Empress Series - Baby Gets a Spanking

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Empress Series - Baby Gets a Spanking

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sat Jul 12, 2014 8:30 am

Baby Gets a Spanking

It has been several days since I have been able to be with Larry. I still have very fond memories of the Pool Party and want to be with him very badly. I can’t help it, he is my first love and I am totally enraptured by this most beautiful man.

Having Lisa as a playmate is great, but I miss Larry and I really feel a serious emptiness in my heart. I do see Larry from time to time off and about his duties as my Personal Body Guard and as the Crown Prince of Moon Spring. This still hasn’t afforded me any private time with Larry and I am really getting to be lonely for his touch.

I have on just a diaper and a satin diaper cover that has ruffles around the leg openings, waist band, and four across my bottom. I have on no top and some very soft matching booties and matching ribbons make my pony tails. Nana has made sure that both me and Lisa are dressed as adorable as she can get us.

I am starting to feel ache in my soul I cannot define and need to be alone again. I take my white crocheted spread from the bed. I wrap myself loosely in it and open the nursery door when Nana isn’t looking and is busy changing Lisa’s stinky diaper.

I know baby shouldn’t go anywhere without someone to watch over her, and I know I’m going to get spanked like last time, but I needed to be alone so I could day dream about Larry. I quietly close the nursery door and walk down the hall towards the Mysterious Magical Garden of the Moon.

Many people from multitudes of worlds fill the halls and all greet me and bow or curtsy as I pass.

I wander into the Garden of the Moon and sit in one of the gazebos. I sit and look out over the pond and watch the fishes swim and play below me. I can see my reflection in the water. I feel so lonely I start to daydream about Larry. I miss him so terribly. I don’t know how long I sat and dreamed of Larry. Babies are terrible at keeping track of time. All I know is it seemed like only an instant to me as I feel the soft warmth of the day and become absorbed in my sweet thoughts of Larry.

I hear someone behind me. I feel a Neurolizing Halo being placed on my head. I hear the Guardian Interface activate. Protection protocol active. My forcefeild turns on.

No ... Administrative Access is active within the halo. I gasp in shock. I await the Click and the sudden download of a program. Nothing happens except I faintly sense the illegal protocol rejection and hear the halo self destruct.

I turn and see four very gruff and dirty looking men behind me.

I think to myself, “No! I made no wish! What is this?”

This is not fantasy ... these idiots are trying to kidnap me for real.

I remove the inert halo and throw it at the first man. My aim is deadly and it strikes him square in the middle of his forehead. There is blood ... he falls and stays down for a minute. The others are very angry with baby and intend to do me great bodily harm. They obviously are confused about the halo and why it didn’t work. They also are very surprised I am not as much baby as they thought I was supposed to be. They draw very nasty looking weapons and point them at me. I am suddenly 3 going on 18 and am not afraid in the least.

I ask them softly in a little girl’s voice, “Are you sure this is what you want?”

I hear much profanity. I hear them calling me many names. I hear how much damage they intend to do to my body over the course of the next few days. I hear sexual things I do not quite understand. I am not impressed and it shows. This makes them even worse.

One of the men fires his weapon at me. It glances off of the forcefeild and hits just to the left of my face and destroys part of the gazebo. Debris scatters all around me. Nothing gets on me or even comes near me. I don’t flinch or even seem to respond to the flash except to blink.

I respond in a soft little girl voice, “My judgment for you is to be gender assigned female and placed in the breeding farm for the race of Lizard Cats. They will enjoy you immensely.”

They fire their weapons at me, full force. The beams hit me square in the chest. I giggle. I do not flinch. I look down at the place where all that energy had just been completely absorbed. Not a mark on me. The forcefeild is a formidable thing. What I do next is most impressive too.

I raise my hand. I hold up three fingers and point them to a wall next to the man I had hit with the halo. With a flip of my wrist, the wall shatters, the building explodes violently, and the debris hits them all in the head with just enough force to knock them down but not seriously injure them. The rest of the debris scatters across the park.

I turn my wrist over palm up with my 2 middle fingers curled in. Their weapons are now suspended in the air. I close my hand with my index finger pointing at the suspended weapons. I point my finger out to the pond. The weapons suddenly are cast to the middle of the pond and disappear below the surface. This all transpired in the blink of an eye.

There is major surprise, fear, and confusion on their faces. One of the men says in fear, “Donnie, didja see whut dat bitch jus done? Dat sumpin outta a scifi vid or sumpin.”

I smile thinly and raise both hands and turn them open palm down. Suddenly. There is a deep rumble and the sky grows very dark. Lightning flashes horribly across the sky. They look up. It has suddenly become dark as night. All the lights in the park come on. A definite temperature drop. The crash of thunder shakes the ground beneath them as severe lightning again explodes across the sky. They cover their heads with their arms as they stare skyward in mortal fear.

I say in a booming little girl voice, “Oh arrogant men. Do you not know who I am? Or do you know but are too stupid to care?”

I point to another gazebo in the distance. A massive bolt of lightning flashes from the sky and strikes it. There is an immediate explosion of fire and sparks as the gazebo vanishes to be replaced by a smoldering hole in the ground. The ground shakes with the force of it and debris starts to fall all around. A very intensely strong odor of ozone is everywhere. The men whimper in mortal fear at this. Massive thunder rolls across the sky.

I look at the men on the ground at my feet. I am still unimpressed by them and it really shows now. I hear the door from the Palace slam open. Many voices, all highly agitated. Many running feet approach. I wave my hand and the cloud disperses. Light returns and the park lights go out. The air begins to warm again. The sun is shining brightly. The men at my feet are deathly afraid. One of them has made a stinky in his pants. They whimper for mercy.

I see Larry running full tilt ahead of the other guards. All have very formidable weapons drawn and are very willing to use them. I shake my head. The only way I get to see Larry is here in the Garden of the Moon. I am a little apprehensive ... baby has been naughty and caused a great deal of damage.

They see me in the damaged gazebo. An adorable baby girl dressed in a diaper and rumba panties wrapped in a beautiful crocheted bed spread. They see where weapon’s fire destroyed part of the gazebo by my head. They see the destroyed building and the massive debris field from it. They see the smoldering hole where the other gazebo used to be. They see massive amounts of debris scattered all around and some still slowly falling from the sky. They see the four men on the ground at my feet all trembling with great fear and begging for mercy.

They look again and they see a very cute baby girl in her rumba panties and diaper loosely draped in a white crocheted bed spread from the nursery sucking her thumb amid major destruction that was obviously, mostly caused by her. There were four of the gruffest nastiest looking men groveling at her feet for mercy. They stop running and stare in awe.

Larry approaches and asks, “Miki?? Is baby hurt in any way??”

He hugs and kisses me passionately. I return the passion to the best of my ability.

I look at him sweetly and giggle softly. I reply “No, baby not hurt sweetie.” I point to the men on the ground “They might be though. They been through a lot recently.”

Larry looks around at the massive devastation. The strong odor of ozone mixed with burning wood lingers in the air. Smoke drifts lazily across the park on the gentle breeze. He is truly impressed.

He looks at me and asks, “What happened, Miki?”

I answer, “They tried to use a stolen Neuro Halo on me. I not sure what they want or why. I cannot be stolen or reprogrammed without Master Controller approval. There is no way for anyone to get that kind of approval. Their reprogramming was denied and the halo self destructed. They were really rude to baby. She had to teach them some manners. They are to be gender reassigned female and to be sent to the Lizard Cat breeding facility immediately. After neurolization, they will tell us everything we want to know. This is my judgment for them.”

One of the men on the ground whimpers, “What does that mean? How can we be female and breed?”

Larry shakes his head and replies, “You are idiots! Don’t you know this is the Emperess of the Known Universe as Explored by Man? You are to be genetically altered, as only the Genetic Research Facility knows how, and will be female. There is a race of ... peoples that are a genetic construct. They cannot breed with themselves but require a Terrian male or female to accomplish this. You four will be among those females.”

One of the men overcame his fear and stood suddenly and was about to run. Larry was about to draw his weapon. I pointed my finger at the man. A huge crack echoed across the park. The man was on his back in serious pain after being knocked backwards for several dozen feet. The others just whimpered more. Larry turned, a look I could not decipher was on his face.

He asked, “My Lady?”

I looked at Larry and said, “I’m sorry. It was reflex. I would like to spend some time with you if I could. I miss you terribly.”

Larry shook his head and replied, “As you wish baby.”

He tells the rest of the guard to pick the four men up and to take them to the genetics lab for reassignment.

Larry looks at me and says very sternly, “Miki, you have been a very bad baby wandering off that way again. You have scared Nana to death! Lisa and your mother are hysterical, not to mention what you have done to all the Imperial Guards. The entire Palace is a total uproar. And the damage...”

He waves his hand around. There was massive damage and debris.

I hear a small voice in my head. It tells me I deserve a paddling for this. If Larry decides to do it, I will be helpless to stop him. I look at Larry with the look of a little girl caught doing a no, no. He is looking at me very sternly. Larry walks to a bench and sits down and calls me over to him.

He says, “Baby, I’m going to spank you for this.”

The guards all hold the men and stand with their back to me and Larry. I cannot resist. I walk to Larry. Larry picks me up and places me across his knees. I am totally helpless to stop what comes. There is even total silence from battle command. My weapon’s interface is inactive. I can’t help it, I start squirming and wiggling and begging him not to spank baby. I cry and say how sorry I am.

He pulls down my panties and diaper just enough for the cheeks of my bottom to show. I suddenly feel his hand firmly smack me on my bottom. I cannot help myself ... I cry. I am truly devastated that I am being punished. I get another firm smack on my soft bottom. I am a little 3 year old baby girl who just got paddled for doing a Big No, No. He stands me on my feet and pulls up my diaper and my panties.

He says very firmly, “Baby will not wander off this way again, or use her toys to break things, will she?”

My bottom hurts where he had spanked me. I am crying pitifully and cannot help it. I am so sorry baby wandered off and made this huge mess. I shake my head no that I won’t wander off alone again and start to suck my blasted thumb.

Larry picks me up and hugs me gently. Larry comforts baby and tells her he loves her. I take my thumb from my mouth and kiss him sweetly.

He says softly, “Baby scared us terribly. I’m sorry I had to spank. You deserved it. Don’t ever wander off like that again.”

I put my thumb in my mouth and sniffle. I love Larry and won’t disappoint him again if I can help it. I know I will get spanked more. Little babies do wrong and must be corrected from time to time. I sniffle some more as Larry carries me to the genetics lab to watch the reassignment of the four would be kidnappers. Larry calls on the comm that he has found me and will make a full report when he gets to the office. He tells them where we are going and why and that I am perfectly safe. I notice he has on a different uniform today. The rank insignia have all changed too. I think this is sort of strange. Babies don’t worry about such things.

I see workers arrive and start to clean up my mess and begin repairs. They swarm all over like ants after having their nest disturbed. We turn a corner and I cannot see them any longer.
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