A Baby Girl is Born

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A Baby Girl is Born

Postby Miki Yamuri » Tue Jul 08, 2014 9:10 pm

A Baby Girl is Born

My name is Bryan and I know these are the last adult things I will ever have to say or think. I cannot believe what is happening to me. I must say that I have always had a fantasy about being a female and regressed to a baby. I never thought someone would go to these lengths to force it on me.

It all started a few months ago, right after I had gotten my new job and moved to Colorado. I loved the wide open spaces and no other people around until I sought them out. I got to wear my cute diapers n sissy baby outfits and not worry about anyone seeing me or causing me trouble.

I had gone down to the local bar for a drink. I hadn’t any intention of meeting anyone ... I just wanted a drink and this was the closest place.

As I sat, someone came and sat on a barstool behind my table. Her perfume was ... captivating to say the least. Soft and delicate, yet so very alluring. I couldn’t resist. I turned to see who this was. She had on tight fitting hip hugger jeans and a soft powder blue halter top. Her hair was tied in 2 pony tails with short blue ribbons. She was an absolute doll.

I turned back and tried my best to ignore her. The harder I tried, the more I realized she was there. I couldn’t believe I was becoming aroused just by sitting close to her.

I felt a soft touch on my shoulder. I was so keyed up because of my arousal, I jumped. I turned and there she was. She was so adorable.

She giggles softly and asks in a very sweet voice, “My name is Lisa. Would you like some company? You seem alone and I could use someone to chat with.”

It was almost too good to be true. I rather quicker than I had intended said, “Yes, have a seat. I would love to have some company. My name is Bryan and I’m new here in town.”

She giggles softly and sits in the chair right next to me. I can feel her presence. It is so alluring. My mind suddenly is not working very well.

I offer to buy her a drink. She asks for a fuzzy navel and I get another beer. While we wait for the drinks, I begin to make as much small talk as my befuddled mind can come up with. She doesn’t seem to mind that I am making a complete idiot of myself as I stumble along. Actually, she makes me feel more and more comfortable and I stop fumbling for words.

We chat about most everything I can think of. She’s 24 years old and is one of the Genetic Research Scientists working at Nano/Gen Pharmaceuticals. I am impressed with the things she tells me she is working on.

The drinks arrive. We make a toast together and drink. While we are talking, I start to feel really relaxed and good about myself. I am surprised that 2 beers have me this way.

She starts asking questions about my thoughts on regression and people who go for gender changes. The drinks are starting to make me a little less inhibited than I think I should be while talking on this topic. I answer conservatively at first.

The next round of drinks comes. I have to go to the men’s room. When I get back, we start talking about regression therapy and my thoughts on it. By the time I finish my beer, I realize I need to shut up. I am starting to say things I shouldn’t in public about regression and dressing as a baby. Lisa has listened intently and has encouraged me to tell all. I cannot believe how well she has gotten this much information out of me.

I change the subject skillfully to a new comedy program on the local channel. We chat about is for a few minutes and suddenly I realize I am asking her about being regressed and being a baby. She answers that she feels regression therapy helps anyone deal with stress in day to day life and she would recommend it for anyone who suffers with a wide range of mental disorders.

Again I find she is asking questions and I am answering almost without thinking about it.
I cannot believe how easily this woman is getting me to tell her my most intimate and secret fantasy. I again change the subject. We chat on with seemingly no break.

I am feeling way more inebriated than I want to. I know it is too far to walk home and I am in no condition to drive.

She tells me she’ll be more than happy to take me home. She has to help me out of my chair. I cannot believe 3 beers did this to me. She has my arms draped over her petit frame as she walks me slowly out to her car.

My last memory was being strapped in.


I wake. My head feels like a foot ball. There is a very bright light in my eyes. My vision is very fuzzy as well and I feel strangely numb all over. Something is in my mouth holding it open. I hear someone mumbling to themselves about getting a tooth out. I feel pressure inside my jaw. I feel a pulling sensation then I hear a clinking noise. This continues on as I fall back asleep.

The next time I wake ... My bed is hard as nails. I open my eyes slowly. I am in a very well equipped laboratory of some sort. I am strapped to a gurney table and am unable to move. I struggle against the straps for a minute. All I managed to do was hurt myself so I stop.

My mouth feels so funny. I run my tongue around inside it ... Ohh Nooo!!! I have no teeth at all!! They have all been removed.

I panic ... I struggle with all my might to get out of the straps. I can’t. I will be here until someone lets me go. I desperately try to wiggle out of the straps. My arms, legs and ankles begin to hurt from my efforts. I again lie back.

I look around to try and take stock of my situation. I see a tray beside me. It has all kinds of surgical instruments. I see several large syringes with the most horrible green stuff in them. I can see all the anesthesia equipment and heart monitoring equipment necessary to perform what I feel is major surgery.

I have on no clothes at all. My feet are in some kind of stirrups and strapped firmly down. My legs are open about as far as they can go and bent at the knees. I struggle helplessly a bit more and stop.

A rather short female in surgical scrubs and mask appears in my line of site.

She says cheerily, “Hello baby. Hope you are not too uncomfortable.”

I know that voice ... the girl from the bar ... it's Lisa!!

I demand, “You release me immediately, you hear me??”

She says in a cutesy voice like she is talking to a baby, “Is baby sweetie havin a tantrum?? Here, this will help baby a lot.”

She picks up one of the syringes and injects the awful looking green stuff into the IV tube attached to my left arm. I watch horrified as it slowly moves through the tube to my arm.
I feel a very hot sensation begin there and spread rapidly through me. I begin to feel really strange.

She says in the same cutesy voice, “How does diddums feel now?”

My head was buzzing and getting worse. I felt very weird all over. I couldn’t be afraid anymore. I begin to feel really euphoric and happy without a care. I have to make a real
effort to remember what is going on.

She says in the same voice, “Mommy gonna take all of those bad parts off of baby.” She fondles my genitals softly and continues, “ She will feel so much more like a girl in a little while.”

I am really scared suddenly. It slips away softly. No!! I don’t want this to happen. I struggle against the straps some more. I know beyond any shadow of a doubt I am helpless.

She says in her cutesy voice, “Ohhh, is cuteums fighting against the straps? Baby should know by now she will only hurt herself ... doesn’t baby know this?”

I shout helplessly, “You can't do this to me! Somebody will find out!”

She says, “Who baby, how will they find out?”

I shout, “My friends and family will come looking for me ... I know it!”

She says softly in that cutesy voice, “Who knows where you are or where to even begin to look? By the time they come looking sweetie, you wouldn’t even recognize yourself. Even a genetics test won’t discover who you are.”

She picks up another of the syringes. This one was bigger than the first and had some kind of shiny silver stuff mixed in. I could see it swirling inside the syringe.

I fight as hard as I can against the straps. I can feel my strength going as the first shot continues to take effect.

She holds up the syringe and says softly in her cutesy voice, “See this baby?”

My eyes get huge. I know she is going to inject me again.

She continues, “This is a genetic gender reassignment protocol. Is one of the new stem cell thingies I told you I was working on.”

I gasp out, “Wha ...”

She continues, “You get this injection baby. The beginnings of the transformation have already begun from the first protocol I injected you with. This one will replace all your Y chromosomes with X and the other will flush it from your system as a genetic gel containing RNA carrier genes and the disposed of Y genes. I needed a test subject and you had the exact fantasy to make a great one. So now, you soon will be an Adult baby Girl. Just like you always wanted. I will even let you be conscious enough to watch as I remove your genitals and give you a sweet vagina.”

I am screaming as loud as my failing strength will allow. I see her inject all of the hellish green and shiny silver stuff into the IV. I watch as a man on death row as it slowly creeps down the tube to my arm. It is so hot and cold all at the same time. I feel it spread rapidly through out my body. It causes an explosion of euphoria beyond anything I have ever experienced in my life.

Soft Sweet Darkness envelops me.

I awaken again. This time I am covered in green sterile field sheets. I see Lisa washing her hands and arms all the way to her elbows. I am so high and euphoric. My mind isn’t working ... I know there is something I should be afraid of ... can’t think.

Lisa turns from the sink with her hands held up. She walks over to a stand. Puts her hands in and rapidly pulls them out. She has surgical gloves on both of them.

She walks to the end of the table to where she is between my legs. I feel the part of the table under my head lift me up and give me a better view of my genital area and what Lisa is doing. She lays out several surgical tools and picks up a scalpel.

She says softly, “Did you have very pleasant baby girl dreams sweetie? Don’t worry, you wont feel any pain baby. I have other protocols to promote fast healing. This procedure should be all complete by the time you wake up tomorrow evening.”

I remember ... She is going to ...

I see her cut open my scrotum. I feel a slight pulling as the scalpel moves along the skin. I see her remove my testicles and completely sever them both and throw them into a tray.

NO!! NOT THIS!! I cannot speak. Something is strapped in my mouth like a gag.

I helplessly watch as she strips the flesh from my penus. I can feel the tugging and pulling. Thankfully, no pain. I am horrified as I watch her remove my genitals. There is very little blood. I watch as she pours some of the green stuff on the open wound. I lie back. I have been totally castrated and had my penus mostly removed. I am totally mind blown.

I feel tugging, pushing., and pulling between my legs. There is a tremendous amount of some kind of jelly forming all over my body. It is really thick and getting thicker.

The operation lasts a long time. I am in a real daze. I know I no longer have any male genitals. I had watched as she removed them. My chest has started to feel weird too. I feel her rubbing me between my legs. I have little sensation there ... thank goodness. I look down. Instead of a raw bloody place I expected to see, I saw ... a smooth curving hairless pelvis. Everywhere else on my body, was a very thick layer of some kind of gel. I see something else too. On my chest, I now have a very cute pair of breasts. I cannot believe any of this. I lie back totally incredulous and helpless.

I hear her say in that real cutesy voice, “Ok, baby girl. Mommy has taken all that nasty male stuff away.”

I see her pick up another syringe full of the nasty green stuff. This time, there is a mix of something sparkly blue in it. She comes up to my head and quickly pushes the long needle into whatever is fastened in my mouth. I see her push on the plunger and feel the liquid in my mouth. I expected it to taste horrid. To my great surprise, it tasted of strawberries. I couldn’t help but swallow the liquid because of the way the thing was in my mouth.

I feel it as it hits my stomach. I already feel strange ... this compounds the problem a whole lot more.

She says in her cutesy voice, “All righty baby, time for you to go sleepy bye. You have had a very rough day and you need your sleep. This entire procedure will be complete when you wake up my sweet baby girl. I know you will enjoy being a girl and doubly being a baby girl.”

I can say nothing. I can’t move. My whole body feels so weird and the stuff I just had forced down my throat is taking a very strong effect.

I am totally helpless as darkness comes. My last thought is ... “Help me Somebody!”


I awaken very slowly. My mind isn’t working very well. I feel the firmness of the bed I’m in. I can smell the sweet smell of baby powder. I roll over. I am in a crib. I realize either the crib and the rest of the furniture in this room is huge ... or I am a lot smaller than I used to be.

I am very dizzy headed. I grab hold of one of the bars of the crib and manage to wiggle myself into a sitting position.

I am dressed in a soft pink top with puffy sleeves. I have on a cloth diaper that is very wet and soft pink plastic lined rumba panties.

I remember what happened. I manage to get my hands inside my wet diaper. It’s true. I feel a really pleasant tingle up my spine as my fingers touch where my genitals should be. I have no male parts at all. I pull open the diaper as far as I can and look in. I see I have what looks like a vagina ... nothing else. I am mind blown to say the least.

I am very surprised that all seems to be healed too. There is no sign of surgery. I remember her telling me she had something that promotes rapid healing. It must work.

I grab the top rail of the crib and pull myself to a standing position. My body feels so strange. I look around the room. It is obviously a baby girl’s nursery and I know I am the baby. My diaper feels heavy and cold. I really want a change.

I suddenly am truly shocked. I realize I am dumping in my diaper. I have no control over it. I try to stop ... I can’t. I feel it as it oozes into my diaper. I can feel the weight of it as it comes out. I feel it around my bottom as I finish doing my business in my diaper. I feel really shocked and angry. Another big shock ... I am crying out loud and big tears are coming down my cheeks. I can’t help this either.

The door opens. In walks Lisa with a big cheery flourish.

She says in her cutesy baby voice, “Awww is baby girl having a powbwem?”

I can’t say a word. All that comes out is whimpers and cooing noises.

Lisa comes and check my diaper. She hugs and kisses me gently.

Then she says in that voice, “You are a good baby girl. Don’t cwy sweetie. Is ok for baby to potty in her diaper.”

I start to cry more. I can’t handle what is happening. Lisa picks me out of the crib and takes me to a changing table. I am a lot smaller than I was and a whole lot lighter. She lays me on my back and pulls down my panties. She unpins my messy diaper and lifts me by my ankles. I feel her cleaning my bottom with the diaper. I see her put the messy diaper in a pail of some sort and the lid close.

She puts me back down. I see her open a box of baby wipes. I feel her gently clean me all around between my legs and my bottom. She kisses me softly again. I am actually starting to feel better.

She lifts me by my ankles again and puts a soft thick cloth diaper under my bottom and sets me on it. She rubs cream all over between my legs and on my bottom. Then she powders me generously and pulls the diaper between my legs and pins it on. She pulls up my panties and pick me up. She give me a big kiss.

Then she says, “You will never grow up sweetie. You will always be this size and be helpless. To make it easier for you to handle though, mommy has a special formula she is going to feed you. It will take away your mind and you will regress to about a year and a half old mentally. Isn’t this wonderful?? Your actually are a little girl baby. A dream come true, isn’t it?”

I am panic stricken. I can do nothing about this. It is my wildest fantasy come true though. I am helpless as my new mommy puts me back in the crib.

She says in her sweet cutesy voice, “Ok baby. Enjoy these last few minutes. When mommy gets back, I will feed you your bottle. It take just about 60 seconds for the formula to take effect and you will know what it is like to be a baby girl for the rest of your life! Isn’t this wonderful? I will take good care of you as your mommy too. I will call you Kitsy from now on. Mommy will be right back.”

I watch as she goes out the door. I know that I am going to loose my mind. I also know, no one will ever find me. I have just vanished without a trace. I see Lisa come in with a bottle of what looks like milk in her hand.

She picks me up gently and walks over to a large racking chair by the dresser. She sits with me in her lap. I look helplessly up at her.

She smiles and says softly, “Good bye forever Bryan.”

She adjusts me into the crook of her arm and puts the nipple to my lips ... I remember the whole ordeal and I know these are the last adult things I will ever think. I cannot believe what is happening to me. The flavor of what is in the bottle is incredibly good. I suck on it eagerly. I feel my mind go quickly away as I regress to a cute little 1 and a half year old baby girl.

I am suddenly a very contented baby girl in mommy’s loving arms.
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