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Title: KID-Nappied


Sandra Watts - 22yo Nurse

Jack Johnson - 18yo unemployed College Student - Played by: Elladankenet

All other Characters Played by: Miki Yamuri

Scene: Jack's house, late evening


It was summer, and Jack Johnson didn't have much to do to occupy his time. This evening, he sat on his couch, minding his own business, and watching TV. He was a bit drowsy, his 5'10", long-black haired self stretched out on the couch, wearing a green t-shirt and jeans.

Sandra Watts was driving her van very carefully. She didn't want anything to go wrong. She had stalked her subject for the better part of a year. He was perfect for this ... and she really wanted to have a baby girl. Ever Since she discovered she was unable to have children of her own, she had been formulating this plan. She pulled up in front of the house with the lights off. She gathers her syringe and walked to the door and rang the bell.


"Coming!" Hearing the bell and being none the wiser, Jack pulled on his shoes, walked over to the door, and opened up. "Yes? Can I help you?"

Standing on the porch with Sandra were 3 of her friends. They were all in on this. Two of the girls suddenly grabbed Jack and held him. Sandra took the large syringe and injected him in his neck. There was a hissing pop as it emptied. Before Jack had time to register what had happened, the girls grabbed him and popped a syringe full of narcotics into his neck. Almost immediately, he became drowsy, and slouched forward, mostly limp.

Sandra said in a very urgent Whisper, "Hurry, carry him out to the van ... make it look like hes drunk or something and needs assistance to walk." The other girls complied and carried Jack between them to the van. They put him on the spacious floor in the back and climbed in. Sandra got into the drivers seat .. and drove off into the night ...

The mystery of Jack's disappearance was big news for many months ... there never were any clues.

A little more than an hour later, the van stopped. Hearing noises and voices, Jack mumbled and moaned a bit as he felt the arms of the woman carrying him over to a gurney and strapping him down. "Huh...?"

Sandra leaned over, kissed Jack on his nose, and cooed like she's talking to a baby, "Hewow sweetums. Mommy have baby feel soo good really soon."

The 4 women pushed the gurney down a hall and into a room with soft indirect lighting. One of the women walked up to Sally and said softly, "Here, this is the formula. It will make him so adorable and it works very fast."

Sandra took the Synge, bent over Jack, and coos, "Mommy gots a nice shot for baby. It will make her sooo adorable. "

She put it to his neck ... there was a hissing pop and a sharp sting in his neck once again . Jack could feel the icy cold shot enter his body and spread rapidly. Whining a bit as he received another shot, Jack flails feebly, like an infant almost. He was too drowsy and weak to really complain or struggle other than to make some whining.

One of the girls named Sally used some kind of bent scissors and cut all the clothes off the helpless Jack. Two of the other girls begin rubbing him all over with a very thick and sweet smelling cream. With each application, all of Jack's body hair came off leaving his skin very soft and baby smooth. He is turned onto his tummy and the procedure is repeated. When his entire body, except for his eyebrows, eyelashes and scalp have had the application, He is the turned on his back once again.

Sandy approached him with another syringe. She cooed softly, "I want you to be the most adorable baby girl you can be. I'm giving you this shot in your parts ... it will help accomplish this."

Jack felt a very sharp sting in his male parts and heard another hissing pop. Jack lay still, murmuring and wiggling as the girls rubbed his hair off, making his body as smooth as it was the day he was born. When he felt the needle penetrate into his parts, however, he yelped. Slowly, his male part began to pull back up, until there was little more than a nub protruding, almost like a small clit. His sack too retracted, being barely the size of a peanut casing, leaving behind what looked exactly like a vagina.

The girls all stood around and watched with their eyes growing wide. One of them said softly, "Sandy, you were right. That stem cell formula works and fast. I want some to use on Larry. I think he would make such a cute girl ... he's sorta effeminate anyway." The girls laugh.

Sandy replied, "There's enough to go around. I need to get my new baby daughter dressed."


While the girls chatted, Jack lay there on the table, naked, drowsy, and totally mind blown. His body had begun to feel really strange with each shot Sandy had given him. He knew unless someone discovered him, he would become whatever the women has chosen and he had no way to stop them. Jack was dreading whatever the next step in the process happened to be. He knew he no longer even felt like a man.

Sandy turned and lifted Jack by his ankles then put a thick pampers under Jack's bottom before gently setting hinney in the thick, comfy embrace. She powdered him well before pulling the tapes closed snugly. She lifted his feet again and fit a pair of cute powder blue rumba bottoms over each foot and pulls them up to his knees. She suddenly lifts him by his ankles and pulls them over his diaper. They fit snugly.

In no time flat, the diaper and plastics are put on the basically asleep teenager. Next would be a quick hairstyle to make him look girlish, then he'd be ready for training. He is then set up right. Jack feels so different. He looked down and noticed he actually has enough breasts now they are noticeable. Even the nipple had changed and the areola had darkened. It sort of registered somewhere in his super dazed and contented mind. The strange "NOW" awareness was becoming more pronounced as it became harder and harder to remember things. He knew that shortly, he would loose even what little grasp he had.

Sandy picked up a brush and a pair of scissors. She began to brush Jack's hair and to trim it into a very cute girl's style. When she was done, She cleaned the mess, and tied Jack's hair into pony tails. From where he was sitting, he could see the results in the reflective surface of a nearby mirror. He dimly looked into the mirror as Sandy cut and styled his hair. What Jack sees looking back was a very pretty young woman in ponytails, not the reflection he had expected. Jack is still way too drowsy and drugged to really register the full impact of what's happened. Those drugs won't ever wear off although he may become accustomed to the new way his mind worked and adjust accordingly.

Sandy and one of the other women helped Jack off the gurney and walked him like he's a baby to another room by making him hold onto their index fingers as they toddled him along. In the room, there was a huge crib with a locking top with the rails down. They help him into the crib and stuck a bottle in his mouth.

Sandy cooed softly, "OK, baby. Mommy will take good care of you. This bottle will help make you feel so much like the good little baby girl you are and help make the transition more pleasant for you." She kissed him on his cheek, raised the rail ,and locked the top.

Sandy cooed softly once again, "Sleep tight sweetie, don't let the bed bugs bite." The light goes out, leaving Jack in a very confused and drugged state. The bottle he was nursing tasted really good and warmed his tummy in a very pleasant and comforting way. It was long before Jack had drifted off and had his very first baby girl dreams. The binaural music playing coerced him in just the right way to reinforce his mental state so he continued to regress and transform.

Several hours later, Jack opened his eyes. He felt totally strange, but his head seemed to be a bit clearer. Suddenly, he realized he was snuggled up to a large and cuddly Teddy bear and could see many bars seemingly reaching to the roof. Jack sits up with a start. Gradually his senses come into focus, as he looks around.

Jack discovered he's in a room full of mirrors. He's also in a crib, and upon looking down at himself, he can see that he's naked, except for a diaper and a cute pair of lacy powder blue rhumba panties. Groaning loudly, he stands up in the massive crib, tries to get out but his mind just couldn't seem to grasp the mechanism that allowed the side rail to come down. The leaver that unlocked the whole thing was so complicated. Jack didn't realize the simplicity of it, just push the lever. His mind had been modified by the binaural files it didn't make any sense to him.

Jack yells, "Let me out! Hey!" and he began to bounce up and down in the crib and rattling the bars.

The door to the room opened and Sandy walked in with a cheery humming tune on her lips. She walked to the crib, reached through the rail, and pulled open the front of Jack's panties and diaper. Sandy checked Jack's diaper just like any other baby.

Jack fusses more upon seeing the woman whom he didn't recognize. Jack struggled as the girl puts her hand in his diaper and caresses his new vagina in a very stimulating and seriously arousing way.

Jack whimpered in his new, very young and female sounding voice, "Hey, stop that! Lemme go! What gives?!"

Sandy cooed softly, "Sweetums no wet. Is she hungry? Mommy's gots a nice baba for baby."

Staring at her, Jack shakes his head as if he can't believe what he's hearing, "Wait what? Of course I'm not wet, I'm a grown man! And I don't need a bottle!"

Sandy cooed softly, "Why cutie, you're a baby girl ... and .... you're my daughter from now on. Your only 3yo." She put a bottle through the rails and handed it to Jack. She continued in a soft reassuring voice, "Your name is now Jacquelyn. I'm calling you Jackie."

Jack is terribly confused and annoyed at the way she's treating him. he has conflicting emotions and feelings rushing all through him. In a very large way, this all seemed proper but he pushed the bottle away like a fussy toddler.

"My name is Jack, thank you. I'm an 18 year old male." he whimpered in his new female voice

Sandy cooed, "It's time we started training you to be who you are. Now be a good girl and drink your bottle."

Sandy took the bottle and put the nipple in Jack's mouth with one hand and held the back of his head with the other, effectively forcing the nipple into his mouth. The warm sweet taste of the medicated formula fills his mouth as she gently squeezes the bottle. The boy squeaks, squirming some, as she holds him down, feeding him the bottle by force. He can't do much but breathe and nurse,as she feeds him the bottle. It tasted so wonderfully good and warmed his tummy.

Sandy cooed to baby as she forces him to drink the special formula, "This will help you to use your diaper like a good baby should. It will also help you forget all that foolishness over being a boy."

He blushed crimson red, squirming some as she makes him drink the heavily laced formula. After a few short minutes, he gasps, and falls back down into the crib, quite full, having emptied the bottle.

"Ugh...." Jack started to say ... until he realized suddenly he had forgotten how to say it.

Sandy cooed lovingly to baby, "I'm going to teach you how to be a good baby girl. If you cooperate, baby gets rewarded ... if you don't ... mommy will spank you. It won't be a play spanking either. Do you understand?" then she rubbed noses with Jack. This made him feel so ... loved and contented suddenly. Confused, he looks up at her, nodding his head some. What does she mean? Teach him how to be a baby girl?

Sandy lowered the crib rail and checked Jack's diaper again, making a huge deal out of it and tickling baby.

She cooed softly in cute singsong way, "Now you're expected to use your diaper and cry when you need to be changed. It's expected of you from now on." She helped him from the crib and pushed down on his shoulders making him go to his hands and knees. Sandy continued, "I expect you to crawl ... not walk until I tell you differently. Your name is now Jacquelyn. I'm calling you Jackie. I will also call you Allie as your pet name in front of everyone who is not family. From now on you are a girl and will be so treated. If asked how old you are, you will hold up 2 fingers. Understood?"

When Jack heard this, he whined just like a baby as well as kicking his feet in frustration. He really didn't want to, it just happened uncontrollably, like the warm wetness he felt slowly spreading in his diaper ... he had no control over either, it just happened like with any baby. Jack fully understood, but not really wanted to cooperate. He realized he didn't actually have the choice any longer as he regressed more and more.

Sandy said softly in a cute voice like she's talking to a baby, "You will find your panties are locked on. As long as they are clean, I will not remove them. You can try to hold it all you want. All your food is laced with drugs that are designed to take away your potty training. I think I can have you having cute little accidents in your panties and wetting the bed within a week. You'll be diaper dependent in two."

When Jack heard that, he whines and kicks more, just like the toddler he was rapidly becoming. In truth though, the drugs were so powerful, Sandy'll have Jack permanently in diapers even sooner if she follows the steps exactly.

Sandy smiled as she bent over and patted Allie Pet on her bottom. Sandy cooed softly, "That's a good baby girl. Now, I want baby to crawl over to the playpen for mommy and pick up that doll and sit. Understood?"

As Sandy waits for Allie Pet to obey, she took a camera from the pocket in her apron and turned it on ... the whine of it's charging can be heard

Jack fusses a bit, as he shook his head. "No."

Sandy put the camera down and looked sternly at Allie Pet. She said in a very stern voice, "Did baby tell mommy .. no??"

Jack nodded. "You're not my mother, and I'm not your baby."

Sandy suddenly bent and swatted Allie several times on her bare thigh. The sound of the smacks can be heard loudly.

Jack felt the stinging slaps, he yelps at first. he can't help himself as he starts to cry. he can't even think right now because he had been spanked and something made him feel really bad over it.

Sandy said sternly, "Does baby want more?? Or will she do what mommy told her?"

Jack was still whining and craying a bit as he rubbed his sore thigh just below the leg openings of his lacy rhumba panties and his diaper. Jack glowers up at Sandy. "Fine..."

Sandy laughed and said, "Soon, baby will start talking like a baby too. You might as well start now and save yourself worries and some punishment." Sandy smiled brightly to Allie Pet as she watched.

Sighing, Jack rolled his eyes and said in a voice that was becoming very female and cute, "Yes, Momma ..."

Sandy turned towards Jackie with something in her hand. She reached through the bars and touched Jack on his bare thigh. A very sudden and very painful shock ran through his body that made him feel so really weird.

Sandy said with a stern voice, "Say ma ma. Baby will say ... ma ma."

Feeling the shock, Jack yelped, jumping a little. "Alright alright, ma ma!"

Sandy frowned again. She reached through the bars and again delivered an extremely painful shock. She said with a stern voice, "Mommy told baby to say Ma Ma ... nothing else. Can baby say ma ma??" She stood with the stunner ready to strike once more. She continued, "You will be a baby girl ... and act like one ... or mommy punish her. Understood baby dearest?"

Jack whimpered again, rubbing the spot where she had shocked him. "M-ma ma.." He felt so humiliated and defeated, talking like this. But, he didn't want to get shocked ... something else had happened! Because of the shocks, the pressure in his body let loose, and he lost all continence and totally urinated himself. Jack couldn't help it as his bladder completely emtied in his now wet and soggy diaper.

Jack panicked as he screeched out in his cute new female voice, "Noooo!"

Sandy's face broke slightly with a small smile as her eyes sparkled. She knew Jackie had just wet her diaper.

Sandy cooed softly, "Now let ma ma see if baby aww wet ... such a silly baby."

Sandy pulled open the front of Allie Pet's panties and diaper. She made a big deal out of checking to insure what she already knew.

Sandy cooed, "Baby girl aww wet. Mama change sos baby aww dwy n comfy."

Sandy went to a chest of drawers and removed a clean cloth diaper and powder. She returned to the crib.

Jack blushed as he squirmed away from her as she forced him down and opened up his wet diaper. "But I don't want to be changed!" Jack tried to crawl away as Sandy expertly pulled down his rumba panties and undoes the wet and soggy diaper. Sandy produced the stunner and pushed it into the tender part of his thigh. A very painful shock was again delivered. It made Jackie wince in pain.

Jacquelyn winced and yelped again, falling back down, and near sobbing. The prod hurt seriously bad ... for a baby. In actuality, it hardly produced a large tingling rush with the single pin-cell battery and didn't really hurt at all!

Sandy cooed in a musical way, "Now baby gets her diaper changed, doesn't she?"

Sandy began to pull down Jacquelyn's panties and unpinned the diaper. With a sudden lift of the ankles the wet diaper was gone. Jacquelyn felt the coolness of the baby wipes as Sandy cleaned all of Jack's squeaky places. She set his hinney down in a comfy, soft, and very thick cloth diaper. The sweet smell of baby powder filled the air as Sandy finished pinning Jacquelyn's diaper snugly no and pulled his panties up.

Sandy cooed, "Now that wasn't so bad, was it baby? Mommy has a wonderful bottle for you. It will help you be all baby."

Sandy placed the bottle's nipple suddenly to his lips. The sweet taste of the formula is in his mouth. Before Jack has time to complain or sit up, another bottle is in his mouth, and he's forced to drink it. He sits there, wiggling and fidgeting like any baby would as Sandy fed him.

Sandy said softly, "This is specially formulated. It takes away your potty training while making you muscles more baby like in how they respond to your thoughts." Sally giggle pleasantly as she watches his expression change. "It also helps you to feel and look more like a girl. Soon, you won't mind since you're going to start thinking properly shortly."

When Jack heard that, his eyes bugged almost out in shock. He squirmed and kicked like the baby he so now resembled, trying to spit out the bottle. He was even more in shock as Sandy held him and fed it to him at that point.

While she fed him, Sandy swatted Jack on his bare thigh again as she said sternly, "Baby will do what she's told to do until it becomes natural. Is that understood? If you don't ... I will punish you." She waved the stunner in front of Jacquelyn's eyes menacingly.

He was totally helpless to stop what happened. Even though he didn't want to be babyfied, Jack did the only thing a baby could do under these circumstances ... He whined, yelped some, simpered, fussed, and let her finish feeding him, none too happy about it. Jack nursed as the formula warmed his tummy and sent wonderful chills spreading though him. He could feel the effects in his mind as he began to mentally become younger.

The training program continued for many days. If Jacquelyn did as Sally and the other nurses wanted him to, they rewarded him with the regression/feminisation formula laced milk in a bottle that really did taste magnificently wonderful. If he refused, they would punish him severely.

Sandy came in one morning early, just after one of the other nurses had changed Jack and strapped him on his tummy. She walked to the crib and lowered the rail. Jack felt her put her finger in the leg opening of his panties and diaper. He felt her push something in his bottom as deep as her finger could go.

Sandy said softly, "Now baby, what that will do is damage the muscles and nerves that keep you from going potty like a baby. It will only be a few hours and you will poopie like a baby and will always be diaper dependent. Enjoy yourself sweetums. Oh, you should also know we managed to discover an ancient herb that makes people ... kinda shrink and makes them much smaller. When all is done and you've been converted completely, I believe you will be about three to four feet tall, just perfect." She bent and gave him a kiss on his cheek after she undid the strap. Sandy then raised the rail and left him alone.

When Jack heard his fate, he whined and kicked his feet like the infant he now looked just like while helpless panic filled him. He wriggled, squirmed, and kicked his feet like any infant having a temper tantrum would for the next few hours, unable to sleep, and unable to escape.

After time had passed, Jack could feel the need to go potty slowly build in him. Before long, he was screaming, "Please! I need to use the bathroom! Someone help me!"

There was no response to his whines and cries. His bottom felt funny too, it was sort of going numb while tingling at the same time. The urge to go grew stronger with each passing moment. Jack felt weird butterfly sensations begin in his tummy. After an hour of these weird, wonderful feeling, strange sensations, it finally happened. Jack felt involuntary undulating sensations start as he lost the ability to resist. He could feel it as his sphincter started to loose the battle of stopping what was surely about to happen.

The nerve bundle that made it all happen, or not happen as the case may be, had been under constant bombardment by the regression chemicals. The powerful chemicals had finally neutralized all the proteins that allowed his sphincter and other associated items that controlled not going to cease functioning. Jack exploded into his diaper. He yelped out in total surprise as he lost the ability to stop. Try as he did to not poop in his diaper, the only thing he managed to do was aid it happening.

Jack couldn't help in any way the emotions that filled him or his reaction to it. Jack started crying like an infant as he felt it all ooze out into a squishy warm goo that spread around his bottom in a soft wet feeling hot lump.

A young nurse entered the room and checked his diaper quickly. She patted him encouragingly on his bottom as she cooed softly, "That's a good baby. It will happen easier and easier now. Soon, you'll go just like the adorable baby you are. She kissed him on his cheek. "More good news, you have started to shrink. I can tell because those clothes are getting too big for you. Nurse will fix that."

She walked to the wall and pressed a button. She turned and blew a kiss to Jack then left him to his thoughts.

Distressed that she just came in to check on him and not change him, Jack began to panic and fuss more. He wanted out of this diaper, and he wanted out now! Jack also knew something was different. Jack looked down, he saw that his straps had been released. Evidently that button had done it.Wriggling out of it, he climbed out of his crib.

Spotting the panel that the nurse used to leave, Jack ran over to it, banging on it to let him out. Hitting what must've been a hidden button, it opened...

Sandy stood there menacingly with the stunner in her hand. Before Jack could react, she had put it to the bare skin of his neck. A very painful and disorienting shock ran through his body. He went limp and fell at Sally's feet, totally stunned.

Sandy cooed, "Now baby, the door only opens if you enter the proper code. Escape is impossible for a baby. Especially .. you ... baby" She giggles as several other nurses arrive and carry him back to the crib and lay him on his back.

Jack could only moan in his current dizzy and stunned condition. He is frustrated and powerless to fight back as the nurses carry him back to the crib all the while patting his very messy bottom.

Sandy walked up and cooed softly, "My, the herb is doing its job well. You have shrunk almost 5 sizes since last night. No worries though, a pretty little baby girl like you will always be dressed adorably if I have anything to say about it.

Jack felt Sandy lift him by the ankles and pull down his panties. Jack felt the diaper come loose and the coolness of the baby wipes as Sandy cleaned him completely including in the place his maleness was no longer evident. Jack still wasn't in much of a condition to struggle. He lay there, helplessly allowing Sandy to change his diaper. She diapers him and pulls his panties back up.

His reward, as she gave him another bottle, was again more of the drug laced milk for dinner. More muscle relaxants, regression drugs, shrinking herbs, plus something to put him to sleep so they could reborn him with yet another mysterious herb they had gotten from the black magic shop. It had been a long time since Jack's last meal, he was starved, and nursed hungrily. The formula tasted wonderful and made Jack feel all warm and contented ... and just like a baby.

Several nurses assisted Sandy in taking Jacquelyn from the crib and putting him on a gurney. He was wheeled into another room and stripped completely. One of the nurses slathered him down thickly in KY jelly and Sexwax. He is then placed into a very small and closely fitting latex and gel box. It is designed to as closely resemble a womb on its interior as humanly possible.

Sandy giggled and commented to another of the nurses, "With the drugs and this ... he should feel just like a new born. Don't forget to put the drops in his eyes."

One of the young nurses placed 4 drops in each of his eyes, then he is sealed in ... to be rebirthed as .. a newborn baby girl.

Jack's eyes shut and his voice paralyzed, Jack was left in the womb, to be reborn. It was a strange process, but the few hours he spent in there did wonders. When Jack finally came to, he could vaguely hear voices. He tried to answer back, but he couldn't speak right, and everything he saw was a blur. It was also very damp, cozy, and warm, wherever he was.

Sandy insured that Jack had the proper amount of drugs administered so he would feel like a new born. She insured that all the mechanisms were engaged so Jack would experience rebirth to the fullest and most realistic next to actually being reborn.

Sandy said to the other nurses, "Places everyone, it's time for our baby girl to come into the world."

Sandy presses a button on a console. The box begins to move and undulate in waves. Each wave ... simulates a birth contraction. Jack would be brought back into the world in the same manner he arrived the first time. This time, with the aid of several magical herbs, he would be about 4 feet tall on rebirthing.

Jack whimpered as he felt the womb contract around him, pushing him out. He is very confused as the device slowly pushed him out through a very tight tunnel. All this time, his body was being fed the many chemicals a newborn had during birth and separation from its mothers placenta. Jack can hear muffled voices as he is being removed towards a very bright light ... Jack has no clue as to what is going on. Jack feels the squeezing pressure as he is forced out of the place he was into a very bright light. Jack can't focus his eyes nor can he get his body to do what he wants it to.

Jack is suddenly lifted by his ankles and hangs in the air upside down. Without warning, a really hard smack on his butt. It hurt a whole lot. Instinctively, Jack began to cry and wail. He wondered briefly why he was doing this, but the pain of it hurt too much and his mind was being reorganized to operate more like a babies which made the total confusion even worse and rendered him more of an infant.

Jack did his best to focus his eyes. All he could manage, was a blurry fuzz. He heard voices, but his mind was so foggy due to the drugs and his new age, he was unable to understand what was being said except for snatches. He was cleaned, diapered, and had a cloth cap put on his head. He seemed to be carried somewhere after he was wrapped in a warm blanket. Jack was totally mind blown for the few minutes he was able to realize how small he was and the fact Sandy was now able to carry him. Jack was totally helpless to keep his mind intact as being a baby was about all he could manage now.

Jack heard someone cooing to him lovingly as something was placed in his mouth. It was warm, slightly watery, and sweet. Whining a bit, Jack felt the intrusion in his mouth. He choked a bit on the bottle, but soon started nursing.

The gentle sound of the mobile above his head played softly in the back ground. He could smell baby powder. Every move made crinkling sounds from the plastic under liner. Jack opened his eyes groggily ... he cannot see. The eye drops have temporarily taken his sight by making all voluntary action numb. He was just like any other newborn at that point except for size ... he was still four feet tall, which meant he had lost 2 feet in height, and many pounds of weight. One of the functions of the artificial womb was to absorb the genetic gel residue left behind when Jack shrank.

The sweet taste of the Formula working its way into his tummy warming it suddenly became the most important thing in all of Jack's life. His mind slipped for a little while into the total bliss of contented babyhood.

Jack was confused and contented by everything that's going on. Why was he crinkling? Is he drinking from a bottle? Why was he acting so babyish? Who's doing this to him? All of these questions and more rumbled through his mind, all over laid and interwoven by an over powering infantileness that permeated Jack more and more intensely.

Jack realized in one of those flashes he gets of adulthood that last a few minutes, he is totally unable to get his body to do anything except what a baby would. He still could talk, but the person listening had to listen very closely to distinguish it from plain baby babble ... or perhaps that is what baby babble is ... only Jack could tell us that and he was too young at the moment to talk, being newborn and all.

Jack heard a door open and could smell the fresh scent of a wonderful perfume as someone entered. He hears the rail of his crib drop and can feel someone pull open the front of his diaper.

Jack hears Sandy's sweet voice coo softly, "Aww, baby aww wet n messy. Mommy will change baby n make her aww comfy again."

Jack felt himself being taken out of the crib amid many coos, wonderful hinney pats and soft caresses. he is placed to Sandy's breast as Jack is carried across the large nursery. For just an instant, Jack realizes he's being carried like an infant. he no longer is adult ... he had to ... his mind once again slipped into the wonderful realm of total infant where magical things live and contentment rules.

Jack can feel himself being undressed and cleaned with something cool and sweet smelling. He is lifted several times by his ankles and placed back on the mattress amid many crinkling sounds. He can feel and smell the baby powder as it is applied and the diaper as it is pulled between his legs and fastened snugly on.

Sandy cooed softly, "There, baby girl all clean ina comfy fresh diaper." He felt a soft kiss on his cheek and a super awesome reassuring pat on his bottom.

Jack wiggled a bit as he giggles like any infant girl in his position. A small second or two of Adult flashes through causing him to blush shyly. Jack now found himself in a fresh diaper he didn't want to be in, but can hardly fuss or do anything given the condition he's in. Jack realized he was not only helpless, but he would be unable to get anyone to listed to him at this point as well. He was helpless to stop himself from becoming a baby girl named Jacquelyn who's pet name was Allie.

Between the soft cooing lullaby, the wonderfully nice hinney pats, and being held in Sandy's arms, Jack starts to doze off ... Jack has many cute baby dreams.

He dreams of a Teddy Bear .... all soft and comforting. He dreams of being fed the wonderful formula he loves so much. He dreams of the many caresses and soft cooing words ... of many sweet smells and tinkly music thingys an those wiggly thingys onna walls wiffa beepies ....

Sandy entered the nursery from time to time to check on her newborn. She had a CD player sitting by the bed set up to play many binaural and subliminal regression cd's. Sally knew that, combined with the drugs in the formula, the combination will not only turn him into an infant, will keep him as helpless as any infant. She bent over and kissed her baby softly on the cheek as she patted him on his bottom again.

Sandy was amazed at how well the infantile routine worked. She smiled lovingly at her sleeping baby, Sandy had finally been able to get the daughter she had always wanted.

Over the next few days, the combination worked well above expectations. Though he regained some muscle control, including his ability to think sort of, speak after a fashion, and walk in a very pronounced infantile way, the regression tapes kept his progress very limited and didn't allow him to regain much more. Though it seemed he could think normally at times, his speaking was, at most, toddler level. He was regressing most wonderfully and would never be allowed to grow up.

Jack came to the realization, he wasn't thinking normally. What made him realize it was when he came back to himself for a few minutes and the most important thing in the whole universe when realization dawned, was his big toe, although this realization had to be reaccomplished almost every fleeting wave of Adult hood that happened randomly.

Early one morning, Sandy entered the nursery in a happy flourish. She let the crib rail down and hugged Jack lovingly. She checked his diaper and found he is wet. It made her very happy to know she had taken his potty training completely away.

Sandy cooed, "Is baby ready for her bath? After that, mommy has a special breakfast for you."

Jack blinked as he came awake and adult hood cleared for an instant then began fading rapidly. He looked up at his adopted mother and said in his adorable baby girl voice. "Baf? Me no wanna baf."

Sandy giggled and made a silly sniffing noise as she wrinkled her nose in a cute face, "Baby is so silly. If mommy no give you a bath .. baby be tinky an gets diaper rash. A clean little girl is a pretty little girl." She bent and tickled Jack in his tummy.

Jack couldn't help himself as he screeched like any baby girl in this situation, giggled a bit, fussing lightly while helplessly kicking her feet.

Sandy lifted Jack out of the crib and stood him on his feet. The entire room was huge to him since he stood only three feet tall now. Sandy bent slightly and took him by his hand. She slowly led him into the bathroom as he toddled behind like a good baby. When they entered, the bathwater was already running and there were lots of bubbles.

Seeing it, Jack stopped and stood still so Sandy could undress him. While the sweet smell of Lavender filled the air. Sandy removed all of Jack's night clothes and messy diaper. She put them into a pail. Sandy then lifts Jack under his arms and places him into the comfortably warm and sweet smelling bath.

It was magical for Jack as the warm bubbly water filled him with an infantile glee he couldn't control. He began to giggle as he splashed his hands in the water. Sandy smiled as she knelt down and began to wash Jack gently all over. She applied many kinds of special oils that transformed Jack even further.

When Jack's mind kind of returned, he knew he was totally lost to this. Already he knew, in the fuzzy way perception was left to his ever increasing infantile mind, that he was going to be Sandy's baby.

The warmth of the thick towel as Sandy dried her new baby lulled Jack ever deeper into the contented place a very happy baby would exist.

Sandy diapered Jack in a very thick cloth diaper after powdering him well, then fastening it snugly, but comfortably on with cute little pink diaper pins with little faces on them. Sandy pulled the plastic lined rhumba panties over Jack's diaper as he kicked his feet and giggled.

Jack came back to his right mind one last time as Sandy placed a wet nipple to his lips. It tasted sweet, and watery ... and soo nice. Jack took the nipple in his mouth and began to nurse as any hungry infant would. Jack's mind slowly faded away as he became Sandy Babydoll love pet.

Sandy smiled as she breast fed he new baby girl. She knew she would enjoy this for many many years to come.

~~ End of the Start ~
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