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The Leprechaun

Postby Miki Yamuri » Wed Jul 02, 2014 8:36 pm

Title: The Leprechaun


Tommy Strouight - 21yo College Student partying for St. Paddy's – Chris's best friend -Played by: Miki Yamuri

Christopher Lowe - 21yo College Student partying for St. Paddy's - Tommy's best friend – Played by: Sissy Baby Crystal

Scene: A creek in the big woods


Luck had held and it had quit raining the day before St. Patrick’s Day. It had fallen on a Saturday and made it perfect for partying. Tommy and his best friend Chris had taken the 4x4 and loaded it up with 2 cases of beer and lots of food and other types of drinks and gone to their secret party place they had along the creek, deep in the woods.

When they had arrived, they set up the party place with chairs and tables. They built a fire in the rock pit they had made and opened the first beers.

Tom says, "Man, I'm glad to get away from all the noise and rowdiness back at the dorm. Guess we're going to hear those stories for the rest of the year."

He sits back in his chair and finishes the last of the beer before tossing the empty can into the hot fire and watches it melt and burn.

Chris laughs a little and nods his head "Ya, it's nice to get away from all of that for a bit. Was giving me a headache " He chugs down another beer and tosses the can into the fire before grabbing a fresh one.

While the boys partied, a rather short man dressed all in green with pointed shoes came to the edge of the clearing. He watched the boys drink with black eyes that sparkled devilishly. Tom had put another log on the fire when he noticed the little man standing by an oak tree.

Tom calls, "Hi there. You looking to drink some beer? You're welcome if you want."

The little man laughs a deep barrel laugh and comes to the fire.

He says in a jovial tone with a heavy Irish accent, "Top o the mornin to ye lads. N I thinking twold love a mug with ya."

He sits between the boys on a large log they had there. Tom gives the man a beer. He drinks it down seemingly in one gulp.

He shivers slightly and says jovially, "Well lads, this here seems ta be water it does. Would ye thinkin yer man eono ta have some poteen with me? Tis magical tis n helps to make more fun as it brings out the feminine side."

Chris looks at the man curiously but when he hears his voice he can't help himself and laughs a bit "Wait, wait, wait,... seriously? " he shakes his head a little and takes a big swig of his fresh beer before looking back at the man. "You sure get into the holiday spirit don't you man?"

The man again laughs jovially and replies, "N what makes u thinkin I not least part of the holiday lad? Me name's Bryan, what be yours?"

Tom replies, "I'm Tom. I think I would like to try your ... puttin and see how good it is. What about you, Chris? You game?"

"The name's Chris, nice to meet you Bryan. So what brings you out here? " He then thinks a moment about what Tom and Bryan had said. He looks at Tom then back to Bryan and continues, "Ya sure lets see what you've got "

The little man cackles with glee and replies jovially, "N what makin ur thinking I not be here cuz of the Holiday lads? Surly you've heard of the wee people."

Tom laughs loudly and replies, "Well, if you can, tell us some of those .. wee people."

Bryan hands over a large crock jug with a large tapered wood plug in the top.

Chris laughs at the man "Yea right ... good one dude."

He takes the jug and looks it over a moment before shrugging his shoulders and pulling out the plug to take a big swig. Tom takes the jug from Chris and takes a mouthful and swallows. It is like liquid fire as it goes down. It explodes in his stomach .. hot and fiery as he feels it spread. Tom almost drops the jug as he begins to cough and gag.

Chris sputters with his mouth full of the vile liquid as he forces it all down. His head is reeling from the effects as he struggles to stay seated.

Bryan laughs and says, "Now lad, be easy onna poteen there. We no wanna have yur out o the runnin before ye begin."

The little man takes a monstrous drink from the jug ... he takes 5 huge gulps ... then hands it again to Chris. He smiles warmly with no seeming effects from his drink.

Bryan says jovially, "Now lads, that's a man's way of doin it. Try ur hand?"

Chris looks over at the man. His face began putting on a silly grin from the intoxicating liquid as he grabs the jug again and tries to mimic his motion. It takes everything he has not to spew it all back out immediately as he forces it all down and gags a bit handing it over to Tom.

Tom looks at Chris, his head already beginning to swim from his last swig. He says with a thickening tongue, "I bet we can drink as mucsh as you."

Tom takes the jug and tips it up. He forces himself to swallow 2 times before stopping. He couldn't do the third swallow. Everything was on fire ... Tom felt it hit his stomach, then spread rapidly to his head. His vision blurred and he almost couldn't think as he became very drunk.

The small man takes out a pipe carved seemingly of bone. It was made to look like a skull with bright glowing red eyes. He lit it with a burning twig from the fire and says, "Well lads, seems ta me that the wee people have been around watchin you here for a long time. Seems only fit doncha think, that one might wanna drink with ye?"

Tom couldn't believe what he heard. He slurrs, "Whassh thaathh?? Wasshing uss?"

The little man replies, "Why tis so lad, and to tell a tale perhaps?"

Tom roars with laughter. He simply cannot believe what he is hearing, even in his drunken state. Chris is laughing so hard he has tears in his eyes, when he tries to speak all that comes out is bunch of slurring nonsense.

Bryan takes a puff on his pipe and blows several smoke rings. He takes the jug and tips it up high and swallows 5 huge times. Neither Tom nor Chris could believe what they saw.
Bryan then puts the plug back in the jug and sets it beside him.

He says in a soft conspiratorial voice, "Is said if you can catch a Leprechaun, you gets 3 wishes. Tis a huge pot o gold they hide for the lucky lad that finds em."

Tom almost falls over as he takes hold of the wee man's waist coat. Bryan's eyes get huge and a look of fear seems to cross for a moment before he recovers.

Tom says almost unable to speak, "Whasss gooshh isssta goll?? You not helllthhy or happy, dosh not enny good. Tom looks blearily at Chris and continues, "You thinsho??"

Chris has a look of confusion on his face as he stares at Tom and then looks to Bryan, he topples forward in a lunge and latches onto the other side of his coat "Ahaaaaaa weeee gotshya!"

The little man laughs and says in a jolly impish tone, "Ok, lads, Gives ya 3 wishes, great or small, matters not atall."
Tom laughs and slurrs, "I wanna be heallltthhhy. No gets sick."

Bryan says in his jovial Irish accent, "Done.” He then looks to Chris and says, "And you lad? What be yur fist wish?"

Chris thinks a bit "Mmm money! Lots and um.... lots... lots of money... me wants tons! "

Bryan looks sort of perplexed and then says, "Done."

He waves his hand ... before the boys appears a huge 3 legged iron kettle pot filled to over flowing with gold coins. Tom falls out of his chair. He knows he has had way too much poteen and it is really powerful ... he just knows he's hallucinating.

Tom yells, "Nooo!! Thish ishn posshible."

Bryan smiles and says softly with a sly wink, "Well, lad, since u bein new ta this n all I grants you a 4th jus cuz."

Chris' eyes widen as he stares open mouthed at the gold coins. He moves to it but collapses onto the ground. He barely manages to pull himself up so he is hanging onto the pot for support as he sits there looking back at Bryan.

Tom says, Chris, this shtuufs gotssh some kind of hallusshhhinnigen."

Bryan laughs heartily and says, "Now lad, tol u I did it was magical, now didn I? Tis the femminine side u'll meet."

Tom manages to climb to his wobbly feet and says, "Then I want's a posht a gol foe me."

Bryan says in his jovial Irish accent, "Done."

He waves his hand again ... before the boys appears another huge iron kettle pot filled to over flowing with gold coins. Tom's mouth falls open. Even in his drunken state, he realizes this is really happening.

Tom says drunkenly as he collapses on top of the new pot, "I cant belifithit ... thishh isthnt hppnin.”

Bryan laughs and says in his Irish accent, "N what me boyo makin yer thinkin it not?"

Tom looks to Chris and stumbles out, "Ish you seeshis?"

Chris nods his head speechless as he plays with the coins with his hands in his drunken state trying to comprehend what was happening. He is already trying to decide on another wish as greed gets the best of him.

Tom wishes, "I wanna have a motorshycle ... a 250 honda."

Bryan says, "Done."

A red and white Honda, just like the one in Tom's mind, appears before them. Tom is totally incredulous as greed begins to set in on him too.

A light turns on in Chris' head and he grins a bit with his own cleverness " Iiiii waaantssss... ummms eeeeternal yoouuth."

He laughs a little looking triumphant as he lays against the pot groggily.

Bryan says softly, "As ye wish lad ... tis done."

There seems to be a soft glow that covers Chris' body for a second and then fades.

Bryan continues in his jovial Irish accent as he puffs his pipe, "Nu gots one more laddie buck Chris ... n what is ur wish?"

Chris scratches his head a little "Ughn.... I want.... toooo ummmm I want... I want a.... mmm I’m hungry... I want a sandwhich... make it a good one "

Bryan laughs a huge belly laugh and says with a wave of his hand, "Done my lad."

Suddenly, A submarine sandwich the size of a 60 passenger bus appears.

Chris' jaw drops as he grunts, "Uhnngg .... "

He then stumbles to it and grabs on to take a big bite "Mmmm isshhh sho huge though! "

Tom heaves himself to his feet by holding onto the side of the pot. He is very shaky.

Tom says in a drunken voice, "I wanna hhash an islad all my own ta purty on."

Bryan winks and looks to Chris and says, "An u gots a 4th wish too lad?"

"Errr ... I wanna .... a giant yacht to go around hisss island with" Chris replies slurring a bit as he lays back on the ground.

Bryan burst out with a huge peal of laughter and says in a mocking tone, "3 wishes I grant yer, great wishes or small ... wish a 4th an u gets none atall."

With this, all the things vanish in a huge puff of smoke. Bryan dances around the fire 3 times and he too vanishes in a puff of smoke. Tom and Chris suddenly realize they are sitting on the porch of their Dorm Apartment.
Tom looks at Chris in a dazed way and slurs, "Whash jush huppen?"

Chris looks around in complete confusion before shrugging his shoulders with a yawn and belch "Ughuuurrpp!! I don't know ... lets jush forget about it... we're pretty trashed "

Tom agrees with Chris and helps him to stand. Both boys wobble on drunken legs into the apartment and crash where ever they happen to fall.

~~ End pt1~~

~~Pt2 - Surprise!~~

Tom becomes aware. His head feels like a football as he tries to sit up. All of his clothes hang loosely on his body. Chris groans a little as he starts to wake up. He reaches to rub the sleep out of his eyes but something doesn't feel right. Tom looks down at himself ... he realizes something is terribly wrong. Not only do his clothes no longer fit, he can feel a major difference in himself.

He looks to Chris, he is astounded to see a very pretty girl all dressed in loose clothing lying on the sofa. Tom stands, his center of balance is all wrong. His head is pounding from the strong drink from the day before.

Tom says in an incredulous voice, "Who are you and how did you get in here? Where's Chris?"

Tom puts his hand over his mouth ... he can't believe that cute voice is his. Chris looks over curiously and as his eyes open his jaw drops. There is a beautiful girl standing where he had expected to see his friend Tom.

He crawls off the sofa and stumbles a little on his unfamiliar feet before looking around at the girl curiously "Um... I am Chris... where’s Tom? " His now cute voice sounds foreign to him and brings greater confusion. Tom can't believe that the beautiful girl he sees is Chris. He looks at himself once again and realizes he too is female now.

Tom says in his cute voice, "I’m Tom ... wha ... what happened?"

Tom has to hold his now too large jeans up to keep them from falling off. Tom has memories of the day before. He remembers that strange little man ... and the amazing dream he was having about him ... or was it a dream?? He is still freaked out as he tries to make sense of this through his pounding headache.

Chris looks down at himself and then squeaks in surprise and runs his hands over his body curiously.

"Wh-what? How?!!!" He gasps. He is panicking as he reaches between his legs and finds a slit where his parts should be. "I ... I’m ... a g-girl?! " He falls back and sits completely shocked and confused. He kind of remembers a strange dream but not much else from the night before.

Tom gasps out in his cute female voice, "Yu .. y .. you're Chris?? No!"

Tom runs to the bathroom and stares at *herself* in the mirror. The image looking back is a very pretty girl with shoulder length blond hair ... and a very amazed and surprised look on her face. Tom is totally mind blown.

Chris stands a little shakily in his unfamiliar body and goes after Tom. He cries out in shock when he sees himself in the mirror. His hands shakily touch his face and run through his hair as he stares wide-eyed at himself. Tom takes a hand full of his new breasts and gives them a squeeze. A rush of new sensations run through his body.

He turns and says in an incredulous voice, "I ... Ima .. Ima girl??!!"

Tom looks Chris over. He is now a very beautiful girl, standing in clothes way too big for her ... holding the way too large jeans up.

Tom says quietly, "I think we are in .. serious trouble. First off, we have no clothes that fit. You think one of the girls might bring some over so we can at least get dressed??"

Chris gasps when he hears Tom and looks nervous "U-um ... is it ok for them to see us like this? What are we going to do with our lives? " He is panicking and freaking out causing his thoughts to not be so clear "Just um ... well we do need clothes huh.... " He sighs as he looks over how beautiful Tom has become.

Tom replies, "I don't really know what to do. We can't stay here forever ... we have to get out to buy food and stuff. If you can think of a better idea ... I'm all ears."

Tom leaves the bathroom and walks to the living room and flops on the sofa. His mind is racing ... going in major confused circles.

Chris is struggling with his thoughts for a moment as he stands before the mirror. He goes out to the living room and looks at Tom before sighing " well... ugh... what should we do? How do we explain this to them. "

Tom has his face in his hands as he replies in a defeated tone, "I haven't a clue how to explain this. I guess the only way to prove it to them is to tell them something that only we could know. We either have them bring us some clothes ... or we go to the mall in these and buy some ... either way, we still have to explain this sooner or later."

Tom looks up at Chris. He is feeling very confused and scared too.

Chris sighs a little " They aren't going to believe us ... they'll probably be wondering why there are two girls wearing our clothes ... and then .... how can we even date them now? Will we ever be boys again?” Chris shakes his head as he realizes there’s no way out. He continues with another thought, “Oh well... there's no choice right now we have to call them so ... go ahead "

Tom nods his head, He picks up the phone and begins to dial.

He says in his cute female voice, "I'm going to call Amanda. She is just weird enough to believe this."

Tom puts the phone on speaker and hangs up the receiver. The sound of it ringing is heard. Chris watches with nervous apprehension wondering what could happen here.

There is a click and a female voice says, "Hello??"

Tom hesitates for second and the replies, "Amanda?"

She says, "Yes, Who is this?"

Tom uses the first name he can think of, "I'm Melissa ... I'm a friend of Tom and Chris. We seem to be in a bind. Our clothes got destroyed last night at a ... dorm party and we were wondering ... if you could please bring some over for us? We don't have any."

There is lots of laughter from the phone. Tom and Chris blush. Chris looks at Tom thinking a bit about what he said wondering if the lie could even work. He thinks a bit " yea, really funny .... but seriously do you have any clothes? " He asks sounding a bit hopeful "We're really kinda stuck here unless we get some help "

Amanda laughs a bit more and replies in a gasping mirthful voice, "Sure, I'll bring over some clothe for you. I just gotta hear this ... it's too much. Be there in 10 minutes."

The phone clicks as Amanda hangs up.

Tom says to Chris, "I think we better have a really good ... explanation in the next 10 minutes .. don't you?"

Chris nods his head "Ya... I’m not sure what we can come up with but I think she needs to know who we really are once she gets here "

Tom nods his head and replies, "I think she'll be the one to believe this the quickest. She believes in magic and things like .. Leprechauns."

Tom remembers something Bryan had said last night ... about the poteen.

Chris would have normally laughed at something like that but this time he doesn't "Ya ... I suppose she does "

He asks, "Didn't that weird dude say something about the poteen ... getting us in touch with our feminine side?"

Tom begins to remember in a hazy way about all the ... wishes too. He thought it was a dream when he woke up ... no more.

He continues, "Seems Bryan really was .. a Leprechaun."

Chris' memory is very fuzzy from the last night so Tom's words confuse him a bit as he tries to remember " uh ... ya.... I suppose maybe "

Tom replies, "How would you explain what's happened? Don't you remember the huge iron pots full to over flowing with gold coins?"

Chris shrugs his shoulders "Not really.... I don't remember much of anything to be honest it's all like a dream. I'm not sure it really happened ya know? "

Tom slaps her forehead and says with exasperation, "Then how do you think we came to be girls?"

Chris blushes a little and looks down "Well ... I don't know ... I hadn't really thought about it yet still kinda shocked ... it's all so sudden ... it's really kinda crazy huh? But we didn't wish to be girls anyway so like ... it doesn't make any sense "

Tom replies, "I remember as we first started drinking that stuff he brought ... before I had gotten bombed ... he says something about it bringing out the feminine side ... didn't he??"

Chris shrugs his shoulders again " I really don't remember much Tom... but I suppose he might have, I believe you anyway "

Tom stands and walks to the hall closet. He opens the door and gets out 2 sheets, then returns. He gives one to Chris and wraps himself in the one he kept.

Tom says, "Since our clothes are too big, might as well wrap ourselves so Amanda doesn't ask too many questions at first."

Chris takes the sheet and wraps himself up like Tom "Thanks, that's a good idea ... heh. "

The doorbell rings, both girls flinch at the same time ... Amanda's here.

~~End Pt2~~

Pt3 - Amanda

Tom looks at Chris, "Who's gonna answer that? Man ... this is horrible."

A chill is running all through both of the girls.

Chris moves behind Tom "Um ... heh, I’ll let you handle this one " He laughs nervously. " She's your girl anyway right? " He pulls the sheet closer around himself trying not to panic too much.

Tom sighs dejectedly and goes to the door. When he answers it, there is a very pretty blond girl in a sweater and jeans there.

She says in a cheery voice, "Hi, I'm Amanda ... are you Missy??"

Tom takes a breath and replies, "I .. I'm Missy." Tom turns slightly and continues, "This is Chris ... ssie."

Amanda giggles and replies sweetly, "And how did you girls manage to be in this apartment with absolutely no clothes?"

Chris blushes a light pink at the question as he looks at Tom's girlfriend glad at least she doesn't know who they are.

He replies in his cute voice, "Um hey, we kinda... well we were partying and our clothes got so messed up and destroyed this is the first place we could get to ... to hide out "

Amanda walks in and puts a large carpet bag on the sofa. She unzips it and looks at Chris.

She giggles some more and says, "Seems like a very rough game if all your clothes were destroyed. I brought 2 complete changes of clothes. I didn't know your size .. but it seems they will do nicely."

She reaches in and takes a stack of folded clothes and hands it to Chris. A very cute pair of lacy bikini panties on top. Chris can't suppress his embarrassed blushing as he takes the clothes and his eyes fix on the panties.

"U-um ... thanks a lot, that's very nice " he manages to stammer softly in response " I’ll go ... change really quick " he moves off to a different room to get dressed.

Amanda watches Chris go with a very large knowing grin. She reaches into the bag and takes another stack of folded clothes and hands it to Tom. There was another cute pair of lacy bikini panties on top.

Amanda asks, "Where's Tom and Chris? Did they strand you 2 here while they went off?"

Tom blushes red from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. He stairs at the clothes in his hand.

He manages to say softly, "Amanda ... what would you do if you had something incredible to say, but you knew everyone would think you were a loony?"

Amanda giggles softly and replies, "I think I would tell them ... even if it was for a laugh."

Amanda’s large grin makes Chris blush a little more as he closes the door and pulls the panties up his new soft legs. The sensation is strange to him but they feel nice as he starts with the rest of the clothes. The bra causes him much difficulty. He was rather more experienced in the removing of them than the actual placing them on. He finally manages to get himself fully dressed and shyly moves back into the room.

Tom sees Chris return. He says, "Let me get dressed. Chris might know something. I'll tell you a story when I get back."

Amanda says, "This ... I gotta hear."

She sits on the sofa and curls up with a pillow. Tom leaves the room.

Chris looks at Amanda "Um ya ... guess you were right the clothes did fit ... thanks ... very much " he says. softly taking a seat in a chair.

Amanda giggles and replies softly, "No problem. I can see why Tom and Chris would have you over. Your real cute Chrissie."

Chris blushes a bright pink at this. He hadn't really considered how he looked until she said something.

He looks down at himself before looking back at her "Oh ... um ... well ... thanks Amanda ... so are you."

Amanda sits for a second with a bright sparkle in her eye. She really likes Chrissie and thinks she is just adorable. She stands up and walks behind the chair Chris was sitting on. She gently runs her fingers through Chris' soft hair.

Amanda asks, "So tell me how you came to be here in this condition. It has to be a real doozy."
Chris sighs softly when he feels her fingers in his hair. It feels good but he is a little confused at what she is doing. He decides perhaps it's normal for girls to do stuff like that

He stumbles out, "Oh, um ... well, like we said ... the party and stuff ... so ya ... it's really
embarrassing "

Tom removes all the baggy clothes and leaves them in a heap on the floor. He reaches between his legs and gently touches his vagina. A pleasant chill runs through him as he touches. He shivers and still can’t believe what’s happened.

Tom picks up the panties and looks at them for a second. This is the living end. He can’t believe it. He steps into them and pulls them up. The soft silky fabric feels wonderful as he pulls them on. He caresses the smooth fabric between his legs and enjoys the pleasant feelings it brings.

He has problems with reaching around to fasten the bra strap. He finally gives up and turns it around backward. After he hooks the 2 hooks, he turns it back around and fits it to his new breasts. The bra fits perfectly. Tom then pulls on the T. It is form fitting and brings out Tom's breasts beautifully.

He pulls on the jeans and buttons them. He looks in the mirror hanging on the back of the door. The girl looking back was very cute. Form fitting jeans and plumb colored pull over T top. Tom shakes the now her head and returns to the living room and sees Amanda

Tom says, "Are you ready to hear a ...weird tale?"

Tom walks to the sofa and plops down. Chris looks over at Tom with nervous apprehension. Amanda looks at Tom for a second with a strange look on her face ... something about the way Missy said that and sat on the sofa was so ... familiar.

She kisses Chris one more time on the ear and walks and sits beside Tom.

She says in a breathless voice, "I'm all ears sweetie."

Tom takes a very deep breath and says in a shy voice, "Well ... we went to the hideaway place .. down by the creek."

Amanda smiles knowingly. There is still something so familiar ...

Tom continues, "There was this ... weird little man. All dressed in green with pointy shoes."

Amanda laughs and looks at Chris, "Do you agree with this? I want some of ... what ever it was you were doing."

Chris looks down "Um ya... it was pretty crazy I don't remember much."

Amanda laughs more and says, "So Tom and Chris got you drunk did they? What else is there?"

Tom says softly, "They didn't ... do it actually ... it was ... that stuff he had. Called it puttin or something."

Amanda comments around her laughter, "Puttin? Some one gave you a pudding ... that had something in it?"

Tom shakes his head and puts his face in his hands. "No Amy .. I mean Amanda."

Amanda has a sudden recognition of who she's talking to. She isn’t laughing anymore ... She thinks she's crazy ... This is Tom!! No one called her Amy except her mother and ... Tom. The way this girl moves .. and talks ... >>GASP!<<

Amanda looks at Chris with a new look on her face. She says, "Tell me more of this .. weird green man."

Chris sees the new look and it makes him nervous "Uh well... I don't really know what to say, we were drinking. We drank some of what he had and after that ... it's mostly all blank. I don't even remember how we got back home to be honest " he then gasps " err I mean ... how we ended up here at all "

Tom continues with his face in his hands, "Well ... he gave us some kind of drink. It was powerful stuff. He drank it like it was water. 5 swallows at a time ... and I don't know how we came ... to be here either."

Amanda has a really weird expression. Tom has no idea what is on her mind, but he can tell she is mind blown.

Tom sits back on the sofa and says, "Amanda, whatever was in that drink ... changed us."

Tom looks to Chris.

Amanda stands and says incredulously, "Noo. Your .. your saying that .. th .. "

Chris doesn't know what to say at first "Um ... this is so weird " he sighs and shifts a little where he is sitting

Tom completes her thought, "Yes Amy, I am. It's us ... That's Chris."

Tom points to Chris as Amy's eyes follow and stop on Chris.

Chris blushes when her eyes stop on him as he gasps, "It's true... I don't know how it's possible. That... that weird little guy did something. "

Amy says with amazement in her voice, "That is ... not possible .. No, that's silly."

Amanda puts her fingers to her temples and shuts her eyes. She cannot quite grasp what she seems to already know. Things like this don't happen, this is reality.

She turns and says sharply to Tom, "Tell me something that only you or I would know ... maybe ... something personal."

Tom looks up and says, "Well ... I think a heart shaped birthmark on your ... well here."

Tom points his finger to a spot between his legs.

Amanda suddenly blushes pink and gasps, "No ... "

Chris blushes a little as he looks to where Tom had pointed realizing where the birth mark was.

Tom says softly in a cute voice, "Yes ... it's true."

He puts his head in his hands again and continues, "What are we going to do? Chris, have any bright ideas that aren't as weird as the ones I have?"

Chris shakes his head "Not really ... could go try to find that guy again ... if it was all real anyway "

Amanda says, still in shock, "What do you mean if? No one but my parents and Tom knows ... about my ... birthmark. Tell me more about this ... little green man."

Tom replies, "Well, we gave him a beer and invited him to party with us. He said our beer was weak and offered us some of what he had."

Chris nods in sort of agreement.

Tom continues, "He took the first drink ... and man ... no way I could have done that."

Amanda asked, "How many drinks did you have?"

Tom replies, "I think I had like .. 3 swallows ... the little man had 5 huge gulps in just one drink. It didn't effect him. He drank the stuff like it was water! Man ... it was so powerful ... like rocket fuel."

Chris nods his head "Ya... I don't know how he did it... that stuff was insane "

Amanda asks with a bit of mischievousness, "You weren’t trying to out drink this guy were you?"

Chris looks down "Maybe ... not that we stood a chance. "

Tom looks up at Amanda and blushes slightly. He adds, "No way did we stand a chance. That guy drank it like it was water."

Amanda giggles and says sweetly, "Well girls, welcome to the sisterhood. I think this might be fun."

Amanda leans over and gives Tom a huge French Kiss and a loving hug. She turns and goes to Chris and Kisses him lovingly on his lips and embraces him too.

Chris sighs at this "Fun ... yea right ... what about our lives? " His further protests are silenced by the kiss which causes his face to turn a light pink. He looks at her surprised.

Amanda says in a sweet voice, "I think you make really cute girls." she giggles, "and .. I like girls too ... specially you Miss Chrissie."

She kisses him lightly on his pink cheek

Chris looks shy as his blush turns a brighter pink "Really? Didn't know ... " he says softly.

Tom sits back on the sofa with his head swimming slightly from the kiss Amy had just given him ... along with the night’s enubreation.

He gasps, "You mean ... you want to go with .. both of us ... as girls?"

Amanda giggles then replies, "As cute as you 2 are ... don't be silly. A girl would be foolish not to have you as girlfriends."

Chris doesn't know what to think about this. He still wants to try and find a way to get back to normal but Amanda is making it seem so natural as things are.

Tom says softly, "What about our lives? Chris is right. Every thing has changed now. What are we going to tell our families ... our other friends?"

Amanda pokes out her bottom lip in a cute manner and says in a pouty voice, "Ok .. if you girls wanna go look. Lets go, I'll drive."

She takes Chris by one hand and Tom by the other and whisks them out the door to her car in the parking lot. There are people walking around in many places. Many of the young men notice as the trio pass and some are staring with a hungry look.

Tom whispers to Amanda, "Does this happen a lot when your out? I mean ... the boys looking like that?"

Chris sees the looks and blushes looking to the ground. The attention of the men is making him nervous and he doesn't know how to react. He knows that if he was still a guy he'd be giving them the same looks most likely.

Amanda giggles and says happily, "Of course. With the 3 of us together, makes em like what they see. Amanda opens the car doors and continues, "You'll have to get used to that. As pretty as the 2 of you are ... it'll happen lots."

~~End Pt3~~

Pt4 - Leprechaun

Chris and Tom get in the car. Tom sits in the front seat next to Amy.

Chris gets into the back seat and straps himself in before he says wistfully, "I hope we don't have to get used to it ... that little guy better be there "

The drive to the hideaway gave the now girls, a long time to think about things. Neither of them had a clue what the next step was going to be. They arrived at the spot in the woods where the car had to be parked. Tire tracks from their car were still there.

Another thing ... foot prints ... of a small foot in a pointed kind of shoe. Amanda hoped she could catch a glimps of this man.

Tom led the way through the woods to the creek where the camp site was. The place they had built the fire was still warm, all the beer cans had been crushed and placed neatly back into the ash pile. There were many foot prints .. most of them .... of the small foot in the pointed shoe.

Amanda says softly, "Well, I see that little man must be real. Here's the foot print of the shoe you described."

Tom says wistfully, "I hope we can find him. I gotta be changed back."

Chris found a single set of prints that lead back into the wood towards a cave in the side of a cliff in the distance. Tom and Amanda gather next to Chris and look at the prints. That direction seems to be where he went after their encounter.

Chris goes off along the prints and peaks inside of the cave, he calls out in a soft voice " u-um hello? Anyone in here? "

A familiar voice with a heavy Irish accent from a small bent tree outside the cave says cheerily, "Ahh me lassie n what b bringin such a vision of beauty to me door on this fine day?"

Tom and Amanda catch up to Chris ... Amanda stands with her mouth open in awe. She is looking at a real live Leprechaun.

Tom says softly, "Amanda, meet ... Bryan."

Chris gasps when he turns to the voice. His mouth hangs open a little as he stares at him.
Bryan's eyes sparkle as he looks at Tom.

He says cheerily, "N so we met has we lassie? Could it b now that it was sooner than later too?"

Bryan jumps from the small tree and extends his had towards Amanda.

He says softly, "Tis a fine thing ta meet you Amnda it is. Hopes the luck O the Irish is with ye."

Amanda extends her hand in awe as Bryan takes it and gives it a sweet kiss. Amanda feels a wonderful tingle run through her body. It makes her feel wonderful all over. She can't help but blush and giggle as the Luck of the Irish filled her soul with good fortune.

Chris looks a bit confused at his words and then finally speaks " Bryan... what did you do to us? "

Bryan laughs and says, "I did nothin to ye lass, twas the poteen with a wee bit of dust innit was. Is a special drink we have ... to make the St Patrick’s special."

Chris looks unconvinced, "That doesn't make sense, you drank the same stuff! Why would you give it to us anyway if it was going to do this? "

Bryan looks at Chris and says slyly, "Tis a thing we do for the mortal as ye. Ta give ur life more spice. You had the opportunity to have anything yur heart desired did ye? Was it greed that made the 4th wish?"

Tom clears her throat daintily as she blushes and looks at the ground.

Amanda giggles, "So, you had .. wishes?"

Chris thinks a moment before he asks, "Didn't you allow us 4 wishes? I don't even remember what I wished for mostly.... it's your fault for giving us that drink. More spice? That is stupid change us back! "

Bryan says gleefully, "The lasses had 3 each they did, but greed made them 4. Three wishes I grant, big wishes or small ... wish a 4th and get none atall."

Amanda giggles again and says in awe, "You could have had ... untold wealth, power .. and of course health. The others are useless less your well enough to enjoy them."

Chris looks frustrated "Well, maybe you shouldn't be handing out wishes with drink you know we can't handle ... that's a little lame "

Bryan replies, "Tis a bit o wisdom in that sayin lass." He twirls around gleefully and continues, "But tis not also a fools thing ta drink so much? Een so that ye kno not what happened on the morrow? I no forced ye, now did I?"

Tom says with a tinge of anger in his voice, "You could have warned us you know!"

Chris shakes his head "What you did is wrong. We were drinking in peace in the woods where we were safe. You gave us something no human could handle. You knew what would happen and you also knew we were already impaired by what we had drank. So by your logic, it's our own fault for having fun and getting a little tipsy with a friend. "

Bryan says joyfully, "But lassie, I did, I did! Tol you I did it breing out the Feminine side."

Chris shakes his head "Like that matters, you know what you did. You can't try to act innocent that's just ridiculous. You tricked us by using our own drunkenness to mess with us. We were just trying to be friendly and have fun "

Tom suddenly has a strange look on his face. He replies, "I think you did say that ... about the feminine side ... how were w supposed to know this would happen?"

Chris sighs softly "And now what? Can you change us back? It's not like we did anything to deserve this "

Bryan looks to Amanda and says with a bow, "My name's King Bryan it is. Am King of all the Leprechauns. Tis a great folly to b drunken upon wine lassie. I have granted them with wishes of their hearts. There is nothing that can unspill the milk once the urn has toppled. They asked for heath and eternal youth ... to this I granted and to you as well ... and the wealth to take all of you through life. Ti's a gift along with the Luck o the Irish which shall bless ye all the days of ur long life."

With this, Bryan waves his hand ... a huge Iron pot appears filled to over flowing with gold. At the same time, Amy’s body is surrounded in a bright golden glow that sent strong chills though her body.

Bryan bows gracefully and says, "I mus be going I do lassies. Have other work aboout the kingdom need looking to."

He suddenly ... wasn't there.

Chris crosses his arms in frustration and then gasps when he sees the gold. He wants to be angry still, as if gold could pay for his manhood but it's hard with such temptation before him. Besides that, Amanda was really beautiful and actually interested in him now. He is struggling with his thoughts as he looks over realizing Bryan is gone.

Chris gasps, "What?! He just left us?! "

Amanda stands with a wild hurricane of thoughts running through her mind.

She says in response to Chris in a far away voice, "Yea ... he just .. vanished into thin air."

Tom stares in disbelief as she says softly, "It was not just a Leprechaun .. had to be the King."

Amanda giggles and says sweetly, "This is soo neat! It's gonna be lots of fun too, I promise."

She Kisses both of her new girlfriends on the lips then continues, "How are we going to get all of this back home?"

Chris thinks a bit, "Hmmm, I’m not sure, that pot has to be pretty heavy. We probably should empty it here and just take the gold "

Tom agrees. Amanda and Tom help Chrissie begin to empty the pot. No matter how much gold they remove from the huge iron pot, however, it never gets any closer to being empty.

The car is obviously way over loaded by the time Tom says in a frustrated voice, "There's no way we're gonna get that thing empty. The more we load in the car, the more is in the pot."

Tom sits on one of the logs and looks at the still overflowing pot. Chris has to sit down after a bit to catch his breath. His new body was a lot more petite and weaker than he was used to and he realizes Tom is right

He says, "This is crazy, we're gonna have to find a way to move the pot."

Amy looks at the car sitting really low on its springs and shakes her head, "Girls, we probably have a huge fortune in the car now. No one knows of this hide away ... so unless the green man returns and takes it back ... I think it will stay here until we can get something to move it with.”

Tom says through her hands, "If we can trust him to leave it here. Seems Bryan is not as mischievous as legend says Leprechauns are."

Chris looks a little unconvinced but shrugs his shoulders "I suppose, even if someone else does snatch it up, we're already rich anyway "

Amy says, "Why don't we see if the 3 of us can move it over there to the divot in that gully to hide it?"

Tom replies, "What?? Us lift it? Amy, we aren't as strong now as when we were boys. We can't lift that thing ... it's huge."

Chris looks at Amy a bit surprised and says, "Alright, heh, doesn't hurt to try " He moves to one of the handles and grabs on.

Tom shakes his head and moves to another of the handles as does Amy. Together they all lift. There is a huge shower of many colored sparks ... bright golden light surrounds the pot ... amazingly ... it lifts with ease. The 3 girls fall backward away from the pot in total surprise.

Chris looks wide-eyed at the pot before him and slowly gets back on his feet "Wh-what was that? "

The huge pot settles back to the ground spilling a small amount of the coins as it is still

Tom gasps, "I don't know."

Amy says, "It's a magical pot silly ... of course! A Leprechaun’s pot of gold ... is a magical thing. The wish was granted ... it's ours ... so we have to be able to carry it??"

Tom looks at Chris then nods. He says, “The car has way too much in it already ... guess we could go to the apartment to unload and return to get it?"

Chris agrees with Tom "I suppose that's what we'll have to do. Actually instead of taking the time to unload it all at the apartment, lets sell some off now to one of those gold places. "

They all agree with Chris. The 3 girls carry the pot to the divot in the side of the gully and cover it with deadfall. The pot couldn't be seen.

~~End Pt4~~

~~Pt5 - The Mall~~

They get in the car and drive to one of the gold exchanges and sell many pounds of it. The gold coins had an extra bonus ... they were all rare collector's item coins ... fetched 3 times the gold rate because of this. The girl's were very wealthy indeed by the time they arrived at the apartment.

Chris smiles at them both "Wow I can't believe this, we can do anything we want with this kind of money! "

Tom unlocks the door and walks in. There, in the middle of the living room floor ... was a huge Iron pot filled to over flowing with gold coins. Amy and Chris bump into Tom as she stands and gapes.

Amy says sharply, "what's the hold up ... Missy .... " then stops as she sees the pot of gold.

Chris sees the pot and gasps "What? How did that get here? More magic I guess ... huh ... so weird... "

Amy sits on the sofa and has the other 2 girls sit beside her on either side. None can believe what has happened so far today.

Amy says softly, "Seems we need to get your lives in order. I hope you still like girls, " She blushes very pink before she continues, "because I really think the 2 of you are absolutely adorable ... specially Chrissie."

She leans over and gives both of them a kiss on their lips.

Chris blushes pink at this looking surprised and shy about it "Well of course I still like girls ... still the same person "

Amy leans over and wraps her arms around Chris and kisses her softly again.

Amy says in a sweet cooing voice, "Do you really think your the same? Seems to me, you and Missy are very beautiful girls and I am very attracted to both of you."

She then leans over and kisses Missy again. Tom responds and kisses her back. Chris stays blushing as he looks at Amy, she is so beautiful he gives in easily to his desires watching as they kiss each other.

Missy says in a soft sweet voice, "Umm .. I think we need to get some more clothes ... and other girl things. It would be good to have Amy along to .. teach us how to be a girl ... don't you think, Chrissie?" With this, Missy giggles sweetly and sounds very adorable.

Chrissie can't help but giggle a little also with a soft blush "Umm ok ya that sounds good, we are gonna need help for sure with stuff."

Amy stands up and pulls Chrissie to her feet first, then Missy. She giggles pleasantly and says as she pulls the girls by the hand towards the door.

She says happily, "Well, the first thing your gonna hafta remember ... a girl loves to shop."

Amy takes them all to the car and gets in. The drive to the mall was slow because of the traffic. A red Mustang pulls up beside them . In the driver's seat was a very cute boy who noticed them right away.

He whistles out the window and says in a very sexy voice, "How would you girls like to party tonight? I have a house on the beach and a hot tub."

Missy was flabbergasted. Amy giggles and yells back, "Sounds like it might be fun."

Chrissie looks confused being unused to boys attentions but then quickly scrunches up her face in disgust and turns away.

Missy turns to Amy and gasps, "You have to be kidding."

When Chrissie hears Amy she turns to glare at her " there's no way "

Amy giggles and says sweetly, "What's the problem? You're very cute girls and the boys are going to be crazy over you."

Chrissie isn't swayed "It doesn't change how we feel about things, I would never be interested in a boy even with this body "

Missy says in a disgusted tone, "I don't ... think I'm ready for that sort of thing."

Amy looks at the 2 new girls with a sparkle in her eye and says coyly, "I think the Leprechaun thought of that too. You might be surprised at ... what you feel suddenly."

Missy shakes her head violently, "NO!! Never!!"

Amy reaches over and caresses Missy's breast and says softly, "That's ok too ... leaves more for me."

Missy could say nothing. The electric sensation that ran through her was intense as it was new. She could feel it all the way to her new vagina.

Chrissie agrees readily with Missy "Ya I promise you that will never happen, it's repulsive to think about "

Amy reaches over and caresses Chrissie between her legs and says, "I think I can help some. I like girls too ya know."

Missy sits silently. Many new emotions and tumultuous thoughts running through her head. One thing that was very new ... the caress made her panties very wet and she felt a strong arousal. Chrissie blushes pink and lets out a soft moan as she feels her touch. She had never felt like this before in her life and it made her head spin a little with desire.

Missy finally looks out the window at the boy in the Mustang. His face was radiantly handsome. The feelings that welled up within her scared her. She couldn't believe how intense the attraction was that built in her.

She yells out the window, "I don't think so. Maybe ... later ?? ... a whole lot later??"

The boy started to yell something back, but the traffic had begun to move again and it was lost to the universe.

Missy looks at Chris and says softly, "Chris, I think there is more to our transformation than ... just outside."

Amy asks softly, "What's the matter Missy?? The boy ... attracting you a bit??"

Chrissie looks at Missy with disgust " ewww.... but whatever ... I suppose with our new bodies it's fine huh? "

Missy says in a confused voice, "I don't know Chris ... I can't help what just happened. It scares me."

Amy coos sweetly, "What happened Missy girl?? Is there more to you than you first thought??"

Missy drops her head and blushes very pink. She can't bring herself to answer. Chrissie and Amy both giggle.

Amy coos to Chrissie, "Well, you sound and act just like a girl ya know. I'll say again you better be careful, I think I'm attracted to both of you."

With this, she blows 2 kisses to the girls.

Chrissie smiles a little shyly at Amy " Maybe I don't wanna be careful "

Amy replies in a very sexy whisper, "I certainly hope so. You're going to be a lot of fun."

The trip to the mall passed. Amy finally parks in the lot and the girls get out.

Amy says excitedly, "Well girls, you're gonna need some underwear n stuff. I think the first place we can go is Victoria's Secret ... get you some sexy panties n bras. Make the boys really nuts."

She grabs the 2 girls by the hand again and pulls them across the lot into the mall.

Chrissie sighs "Boys ... ya right " she then gasps as she is pulled by the hand across to the mall "What's the rush Amy?! " she then giggles a little finding herself really looking forward to the shopping for some reason. She had never been into shopping at all as a boy unless maybe it was for music or something.

Missy is blushing terribly. She had not ever thought shopping was fun either. Deep inside though, there was an excitement building that she had never had before. Missy was actually looking foreword to the new clothes and really couldn't believe it.

Amy finally pulls the girls into Victoria’s Secret.

A very cute female attendant walks up and says sweetly, "Can I be of assistance girls?"

Amy says excitedly, "Yes, We need to buy clothes for my girlfriends here ... money's no object."

The attendant asks, "How much money are you wanting to spend?"

Amy giggles and replies, "More than an obscene amount."

The attendant and Amy giggle as the other girls stand and blush.

The attendant says, "My name is Jessie. I think we can have lots of fun trying things on."

Jessie then leads the girls deeper into the store. She begins bringing out the sexiest panties, bras, and other
lingerie the store had. Chris and Missy began trying on outfits too. Missy was really impressed with the black bikini. Chris even found the Angel Babydoll night gown attractive. Chrissie looks around the store that is mostly foreign to her and it keeps her cheeks a light pink. She tries to control her wandering eyes as she realizes that well it may be normal for a boy to be admiring a beautiful attendant people would look at her weird if she started doing it as she was.

Missy was totally lost. She had never been in a Victoria's secret, much less to buy herself clothes. She looks around and blushes even pinker if it were possible. The attendant returns with a cloth measuring tape and measures the girls. She then begins to bring out the sexiest panties ad bras Chrissie and Missy had ever seen. She brought out many types
of special make ups and showed the girls how to apply it properly. Chrissie actually enjoyed the perfumes as much as Amy and Tom did.

She brought out many different styles of bras and nightys along with many cute outfits. Amy insisted the girls try on many of the halters and short shorts. By the time she was done, there were many packages on the counter.

Jessie finally rang it all up and said, "The total comes to $9,799.99. Will that be cash, or charge?"

Chrissie is blushing as she looks over all the clothing, she had never imagined wearing anything like it and it gave her a funny feeling knowing it was for her. Melissa couldn’t believe all the things Amy had selected for them. She had never in her life imagined wearing any of this ever.

Amy says to Jessie, "Oh, it'll be cash. That's not too much money ... I have it on me. Hope you don't mind hundreds??"

Jessie's mouth sort of drops for a second before she regains her composer as Amy stacks 10 $100 bills on the counter from her large purse. Jessie counts it up and marks all the bills with a brown mark from a pen by the register. All the bills were real. She places them in the slot in the floor where the safe is. It's all she can do to stuff the 10 bills all in she is so flabbergasted.

She tears off the very lengthy receipt and says softly, "Please, come back and see us real soon."

Amy giggles and replies sweetly, "I'm sure we will."

The girls leave with all their packages delicately balanced in their hands and on their arms. They manage to carry their packages to the door of the mall.

A very handsome young man asks, "You girls need a hand? Here, let me help with the door."

He opens the door and lets them walk through.

Missy says in a very cute voice, "That's very kind of you. We need to take this stuff to the car."

He takes several packages from the girls and walks behind them like a lost kitten.

He says in a dreamy deep voice, "my name is John. What's your name?"

Chrissie sighs softly unused to things a bit still as she walks along thankful for the help but wary of the attention.

Amy says sweetly, "My name's Amanda. These are my friends, Melissa and Chrissie."

John replies, "Glad to meet you. I hope we can meet again sometime ... maybe over coffee at Starbucks?"

Missy blushes very red at the suggestion and replies, "Maybe .. later. We're very busy now ... have a lot of shopping we have to do."

Chrissie shrugs her shoulders and looks away disinterested in the boy.

The boy has a slightly disappointed look on his face ... then smiles broadly.

He helps the girls put all their packages into the trunk.

He says to Missy, "Here's my phone number if you girls would like to go to dinner or coffee or something."

John looks at Chrissie and says softly as he hands her another number, "Here's my cell .. Chrissie .. if you’re interested. I think you are one of the prettiest women I have ever seen. Amanda and Missy too. Please don't be offended ... it's the truth."

Missy says in a soft voice with a tinge of shyness, "I thank you for the compliment. Perhaps later ... we're really busy right now. What you think Chrissie? Coffee at Starbucks could be fun."

Missy shivers as a nice chill runs through her. She realizes what she was feeling when she said this. She couldn’t believe how strong the attraction to ... a boy was suddenly. Missy was getting scared at her own feelings and emotions.

Chrissie looks at John a little coldly and just tears the number in half without a word "thanks for the compliment. If you'd like you can go Missy" she is trying hard not to blush. It isn't easy so Chrissie just looks away after that. She isn't at all interested but it still makes her feel good to hear such things for some reason.

John's expression changes suddenly. He drops his eyes and says, "I didn't mean to offend anyone. I'm very sorry. I'll be going." With this he waves and walks off to be quickly lost in the throng.

Missy says softly, "Chris, at least accept the fact ... You're a very pretty girl now."

Chrissie sighs softly and feels a little bad but she is determined to firmly reject any boys attempt to flirt with her. It makes her feel all icky when it happens although, the compliments are nice to hear she supposes.

Amy looks at Chrissie and says, "You don't have to accept any of their attention, but you still should be nicer. Who knows, in the future, you might even come to like it."

Missy turns her head and blushes. There are a lot of new emotions and feelings welling up in her that she is unable to control. They really are scaring her.

Chrissie sighs softly " well maybe you're right Amy, I suppose I should try to be a little nicer ... anyway but it's not going to be easy. It feels so weird when they do it and not in a good way. "

Amy giggles and replies, "I guess I can understand that ... just yesterday you were a guy."

Missy looks at Amy and begins to wonder about herself. She feels a sweet tingly attraction to John very strongly. She's also feeling strong attractions to Chrissie and Amy. She shakes her head a bit to clear it and tries to ignore the sweet arousal welling up inside her ever since Amy caressed her breast and kissed her.

Chrissie nods softly "Ya ... it will be hard to decide it's not so icky for guys to be looking at me and stuff but either way they're only going to be disappointed if they keep trying with me "

Amy says excitedly, "Let's go to Minnie’s Clothier. I think we can get some really nice dresses and tops."

Missy says, "Amy, we already have a trunk full of clothes and things."

Amy replies, "We don’t have any dresses and skirts ... or pants. Just do what I'm telling you. It'll be lots of fun."

Chrissie giggles a little "That's a good point, we do have rather a lot already don't we? "

Missy looks at Chris with a defeated look and nods. Amy takes both girls by the hand again and whisks them back into the throng of the mall. Before they knew it, They were in Minni's. The clothing displayed all around was absolutely fabulous.

A young female Clerk came up and said sweetly, "Welcome to Minnie's, how may I be of service?"

Chrissie looks around, her eyes sparkling a little with desire as they stare at all of the clothing. Her mind hadn't ever considered much about such things before. Now, as she looks around, she wants it all. Missy too was extremely excited at the prospect of the new clothes. She was even beginning to agree with Bryan ... this adventure did add fun and excitement with a good helping of spice to her life.

Amy said, "I'm looking to buy a complete wardrobe for my 2 girlfriends. They had all their clothes destroyed by ... an accident.” the girls look at each other for a bit, then giggle.

For several hours, the attendant brought out the clothes. Missy and Chris tried them all on with Amy as their critic. Amy only allowed them to purchase the clothes that made them the cutest and most adorable they could be. Missy was molding a pair of boy short hot pants and a peasant top. Amy's eyes sparkled at how adorable Missy was.

Missy says in a cute whiny voice, "Can't we stop? I think we have enough clothes for now. Besides ... how we gonna put it all in the car?"

There was a huge pile of clothes on several counters .. all for them. Chrissie's cheeks are a bright pink by the time they are finished and she hadn't failed to notice how cute and adorable Amy was making them out to be. This resulted in her feeling very shy whenever she stepped out to model the various outfits for her. She smiles at Missy and looks at Amy nodding her head in agreement.

Amy sighs and says, "Aww .. you girls need to get into the spirit of things."

Missy replies, "If we get any more into the spirit ... we won't be able to get in the car."

Again the girls giggle. The attendant begins to ring it all up .. it took a long time. Chrissie sighs a little as she waits watching each item go by.

The attendant finally finishes ringing it all up and says, "That's 14,988.99. Will that be Master Card, or Visa?"

Chris and Missy look at Amy as she opens her huge purse and counts out 15 stacks of hundred dollar bills ... each stack had 10 bills.

Amy says softly, "I think it'll be cash ... it's not much money anyway, thought it would be a whole lot more."

The attendant's eyes bulge as her mouth drops open. She looks at Amy with the look of incredulity.

She stammers, "I .. umm .. I .. yes, that will be fine."

Chrissie can't help but giggle at the attendant's reaction.

Missy leans over and whispers to Chrissie, "You think she wet her panties??"

Missy giggles. Chrissie giggles more "Hehe, I wonder "

The girl takes the marking pen and checks all the bills ... all of them are real. She makes the change and gives it to Amy.

The attendant says with awe in her voice, "Please, do come back again real soon."

Missy giggles and says, "We will, I'm sure."

The girls look at all the packages. There are large piles of them everywhere.

Missy says to Amy, "How are we going to get all this to the car? Much less, is there enough room for it and us too?"

The attendant says cheerily, "I can have it delivered if you girls want. Part of the service since you purchased so many things."

The girls look at each other for a second and said in unison, "Sure, that would be really nice."

Missy gives the attendant the delivery address to their apartment and a $500.00 tip. The girls then walk out of the store as the attendant stood with her eyes wide and mouth opened.

Chrissie smiles happily as they walk out "Well, that certainly worked out well, I had no idea they had a service like that "

Missy says, "I think it's because we bought most of their inventory." The girls giggle again.

Amy says, "I'm hungry. Wanna stop at the food court and get something?"

Missy nods immediately. Her tummy had been growling for a while now.

Chrissie smiles in agreement, "Yes, I’m pretty hungry also."

Amy leads the way to the food court. The girls stand in line at the Red Tomato.

Missy asks, "Why here? Why not over there at the hamburger place?"

Amy gasps and has a look of horror on her face as she says, "Missy!! You are a girl now, you have to watch your figure!! You can't just eat anything or you'll get really fat."

Chrissie giggles a little "Well it's fine with me, I always liked salads anyway" she says honestly.

Missy looks at all the fresh things to make a salad from and isn't upset. She really likes all she sees. Amy and the girls make themselves nice salads and sit. Amy shows them how to sit properly and how to be dainty as they eat.

Missy couldn't help but notice how many of the men would look them over. She was becoming self conscious from all the eyes. She was wishing she hadn’t worn the new boy shorts and peasant top.

She asks Amy, "Do the men always stare at you when you go out?"

Amy giggles sweetly and replies, "Lots do sweetie. Your gonna have to get used to it. You and Chrissie are too pretty not to have them admire you."

Missy looks at Chrissie and has to agree ... She and Amy are absolutely adorable. Chrissie enjoys her salad as she eats it and is thankful for Amy's help. She doesn't want to cause herself any extra attention by doing something improperly as she carefully takes each bite.

The girls finish their lunch and return to the car. The drive home was quicker than the one to the mall due to less rush hour traffic. When they had finally unloaded the car and taken the huge delivery from Minnie’s ... they all collapsed on the sofa and sprawled all over each other in a cute pile of girl.

~~End Pt5~~

~~Pt6 – Baby Dolls~~

Amy found herself in a dream spot. She couldn't believe she was all snuggled up with 2 of the most adorable girls she had ever met. The real prize was, she knew who they used to be, and adored who they had become ... and she knew .. she too had a wish fulfilled the girls would be unable to resist. This filled Amy with considerable joy.

She turns over on her side and pulls Chrissie closer. She kisses her softly on the lips and whispers sweetly, "Chrissie, you're one of the prettiest girls around. I hope it doesn't offend you I said that?" Amy caresses Chrissie's face softly with her fingers.

Chrissie blushes a light pink as she finds herself enjoying Amy's touch. She is so beautiful she can't help but give in "Of course it doesn't offend me Amy ... you're so beautiful."

Amy smiles as she gives Chrissie a wonderfully soft and passionate French Kiss. She wraps Chrissie's leg over the top and embraces her. Amy's hand takes a gentle squeeze of Chrissie's cute bottom.

Amy says in a cooing voice, "I hope you don't mind, but Missy is adorable too. I want the both of you to come live with me ... be my living baby dolls ... if that's agreeable. We can buy a huge house ... all our own."

A very strange feeling of desire and acceptance to being a living baby doll fills both Missy and Chrissie. Missy rolls over and puts her leg and arms around Amy as well and replies softly, "I have been wanting you to move in with me for months. You mean I had to become a girl before you wanted to?"

Amy replies, "Not really, just this ... helped lots." The girls all giggle.

Chrissie blushes at the thought. She still hadn't thought of her best friend as being attractive. It feels a little weird to her but looking at Missy she can't help but feel some attraction. She gently runs a hand along Amy's body enjoying how she feels. The desire to be Amy’s baby doll is now foremost in her mind.

The desire becomes over powering and Chrissie says in a soft, cute little girl voice, "Moving in with you .. and being your baby doll ... That sounds perfect.”

For the next 40 minutes, the girls hugged, kissed and allowed Amy to caress them in all their squeaky places and gave themselves totally to her. This was such a wonderful new thing. All the nice intense feelings and emotions it created inside the new girls, made them putty in Amy's soft and exploring hands. Both Chris and Missy were astounded at how much they desired to be with Amy and to please her. Amy was rapidly becoming the soul reason for them to live.

Missy finally gasps in a soft squeak. There are waves of intense sensations and strong emotions running all through her body. Amy Continues to caress her gently between the legs and kisses her passionately as Missy has her very first female orgasm.

Amy asks softly, "Was that nice sweetie?"

Missy gasps in a cute voice, "I ... it .. was ... totally awesome!"

Amy turns and takes Chrissie in her arms. She begins to caress her in the same manner. The Kisses were very deep and passionate as the caresses. Chrissie is blushing as she listens to Missy and watches her reach her orgasm. As she feels Amy's touch switch to her she gasps and her breathing intensifies while she kisses Amy in return enjoying her body.

Amy knows just where to put her hands. She continues to caress Chrissie until she too helplessly has her first female orgasm. Amy coos to Chrissie softly as she gasps out. The kisses were very deep and passionate for the girls. Chrissie feels her female orgasm throughout her whole body as she lays back letting the pleasure wash over her. It takes her a moment to catch her breath and for her mind to focus again properly "That was... intense "

Amy says softly to them both as they recover their breath, "I think I'm in love."

She then passionately kisses them both again.

Missy manages to gasp out between kisses, "What about a house? We can't stay here, there are too many questions we can't answer."

Chrissie nods her head "We have to go somewhere.... lets get like... a mansion or something cool hehe " she giggles a little smiling sweetly.

Missy adds, "Yea, Like one so big we have to have a road map to not get lost." The girls giggle.

Amy untangles herself from the other girls and gets off the sofa. She walks to a phone and dials.

She says, I'm calling a friend of my mom's. She's a Realtor and won't ask any questions about where the money came from."

Missy sits up. She says softly with a bit of cute shyness, "I think I want to take a shower. I feel sort of ... messy."

Amy replies, "That’s a good thing to do. We can all take a bath together before we go and see if we can find a house."

Chrissie smiles "That does sound like a good idea, we definitely need it " she giggles a little in a very cute way.

Missy looks at Chrissie and blushes. He hadn't thought about how adorable his best friend had become. Missy also couldn’t believe how strong the attraction had become either.

She says to Chrissie, "Hope this doesn't freak you out too much, Chrissie, but I think .. I ... I think I'm falling in love with you too." She looks to the floor and blushes very pink.

Chrissie blushes a bright pink when she hears this "Um w-well... I think I feel the same " she admits softly.

Missy looks up with a real sparkle in her soft blue eyes. She says softly, "Really?? Ohh Chrissie."

She rushes over to Chrissie and hugs her passionately and Kisses her deeply before Chrissie can react.

Amy giggles and says, "Now save some for me. You can't eat all the treats all by yourself."

Chrissie squeaks softly in surprise blushing more as she wraps her arms around Missy to hug her back. Missy breaks the kiss and sits back on the sofa. She is blushing very pink and has many new and powerful emotions welling up from deep inside.

Missy says in a soft whisper, "Sorry, I .. I can't seem to help the emotions I'm getting. Seems Bryan changed me more than he changed you ... or maybe because I drank more than you did ... I'm being changed more."

Chrissie looks at Missy curiously "What do you mean Missy? Why are you apologizing? I said I felt the same way... " she says softly.

Missy says in a barely audible whisper, "I .. I'm attracted to .. t .. to boys too Chrissie. I can't help it .. it just happened."

She turns her head away and looks to the floor.

Chrissie shrugs her shoulders "It’s nothing to be embarrassed about Missy... you know I’d still be your friend if we were still guys and you were attracted to boys so why should I care now? It's more normal anyway... I’m the weird one for not liking them " she giggles a little trying to cheer her friend up.

Missy looks up and says softly, "you always were my best friend." Missy gets up from the sofa and kisses Chrissie on her cheek.

Amy could be heard, "Hello?? Joan?? This is Amanda. Yes, I'm fine **giggle** I would love to play the part of your little girl for a weekend. I even have some new girlfriends I think you would love. Yes .. their name's are Chrissie and Melissa. Yes, Joan, they are extremely adorable .. I'll introduce you when we come to your office. We came into a .. huge fortune recently. We want to Buy the largest house you have. Yes ... The Regenold estate would be perfect ... Cash of course. No, ma’am, we didn't rob a bank. $40 Million?? Chump change. See you in a little while.. Yes .. that one .. It's no joke. See you then ... bye ... Love you lots too ... Kissies."

Missy stared at Amy for a bit and then said in an awe filled voice, "$40 ... million?? Amy ... how are we going to ... explain all this?"

Amy says softly, Missy, The Luck of the Irish blesses us .. remember?? This house came available as I was on the phone with Aunt Joan. We aren't going to have to ... explain much to anyone ... We have the Promise of a Leprechaun. As mischievous as history has said they are ... once you have the promise ... it’s carved in stone."

Chrissie is a bit in awe of the situation herself "Wow.... I never imagined having a house like that ... that's so amazing! "she is smiling happily being truly excited for her new life now.

Amanda says, "Well, girls, Lets go get cleaned up so we don’t feel so yukkie."

Amanda begins to shed clothes as she walks to the bathroom. By the time she enters the door, she's only in her bikini panties.

Her voice can be heard sweetly from the bathroom, "Come on Baby dolls, don’t be shy."

Chrissie giggles and undresses herself as well as she follows after Amy into the bathroom. She can’t believe how overpowering the need to do what Amy asked has become. Missy looks at Chrissie for a second with a surprised look, then she too begins to shed clothes as she heads for the bathroom. The need to do as Amy asked is beyond Missy’s ability to resist.

The shower with Amy was one of the most enjoyable showers the new girls had ever had.
Amy treated both girls just like little children being lovingly bathed by someone who adores them.

Amy had washed both of their hair in the new Jasmine smelling shampoo. She added the conditioners and their hair became very soft and full. Amy made sure to caress them in their new squeaky places so they could experience it to the fullest. Amy now knew ... the Leprechaun had granted her secret wish ... Missy and Chrissie belong to her now. They were her living, breathing baby dolls. Amy was the happiest girl on the planet.

Missy was totally enraptured during the whole shower. She had several more sweet orgasms and had fallen helplessly in love. Missy knew she was doing it, but was totally helpless to stop herself. She gave herself totally to Amy ... she knew in her heart, she was Amy’s property for life.

Chrissie was equally enjoying her pleasant times in the bath close to the both of them. All of the new feminine scents and sensations washing over her body and mind enraptured her as she cuddles and caresses with the girls. Chrissie also knew she was doing it, but was totally helpless to stop herself. She gave herself totally to Amy ... she knew in her heart, she was Amy’s property for life as well. Amy’s wish was now granted ... Missy and Chrissie were Amy’s baby dolls.

Amy finally lets the girls out of the tub. They were totally helpless and lived to do what ever Amy desired. She dries them both in a large thick towel, making sure to caress them lovingly the whole time. Amy showed the girls how to brush and do their hair ... so it was adorable. She helped them put on their makeup.

When it came time to dress, Amy insisted the girls wear the new baby doll halter tops and short shorts with the cute lacy panties. It was nice and warm out and Amy wanted to show off her new Baby Dolls. Amy watched as the girls put on their bikini panties and helped them tie the halters on. She hugged and kisses them softly the whole time. Amy was truly infatuated on the love side more than she had ever been. She actually had the most beautiful Dolls on the planet and intended them to always be cute and adorable.

Missy and Chrissie knew the changes were happening. They felt each and every time a new awareness overcame them. Neither of them had any resolve to resist any of the feelings and strong desires to please Amy. They knew ... they were helpless to resist and that their lives were totally Amy’s.

Chrissie is blushing a light pink as Amy dressed her in her new outfit. Chrissie is truly enjoying Amy's attentions. Chrissie realizes she can't get enough of Amy’s touch. Chrissie is overcome when she realizes, she needs Amy to dress her ... to touch her ... it’s how it’s supposed to be ... She can’t believe it .. she .. really is a baby doll .. all Amy’s.

Amy makes another phone call after she had completed bathing and dressing her new baby dolls. She had called the Gold exchanged and asked if a representative could come to them to make gold conversions to cash. When they heard the amount of transfer, they agreed.

Amy says, "Ok, seems we're going to have company. We need to put the Pot in the bedroom and have a huge pile of it waiting for him.”

Amy walks to one handle on the pot and takes hold.

Chrissie goes to her and grabs another handle smiling a bit " who is this guest? " she questions curiously.

Missy grabs the other handle and asks, "Yea, who is this .. guest?"

The girls lift the pot amid a shower of light and sparks, and carry the pot to the bedroom.

Amy replies, "It's that cute guy from the gold exchange *giggle* He's really cute."

Missy looks at Amy and shakes her head before she replies, "You trying real hard to make us uncomfortable ... aren’t you?"

Amy giggles and replies, "No, sweetie, just I know you're feeling the attraction and I want you to know how good it feels."

Chrissie giggles, "Well, you two can have him then " she says sweetly as she grabs a armful of the gold to carry to the front.

Missy blushes very pink as she collects gold coins that had fallen from the overflowing pot as they moved it.

By the time the door bell rings, the girls had a huge pile of gold coins sitting on a sheet in front of the coffee table.

Missy says, "Chrissie, it's your turn to answer the door. Have him come in and sit in this chair so he can weigh the stuff."

She points to the chair set between the coffee table and the pile.

Chrissie can't help but giggle "My turn huh? I didn't realize we were taking turns " she says playfully as she goes to the door and brings the man in to them.

The man from the gold exchange was a very handsome young man with a radiantly cute face and a soft deep voice. Amy and Missy were spell bound as he sat in the chair and set up his precision scales. He began to weigh out the coins and puts them in large canvass bags.

Chrissie lounges back unconcerned but does take interest in Amy and Missy's reaction to the man. She smirks a little at the thought of her best friend with a man but figures what she said earlier really was true ... Chrissie could tell ... Missy was a girl now and not her friend Tom.

The man from the gold exchange says softly, "My name is Randy, How did you girls come by this much gold? You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. I will have to give you a certified check for the balance. I don't have that much cash on me. I'm only able to carry $20 Million in my briefcase."

Randy places his briefcase on the table beside the scale and opens it. There were many stacks of $100 bills neatly arranged in rows. Chrissie's eyes widen a little as she eyes that large amount of cash. She had never seen so many hundreds in her life and it left her feeling a little awed.

The man makes out a certified check for the amount of $92 million dollars. Missy stares at the check. She had never even dreamed of that much money in one place .. and ... 1 third of all of it was her's. Chrissie eyes the check and then finds her mind drifting to the unending pot and realizes that money has no value to them anymore. They are literally infinitely rich and at any point can get more money when they need it. The whole thought leaves her head feeling a bit tipsy.

Randy gathers all the gold up and puts it in his van. The springs were noticeably compressed by the time he was done.

He hands each girl a business card and says in his dreamy voice, “If you girls come across any more gold, Just give me a call. I'll come to you and make the exchange in a discreet manner."

Missy and Amy were standing cutely by the door with very pink faces as the young man was about to leave.

Chrissie watches the girls reactions to his voice and sighs softly with a little giggle "I’ll never understand it " she says lightly.

Missy couldn't help herself anymore. She came up to the young man and kisses him very softly and sweetly on his lips. Amy and Chrissie giggle. Missy blushes very pink and puts her hand to her mouth. Her eyes are very wide ... she can't believe how intense the feelings in her are or that she had just kisses a boy the way she had.

Missy gasps out in a cute whisper, "I ... I'm ... I'm so sorry ... I didn ... Didn't mean ..."

Randy smiles a beautiful smile and says in his deep voice, "It's quite all right ma’am. I can't complain in any way to have such a beautiful girl give me a kiss."

With this, He kisses Missy on her lips one more time ... then departs. Missy and Amy watch with puppy dog eyes as he gets in the car and drives away. Chrissie turns and goes inside immediately with a little giggle. Missy and Amy dreamily twirl around and flop on the sofa in a pile with a wistful sighs. They snuggle and hug each other for a minute before the burst into giggles.

In unison they say in happy very sweet voices, "He's so cuuutteee!!" Then they giggle again.

Chrissie giggles a little more as she watches them and smiles "You're both so silly "

Missy says softly, "Might be silly sweet heart, but I can't help how attractive he is ... or the fact I'm attracted. It .. it scares me .. but it feels so good too."

Amy hugs Missy and kisses her softly on her lips. After a second ... Missy returns the kiss. The girls wrap themselves around each other passionately for a bit as they caress and kiss.

Chrissie smiles warmly " I understand, I suppose I should be reacting like you but I just don't feel it " she says honestly

Amy says, "It's ok Chrissie ... as long as you don't mind this."

Chrissie giggles " of course I don't mind, to each their own "

She untangles herself from Missy and gets off the sofa. She walks to Chrissie and hugs her passionately as she French kisses Chrissie on her lips. Chrissie hugs her back and sucks softly on her tongue enjoying the passionate kiss as she lets her hands caress along her back while in her embrace.

Missy says in a gasping faraway voice, "We need to gget going. We have to buy a house ... and now it seems we have to open a bank account ... to get this check Cashed. It's drawn on Bank Ameristeal ... guess they could cash it ... but it won't be today."

Amy replies, "We have enough cash ... to make it known we are paying cash."

Chrissie giggles "That is true enough " she says " I hope the Regenold Estate is a good place to live."

The girls finally leave and get into the car. They drive to Joan’s Realty and walk in. There are several men and women in the place when they walk in. One heavy set man stand and approaches as he says in a cheery voice, "Welcome to Joan’s Realty, is there anything I can help you with?"

Amy says, Yes, We're here to see Joan. I'm her ... niece ... so to speak." the girls giggle,

A beautiful older woman from one of the back offices yells out, "Amy?? Come to my office and bring you girlfriends. I want to see the new Little Girls that are coming with you to my house to play."

Chrissie looks a little curious "Little girls? " She asks softly "We're not really little " she sensibly points out a bit confused by the older woman's choice in words "and, what are we playing? "

Amy leans over and blows softly in Chrissie's ear and says softly, "She means sweetie, that we are Little Girls. She dresses us in cute outfits and we play with our toys while she is mommy. It's lots of fun."

Chrissie doesn't understand and thinks it's a little odd but if Amy says it's fun she might try it out.
Chrissie says in a very soft whisper amid very strong willing emotions, " Dress up? We seem a little old for that but if you say so ... may as well try it."

Amy takes them by the hand and leads them into Joan's office and shuts the door.

Amy says, "Hi Joan. This is Chrissie, and this is Missy."

Joan looks at the girls with bright sparkly eyes. She coos, "Why Amy, your friends are absolutely adorable.”

She walks from behind the desk and kisses the girls softly on their cheeks. Chrissie blushes a little shyly from the compliment, she finds herself enjoying the attractive older woman's attention.

She continues, "Now, about the Regonold Estate. You will have to have a 10 Million dollar deposit to hold it."

Amy puts the huge Briefcase on Joan’s desk and opens it. She counts out $15 million in stacks of $100 dollar bills. Joan's eyes get really big by the time Amy has finished. Chrissie watches her trying not to look too impressed with their own amount of money as it's counted out.

Amy asks softly, "Is $15 million enough? We have a certified Government Check for $92 million ... but it will take months to get it cashed."

Amy shows Joan the huge Certified Check made out to her. Joan sits back hard in her chair. Her mouth open and her eyes huge. Chrissie giggles a little when she looks at Joan's face to see her reaction.

Amy says sheepishly, "I told you we had come into a fortune. We can pay cash for the estate ... but it will have to be after this Check clears."

Joan looks at Amy and says in a shocked, far away voice, "We umm .. h .. have an investing division here. We can handle the check ... and the Regonold Estate purchase as an investment ... that way you will have your cash within 24 hours."

The girls look at each other then giggle.

Amy says, "That would be fine. That would allow us to start moving in immediately."

Chrissie's eyes light up, she is excited to be able to start getting everything together. Joan opens a desk drawer and removes huge stacks of forms. She explained to the girls what the investment forms meant ... showed them the optional features that would help increase the capitol gains per quarter ... and the papers to purchase the estate and Deed transfer. All the Lawyer fees were waived because of the amount of Cash involved.

It took several hours and lots of signatures from all the girls to complete their task. It was well after 4pm by the time the girls were standing in the huge foyer of their new House. The girls looked all around at the very posh and ornate furniture, wall hangings, books, and the gold spiral staircase was a real eye catcher. The master bath was a huge swimming pool sized marble whirlpool hot tub. All the fixtures looked like they were made of solid gold.

Chrissie's eyes are wide as she looks around their new house. Every time she thinks about it she feels a little dizzy at the thought that it's all theirs. The shower was a climate controlled environment chamber .. it can be programmed to produce .. wet weather .. of any kind.

Chrissie's cell phone rings ... She doesn’t recognize the number ... but it is local ... so she answers. Amy and Missy were not in site

Chrissie speaks up softly "Hello? "

Hi Chrissie, It's me Missy ... seems we are sorta lost. Amy and me went up the stairs ... we turned left and started exploring ... this place is so huge ... we .. ummm ... gots lost."

Chrissie could almost her the blush in Missy's voice.

Chrissie giggles into the phone acting more female than she really wanted to, "Hehe wow well ... um ... I guess I’ll wander around and see if I can help find you. Hopefully we all don't get lost huh." She starts to explore looking for some stairs to go up to the next floor.

Missy opens another door at the end of a long hall. She is over whelmed by the huge bedroom she had just entered. Chrissie climbs the gold spiral staircase and turns left to head down that direction. She peaks in a few doors trying to see where they could have gotten themselves lost.

The huge canopy bed was just perfect for a girl. Thick soft mattress ... 60 inch Flat screen entertainment center hung from the canopy. Stereo consol made into the mahogany headboard. Thick Carpets ... Suddenly, a door opens and Missy sees Chris stick her head in.

Missy calls, "There you are ... hope you're not lost too. Would make a real problem. Did you see Amy at all?"

Chrissie shakes her head as she looks around the room "Wowwww.... this is nice, huh? No, no Amy ... yet."

Missy's cell rings ... she answers, "Hello?? Hi Amy. Chrissie is here with me. A very beautiful bedroom ... it's perfect. You found what?! A playroom? For what?? Girl's jammie party? We’ll see if we can find you. Mmk .. as soon as we can. Toodles."

Missy can't believe this house is so big they are all getting lost in it.

She says to Chrissie, "Amy found a party room. Seems there were girls here that liked to party."

Chrissie giggles and smiles "This house is so amazing. I wonder how long before we have it down hehe."

Missy looks around the huge house sized bedroom and says, "Probably have to carry GPS locators for months."

The girls giggle as they leave the room hand in hand to look for Amy. After what seemed an eternity, Chrissie finally opens a door. Amy looks up as they enter the room. It had very thick beige carpets. Thick and comfortable pillow chairs every where. A sunken place where there were top of the line video games and even a VR platform.

This was definitely the place to have jammie parties just like Amy had said.

Amy exclaims, "Isn't this place to die for?? " she screeches happily as she flops over onto one of the thick pillow chairs.

Chrissie looks around the room a bit happily "Ya!! It's pretty cool." Chrissie admits, it was a bit juvenile, but it all looked pretty fun. She joins Amy in one of the chairs with a happy sigh.

Missy sits back in one of the pillow chairs beside Chris and Amy. She sighs and says softly in a dreamy voice, "It doesn't seem so bad to be ... be a girl now. I think I am actually ... liking it."

Amy reached over and pats Missy softly on her thigh and says, "I'm glad your starting to come around. I hope Chrissie feels the same way?"

She snuggles up to Chrissie lovingly and hugs her before giving her a very sweet and loving French kiss. Chrissie blushes a little as she snuggles with Amy and returns her kiss filling it with passion. Her reaction says it all as she wraps her arms around Amy.

Amy whispers lovingly into Chrissie's ear, "Your so soft and cute sweetie. You and Missy both ... would you think about being ... being a .. I mean ... would you think of being a living babydoll .. all for me?? I promise to take the best care of you."

She French kisses Chrissie again as she caress her softly between her legs. Chrissie blushes from the compliments and looks at Amy a little confused, she doesn't understand exactly what she means but she can't resist her caress as a soft moan escapes her lips. Chrissie does know that Amy has said something that has grabbed her in her deepest most secret place in her mind. She knows beyond anything else in the universe ... she is Amy’s baby doll. Chrissie just nods her head in agreement, not wanting to break the kiss to answer as their tongues move together. Amy fumbles a bit with the button on Chrissie's short shorts before they come unfastened. She slowly unzips Chrissie's shorts then gently runs her hand softly into the front of Chrissie's panties. Amy gently touches Chrissie in her privacy in a way she hoped would send chills all through her.

Chrissie gets a special feeling all through her body as she feels Amy's touch. A soft gasp of pure pleasure escapes her lips as she arches her back a little.

Amy whispers softly, "It's ok for you to fall in love with me. Your my babydoll now. You and Missy will be for the rest of your lives."

Chrissie gets a warm feeling as she hears her words "Oh, Amy.... I love you so much " she whispers back to her.

Amy kisses Chrissie passionately. She puts her finger ever so softly into Chrissie's vagina. Just enough penetration to excite her in the way Amy had been hoping for since she discovered they were girls. Chrissie moans with the pure ecstasy she is feeling from Amy's touch as she feels her entering her slightly. " A-Amy! " she had never felt this way before, her whole body felt like it was tingling with fiery desire.

Amy holds Chrissie close as she kisses her passionately again. Chrissie presses up close to Amy as they kiss holding her arms around her. She lets one of her hands wander between Amy's legs wanting to give her what she was feeling.

Amy whispers softly in Chrissie's ear so only she could hear, "Chrissie babydoll ... I want to be your first. I promise I'll be gentle .. but I want to be first ... I don't want any boy to enjoy that special gift a girl can give only 1nce."

Amy French kisses Chrissie again. Chrissie blushes pink as she hears her words and kisses Amy back with intense passion before parting slightly to whisper " Amy, please I wouldn't want anyone else ... it has to be you "

Amy begins to caress Chrissie's breasts as they kiss. Missy says softly with a bit of wistfulness in her voice, "Amy, take the poor girl to bed. There are plenty of them every where to choose from."

Amy and Chrissie break the kiss. Chrissie is totally lost to Amy as she takes her by the hand and escorts her to a bedroom. Chrissie can't believe all the wonderful feelings she is having with her new body and can't wait to be with Amy in bed. She is a little nervous about what it might feel like the first time but it doesn't matter, she is too far under Amy's spell.

Amy leads Chrissie into a bedroom and closes the door. She walks over to the bed and pulls down the spread.

Amy turns and smiles a wonderful smile as she pats the bed a coos in a loving voice, "Don't be afraid sweet heart. I promise to be as gentle as possible. Now come here and let me ... undress you."

Chrissie blushes a little pink as she goes over to Amy. Her words made her feel a bit better and less nervous as she lets herself be undressed. Chrissie knows in her heart that Amy is supposed to.

Amy pulls down Chrissie's short shorts and caresses her between her legs. She pulls Chrissie's top off as they French kiss. Before Chrissie knew it, she was in her lacy bikini panties and lying on the bed with Amy on top ... passionately suckling her breasts. Chrissie gasps and arches her back towards Amy as sexual energy flows through her giving her a pleasant tingly feeling. She can't believe how good her breasts are feeling.

Chrissie discovers in a helpless thrill that Amy has inserted her fingers through the leg openings of her panties. She can feel the electric stimulation of Amy's fingers as she gently touches Chrissie's clit. Amy kisses Chrissie deeply and passionately as she slowly slips her finger into Chrissie's vagina. Amy smiles to herself as she gently feels the .. obstruction inside Chrissie.

Amy teases Chrissie by ever so gently applying pressure and then letting it go. Each push brings a soft gasping squeak from Chrissie. Chrissie moans softly into the deep, passionate kiss as she is penetrated. Her body tenses a little as her virginity is reached and she presses close to Amy. She doesn't know what to expect and hopes it won't hurt too much as waves of pleasure flow through her mind and body.

Amy says in a very soft cooing voice, "Lift up sweetie, I want to take off your panties."

Chrissie slowly lifts up for her with a soft blush. Amy softly and slowly removes Chrissie's panties and tosses them off the bed. She makes Chrissie bend her knees and hold her legs open as she bends between them and blows softly on Chrissie's sweet hairless slit.

Chrissie shivers with sexual pleasure when she feels Amy's breath on her. It feels so wonderful she pushes herself a little closer. Amy kisses Chrissie's vagina softly and begins to suck. She pushes her tongue into the folds of Chrissie's softness.

Amy says in a gasping coo, "You taste so nice sweetie ... I love virgins .. they are so cute."

With this, Amy suddenly pushes her finger deeply into Chrissie. Amy can feel Chrissie as she pops and sees her eyes get huge as she gasps. Chrissie squeaks and lets out a soft cry as she is penetrated. She feels a sharp sudden pinching sensation as she loses her virginity and then intense pleasure fills her mind and she quickly forgets all about it.

Amy licks, caresses, and penetrates Chrissie with her fingers. Chrissie bleeds some ... Amy is overjoyed she is Chrissie's first and is now making plans for Melissa. She feels the irony of it too ... as Tommy, he had taken her virginity ... and now fate has given Missy to her. She kisses Chrissie passionately as she penetrates her with 2 fingers.

Chrissie is moaning into the kiss as she feels the two fingers within her. She moves her hips towards Amy forcing them a little deeper as her desire controls her actions. It hurts ... a lot ... but it feels .. very nice in a weird way ... very nice ... it hurts so wonderfully.

By the time Amy stops making love to Chrissie, both girls are a frazzle. They fall asleep in each others arms in a very loving and euphoric haze.

The last thoughts that Amy has before falling asleep ... is thanking the Leprechaun for giving her the 2 most beautiful baby doll in the world.

~~End Pt6~~

~~Leprechaun Pt7~~

Chrissie slowly wakes up and feels Amy pressed close to her and sighs peacefully. She feels a little sore and as memories of what happened come back to her she blushes lightly. She can't believe that she had just lost her virginity to Amy. Just recently she would have thought the idea insane. Now though she feels nice and warm when she remembers it. She cuddles a little closer and relaxes there enjoying being close for a moment.

Amy rolls over slightly in Chrissie's embrace. Amy takes one of her cute breasts and puts it in Chrissie's mouth. Chrissie suckles contentedly on the soft breast as it fills her warm mouth. She is in such a peaceful euphoric state there that she doesn't quite realize what she is doing it just feels nice.

Amy coos softly, "How does you feel this morning? I am so proud of my babydoll."

Chrissie pulls back and smiles softly at Amy "Mm I feel so wonderful ... that was amazing "

Amy kisses Chrissie deeply as the door to the bedroom opens and in walks Missy. She stands for a bit looking at Chrissie and Amy all snuggled up together.

Amy holds out an arm and coos softly to Missy, "Come my babydoll, snuggle with your Mistress. I promise to take good care of both of you."

Missy has a strange expression on her face as she stares with big eyes at Chrissie suckling Amy’s breast. A very willing urge builds in Missy until she slowly moves forward into Amy's outstretched arm. She is amazed at how over powering the urge to obey is within her.

When Missy reaches the bed, Amy wraps her arm around Missy and pulls her close.

Missy begins to blush as she says, "Amy .. I .. I can't ..."

Amy pulls her gently down and kisses Missy passionately. Missy resists feebly at first ... then succumbs to the loving passion that had built irresistibly inside her. Chrissie snuggles close still latched onto Amy's breast only partly aware of what was happening with Missy as she relaxes there feeling so wonderful.

Amy pulls Missy onto the bed. She undoes Missy's shorts and begins to untie her top. As Missy's halter falls away, Amy softly takes one of Missy breasts in her hand and caresses it. Missy gasps as Amy caresses her breast and kisses her on her lips.

Amy says softly, "Ok babydoll, I want you to enjoy being a living babydoll. You both belong to me now. I will be very loving, but you belong to me. I want my babydolls to be dressed very cute at all times. I expect you to have accidents form time to time so I can put you in diapers."

She then pulls Missy's head close and puts her other breast in Missy's mouth. Missy begins to suckle too. Missy is unable to resist Amy’s commands as Amy’s wish takes full control of both of the new girls. Amy holds and caresses both of her new babydolls lovingly. She is very grateful to have met King Bryan ... and made her secret wish. She knows also .. she has 2 left ... for emergencies.

Amy pulls Missy’s shorts off and then her panties. She gently takes her hand and puts it between Missy's legs and slowly begins to play with her cute hairless privacy. Missy gasps as new intense feelings rush through her. Chrissie looks over at Missy as she suckles and reaches out to gently caress one of Missy’s breasts with her soft hand.

Amy coos softly to Missy, "Ok sweet heart, this is what it felt like the night we first made love."

With this, Amy thrusts her finger into Missy’s virgin privacy. Missy's eyes get big as she makes a cute gasping squeak, Missy feels a very sharp pinch inside her as Amy's fingers penetrate. It hurts ... but it feels so strange and wonderful too. Missy is helpless in Amy's hands as Amy makes love to Missy and Chrissie. She shows Missy how to please her. she shows Missy how to please Chrissie and shows Chrissie how to please Missy. Both of the new girls accept their new roles as Amy's babydolls ... and don't even realize it.

When Amy had finished making love to the 2 girls, they were all snuggled together with them both suckling on one of Amy’s lovely breasts contentedly. Amy gently runs her hands through their hair. Amy has many nice emotions in her as she smiles softly and contentedly.

Amy coos softly, "Ok, babydolls ... your not allowed to dress yourselves anymore ... your my babydolls and I get to decide how your dressed ... ok??"

Missy is lost in a euphoric haze of love as she stops suckling just long enough to say in a soft gasp, "Ok" Chrissie nods her head softly in response as she cuddles. She is watching Missy and realizes she must have had a similar look after first losing her virginity.

Amy gets out of bed and leads her new babydolls to the nearest bathroom. She takes a very erotic shower with the 2 of them.

After she dries them off, she says, "I want Chrissie to go lie on the bed. I will come in and dress you." With this, Amy pats Chrissie softly on her bottom to hurry her along.

Chrissie is surprised by the soft pat but it feels nice and she quickly goes off to lay back on the bed. She feels a little juvenile at her treatment but it's kind of nice as well. She is sort of confused by how willing she is to please Amy. Chrissie lies on the bed for a while it seems before Amy and Missy come from the bathroom.

Amy leads Missy by her hand into the bedroom. Missy is dressed in a cute jumper that is very short. It's white with many baby tweetypie and friends prints. It has powder blue lace around the collar and waist, with large ruffles around the hem. The panties had large ruffles around the legs and waist. There were 4 rows of large ruffles on her bottom too. On her feet were the cutest slippers. Missy was in ponytails and looked amazingly adorable.

Chrissie tries not to giggle when she sees Missy but it's not very easy. She does look really adorable though.

Amy sits Missy in a comfortable chair and walks to the bed. Amy kisses Chrissie softly on her lips and coos, "Now Missy is a little girl. She needed to be properly dressed to reflect how much her mommy loves her. Now I’m going to dress you accordingly as well."

Amy places a really cute baby romper on the bed with a thick soft diaper. The romper was pink and white with large ruffles around the bib and legs. there were 3 rows of white/pink ruffles on the bottom and 4 snaps that close the crotch.

Chrissie looks over at the romper and diaper a bit confused and then blushes pink with realization. She looks back at Amy surprised but intrigued "Are those for me? " she asks shyly. A strange feeling creped into her mind and tingled all through her body. Chrissie knew she couldn't resist.

Amy lifts Chrissie by her ankles and places the diaper under her and sits her back on it.

Amy rubs noses with Chrissie and coos, "Yes sweetie. Your my babydoll and I decide how cute your dressed from now on. I want everyone to know how precious you are to me."

Chrissie blushes a brighter pink as she feels the diaper on her soft skin. She doesn't protest though as they rub noses. Chrissie can't believe how much she suddenly wants to be a babydoll. The feelings are too intense to ignore or deny.

Amy powders Chrissie generously with baby powder and pulls the diaper between Chrissie's legs. She fastens it on comfortably with locking diaper pins. Missy can't help but giggle softly as she watches Amy dress Chrissie as a baby. She knows she is in a diaper too. She hasn't worn a diaper since she was a baby boy.

Amy helps Chrissie to her feet and holds out the romper.

Amy coos softly, "Ok, babydoll, step in."

Chrissie is lost in thought for a moment gasping as she realizes the pins are locked into place. She wonders about this for a moment as she steps into the romper obediently. She can hear Missy's soft giggles and it only causes her blush to brighten shyly.

Amy pulls the romper on and ties the straps behind Chrissie's head in a cute bow. She takes a brush and brushes Chrissie's soft and slightly curly hair until it shines. She then puts it in ponytails with soft pink ribbons.Amy lays Chrissie back on the bed and puts a cute pair of pink crocheted booties on her feet and locks them on with a very small gold colored lock.

Amy coos softly, "Ok, girls, your not able to remove your panties . You will have to use your diaper like good babies do. Your dressed this way because your babydolls from now on and I expect my babydolls to be cute and adorable."

Chrissie feels so babyish in her clothing that letting herself be dressed and taken care of feels right to her somehow. It's a very strange feeling but she is enjoying it and the locks don't worry her as she knows Amy loves her. Amy's next words shocked her a bit though as she imagines using the diaper

Chrissie squeaks softly in surprise in a very cute voice, "I have to ... use the diaper?"

Her hands wander along her outfit exploring it a bit and rubbing against the soft material.

Amy bends down and takes Chrissie into her loving arms as she coos softly, "Yes sweetie. You're my babydoll now. I make the decisions and I want you to be a baby for the rest of your lives. Missy too. I have her in a diaper and I expect her to use them properly too. You see, I had 3 wishes too. My wish was that the 2 of you would fall totally in love with me and agree to be my babydolls and accept it totally. You really have no choice. I promise ... the both of you will be well cared for. I can’t believe I own 2 of the most adorable Living Dolls. Your unique ... a real Living baby doll."

She helps Chrissie off the bed and takes Missy by the hand. She escorts the 2 girls to a mirror and lets them see how adorably cute they both are. Chrissie gasps as she looks back at herself. She looks really so much like an adorable baby girl, a bit oversized sure. She realizes she looks just like a babydoll ... very adorable. Missy squeaks in surprise and puts her hand to her mouth. She cannot believe the adorable little girl looking back is her. She looks at Chrissie and is totally mind blown. She still can't get over the fact she is a girl ... much less ... she is also a living babydoll.

Amy smiles adoringly as she coos softly, “Now, we are going over to Aunt Joan’s. I’m her little girl lots and you’re going with me to play. You will find you’re unable to do or be anything but what I tell you to be. Aunt Joan Will adore playing with you as much as I will.”

Amy takes the 2 girls by the hand and leads them out the door. The girls realize ... they belong to Amy and cannot resist. As they are put into the car ... they enter their new lives ... As Living Babydolls.

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