The Power of Nana

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The Power of Nana

Postby Miki Yamuri » Tue Aug 14, 2018 6:33 am

Title: The Power of Nana

All characters played by: Miki Yamuri and LilJennie


Nana Jenkins: The Head Nana
Nana Epstein: A younger Nana
Nana Jeffries: A young but experienced Nana out in the world caring for babies; cares for Danny, Hannah, and others
Danny: An artist and big baby
Hannah: A little baby
Jules Dumont: An adult, Hannah’s father
Nana (Vickie) Velor: A younger Nana with a fascinating voice

Scene: In the magical realm of Nanas

The Head Nana, Nana Jenkins, sat at her desk and went through the many names of all the charges in the world. Nana smiled as she contemplated all the wonderful children that had gotten too old and made the awful mistake of growing up.

A much younger Nana came in with a tray of hot chocolate with heaps of marshmallows and whipped cream. She said in a cheery voice, “Hi, Nana Jenkins. I brought you some nice hot cocoa made just the way you like it.”

Nana Jenkins smiled as she took one of the large steaming mugs and gingerly took a small taste. “Oooo, thank you, Nana Epstein -- mmm, so nice, thick, and marshmallowy.” She sighed, “I wish I could think of a way to stop all my babies from growing up.”

The younger Nana shrugged her shoulders and said, “Why not let them be … big babies, then? I mean, a baby is a baby.”

Nana Jenkins smiled. “That isn’t such a bad idea. There are a few big babies out there now. Why not make them all big babies?”

“But how?” asked Nana Epstein. “I mean, only some of them stay in touch with their inner baby. The rest don’t know how to talk to the infant that all humans have inside, not anymore. They forget how.”

“I don’t know,” Nana Jenkins replied. “But … maybe if we do some research, we’ll find a way.”


“Yes,” said Nana Jenkins. “Leave no stone unturned! Let all Nanas listen well. If anyone hears of a way to set free the baby inside all adult humans, even the faintest rumor, she must report it to me straight away!” And through the magic of the Land of Nanas, the message went out. Soon all Nanas knew the will of the Head Nana. If there was a way, they would find it.

“Yes … that’s it … let go …” whispered Nana Jeffries to one of her adult-in-body charges as he slept. Danny was an amazing artist who worked for an advertising agency by day, but by night he retreated to his nursery and his crib. Sucking on his pacifier, he drifted off to sleep, and Nana Jeffries whispered encouragement in his ears, bringing on the sweetest of baby dreams. Smiling in his sleep, Danny easily wet his diaper, the stresses and worries of the adult world far, far away. “Good baby boy,” Nana Jeffries whispered. She’d change his diaper for him later, when he was deeply asleep and wouldn’t remember. Meanwhile, she had other work to do.

Nana Jeffries reached down and picked up her diaper bag, putting its strap over her shoulder, and adjusted a dial affixed to its outermost pocket. She was magically transported to another nursery: this time in the home of a baby who was still a baby in body, a tiny little girl named Hannah. This baby’s poor daddy was a single parent and tried his best to work his job and provide for his beloved daughter, while somehow finding time to spend with her. Here, it was morning, and Jules was just getting ready to leave for work.

“Ah, good morning, Ms. Jeffries,” said Jules quietly, walking into the nursery. “I see you’ve let yourself in. I hope Hannah is a good girl for you today.” He smiled adoringly at his daughter, still asleep in the crib for now.

“I’m sure she’ll be an adorable angel,” said Nana Jeffries, smiling down at little Hannah as well. “It’s not a hard thing to imagine at all. I hope you have a good day, Mr. Dumont.”

Jules left for work after more quiet goodbyes to his child. After checking on Hannah, Nana Jeffries sat down in a nearby rocking chair to read her messages, taking out her bright pink mobile device. “Hmm,” she thought. “Ways to rekindle adults’ relationships with their inner children? Well, I’ll keep my eye out.” And so would the many thousands of other Nanas all across the planet Earth.

A very young Nana, Vickie Velor, was doing her very best to take care of the twins, and little Mandy, who just turned 4, but wasn’t quite yet potty trained … but thought she was.

The twins were just in their terrible twos and were throwing a fit over some insignificant thing while Mandy stood in the doorway and held herself while she pottied in her cute panties.

Somehow, Nana Velor wasn’t exactly sure how she did it, she said in a cooing magical voice, “Now hush little babies don’t fuss. Nana will kiss you and make it all better.”

Instantly, the twins quieted down and looked at Nana with big eyes as she gave each one a peck on their foreheads and noses before she went to Mandy and took her by the hand.

Mandy was about to fuss, “Amma big girl … an an an … no wears diapers ...”

Nana Velor cooed softly, “Such a big girl like you needs to be all safe and comfy in her diapers. Panties can wait for a little bit.”

Mandy’s eyes grew large with surprise as a wave of realization passed through her. Ooo, how nice a thick soft diaper would feel. Not only comfy, but safe from accidents. Mandy stopped struggling immediately as Nana led her by the hand into the potty room.

As Nana Velor cleaned Mandy up and put a fresh super thick diaper and pullup panties on her, Nana Jeffries dropped in momentarily to check on the younger Nana. She had observed the power Nana Velor’s voice carried when she had used it on the children. Come to think of it, there were a few Nanas who had this sort of ability. Could it be that this talent, perhaps partly tonal quality and partly word choice, held the answer the head Nana was seeking?

The two Nanas nodded at each other in greeting as Nana Velor led Mandy back to the living room. Nana Jeffries pondered. Perhaps. But what the head Nana needed was something more than just a way to calm down terrible twos and get toddlers who still needed diapers to accept them. She wanted something that affected adults -- and not just adult babies, but adults who had completely lost touch with their inner child. For now, she had to get back to Hannah, but in any case this would require more thought.

“There now, isn’t that better?” Nana Velor asked little Mandy, who was waddling along hand-in-hand with her and looking quite happy, even though her diaper was crinkling and very thick.

Mandy looked up at Nana Velor and nodded, her thumb in her mouth. “Uh huh!” she said with a smile. Nana smiled back.

No, thought Nana Jeffries, what the Head Nana needed was something that could affect adults. So when Jules returned from work and she was free to leave Hannah with him, Nana Jeffries went to visit one of her adult baby charges.

Jane had just returned from work herself and was changing into her baby outfit for an evening of stress relief. “Nana!” she said happily when Nana Jeffries appeared in her apartment. “It’s always good to see you!”

“It’s always a pleasure, Jane,” said Nana Jeffries. “Looks like you’re getting ready for my favorite kind of evening. Will it be Baby Rules, then?”

“Oh, please, can it be?” Jane asked. “It’s been another rough one. The commute was terrible, customers were always complaining, and that Brett guy was at it again.”

“Your coworker who can’t keep his hands to himself?” asked Nana. “If you ask me, I know someone who is practically still a baby, and he’s not one of the two people in this room.”

“Tell me about it,” Jane said, “but I’d rather not think about him until I have to. I’m about to go get …”

“... changed into your diaper?” asked Nana. “Now, don’t you know that baby girls can’t diaper or dress themselves? You’re just too little, and you know that. Come on, let Nana make everything all better.” She took a smiling Jane by the hand and led her to her changing table.

“Now, Baby Jane, you’re such a little girl that I think you need an extra thick diaper tonight,” Nana said, lifting Jane onto the padded table. It wasn’t as if Nanas didn’t have the ability to reconnect willing adults with their inner babies. Indeed, they all had tricks they could use. Right now, she used one of them to fluff up one of Jane’s already extra thick disposable diapers, making it both larger and thicker, because she knew it would make Jane feel smaller in comparison. After undressing Jane the rest of the way -- “no no, these clothes just won’t do; they’re far too grown-up for my baby girl” -- she lotioned and powdered Jane’s diaper region and slid this now extra-large and extra-thick diaper beneath Jane’s raised posterior and lowered her back down onto it, snugly fastening it around her for a perfect fit.

“I’ve got a silly question for my baby girl,” said Nana Jeffries.

“Uh huh?” Jane asked as Nana picked out a lovely pink babydoll nightie with white bows all over it and started slipping it onto her.

“Suppose you wanted to feel … oh, extra baby like,” asked Nana, getting Jane’s hair brush and starting to part her hair carefully, in order to braid it into pigtails. “What sort of things do you do?”

“Well … I do a lot of the things that you’re doin’ to me wight now,” Jane said, her voice starting to lose its adult poise and polish. “Like changin’ into diapers, changin’ how I dress, changin’ what I do.”

“But what about … changing how you think?” asked Nana. “I mean, all of this certainly changes how you think, but do you do anything else?”

“Well … I don’t know. Some big babies have videos or sound files to watch an’ listen to. Like … hypno or sublimmal stuffs. I dunno how it works.”

“Interesting. Did you ever try them? Do they work on everyone?”

“I never did but kinda always wanted to,” Jane said. “I heard they work better for some than for others.”

“Hmm,” said Nana. “Want to try one now?”

“Well … OK. I’m safe if you’re here. It’s s’posed to work better if you feel safe.”

“Yes, I imagine so. All right, then. Let’s try something.” She took out her pink Nana Phone and called up Nana Velor, who should be getting done with her current clients right about now. “Hello, Vickie, how are you? I was wondering if I could get you to read something, in that voice you use on the little ones …”

She got Jane all settled in on her bed, with her pacifier, blankie, and plushies to hold, and connected her phone to Jane’s sound system. The words were easily taken from the Internet plus the Nana Realm’s immense library. And Nana Velor’s talent gave them an extra impact that made Jane giggle and shiver with anticipation right from the beginning. Soon Jane was relaxing quite deeply but still listening intently.

“Three,” said Nana Velor’s voice from the stereo speakers. “You’re nearly at the bottom of the stairs, your bare feet sinking deeply into the thick, soft carpeting with each step. Two. Only one step to go, my precious little girl. And … one. You’re at the bottom of the stairs, standing on soft carpet in front of a beautiful door. What’s on the other side, Sweetheart? You already know it’s something wonderful. A place where you can be totally safe and free to be whoever you want to be, and I think you already know who you want to be, my beautiful baby girl. When you’re ready, reach out and open the door …”

Nana Jeffries was recording this and taking mental notes. This was working so far, but she would have to see how it would affect Jane when it was over. Posthypnotic suggestion was even less reliable than hypnosis itself, but what effect would Nana Velor’s voice have on it?

“... And now you’re inside, completely safe to be exactly who you want to be, to remember exactly what you want to remember, and forget exactly what you want to forget. And don’t you want to forget being an adult, little one? You’re safe to do that here. Yes, you’re a baby now, and you don’t know anything a baby doesn’t know, do you? You can’t remember how to walk, how to keep your diapers dry or clean, how to feed yourself, how to read, how to use any long words … you’re just a baby, aren’t you? Don’t worry if you wet or even mess your diaper … that’s what it’s for, and Nana is here if you need a change. Your bib will protect your clothes if you make a mess while you’re eating … that’s what it’s for. You can’t drink from a glass … you’re too little. But that’s why you have a bottle. You’re a baby, and it’s OK to be a baby. That’s why you have baby clothes, baby toys, baby furniture, baby equipment …”

Nana Velor kept reading the script, which went on like this for over 20 minutes, then gradually brought Jane back to consciousness.

“... Eight … almost time to wake up from nap time, Baby … nine … you will be your complete, happy, perfect, wonderful baby self until you wake up in the morning tomorrow … ten. Time to open your eyes and see the world as a baby. Time to play! Time to just be a baby. Bye-bye until next time, and have fun!”

“Thank you, Vickie,” said Nana Jeffries over the phone, disconnecting it from Jane’s stereo. “We’ll see how it works. I’ll show you.” She put her Nana Phone in baby monitor mode, setting it down on a shelf and letting the camera show Nana Velor the effects of her work.

“Jane?” Nana Jeffries asked, looking at the girl on the bed.

Jane let out a happy squeal and babbled, her pacifier falling out of her mouth and dangling on its ribbon.

“That sounds positive. Would you like some supper?”

Jane just babbled some more. But her tummy rumbled, and she frowned.

“I see,” said Nana Jeffries, realizing she should switch to how she talked to little babies now. “Jane-Jane want some din-dins?” she asked in a musical voice, smiling, and Jane looked up at her.

“That’s right, it’s time to get some num-nums,” she said. “Let’s go!” She took Jane by both hands, blankie and plushies falling onto the bed as she stood up, and Jane stumbled, her diaper crinkling loudly.

In Jane’s mind, she was a toddler who was almost ready for potty training, but not quite yet. Nana Jeffries took Jane by the hand and slowly led her into the kitchen. It was an easy thing for Nana Jeffires to lift the now giggling and wiggling Jane into the high chair and buckle her in.

Nana Jeffries placed a bowl of cut up chicken tenders and catsup in the tray in front of Jane. Jane’s eyes got big with wonder as she grabbed a fist full with both hands and stuffed what she could in her mouth. The rest went all over her face, in her hair, on the floor … in general, was a huge baby mess.

Nana Jeffries made many pictures for Nana Velor to see. It seemed that whatever Vickie’s tonal quality had done, it had worked on Jane more than well. Jane was currently totally lost in Baby Rules and didn’t give any indication she was going to return to adulthood anytime soon.

Nana Jeffries cooed softly as she cleaned Jane’s hands and face with a soft warm cloth, “That a good baby.” she gave Jane a kiss on her nose, “And babies as young as you can barely walk … can’t they?”

Jane clapped her hands as she bounced in the seat. “Thhhhbbbbb … signoa’oreg ‘kjdh’j th;’gfn./, kfgnk,” she babbled, then she giggled adorably. Jane was certainly feeling no stress from the awful adult human world now.

This was a wonderful development. Nana Jeffries took out her strawberry pink phone and made a call. She had an idea. What if Vickie and others like her trained other Nanas who didn’t posses that particular skill, so they too could begin making the proper changes necessary for the many lost children to return to their true callings?

Nana Jenkins sat at her desk and read through the morning’s reports. She noticed a folder signed by two Nanas, Jeffries and Velor. This was unusual. Normally Nanas filed their own reports individually.

As Nana Jenkins read through the thick binder, her expression became one of wonder. She had known that all Nanas possessed a certain ability, now, it would appear this ability was more useful than at first glance. The idea of all Nanas and all new recruits going through a training course to teach this technique … was a stroke of genius.

Nana Jenkins leaned over and hit the intercom button, Could you get Nana Jeffries and Nana Velor to my office immediately? I need to have a long chat with them.”

The voice replied back quickly, “Yes, Ma’am. They will be in your office within an hour.”

Nana Jenkins sat back and smiled. Now, she was going to ensure that her babies returned to their true selves.

In about an hour, a glimmering etching in the shape of a door appeared in the wall across from Nana Jenkins’ desk. From the glowing outline stepped Nana Jeffries and Nana Velor, two prim and properly attired Nanas.

“Thank you for coming, Nana Jeffries, Nana Velor,” she said. “Please sit down -- I’ve read your report and found it quite interesting.”

“Wow! Really?” said Nana Velor. “I just … it’s such a great honor to hear a good word from Nana Jenkins herself, you know?”

“That is true,” said Nana Jeffries. “It is quite gratifying to learn that our suggestion may be of some use.”

Nana Jenkins said, “The fact is that I’m just so sad that there are so many humans who used to be our babies but have grown up. There has to be a way to bring back the wonderful little ones who have now disappeared. What we need to know is what happens when you try your technique on an adult human who isn’t a big baby. So I’ve arranged an experiment. You can try it on this group of people, who are staying at a small resort on an isolated tropical island.” She indicated a screen showing a picture of the island she was talking about. Palm trees blew in a gentle breeze as the waves gently lapped against the beach.

“Interesting,” Nana Jeffries said. “How many are there?”

“Ten,” said Nana Jenkins, “but don’t worry -- we’ll have some extra Nana personnel available in case it works on all of them. Now, we’ve looked into their backgrounds -- none of them has any history of being a big baby. There are both men and women, of diverse races, so the sample size is small but the quality is good. This should be a good experiment. Remember, success means bringing back any information at all, so it is not a failure if your technique doesn’t work on some or even all of them -- it’s more data, which is success.”

“Right!” said Nana Velor. “The only failure would be if we invalidated the data by not following experimental protocols.”

“You’re remembering your science classes from the Academy well,” said Nana Jenkins to the younger Nana with a smile.

“I do have a question,” said Nana Jeffries. “Assuming this technique is effective on all or even a majority of adult humans, how will we effectively employ it on such a large number of people? And assuming success, is there enough Nana power to actually care for that many? Do we have the numbers?”

“Well, for one thing,” said Nana Jenkins, “we’re not talking about converting the entire human race -- just those who were once Nanas’ charges. There are, sad to say, many human babies who have never known a Nana’s care. And for another thing … there’s a source of power that we can tap.”

“Not … the ancient Nana Well?” said Nana Velor with a gasp. “I had thought that was just a story!”

“No, it’s real,” Nana Jenkins said, “but it doesn’t solve all problems. We’ll see. Meanwhile, your experiment awaits.”

Nana Jenkins and Nana Velor arrived at the island through the magical portal. Off in the distance, they saw 5 young men and 5 young women dressed in their bathing suits all playing beach volleyball. A large campfire burned within a sturdy rock circle, and had a pot of coffee brewing on a grill on top.

One young woman in a tie on string bikini ran into one of the large tents. Nana Velor used her magical transporting ability and appeared within the tent. The tent was rather large and had material that was hung in several places that divided it up into rooms.

Nana could see the shadow form of the young woman on one of the cloth hangings. A cute giggly voice said, “I’ll be out in a minute. I’m putting on my romper.”

Nana Velor cooed softly in her singsong voice, “It’s quite all right sweetheart. Perhaps Baby would like to be all comfy and safe in a thick diaper?”

The woman felt as if she had been struck by lightning as the soft musically cooing voice of Nana Velor pierced all through her body and awakened something thought long forgotten.

The young woman came from within the enclosed place and looked at Nana Velor. She said haltingly as rushes ran intensely through her, “Wh … who are … I mean … what are you?”

Nana Velor giggled pleasantly as she opened the diaper bag she had slung over her shoulder and removed a very thick crawly diaper just the young woman’s size, “Why baby girl, I’m your Nana. I’ve come to make you all safe and comfy.”

The young woman’s mouth fell open in total amazed shock as once again Nana’s voice shot all through her young body awaking a real desire. The young woman trembled as she fought it hard. Finally with a small sobbing gasp, the young woman said, “Nana please make baby aww safes n stuffies.”

Nana Velor recorded everything, then powdered and diapered the newest baby in her care.

“Fascinating,” said Nana Jeffries. “You didn’t even need to use the hypnosis script. Yet she didn’t seem to be a big baby.”

“She still might have been a latent one,” Nana Velor said. “That’s probably why we have to try it out on a number of them. They can’t all be latent adult babies.”

“Annie?” came a young man’s voice from outside the tent. “Are you in -- oh, hello,” he said. He wore bright orange and white swim trunks and a lot of sunscreen. He looked at Annie, who still wore her bikini top but had her thick diaper on instead of the bikini bottom, where she lay in a lounge chair, eyes closed and sucking a pacifier. “That’s different,” he said. “Who are you, then?” he asked the two Nanas.

“We’re your Nanas, Sweetheart,” said Nana Velor in that musical, soothing voice of hers. “Wouldn’t you just love to take a little bit of a break?”

“Sure, that sounds great,” he said. “I guess Annie’s looking pretty relaxed. Weird but hey, if it works.”

“Good boy,” she said. “You’re Nana’s good baby boy, aren’t you? Why don’t you just lie down, then, and let us do the worrying for you?”

“Oh … okay … I’ll just lie down here …”

“Very good,” she said. “The first thing you need to do is close your eyes. The second thing is take a deep breath. The third thing is let go …” She went through a script that both Nanas had written together, based on the other ones they’d seen, both on Earth and in the Nana Archives. The young man was soon sucking his thumb and allowed Nana Jeffries to diaper him as Nana Velor continued to speak.

“Nine … ten!” Nana Velor finally said. “Time for baby to wake up and play!” The young man opened his eyes and babbled happily. Annie, the young woman on the lounge chair, woke up too. The two of them saw each other and started a happy conversation in nonsense baby words. Soon they were happily playing in the sand, crawling because neither could remember how to walk.

“This seems positive,” said Nana Jeffries, taking notes in a notebook. “By the way, Jane woke up the next morning with lovely memories of a beautiful evening. She asked me to pass along her thanks. Her stress was completely gone. I don’t know why they don’t all take a vacation from adulthood, at least once in a while.”

“Oh! Well you can tell her that it was my pleasure,” said Nana Velor. “I only wish I could have been there to play with her. I do love playing with babies!”

“Perhaps next time, then,” Nana Jeffries said. “Meanwhile, we’ve got to find more subjects …”

The next young man and women were basically ambushed. As they ran into a copse of thickly spaced palm trees and entered the hidden clearing within hand in hand, Nana Jeffries seemed to step out of the shadows. She cooed ever so softly and wonderfully, “Hello babies. Nana’s here to dress you properly so you both can play in the sand here.” At this point, she began to run through the prearranged script.

The young woman had a really cute expression on her face as she had a poopie accident in her bikini. The young man looked down with a shocked look on his face as he had an accident in his bathing suit. The liquid ran down his leg and puddled at his feet.

Nana Jeffries knelt down and clapped her hands softly together, “Come to me you adorable little babies and Nana will have you taken care of in a jiffy.”

They both hesitated for an instant as they fought the overpowering urges that welled up ever more powerfully within. Finally, they couldn’t resist and both ran/toddled into Nana’s open arms … and a wonderful cleaning and diapering.

Nana Jeffries took one last look at the two of them playing happily in the sand before she left the hidden circle within the trees and returned to the remaining six.

Nana Jeffries and Nana Velor were extremely confident by this time. Their ability was developing and becoming ever stronger as they used it … which was a good thing. The remaining three young men and three young women were obviously not in touch with their inner child. The Nanas smiled as they entered the area where the 6 were still knocking the volleyball around and started their cooing chant.

One of the young men turned and started to say something in an angry snarl, “What is that crap … umm … that … “ his face took on an expression of surprised shock. The rest of the group stopped playing volleyball and moved towards the young man as he stood with a wide eyed expression of amazement on his face.

Another very pretty girl in a string bikini pointed and said with a gasp before her sentence cut off, “H he’s … wetting in his bathing suit. OMG! That .. th … umm …?” She stopped speaking as her face took on an adorably wide eyed expression.

The two Nana’s continued their chant, recording all the reactions. The three men and the three women responded perfectly as any child would, some having their first accident in their pants since they were potty trained, or having the overpowering urge to sit, or just stand in awed wonder and suck their thumbs.

Nana Velor walked up to the young woman in the bikini and took her by the hand as she cooed magically, “Come with me sweetheart. Nana will get you in a thick comfy diaper where you will be safe.” Nana Velor pulled open the young woman’s bottoms and checked her. The young woman had just had her first of many many little girl accidents. “And Nana can tell it’s just in time.”

Nana Velor took the young woman by the hand and led her off towards the area that had been set up as a changing place before the Nana’s started their test. Nana Velor finished diapering the young woman and had her in the cutest powderpuff plastic lined panties. They were soft yellow with white ruffles and lace.

The other nine were easy. Nana Jeffries decided all of them would look so cute in the snuggle bug rompers and panties. They were soft lime green with yellow lace. Both Nana’s stood and watched their new infants as they played, sucked their thumbs, and totally forgot what it was like to be older than three.

Nana Jeffries commented, “Well, that’s the experiment. Let’s send this back to Nana Jenkins.” She put the forms into an envelope, which she inserted into a special pocket of her diaper bag. It wasn’t long before another envelope popped right back out of the same pocket. She opened it and read the first page of the sheaf of papers inside it. “I see … Nana Jenkins is very happy with our results! But now we need to find someone who is even more resistant to try this on.”

Nana Velor snapped her fingers and said, “I know. There’s this place in Utah … think it’s some kind of compound. Anyways, the men that live there think they are some kind of ruffian gang. If the technique works there, then we have perfected what we need for Nana Jenkins.”

Some Nanas arrived to take care of the newly-regressed big babies on the island, and Nanas Jeffries and Velor vanished, to reappear somewhere way out in the country in Utah.

“Now, they might have guns, so be ready,” Nana Jeffries cautioned. Nana Velor nodded and reached into her diaper bag.

There was a farm down the road in the distance, and they walked down the road toward it. But before they even got near, they saw a man wearing camouflage fatigues standing by the side of the road.

“Good afternoon, sir,” said Nana Jeffries to this man.

“Afternoon, ladies,” he said with a nod. “Now if I were you I’d be movin’ right along toward where you’re goin’. Road’s public, but this here’s private land. You don’t wanna be lookin’ for any trouble ‘round here.”

“No, we’re not looking for any trouble,” Nana Velor said, very soothingly. “I can’t imagine wanting any trouble. I don’t know why anyone would want that. Just imagine … not wanting to cause anyone any trouble, any worry, any problems …” The man was listening. “I imagine maybe there was once a time when there weren’t any problems or worries -- a time not so long ago, don’t you think?”

“Yep, I reckon it was a time before we had all these lib’rul leftists runnin’ amuck in charge o’ the govvermint,” the man said. “I seen ‘em on the TV.”

“And before that?” asked Nana Velor with an angelic smile. “Weren’t there times when your mommy and daddy took care of everything? When you were younger? Smaller?” The man nodded, fascinated. “Those were happier times, weren’t they? You had nothing to do but play then. Sure, you were little, but there were no worries … before you were 10 … before you were nine … before you were eight …”

“Hey, Nate, who’re the pretty ladies?” said another man, who had walked over from nearer to the farm to see what was going on. He got Nate’s attention and broke his concentration.

“Wh -- eh? Oh -- hey Hank, I was just … just talkin’ to these ladies about … about …”

“About old times,” said Nana Jeffries.

“Yeah, ‘bout how things used to be so much better,” Nate said.

“Well, now, sounds like you ladies agree with us,” said Hank. “You wanna come talk some more? Maybe in private?”

“Now, Hank, that’s not fair, you know I got guard duty,” Nate said. “I can’t leave my post ‘til five.”

“Well I’m sure these two beautiful ladies don’t wanna stand out here that long,” Hank said. “Come inside, outta the sun.”

The two Nanas followed the young man down the road to the farmhouse. Once they were inside, They were led though a large room full of many ruffian kinds of men … all watching TV, or playing cards, or doing some other thing to occupy their time.

Nana Velor looked around as the young man indicated several large chairs for them to sit. Several of the men who appeared to be playing some kind of board game noticed the two ladies and said, “Well, now. Where in the world did you manage to find two pretty fillys like them?” he raises a hand and waves, “My name’s Chuck. That there dude is named Jessie.” as he pointed to the man with a scruffy beard sitting across from him.

Nana Jeffries smiled and said in her magical cooing voice, “We are just remembering a time not so long ago when all your worries were taken away. A time before you were ten.”

Nana Velor picked up the chant and said, “Yes, a time before nine … before eight …”
The two Nanas continued their cooing countdown. All the men had stopped whatever they were doing and looked at them with wide eyed surprise as something long long forgotten awoke within each of the ruffians and took notice of what it was the Nanas were saying.

Shortly, the man that was standing guard outside entered the large room. He was carrying a very large semi-automatic combat weapon. He entered the room and saw the others seemingly in some kind of spellbound trance. He said with a snarl in his voice, “What in tarnation is going on in here?”

“Just reminiscing about old times, sir,” said Nana Velor. “Don’t you remember --”

“What I remember is when the govvermint tried to take my land,” said this belligerent man, “on account o’ they said I didn’t pay some tax they said I owed ‘em. My land! Had it from my daddy, and him from his daddy before him. I say you don’t pay tax on your own land. Maybe some rich guy owns half the state oughtta, but they pay off the lawmakers to come down on us hard-workin’ folks.”

“Your daddy must have been a good man,” said Nana Jeffries. “Those must have been good times.”

“Damn right they were good times. Mama an’ Daddy an’ my brother Joe an’ my sister Sue …”

“Yeah, Luke, I remember Sue, where’d she move off to again?” asked one of the other men.

“She’s down in Reno, last I heard. But hey, who are you two ladies, anyway?”

“My name’s Sharon, and this is Vickie, and I think we’d be a lot more comfortable if you put that gun away,” Nana Jeffries said. Nana Velor had slowly reached into a pocket of her diaper bag.

“Now, it’s my God-given right to keep an’ bear this here firearm,” Luke said. “Same as anyone. Only diff’rence is this is America, an’ the Second Amendment keeps the govvermint from takin’ it away.”

“That’s fine, but we’re your friends,” said Nana Velor. “Aren’t we? We’re just here to talk about the old times. Those were good times. We liked them too. Back when things weren’t so complicated. Back when there were less dangerous things to carry, and they were more fun. Like … water guns. Remember those?”

“Oh yeah, y’know …” Luke said, bemused, “I usedta have onna those Super Soakers that I usedta spray Sue with in the summertime, and she’d get all ornery, hehe …” Nana Velor came a bit closer to Luke, taking her hand out of the diaper bag along with a pinch of what looked like baby powder. “Got her fancy dress all soakin’ wet, but there weren’t no harm in it … it was just water …”

“Sounds like those were wonderful, fun times,” Nana Velor said, sprinkling the powder on his weapon, which suddenly became a Super Soaker just like the one he remembered. “I’m sure we can all remember times like those -- so fun and carefree.”

“Oh yes, I remember being 10 … 9 … 8 even,” said Nana Jeffries.

The two of them were able to continue their countdown uninterrupted this time, and their audience was truly spellbound. Nana Velor sprinkled more magic baby powder on the water gun, and now it turned into a large-sized baby rattle, just in time for Luke to appreciate it. He giggled happily and shook it, making lots of noise, which made him giggle even more. He helplessly wet his pants where he was sitting on the floor, unable to remember how to stand up, making a puddle around himself.

“Well aren’t you all just adorable little baby boys?” Nana Jeffries asked them all. “Let’s get you all changed so you don’t make more puddles!” The two Nanas got their latest batch of big babies changed into thick diapers and adorable baby versions of the overalls and combat-green fatigues they’d been wearing, with snaps up the legs and in the crotch. As before, more Nanas arrived to take care of them so Nanas Jeffries and Velor could make their report.

Nana Jenkins sat at her desk as the young Nana with a large tray full of freshly made hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows and whipped cream entered. The young woman placed the tray on a small table, she picked up a rather large folder and handed it to Nana Jenkins.

She said softly, “That’s the report from Nana Velor and Nana Jeffries. Both of them are currently in the new recruit area laying out the Lesson Plan for teaching something they call the Infantizer Technique.”

Nana Jenkins read over the report. From what Nanas Velor and Jeffries stated, and the many short video clips of the results, Nana Jenkins was positive this was the very thing she was looking to find. She rose from her desk and walked towards a part of the wall that was blank and nondescript. A bright line trace outline of a door etched into the stone, and Nana Jenkins walked right through.

She stepped out into a large room with many very young Nanas sitting in several tiers of seats arranged around the walls and stacked several deep. Nana Velor was in process of showing the younger recruits how to produce the magical coo that spoke to the infant within all mankind … hidden or not.

Nana Jenkins said softly once Nana Velor had stopped, “I think we can actually make the chant a little better. Once the subject has had their infant awakened, might the chant need to change slightly?”

Nana Jeffries replied, “We can possibly make the words different after the initial subliminal awakening happens.”

Nana Jenkins sat in one of the student seats between two young and pretty Nana Recruits, and began taking notes the same as the rest of the class. Nana Velor and Nana Jeffries beamed with pride as they continued with the voice lesson.

Nana Velor, of course, wasn’t the only Nana with the amazing ability -- there were about six of them, all told, and now they were all trying to teach other Nanas about it, so soon there would be more. “But,” said Nana Jenkins later, “this still leaves one big problem -- how we affect large numbers of humans at once.”

“Yes, that does seem to be a problem,” said Nana Jeffries. “With modern technology, we could of course arrange for a global television broadcast, or some sort of online streaming video, but other experiments have been showing diminished effectiveness when the voice isn’t live.”

“I bet I could still turn a bunch of people into babies anyway,” said Nana Velor.

Nana Jenkins smiled. “I’m sure you could, dear, but there’s still only one of you. We need more than what just one Nana can do … and it has to be a one-to-many simulcast. If too many humans find out what’s happening, they might panic and overreact, poor things.”

“Earlier you mentioned the ancient Nana Well,” said Nana Jeffries. “But I had thought it just a story.”

“Many believe it to be,” Nana Jenkins said. “But I assure you that it is quite real. Now mind you, I haven’t been to it in many years. And I’m not 100% certain that it will help. But it is a repository of power that has been used during times of crisis to help all Nanakind.”

“Is this a time of crisis?” aske Nana Jeffries.

“Well ....” said Nana Jenkins. “In reality, I’m not sure. But now it’s my job to find out.”

Over the next day of Nana Time, she started studying ancient maps of the Nana Realm as well as dusty old volumes of Nana history and lore. The location of the Nana Well was unclear; different Nanas of the past had reported different ideas about where it might be. But in these modern times, the Nanas had mapped the Nana Realm with high-tech aerial photography and satellites. Cross-indexing the ancient materials with the modern was challenging, but Nana Jenkins wasn’t Head Nana for nothing. After days of work she concluded that there was only one location on the entire Nana world that would satisfy all of the ancient accounts. But it was a remote spot, and rarely visited; Nanas preferred to spend their time taking care of Earthly babies rather than exploring the wilderness of their own world.

“Are you sure you can’t just send someone else?” asked Nana Epstein.

“No; I’m currently the only one who has read all of the ancient tales and memorized all the ancient maps,” said Nana Jenkins, packing her bags full of necessary supplies. “I just can’t envision sending anyone else. Even Nanas Jeffries and Velor are busy teaching classes about their new technique, and besides, they haven’t done the research I have.”

Nana Jenkins stood in her office looking at the blank, nondescript wall. She brought to mind all the maps from antiquity including several she had made of the modern lay of the land. Nana Jenkins knew if she was too far wrong in her mind when she stepped through the portal, there was really no telling where she would finally wind up. Would take a bit of doing to find her way back if she wound up in the wrong places.

She took a deep breath, and a brightly lit line etched the shape of a door in the wall. Nana Jenkins took a determined step through … and she stepped out of a flat rock cliffside. There in front of her stood the Well of Nanas. She stood wide eyed as she looked at it in total amazement.

In a cave grotto lay a pool of crystal-clear water with a low, circular stone wall built around its edges. At the center it was obvious that the natural stone that formed the bottom of the pool had a round hole that opened into some deeper cavern beneath, from whence the water came. Intricate rock formations decorated the grotto around it. From all around radiated a white light that had small undulating waves of varying colors, making bands dance through it. So … the Well was indeed real. She almost couldn’t believe it as she slowly approached it. She could feel the gentle warmth and the soft friendliness as she grew nearer to the well. When she had come to the stone circle of the well, she leaned over slightly and looked in.

It was indescribable what she saw as her eyes once again grew large and her mouth came open in total amazement. Nana Jenkins had no idea the power of Nana was so great. Now she also understood the reason the well was kept so secret … a power this great, used unwisely, could spell disaster.

No matter, she was going to make a fix on the adult population right now. This was anything but an unwise move. Nana Jenkins held her arms out and began the ancient summoning chant of the Nanas. The light from the well began to brighten to the point that Nana Jenkins had to close her eyes and turn her head.

All at once she felt as if some sort of energy poofed by and through her. She could almost hear a cooing voice calling to an infant’s inner self. It was done. Now, all those babies who made the mistake and grew up … were going to discover their infant selves again shortly.

“What’s this on the computer, Honey?”

“Some new MeTube channel. It’s on every computer all of a sudden. I read about it on FaceJournal. Looks just like people talking to me. I don’t know what’s so great about it.”

“But she’s … talking to … me …”

“What? Oh no, Honey, you’re … wetting your pants … why are you sucking your thumb?”

“Ba goo ma ma ba.”

“I don’t understand! What’s happened to you?”

“Don’t worry. Your new baby will be in good hands.”

“Who are you? How did you get in here?”

“My name is Nana Rodriguez. We took care of your loved one in early childhood, and we’ll do the same now. I’m here to help.”

“... And I’m Lori Nelson -- welcome to the News at 5. Reports are coming in from all over the world about viral Internet videos that are turning -- get this -- adults into babies. Steve?”

“That’s right, Lori, babies. We won’t show the video here, just in case it works, but our engineers watched it, and … Phil? Jim? Why are you sitting on the floor? Get back to your consoles! Where did you even get those diapers and pacifiers? Who are you, Ma’am?”

“My name is Nana Jenkins, and what a coincidence -- I remember both of you. Just relax, and you’ll never have to worry about anything ever again.” She turned toward the cameras. “And neither will you.”

“I throw paper ball at Stevie!” giggled Lori, throwing a crumpled-up piece of paper at Steve and giggling.

“Hey! I’m tellin’! complained Steve, grabbing the paper ball and throwing it back at Lori, who dodged.”

“Now, now, children, let’s get you into some diapers before you get any younger,” said Nana Jenkins with a smile. “Really, it’s such a delight.”

All over the entire planet, men and women suddenly became the most adorable toddlers and crawly babies. There were very few who didn’t immediately succumb. It didn’t take very long, however, before they too began to regress and turn into children. The only people who didn’t were those who hadn’t been fortunate enough to be cared for by the Nanas at all as children.

In a very short few hours, as the sun began to rise on another day, the entire planet’s collective civilization began to fall apart as all the bastions of Adults came crumbling down.

Aircraft that had been flying normally fell from the air and exploded in huge fireballs as those who were at the controls became too young to understand how to operate the massively complex machine. Power began to fail; food production came to an end as the farmers were way too young to operate the farm equipment.

Nana Jenkins sat in her office doing her morning paperwork as an Elderly Nana entered her office in a panic. The old woman said in a very agitated tone, “Nana Jenkins. A major disaster has struck the earth.”

Nana Jenkins looked up with surprise as she said softly, “Please, Nana Marie, sit and take a few breaths. Tell me, what has happened?”

Nana Marie sat in the deep comfortable chair and took a few deep breaths before she said, “The whole world, Ma’am. Something’s happened to the adults. They have all become babies again.”

Nana Jenkins frowned, “How is that a disaster?”

Nana Marie replied quickly, “Because, Nana Jenkins, there’s no one left who is old enough to operate the equipment. The nuclear reactors are online … but no one is watching. Ships at sea are aimlessly wandering about … babies are too young to operate them.”

“What?” Nana Jenkins began to realize that what she had done was very unwise and ill thought out. She took just one look at the news on her phone, then said in a hurried voice, “Quickly, we must return as many to adulthood as possible as quickly as possible.”

In another place and location, on a large control panel of a nuclear submarine sitting on the bottom of a cold dark ocean, a red emergency light began to flash. Core temperatures were starting to rise above safety limits and rapidly entered the danger zone.

Within the hull of the sub, 160 babies all played happily unaware of the imminent disaster approaching.

Suddenly there were 162 people on board instead of 160. “I could’ve told her it was a bad idea, if only I’d known what she was planning,” said Nana Velor.

“Me too,” Nana Jeffries said. “But now we’ve got a lot of messes to clean up -- and not just the diaper kind.” She looked at the red light on the control panel and adjusted a few settings on the touch screen. The red light stopped flashing, then turned orange, then green.

“... aren’t you? Such a good boy. But you can grow up whenever you need to. Whenever it’s important.” Nana Velor was walking from one infantile sailor to the next, speaking sweetly to each one. There was an aura around her; every one of the sailors seemed drawn to her, overwhelmed by her serenity and calm. “What a story to tell the young Nanas, though! Nana Jenkins herself actually took me to the legendary Well of Nanas.”

“She took everyone we trained,” Nana Jeffries added, then turned to another group of sailors and started to speak to them. “Now, you’re all very good boys, but sometimes you just have to be an adult, don’t you? There’s nothing wrong with being the little babies you know you are when there’s no danger. You always know when it’s OK to relax and be your true baby self …”

The sailors were starting to blink and look around in confusion. “What’s wrong?” asked one. “I was … so incredibly happy … oh no! We’re way off course!” He rushed to the navigation console. Others were similarly reviving and returning to their posts.

“Now, I know some of you are in serious need of a diaper change,” Nana Jeffries said. “I’ll just give you a moment to take care of things, then I’ll get you changed into nice clean diapers -- one at a time, of course.”

“But … these diapers aren’t regulation uniform!” complained one lieutenant.

“Too bad,” Nana Velor said. “Diapers are all we’ve got. We’re Nanas, not your quartermaster. Now hop up on the changing table.”

“How’d you get that on board?” the lieutenant asked confusedly, obediently getting up onto the table nevertheless. “Come to think of it, how’d you get on board?” Nana Velor just patted him on the head and told him to lie down.

“I’ll bet it takes all the Nanas working overtime for a week to fix this one,” Nana Jeffries called out.

“I’m sure you’re right,” Nana Velor called back, also busy changing diapers.

The Nanas worked feverishly to get to and help as many of the new infants as possible. Nana Jenkins even returned to the Well of Nana, only to find the awesome power needed to recharge for a while before such a huge undertaking as she had just done could be undone … or even modified.

A young woman sat up. She put her thumb in her mouth and looked around what was obviously a nursery of some sort. She looked down. She only had on a super thick crawly diaper and a cute pair of white rumba panties with pink lace and ruffles.

She just knew something was wrong … she just couldn’t quite get what it might be to come to mind. Everything was quiet and she felt so contented.

She began to remember something about … a control room? Or something similar. The harder she tried to remember, the more stressed and discontented she became. It just wasn’t worth it to try so hard to remember. Whatever it was … this control room, only made her feel terrible. Her eyes fell on a soft, very thickly fuzzy glow worm in the crib with her. Instantly her mind forgot what ever was bothering her and Little Miss Chrissie started to play with her plushie. She didn’t notice or care that her diaper was growing gradually damper.

Observing Chrissie, Nana Velor frowned as she said to Nana Jeffries, “I really don’t know if we can undo this completely. It’s sort of like un-potty training. Once the conditioning has been shattered … I’m not so sure it can ever be repaired.”

Nana Jeffries made as many notes as she could. They could bring the regressed individuals back, but within a few minutes to a few hours, many of them reverted back to their infantile states once again. This didn’t bode well for the earth. Too many adults had permanently become babies for the planet to work.

“Nana Jenkins said the Well needed to recharge,” Nana Jeffries said, “so there’s no help from that direction. I’m not sure she’s in good shape herself. So many have died -- so many people she wanted to help who are now beyond help because of her choices.”

“We could make them all politicians,” said Nana Velor with a half-smile. “They wouldn’t do any worse than everyone who’s running the world’s governments now.”

“A lot of politicians are already affected,” said Nana Jeffries. “Oh -- you were joking. OK, then … but all that would do is free up a number of former politicians who wouldn’t do any better at real jobs than these babies are doing.”

“Maybe I should handle the jokes,” Nana Velor said. “But meanwhile, what do we do?”

“Our data set is incomplete,” Nana Jeffries said. “We don’t know for certain that we can’t undo it, because we haven’t tried hard enough. All we know is that it’s more difficult than regressing them was. But from my studies, I’ve determined that we have a limited amount of time.”

“What do you mean?” asked Nana Velor.

“If they stay regressed for too long, their minds will pass the k-point,” said Nana Jeffries. “Their infantile state will become the norm, and all vestiges of their adult minds will be gone. At that point it won’t matter if we can’t bring them back, because it will be impossible. Fortunately it takes at least a few months with no contradictory input for a human mind to reach that point.”

General McAffries rolled over and put his thumb in his mouth. It made him feel soo nice too. As he lay on his side, he felt someone pull open his diaper and coo softly. He wasn’t sure what it was they were saying … but it made him feel soo …

His eyes snapped open as he realized he was actually sucking his thumb. He sat up in time to see the smiling face of Nana Cox. With the magical strength of a Nana, she picked the general up and patted his bottom.

General McAffries woke up fully at that point and said, “Woah. Stop! Put me down this instant.”

Nana Cox giggled as she stood the general on his wobbly feet. She cooed softly, “OK, Baby. Enjoy this time while it’s here. Is there anything you would like to say or have done while you’re adult enough to ask?”

The general was totally floored as he realized that all he was wearing was a disposable diaper with cute little pink kitties on it. “What do you mean? While I’m … adult enough?”

Nana Cox cooed softly as she led the general into the changing room, “Don’t you remember, Sweetie? You’ve been coming to like this off and on for several days.” She looked at the watch on her right wrist and went on, “As a matter of fact, you only have a few more seconds before you’re my precious little baby yet again.”

The general’s eyes got large … as a fog of infantile contentment began to roll through him. He realized he was wetting his diaper and nothing he could do prevented it.

In another part of the country, Nana Richards and Nana Thomas had far better results. Their charges seemed to come back and stay adults. At least until they were alone, and then they reverted back to the cutest most adorable toddlers the Nanas had seen.

The success was slow to realize, but within a week, they had managed to get enough of the population to maintain adulthood long enough for things to start working again.

“Slow but steady progress,” said Nana Jenkins. “Thank you both for helping me so much -- you’ve taken over directing the recovery effort, and it seems to be at least having some effect. Meanwhile, all I’ve been able to do is to find out for certain that the Well is depleted for now. Its energy is slowly replenishing, but it will be years before it’s back to full strength.”

“We’re only doing our duty as Nanas,” said Nana Velor.

“It wouldn’t be right to do any less,” Nana Jeffries added. “Now, I’m wondering whether you might need a rest, Ma’am.”

“A rest?” Nana Jenkins asked.

“Yes.” Nana Jeffries hesitated but finished her thought. “It seems to me that the frame of mind you must have been in when you first thought to regress all our former charges must not have been the optimal one.”

“Ah, I see …”

Nana Velor added, “I was wondering why no Head Nana before you had ever come up with such an idea. Maybe you were overworked. By now you must be so tired that I don’t know how you can even get up and get dressed in the morning!”

“Well, it’s true that I am feeling quite tired,” Nana Jenkins said.

“Anyway, I just thought I might suggest a rest or vacation of some kind,” said Nana Jeffries. “All Nanas have been known to take vacations, even Head Nanas. And I can’t remember the last time I heard of you taking one.”

“You know … you’re right,” said Nana Jenkins. “It’s been such a long time since I was just a Nana, taking care of a few babies. That’s what gives us our energy, as you know. I’ll arrange for it -- as penance, I’ll take care of one of our permanent regressees, since I caused that state, something for which I’ll forever be sorry.”

Nana Jenkins showed Nana Epstein everything she needed to show her to fill in as head Nana before she left. As she was leaving the office, she picked up a special file from her desk and opened it. The header on the first page read, “President of the United States - The rest of the file told how he had become the cutest little baby girl toddler. Try as they might, however, none of the Nanas could get him to revert back to adulthood for more than a few hours before he would have an accident or some other infantile thing would cause him to instantly revert. Nana Velor could make him into the infant fast … returning him to adulthood proved super problematic because he fought the process with all his might.

Nana Jenkins walked through the glowing outline on the nondescript wall, and exited into the Green Room in the White House. There, in a large crib was Donna. Nana Jenkins smiled as she cooed softly to her new baby girl and tucked her into her crib. Donna played with her squeak toy shaped like a cell phone, giggling every time she pretended to type on it, until she finally fell asleep.

“Thank goodness you’re here,” whispered a presidential aide. “He’s … well, she’s very hard to deal with. Almost as hard as before the whole regression problem hit. It’s a huge relief to have a real Nana on the scene.”

“I’m actually the Head Nana -- and I’m technically on vacation,” whispered Nana Jenkins, conveniently leaving out the fact that the “regression problem” had actually been her fault. “Now, if you’ll just show me where all the pertinent facilities are -- bathtub, kitchen, and whatnot -- I can handle the rest myself.” She patted her official Nana diaper bag, which had been gathering dust for some time but was still perfectly serviceable.

“Of course. Come right this way. Do you think the President will be back to normal soon?” the aide whispered as Nana Jenkins followed.

“No way to know, but I’ll try my best,” Nana Jenkins replied. “The other Nanas have had some success with some of the regressed people, but only limited success. No one is fully back to normal.”

“Hmm,” the aide said. “If it weren’t for the fact that the Vice President is also regressed, we’d invoke the unfitness for office procedure in the 25th Amendment. But now, if we did that, we’d just make a horrible mess even worse.” He proceeded to talk about the complicated politics that would doubtless ensue if the President and Vice President were both removed, making a Speaker of the House President who had been planning to retire and thus had not been running for reelection, and making the probable replacement as Speaker a man embroiled in a child sexual abuse scandal, because he had known about hundreds of incidents and had done nothing. On top of that it was likely that the other party would take the House in the upcoming election and would probably expose all the various crimes committed by the President and his friends before, during, and after the election. “All in all, it’s probably a blessing that the President can’t testify now,” said the aide. “Nobody’s worried that she’s going to lie under oath when the best she can do is babble incoherently. But the First Lady, she’s been living in New York again, and she took their son with her ...”

As Nana Jenkins took care of baby Donna, she thought over all the many scrolls, tablets, and books in the massive halls of Nana. She knew if there were some solution to this mess, it would be there. Nana Jenkins sat back in the comfy chair as Donna played in her playpen, and took out several thick volumes from her diaper bag.

All the reading she had done, was showing her what a terrible approach she had attempted to do really was. There was also a grave warning within the tome, which was titled The Power of The Well of Nanas. According to it, once certain barriers within the human psyche had been removed, there was no way to actually replace them. All that could be done was a mixing of the infantile traits and the adult ones. The absolute best that could ever be achieved would be an infant or toddler that could pretend to function as an adult.

Nana Jenkins looked at baby Donna and smiled sadly. At least within a few more weeks, this one would even look like a female and cease being roly poly with hair loss. This also created another problem. It now meant that Nana Jenkins was responsible for creating the largest collection of big babies the world had ever known. It also meant she had to find a way to rectify this mess, even though it was looking more and more like she might not be able to.

“The Nanas, usually content to stay on the sidelines taking care of babies and small children when needed, have come into the foreground in light of this worldwide crisis, helping to look after the many former adults who have regressed to a childlike or babylike state for reasons that remain unknown …” Nana Velor turned the TV from a news channel to one more appropriate for her current assignment.

“Chewing fried chicken in church makes children cheer,” said a character on an educational TV show. The letters “ch” were highlighted in every word on the screen and flashed every time the character made the “ch” sound.

“Cha!” said Danny, giggling.

“That’s very good, Danny!” said Nana Velor. “You’re so smart! And I can tell that you want to be Nana’s smart baby, don’t you? Don’t you?” she repeated with such a big smile that Danny giggled.

“He’s making some progress,” said Nana Jeffries, taking notes on a clipboard. “And he doesn’t seem to be backsliding.”

“It’s hard,” whispered Nana Velor to her. “I feel like I’m pushing a train uphill. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t seem as if he’s lost what he’s learned again. I think this approach might work.”

“What will we end up with, I wonder?”

“I guess we’ll find out.”

A fascinated David watched the TV characters repeat the phrase, “Greedy Greg grabbed the green grapes,” as the letters “gr” flashed on the screen whenever that sound was made.

“We’re just making use of educational tools that already existed,” Nana Velor whispered, “along with the hypnotic quality of my voice to help him focus. I think we might end up helping him, and if we can help one, we can help more.”

“Let’s just keep it up and observe the results,” Nana Jeffries said quietly, making more notes.

Nana Jenkins’ pink cell rang several times before she managed to answer it, “Yes? This is Nana Jenkins. How can I help?”

“Nana Jenkins? This is Tracy.”

“Oh, yes, of course,” said Nana Jenkins. “Your grades are excellent -- at the head of your class, as I recall. At this rate you’ll be valedictorian when you graduate from the Nana Academy. How may I help you -- keeping in mind that I’m on vacation?”

Tracy replied, “Nana Jenkins, I was searching through the Hall of Knowledge when I found something within a book on adult babies titled The Child Within the Adult. It gives some fairly good steps to follow to allow those many regressed people to sort of be adult.”

“Is that so?” Nana Jenkins rummaged through her diaper bag and pulled out a copy of the mentioned volume. The magic of her bag gave her a direct connection to her personal library.

“Yes. I had some on-the-job training with Nanas Jeffries and Velor, and this sounds an awful lot like some things they’ve been trying.”

Nana Jenkins replied, “Thank you for that tip. I actually have that book with me. I’ll start reading it immediately. This knowledge from Nanas of the past could make things easier today -- Nanas Velor and Jeffries might not have to reinvent the wheel.”

Tracy said, “Glad I could help. But I need to get back to my studies now -- I have a diapering class in the morning, and I need to be prepared. Bye for now. If I come across anything else, I’ll let you know.”

Nana Jenkins said goodbye and started to read. Her eyes grew large with wonder as she read the steps. She thought to herself that this wasn’t exactly a fix, but it agreed with what the other book had said.

“It says that the affected individuals won’t actually be adults ever again,” Nana Jenkins’ voice said over the phone. “They’ll relearn to read and write, and mostly pretend to be adult. But almost anytime they’re in a situation that doesn’t require them to be adults, they’ll regress back to whatever state of infant is within them.”

“That doesn’t sound like a perfect solution,” said Nana Jeffries, “but it’s certainly better than nothing. The world may never go back to the way it was before, but at least it will function, with some changes.”

“Lots of changes, actually,” said Nana Velor, who happened to be changing Danny as they spoke.

“We should read this book,” Nana Jeffries said. “Is there a copy in the -- oh!” Her diaper bag nearly jumped off the side table it was on as a book popped out of its pocket and landed on the sofa. “Well, then. We’ll both read it, and get it back to you so you can send it to others.”

“Good,” Nana Jenkins said. “I’m glad Nana Epstein has you two doing research together -- you’re a very effective team. For better or worse, and the worse part is my own fault.”

“I, er, thank you,” said Nana Jeffries uncomfortably. “After we read this, we can try out the techniques on Danny. Maybe it will accelerate his progress. He’s almost talking in sentences now as it is.”

Nana Jeffries and Velor watched with incredulity as Danny became the baby who pretended to be an adult. There were many infantile traits that lingered in force, such as having accidents and sucking his thumb at inopportune moments; however, for the rest of it, he maintained his adult semblance until he was perfectly safe being totally a toddler before he regressed.

Nana Velor said, “I think we need to try and get this into a checklist kind of script so there is less searching through the book.”

Nana Jeffries agreed as she began making the checklist script.

Nana Jenkins was about to pull her hair out in frustration. This new script didn’t seem to work any better for Donna than any of the other techniques she had tried. It seemed to work miracles at first, but within a very short few minutes, Donna would regress back to her infantile state.

That was when Nana Jenkins remembered something. Donna … more than likely didn’t want to be an adult any longer due to the many very serious charges that were being brought against her as a male adult. Nana shook her head. It didn’t really matter that awful much for Donna right now, as she had started the gender change as well. She looked a whole lot more like her first wife than she did her original self by this time and made a perfect little toddler baby just learning to walk and way too young for panties.

Some of the other Nanas had managed to bring the Vice President to a lucid state occasionally, which meant that it was possible for there to be some sort of stability … he could be declared President and would have to nominate a new Vice President who would have to be approved by both houses of Congress. Nana Jenkins knew of this, though it wasn’t how things were done in the Nana Realm. But still …

“You wanted to see me, Ms. … I mean, Nana?” said the White House Chief of Staff.

“Yes,” said Nana Jenkins, sitting down on a chair in his office. “I’ve been taking care of the President, but there’s something I haven’t revealed. I’m actually Head Nana Jenkins.”

“The leader of the Nanas is taking care of the leader of the United States,” said the Chief of Staff. “Well, that’s only fitting, I suppose.”

“You don’t seem too surprised.”

“The intelligence community thought you were probably the mysterious Head Nana, with a 92% probability,” the Chief of Staff said. “The fact is, considering how prominent a role the Nanas play in the care of the next generation, our two worlds probably should have more official contact, but that just hasn’t been the case. But it’s not for me to say. I’m just trying to keep things from falling apart here.”

“I’ve heard that there’s been a lot of progress with the Vice President,” said Nana Jenkins.

“So I’d heard as well. Any improvement in the President?”

“Sadly, I don’t see any -- at least, not in the direction that most people seem to want,” said Nana Jenkins. “I think he’s … well, she’s embracing her new identity more strongly every day. I think that if she returns to any sort of adult awareness, it’s going to be as a new person.”

“I see.” The Chief of Staff stood up from his chair and looked at a photo of Lincoln on the wall. “I think the time may be nearing.”

“That seems likely.”

“Well, Nana Jenkins tells us that the President of the USA has been declared unfit for office, and the Vice President has temporarily stepped in as Acting President,” said Nana Epstein.

“Does that mean that poor baby girl is going to be put on trial?” asked Nana Jeffries. She and Nana Velor were sitting in the Head Nana’s office.

“No, Nana Jenkins thinks that she’ll go through a competency hearing, which she’ll certainly fail, so she’ll probably be remanded to her family, which is already talking about some kind of care facility. Nana Jenkins intends to stay with Donna, as she’s calling her, for the rest of the former President’s natural life, as her penance for her poor decision. Her words, not mine.” Nana Epstein looked at a portrait of one of the illustrious Head Nanas of the past as she spoke.

“Will she come back as Head Nana?” asked Nana Velor.

“I don’t know,” Nana Epstein said. “It’s her choice, but she hasn’t yet decided. She’s still got most of a year to set the timetable.”

“That’s true,” Nana Jeffries agreed.

“In the meantime, the Acting President has nominated someone of his party who wasn’t affected by the regression wave as the new Vice President. She’ll take over if he can’t handle the rigors of the office, and she’ll be a much more popular and unifying choice, if I dare to offer an opinion.”

“You can say that again,” said Nana Velor. “What do we do, though?”

“What we do is what we always do,” said Nana Epstein. “We take care of people who need to be taken care of. It’s our calling. It’s been our good fortune to find this world that gives us exactly what we need, assuming the ancient tales are right about how it happened. It seems as if we’re going to be called upon to do even more, for a time. But I know we’re up to it. We’re Nanas, after all.”

After a year had passed and the new voice and script had been employed around the world, a new civilization had awakened. War had ceased and those who were infants pretending to be adults were far more peaceful and had much less greed and avarice within them.

Food production was a bit shaky at first, but enough was in storage to fulfill the needs until new crops could be grown and harvested.

Nana Jenkins had returned to her post as head Nana, and had brought along the most adorable little girl any of the Nanas had seen as a mascot. It had rapidly been determined that the care facility Donna’s family had chosen was a horrible chamber of grief and torture none of the Nanas would allow an infant to be incarcerated in.

Nana Jenkins spoke softly to Nana Velor as she looked out the large window. “It had a disastrous start, but it seems most of the world’s problems were solved by awakening the world’s lost infants.”

Nana Velor replied, “It did stop war and other types of fighting. Most of the fights now are over plushies or toys.”

Both Nanas laughed as Nana Jenkins said, “Nana Velor, I want you to know I’m nominating you as the new Head Nana.”

“Me?” Nana Velor almost squeaked. “But … but you just came back … and Nana Epstein …”

“I think I’ve proven that it’s time for me to move on,” said Nana Jenkins. “And Nana Epstein has made it absolutely clear to me that she doesn’t want the job, especially after having had a taste of it. She wants to transfer to the Hall of Knowledge.”

“And Nana Jeffries … she’d be so much better …”

“No, thank you,” Nana Jeffries said. “Besides … I think I’d make a much better Assistant Head Nana.”

“What?” asked Nana Velor.

“The new Head Nana will, if she accepts the position, be free to offer the Assistant Head Nana position to anyone she chooses,” said Nana Jenkins.

“But … I … what will you do?” Nana Velor asked Nana Jenkins.

“I’ve been out of the field too long,” Nana Jenkins said. “I’d like to go out there and do what Nanas do best -- find baby boys and girls and take care of them. I’ve missed doing that. Of course, I’ll have to take care of Donna first and foremost, so she’ll be my most important charge for the rest of her natural life. But of course we live so much longer than they do. I’ll find other little ones to look after. They say it replenishes the Well.”

“I … I accept,” said Nana Velor. “There will be a lot of challenges, and someone has to guide us through them. But we have to focus on taking care of people who need it. That truly is the Power of Nana.”
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