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Title: Cuisine


Charlie Thomas - 21yo Computer Tech – Miki Yamuri
Vickie Thomas - Regendered Charlie

Jerry Jackson - 21yo Computer Tech - mommieslilbabygirl
Alexis Jackson - Regendered Jerry

Scene: The Hotel Room in Catman Du


Charley had waited a whole year for this vacation. He had invited his friend Jerry to go along with him and see all the sites. They had heard of this wonderful quaint cafe in a remote border village that had a very special Chief. His food was reputed to be the best in the planet, and for those who dined there, it was a life altering experience.

Charlie says, "Wow! I actually found someone who has an ATV and is willing to take us to this village and bring us back. All we have to do is pay for the gas. You think the stories the Baggage boy told us are true?"

"Well I can't wait to see what all the fuss is about. But that old woman at the airport was creepy warning us about the cafe and that we shouldn't go there because the chef is an evil wizard mad at everyone because people found his food revolting but mysteriously started getting good reviews..." says Jerry.

Charlie stood and grabbed his coat and camera. He picked up the sat cell phone just in case of emergencies. The phone rings. Charley walks to the table and pick it up. The heavily Asian accent of the desk clerk said, "Most humbly apologize the intrusion, the ride you told me to expect for you is here." Charley turns and waves to Jerry as he replies, "Oh, that great news. I'm getting very hungry." The desk clerks says softly, "Let us hope what it is you are being served meets all your expectations." and the phone went click.

Charlie looks at the receiver for a minute in wonder, then says excitedly, "Our ride is here. I hope you're as hungry as I am." He then turns and hurries to the door as he puts on his coat.

Jerry grabs his backpack and runs for the door. When he reaches the door he can feel the sudden change in humidity and temperature as a few beads of sweat escape from his hair. He sees Charlie talking with a few gentlemen with ATV. Jerry follows suit and walks up to Charlie smiling face as he has everything all arranged and ready to go. Jerry follows a gentlemen onto an older looking ATV and gets on.
The ride there was rather long. The Town they had rented the room in was primitive by Western standards, but the village they had just entered, reminded them of something out of history. The ornately carved wooden arches and many thatched roofs were a wonder to them.

The guide finally stops in front of a very small, but clean Inn. There was a picture of woman dressed in a Kimono with high stacked hair. There were many ornate decorations in her hair. Her skin was white as snow.

Charlie says, "After that ride, and the way this place looks, I hope the food is worth it."

On a small breeze that wafted through at that moment, came some of the most heavenly aromas the young men had ever smelled. Charley's mouth begins to water as his tummy growls loudly. He enters the door into a room that had to be right out of the 10th century. He stands and gapes around at the beautiful dining room. It was complete with the large open hearth fireplace and wrought Iron cooking racks.

Jerry hurries up and almost runs over Charlie as he bumps into him. Looking around in awe of this place. It looks like a movie set from a Hollywood movie in ancient china

"Wow!" exclaimed Jerry excitedly as he brushes himself off. Both have a baffled look on their faces as they get the feeling they had traveled back in time.

A very young woman approaches. She is dressed in a very pretty red and black silk Kimono. There are intricate gold stitch works of dragons and ferocious looking tigers all along it. She bows at the waist gracefully amid the soft tinkling of the ornate headdress she had on. The words she said made no sense to the young men.

Charley says with an embarrassed tone, "I'm sorry, We don't .. speak Chinese." He looks to Jerry with a worried look.

The woman bows again and says with a very heavy Chinese accent, "Am humbly sorry. I too can speak your language. Please, follow me to your seat." She again bows gracefully and escorts them to a table near the center of the room. She sets the table with chopsticks and wooden bowls.

She asks in her singsong delicate voice, "Here is the menu, I humbly apologize, we don’t have one in English, we do not get many honored visitors such as yourself."

Charlie says, "Just bring the best meal in the house. Not too spicy, and something with chicken and beef with lots of vegetables."

She asks, "And would honored guests like to have some herbal tea? I can add honey and make it sweet."

Charlie replies, "Yes please, and if you have them ... some lime?"

She bows and turns to Jerry, "And yourself honored guest?"

Jerry looks at the menu not able to tell which from which ... turning the menu upside down and all around and scratching his head " um.." thinking for another few seconds.
"I'll have what Tom is having.." closing the menu and handing it to the nice oriental lady.

She again bows gracefully at the waist, turns, and shuffles off through a low arch which some of the most wonderful smells came.

Charlie looks at Jerry and asks softly, "What do you think she will bring us? Dog, Cat ... maybe a rat??" Both men laugh. Charlie continues, "I know that's an awful thing to say. The aromas in here are making me realize I am starving."

The young woman returns with a very delicate china tea pot. There is steam rising from it as she pours it into one of the smaller wooden bowls. She places a bowl that is half filled with an amber colloid and a chunk of honey comb. The other bowl contained many wedges of lime.

She bows and says, "Your meal will be ready shortly, if you would like an appetizer, there are Lo Mien noodles there for you." She bows and retreats in her shuffling gait.

Jerry leans over grabbing a plate and putting some lo mien noodles on his plate and grabbing some chopsticks and digging in. Not even paying any attention to Charlie as he is so hungry.

With a mouth half open with food Jerry says "Can you pour me some tea please?" continuing to shovel it in like a pig.

Charlie pours the steaming hot tea into the cups. A wonderful spicy aroma fills the air. Charlie shakes his head at how piggishly his friend is eating. Charlie really glad they are the only 2 in the dining room. Jerry’s table manners are really atrocious.

As Charlie fills his plate with noodles, a very old man with a long white wispy beard and moustache pushes a cart to the fireplace. The cart was loaded with many different kinds of veggies and meats. He begins to spread the food out and cut it with the knife he had with him. He made a little tune with the clacking of the utensils as he cooked the meal in front of the 2 men. The men watch as the old man flips the food in the air and swats it onto his and Jerry's plate. He doesn’t miss with a single morsel.

Charlie turns to Jerry and says, "Man, he's good with that cleaver. He hasn't missed a single time and he's almost done cooking our meal."

Charlie is a bit perplexed ... Jerry just continues to eat and eat in his messy unmannered way. When some of the veggies and meat is placed on his plate. He eats it before the next even hits. Continuing to eat loudly and sloppily. Charlie and the old man watch as Jerry devours his food. Charlie watches as Jerry vacuums his food up. He shakes his head and begins to eat his meal as he watches the old man do the rice.

Charlie whispers to Jerry, "Slow down my friend, there's lots more where that came from." He points to the huge platters of food on the cart still steaming from the hearth.

Jerry decides to slow down. "Sorry, its just with the aroma of everything that I just go caught up in the moment and I started to eat. Felt like a strange power was making me eat that much" panting and sitting back having a sip of his tea. Slowly starting to eat again and not as fast ... and with a whole lot better manners.

Charlie smiles as he takes another bite. The food was absolutely the best he had ever eaten. The tea, had a strange and wonderful spicy taste he had never experienced before. Each bit of the food or sip of the tea sent wonderful chills all through him. He understood why this small place was thought to be the best in the world.

The Old man bows deeply, while still looking into the men's eyes. H turns and shuffles slowly back into the kitchen area, leaving the cart with the men.

Charlie says, "I think we could make millions if we discover how he makes this food so good. What you think? Does the meal measure up to what we've been told?"

"Wow, is all I have to say.." continuing to eat. Shoving more meats and veggies onto his plate. Charlie has no idea where Jerry is putting all this food. Charley notices ... Jerry’s hair is starting to change color ... starting to turn from brown to black. Charley watches in amazement.

The Woman in the Kimono shuffles daintily back to the table and bows at the waist. She says in her singsong voice heavy with accent, "When most honored guests have finished with their meal, I have prepared sleeping chambers for your afternoon naps. You must be tired after your long journey."

Charlie turns from Jerry to the woman. She is smiling warmly and has a sparkle in her eye. Charley begins to feel very tired and ... uncomfortable. It was as if his clothes didn't exactly fit quite right.

He replies, "That would be nice. Is there a place to take a bath too?"

She nods her head and says softly, "There is a bath too. You may bathe after your nap should you choose."

She bows and shuffles off through the door again leaving the men to themselves for a bit. She returns and leave 2 fortune cookies on the table. before departing once again.

Jerry looks over at Charlie as the fortune cookies are delivered. Jerry notices that Charlie's 5 o'clock shadow is gone like he just shaved and that his complexion was getting better. Jerry shakes it off and breaks open his fortune cookie reads "You will be getting in touch with the little girl inside of you" Jerry thinking its a lame fortune ... he was a guy and not a girl.

Charlie opens his fortune cookie and reads it. It says, “Today will be the day the little girl in you finds happiness.”

He laughs and says, "This is the most awful fortune cookie I think I have ever seen." He hands it to Jerry and continues, "Let me see yours."

Charlie takes the paper and reads it. He shakes his head and says softly, "Well, the food's wonderful, I guess they just don't write very well in English."

Both men Laugh.
Charlie notices that Jerry's complexion has become much softer and smoother ... his .. facial features are becoming softer and ... cute if he could believe what he's seeing.

The woman comes back to the table and bows, "This way, gentlemen, to your resting quarters.."

She turns and heads towards the kitchen both men get up to follow. The old woman can clearly tell they’re shrinking and knows it won't be long. Both men follow as she take a left before the kitchen and goes down an elegant hallway as the floors creak. The old woman stops and bows saying we have to share a room..

Charlie enters the room. It is very nicely decorated in many beautiful wall hangings. The bed is huge. There could be several people sleeping in it with no problems.

Charley says softly as he climbs in, "At least they have wonderful hospitality."

He gets completely in bed. Charlie is asleep before his head even hits the pillow and doesn’t even notice her is being tucked in. He has very strange dreams ... of being a pretty little girl playing with her doll.

Jerry watches Charley just pass out on the bed as Jerry sits down and scratches his head, then lays down When his head hits the pillow he falls fast asleep dreaming of little dolls and playing with Charlie as a little girl. He too didn’t even realize he was being tenderly tucked in.

~~~ End Pt 1 ~~~

~~ Pt 2 ~~~

Jerry continues to dream. In this dream, Charlie nd he were playing outside. They were dressed in beautiful silk Kimonos and were very happy little girls.

Jerry hears birds chirping softly as he slowly wakes up.

Charlie has the most wonderful dream of being a little girl and playing in the garden with her doll. Jerry is there as another little girl with her doll. Both of them have a cute tea party. Charlie wakes and sits up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He immediately realizes something is terribly wrong. He sees the girl from his dreams next to him in cute silk jammies with dragons embroidered on gold thread.

Jerry looks over at Charlie and screams as the little girl he was playing with was sitting in the bed across from him. Charlie was wearing cute dragon nightie that looked oh so cute on her.

Jerry says in a high pitched voice, "What's going on?"

A young woman comes walking through the door to the bedroom.

The woman claps her hands together and exclaims in a cheery voice, "Ohh my, The transformation worked very well and the both of you are soo cute." She rushes up and hugs them both as she gives each a tender kiss on their noses.

Charlie struggles in the gentle hug of the woman. He is totally mind blown.

He gasps out in his cute voice, "Wha .. what's happened to us?"

Charlie looks at The little girl next to him with big eyes.

"Well sweeties, me and my husband, that's the old man and woman," she giggles, "we need the ages to stay alive. We have been alive more then your little brains can imagine. We need to take ages every 100 or so years and in the process turn men into little girls. It’s the nature of the energy and sprit we take. We both find it an adorable way to deal with them afterwards too. Besides, both of you will grow up to be very beautiful and desired young women." She points at Charlie, “You’re the older one ... and she's the youngest ... still in diapers.." pointing and giggling at Jerry..

She continues softly, "Now, the older of the 2 of you .. I will call Vickie." She bends over and kisses Charlie on his nose, "The youngest one I will call, Alexis. That’s very pretty names for very pretty girls. Hope you both had pleasant dreams."

"I don't wanna be a little girl.." screams Alexis as he begins to have a temper tantrum, "My wife is going to kill me.." he continues. Sitting there on the bed in a puffy cloth diaper and looking so innocent and adorable. Alexis begins pouting and folding her arms acting more a girl her age.

The woman bends over and says softly, "I don't think you have a wife any more little girl. She might make a good mommy for you." She pats Alexis on her head softly, "She will have to change your diaper and make sure you don't get into any baby mischief. You can't help yourself anymore. The both of you will find that you are doing the proper things without thinking about it. Besides, You both have a very long time to learn how to be girls." She laughs in a tinkling and delicate way.

Vickie stands up and pulls open the front of her panties. She is totally mind blown to see ... she really is a girl. She looks at the woman with big adorable eyes and whines, "I no wanna bea girl. I wanna bea boy again."

The woman bends and kisses Vickie on her cheek softly, "That's not possible ever again. You will be a little girl of about 4 and she will be a little girl of about 2. You will be a lot smarter than children your size, but, I think that's for the best ... don't you?" She pats Vickie reassuringly on her hinny.

Alexis whines adorably, "What you mean we gonna be Smarter n normal children? We looks normal nough ...even though we men yesterday ...".

The woman stands up and goes over to the closet in the room giving the 2 little girls a warm smile

She says with a coo in her voice, “I need to get the 2 little girls dressed before we open.

She takes from the closet 2 adorable doll dresses. One was larger than the other. They both were soft lavender with lots of white lace. They had puffy sleeves and a pinafore. The woman takes 2 pairs of cute matching rumba panties from the shelf. One pair had a plastic lining.

She turns and begins removing Vickie’s nighty before she can protest. Vickie found herself completely nude suddenly with the woman holding out the adorable rumba panties.

She coos softly, "Step into your panties like a good little girl."

Vickie stood and covered her vagina with her hands as she shyly blushed. She steps into the panties and the woman pulls them up. Vickie feels the soft and tingly feeling of her new silk panties caress her skin, then the soft pat of reassurance on her hinny. Vickie gasps softly at the wonderful sensation this sent through her body.

The woman turns and gets the dress as she says softly, "Now hold up your arms so I can get you in your dress."

Vickie complies. Before she knows it, The woman is tying the pinafore in the back and patting her hinny reassuringly once again.

She coos, "You are such a pretty little girl. I think we can find you someone to take care of you really fast. Now, it's time for Alexis."

The woman moves and picks up Alexis, laying her down on the bed. Giving her a light tickle on the tummy, she removes her pajamas. The woman then slides the rumba panties up her legs, but not before checking if she needed a change.

Pulling them the rest of the way up, she balances Alexis up and threads the adorable dress through her arms, tying it off in the back. Alexis looks down at herself. In her totally shocked mind, she is thinking that this can't be happening.

The woman claps her hands together as she giggles. She says softly, “Oh. my! You 2 are the most adorable ones to ever give up their ages with us."

She walks to the far side of the room. She returns with a huge mirror in a golden Dragon frame. Vickie can't believe the adorable little girl looking back with the big blue eyes is her. The woman picks up a brush and begins to brush Vickie's hair. It forms cute little curls and shines softly as it's brushed.

Vickie begins to cry softly. She is totally devastated as large hot tears slowly ran down her cheeks. The woman bends and hugs her lovingly and kisses her on her tear wet cheek.

She coos, “It's going to be all right sweet heart. We have been doing this for centuries. At first I know it's a bit scary, but it'll be lots of fun. Now you need to understand that little girls your age have accidents sometimes. Don't be embarrassed, just let someone know and they will help you change your panties .. Ok sweetie??"

Vickie begins to cry in earnest.

The woman turns to Alexis and begins to brush her hair softly and put it up in pony tails as Alexis looks at her new self in the mirror. Alexis is shocked at how adorable she is. Thinking to himself that his wife would absolutely love a little girl like him. Watching the woman put pony tails in her hair. Alexis was not pleased at all but what is she to do in a foreign land and only being a girl of 2 in it.

The woman picks Alexis up and takes Vickie by her hand. She takes them from the bedroom down to the large dining room they remembered from last night. The girls saw a young woman and a young man sitting at the table. The Man rose and bowed deeply at the waist. He said in heavily accented English, "We most honored for you to have dinner with us. It is big honor to have such strong life force from you. We will live another 5 hundred years before we have to take ages again. Please, have breakfast before we give you to the porter who will take you back to the village. You will be given to your new family, there to be raised as very cute and adorable little girl. You can resist if , wish, but in few week, you no longer remember male past ... only female future."

Both girls begin to cry as the young man and young woman sit and feed them. Neither girl knows how to get out of this or how to make anyone listen to them. They Listen as the couple chatter between themselves about how adorable the new children were and how wonderful a life they will have from that day forward.

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