felt Auntie Caroline�s hands on my shoulders as she gently pushed me down onto the changing mat.

Things were happening fast now, the dummy had subdued me into submission, and Auntie Caroline was in full control, she slipped her fingers between my knees and gently forced my legs apart. I continued sucking on my dummy as she unfolded the nappy and placed it on the mat between my legs.

�Just lift your bottom up for me please Todd.� She said softly. And with the dummy firmly in my mouth, and tears still running in trickles down my cheeks, I did as I was told. Auntie Caroline then slipped the nappy under my raised bottom before instructing me to lie down again. �There we go,� She cooed softly. �Now let�s make sure your nice and powdered shall we?�

Auntie Caroline seemed to be in her element, she was smiling down at me as she twisted open the top of the powder bottle. I turned my head to one side and sucked hard on my dummy as she began to sprinkle liberal amounts of powder over me. �I�ve been looking forward to this for ages,� She said, the bangles on her wrists jangling loudly as she shook the powder bottle. �I used to love changing your nappy when you were younger.�

I laid right back and looked up at the ceiling, tears streaming down my cheeks, I shut my eyes tightly with embarrassment as she carefully rubbed some powder around my penis, lifting it gently with her fingers. Then she began to sprinkle fine layers of it all around my bottom, which fell like fine snow and filled the air with a sweet perfume.

�There we are,� she said as she placed the powder bottle back into the drawer. �Baby�s all ready.�
And so the moment had arrived, the moment I had been dreading with ever increasing frustration and shame. Here I was, a twelve year old boy, naked, lying on top of a changing table with a dummy in my mouth, about to be dressed in a nappy.

I looked up, Auntie Caroline was smiling down at me, and behind that smile was a look of satisfaction and joy, like she was enjoying and revelling in my shame and embarrassment. She was in total control and I was utterly powerless to stop her. To her I was a doll to be dressed and toyed with, someone she could control and dominate, and the more I protested, the more I pleaded with her, the more she enjoyed it. And with this realization, my sense of frustration and utter helplessness exploded through me like a volcano.

The moment was here, I was now ready, and as Auntie Caroline prepared to put the nappy on me that huge wave of shame and frustration spilled out of me. I began to cry harder than I can ever remember, I squirmed and writhed and kicked my legs in frustration as the tantrum took hold, my feet banging up and down on the changing mat, my face screwed up and contorted as the tears ran thick and fast down my cheeks, my cries muffled by the dummy in my mouth.

Auntie Caroline�s smile widened as she moved forward and gently took hold of my feet, pushing them towards me, bringing my knees up close to my face. Then she parted my legs as wide as they would go, exposing me to her utterly. I laid back resting my head on the changing mat and stared at the ceiling, unable to look as my most private parts were opened wide and exposed in total and utter submission.

I closed my eyes tight shut and sucked hard on my dummy as Auntie Caroline gently pulled the nappy up and over my crotch. Then she reached across and removed the little tab from one of the side tapes. I felt the nappy tighten on one side as she stuck the tapes together. The plastic of the nappy rustled and crinkled as she pulled the other tapes across, pulling the nappy tightly around me.

I remained in my exposed position as Auntie Caroline then began to fiddle and adjust my nappy. She slipped her fingers under each side of the leg elastic and ran them all the way round, making sure that the elastic was not tucked in or twisted. I remember her �pinging� the elastic against me, in a sort of mocking salute to a job well done, a pleasing smile on her face.

The nappy rustled loudly as it was pulled about and adjusted, I could feel the bulkiness of it immediately, the thick mass of soft plastic nappy pushed against the insides of my legs, enveloping me, making it impossible to close my legs to any degree. The thin plastic edge at the top of the nappy came up quite high, almost to my belly button, Aunty Caroline ran her fingers around the top, giving my nappy a little tug to make sure it was fitted correctly.

�There we go,� She said proudly. Babies all done.� And with that she leaned forward and kissed my tummy before taking my hands and pulling me up into a sitting position. Then she swung my legs back round so I was sitting on the edge with my feet dangling over the side. I looked down at my nappy, hardly believing what I was seeing.

It was so large and obtrusive. The plastic outer layer was stretched smooth, and was shiny enough to reflect the lights in the ceiling. The nappy was so thick between my legs that it reached down almost half way to my knees. I opened my legs and caught a glimpse of the elastic around the leg holes where the plastic was bunched up and wrinkled. It felt so alien and unusual, like nothing I�d ever experienced before, the thickness of the nappy continued right round to the back under my bottom, making it quite uncomfortable when sitting on a hard surface.

Auntie Caroline then opened another drawer and produced a small white t-shirt. �Here we go,� She said as she placed it over my head. �Let�s put this on, don�t want you getting cold do we?� I slipped my arms through the sleeves and Auntie Caroline pulled it down over my body. It came down about in inch above my nappy, leaving it in full view.

I remember sitting there on the changing table in a complete daze. I guess I could have been in a mild state of shock. It was a completely surreal situation, not one that�s easily explained. I was still crying but it was more of a whimper than the tantrum I had had a few minutes earlier.

Auntie Caroline lifted me off the chest of drawers, my bare feet landing softly on the carpet. My nappy was so unbelievably noticeable and didn�t feel like anything I�d ever worn before. It was so obtrusive that it altered my whole posture. I found that I couldn�t even stand up straight, and as Auntie Caroline led me out of the room I found that it was impossible to walk without a very pronounced �Waddle�. I even found it difficult to walk down the stairs, the nappy between my legs rustled loudly and �Swished� against my skin as I awkwardly made my way down, Auntie Caroline guided me along slowly with my hand gently held in hers.


The rest of the day went like a blur. Auntie Caroline led me into the living room and sat me on the sofa in front of the TV. I wasn�t allowed to wear anything over my nappy, nor was I allowed to take my dummy out until I had stopped crying and had �settled down�. The problem was, that I felt so ashamed and humiliated to be sucking a dummy and wearing a nappy that I continued to whimper and cry for hours after, so I ended up sucking on my dummy for the whole afternoon. The only time I was allowed to take it out was when Auntie Caroline made me some lunch.

After lunch I was allowed to do what I wanted (within reason) and decided to continue watching TV. This was something I wasn�t allowed to do at home, and as the hours went by I began to settle down a bit, which earned me the reward of not having to suck on my dummy which was a great relief. Auntie Caroline busied herself around the house, checking on me occasionally and offering me one of her �special milkshakes�, but I wasn�t in the mood and declined each time.

Then at around 4 o�clock, Auntie Caroline came into the living room and turned off the TV. Then she turned to face me and said,

�Ok Todd, time for bed.� I looked up at her, shocked.

�But it�s only 4 o�clock!� I replied, rechecking the clock on the wall.

�Well now that you�re being treated as a baby, you will go to bed when a baby would go,� She said, standing in front of me with her hands on her hips. �So that means now. C�mon� And she held out her hand for me to take.

�But it�s not fair Auntie!� I explained. �Why do I have to go to bed now!� Auntie Caroline leaned a little closer, her hand still outstretched towards me.

�I�ve just told you why, now come on, bed time.�

�But Please Auntie,� I cried as the humiliation began to rise up inside of me yet again. �I�m not a baby! It was just an accident! Why do I have to wear a nappy it�s not fair!� Auntie Caroline took my hand and gently pulled me up out of the sofa.

�I�m not going over this again Todd,� She replied as she led me towards the stairs. �You know why I�ve put you back into nappies, because you�re still a baby, and babies need looking after and that�s the end of it!�

I started to cry again at the futility of my situation. Auntie Caroline ignored my sobs as she pulled me up the stairs, the journey to my room was slow because the nappy made it difficult to walk and I was stubbornly pulling against her, dreading each step towards my room.

Once inside I was led over to the bed, I stood there sobbing and crying as she pulled the covers back. Then she took off my t-shirt and told me to get into bed. I stood there in just my nappy, looking down at the bed, motionless, in defiance. The mere idea of being put to bed at 4 o�clock in the afternoon increased my feelings of humiliation so much it consumed me.
�C�mon into bed!� she commanded, patting my bottom. I awkwardly climbed into bed. I could feel Auntie Caroline�s eyes fixed on me as I climbed in, my nappy in full view and rustling softly against the covers as she tucked me in.

�I�ll be back to check on you later,� She cooed softly. �Try and get some sleep, you�re really tired, I�ll fetch you up your milky drink later too.� Then she went over to the window and pulled the curtains closed, blocking out the mid afternoon sun, which gave the room a soft warm glow, then she closed the door and was gone.
I laid my head against the pillow exhausted and defeated. It was so unfair, being dressed as a baby and put to bed at four o�clock in the afternoon. I wriggled around trying to get comfortable, my nappy rustling loudly and the soft plastic outer layer �swishing� against the bed covers as I moved. It was too hot and bright to get any sleep, apart from being too upset. And the feeling of the nappy I was wearing was too obvious to ignore, it hugged me tightly and was constantly �rustling� and �crinkling� all the time. The thickness of the nappy between my legs was also very apparent� the smooth plastic rubbed against the insides of my legs, pushing them apart.

I must have lain there for hours before eventually drifting off to sleep. Auntie Caroline came in around eight o�clock and gave me my usual warm milky drink, but I was just too upset to drink it. Auntie Caroline didn�t seem to mind this time and left it on the side to take downstairs later, but not before she�d slipped her fingers under the leg of my nappy to feel if I was wet.

�Do I have to wear a nappy tomorrow as well Auntie?� I asked sheepishly. My eyes still a bit puffy and red from earlier.

�Yes Todd,� she replied.

�But� what if I�m dry in the morning?� I said. �Do I still have to wear one then?�

�Yes Todd,� She replied, nodding. �You�re to wear nappies day and night from now on.�

�But� what about if we go out somewhere?� I said despairingly. �Do I still have to wear one then?�

�Yes Todd,� She answered firmly. �You�re going to be kept in nappies all the time, even if we go out.� She paused for a moment, her brown eyes looking directly into mine, then her face softened slightly. �But if you�re good, I might consider letting you wear shorts over them, but only if you�re good.� She said, a wry smile on her face. �Now stop being a silly baby and go to sleep.�

�But why do I have to wear them if I haven�t been wet,� I replied, my voice starting to shake. �Can�t I ��

�Todd!� She said sternly. �Be a good little boy for Auntie! If you won�t do as your told I will punish you, ok?� She looked down at me and let out a long sigh. �You�re being treated like this for your own good, you need babying so I�ve had to put you back into nappies,� She gently wiped away a tear from my cheek and continued. � C�mon Sweetie, cheer up. You�re going to have a nice time here, you can play with your toys all day, or watch TV, or do anything you like ok? You�ll soon get used to it. So don�t cry, just be a good boy and you�ll have a nice couple of weeks.� Then she kissed me on the forehead, pulled the covers over me and left the room. I felt a fresh wave of defeat and frustration sweep over me, and as I sunk under the covers I wondered if my life could get any more miserable.


The next morning Auntie Caroline came in and woke me up. I was still half asleep when she pulled off the covers and slipped her fingers under the leg of my nappy to see if I was wet, and to my great relief discovered I was dry. I felt like asking if I could to be without a nappy, but then remembered the conversation last night and thought better of it, the last thing I wanted was to be punished, especially if it meant my parents being contacted.

Auntie Caroline then went over to the chest of drawers and took out a pair of grey �school type� shorts and a t-shirt and proceeded to dress me. My nappy was all out of shape from my time in bed. Auntie Caroline slipped my shorts over my feet and then stood me up. She then knelt on the floor in front of me and proceeded to pull my shorts up my legs. My body jerked as she pulled them up over my nappy and I had to hold onto her shoulders to steady myself. My shorts were quite small and it was a tight fit, I looked down to watch her delicate fingers pull up my flies, my nappy making soft rustling sounds as she fastened the button at the front. Auntie Caroline had pulled my shorts up as high as she could, but to my embarrassment about two inches of white disposable nappy was still clearly visible above them. And what made it worse was that my t-shirt was also too short to hide it.

After breakfast I was aloud to do whatever I wanted, and I decided to watch TV again. I curled myself up in a cosy ball on the sofa and put on the cartoon channel. I still felt embarrassed about wearing a nappy, but I was glad that I had had a dry night, and although I could still feel the nappy under my shorts, I felt like I was a little bit more normal again. Auntie Caroline came in a few times to give me a glass of juice to drink or some sweets to suck.
It was a nice feeling, being free to do what I liked and being waited on. I felt really snug and comfortable, like a floppy cat curled up on the sofa, with Auntie Caroline bringing me food and drink. My parents never used to let me lounge around watching cartoons and it was nice doing that without feeling guilty.

A few hours later, I started to feel the need to pee. This was a good sign, as all the times I�d been wet I hadn�t felt that at all. I thought at last that I could start wearing normal clothes again now that I had regained my control. I got up off the sofa and waddled into the kitchen to tell Auntie Caroline and found her sprinkling some white powder into a milk bottle.

�Oh, you made me jump!� She said nervously. �I�m� just making you a special milkshake for later.� She seemed a little nervous as if I�d caught her doing something naughty.

�Can I go to the toilet please Auntie?� I said. �I need to pee.�
�You don�t need to honey,� She said with a smile. �That�s why you�re wearing a nappy.�

�Yes but I can feel it coming this time,� I replied eagerly. �So I won�t need to use them.�

�No I think it would be best if you kept your nappy on for now Sweetie.� She said.

�But why?� I said frustratingly.

�In case you have another accident.� She replied.

�But� I feel better now Auntie, It�s not going to happen without me knowing this time!� I said, my frustration growing stronger.

�No Todd,� She replied. �You�re to stay in nappies for now, ok?�

�But why? I don�t need them anymore. Please Auntie?� I cried, my eyes filling with tears of frustration.

�Older babies and toddlers have to wear nappies too sweetie, and your no exception.� She replied smiling down at me.

�But I�m not a baby!� I answered. �I don�t need to wear a nappy anymore. This is so unfair. I don�t want to��

�Todd!� she said firmly. �I don�t think your parents would be too pleased to know that you�ve been wetting. Now be a good boy for me ok?�

�But it�s not fair!� I cried, �Why do I have to wear a nappy? I�m not a baby!�

�Todd that�s enough! She said, turning to face me with her hands on her hips. �Now you either do exactly as your told or I phone your parents right now! Do you understand?� I stood there shaking with the sheer frustration of it all, and I knew that if Auntie Caroline did tell my parents, they would probably tell her to carry on, and that I would more than likely be put into nappies at home as well. The futility and frustration welled up inside of me and tears began to well up in my eyes yet again.

Auntie Caroline led me into the living room and sat me back on the sofa in front of the TV. I was crying with the whole frustration of it all and felt utterly defeated. Then she sat down next to me and placed her hand on my leg.

�Todd listen to me,� She said, her tone was soft and comforting. �I know you don�t want to be treated like a baby but I have no choice, you must understand that I have to look after you while your parents are away, and it�s obvious that you�re far too young to look after yourself. I�ve got to treat you like this for your own good.� She ran her fingers gently over my nappy and gave it a little tug. �Now, I�ve put you in nappies because you need them, it doesn�t matter if you feel better now because you might have another accident tomorrow, so you�re going to continue to wear them for the rest of your stay ok? Bedtime will be 5 o�clock everyday unless you show particularly good behaviour, which means doing as your told, no tears, and no protests about your nappy, ok?

I couldn�t answer. I just stared at the floor in a bit of a daze. Auntie Caroline could clearly see that this was very upsetting to take in, so she showed her affection by giving me a cuddle and explained that if I wanted, I could take my stack of comics and go out into the garden and read them in the comfort of the tent. This did seem like a very good idea, and my spirits were slightly lifted as I thought how nice it would be.


It was very warm and cosy in the tent, the ground sheet was soft to lie on and the afternoon sun was shining bright through the red canvas giving the interior a warm �Pinky� glow. The tent itself was massive, more like a small marquee than a tent. It was bell shaped and had that very distinctive smell.

All thoughts of needing to wee were far from my mind as I lay there reading my comics, but of course after a while nature took it�s course and those feelings returned. At first I was able to stifle them by just fidgeting, then as the feelings intensified I started to wriggle my legs. I tried in vane to squeeze my penis but there were too many layers� my shorts and the thickness of my nappy prevented me from getting a good grip. My frustrations grew stronger as I began to realize that I was fighting a loosing battle.

The thing was� It felt to me that if I wet my nappy it would somehow signal my acceptance of being a baby, that all the time I was in control of my bodily functions I was still a �grown up�. I guess it�s the last trappings of babyhood, that turning point when you go from being a baby to growing up that you�re able to look after yourself, you don�t need any help in doing something as normal as going to the toilet. And going from a grown up with freedom and control back into a baby who needs to be helped and dressed and bathed etc is something beyond humiliation.

After a few more minutes the need to pee was too intense to hold back. My nappy rustled continuously as I wriggled and fidgeted in the tent, my fingers desperately squeezing my groin in an attempt to stop the inevitable. My mind was in turmoil, I had to cling on, my desperation reached fever pitch. I was now kicking and wriggling my legs with fury, my emotions spilling out as I felt a warm rush shoot to the end of my penis. I pulled my stomach in quickly, using all my energy to stop the flow, my heart pounding erratically. I had succeeded but not for long, a few minutes later another warm rush shot through my body, I gasped under my breath. �Noooo!� and just managed to stop it once more.

The effort it took to do this left me breathless and frustrated. There was a brief respite for a while, and I was able to read a few more comics, but then the feelings returned with more intensity and I found it increasingly difficult to hold on.

About twenty minutes went by and the feelings once more returned. Another warm rush surged through my body. I again tried frantically to grip my penis through the many layers, my legs kicking out in desperation. I abandoned my comics and concentrated all my efforts, if only I could loosen my nappy enough to pee out behind the tent out of sight. I unclipped my shorts to loosen them but no sooner had I done so than the consequences of this action came straight to my mind. I imagined my parents being informed, and then I thought about the punishments and the very probable thought of having to continue this �baby regime� back home, and it dawned on me that I was in a totally helpless situation � and one I was powerless to prevent.

I was now wriggling and squirming vigorously, my nappy constantly rustling under my shorts, my emotions building up as I realized that I could only last a few more seconds. And then another wave hit me and I began to cry with the realization that I was about to wet my nappy. I was panting with the effort of holding it back. I cried out in utter frustration as the wave rushed through me once more. I gave out one last effort, my fingers buried deep into the cotton of my shorts, my legs kicking and squirming erratically but the forces of nature were far too strong, and try as I might I couldn�t hold it back anymore.

The relief was breathtaking and I sighed heavily as the warm pee gushed out of me soaking up the layers of my nappy, which stretched and swelled under my shorts enveloping me in a damp warmth.
It seemed so strange not to be peeing into a toilet. Not having any memories of when I used to wear nappies when I was a real baby, the whole situation was totally foreign to me. I felt a mixture of guilt and humiliation, like I had done something naughty. I guess you get �conditioned� to believe that wetting yourself is utterly wrong, but here I was, thrust into a life where I had no choice, I was being regressed against my will, and this situation filled me with so much frustration and humiliation.

I seemed to be peeing for ages. I felt the warmth of it immediately. It enveloped me, and surrounded me. I felt a trickle of wee run along between my bottom cheeks, the nappy was obviously soaked to it�s maximum.
Every now and then I would catch a whiff of it escape from my nappy, which felt heavy and hard to the touch. Quite different from a dry nappy which is quite light and filled with air. The change was quite extraordinary, now my nappy felt heavy and cumbersome and incredibly warm. In fact the warmth of it gave me a �cosy� feeling which completely surprised me, so much so, that after a while I went back to reading my comics again.

But then after a few more minutes, as the warmth in my nappy began to fade and change into a damp uncomfortable feeling, a strange emotion came over me. It was a mixture of helplessness and a feeling that I needed to be attended to. It was a paradox, I felt a sudden longing to be free of this wet nappy, but at the same time the last thing I wanted was the humiliation of a nappy change. It was a feeling I had never felt before. I felt kind of �dirty� it seemed to be utterly wrong to sit about wearing a wet nappy. But at the same time I had an overwhelming feeling of being vulnerable and helpless. I obviously couldn�t change my own nappy, so I was reliant on Auntie Caroline for help. But the thought of enduring a nappy change filled me with dread.


This predicament was soon resolved about twenty minutes later when I saw movement near the house. I looked out through the tiny slit in the tent opening and to my horror saw Auntie Caroline walking up the garden in the full midday sun carrying a disposable nappy in one hand and a pink cotton carrier bag in the other.
I quickly lay down on my side and started to read a comic as if nothing was out of the ordinary. As Auntie Caroline unzipped the tent I looked up in mock surprise, my heart beating very fast.

�Well you certainly look cosy in here.� She said as she climbed inside.
I made no comment and continued reading my comic as if I hadn�t heard her. I felt that if I acted nonchalantly then maybe I would be left alone, or at best left with a nappy I could put on myself. My plans were shattered however when Auntie Caroline said,

�Ok Todd stop reading please, I want to change your nappy.�
I tried to stall for time and grumbled under my breath and continued to read. �Todd, come on,� She continued.

�Can I just read this page Auntie?� I said, still hoping against hope that I would get out of it.

�No Todd,� She replied as she knelt down in front of me. � No arguing please, come on,� And she reached forward and immediately began to unfasten the clip on my shorts. I was still trying to read my last page as she unzipped my flies and began pulling my shorts down over my nappy. �C�mon Todd,� She commanded, her fingers pulling at my shorts. �Lie down so I can change you.�

I moaned softly in protest as Auntie Caroline tugged and pulled at my shorts, revealing my sodden nappy. Then she brusquely grabbed my feet and pulled them upwards, raising my bottom off the ground and in the process forcing me into a lying down position. Huge waves of humiliation swept over me as Auntie Caroline�s eager fingers pulled my shorts quickly and deliberately down my legs and over my feet.
The level of humiliation I was feeling was so intense. It wasn�t just the fact that I was a twelve year old having a nappy change, it was the way I was being pulled about without any say in the matter. I was being manhandled like a doll, my clothes were being removed and my legs and feet were being picked up and moved about, and I just had to lie there and let it happen. Having someone just interrupt whatever you�re doing and start undressing you is so unbelievably degrading and humiliating, no amount of words can describe it.

I began to whimper and sob as Auntie Caroline leaned forward. Her delicate fingers gingerly pulled at the tapes of my nappy as if she was opening a neatly wrapped present. I felt the air against my penis as the wet nappy was slowly peeled away.

�My you are wet aren�t you?� She exclaimed as she pulled the nappy from under me. My face turned a bright shade of red as she began to examine me, and it was all I could do not to burst into tears with the embarrassment.
Then she opened the pink cotton bag and produced a pack of baby wipes. I rested my head against the groundsheet in defeat and looked up at the ceiling of the tent and began to cry, the reality of the situation finally taking its toll. �Do you want your dummy Todd?� She said softly. And without waiting for a reply, reached into the bag and took out a large yellow pacifier. Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I felt the rubber nipple touch my lips, I instinctively parted them and Auntie Caroline gently pushed the dummy into my mouth.
The soft latex nipple filled my mouth as I began to suck on it, swirling my tongue over the smooth soft rubber. And strangely it did have a rather soothing effect. I immediately felt a little more compliant, and actually opened my legs wider for her as she proceeded to wipe me dry.

After I had been dried and powdered, Auntie Caroline opened up a fresh disposable nappy and placed it under my bottom. I heard the nappy rustle loudly as she pulled it up between my legs and fastened the side tapes. There was a brief moment of adjustments, Auntie Caroline loved to fiddle and adjust a nappy after it was put on. She would pull at the elastic around the leg holes and run her fingers over the shiny surface. She would grip the thin plastic edge around the top and pull the nappy up, making sure it was properly in place. Sometimes she would undo the side tapes if she didn�t think it was tight enough. �Don�t want you wriggling out of it do we?� She would say as she pulled the nappy tighter, her fingers �swishing� against the plastic.

Sometimes I thought that all this adjusting was simply to impress upon me that she was in charge, that the job wasn�t done until she was totally satisfied, and keeping me lying there waiting while she pulled and poked made her feel superior. But sometimes I got the feeling that she really had a fondness for the feel of a nappy. Even sometimes when I had been wearing a nappy for a good few hours, she would stand me up and re-adjust it. She would slip her fingers under the leg holes and run them round pulling out the elastic where it had got tucked in. She was always patting the bulge between my legs and over my bottom making it rustle, and running her hands over the plastic surface.

And unbeknownst to me, the next day brought a different scenario into my �regression treatment, one which Auntie Caroline would also enjoy the feel of�


It was around mid morning and I was sitting on the floor in front of the TV playing on the Nintendo. (Auntie Caroline had said that because I was behaving myself I was aloud to play with �older baby�s� toys, but only for a few minutes) when suddenly the doorbell went. I froze with fear. I was dressed just in a nappy this morning because the weather was so hot, and the thought of having Auntie Caroline see me in them was bad enough, but a stranger!
Auntie Caroline went to the door and I strained my ears to hear what was being said. There was a brief conversation and then I heard the front door close. Then to my horror Auntie Caroline came back in followed by another woman carrying a large brief case. She was quite pretty with shoulder length blonde hair. She was wearing a tight grey pencil skirt and a suit jacket. As she entered the room the lady noticed me sitting on the floor and said,

�Oh who�s this? I didn�t know you�d started your business already Caroline?�

�Oh no this is Todd,� Replied Auntie Caroline smiling down at me. �He�s my gorgeous baby nephew that I�m looking after.�
I sat there in stunned silence, wishing the ground would swallow me up as the two ladies eyed me with delight.

�Well he looks very cute,� Said the lady. �And it looks like you�re thoroughly looking after him too.� She said pointing at my nappy.

The two ladies continued to stand and admire me as Auntie Caroline explained about her special treatment of me. I felt my face growing redder and redder by the second.

�Well,� Continued the lady. �I certainly have some things to show you that you�re going to love Caroline!�


It turned out that the lady was a good friend of Auntie Caroline�s. Her name was Sandy and she was a saleswoman for a company that made and supplied a vast array of �baby products�.
The two women spent a long time in the kitchen chatting, I had returned to my computer game but I had an overwhelming feeling of embarrassment knowing that someone else had seen me dressed in nappies. I was soon to discover that this level of embarrassment was nothing compared to what was to happen later.

After a while I suddenly heard their voices getting louder, and turned to see them both enter the living room.

�Ok young man,� Said Auntie Caroline looking down at me with her hands on her hips. �Time for your nappy change.�

�B� but I�m not wet Auntie!� I said looking up searchingly at her.

�That doesn�t matter Todd,� She replied. �We have a special nappy for you to wear.� I looked up at the two women horrified. Surely I wasn�t going to endure a nappy change in front of a stranger?

�No. Please Auntie?� I cried. Fear was covering me like a blanket. But as usual my protests fell on deaf ears. Auntie Caroline knelt down in front of me and took the Nintendo controller from my hand.
I was squirming with embarrassment now and I just caught a glimpse of Sandy reaching into her large case as Auntie Caroline laid me down on the floor.

�There we go,� She said as she reached forward and began to pull at the side tapes of my nappy.� �We�ll soon have you looking so cute in your new nappy!�
I started to cry and kick my legs in frustration as my nappy was quickly removed, leaving me naked and exposed. �I think Todd needs his dummy!� Sang Auntie Caroline in a babyish voice. And she reached forward and brought the dummy to my lips. I cried in protest and turned my head to one side. �Come on Todd, don�t be silly,� She mocked. �Pop this in for me, there�s a good boy!� Again I felt the rubber nipple touch my lips but because I was crying Auntie Caroline was able to pop it into my mouth this time.

With tears streaming down my reddening cheeks I lifted my head to see what was happening and saw Sandy pulling out a pair of clear plastic baby pants from her case and place them on the floor next to a white fluffy towelling nappy. When Auntie Caroline saw the plastic pants she cooed with delight,

�Ooh, They�re SO cute!!� she said taking hold of them, the plastic rustled softly in her hands as she examined them.

�Wait �till you see the pins Caroline, they�re gorgeous!� Exclaimed Sandy as she rummaged around in her case. When she found them, Sandy showed them to Auntie Caroline who gasped, her eyes wide with excitement. �They come in pink or blue!� Said Sandy, her face beaming with pride.
Auntie Caroline took them and examined them excitedly.

�Oh they�re adorable!� She cried. �I think the pink ones for this baby don�t you?� And she carefully unclipped the pink pin and placed it between her teeth. Then, with great concentration on her face began to fold the nappy in readiness before placing it under my naked bottom.

My pacifier wasn�t calming me this time, I squirmed and kicked my legs in frustration as Auntie Caroline took hold of my feet and gently pushed my legs back so my knees were close to my face before parting my legs wide in preparation for my nappy. I imagined the sight that befell the two ladies as Auntie Caroline spread my legs even wider, exposing my most intimate parts to the world. I covered my tear filled eyes with my arm trying to block out the awful humiliation I was enduring. I sucked hard on my dummy as Auntie Caroline pulled the nappy up and over my penis. I felt the softness of the towelling envelope and hug me as the nappy was pulled tightly around me and pinned into place. The nappy was huge, ten times bigger than my disposable ones. I opened my eyes and looked down and saw a huge mass of white soft fluffy nappy between my legs and around my waist. It was so thick that even though my legs were spread as far apart as they would go, the nappy was still pressing against my inner thighs.

Auntie Caroline kept my legs in their exposed position as Sandy passed her the plastic pants. Then she gave them a shake and proceeded to place them over my feet. The plastic was very soft and rustled gently as my feet were guided through the leg holes. I felt the elastic gradually tighten around my legs as they were pulled up to my thighs before being stretched and pulled up over my nappy.

Then Auntie Caroline brought my legs down and proceeded with her usual adjustments, she pulled the plastic pants up as high as she could, and tucked the towelling nappy under them wherever it poked out. The pink nappy pin was easily visible under the clear plastic pants. Then she once again spread my legs wide and closely examined the leg holes, paying particular attention in making sure the nappy was securely under the plastic pants, and each time she tucked the nappy in she would release the elastic with a snap.

Then, as if the degradation could get no worse, Auntie Caroline instructed me to roll over onto my tummy so she could examine the nappy around my bottom. It seemed there were no limits to the lengths that Auntie Caroline would go to make me feel total and utter humiliation and shame. I continued to cry and suck on my dummy as I awkwardly rolled over onto my stomach, the plastic pants rustling softly as I did so.
The nappy between my legs was so thick that it was impossible to close them to any degree what- so �ever which made it easier for Auntie Caroline to conduct her checks and adjustments because my legs were in a constant �spread�.

I lay there on the floor with my nappied bottom sticking up in the air and buried my face in my arms sobbing uncontrollably as both women now began to examine me. Their delicate fingers pulling and adjusting my clear plastic pants, all the while making soft �Cooing� sounds.

�Oh he looks SO cute doesn�t he!!� Said Auntie Caroline excitedly.

�They�re gorgeous aren�t they, I knew you�d like them.� Smiled Sandy as both women continued to examine me, their hands stroking the soft plastic. �Do you want to try out some of the other things?�

�Ooh yes,� replied Auntie Caroline excitedly. �What else have you brought?�

�I have some reins and a selection of feeding bottles.� Said Sandy.

�Ooh, lets put some reins on him and then we can try out the bottles.�

Auntie Caroline sat me up while Sandy took a set of reins from her case and brought them over. I just sat there and sobbed as the two women carefully untangled the straps and buckles, hardly believing what was happening to me.
Within a few minutes I was strapped into the reins, Auntie Caroline stood me up and using the reins slowly guided me towards the sofa. My progress was incredibly slow due to the thickness of my new nappy and my feelings of shame and embarrassment were not helped by babyish praises from Auntie Caroline. Once on the sofa, Auntie Caroline went into the kitchen with Sandy to prepare some milk. I tried to listen to what they were saying to try and get some idea as to what they had planned for me but all I could make out was some hushed mumblings, the two women obviously not wanting me to hear anything they were saying.

After a few minutes the two women returned. Auntie Caroline sat next to me on the sofa. She had a baby�s bottle in her hand. My heart was pounding so hard in my chest that I felt that my whole body was shaking. The thought of being bottle fed at my age was just too much to take, and I found myself starting to cry yet again.

�My, my you are a cry baby today.� Said Auntie Caroline sarcastically as she removed the dummy from my mouth. I was too distraught to reply and just cried huge wet tears as she brought the bottle to my lips.

Sandy knelt down in front of me and began to fiddle with my plastic pants as Auntie Caroline pushed the rubber teat into my mouth and proceeded to feed me. I sucked at it, letting the sweet tasting milk slip down my throat. It is so incredibly embarrassed and degrading to be bottle fed when you�re Twelve, and It�s another thing that we take for granted, something that we can do ourselves. And it�s yet another thing that emphasizes the feeling of being controlled.
Auntie Caroline smiled sweetly at me as she continued to hold the bottle to my lips.

�There, Baby, doesn�t that taste nice?� She said in mocking �Babyish� tones.


After I had been fed, I was left alone on the sofa in front of the TV while the two women sat in the kitchen flicking through various catalogues of Baby things together. I had only been sitting there for what seemed a few minutes when I suddenly felt really dreamy and relaxed. I sank down into the soft cushions and starred blankly at the TV. I felt really relaxed and kind of content. Then suddenly I became aware that Auntie Caroline was waking me up.

�Come on sleepy Baby, let�s put you to bed.� She said as she took my hands and pulled me gently off of the sofa.

I looked around me, Sandy had gone and the late afternoon sun was gently filtering through the patio doors giving the living room a soft warm glow.

�Can�t I stay up a bit longer Auntie?� I whispered, my head in a daze.

�No Todd,� Auntie Caroline replied. �It�s your bedtime now, C�mon.�

And without waiting for a reply, took my hand and led me towards the stairs.
I felt far to sleepy and dreamy to bother arguing this time and just let her guide me up the stairs to my room, my huge nappy giving me a very pronounced �waddle� as I walked.
Auntie Caroline opened the door to my bedroom and led me over to the changing table and stood me beside it.
This time she didn�t ask me to climb up, but simply lifted me up onto the changing table and sat me down on it. She said nothing as she swung my legs round and laid me down onto the changing matt. I looked down and
watched her slip her delicate fingers under the clear plastic pants and proceed to pull them down over my towelling nappy. I didn�t have the energy to hold my head up to see her pull the plastic pants down my legs, so I rested my head down onto the matt and looked up at the ceiling. I felt so tired and sort of �Floppy�, like one of those slinky cats that curl themselves over someone�s arm while they�re being carried.

Auntie Caroline carefully unpinned my nappy and pulled it away. Then, after a thorough powdering put me into a disposable nappy before sitting me back up.

I felt giddy and soppy and starred blankly at the wall as Aunty Caroline continued fiddle and adjust my nappy. She cooed softly as she delicately ran her fingers over the soft plastic backing.

�Looks like Baby�s very tired,� She said as she brought a dummy close to my lips. �Pop this in sweetie and I�ll put you to bed.�

As she popped the dummy into my mouth, a wave of emotion swept through me, I threw my arms around her in a tight squeeze and burst into tears. It was as if those words were the final straw, my mind was in a whirl, all the crying and upset I�d been through was making me so tired and confused. I felt an uncontrollable urge to cling on to Auntie Caroline, for only she could help me and look after me. I hated the humiliation of my new status, and I was frustrated at the way my life was being controlled, but at the same time I was grateful to Auntie Caroline for looking after me and taking care of me, she was pampering me (in more ways than one) and spoiling me, but most of all she made me feel safe.
Auntie Caroline gently rocked me as we cuddled. I clung on tighter and cried long and hard, my face buried into her neck.

After my sobs had died down, Auntie Caroline picked me up off of the changing table and carried me towards the bed. I clung on to her by wrapping my legs around her hips and my arms around her shoulders. Although I was nearly a teenager I was still quite small for my age, and Auntie Caroline didn�t seem to have any difficulty carrying me, my nappy rustled loudly as she gently lowered me onto the bed.

�I think I�ll put your bars in today,� She exclaimed, �They�ll make you feel nice and safe.�

And with that she slid two panels of bars down each side of the bed, closing me in like a giant cot before placing a teddy next to me. Then she walked over to the window and drew the curtains, leaving the room filled with a soft warm pinky glow.
�Just sleep for a couple of hours, then I�ll come and get you, She said warmly. �I�ll do you some nice food and you can play or read your comics afterwards if you feel up to it ok?� She stood by the door and took a good long look at me and smiled, almost as if she was enjoying the fruits of her labour� savouring the moment. She had finally succeeded in turning me
into her baby, someone she can control and manipulate, a willing body to help her live out her fantasy.

I looked up at her with my red puffy eyes and nodded. I felt tired and �worn down� with all the change and upset I�d been through in the last few days.

It was as if I had finally decided to accept defeat, to surrender to Auntie Caroline�s will and become her baby boy. She hugged me once more and sighed a contented sigh as if she�d finally got something she had worked and schemed to get, and was now finally getting it, Something she�d been after and planning for a long time� which of course she had!
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