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Jennifer’s Baby

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Waving goodbye to Courtney Cox and David Arquette, who had just left after bringing their daughter over for a visit, Jennifer sighed wistfully, wishing she could have a child like her friends did … such a beautiful little girl. She thought for a moment, then made up her mind and picked up her cell phone, calling and leaving a message for a doctor who has an experimental treatment she had heard about on the celebrity grapevine …

Jennifer’s Baby

By LilJennie and I_wanna_be_babygirl

Reciting what sounded like a standard spiel about topics to be avoided when around Ms. Anniston, such as any negative opinions Kyle might have about GLBT people, a personal assistant turned the penthouse key in the apartment building’s elevator and continued talking all the way up to the top story of the building. As if he had taken the trip many times before and knew exactly how long it took, he imparted one final thought to Kyle. “Ms. Anniston likes her privacy, so there are no security guards in her suite, but she does have a panic button that can bring help in under five seconds. But I’m sure that won’t be necessary. Please enjoy your visit, and congratulations on winning the contest.” And at that moment, the doors opened.

Kyle came walking into the penthouse, which was lavishly decorated. He stopped in shock, seeing her sitting on the couch so calm and relaxed. He walked slowly up to where she was sitting – he was wearing an American Eagle Green shirt with raggedy pants and flip flops. He sat down across from her. When he sat down, she caught a glimpse of pink frills poking out from his waistline, showing he was wearing cute little girl’s panties.

“Its such an honor to meet you”

She looked him over. He was about 5’10”, medium build, with brown spiked hair and green eyes. Quite a casual outfit to be meeting with a celebrity in – maybe he wasn’t much of a fan. But what was with the little girl panties? Did he realize they were showing? Could he be … Of course, she wasn’t exactly dressed in formal wear either, but she was wearing custom-fitted designer jeans and a fashionable but not overly formal top. On her feet she was wearing flats, but they were also designer ... everything about the place said casual but not inexpensive at the same time.

“Please, please, skip the honor stuff,” she said. “It’s nice to meet you too! Would you like some ice water?” She poured herself a glass of ice water from a pitcher on the glass-topped table between them and poured Kyle a glass too while she was at it, picking up her own glass and having a sip. “So how was your trip here? I bet Steve gave you the usual spiel, with the panic button and everything. Don’t worry, he does that to everybody. He takes good care of me, it’s his job.”

Kyle leaned over and picked up the glass – when he did, Jennifer got a better picture of the cute undies he was wearing. They were pink lined with glitter all over them – seeing Ariel and Jasmine on them, she suspected Disney Princesses. Sitting back down, Kyle answered, “He did ... kind of scared me a bit, actually,” taking a sip and putting it down on a coaster.

“Oh, well I’m sorry about that. Don’t take it personally. You should be worried if he doesn’t give you the spiel on the way up. That means he doesn’t like you.” She laughed disarmingly. “So you’re the first place winner? They told me your name was Kyle, is that right?”

“Yes … I won a radio contest in Minnesota, and they flew me out here to meet you in person. By the way, you look great,” Kyle said, smiling a bit. “So do you want me to ask you questions or do we just normally talk?” She could see that he had an obvious green folder with him, implying that he had prepared some questions to ask her.

“Yes,” she said, “I met with the third and second place winners already, though you get the most time with me. We have a couple hours. And thank you so much! I imagine you must be a fan, if you’re going around entering contests like that one. Oh, you can ask me anything. But I do want to say, that’s a pretty daring outfit!”

“Oh ... really? They didn’t tell me the other two met with you already ...” He shrugged his shoulders and opened up his green folder. “Okay, first question is, do you think there will be a comeback with Friends episodes?” He looked at her, waiting for her answer.

She laughed a little. “You have no idea how often I get asked questions like that. I’m not totally opposed to the idea, but with everybody going their separate ways it’s not too likely, don’t you think? Maybe someday there’ll be a reunion movie or something. I bet there’d be enough buzz that the budget would attract everybody back. It’d be fun. But for right now, everybody’s busy, making TV shows, dating, having kids ...” She trailed off.

“Well … that’s understandable. I’m just glad that you think there could be a reunion or maybe a movie about Friends,” he said, writing her answer down on the paper in the folder.

“But hey, how about you? Are you married? Any kids? Girlfriend even? Or boyfriend, of course -- I shouldn’t assume.”

“No ... no, I’m single and planning on staying that way. My parents died a few years back, and its just me. So, my next question is, can you put an end to the rumor of your naked photos online?” He had his pen in hand, ready and waiting for her answer.

“Oh God, those rumors. I never had any nude photos taken, OK? That’s a look alike. Somebody’s playing with their camera, sees the photos, thinks hey, they look like somebody famous, maybe I can sell them to the tabloids for some cash. Happens all the time ... hey, I hope you’re not writing for some tabloid because I hate those things. So childish.”

“No ... no, Jennifer, it’s just for me ... I think that’s terrible that someone would disgrace famous people like that. I mean, some are true, but I never thought you did.” He put down the folder.

She smiled. “I’m glad you thought the best of me. Not everybody does.” She sighed. “Some people can be so childish. That’s different from childlike. That’s a totally different thing. Childlike can be charming. I love working with child actors and actresses; they’re so delightful.”

“That is so true,” he said. He leaned forward and picked up the glass of water she had poured him and took another long sip, putting the glass down. “I know … that’s very good, Jennifer. Do you have any questions to ask me?” He leaned back in the chair.
“Well hey,” she said, “It’s fun to do childlike things sometimes, like ... go to Coney Island and get cotton candy and ride the rides. Or go to the zoo. Or go to see a kids’ movie. Am I nuts or do you ever do anything like that?”

“Um ... sure, who doesn’t like to go to zoos or go on rides. I did see that Wall-E movie when it was in theaters. I thought it was hilarious ...” He smiled a bit and laughed, remembering all his childhood memories ...

“Oh I loved Wall-E! They made that boxy little robot more human than some of the people in that movie. Pixar and Disney, they make pure magic together. I heard Up was a good movie but haven’t had a chance to see it yet. Have you?”

“Actually yes..I saw it before I left from Minnesota to come here. I thought it was funny ...” he said, laughing a bit.

“Oh great! I’m sure I’ll love it when I do get a chance to see it. Of course I love the Disney classics too. I mean, who doesn’t? They’re so iconic. Mary Poppins, Sleeping Beauty, Bed knobs and Broomsticks, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella ... well I’m not too sure about Hunchback of Notre Dame and Hercules ...”

He gulped, suddenly remembering that he had worn Disney Princesses panties here and trying to nonchalantly pull his shirt down so she couldn’t see them. “Yeah, they’re all good movies.” Any reason why your naming kids movies, Ms. Aniston …?” He trailed off, hoping and praying she hadn’t seen his underwear.

“Oh please, just call me Jennifer. And I’m just trying to make conversation .. I thought we’d found some common ground. Was I wrong?”

“Um ... um ... I think I should go,” he said, standing up promptly, about to leave, but when he tried, he found that she had stood up and grabbed the waistband of his underwear ... “Let go,” he said, tugging a bit …

“Oh, please stay? You’re probably embarrassed because I saw this. But believe me, I’ve met some people who wore much more disturbing clothes. As out-of-the-ordinary goes, this is about as adorable as it gets. Please don’t run off.”

He turned around with a scared look on his face. “Please don’t tell anyone ... I’m so embarrassed right now,” he said, as she maintained her grip on the little girl panties he was wearing, keeping him reluctantly where he was.

“Aww sweetie, don’t worry! It’s not like it’s my job to go ruining people’s lives and revealing their deepest darkest secrets. Besides, you’re the contest winner! You should get the full two hours with me, and it’s only been about half an hour.” She let him go. “Actually, not many guys are brave enough to go out wearing something like that, even underneath. I gotta give you the prize for guts. But you must be wearing them for a reason ... do you like cute stuff like that?”

“Well this is going to sound stupid, but I’ve always kinda wanted to be a baby girl … it’s weird, but it just feels right for me … I know that is probably the weirdest thing you have ever heard …” He was hanging his head low and sitting back down in the chair.

Jennifer blinked her eyes for a second, causing him perhaps to think that she thought he was crazy, but really she wasn’t believing that she could have been so lucky. It must be destiny, she thought to herself. “Well ... I have heard of guys with that kind of fantasy, but ... I’ve never met one ... before. It must be a very rare thing.” She paused. “But wow, that’s so cute! I have a lot of friends and even relatives who are gay, transvestites, cross dressers, even a couple transsexuals, and some who are into some really twisted stuff, but ...” She paused again.

“But that’s just the sweetest, most beautiful fantasy I’ve ever heard of!”

Kyle looked up, shocked and very surprised. “... it is?” He stood back up. “But it could probably never ever happen, though, so it’s really stupid. So then, Jennifer Aniston thinks it’s cute ...” he said, thinking he had hit the jackpot too.

“Well sure I do! And no, I’m not just handing out charity here. I’m really interested. When did you first start feeling like you wanted to be a baby girl?”

He talked about how he had seemingly always wanted to be a baby girl, as far back as he could remember, and about how he sometimes wore disposable diapers to try to feel more like a real baby.

“Wow,” she said, “and here I am without any diapers your size.” She giggled a bit. “I’m sorry, I hope I didn’t offend you there. Look ... I know it may sound strange, but you know when you said it could probably never happen? ... Well ... and this is gonna sound really strange ... I’ve been wishing I could find somebody to make it happen to.”

Kyle’s jaw dropped … “No way! It is physically impossible to regress someone,” he said as he pulled -down his jeans, revealing the cute pink-trimmed white glittery pair of Disney Princess panties he was wearing … bulging out a bit since his male member was in there, though not hard.

“Well it was impossible. There’s this doctor ... he’s developed a treatment. He’s a celebrity doctor who was working on a way to help stars keep their youthful good looks longer, but he stumbled onto something. You know ... those don’t really fit.” She paused. “Hold on, I’ll be right back.”

She went into the kitchen. Kyle was thinking that this couldn’t be real, one of his favorite actresses into his major things. He couldn’t comprehend the idea of her … she was almost saying she wanted to be his Mommy. He sat down in the chair and waited for her to come back.

She returned, carrying a glass of something. It appeared to be a fizzy pink liquid, like pink champagne but slightly more opaque. She held the glass up and looked into Kyle’s eyes. “This is the formula. It’s not like it hasn’t been tested. I’m not naming any names, but when you’ve seen Mary Kate in public recently, it’s really been Ashley.” She sighed and looked down for a moment.

“The reason why I have it is that ... I’ve never had any kids. It’s not for lack of trying. I just ... haven’t succeeded. The doctors say there’s no medical reason why. Maybe I’ve just been really unlucky. Or maybe … maybe I’ve been saving all my luck up for this moment.”

“And now we get to the real reason I’m having all these contests. I was looking for someone ... someone like you. You can do this, but it’s your choice. The papers will all say I’ve adopted an orphan girl ... yes. That’s kind of the thing about the formula. It works by rearranging your DNA somehow. He had to take a sample of my DNA to make it. I don’t know exactly, I’m not a doctor. But I would take really, really good care of you. It’s up to you,” she said. She waited to see what he would say.

He sat there thinking for a bit ... then, standing up slowly and giving a big sigh as he walked over to her calmly and stood in front of her, he answered, “I only have one thing to say ...” Then, grabbing the glass, what he said was, “Bottoms up!” slugging the glass, drinking the liquid until it was all gone.

The formula tasted like carbonated Pepto-Bismol ... not extremely pleasant but not the worst thing ever. It tingled its way down his throat and seemed to continue fizzing in his stomach. But nothing sudden happened just yet. Jennifer rushed to the bathroom and came back with a big fluffy bath towel, laying it on the chair Kyle had been sitting in, folded over several times, and helped him sit down, just as he started to feel slightly dizzy.

“The doctor says it takes about half an hour to work,” she said, holding his hand. He wasn’t sure, but his clothes might have felt slightly loose -- it might just have been his imagination.

“My shirt feels a bit loose ...” he was really dizzy ... “So have you thought of a name for me, and do I start calling you Mommy?”

His muscles started to feel fatigued, as if he’d exercised hard just moments ago, and his nerves started to feel a buzz, the sort one feels if one has just been scared out of one’s wits, or has just found out one has won the lottery. He still felt really dizzy.

“I haven’t thought of a name yet ... I thought I might cooperate on a name if I ever found somebody. And I think you should call me ... whatever you feel like calling me. Kyle ... would you want to be called Kylie? It works for Kylie Minogue.”

“Okay that works for me … do you already have a nursery made?” He winced in pain as the shrinking started ...

There was no doubt that his clothes were hanging loosely on him now. There was not a great deal of pain, but there was some – it was really difficult to tell where it was coming from, though; all over his body, but not in his skin or muscles. His muscles were feeling so fatigued that he wasn’t sure he could move them much, and his skin was tingling – in fact, his facial and body hair was starting to fall out, replaced by fine, near-transparent hair or by nothing in some cases.

“I’ve kinda quietly been working on one. I’ll show you. Soon. Because, well, it’ll be your room. I’m so amazed to find you, Kyle -- Kylie -- and that you agreed to do this. I’m kind of in shock. But I started this, and I’ll follow it through.”

He looked I look down, seeing no hair on his body, and was amazed … “It really is working …”

“Oh it’s definitely working, K ... Kylie. Look ...” She went across the room and brought over a full-length mirror on a rolling stand. She positioned it so he could see himself without moving from his chair. He had been taller than she was when he had entered, but now, it looked like he would barely come up to her chin. He suddenly noticed his sandals falling off his feet, which had lifted off the floor as his legs had shortened.

“Oh my ... how do you feel? Do you need anything? Are you thirsty? She held up his glass of water in case he wanted it.

He grabbed the glass of water with both hands and took a sip, realizing that his shirt was drowning him now ... The panties he was wearing felt extremely loose. His clothes didn’t fall off him, because he was sitting in a chair and leaning back, pinning them in place, but they certainly wouldn’t stay on him if he were standing up.

Time passed, and Jennifer watched, making sure he was all right, and soon he probably wouldn’t have reached her waist even if he had stood on his tiptoes.

“You’re getting so small, Kylie ... The doctor told me there aren’t supposed to be any mental side effects to the treatment, but ... it’s going to look strange if you don’t act like the baby girl you’re supposed to be.”

He laughed ...” At least I get to see Jennifer Anniston naked on a normal basis.”

She giggled. “Maybe, Sweetie, but ... I’m not sure you’ll get much out of it -- after all, you’re going to be a baby ...”

He noticed how high-pitched his voice was when he spoke – he sounded very different already, and the process wasn’t even complete.

“But but I will get to see you nakie,” he said, starting to act like a kid for her.

“Yes, you will, and I’ll get to see you nakie too, whenever I change your didee ... yes, I am all prepared to do that, and that’s why there’s a towel here – I have a supply of diapers but they’re baby-size ...”

He wasn’t quite baby-size yet, but he was getting there. He had also been feeling urges to pee and poop that had been building up for some time.

“Can I see Jennifer nakie?” He hopped off the chair, and the panties and shirt fell down onto the floor. “It’d only fair …”

“Maybe you’d better start calling me Mommy, Sweetness -- you don’t want to start saying things like that in public. Oh, and I was going to suggest we take some of those clothes off you, but you’re managing fine on your own!”

He looked up at her – he had to, as he was no taller than her mid-thigh. “I wanna see Mommy nakie ...” he continued, stomping his foot on the floor.

She came over and picked him up, holding him up in front of the mirror. “Oh wow, look how little you are!” He looked like he was about 3 years old by now, and ... between his legs he looked almost like a little girl.

“I think it’s about time we get a diaper on you ... here, let me show you your new room!” She carried him toward a door.

He looked down ... “But I still have a pee pee … doh ... me wanted to be a girl ...”

“Oh, the doctor says that there won’t be one there very soon now, don’t worry Kylie!” she assured him as she opened the door.

There was a beautiful nursery inside, with pink carpeting, lovely fantasy wallpaper with princesses and castles and unicorns, and everything you might imagine in a baby girl’s room, including a changing table, which is where she was taking him now.

“I wanna see Mommy nakie ... she see me nakie, me want to see her nakie …”

She laid out a disposable diaper on the changing table and laid Kylie down on top of it. “We’d better take precautions,” she said as she start warming up some baby lotion in her hands. “Soon you’ll be just as potty trained as the baby you’ll be, physically.” She spread the lotion around his diaper area, then sprinkled powder.

“You’re going a great job sounding like you’re 2 years old, Kylie! Good girl! But you’re going to get a bit younger yet. Get ready.” She taped the diaper snugly around him … or her, then found her a nice pink top with short puffy sleeves.

“Oh you’re so adorable, Kylie! I’m going to love being your mommy soooo much!”

She noticed that Kylie’s face had changed from looking boyish to girlish and that her hair had grown out a bit ... “Mommy nakie!” shouted Kylie.

Jennifer was starting to think she’d never stop until she got what she wanted, but she looked adoringly for a moment at this beautiful baby girl. Yes, Kylie’s face had become very babyish indeed, and definitely baby-girlish, and her hair was now a fine, curly blonde color, just right for a beautiful little baby girl. Kylie just had to see what she looked like. There wasn’t a mirror in view from where she was at the moment, on top of the changing table, but ...

“My goodness, don’t we have a one-track mind!” Jennifer said, grinning, and she lifted Kylie up and placed her in the nursery’s playpen to keep her safe for a moment.

Right about then Kylie suffered her first bit of evidence that her body was indeed that of a baby, as her bladder and bowels uncontrollably let loose into her diaper. There was a busy-box type toy cluster on the side of the playpen, and one of its features was a mirror, in which she could see ... a lovely little blonde baby girl. It was hard to believe it was her reflection.

“I was going to change my clothes,” Jennifer said. She took off her top, jeans and shoes in front of Kylie, who didn’t notice any kind of hormone rush or excitement at seeing Jennifer Anniston naked in front of her ... but then, perhaps she really was a baby girl now.

Kylie looked at the reflection in the mirror, then looked at Jennifer and pointed. “ Mommy nakie ... hehe,” smiling and clapping.

Hoping Kylie would give up on the “nakie” thing now that she’d gotten what she wanted, Jennifer finished her change of outfit. “Be right back, Honey,” Jennifer said, and she turned on the baby monitor and went to the next room for just a minute. She came back with a two-piece outfit on, with a midriff-baring top and a matching skirt.

Jennifer returned to see Kylie’s diaper droop a bit – it looked too big, as if it were full. She sniffed the air. “Uh-ohs ... I think *somebody* needs her stinky pants changed! And I don’t think it’s Mommy! Whooooo could it be?” She came over to the playpen and smile down at you. “Hmm? Whoooooo could it be?”

Kylie giggled and smiled ... “It was Teddy,” she claimed, pointing and laughing.

Jennifer reached down and picked Kylie up, easily holding her. “Well gee I don’t know, silly Baby, I don’t think Teddy wears didees!” Jennifer was smiling, obviously very happy to have Kylie in her life. She carried her to the changing table again.

“What a little silly you are! Aren’t you?” She lay Kylie down on the table and undid her diaper with a bit of a tickle on her tummy. Kylie giggled and laughed. “My my, what a messy little girl! Let’s get you all cleaned up! I’ve taken care of little baby girls before, Kylie, I just never had one of my own. You’re just so perfect and beautiful!” She removed the diaper and cleaned up Kylie’s messy diaper area with a baby wipe. Then Jennifer’s cell phone started to ring in the living room.

“Oh dear, well, I can’t just leave you here; they’ll have to leave a message or call back in just a minute.” She finished getting Kylie cleaned up and started getting her all lotioned and powdered up again. It was right about then that she started to notice that Kylie had a few of the features Jennifer had had when she was a baby. Strange …
Jennifer looked at Kylie before taping the fresh diaper on her. “You’re definitely all baby girl now, Kylie ... no sign of a little boy thingie at all! Noooo, not at all!” As she taped the diaper on snugly, she really did start to notice that Kylie had a bit of a resemblance. “Wow ... you know, Kylie, you look just a little bit like me, when I was a baby! I’ll have to ask the doctor about that.”

Out in the living room, the cell phone was ringing again and again. “Mommy will be right back, Sweetie!” She put Kylie in the playpen for a moment, to quickly deal with the dirty diaper, then go out to check on her cell phone to see who was calling.

“Oh, hi, Courtney! It’s going great! I think he’s been having a great time, and he’s still so glad he won the contest!”

Meanwhile, Kylie sat in the playpen and let out a yawn as she lay against a pillow and started to fall asleep … sucking her thumb as I she did ...

“In fact, I discovered the most amazing thing about him ... he, well, he’s an adult baby who has always wanted to be a baby girl! That’s just amazing, isn’t it?”

“Well how could I not? Yes, I told him, and I offered it to him ... and he accepted it!”

“Yes, he’s already ... I mean *she’s* already in the nursery! Good thing I got it all finished last week!” She glanced into the nursery and saw Kylie in the playpen, lying quietly. Stepping a bit closer, she reassured herself that Kylie was just sleeping, not hurt or anything.

“Awwww ... she’s all tuckered out, poor thing, after such a busy day! Fast asleep. So adorable!”

“Yes, the doctor’s going to help me with her birth certificate and the adoption papers. He can dictate some letters to his friends so they won’t think he’s disappeared or been killed or something.”

After she got off the phone with Courtney, Jennifer came into the nursery and found Kylie sound asleep. So she very gently took Kylie’s cloths off down to just the thick diaper and dressed her in a nice cute pair of pink and white plastic lined powder puff ruffled panties before Jennifer laid her new baby daughter down in her crib without her waking even once.

Jenniefer gazed down at the baby girl with adoration. “Oh, Kylie, you’re already such a blessing.”

The formula did its work well as Kylie's mind quickly slipped into the role of Kylie Anniston, Jennifer's baby daughter. Kylie was adored for many years to come since she would never grow back up.

~~ End ~~
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