An Accidental Change

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An Accidental Change

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sat Jul 12, 2014 8:07 am

An Accidental Change

I am in a real hurry. I have a date in an hour with the most beautiful girl I have ever met. Her name is Lisa and I’m going to ask her to marry me. I put the diamond engagement ring in my pocket. This has cost me 3 years pay. For her ... it’s worth it.

She says she has something really important to tell me too. I have been dating her for about a year and we are as compatible as two people can be. It’s like we are the same person but as male and female.

I open my cell and call my dad. He answers on the second ring.

I say, “Hi dad, it’s me Larry. I was wondering if I left the Volvo with you if I could borrow the Porsche?? I’m gonna pop the question to Lisa and I wanted to be in that car. I’m taking her to Rossio’s and it would be nice.”

Dad laughs. Then replies, “So, your gonna finally do right by that girl, humm? Is ok with me. Just be careful. It’s not a toy and will get away from you.”

I say, “Thanks dad, you’re great!”

He laughs merrily and hangs up.

I hurry out the door and drive over to dad’s house. He is waiting for me on the front porch with his keys. We swap keys.

Dad says, “She’s a fine girl Larry. A real keeper.” And hugs me around my shoulders. He continues, “I am very happy for the both of you. Give her my love and best wishes.”

I reply, “Thanks, dad, I will. You are a real pal.”

We both embrace again. I hurry off the step and get in the car. It is a 12 cylinder turbo whale tail Porsche. Jet shiny black and very fast. I put the key in and fire that mother up. I sit and feel it vibrate through me. Is a most wonderful feeling.

I back out of the drive and hurry to Lisa’s house. I feel the power of the 12 cylinder with each gear shift. Acceleration is absolutely awesome.

When I get there, she is standing on the front porch waiting eagerly. She is an angel. She has on an evening dress that complements her. Is a soft pale blue, low cut in front and very elegant. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and this dress makes her even more so.

I see her put her hand to her mouth as I pull into the drive. She has never seen dad’s car before. She is really impressed with it and it shows. I get out of the car and hurry to the step. I take her hand and escort her to the car. I open the gull wing and help her into the seat. I run around and get in.

We kiss. I loose my mind every time we kiss. She kisses me deeply and passionately.
My head is buzzing by the time she breaks the kiss.

She says softly, “Larry, I have something really important to tell you.”

I look at her and reply, “I have something extremely important to ask you too.”
She giggles sweetly and says, “When we get to the restaurant, Guess I’ll let you go first.”
I say, “Ok, sweetheart.” And crank the car. This is the best day of my life!

He Missed the Light

We are heading down main street. The weather had turned bad and it had started to rain.
I had just reached the last intersection before Rossio’s. I had the green light and proceeded into the intersection. I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye where there definitely should not have been any. I turn to see what it was.

Just as I turn my head, Lisa screams a blood curdling scream. The last thing I saw was a simi tractor skidding right into my door. Shattering glass ... incredible pain ... darkness.

A Medical First

As head surgeon, I am briefing my team on the new procedure. This will put us all in the Medical History Books if we are successful. There has been a major accident downtown and we have our first subjects.

The male of the two has had his neck broken at the 3 c. He would be totally paralyzed from that point down. All attempts to use stem cell 626 procedure have failed. There are other complications as well and we are unsure if the individual can hear what we are saying. Do to the severity of his injuries, he is unable to communicate with us.

According to EEG, the subject’s brain is active and is showing signs of total consciousness. He is well within acceptable parameters for this procedure.

X-Ray reveal his body has been totally crushed. Internal damage is severe and he has required much blood because of internal hemorrhaging. There is no chance of recovery.

I display the MRI to the team and discuss the portion of the brain we are going to transplant. We will be taking 1/3 of the cerebral cortex including all of the frontal lobe. This will replace the damaged portion of the other subject. Stem regeneration will be used to fuse both portions of the brain after transplantation.

My team is competent and know their jobs. There are no questions on the male subject.

The female subject is pregnant and will require special attention during the procedure. The anesthesiologist assures me there is no problem and his team is ready.

X-Ray of this subject’s head reveal a severe frontal bone fracture. Due to 2nd impact, this has destroyed the frontal lobe and a portion of the cortex. Swelling and hemorrhage have caused the most 2ndary damage.

MRI have shown much damage as well. There is a huge intracranial hematoma that has formed between the frontal bone and what was left of the frontal lobe that also caused problems there.
There is no prognosis for this individual ever regaining consciousness. Only EEG activity has been autonomic firings. No other activity noted in subject.

There are broken bones and contusions, but nothing that will not heal and scarring will be absolutely minimal. Facial features are intact and will return to normal appearance after healing without further intervention.

The fetus is healthy and shows normal development for 8 weeks. There have been no indications the fetus suffered any injury in the accident. It will continue to develop normally.

The only question my team has asked, “If this procedure is successful, who is it that will awaken?” It’s a good question, but one only time will answer.

This procedure , if successful will allow the fetus to develop normally and have a parent to raise it. This was the justification to perform this procedure and received no opposition from The Government nor any other parties. Both families were cooperative and signed all the release forms.

We adjourn to the operating theater with high expectations of success.

The procedure was long. We worked in 2 shifts, each keeping the other apprised of all actions and results. It lasted 37 hours. We were ecstatic. There were absolutely no surprises and everything went smoothly and better than expected.

The remains of the male were sent to the Medical University for study with the permission of the family. The female was sent to ICU in Critical but stable condition. The transplanted tissue responded perfectly to the stem cell regeneration and had bonded exactly as expected.

All vital signs are within normal parameters and EEG show signs of the patient regaining consciousness.

MRI results show minimal swelling and no hemorrhaging due to the stem cell regeneration procedure. Prognosis for recovery at this time is 100%.

In Marriage Two Become One Flesh

I become aware of a soft beeping sound and a periodic swooshing sound. My head feels funny. I can feel I am bound and in bed. I open my eyes. I realize I am bandaged over most of my body and have a cast on my left leg and my right arm. There is a tube in my mouth that is giving me oxygen. I am slightly confused and feel a vagueness to my perceptions around me. A nurse is extremely excited and has run out the door yelling for a doctor.

I understand I am in a hospital. A confusion at first, then memory of the accident. I realize the memory is a strange one. I can see it from two perspectives from both sides of the car at the same time. Simultaneously I worry about Lisa-Larry. It is a strange sensation. I can feel Lisa here with me at the same time I feel Larry here with me. Since I cannot reconcile this, I ignore it for the time being.

I have many strange but familiar memories. I have many things I know I should remember that I don’t. I have many normal memories too. I am just grateful to be alive.

The nurse returns with the doctor. The doctor takes a light from his pocket and shines it in my eyes as he holds them open with his other hand. The nurse starts taking my blood pressure. This is normal I feel and am anxious to get news.

The doctor asks, “Can you understand me and can you speak?”

I reply, “I understand ...???”

This is Lisa’s voice ... I feel a strangeness and a familiarity too. I feel much anxiety.

The doctor says, “There has been a serious accident. The two of you in the car were extremely seriously injured. We performed a life saving procedure that allowed one of you to survive.”

I see the nurse inject something into the IV. I feel myself becoming extremely calm and content.

I hear the doctor tell me I am pregnant and the fetus is not injured. At the same time I feel relief and major surprise. I can feel Lisa’s reassuring presents and I have an overwhelming joy at this new discovery.

The doctor assures me I will recover completely. He tells me that in a few days after I recover some more, everything will be explained.

I realize, I am Lisa and Larry at the same time. I can feel her presence in my mind. Soft, Loving, she is truly the female me. We are truly married in a way I had never dreamed. She speaks to me and I to her. We are totally overjoyed. There is no bounds to our love at this point. The two of us are now one flesh.

I drift off with the doctor’s words foremost in my mind.
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