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Title: Fairytale – Pt1


Trina - The Fairy Princess on her 18th Century Birthday – Played by: Miki Yamuri

John Wessley - 25yo – Tourist - Played by: budugu2004

Scene: Hiking the great Moors

John Wessley had saved for several years to visit the Great Moors of Europe. He was so excited, that very soon after he arrived, he had sought out most everyone who was willing to tell him anything about the mysterious place. There were many legends and scary tails of werewolves, elves, Willow the Wisps, witches and warlocks. Not to mention a few of devil hounds and such. John was an adventurous soul and laughed off the hardy warnings of the wisps and the dance of the fairies. He didn't believe in such nonsense. He started out early one morning as the mist lay heavy on the earth, and the birds sung merrily in the trees.

John had planned today’s itinerary days before the trip. He was staying in a hostel in a borough of Newcastle for the first three days, then he will be heading up to Edinburgh where he will start is road trip around Scotland. After having breakfast, he took his car and drove up to Newcastle to visit his first haunted castle, an old castle keep.

The guided tour was ok, but he spent so much time in the souvenir booth reading all those books about ghost he got late on his planning. He wanted to visit the North York Moors before the sun would set, and it was a good 3 hours drive from Newcastle. It wasn’t recommended to be in this park at night, but it wasn’t John’s style to go against planning. So he took his car and drove down to the national park.

The sun sat low on the far hills as he walked along the edge of the forest. He looked out over the Moor as the mist gathered in the many low peat bogs. His heart filled with joy to finally be able to explore this mysterious place. As he walked and the darkness descended, he began to see many strange lights flickering off in the thickness of the wood. He seemed to catch a glimpse of .. a girl?

He wasn't sure, she seemed to be kind of ephemeral and mist like as he swore he saw her dance enticingly among the trees. He advance slowly into the thick foliage, attempting to catch a glimpse of the very beautiful, although seemingly elusive young girl. He always seemed to catch a fleeting glimpse from the cornier of his eye, just enough to entice him deeper into the darkening forest.

After a time, he could swear he heard ... small tinkling laughter accompanied by very eerie and alluring music. Almost in a trance, he followed even deeper into the now ebony black forest, lit only by the strange and mysterious apparitions he followed.

Somewhere in the back of his head, his mind told him something was wrong. He knew too well the stories related to these woods. Strangers following wisps in the woods, never to be seen again. But they were all folkloric stories, or were they? Maybe he was living on of these stories. Still, he was curious and he had to find out. It was a one time life opportunity.

As he followed the small light dancing in the woods, the music was getting louder until he reached a well lighted area. From his position, it seamed like a fire camp.

John was astounded, from where he stood he could see many fairies with .. gossamer wings, all dress in wispy mist like clothing that left nothing to the imagination. They all seemed to be dancing in a circle around a young and very pretty fairy who stood in the very centuri of the circle.

John could see many sparkling lights all around. he realized each twinkling light was another fairy cavorting around the clearing. His mouth fell open as he saw 2 Golden Thrones, beautifully decorated with gold, silver, and many precious stones. Sitting on them, Was a very pretty woman, dressed in the same clothing that appeared to be made of the very mist itself, and a man next to her, with a golden crown upon his head.

John tried to stay hidden in the woods. Fairies were arriving from everywhere to what seemed like a party. He never saw the one who arrived from behind his spot. Quickly, the fairy flew aside and joined the others. What John saw was a fairy flying towards the golden crowned man to whisper to his ears. She was dismissed and the party kept going.

There were so many things happening that John never saw the small fairies leaving the party discreetly and gathering behind him. Suddenly, things were getting hot. He felt like he was boiling in his shirt. The fairies were gathering their powers

It gets to the point he swears there is a raging fire behind him. He turns and sees a wall of light, glowing brighter with each passing moment. Quickly, he backs into the clearing and stumbles. As he fell, it seemed like an awfully long way to the ground. There is a flurry of wind and the rush of wings around him, then he realizes he's sitting on the ground in front of the thrones. They were a whole lot bigger now ... than just a few moments ago.

The man with the crown stands and waves his arms in a grand Flourish as he says loudly in a strange accent, "Welcome, mortal, to a place few of your kind ever witness, and from which none have ever returned."

There is loud tinkling laughter all around him. John is terrified, he realizes the stories all those people warned him about were very true. 2 fairy men descend and take John by his arms and lift him from the ground, before standing him on his feet in front of the man with the crown.

He bows deeply as he introduces himself, "My Name is Brian, I am the King of the little people. I rule of all the land of darkness that mortals tell of in fear around their camp fires."

There is more laughter. He holds out his hand to the beautiful woman sitting on the other throne, she stands and takes his hand. Her clothing is transparent and shows off her extremely beautiful body in its entirety.

The King smiles as he continues, "This lovely apparition, is my wife Persephone. She is Queen and rules beside me low these many centuries."

He points across the glade to the young girl in the center of the dance, "And that very beautiful girl, is my daughter, Tina. It's her 18th Century birthday today."

With is deep and menacing voice, the King asked : "Tell me, mortal, what is your reason for interrupting the most precious moment of my daughter?"

John still can't believe what's happening to him. He always wished those fairy tales stories were real ... but he never expected to be living one. He was in quite a bad position. He was scared. He felt like running away, but with those wings, the fairies would catch him in seconds

I'm just ... traveling ... I'm sorry, it wasn't my intention to ..."

"Silence! You bore me stranger, answer my question simply and quickly or else."

The King was holding a very long wooden stick in his hand, with a glowing orb on top. Suddenly, the globe got brighter and brighter, bright enough to blind John for a second.

"I'm sorry, I have no reasons ..." gasped out John as he hid his eyes in the crook of his elbow.

"No reasons?!" boomed the king. The loud resonations of his voice caused the very earth to tremble. "You have come to our sacred dance, and have brought no gift, nor have you a reason?" He holds out his hand to Tina, "Come Daughter, I have the gift you had asked me for now."

Tina giggles softly as she flutters to her father's arms.

He turns and faces John with a deep scowl, "Now mortal, I give to you as a gift to give and a reason to be here."

He waves his hand ... John feels an intense electrical surge run through his body. His mind goes away as he feels like he is short circuiting all over. When his mind clears, He is smaller still than before. He is dressed in a pink outfit, with frills and lace all over. He realizes he has small boobies too and long hair about his shoulders. He can't seem to move as Tina shrieks with joy.

John felt his feet lifting from the ground as a surge run though all over his body. He feels his body pinching, tickling, shivering, all at the same time. His body alternates between cold and hot. John thinks he's about to pass up when everything stops. He's still levitating, still he feels lighter, weaker, emptier... like he lost a big part of himself.

His feet touch the ground, and he is standing still, unable to move. Things look even bigger. He feels his body is different, but he can't look down. Still, he can see locks of blonde curly hairs in his sight. He can also feel emptiness between his legs. The sensation is quite hard to describe, but he does feel like a woman. John hears laugher all around him, but the king's deep laughs send shiver down his spine.

The king waves to his daughter and ask her to come closer. They whisper in each other’s ear and the King waves his hand one again. John feel his clothes moving and tightening against his body. It feels like a strong massage, almost pleasant. His heavy sneakers seems to wrap themselves on his feet. They feel lighter, but tighter. Then his socks start crawling up his ankles in all direction, like snakes. They stop just under the knees and tied themselves. Meanwhile, he felt his jeans crawling up his legs and gathering, stuffing around his waist.

John gasps softly, his voice was so cute at this point. He can feel something caressing his ... boobies?? He is totally mind blown. He can see Tina bouncing up and down on her toes in excitement as things kept happening to John. Tina rushes over and scoops John up into her arms as she shrieks with child like joy.

The king says with much satisfaction is his accented voice, "There you are dear, the Ballerina Doll you've begged for this last year."

Tina giggles, "Oh father .... she's ... she's so cute and perfect!"

Tina hugs John close to her breast. John can't help but see her cute little boobies through the ephemeral fabric her clothes were made of.

The Queen asks in a beautiful musical voice, "And what will you call your new doll sweet heart? Also, remember she is alive and you have to take care of her. She will be with you for a very long, long, long time."

Tina giggles as she nods her head, "I promise to take very good care of her. I even have a glass case to keep her in when I'm not using her."

The Queen replies, "That's a good girl. Now what will you name her sweetie?"

Tina replies, " Johanna ... I gonna calls her ... Johanna!"

There are many cheers and clapping of hands. John's mind was racing. Was this all possible? Was he dreaming? Still everything felt so real, but the logical part of his brain was simply denying it. He couldn't be a woman, he couldn't be a ballerina, nor a doll.

His boobies rubbing against the fairy's, the cold wind on his bare leg, he could also feel the tutu stuck between his belly's and the fairy's belly, like a stuffed teddy bear. Worst of that, he could see it, and it was deep pink.

Tina places Johanna on her feet. He couldn't help but assume the first position. His feet were together but opposite as she stood with her hands on her hips gracefully.

Tina giggles softly as she says, "Now, Johanna, dance for us. Dance the dance of the fairies for all to see."

Without preamble, to his total astonishment, He raises onto his tippy toes and smoothly brings his arms above his head. From there, his body was poetry and grace in motion as he Danced one of the most complicated routines he could have imagined.

He pirouetted, leapt and landed light as any feather. Swayed, flitted and pranced. Finally, after what seemed hours, He did his final pirouette and did a split as he stretched his arms along the leg facing forward and bowed flat across it.

There were many gasps of approval, loud claps and cheers for a job very well done. Tina walks over and picks Johanna up and hugs her softly.

She coos, "That was ... perfect.”

Before John could react, he found himself in a glass box, with some kind of metal frame holding him in a standing position. He could see Tina place the box on a pedestal, as all the rest of the Fairies began the dance in the circle once again. It dawned on John, in an offhand way, this is where the magical fairy rings he had read about come from ... one of these very dances.

John has been standing in his glass case on the pedestal the whole night, trying to figure out what to do. He couldn’t seem to talk or move. He watched the party ending and the fairies leaving one by one. Part of his mind was still refusing what was happening. It was surely a dream. He promised himself he would never read those folkloric stories again.

Suddenly, Tina showed up, smiling, "Sorry Johanna, but I had to take care of my friends hehehe."

She opened the glass box and takes him out.

"We will have plenty of time now to play together and get to know each other." Tina giggles softly as she coos to her new doll, "Now, since you're not even a century old yet, that makes you a baby ... doesn't it?"

She giggles some more. John can feel the snaps down his back as they come open and the fabric as it softly releases the caressing pressure on his new body. He can see as she takes his arms from the cute ballerina outfit, that he has a very shapely female body with very cute boobies.

As Tina completely removes the outfit and the panties underneath, John looses it. He can see a cute hairless privacy where he know his manhood should have been. Tina stands him on a counter top, She is many times bigger than he is. Across from him, there is a large golden mirror sitting on the floor. The girl looking back at him was perhaps one of the prettiest ones he had ever seen.

Her cute round butt, her narrow waist, her round hips ... John gasps ... because this girl .. is him. His new body is in peak physical condition as any ballerina's would be.

Tina coos softly, "Now sweetie," She caresses Johanna softly between her legs, "You no longer can help it, but will go potty and have cute accidents."

She lays John on his back. He can feel his hinny in the soft embrace of a hugely thick diaper. Tina powders him well, then pulls it between his legs and fastens it on with magical diaper pins. They would not open for him in any way ... even by accident.

Tina continues, "Now sweetie," She stands him on his feet and holds out a very cute pair of pink rumba panties with exaggeratedly large ruffles and lace, "Step into your panties like a good girl."

Johanna couldn’t help himself as he gracefully stepped into the panties and Tina pulled them up.

She pats his hinny softly as she coos, "Now, don't be upset silly, you won't be able to help going potty any more ... in either way. When it happens, just do what babies do and I will change you, Ok?" She then hugs and kisses John adoringly all over his face. "Now baby ballerina needs her dress if she wanna dance for mommy" Tina grabs the outfit and examine it. "Well, this is no dress for baby, but don't worry, mommy will take care of it."

Johanna could see the dress he was wearing for the first time... it was a humble white and pink leotard with frills here and there. The pink tutu was lying on the ground.

Tina begins waving her hand. The leotard starts to remold in her hand. It first becomes all pink, then the crotch part starts to enlarge. The straps of the leotard starts to expend and forms short frilly pink sleeves. The dress mostly looks like a romper now as a layer of frills appear at the waist, and another, then another, then another... tons and tons of pink frills appear and form what seems like an integrated tutu to the romper.

"There you go" giggles Tina "now that's a dress for a baby ballerina like you! I hope you like as much as I do because you'll be wearin' it all the time! Now step in it."

Johanna's eyes were filling with tears of shame and he stepped into the romper, unable to control his moves as she stepped into the wonderfully adorable outfit. Tina turns Johanna so he could see himself in the mirror once again. His eyes get big as saucers as he sees a very adorable little girl dressed in the cutest Ballerina out fit he could imagine. The thick diaper gave him the most adorable poofy hinny too. He could feel himself begin to blush as Tina came up and hugged him once again.

Tina coos softly, "Now sweetie. You will be with me for many, many, many centuries. Mommy's gonna put you with the other dolls for tonight. Hope you can get some sleep. I know that storage box can get to be boring."

Tina whisks John into the velvet lined box once more. He can feel the metal frame as it firmly, but comfortably holds his body in the first position. Tina kisses him softly on his nose as she closes the door on the case and locks it. He feels the weird sensation as he is carried in the case into another room. John can see many cases, just like his ... with many different types of dolls neatly aligned in many rows all around him.

As Tina places him in an empty spot on a shelf, he sees that the eyes of the other dolls followed. Fear ran up his spine as he realized how many mortals it had taken to fill this marvelous collection. It also fills him with fear to realize, he now is part of it ... and there is no possible way out.

~~ End Pt1 ~~

~~ Fairytale Pt2 ~~

Johanna tried very hard to move. She found the only thing she could move, was her eyes. She was held firmly, but comfortably in place in her first dance position. She looked all around and saw row after row, shelf after shelf of similar boxes as her own. In each one, was a uniquely dressed and very pretty female doll.

Johanna saw many that she knew had to have been there for many centuries by the style and type of clothes they wore. Directly across from Johanna was a very cute babydoll. She had on a very pretty little powder blue jumper with butterfly prints. She had very golden blond hair with ponytails tied in soft matching blue ribbon.

Johanna couldn't help but notice, the babydoll was looking back at her as well. The 2 of them locked eyes for a long moment before the light in the room suddenly came on. The fairy princess entered and removed the babydoll and Johanna from their boxes and carried them into her bedroom. The fairy princess still had on her babydoll jammies as she crawled back into the bed with her dolls.

"I can't sleep!" yawns the princess. "So I thought cuddling my new doll and my favorite babydoll would help a bit..." The princess then lay down both Johanna and the babydoll next to each other. "Johanna, this is Anna, my favorite doll. She's been with me since I was born. Anna, this is Johanna, my new ballerina babydoll, she's my newest gift from daddy! Isn't she cute?"

"Oh yes, she is adorable!" said Anna, giggling, "I can't wait to see her dance!"

"Say hi to Anna, Johanna!" said the fairy princess

Johanna stood in shock. She really didn't know what to say. Here, across from her was a human mortal that had been abducted uncounted centuries ago. Johanna shivered at the implications.

"Wouldn't you like to say Hi to Anna, Johanna?" asked the princess.

Suddenly, Johanna's lips felt lighter. He could actually move them! It was the first time she could talk since his transformation. She thought maybe she could talk her way out of this situation...

"Hi Anna..." Johanna said shyly.

Johanna's cute little girl's voice was not what surprised her the most, it was the words that came out of her mouth ... they were not those she wanted to say,

Anna giggles softly and replies, "Hi ... amma baby. Am this many." As she holds up 2 fingers and puts the thumb of her other hand in her mouth. The Fairy princess giggles as she picks up Anna and hugs her for a second.

The princess says softly, "Ok, Johanna, you must show Anna how well you dance. You did the dance of the fairy's better then we can." Johanna couldn't help herself as she stood on the bed and assumed her first position pose. The Princess said, "Now, Lets see you dance the dance of the Swans."

Immediately, Johanna bows at her waist and begins to dance. Once again, her body was grace and poetry in motion as she performed the extremely complicated moves with fluid casual elegance. Anna giggles and claps her hands as she urges Johanna on. Johanna is filled with a heady giddiness from the encouragement which allowed her performance to seemingly improve. By the time the dance had ended, Johanna was elated beyond her wildest fantasies as Anna and the Fairy Princess clapped and cheered.

Johanna couldn't understand how come she could dance ballet so well. She knew all the moves and all the dances, and could do both perfectly well. It must be part of the spell that turned her into a ballerina doll. What scared her the most was that she loved it. While she was dancing, she felt so wonderfully well, so relaxed, so... entranced. Being a ballerina dancing ballet just felt right. A part of her mind wanted to do that forever. Johanna bowed and touched her toes sideways in a very elegantly graceful finish before resuming the first position once again..

The fairy Princess screeches with delight, then yawns a huge yawn and rubs her eyes. It was very late and she was getting tired, although being happy had helped her fight it off, sleep was rapidly catching up to her.

The Princess Takes the two dolls and brings them face to face as she says softly, "The 2 of you are my mostus favorite dolls. I want the 2 of you to be in love with each other."

Suddenly, Johanna felt her heart melt within her as Anna became the most beautiful creature on earth. Anna's eyes get huge as she realizes that Johanna was the soul mate she had been yearning for , low these many hundred centuries. The Princess released the dolls who immediately embraced the other, and began to kiss passionately.

A part of Johanna's mind was screaming to stop kissing Anna, but she couldn't. Anna was so beautiful, so perfect! She always had a fondness for blond girls. She knew she must have been a man, like him before, but she couldn't help it.

Johanna knew this feeling, she felt it once or twice before, and it was love ... but this time it was even stronger, like an indestructible bond between her and Anna. She was her soul mate. While they were hugging and kissing, the princess quickly felt asleep.

Johanna was in a bliss, she felt like she was hugging the only person she had ever longed for. She was comfortable in Anna's arms ... as other thoughts of love making began to form in her mind.

Anna felt so soft and was so willing in Johanna's arms. She eagerly kissed and caressed Johanna in such intense and passionate ways, Johanna knew .. they were both deeply in love.

Suddenly, Anna stopped, broke the kissing and embracing, and says in a cute little girl voice, "We ... no under Mistresses commands ... we can .. do things if you want."

Johanna knew Anna was right, she no longer felt restrained, either for her movement or her voice. First time since her transformation, she could control her entire body. She got out of Anna's embrace and sat up. Anna did the same. They both stared at each other for a few seconds. Anna wanted to jump on Johanna and kiss her, but she could tell by the look on Johanna's face it wasn't what she wanted.

Johanna's seemed puzzled. Anna knew what this feeling was. It was Johanna's first time ... First time as a free living doll. Anna knew Johanna was questioning herself, about what to do, about what she had become ... she was also engulfed with tons of unusual feelings the spell had forced on her. As Anna expected, Johanna burst into tears...

Anna stands up on the soft unevenness of the bed and pulls Johanna to her feet.

Anna says in her adorable babydoll voice, "We can ...go places ... look fora charm. It supposesa reverse this stuffies tha Princess did an makes u normal. Alla dolls know this."

She walks unevenly to the edge of the bed, turns around, then quickly disappears over the edge. Johanna's eyes get huge as she sees the love of her life disappear this way. She rushes over to the edge of the bed and sees Anna standing at the bottom with a fold of the spread in her small hand.

Anna calls up, "Just take hold of this, use it like a rope and slide down ... it's fun." then she giggled delightfully.

Johanna quickly got up and wiped her tears. She suddenly had hope. Hope to go back to normal and live a wonderful life with her new lover. Anna seemed so kind and helpful.

Johanna grabbed the spread and threw herself down the bed. She could feel the cold wind on her bare leg and hear her tutu flapping as she slid down to the ground. As she landed, she couldn't help but giggle. It was indeed quite fun! She adjusted her ballerina costume and looked at Anna. She was smiling at her. There was really something strong between both of them.

Anna grabbed Johanna's hand and said "Come on, follow me, silly!".

Anna leads Johanna from the bedroom. They stop momentarily at the door to peek around before dashing into the hall. They didn't want to run into any of the magical creatures that guard the place at night.

Anna says in a soft whisper, "We hafta look out for tha pet mouse. He likesa chew on dolls. Tha Toy Rules say we gotsa bea doll is that happen. I promise .. it painful n we helpless to move or stop it in enny ways."

Anna leads the fearful Johanna down the long familiar hall into another room. Anna pushes the huge door shut with a resounding boom! Johanna looks around and realizes they are in the doll storage room. She can see many tiers of cases with many dolls in stasis. Only their eyes move.

Anna says softly, "We're looking for the Ice Princess Doll, she's the oldest one of all cept for me. Her clothes are easy to find, they made out of white Ermine and looks like she wearina diaper anna top."

Johanna looks incredulously at Anna as she says, "A ... diaper and a top?" Anna nods as she begins to climb up the spiral design cut into the tier all the doll's cases were stored on.

Anna replies as soon as she had reached a place she could gesture, "Yea, it's a white fuzzy thing like a panty and .. a top ... like a bra or sompin."

Anna continues to climb the design until she had reached the top tier of the huge cabinet.

She looks down at Johanna and says, "If anyone knows where the Princess keeps the charm ... it's her. Comon ... hurry up .. as soon as the Princess wakes .. we're sure to go back into the boxes and be trapped again."

It didn’t take too long for Johanna to catch up to Anna. She didn’t want to go back into her box again. She wanted to be free, free to move, free to talk, free to dance whenever Anna wanted… Johanna shook her head. Did she really though that? It was a strange… Johanna never questioned the fact that Anna was the oldest of the dolls and had been there since the Little Fairy Princess had been born and seemingly never attempted to escape before. Johanna was too caught up in her own escape to think things through.

As Johanna lost focus in her thoughts, her hand slipped. She let go a small “oh” as she was about to fall the very long way to the ground, but a hand grabbed her wrist right on time.

“You have to be careful, sweety, if you go too fast, you could hurt yourself” Anna pulled Johanna’s on the top of the box. “We are dolls, we are much lighter! But is we get broken ... it still hurts lots till we gets fixed” giggled Anna.

As they both stand up, they realized they were standing in front of the Ice Princess herself. It was almost scary as they could see her eyes staring at them. Anna fumbles with the small key shaped latch on the front of the gold and jewel encrusted box, before finally hearing a small 'click' from with in. The door opens. Anna reaches in and unhooks the Ice Princess from the metal frame that was holding her in position and helps her from the box.

Anna giggles and says, "Hi ... we are free for a time ... Maybe we can find that charm you tell alla us about?"

The Ice Princess looks at Anna for a bit then at Johanna. She says with sorrow in her voice, "It's in the Fairy Princess’s Jewelry box. It's ... a choke collar necklace that has to be worn by the doll before the spell is broken."

Anna looks at Johanna and says happily, "Well, that big box on her dresser seemsa be the one we looking for. Come with us Ice Princess, we will take you there so you can pick it out ... and come with us when we are free. The Princess has tears in her eyes as she says, "I ... I can't go home. I've been here for a thousand years or more. Everything I know .. is gone."

"You could come with us!" said Johanna cheerfully.

"Well, I kinda like it here now. I miss my people, but I'd rather be a doll. It has many advantages! No more responsibilities, no more worries, only playtime!" says the Ice Princess.

Johanna isn't sure ... being a babydoll ballerina, a collection doll, doesn't seem like a life. She doesn't want to be an object! She wants to be back to normal... and with Anna.

"And look at you two, you are so cute, and pretty!!!" the three girls giggles. Johanna's cheeks becomes redder. She looks at Anna and realize the princess is right. Anna is really cute and pretty, why change it?

"And you.." says the princess as she points at Johanna, "Who are you exactly? I've never seen such a cute outfit!"

Johanna couldn't help it, she bows gracefully and says in a cute voice, " My name's Johanna and I'm a ballerina. I can dance any dance known."

She then stands on her tippy toes and pirouettes several times gracefully. The other dolls clap their hands and cheer as Johanna comes back to herself and realizes what she had just done.

Johanna stands and blushes softly as the Ice Princess says, "I see you're now beginning to understand. You rally are ... that doll. Lets get started, we have a lots of ground to cover hopefully before the Fairy Princess awakens."

The 3 doll then begin the long, dangerous climb back down the carved spiral design on the shelf that held the many doll cases. Johanna felt selfconscious as she realized, all the eyes of the other dolls that could see her were watching longingly as they climbed down.

Johanna stopped and fell behind. "Shouldn't we free the other dolls?"

Anna and the princess stopped and walked back to Johanna, "It's kinda sad, but it's too risky. Some of them really enjoy being dolls and may try to alert the Fairy Princess of what we are trying to do. We could come back later though!" said Anna.

The Ice Princess came closer to Johanna and whispered into her ear, "Trust me, you can't trust any dolls here" and she winked.

Johanna started to wonder what she meant .... a vague apprehension began to nag the back of her mind.

Without warning, Johanna feels a strange ... wave begin in her tummy. She can feel the waves as they begin to push. She tries her best to stop it, she doesn't want to do this ... the more she tries, the more she helps push it along. She can feel it as it begins to fill her diaper in a warm gooshy mush. The Ice Princess sees the expression on Johanna's face. She knows exactly what a baby's poopie face looks like.

The Ice Princess giggles as she says softly, "Aww baby, I know you need a mommy now, you have to get changed. You have the cutest poopy face I have ever seen."

The Babydoll looks around and giggles as she comments, "Wow! It's cuter than mine .. an Ia baby."

The Ice Princess gets down on her hands and knees and looks over the edge down to the lower shelf.

She says softly, "I guess we have to risk freeing the Nurse doll. She will have to take care of the both of you ... when the time comes."

The 3 dolls begin to climb down and walk over to the Nurse doll's case. Johanna is very uncomfortable with her droopy diaper filled with this gooshy stuff.

They see the Nurse Doll watching them approach. The Ice Princess fiddles with the key shaped latch and opens the door to the box. They Help the Nurse doll from her pose out onto the shelf.

The nurse doll was also pretty and extremely cute. She was a tall, blonde woman that looked a bit older than them. Indeed, she wasn't wearing any diaper, one of the few dolls around that weren't. She was wearing a cute white and pink nurse dress, with puffy elbows and a long skirt below her knees. She also had an adorable hat with a red cross on it.

As the girls helped her out of the box, she gasped : "Oh my... you are the most adorable things I've ever seen here! You're such a cute ballerina!" Johanna blushes a deep red. "How come you three are free?"

Johanna was way to shy to reply, so Anna took the lead : "The princess fell asleep, so we decided it would be fun for Johanna to meet new friends!"

Johanna's knew it was a big lie, but it was probably for her own good ... so she didn't protest.

"Well, glad to meet you!" said the nurse as the three dolls giggled, "So, I guess there is a reason for freeing me"

The three girls were silent, but the nurse doll understood everything as she saw Johanna's face becoming even redder.

"Ok, but you must promise me you'll do a performance for me after, and you're best one!", said the Nurse.

"Yes miss..." said Johanna. She really felt like hiding herself in a hole she was so humiliated and embarrassed.

Anna giggled as she points to Johanna, "Yups, I thinks u needsa check her diaper .. she kinna tinky."

The Ice Princess and the babydoll hold their noses. The Nurse Doll smiles broadly as she walks to Johanna and unzips the back of her outfit. She bends Johanna over slightly as she pulls open the back of the elastic in her lined panties and her diaper.

The nurse says cheerfully, "Aww sweetheart, you really do need to be changed ... and badly. We need to go to the bathroom over there to clean her." The Nurse points across the huge expanse to another large door that stood partially open.

The nurse zipped the romper and turned Johanna around to face her. "Don't worry! Everything will be fixed up soon! I hope you will learn your lesson, never leave without mommy around!"

Johanna didn't like the tone of the nurse, but she was right. She's only a baby after all, she needs her mommy to watch after her. The more time Johanna spent walking freely around, the more she realize she's just a baby ballerina now. She knows its surely because of the spell. A part of her mind wants it, wants to be a baby doll ballerina, but the another is horrified and wants to run away as far as possible.

The four dolls made their way down to the floor. Climbing down just seemed to make the situation worse for Johanna. She could feel the mess moving around her butt and legs, trapped into her diaper.

"Remember to be careful!" warned Anna, "The mouse is somewhere around nearby and we don't want to get caught by it. It will chew us up."

As the dolls get to the floor and begin to leave the shadows, they suddenly find themselves unable to move. Their bodies stiffen just as if they were in their cases. They all spy it at the same instant, a very large mouse as it scurries from the other side of the cabinet, into a hole on the other side of the room. As soon as the mouse vanished, the dolls once again were free to move as they chose.

The Ice Princess breaths a sigh of relief, "That was a close call. Part of the doll spell, is we can't move if another living creature is present. That means, if that mouse wanted to ... it could chew on us."

The dolls all shiver in fear and apprehension as they quickly cross the open floor to the the door to the bathroom.

Once they had safely reached the bathroom, the girls then faced a new challenge. They had to reach the water bowl on the top of the counter, which was way higher than any boxes they had climbed before. Johanna was getting impatient, she needed to get changed quickly.

The Ice Princess then had an idea. She leaned against the wall and said : "Come on, let's leg up to the top!"

Johanna was unsure ... it really seamed dangerous! Three of the girls were already in place.

"Come on Johanna!" said Anna, "You're a dolly now, you're light" and she giggled

Anna was right, the dolls didn't even seem to be straining. The doll ladder looked very solid and balanced. Johanna carefully made her way up there, each girl snickering as her butt passed near their nose. Once on top, Johanna pulled up the nurse up with ease to her total amazement. As big as the nurse doll was ... she weighed seemingly nothing.

The nurse quickly unzipped and had Johanna step out of her cute Ballerina outfit. She is a whole lot stronger than Johanna would have thought. The nurse has Johanna on her back with no effort. Johanna feels her diaper come loose. She feels herself lifted by her ankles as the nurse uses the soiled diaper to clean Johanna's bottom.

Johanna feels it as the nurse cleans her with the water in the bowl beside them. The nurse then lifts Johanna by her ankles once again and places her hinny in the warm embrace of another super thick diaper. Johanna has a fleeting wonder as to where the diaper came from ...

Johanna asks shyly, "Umm ... where do you get the diapers from?"

The nurse smiles broadly as she powders Johanna liberally and pins the new diaper on, "The bag I carry with me is a magical bag. It will magically have any of the supplies a ... Nurse will need to do the care job I need to do at the time."

The nurse holds out the Ballerina outfit and says softly, "Now be a good girl and step in."

Johanna jumped cheerfully into her costume. She really started to like it. It makes her feel like a real ballerina. She loved the pink color, the feeling of the tutu on her forearm all the time, how comfortable she was while wearing it. There was plenty of room for her diaper. She even hoped she would be keeping it once she was back to normal.

The nurse looked down the counter and said : "There!" she pointed the towel "Follow me!" as she jumped for it, then slid down to the ground safely. Johanna did the same. Wearing her new clean diaper, she felt like she had more energy, it was refreshing.

All four girls met and Anna asked everybody to follow her to the Fairy Princess's room.

The nurse stopped them and says, "Not so fast ladies... someone owes me something!"

The three other dolls turn and look at the nurse who stood with her hands on her hips and looked playfully stern.

Anna asks, "What do we owe you Nurse? We don't have anything to give you."

"Yea," replied Johanna, "I don't even have pockets on my outfit."

The Ice Princess raises her arms to show her two piece fur outfit had no pocket either.

The nurse points to Johanna and says softly, "I want to see her dance. I have never seen a real Ballerina dance before ... and I know she would be perfect."

Johanna looks around at everything, including the Fairy Princess asleep on her bed. She turns and rises on her tippy toes and pirouettes several times as she raises her legs high above her head then does a perfect split.

Johanna stands up gracefully and says softly, "That will have to do for now. We need to hurry before the Fairy Princess wakes up."

The other dolls agree. They scurry across the floor to the base of the huge Chest of Drawers. There are designs cut into the side of the chest that make a perfect ladder. The four dolls begin their long arduous climb to the top ... and the Fairy Princess's jewelry box. The ice princess, the tallest of the four dolls, opens the latch and lifts the lid of the box.

The nurse asks Anna, "What are we looking for exactly?"

Anna giggles "It's a charm for Johanna! It will make her become what she's really suppose to be"

The Nurse giggles. "Oh I see...", but the puzzled look on the nurse's face was saying otherwise.

"Oh oh oh! I have it" said the ice princess!

The girls see the Ice Princess holding a pink frilly choker collar. Anna quickly grabs it and shows it to Johanna.

"With this, everything will be fixed" giggles Anna. "But once I'm back to normal, will I be able to give it to you after?" asked Johanna

"Don't worry, silly, we will be together forever!" and she kissed Johanna. She then put the choker into Johanna's hand. Johanna sighs, she was finally about to be free of this spell, but somehow she had regret. She loved being a ballerina, she loved dancing, she loved our costume and most of all, she loved Anna. But still, a small part of her mind knew these feeling were fake, they were all made up.

Johanna lifted the choker to her neck. She could see the contemplation in Anna's face, and the Ice Princess smiling. Johanna slides the choker around her neck and fastens the clasp ... then she waits expectantly ...

Without warning, Johanna feels a super intense wave of infantile sensations run through her mind. Her knees get weak and she suddenly looses her balance and goes PLOP! on her well padded hinny. Her eyes get huge as she feels something like a whirlwind begin deep in her mind, she realizes too late as her adult memories are super muddled, that her mind is reverting to an infant state. How young ... she no longer had the capacity to care.

The Nurse's eyes get huge as she realizes what the other dolls had been attempting to do. She wheels towards them and gasps out, "You .. you wanted to escape! That ... That's why we came here isn't it?"

The voice of the Fairy Princess says over the top of them, "There is no escape for my dolls, sillys. You belong to me ... forever."

She picks up Johanna and cuddles her gently, "Now sweetie, you are exactly what you're supposed to be. My baby ... Ballerina."

Suddenly, John woke up in a sweat. He had such a strange dream! He had been transformed into a doll by a fairy and ... o r...


Johanna looked down at herself and wondered what she was just thinking about. Probably about her next performance for the princess! She lay on her back and went back to sleep, cuddling the love of her life, Anna.

Meanwhile, the last remnant of John's adult mortal life were fading as he abandoned all hope. He was from this time ... and all time ... A Fairy Princess's Baby Ballerina Doll.

~~ The End ~~
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