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The Fad

Postby Miki Yamuri » Thu Dec 20, 2018 8:06 am

Title: The Fad


Josh Anderson - 28yo - Unemployed

Danni Saunders - 21yo - Girl next door

Scene: Sitting together in the Hammock on the front porch


Danni had her arms around her boyfriend Josh, She was snuggled close and French kissing him softly. Her tongue caressed and entwined with his lovingly. She had no thoughts, except how nice it was to be in his arms and how much she wanted to join the FAD her girlfriend has leet her in on.

Josh lays there on the hammock with Danni. Looking down at her and smiling ... thinking he has the most wonderful girlfriend. He looks across the street to their friend Amber’s house. Josh watches as she pulls a little girl out of the backseat. Jordan her boyfriend who is always around was no where to be found. Looks down at Danni and kisses the top of her head. He wonders who the baby belongs to.

Danni snuggles in a bit closer to Josh, tickling him softly as she does. She says in a soft whisper, "What do you think of Amber’s baby, sweet heart?" She then caresses him softly in his squeaky place.

Danny is thinking about the new thing that Amber had just given her. She was so excited and wanted to try it out right away. She knew in her heart Josh wouldn’t willingly do it ... but that didn’t matter in the least.

Josh looks down at Danni "Baby? Does Jordan know about this?" Looking across the street seeing her bring the baby into the house. "Besides babies are overrated ... they're so much of a hassle" he leans back in the hammock resting his head.

Danni repositions herself so she is right over him. She kisses him softly on his lips and asks softly, "Would you like a drink, sweet heart? I'm going to get me a pop."

Looking up at Danni "Sure a nice cold beer would be great!" Josh eyeing Dannie’s nice firm bosoms as she gets up. Josh smacks Danni's bottom as she walks back into the house.

Danni squeaks as she takes a hopping skip. She giggles happily a she enters the house. She goes into the kitchen and opens the fridge. She takes out a bottle of cola and a bottle of beer. She takes 2 glasses from the cabinet and places them on the counter. She pours the 2 drinks. Dannie picks up a small vial of red liquid. She looks at it for a second ... then makes up her mind. She opens it a pours it into the glass with the beer. She can't wait ... she wants to see what happens for herself. Danni knows Josh will be absolutely adorable.

She returns to the porch and gives the beer to Josh as she climbs back into the hammock.

Danni says softly, "Hope you enjoy that sweetie." Then kisses him passionately one more time.

Josh kisses Danni passionately. Little does he know, this will be the last time he will ever kiss her this way. He takes the beer and takes a big swig. After the swig he looks at the beer..."Its really sweet ... is this a new beer" Josh's body starts to feel weird and he feels it rush to his head.

Danni coos, "Yes sweetie, it's the newest one ... that ice fire stuff you talk about.

Danni snuggles in as close a she can get. She wants to feel him as it happens. She knows it takes a few hours to take full effect, but she knows she should notice something quickly. Danni continues, "How would you like to play a game with me? One of those .. cute things."

Josh takes another big swig of beer ... the glass almost gone. "What game would that be?" Looking down at Danni..."Do you mean hide the weasel?" Smiling down at Danni.

Danni giggles some as she runs her finger gently under Josh’s shirt into his tummy button. She gently tickles him as she says, "Something like that ... where you're my baby and mommy takes care of him?"

Josh looks down at Danni "Do I have to explain my thoughts on babies, Danni ... do I?" Getting kind of mad since she had been pushing for a baby the last couple of months ..."Thanks but no thanks" standing up from the hammock.

Danni sits up and takes hold of Josh’s hand. She says softly, "I was hoping, you would be my baby sweetie." she giggles softly and says, "Besides, I'm your baby .. aren’t I?" She pokes out her bottom lip in a cute pout.

Josh looks at Danni's expression as he can never say no to her when she does her poutty face. Looking down at Danni "Fine! Fine! I'll do it but you owe me big and I mean big."

Leaning down and giving Danni a passionate kiss. Josh sees that their next door neighbor Jessica is babysitting. She is having a handful with what appears to be a 7 year old boy. Josh isn’t paying too much attention to it. A just audible voice drifts over the porch. It says, "Now be a good boy, or mommy will spank you." Danni's eyes get big for a second then, her expression relaxes. She giggles softly, "So Josh, mommy wants to take baby and tuck him in bed. Maybe even ... feed him a bit." Danni pokes her small, firm boobies out with her hands and wiggles seductively.

"Then what are we waiting for?" Josh almost yanks off Danni's arm dragging her into the house. Josh had a soft spot for Danni's breasts but then again who wouldn't. Josh runs up to the bed and jumps on it..

Danni undoes her top and unhooks her bra. Her beautiful breasts were firm and erect. She unzips her jeans and wiggles seductively out of them. She is standing in a pair of white panties with red hearts all over. They had lace around the waist and legs. She stood and posed in a shy way. She coos softly, "Is baby hungry? Would he like mommy to feed him?"

"Wow" Josh says ... nodding his head, "Baby is very....vvveeerrryyy hungry" licking his lips as he pulls Danni onto the bed and forces her nipple into his mouth and pretends to suckle mouthing her nipple.

Danni screeches pleasantly as Josh pulls her to the bed. She lets out a gasping squeak as Josh suckled her breast. Waves of pleasure washed through Danni, she was getting really aroused. She lifts Josh’s face to hers and French kisses him passionately as she reached into his pants and caressed him.

Danni pushes Josh’s head slowly back to her breast ... he begins to suckle. Danni could feel .. a difference suddenly, Josh had begun to slowly shrink.

Josh continues to suck and play with Danni's lovely breasts as he moans when Danni reaches her hand into Josh's pants .. he hasn't noticed a change yet..

Dannie can feel his manhood ... hard and throbbing. She giggle gleefully as she feels it too slowly begin to shrink in her hands. She undoes Josh’s pants, then pulls them and his underpants down ... revealing his shrinking hard on. She was amazed, it had already shrunk to half of it’s original size. She tingled with excitement as she couldn’t wait for it to completely shrink away.

Josh looks up from Danni's breasts, "Mmm, maybe Mommy should ale babies aching penis" as Josh works his hands down to Danni's panties. Danni smacks Josh's hand away as he yelps, "Hey! What the hell!!??!!!"

Danni coos softly, "Now baby should know better than to touch mommy like that." she pushes him over onto his back and lies near him. She puts her breast back into his mouth. She continues, "After baby's lunch, mommy will diaper hims and puts him in his crib."

Josh thinks Danni is getting way too into this as he notices something is off. Danni seemed a bit taller then usual and Danni's breasts seemed a bit bigger till he looks down at his throbbing cock and its a third its normal size. He can see it and his testicals visibly shrinking. Josh let's out a muffled scream, pushing Danni off of him. "What the hell’s going on?" Standing up freaking out.

Danni now starts noticing shrinking affects all over Josh. Danni sits up on her knees and giggles. Her eyes get big as she watches Josh begin to shrink at a faster and faster rate.

Danni coos softly, "Now don't be afraid sweet heart. Mommy will take real good care of her baby. It's a new fad ... all us girls love it too. Now all you boys that don’t want us to have your babies, become the baby. Dr. Felicia really did invent this baby maker stuff. That’s who the ... Children were at the neighbor's houses ... their husbands." Danni laughs gleefully.

Danni watches big eyed as Josh goes through the first stage of shrinking. When it finally stopped, Josh was 4 feet tall. The size of an 5 year old. Danni was so pleased ... she couldn't wait until he completed the process and she could dress him in the cute baby clothes she had bought.

Josh stands there shocked, "What!!! All the women find this appropriate to do to their husbands and boyfriends!" Shocked standing there a former glimpse of himself. Really skinny with no body hair and a tiny little pee pee. Danni smiles and tosses a pair of Rainbow Bright panties and a nightie at Josh, telling him to put them on. Josh even more shocked at the choice of clothing which is that of a little girl.

Danni coos in a soft sweet voice, "You will be my little girl from now on Josh. I'm going to call you Mandy. Now you can be a good little girl ... or mommy will spank you ... and do it anyway. In a few hours or so ... you will be 3 feet tall. Then I will dress you as my little girl for the rest of your life ... isn't that adorable? You'll be a real live babydoll ... all mine. I can’t wait to introduce you to your new boyfriend either, the two of you will be so adorable."

Danni quickly scoops Josh up, twirls him around several times and puts him back on the floor. She picks up the panties and holds them out and coos, "Now be a good girl and step into your panties."

"No!" Josh runs for the door. He is completely naked and is just barely able to open the door. Josh runs down the hall. When he reaches the stairs Danni snags him and picks him up and brings him back into the room, grabbing the panties and forcing them onto Josh. Then, turning him over on her lap and giving him a hard spanking. Josh kicks and screams and cries while getting his first spanking for being naughty.

Danni stands Josh back on his feet and says in a stern voice, "Ok, Mandy, mommy doesn't want to spank you, but this is your new life and you will be obedient. Hold up your arms and let me put this adorable top on you." Danni holds the top out waiting for Josh.

Josh rubs his butt through the panties as it throbs. He also is wiping the tears from the spanking and the humiliation that his girlfriend wants him as a little girl rather than her boyfriend. Josh obediently holds up his arms..

Danni coos softly, "That's a good little girl." She then threads Josh's hands through the arm openings and pulls the top over his head. He feels the tingly sensation of it as it settles over his body. Danni straightens out the puffy sleeves and arranges the top so all the ruffles on his panties showed adorably. Danni continues, "Now, Mandy, that wasn't so bad, was it?”

She pulls open the front of Josh’s panties and they both look in. Josh no longer had any male gentailia.” Danni continues, “You are so precious I have to show you off to the neighbors." Danni takes Josh by on hand and walks him into the bathroom. She closes the door and shows the new Mandy in the mirror on the back of the door ... just how adorable she now was.

Josh looks in their bathroom mirror seeing a little girl of 5 staring back at him wearing pink glittery pair of Rainbow Bright panties and a very pink ruffled top. He pulls open the front of his panties and looks in again. The icy cold fingers of fear run up his spine as he feels the transformation continuing at a rapid pace

"Get me out of this Danni! Turn me back ... I’m not a girl or a baby." Josh begins crying from the embarrassment and fear that his girlfriend is putting him through. He is helpless to stop what ever is causing this. He looks at his adorable reflection in the mirror as the first of his curls fall past his shoulders. He screams just like a baby girl having a tantrum.

Danni bends over and kisses Josh softly on his cheek as she coos, "Mandy is a very pretty little girl. By tomorrow, she will feel so much better about everything when she realizes there's no way out." She pats Josh on his bottom softly as a reminder of what his situation really was, and for encouragement for the baby he was rapidly becoming.

Josh turns around shocked and mad realizing what this is all about. "You!!!!! You turned me into a baby because I couldn't give you one!!! Your a sick freak Danni!!! Sick!" Looking up at her still crying and wiping his eyes..

Danni kneels in front of Mandy and takes her gently into her arms. She hugs her gently and coos softly, "But baby, you have given me a baby. You ... for the rest of your life, you're my baby. It's .. it's just perfect."

"I will not be a baby! I am at least 5 years old so I'm still not a baby! Your twisted! When I escape this, your going to be in so much trouble"

Danni misinterprets what Josh wants. He just wants to try and be a big girl ... although, in a few hours, this will be impossible.

Danni replies in the stern voice of mommy, "And just what does a little girl like you think you're going to do? In a few hours, you will look just like Amber's baby girl. You will probably have your normal thoughts and stuff, but you will be unable to do anything except what a 2 and a half year old can do. You know that's her husband, Jordan .. didn't you? He didn't want to give her a baby either. Now, he is the baby."

Josh looks into Danni's eyes and says in an adorable baby voice, "Whenever this is over we are so over with!" Rubbing his eyes breaking free from Danni as he once again tries to make a break for it. As he runs, he wonders what Danni is going to do with him. He keeps running down the hall and stairs only to be cut off at the door by Amber.

Amber Scoops Josh up as he kicks and squirms "Let me go"

Amber giggles as she says, "I see you're changing very well. You make such a cute little girl too. You and Jordan will make perfect playmates. By tomorrow, you'll only be able to act like a cute little baby girl."

Danni comes down stairs and sees Amber with the kicking and fussing Josh in her arms. She says, "Oh, hi Amber. My little girl is having trouble adapting to the fact she wont be an adult much longer." Both women giggle.

Josh's jaw drops as he squeaks adorably in his baby voice, "What do you mean I won't be an adult much longer???? What are you doing to me? Am I going to grow up again?"

Looking up at Amber then at Danni who is still in just her panties. Amber hands Josh over to Danni as Josh is still kicking and screaming..

Amber says softly to Josh, "What she is saying sweet heart, is you had better get used to the idea of being a girl. By the time you wake up in the morning, you will be sooo adorable. And, it’s permanent ... you will never grow up ever again. We promise, you’ll always have to have an adult to keep you." Both women again giggle.

Danni asks, You think Mandy and JoJo would like o play together? Mandy only has a few hours before she's a baby. She has already made the gender swap and will probably be attracted to him by now."

Amber replies, "I don't see why not. JoJo has adapted to the fact he's a baby."

Danni steps into the cute terry cloth romper she had for herself and Amber zips it up in back. The romper shows off Danni’s very shapely body.

Dannie keeps the squirming Mandy in her arms as the 2 women walk out the door .. with Mandy in just her panties and a top.

"I am not a baby girl!" Screaming as Danni brings Josh outside as he squirms and kicks. Danni notices that Josh shrinks even more to 3’ 4” the top almost becoming a nightie as Danni and Amber watch the rapid change.

Danni says in a happy voice, "It's working so well. She just shrank about another foot. Her body is even looking like a girl's. Look at her hair ... it's curling so cute." Both women again giggle.

"Stop it!" Screaming as Josh buries his crying face into Danni's shoulder ... his previous pair of panties are too big for little Josh as Amber and Danni giggle getting a cute idea.

Danni asks Amber softly, "Can I borrow some diapers and a cute outfit from you to put on Mandy? It seems they would fit now."

Amber replies, "Surely. We can go to the mall later and pick up some new stuff too ... make it a shopping spree." Both women agree on this too.

Danni holds Mandy's ear close and whispers softly, "Ok, sweet heart. If you're not a good girl, mommy will spank you. Mind now or you will have a hurty hiney." She pats josh with a slight firmness to remind him she can, and will spank.

Danni starts walking from her house to Amber’s. Josh, not liking this at all. Bad enough he was almost half the size of his girlfriend but she wanted Josh to be her daughter. Josh buries his head into Danni's shoulder as Amber let's them into her house.

Danni leads Josh by the hand until they are in the nursery with Amber and her 'Daughter.' Josh can't believe this cute little baby is Jordan ... Amber's boyfriend. Mandy watched with big eyes as Amber checked, then changed his diaper and put the plastic panties back on him.

JoJo whines like a little baby in a little baby's voice, "Aww ... mommy, baby no wwanna be inna diapy no mor." then pouts adorably.

Amber coos softly, "If mommy didn't have JoJo in a diaper, he would have made a huge mess in his crib."

Amber picks up JoJo and kisses him softly. Dannie giggles as she whispers to Josh, "Just think sweetie, you're going to be just like him in a few hours. You'll be so adorable." She kisses Mandy sweetly.

Josh looks in amazement at Jordan or JoJo ... he was the most Manly man Josh had ever seen and now he's in a diaper wearing girl’s clothes. Josh looks up at Danni and says in a cute pouty voice, "Okay, okay ... if you reverse this we can go make as many babies as you want!!! Please don't put me in baby girls clothes!!! Please ... no diapers!!! I don’t want to be a girl!" Pulling on Danni’s arm like a small child would.

Danni bends down and hugs Mandy softly as she coos, "Now baby, it's too late for all that. You're my first baby daughter and you gave her to me ... because it's you."

She kisses him on his lips as she pats him on his bottom reassuringly. She then leads Mandy into the potty room and lifts him onto the changing counter. She takes the over sized Hello Kitty panties off and puts a soft Pink Huggies toddler disposable under him. She powders him well ... the smell of baby powder is strong. She tapes it on him snugly.

Amber had brought a cute little glow worm jumper and matching rumba bottoms. She also had a pair of cute googley eyed slippers that matched.

Danni put the panties on Mandy as she coos, "I promise you and JoJo will be the cutest baby’s on the block. I know you and him will be the best of boyfriend anf girlfriend too. Now, don’t get all upset, you will soon know how a girl feels all over."

After she put the jumper on, she carries Mandy to the mirror so she can see how she looks in her new outfit ... he's no longer able to be Josh ... he looks just like the most adorable baby girl ever. Josh puts his hand into his panties and diaper. His heart sinks as he finds only a vagina where his manhood was just a few short minutes ago. All hope of ever being normal now fades as he stands with his hand in his panties and big eyed expression.

He can’t help it anymore. Josh screams it’s so scary. Josh is incredulous how much he looks like a little girl. Amber comes up behind Josh and ties a big pink bow in his beautiful curly hair. Seeing the little diapered girl with the adorable pink bow in her hair looking back, Josh wasn't happy. He noticed all of a sudden a warm wetness in his fresh diaper. It wasn’t but a trickle, but enough for him to know he was going to wet his diaper very soon and there was nothing he could do about it.

Danni set Mandy on the counter again. She put the googley eyed slippers on his feet as she coos softly, "Now, Mandy, you will very soon be unable to help going potty in your diaper. Don't be upset ... babies do that and it's expected. Another thing, your legs won't be able to support you properly much longer either, you'll be waddling and crawling in no time. I'm so glad Amber turned me on to the FAD ... you are the most adorable baby ever!" She hugs and kisses Mandy all over her face as she tickles her in her rubs and tummy.

Josh starts to cry rubbing his eyes as he can't believe Danni is doing this. He squeaks out in his adorable baby girl voice, "Your lying. I will never have to use a diaper and I can walk just fine"

Josh acted just like a little girl throwing a bit of a hissy fit. Josh already knows, this is going to happen, the warm spot in his diaper was starting to turn slightly cold and icky, and he was having trouble standing steady.

Danni and Amber giggle. Danni stands Mandy on her feet and coos, "All righty sweet heart, show mommy how well baby can walk." Both women giggle again.

Jojo's cute little voice could be heard saying softly, "It's true Josh ... we become babies again. We can't help ourselves." Again, the women giggle happily.

Amber coos, "Well, one way or the other, we got a baby from you ... and it is yours."

"Quiet Jojo!!!" Josh shouts as he takes a few steps walking. Both Amber and Danni can tell that Josh is losing his balance and that he will soon start to crawl ... when he finishes walking he gulps as he can't believe what he just did.

Danni claps her hands joyfully and coos, "That's so precious. You won't be able to walk like a big girl much longer baby. Why don't you just relax and accept the fact ... you're a baby now ... my baby?"

She takes Mandy in her arms lovingly and kisses him all over his face before gently standing him back on his wobbly feet.

"I don't want to be a baby! I want to be your boyfriend again" letting out a little whimper that sounds so adorable as he finally wets his diaper. He was so afraid. He had absolutely no control over it happening, he just leaked.

Josh is having a really hard time standing. He falls down onto his padded bottom with a soft squishy plop. Both Women know what that means as they both smile..

Amber coos softly, "Now, how is baby going to be a big boy for mommy when he can't even stand up ... or keep ... ummm her diaper dry?

Amber pulls open the back of Mandy’s panties and diaper and verifies Mandy has wet herself.

Josh is so embarrassed. He says in an adorable pouty voice, "It was an accident...I swear."

Amber and Danni look at each other as they have both heard that before. It seems everyone of the regressed babies say that the very first time they potty in their diapers. Josh sitting there ashamed as his next door neighbor Amber is checking his diaper. To make things even worse he starts to go poopie in his diaper. He can feel the strange undulating waves inside his body as he helplessly poopies in his diaper. He begins to cry like any baby with a messy diaper as he feels it squish out around his bottom and fill the space in the back of his diaper.

Jojo giggles and gurgles in an adorable baby voice, "See? You're becoming an adorable baby too. Won't be long and you'll even like it." He giggles

Jojo then hold his nose and wrinkles it in a really cute way. Josh starts to do something he never thought possible ... he starts to cry for Danni to change him. Everyone thinks its so cute and adorable that he is starting to realize, he is a little baby girl named Mandy.

Danni scoops Mandy up and kisses her softly. She coos, "Don cry sweetie ... mommy change baby right away.” She looks to Amber and asks, "Do you have any Huggies and an adorable outfit I could borrow? I haven't gotten any things for my baby yet."

Amber giggles and replies, "Sure. Follow me. She carries Jennifer in her arms and leads Danni with Mandy in her arms back into the house to the nursery changing room.

Amber says, the diapers are folded on the counter there." She points to the large stack of Huggies on the counter. "The baby powder and all the bath oils for baby are on the tub.”

Amber walks over and plugs the drain. The tub begins to fill with warm water as she adds sweet smelling baby oils to the water. Many bubbles form.

Josh gulps as he looks at the tub then back to Danni then looking at Amber. "Wait! Your not going to give me and Jojo a bath??" Josh says. Not liking the feeling of a dirty diaper on his bottom.

Danni turns and sets Mandy on the counter. she pulls down his panties and unfastens the tapes. She lifts him by his ankles and cleans his bottom as best she could with the dirty diaper. She puts it on the floor and takes several baby wipes and cleans his bottom more.
The coolness of the wipes and the sweet smell cause pleasant goose flesh to rise all over Mandy’s body.

Danni coos to baby softly, "That's exactly what we are going to do. We're going to take pictures too." Amber arrives in the changing room with Jojo and the camera.

"Danni please, please No! I'm your boyfriend you can’t do this to me.."

Danni removes the cute outfit Mandy is wearing. Mandy is now all naked and is obviously a girl now. Amber, Danni, and Jojo watch as shockingly, Mandy finishes shrinking another 6 inches ... making Mandy smaller than Jojo.

Amber giggles and says in a cooing voice, "See, it works really quickly. Soon, Mandy will be the perfect baby girl ... exactly to what you said you wanted."

Danni giggles too. She is very happy that she really did manage to get a daughter from Josh ... although ... Josh just happened to be the baby. She picks Mandy up and sets her into the sweet smelling bubble bath. Amber puts Jojo into the tub on the opposite end. Danni takes many pictures. Jojo can't help himself ... some thing came over him suddenly and he scoots over and hugs Mandy tightly. The women giggle at how cute they are as Danni takes several more pictures. Jojo apologizes in a very cute baby voice, "I sowwy .. I no can hep it. Yur .. yur so ... pretty, n I gots a huge .. crush on you." He looks to the water and avoids Mandy’s eyes as he blushes very pink.

Mandy wants to break the hug and she can't since Jojo is bigger than she is and lots stronger. Jojo let's go. Mandy looks at Jojo with anger on her face for a split second ... she can’t believe the irresistible emotions that suddenly fill her heart and mind. Mandy is horrified to discover, she too has a very serious crush on Jojo ... he sooo ... *GASP!* cute.

Danni and Amber start to clean their precious babies. The women suddenly got the fun idea to swap babies while they’re in the tub ... so Amber cleans Mandy as Danni cleans Jojo. Mandy protests but its no use ... she’s a baby and Amber and Danni are the adults.

Danni takes a large wash cloth and lathers it well. She washes Jojo in all his squeaky places. She pours baby shampoo into Jojo's hair and massages it into a wonderful lather. Danni rinses both babies clean of all the soap. The women lift their babies from the tub and sit them on the changing counter. Amber takes many adorable pictures of the babies.

Danni diapers both babies in a soft and colorful Huggies playtime disposable. She put them both in an adorable plastic lined romper with many ruffles around the bottom, legs, and across the top of the bib. She ties the bib behind their neck in an adorable bow. Amber continues to take pictures. Danni takes the camera from Amber. Amber pick up a brush and brushes the babies hair into adorable curls. She puts cute little lady bug barrettes in their hair.

Amber coos, "Aww, they are so precious. I'm glad I told you about the FAD. Mandy makes a beautiful little baby girl. I know Jojo will enjoy her company a lot."

Danni giggles and replies, "Well, he didn't want to give me a baby. What better punishment than to be that very baby?"

Amber replies, "My sentiments exactly." Both women giggle

Mandy can't believe she actually looks like a little baby girl.

She whines, "When I get out of this Danni your going to be in so much trouble and I will get you too Amber" Mandy waving her hands at both the ladies.

Danni leans over and kisses Mandy on her cheek as she coos softly, "Sweet heart, mommy doesn't think baby understands. There is no gettin out of it. This is who you are for ever. My sweet baby Mandy. Don't fret. You will begin to love being a baby ... and even fall in love with Jojo ... it's part of the transformation."

Danni picks Mandy up and puts her to her shoulder. She pats Mandy reassuringly on her diapered bottom as she hums a soft comforting lullaby.

Jojo coos adorably in a gurgling voice, "I no can hep it no more. I lossin my manhood n becomin a baybe." He looks wistfully to Mandy.

"Your lying I eventually gotta grow ... and that's when I will get you and I am never ever calling you my Mommy!"

Suddenly, Mandy Lets out a bit of a burp from the pats on her back Danni is giving her.
Danni and Amber giggle.

Amber looks at the clock on the wall. "So should we go shopping for your new bundle of joy?"

Danni giggles and coos to Mandy, "See sweetie, that's the rub. You won't ever grow up. You'll always be a baby." Danni turns and replies to Amber, "Yea, I want to check out the Babies - r - Us store on 3rd street."

Amber claps her hands and says happily, "They have the most adorable baby clothes." Both women carry their prized bundles out to he car, and lock them into the baby seats that just happened to be in the back.

Mandy can’t believe she's not even going to grow an inch taller as Danni straps her in and pats the front of her diaper and giggles.

Mandy gurgle adorably, " You mean to tell me all the sex we had was nothing. I seem to remember you never wanted me out of you ... you loved my penis"

Danni tells Amber she has to get some nursing bras. The FAD formula is making her lactate as it’s supposed to.

Danni turns to Mandy and says softly, "All I was trying to do was get pregnant silly. I wanted to have a baby. It doesn’t matter now. You gave me what I want."

She shuts and locks the door as she walks around and gets into the passenger seat. Amber gets into the Drivers seat and begins the drive to the mall. Jojo gurlgles to Mandy, "We trapped. By tomorrow, you won't care ur a baybe no more. U'll jus b one alla time. I can feel my mind goin away."

Mandy looks up at Danni in the front seat, "If were going to be babies can't you treat us as baby boys" trying to use reverse psychology on them.

Danni turns her head so Mandy could hear her as she says, "Nope, the FAD I chose was the same one Amber chose. Only difference, it's for a baby girl. Don't fret baby ... soon you'll love being an adorable baby girl ... and even call me mommy."

Both women giggle. The drive to the mall left Mandy to her very troubled thoughts as she watched Jojo happily play with his feet and gurgle and coo.

Mandy thinks this can't be true you can't keep someone as a baby ... but then again, she's never heard of anyone ever being shrunk back down to a baby. Could he really be stuck as a baby girl and even calling his girlfriend Mommy on a permanent basis? She sits there quietly thinking in his Dora Car seat.

By the time they had arrived at the mall, Mandy was very worried. Her clothes no longer fit properly an she knew they were going to a baby store. As Danni took Mandy from the car seat and buckled him into the stroller, Mandy could see there were many women there with ... their children.

Jojo was buckled into the seat next to Mandy and given a lollypop. Jojo happily suckled the lollypop seemingly oblivious to everything else.

Jojo gurgles adorably, “dos bebe girfrin wanna hav somma Jojo's lollie??" He innocently offers it to Mandy as they are strolled into the mall. Mandy pushes the Lolli away ... not trying to be mean but that it is Jojo's lolli, and the feelings of love growin in her for Jojo were frightening.

Looking around the mall, Mandy sees lots of woman with strollers, wondering if their girlfriends and wives changed them into babies too.

They arrive at Babies -r- Us. IT is packed. Mandy can see all the confused baby girls and boys ... in their strollers. The FAD ... has caught on in a big way. Amber and Danni wander through the isles grabbing Disposable diapers, outfits, baby toys, and many other things just for baby. All the out fits that Danni bought, were obviously for a small baby girl that was obviously almost too tiny to walk yet.

Amber comes to Dannie with an adorable romper all covered in ruffles. She says in a sweet voice, "Danni, I think Mandy will look so precious in this ... don't you?"

Danni giggles and replies, "I think she will be the cutest baby on the block ... next to Jojo of course."

Both women giggle. Amber bends and coos to Mandy as she displays the romper, "Baby will be so adorable in this." She sniffs and wrinkles her nose in a cute manner as she pulls open Mandy’s panties and Huggies to check. Amber continues, "And I think miss Mandy needs to be changed anyway, so she'll get to wear this right away."

Mandy looks down in shock opening her diaper not even knowing that she went poopy . ... more than kinda getting scared now that she is acting more and more like a baby. Mandy mumbles under her breath that she hates Amber for mocking her in this current state.

Amber takes Mandy’s chin softly in her hand. She turns his face up and kisses him on both of his cheeks and coos, "Poor little baaayybbeee. Shouldda listened to mommy when she say she wanta baby. Now ... mommy has her ... you." Amber giggles as she stands up and turns to Danni, She says, "Mandy needs to be changed. If you stay and watch Jojo, I'll go and change her and put her in this adorable romper."

Danni giggles and replies, "Sure, I'll watch Jojo, he's become a very happy baby."

Amber replies as she picks up Mandy and begins to walk towards the sign that said 'Restrooms’, "Mandy will be just as adorable in a few hours. She can’t help but be a baby. She's already unpotty trained.”

She takes Mandy from her shoulder and rubs noses as she coos playfully, "Isn't that right sweet heart?"

"Shut up!" Mandy snorts.

Amber is shocked at what the little baby girl said. Her demeanor changes from cheery and happy to mad and upset as she storms into the restroom and smacks the back of Mandy's thigh 5 times for talking back to an adult. Amber pulls down the changing station tray and puts Mandy on it.

Amber says angrily, "If baby is naughty, I will spank her. You won't be able to do that by tomorrow though." she giggles, "All you will be able to do is gurgle an coo like the adorable baby girl you are."

Amber pulls the tabs on Mandy's huggies and lifts her by her ankles. She cleans her bottom with the soiled Huggies and tosses it into the waste can. She cleans all of Mandy’s squeaky places with a really sweet and nice smelling baby wipe. When Amber puts Mandy’s bottom back on the shelf, It's in a clean and thick Huggies infant diaper. It fits perfectly. She powders Mandy with baby powder and tapes it on just as several other women and their baby 'daughters’ come in. The babies are whining and complaining about being babies and being dressed as girls.

Amber giggles and says to them, "It's so wonderful to see all the new born. I know you all will enjoy being babies as much as Mandy here does."

With this, Amber pulls the romper on and ties it behind Mandy’s neck. She tickles her softly in her ribs and on the bottoms of her feet.

"The only reason he stayed with you in the first place was he was getting a free place to live while he was cheating on you" Mandy covers her mouth as she was suppose to keep that a secret.

Amber leans close and whispers in Mandy’s ear, "I know silly ... that's why he's now Jojo and my baby boy. He will fill the place the baby I wanted was to fill. Now ... just like you're Danni's baby ... he's mine." She laughs as she puts Mandy to her shoulder and walks out of the restroom, patting her softly and reassuringly on her bottom. Mandy was surprised at how comforting the pats on her bottom had become. Mandy’s jaw drops as in retrospect it is punishment that Jojo is a baby. Mandy laughs a bit being carried by Amber as he even thinks its a fitting punishment. Laying his head on Ambers shoulder as Mandy is getting tired.

Amber continues to pat Mandy reassuringly on her bottom as she coos in a soft soothing voice, "Now you're going to be a very happy little baby girl soon. Auntie will make sure you're shown off to everyone. I'm taking lots of pictures. Oh, and if you're thinking someone will recognize you ... forget it. You are one of the most adorable babies in the world."

Mandy looks up at Amber not knowing what she's talking about till they pass a baby mirror and he's shocked to see he looks even more like an adorable little baby girl ... that looks a lot like Danni.

"Why do I look like Danni?" Mandy asks.

Amber coos softly, "Because, it's to hide you from all the prying eyes that would want to find you. As you are now, no one would believe you are who you say you are. Even your finger prints and genetics have changed. It's a remarkable break through for all of us women whom you men have done wrong."

Mandy whimpers softly, "You mean I am starting to get features from Danni like I was actually her baby?"

Gulping as Amber arrives back and hands Mandy over to Danni and she makes baby faces to Mandy.

Danni coos to baby, "You're jusso adorable sweetie." she kisses her on her nose then continues, "You look so much like my daughter. No one will ever realize who you really are. I promise, I'll never let you go either." She rubs noses then kisses it on its tip.

The women take all the items they have gathered and over filled the cart Danni was ushering to the register. After they pay for the items, The women push the buggy and stroller back out to the car. As they are loading all their purchases, several women come up to the baby stroller and begin to coo and make sweet noises to the babies.

Mandy doesn't like it as all the women pinch his cheeks and coo. Mandy notices breasts a lot more than usual. The only thing on her mind when she looked at all the breasts, was food and comfort. As Mandy did something she never thought she would do ... she cooed like a baby. The women all squeak with joy as the baby coos and gurgles. They begin to tickle Jojo too and he responds as any happy baby would.

Amber and Danni chat pleasantly with the women for a bit as they buckle Mandy and Jojo into the car seats amid all the new baby things. The drive home was quick and uneventful.

Danni coos to Mandy, "Now being a baby girl isn’t all that bad .. is it?? Mommy heard you enjoying those women's attention."

"That was a lappius" catching himself. Mandy realized she had started to lisp as the potion took deeper affect on him. "Danni I can't beweve the women said I wooked jus like you." kicking and fidgeting in the baby seat.

Danni giggles and replies in a sweet cooing voice, "Aww beebee is so cuuuttteee. Why shouldn't a mommy's daughter look lots like mommy? Humm bayyybee?"

"Beebee heard lady say that I gots your eyes an hair ... is there anythin else gonna ta wook wike you?" Mandy looking down at her diaper gulping as they reach Ambers house. She knew it wouldn’t be long befroeshe was totally a baby. She alredy was having urges to suckle. Mandy realized with shock, she was sucking her thumb.

Danni reaches over the seat and pats Mandy between her legs softly and giggles, "I don't know sweet heart. Is there something ... a boy might have that a girl doesn't?"

She smiles a crooked smile as the car stops and the adults get out of the car. The back doors open and the babies are unbuckled from their seats and carried into the house.

Danni pats Mandy comfortingly on her bottom as she says softly, "You might as well get used to being a baby girl sweet heart. I promise you I will be a very good mommy."

Mandy gulps ... as Danni pats her bottom softly, Mandy gurgles out, "I swear if you ..." Almost crying and Mandy rubs her eyes. She’s tired and getting very cranky. She also realizes she hopes Danni soon lets her nurse ... she’s very hungry ... OMG!! What am I thinking?

Danni coos softly into Mandy's ear, "If?? sweetie, look at yourself .. there's no if. " Danni pats Mandy on her bottom one more time before she sits with Mandy in her lap. Danni undoes the top to her romper and exposes one of her beautifully erect breasts and puts the nipple in Mandy’s mouth. Mandy doesn’t think, she begins to nurse hungrily. The sweet, warm, slightly watery liquid trickles down her throat, making her tummy so warm and her so content.

When Mandy had her fill, Danny stands Mandy on her feet as she rezips her romper back in place. Mandy had wobbled on her unsteady legs for a bit, before she fell back on her bottom with a plop!

Danni stands and helps Mandy to her feet and walks with her to the playpen. Mandy held onto Dannie’s index fingers for support as the crossed the room. Danni picks Mandy up and places her in the playpen with Jojo and raises the rails.

Mandy knows it all over now. She is beginning to have problems walking. She has to hold onto things to keep her balance. It’s ... sorta fun doing it too. She giggles with glee as she feels how tired she had become. Mandy realized that nursing made her very sleepy. She didn’t realize how tired she was until that moment.

Danni coos softly, "Now when baby wakes up from her next nap ... she will feel so much better about every thing."

Danni giggles as she walks to Amber and they begin having a discussion about how long it will be before Mandy looses the ability to talk. What Mandy hears .. is more than freighting.

Mandy tries to stand and can't. She has to hold onto something to keep her balance. Mandy sits back in the playpen and cuddles up to the Large Teddy Bear. It was so soft and snuggly. Mandy looks over at Jojo. Amber had breast fed him too ... he is almost fast asleep. Mandy looks at a mirror on the wall across from the playpen and sees a blonde haired little baby girl sitting in a cute yellow romper. Mandy's eyes start to tear up. All is lost. Mandy realizes she is Dannie’s baby girl ... forever ... she has no choice. Mandy was now one of the FAD children that were sweeping the globe.

Danni and Amber leave the room. Mandy hears the she has a bout 4 hours before she is totally unable to talk like a big girl. Jojowakes enough to goo and begin to lazily begin to play with the bunny rabbit mobile hung over the playpen.

Jojo coos, "Isn't bunny purty? Come pway wifs me. I thnk ur such a pwetty girl."

Mandy is shocked and still scared. Mandy think Jojo is such a cute little boyyeee ... She blushes pink at the feelings. She sees several of the wet markers on Jojo’s Huggies change color. She sleepily crawls over to Jojo and peeks in the front of her diaper. Mandy backs away and is white in the face with huge eyes "Your ... your..." pointing and backing into the playpen wall.

Jojo rolls onto his side and starts to suck his thumb contentedly as he looks to Mandy all wide eyed.

Jojo gurgles softly, "U no pway wif bebe? Bebe tinks ur so pwetty."

"No, because I will be getting out of here ... and I will be punishing my girlfriend dearly"

Mandy was sitting there in a thick diaper ... trying her best to stand. "that's not going to happen to me!!!"

Jojo giggles and replies, "Silly bebe. No goin back. You're a baby and goin to be a girl as time passes. You already no able ta walk ... soon it no matter."

"I'm not giving up me pee pee for a vag...vag...a girly part" trying to get up over the playpen wall.

Mandy did not want to be here. Something else in her ... was making it hard to remember why she didn’t want to be here. Both Danni and Amber hear Mandy attempting to climb out of the playpen and come running in. When the women enter the room, they see Mandy almost up one side of the playpen rail. Danni rushes over and picks Mandy up and swats her on her diapered bottom just hard enough to show Mandy she was doing a no no.

Danni says sternly as she put Mandy back in the playpen, "Baby not allowed to climb the rails. She might fall down go boom n hurt herself."

Amber says, "There is a top to the playpen. We can close it and resolve that issue until she's too young to climb. It wont be bout an hour or so more."

Amber reaches over and slides a very thick mesh top over the top of the pen, effectively locking the babies in.

"I'm not a baby girl!" screamed Mandy. She was already unintelligible to the adults. All they heard were the adorable gurgles and goos of a cute baby. Mandy didn’t understand what was going on ... she started throwing a bit of a tantrum and started to act more like the baby she is.

Danni stands with her hands on her hips for a bit before she slides the top open enough for her to reach in. Danni lays Mandy on her back suddenly and unsnaps the snaps between her legs and pulls the flaps up above Mandy's waist. She pulls open the front of Mandy's diaper and shows her ... there are no male parts any where ... just a really cute vagina.

Danni coos softly, "Welcome to the sisterhood. Seems you're already a cute little baby girl already. There's no way out sweetie. Just relax and be the daughter you have become and I always wanted. You have no choice in this. You belong to me now, and I love my daughter very much."

She kisses Mandy lovingly after she fastens the snaps back and pats Mandy’s bottom reassuringly again. Mandy stops fighting ... the pats are so comforting. Danny closes the top of the Playpen and it locks again. The women leave, giggling about how cute Mandy and Jojo have become.

Mandy leans up and looks down in horror as she starts to cry. there is no form showing that she ever was male. Mandy is now the little baby girl Danni always wanted. Laying back down, sobbing her eyes out. She cannot believe that this happened to her.

Mandy thinks to herself that when she gets older the guys she's dating better give her a baby or else ... then she remembers ... she never will grow up ... she’s a baby .. for the rest of her life.

Jojo rolls over and snuggles up close to Mandy. She gurgles softly, "Jus go to sleep bebe. Whens u wake up ... it all b ok .. I pwomis."

Without really wanting to ... Mandy's eyes get very heavy. She fights as hard as she can to stay awake like babies do ... babyhood beckons overpoweringly. She knows she will be a baby girl if she falls asleep. The next thing she realizes ... how much she ... is enjoying this dream. Full of baby bottles and soft cuddly toys.
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