Ally's Accident

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Ally's Accident

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sat Jul 12, 2014 8:19 am

Title: Ally's Accident


Baby Ally: Played by: Elledan Kenet

Baby Miki Played by: Miki Yamuri

Scene: In Baby Miki's Nursery

Allys mommy had brought him over to Baby Miki's house so Lisa, Miki's mommy, could baby sit him while she was at work and so the Ababys could play.
Ally says in cute voice as he comes inside the nursery door, “Morning Miki pants.”

Miki replies, “Goo morning sugar britches. >>giggle<<”

Ally's cheeks turn a very shy pink *blush*

Miki pats Ally's pats hinny softly. She sees a small spot on the front of his jeans.

She says in a cooing baby way, “Is baby's under pants dry ... hummms?? >>snickers<<”

Ally blushes even pinker as she pats his jeans. He replies in a very shy voice, “Yes. of course they are.”

Miki asks as she looks closely, “Ohhh?? >>points at the spot as it gets slowly bigger<< Whats that .... spot?? Looks wet ta me.”

Ally looks down, “Ummm?!”

Miki giggles playfully, “Didums hasa ... accident?/

Ally now blushes a deep crimson as he stubles to explain, “ I..... I...

Miki intrrupts with a giggle, “Ohhh .. it getten bigger too ... looks like baby hadda accident ta me.” Miki nods her head as she crosses her arms.

If it were possible, Ally blushes even more as he squirms in place.

Ally says in a whiny voice, “You're embarrassing me!

Miki asks in a cute inquisitive voice, “Why comes? Am inna diaper likes babys supposesa be. Is spected for us ta wets em. But u ....,” She points at Ally, “ ura Biiiggg person >>giggle<< in unnerpants. No supposesa wets em.”

Ally sighs, hoping Miki's Mommy doesn't see.

Miki says with a serious tone, “Guess baby gotsa tell ... huh??

Ally's eyes get wide, “No bea meanie ... It wasa accident!”

Miki nods her head, “That why it calleda ... accident silly baby. >>giggles more<<”

Ally crosses his legs and tries to cover the ever growing wet spot unsuccessfully with his hands as he nods shyly.

Miki says, Ya kno only gotseded girls stuffs n baby stuffs ta change u inta ... ur mommy says.”

Miki sucks her thumb for a few more seconds as she watches Ally wet his pants once again. By this time, the wet spot was starting to run down his leg.

Miki takes her thumb from her mouth and shouts loudly, “MmmmmmOOoooooMMmmmmmmMMmmmmYYYyyyyyyyyy!!!!! >>points<< Ally hadda accident n wet aww overs.”

Ally could feel the heat in his ears and cheeks as he blushes more. The sound of Lisa's foot steps coming up the stairs and down the short hall could be heard ever louder.

Miki says with confidance in her voice, “Mommy'll fix it up 4 baby. >>huggies -n- kisses on the nose<<”

Ally fidgets in place as the door to the nursery opens and mommy steps in.

Lisa says with a cheery coo as she clasps her hands together, "Does someone need changing?"

Lisa bends and pulls open the back of Miki's diaper and checks her first.

Lisa says in a soft cooing voice, "Nope ... Miki is all dry"

Miki says in a sweet baby voice, “Is Ally. >>points to the large wet place in the front of Ally's pants<<”

Ally fidgets more as Lisa turns and sees the huge wet place in the front and running down his pants leg.

Lisa says in a reassuring coo, "Well, sweet heart ... let Auntie change you and make you all dry and comfy"

She takes Ally by the hand and escorts him to the potty.

Lisa says softly, “I have an adorable lady bug outfit just for you."

All Ally could do was blushe and take Lisa's hand as she leads him away.

Ally says in a cute grumbling whine.,“ Miki teased me. She just wants me inna diapers like her.”

Lisa nods in agreement, Well cutie pie ... you did wet your panties.”

Lisa undoes Ally's super wet jeans and pulls them down around his ankles. She stands and puts her hands on her hips as she examines Ally's underpants.

Lisa says to baby in a soft reassuring coo, “Your pull ups are soaked sweet heart"

Lisa pulls them down as Ally continues to blush as he steps out of the wet jeans and pull ups. Lisa bundles them with the wet jeans and tosses them into into the diaper pail.

Lisa picks Ally up and twirls him around once before laying him softly on the padded changing counter. Ally wriggles and screeches with joy as she lays him down.

Lisa takes a large and sweet smelling baby wipe and cleans all of Ally's privates. She lifts him by the ankles and cleans his hinny before pushing several thumb sized suppositories in his cute bottom.

She coos softly, "The we go doodlebug ... all nice and clean and ready for a thick and soft diaper."

The boy cries out as she pushes the suppositories into him, ensuring he'll need diapers all day at least as she cleans him. She lifts Ally by his ankles and places a super thick babykins diaper beneath his hinny and sets him into its soft, warm embrace. She powders him well and pulls it between his legs and fastens it snugly but comfortably on with locking safety pins.

Mommy stands Ally on his wobbly feet. She holds out a cute pair of red rumba panties with large black polka dots and large red ruffles.

Mommy coos softly, "Step in like a good baby.”

Ally is soon diapered and threaded into the panties as he is helped down and steps into them. Mommy pulls them up and pats his hinny softly.

Lisa says quietly, "Ally makes a very cute little Ladybug ... not to mention being a very cute little girl."

He blushes as she pats his butt and complements him, shyly hugging her. "Thank you.."

Lisa holds out an adorable short Red Jumper with flutter sleeves and big black polka dots. The hem and sleeves are edged with large red ruffles.

Mommy smiles as she coos softly, "Lift your arms so Auntie can put you in your Jumper."

Blushing, Ally does so, allowing her to pull off the rest of his clothes and help him into the jumper. Mommy pulls the jumper over his arms and head, then down his body. She smoothies out the wrinkles. She picks Ally back up and sits him on the changing table. Mommy takes a stiff bristled brush and brushes Ally's hair until it is very soft and has very cute long ringlet curls. She ties it into ponytails before putting a pair of red with black spots crocheted booties on his feet and tying the long red ribbon into a cute bow.

She helps Ally from the table and escorts him from the potty back into he nursery. As they leave the room ... Ally sees his reflection in the large wall Mirror. He is dressed as a very adorable looking little girl. The poofyness of his diaper and panties and the bottom rows of his ruffles are visitable beneath the hem of the short Jumper.

Ally blushes as Lisa blushes and curls his hair. Ally smiles at his reflection .... he knows he's just a cute a little girl as Miki. This tickles him.

Mommy escorts Ally back to the playroom. She kisses Miki, then Ally on their noses.

She coos softly, "Ok, girls, play nice and I'll bring you some freshly baked cookies in a little while."

Mommy leaves, the sound of her fading footsteps disappear down the stairs.

Miki wraps her arms around Ally >>huggies<< and says happily, “Welcome back silly. >>giggle<< You look jus lika ladybug! >>snickers<< Mommy calls mea love bug when am in that outfits.”

Ally blushes shyly as he looked down at himself as she hugs him.

Ally replies in a cute voice, “ Suppose I do.” He feels really good inside.

The 2 girls screech and play many games for a while until mommy brings in a plate of hot from the oven oatmeal cookies.

Thus begins another wonderful baby story for the 2 children ... Cookie Time.

~~ The End ~~
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