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Postby Miki Yamuri » Mon Aug 07, 2017 11:09 am

Title: House Nannatech


Brandon Smith - 19yo - Played by: Elledan Kenet

All other characters played by - Miki Yamuri

Scene: Reading a Sweepstakes Winning Ticket of a Nano-tech House

Brandon Smith was reading the mail he had just recieved from his box. His eyes were large with surprise as he read that he had won first prize in a house give away. From what the winning ticket said, all he had to do was call a number to verify who he was, and a Lawyer would arrive to make the transfer of Title to him.

The high school graduate couldn't believe his luck. Orphaned, he had no home now, no family. He'd been looking forward to possibly living on the street, if he didn't get into college. Only by the purest of luck had he stumbled across the house give away, and here he'd won! Ecstatic, the thin, brown haired boy immediately dialed the phone, calling the lawyer to confirm his victory.

The phone rang twice. A sexy female voice answered, "Jackson, Johnson, and Hewitt law firm, How may I direct your call?"

Brandon only hesitated a second as he replies, "This is Brandon Smith. I just received a Winning Ticket in a house sweepstakes. I'm calling to verify?"

The voice asks, "Whats the number at the top right of the main letter head? It should begin NaBt and then 7 numbers."

Brandon looks at the letter in his hand for a second then replies, "It's 9183746."

"Could I have your address?" The sexy voice coos softly.

Brandon quickly gives his address. The sexy voice says, "Are you available in ... say an hour to sign papers?" Brandon replies, "Yes, of course."

The voice says, "Someone will be there shortly. Thank you for participating in our Sweepstakes." Then the phone went dead.

He was so excited! In an hour, he'd be the owner of a brand new home! Brandon hurried to change into some nicer clothes: khaki pants and blue shirt, and brushed his hair. His whole life was about to change... and in ways he didn't even know.

Exactly an hour later, the door bell rang. Brandon hurried to answer it. When he opened the door, a small man in a gray suit and thick glasses carrying a large briefcase stood there.

The man said in one of those irritating nasal voices, "Mr. Smith? My name's Mr. Hewitt. I have come with some papers and things I need you to sign ... to take possession of your new home."

Brandon was beside himself as he invited the Lawyer in and had him sit at the table. Mr. Hewitt opened the briefcase and removed a large stack of papers.

He said in that irritating voice, "Can I see your ... ID or driver's license please? To ... verify you are Mr. Brandon Smith."

The boy nods, sitting opposite him and offers both his passport and his driver's license to verify who he was.

"I need you to sign each place there is a line highlighted in yellow if you would be so kind ... then, on the last page," Mr. Hewitt opened an ink pad, "I need you to make a thumb print by your signature." He pushes the pad over to Brandon then smiles.

Brandon does as asked and signs on each line, and thumb prints his mark. He does not read any of the fine details regarding the house, including its location and the nature of it.

"Anything else, Mr. Hewitt?"

Mr. Hewitt takes the last page, the middle page, and the top page, and makes copies of them on a portable copier built into his briefcase. He pushes the copies over to Brandon as he goes through each page of the large stack, signs, then dates each page. He then hands Brandon a large key ring full of keys. Next, he hands him another ring with several electronic key cards on them.

Mr. Hewitt stands and says in his irritatingly squeaky voice, "Thank you very much for your time."

He offers Brandon his hand, which Brandon shakes. It was like shaking hands with a cold fish. Then, Mr. Hewitt leaves with no explanations or any other conversation.

With the lawyer gone, now Brandon just had to wait for the ride to his new home. Thus, he waited for Mr. Hewitt's assistant to arrive to take him over. Meanwhile, he tidied up and packed a bag. Moving out of his apartment would have to come another day.

About a half hour later, a knock at the door. Brandon opens it and sees a chauffeur standing there, complete with jodhpurs, ruffled shirt, and short waist coat. Locking up, Brandon follows the chauffeur down to the vehicle, and once in, to his new home.

Brandon's new home, the so called Home of Tomorrow, was a brand new construction, sponsored by Nannatech Industries. The house was built in the nearby town of Roseville, which was notable for its colorful and alternative lifestyles. An hour later, they were at the home, an absolutely massive house. Though it looked to be only one story, the proportions were huge, making the small teenager feel downright tiny.

The decor was a posh, modern style... it reminded him vaguely of Professor Utonium's house from a cartoon series he used to watch.

He turns to the female chauffeur. "So, this is the place?"

The chauffeur said nothing but reenters the car and left Brandon standing on the curb. Brandon looks around and sees several of the neighbors watching him. He walks to the house and fumbles with the many keys on the ring. The door opens as he found one that fit the lock. A rather large mechanoid woman in a black uniform dress and a white apron looked down at him. It said in a very sweet cooing voice, "Are you the new baby?"

He blinks. New baby? The woman... he thought it was a woman anyway, a pretty brunette, but something different about her..... was huge. While he was a little over 5', she was pushing 7'. Looking up at her, his eyes widen as she peers down at him. "Oh.... didn't know I was getting a maid too. This is my new house."

The Nana claps her hands together and coos softly, "It is ... it's Baby Brandy." She bends and gives him a sweet kiss on his cheek, then scoops him in her arms like he was a big baby. She carries him into the house as she coos, "Now, to get baby all properly dressed."

Surprised, the young adult squirms as the tall woman kisses his cheek and carries him off to another room. "What? Hey, put me down! I can walk, you know!"

The Nanabot coos softly, "Not any more sugar plumb. From now on ... you are my baby and this is your life."

She carries Brandon into what looks for the world like a nursery and begins to remove his clothes ... whether he liked it or not. Her baby?! What did she mean? Confused, Brandon fusses instinctively as the Nannabot begins removing his clothes. Despite all his fighting, he was soon naked on the changing table.

Brandon didn't know how she managed it, but all of his body hair suddenly was gone and what little was left was lying in a small pile on the floor. She lifts him by his ankles and inserts several suppositories into his hinny then sets it into a thick diaper. She powders him well before pulling it between his legs and fastening the tapes firmly on. She threads his feet through the legs openings of some kind of outfit, stand him on his feet, then pulls it the rest of the way on, fastening the snaps when she is done. Brandon finds himself dressed in a very cute little play suit and a super thick Huggies diaper.

Brandon had little chances to react as the Nannabot did her work. A quick electro-thermal scan vaporized his body hair without him even noticing it, and the suppositories were inserted, which he did very much feel. On went the powder and diaper, and before he could complain, he was pulled into a pink little girl's play suit. Looking down at himself, and the way the diaper kept his thighs spread.

Brandon gasped. "You dressed me like a baby!"

Nana giggles, "Why, of course ... because from now on ... you are Baby Brandy, this is your house, your nursery ... and your new life."

Nana takes Brandon and cuddles him in her arms as she carries him over to a large chair. She sits and forces a nipple from a very large bottle into his mouth. To his surprise, the contents of the bottle taste really wonderful as it trickles into his mouth and warms his tummy.

Again, before he could complain, a bottle was forced into his mouth. Eyes wide, he tries to spit it out, but she is far stronger than him. Needing to breathe, he gasps, drinking the milk and has no choice but to drain the bottle as she holds and feeds him.

Nana coos softly, "That's a good girl. Now, that will help you feel so much more like the infant you are. Get rid of all that contamination you've collected over the years. When baby wakes up, Nana will change your messy diaper and let you play with your toys."

Nana places a cloth over her shoulder and puts Brandon over it. He feels her pat his back softly, but firmly. He can't help what happens. He feels his tummy gurgle a bit, then he lets out a big burp and a little bit of spit up onto the cloth.

Nana coos in an airy way, “That's a good girl. I know you feel so much better now.”

Nana pats his hinny lovingly as Brandon is carried to a crib and placed in. He watches in horror as she closes a lid over the top, then lock it in place trapping him in the crib. He sits up, hands on the railing. Escape from this crib would be impossible, he realized. Worse, he could feel himself being very warm and full and drowsy. Cushioned by his diapered bottom, he rattles the crib railings.

"I'm not a baby! Let me out of here!" Brandon wails in a voice that is sounding very much like a toddlers.

A small voice says, "Where would you go if you got out?"

Brandy looks around suddenly, his face burning with embarrassment. He saw nothing or no one except a Teddy Bear sitting propped against the pillow. He was hearing things. Grunting in frustration, he flops back against the wall, slowly feeling himself fall asleep.

"There's got to be a mistake... this isn't my house... it can't be...", he whined in a very toddler voice.

Brandy's eyes pop open immediately as he realizes ... something moved in the crib with him. He looks around and sees the Teddy Bear ... except it wasn't propped against the pillow anymore ... it was standing next to him.

It says in its small voice, "Where would baby go if she got out of her crib? Surely you ... wouldn't get into things? You've had the mixture. Things are ... going to change for you quickly."

"Gah! It's possessed!" Terrified by the walking bear, he kicks it across the bed, terrified that it was moving and talking on its own. "Get me out of here!"

The Teddy Bear tumbles over to one side of the crib. It was designed to take a lot more punishment than Brandy could dish out. It fidgets and squirms until it's able to stand up again.

It says in its small voice, "Where would baby go if you got out Miss Brandy? Don't be afraid of me .. I'm a girl's best friend ... her Teddy bear. Protect you from the potty monster ... and the other monsters at night under the bed and in the closet."

It stood and rocked slowly side to side as it clasped its hands behind its back.

Brandon screams again and kicks at the bear. Stuffed bears weren't supposed to talk and move on their own.

"Stop it! Stop talking!..... I just wanna go home.... leave me alone..." Brandon squeals exactly like a Toddler now.

He curls up into a fetal position, faced away from the bear. Terrified, alone, in a strange place. Let the sweet embrace of sleep take him away.

Brandon felt so alone and afraid. he feels something very soft begin to caress him and to rub him on his head. He couldn't help it, the soft sweetness of a baby's dreams was more than he could resist as he drifted off, with Teddy Bear cooing in his ear, inducing a sweet infant girl's dream of many plushy toys, soft thick diapers, and wonderful blocks and squeaky things that go beep.

So ended Brandon's afternoon. That morning, he had no idea where his future lay. Now, he had a home, a Nanny, and more pampering than he'd ever had. As he drifts to sleep, he can only imagine what the future has in store for him, as Teddy bear induces a wonderful little girl dream … and begins the inescapable conditioning that transforms Brandy into a lovably adorable little Ababy Girl.

~~ End of a Beautiful Begining ~~
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