A True Mistake - By: Miki Yamuri

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A True Mistake - By: Miki Yamuri

Postby Miki Yamuri » Thu May 20, 2021 9:34 am

A True Mistake - By: Miki Yamuri

Scene: Within the fire control center of a new planetary weapon



The planet Terria had thought the discovery of a civilization within their own solar system was wonderful news. The invention of a hyper thrust ion engine that utilized free captured hydrogen and solar energy reduced the travel time from Terria to the newly discovered Civilization that resided on the planet known as Gaia to hours instead of the years the chemically powered engines previously required.

The rejoicing was short lived as it was rapidly discovered the Gaian’s were homophobic to the point of psychosis, they were excessively violent, and extremely warlike. It was truly amazing to the Terrains how the Gaian’s had managed to survive their own destructiveness long enough to build a technological society.

The attack on and subsequent capture of the Terrain envoy ship Golden Dawn was proof enough, but it also gave the Gaian’s the technology to reach and attack Terria with devastating results.

The Gaian war fleet’s approach was known for several hours and was thought to be a peace envoy. When several large cities were bombarded once it had achieved orbit, it was immediately known it was war. The planetary defence weaponry proved to be adequate enough to repel the first wave, however as time passed the Gaian’s proved to be capable and improved on their primitive designs rapidly.

The war raged on for several bloody years as both sides sustained extremely heavy damage and losses. Terrain scientists were also very capable and had discovered a process where a newly developed array could actually freeze all molecular motion within any object causing it to explode violently once all kinetic energy had ceased and became potential energy.

Once all molecular motion had ceased, the huge amount of potential atomic energy had to go somewhere, and it did with a nuclear reaction proportional to the mass of the given object.


The control center was buried several miles underground beneath one of the mountains in the mid western part of Terria. Within the brightly lit facility, the buzz of voices from the many technicians filled the room as they monitored and made adjustments to the massive weapon.

In an adjacent facility, buried just as deep, but not directly connected for security and safety, a team of theoretical physicists were going over a massively complex mathematical equation modeling the weapon’s cryo-beam and the interactions it would have with the surrounding environment once it was fired.

The results were looking very bad as it was determined a critical event that was happening with their sun right at this moment would create a serious issue with system wide devastation should the weapon be fired during the event.


Back in the control room, the Administrator’s voice came over the PA, “Energize banks 1 through 6. Shunt the plasma to the intermix chamber and insure the lensing coils are not icing up.”

Several techs quickly, and with practiced efficiency, complied. Many of the coiled tubes began to glow bright blue as they energized. A soft humm filled the area around the massive weapon. Several of the techs were checking the lensing mechanism to insure it wasn’t icing up as super cold vapors began to hiss softly from several vents.

A technician made a call to the Administrator, “Intermix chamber charged. Lensing is performing adequately with no icing noted.”

The Administrator’s voice was once again heard over the PA, “Intermix has completed, begin firing protocol Omega. Bring Gaia into targeting array reticule. Insure weapon is locked on target.”

The massive weapon moved slowly as the far off planet Gaia came into targeting as shown on several displays. The moment its orbit was in the proper place to target, Terra would attack. Once the planet was targeted, the displays showed red concentric flashing rings indicating target lock.

The Administrator’s Voice said over the PA, “Complete charging sequence. Once the weapon is fully energized, not even a direct hit by one of the protonic weapons those Gaian’s created will stop it from firing. It generates an impenetrable shield of energy."

A greenish electrical field formed around the weapon as it came to full power.


The final code had been entered into the model the scientists were running. The results showed beyond any doubt, the added highly charged plasma from the Sun’s huge coronal mass ejection would increase the weapon’s yield to unimaginable proportions and would quite possibly tear a large hole in the fabric of space time. They had to stop the firing until the massive highly charged plasma cloud passed.

As fate would have it, Gaia chose that instant to attack. A massive protonic bombardment began, knocking out all comms from the research facility to the weapon’s control center. Only thing they could do, was try to avoid being blown up, and try to reach the other facility by ground transport.

With all the massive bombs exploding all around, this proved to be extremely hazardous and almost impossibly difficult. They had to get this data through before the weapon fired. The fate of the solar system depended on it.


All the monitor screens became outlined in red as the Administrator’s voice said, “Fire the weapon.”

Just as the unstoppable firing sequence had been entered, one of the Physicists from the adjacent facility burst in and started shouting hysterically, “Stop! Stop the firing. We have to wait until the super charged CME cloud passes. The results if we don’t are unimaginable.”

Several of the tech turned from their stations as one of them said, “It’s too late. The firing sequence is unstoppable at this point.”

The Physicist screamed and cried as he gasped out, “The added energy from the coronal mass will cause the weapon to tear a hole in space time. No one knows what the end result will be.”

Massive pandamonium panic as the weapon fires. A huge earthquake caused by the massive release of the cryo-plasma as the weapon fired. Screams and total panic ruled as the weapon’s beam intersected the hugely charged plasma cloud. 8 minutes later, the unimaginably powerful beam impacted on one of the oceans of Gaia.

All molecular motion ceased throughout the planet as the energy propogated through its molecular structure freezing all atomic motion. With the added massive amounts of energy added to the beam from the super charged plasma cloud, Gaia glowed bright blue/green for an instant before it vanished in an all consuming, hugely powerful nuclear type explosion tearing a very large hole in what the Terrains knew as reality. What was beyond, was totally unknown.

All reality began to swirl into the gaping tear like water swirling into a drain. The inky blackness of space bleeds to white as the inexorable reaction continued. The last thing the Terrains knew before their planet was consumed by the ravenous maw of the tear, reality bent and twisted into impossible ways, sky went white, light of many colors flashed …


Things stop spinning, reality seemingly returned to normal. In the control room, the Administrator’s voice came over the PA, “Energize banks 1 through 6. Shunt the plasma to the intermix chamber and insure the lensing coils are not icing up.”

As the Terrains once again began an action they would repeat for eternity.

~~ Never Ending ~~
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