An Adventure of Brandon

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An Adventure of Brandon

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sat May 18, 2019 5:00 pm

Title: An Adventure of Brandon


Brandon - played by: Brandon Kennet

All others played by: Miki Yamuri


Brandon yawns and stretches. He's wandering through the Museum of Inventions, bored on a Saturday evening. He's by himself, or so he thinks, as he nears a cordoned exhibit. He peers over and sees a sign. "Robotic Nanny." He frowns a bit, peering over theguardrail at what looked like a very large baby pram. Huh.

Without warning, the huge Robotic Nana's eyes began to glow. White at first ... then a small electrical crackling sound was heard followed by a small cloud of acrid smoke that smelled like burning wires. Her eyes turned red.

She stands and claps her hands together and says in a joyous coo, "My baby. Come to Nana and we will get you all changed and comfy."

The boy blinks in surprise as the machine comes to life. It turns and identifies him ... as a baby?! "Um...." He takes a step back.

Quick as a flash, the robot has the boy in her arms and is expertly removing his clothing even though he is squirming and doing his best to get away. Before he could get out of reach, she grabs him. The boy is lifted up into the air and she starts pulling at his shoes and pants. "H-hey, stop!"

Nana rubs her nose against his softly, "Aww.. baby trying to talk .. so cute."

Before Brandon can say anything, he finds himself nude, lying on his back with the robot holding his hinney in the air by his ankles.

Brandon's eyes get large in surprise as he feels three very large suppositories being inserted into his bottom. The robot then places his hinney in the thick, soft embrace of a super thick crawly diaper. Nana rubs some kind of jelly all over his body, removing all the hair except his scalp, eyelashes, and eyebrows. After cleaning the residual jelly and all the hair from his body, Nana quickly powdered and diapered Brandon then dressed him in a cute snuggle bug sundress and plastic lined panties covered in ruffles.

It is very quick and efficient. Nana pulls his clothes off until he is naked, tossed all his clothes into a nearby pail. He is laid in the large pram and a white thing... a diaper!... pushed under him. Quick as a fiddle the robot has powder and wipes and he is cleaned and pinned into the nappy as she fetches a red toddler dress and panties with a loud crinkle to also put on him.

Many people began to gather around and take pictures as Brandon was cradled in the robot's arms and a large bottle of some really nice tasting liquid was put to his lips. Suddenly there were people! Was this a tour group Brandon hadn't noticed? The diapered and dressed boy squirms as the robot picks him up, produces a bottle, and shoves it into his lips. He has no choice but to drink the milk as the robot feeds him, all the while one of the adults starts talking about the Robot Nanny demonstration. Oh dear.

Brandon was totally helpless as the tour guide continued, "And this demonstration is ongoing 24/7 so all can see how efficent and caring the new line of Robo-Nanas are."

Brandon was not the first victim, nor would he be the last. He squirms helplessly as he is fed while the woman continues, talking about the various features of the robot.

Nana coos softly, "Relax sugar snuggle. Soon all your adult worries will vanish and you will be a cute little sissy baby girl."

Oh dear. This worries him but he feels powerless to do anything about it as he is being bottlefed. By this time, the local action news had shown up and began making a historic documentry of the breakthrough in computer AI

The news! Oh god. Even worse, he was feeling his tummy rumble. Oh dear.

On live action news, Brandon had a poopie. He couldn't help it. Obviously something was in the milk. Nana cleaned, powdered, and rediapered Brandon with the whole world watching. The boy is put  back on the changing table , his dress popped up and diaper undone. Not only could they see that he had indeed had an accident, but was also a boy. A very cute boy none would have known wasn't a girl until the diaper was removed.

Suddenly, a familar voice rings out, "I know who that is ... It's Brandon!! I'm calling the boss now and telling him to turn on action news."

Wait, what? Someone recognized him? He blushes, unable to see who it was as the robot continued cleaning and putting him into a fresh diaper. When Nanna had finished the diapering, she put Brandon to her shoulder and patted his hinney softly.

She cooed softly, "That's a good girl. Now, so you know, you can't help it anymore. Babies use their diapers."

She then tucked him into the crib with another bottle. In he goes back into the pram, having his diapered  bottom patted. Before he could complain she tucks him in then another bottle, intent on getting him full and down for a nap.

His head begins to swim as his eyes get droopy. Last thought was how wonderful the soft hinney pats were before he drifted off into wonderful baby dreams.

~~~ The end ~~~
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