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Mall Mommy

Postby Miki Yamuri » Wed May 17, 2017 11:25 am

Title: Mall Mommy


Tim Mitchel, 18yo, unemployed - Played by: Elledan Kenet

Jennifer Miles - 22yo Store Owner - Played by: Miki Yamuri

Scene: Wandering the mall

Ugh, he was bored. No school, no job, what else was a teenager supposed to do? Today, Tim Mitchel found himself wandering a mall in boredom. He was thin with light brown hair and blue eyes. He wore jeans and a brown tee-shirt, as well as a pair of pink, lacy, girl's pull-ups. He didn't really need them ... he just liked wearing them. They made him feel ... nice somehow. He browses past a couple of stores, wondering what would be in store for him today that might alleviate some of his boredom.

Jennifer Miles sat at the window of her store. This mall had proven to be a wonderful money maker for her Babies of all Ages Supply, although, at times like this ... it could prove to be boring.

She was a very pretty young woman of 22, very nice figure, small, firm breasts, round bottom ... wonderful legs ... and she loved to show them off. Today she had worn a very short sundress with a low cut front and one of her wonder bras so she could be as sexy as possible. She was sure to attract attention and possibly some male customers.

She sees a small young man walk idly past her window. She also sees, peeking out from the back of his pants, the cute waste band of a pair of little girl's pullups. She was sure they were Babykins Custom Teens.

Jennifer stood and walked gracefully out the door of her store and said in a soft, cooing voice, "Good morning. What's a cute young man like you looking so sad about? Humm?" she giggles in a cute female way, "Maybe you could come in my store and we could talk?" She bats her eyelashes at him.

Hearing a voice, Tim blinks and turns. His eyes see a cute girl, only a few years older than him, and she was talking to him. "Huh? Oh, I'm just browsing around. Don't have much else to do."

He fidgets slightly, unaware the band of his pull ups could be seen peaking out of the back of his pants. Jennifer smiles as she gets closer. She can see the cute little pink kittens on his pullups now.

She coos enticingly, "Well, a boy as cute as you shouldn't be board. Why don't you come with me ... I'll take care of you."

She smiles a beautiful and intoxicating smile. He can't help but blush. Looking down, he sees the trim of his pull ups and squeaks, trying to hide them desperately.

“'Oh shit!....” Tim exclaims in a gasp, “This isn't what it looks like!"

Jennifer giggles as she stops Tim from hiding his pullups.

She says in a soft coo as if she's talking to a very young child, "It's all right sweet heart." she takes his hand gently and begins to escort him into her store, "I think it's adorable."

Jennifer bends and kisses Tim softly on his forehead as they enter the door. The boy blushes as she kisses him and swats his hands away. He is led into the store. Jennifer's Babies of all Ages sold all manor of clothing and furniture for infants and young children, as well as the same items ... for all sizes and ages of infants and toddlers as well. Jennifer smiles at Tim as she contemplates her next move. She would love nothing more than for him to accept totally being her baby.

She coos softly, "Is baby hungry? Or thirsty? I have many kinds of fun things to play with to occupy someone like you."

Jennifer walks to the back, only to quickly return with a cute little hand held palmtop computer. It was playing a cute little nursery rhyme in an adorable voice, "In a magic land of Ginger Snapple, boy and girl found a magic apple."

The boy was slightly overwhelmed by what was happening to him. Only in his wildest dreams had he ever imagined being babied again. He blushes upon hearing the lullaby.

“But ma'am.." he says before she has a chance to silence him and lead him back to her nursery room.

While the main room was dedicated to sales of merchandise, the rear of the store was a full-size nursery... for occasions such as this one.

Jennifer says softly, "Shush, child." She quickly reaches the snap to his jeans and has them unzipped and around his ankles before he can react. "Mommy's here now and I'll take good care of you, I promise."

Tim was caught completely by surprise as his jeans are removed and he is escorted back to a beautifully decorated nursery. Jennifer is much stronger than she appeared to be as she effortlessly picked Tim up and placed him into a high chair. She had him strapped in and the tray lowered over his head before he could stop her or protest. Tim struggles for a second before he realizes he has no way out of the high chair.

Tim blushes as his pants are unzipped and lowered, exposing his pull ups to her. He was quickly led into the back nursery and the door closed while she gets him into a highchair.

"Hey! Lemme go!" Tim protests as he struggles.

Jennifer returns from another room with a rather large bottle of some kind of white liquid. Tim's eyes get huge with surprise as he realizes what she is about to do. Jenifer pulls a chair up next to Tim and sits gracefully as she shoves the nipple into his mouth. She gives the bottle a large squeeze, forcing a huge amount of the wonderful tasting liquid into Tim's mouth.

The warm milk gushes into his mouth. Tim squeaks again as Jennifer holds it there, forcing him to suck the bottle. It occurred to him that he was hungry. At least he wouldn't need lunch now.

After Tim had nursed almost all of the liquid from the bottle, Jenifer coos softly, "That's a good baby. Now, in a few minutes ... mommy will change you when you go potty in your pullups. Don't be ashamed, babies do this ... why we adults put you in them."

She turns and picks up something else and swivels back. Tim realizes she is about to spoon feed him. Jennifer takes a spoon full and pushes it into Tim's mouth. The taste of roast beef and bananas fills his mouth.

Jennifer continues, "It will only be a few more minutes before those regression drugs make you into a wonderfully adorably loveable baby all for me."

She scoops up another spoon full as she coos, "You are so lucky I saw you today. Now, you re my baby forever."

Tim couldn't believe what was happening to him. He squirms as she feeds him the food. He hoped the drugs were experimental and short-term, for just a few hours of playing as a baby. He knew in his soul …. it wasn't so as he felt them starting to enter his mind. Soon the food was gone, his hands and face were a total mess like all babies after feeding, and his bladder and bowels immediately began to work.

Jennifer giggles happily, "See? That didn't hurt one bit ... did it baby? Having all that dirty adult stuff removed is easy."

She cleans up the mess Tim's face and hands had become in his struggles. This only made it appear more that he was an infant. Jennifer lifts the tray and undoes the restraint. Tim finds himself on his feet, the wet and messy pullup gone, and Jennifer cleaning him with a large, sweet smelling baby wipe. Tim was actually starting to feel like a toddler at this point … and much to his horror … was really enjoying it as Jennifer continued to reinforce his infantilism more and and more.

The wet and messy pull up was discarded. Tim fusses slightly as she cleaned him up and led him over to a changing table. Jennifer lifts Tim easily onto the changing table and grabs his ankles. She lifts his hinny into the air, then gently pushes 3 slippery objects deeply into his bottom. She sets him back on to something very thick and soft.

She nuzzles her nose into his as she coos pleasantly, "That's a good baby. Feels so nice, doesn't it?. When those melt, it will make you so adorable. There's no going back now sugar … you're my baby and nothing will ever change that."

She powders him well, then pulls the super thick crawly diaper between his legs and fastens it on with locking diaper pins. She then threads his legs through the openings in a cute pair of pink, plastic lined, rumba panties with large white ruffles. Jennifer stands Tim on his feet as she pulls them the rest of the way on. Before he can react, she lifts his shirt over his head and off. Tim is left standing in a super bulky crawly diaper and an adorable pair of girl's rumba panties.

Tim is now in just a diaper and panties for the first time he could ever remember. He realizes he is loosing his adulthood more and more rapidly as he feels the infantile contentedness fill him. Blushing, he looks down, very shy and adorable.

“Why … are you doing this to me?.." he asks in a very infant voice.

Jennifer hugs Tim lovingly as she coos to him like a very young child, "Because, sweetie, you need a mommy to take care of you and make sure you area good little baby. I want to take care of you. I promise to never leave you and insure all of that dirty adult stuff is totally gone in the next few days. You don't have anything to worry about your old life. It's over forever." She pats him softly on his thickly diapered butt, "All you have to do is ... live and be who you really are." She hugs, then kisses him lovingly all over his face.

Tim was totally confused by what she said, but decides to accept it anyway. He was finding many of the things meant nothing. He knew something was wrong …. but he couldn't remember what it was. All he knew was he was love by his mommy. He murmurs and hugs her as she hugs him.

Jennifer knew it was time to finish getting him ready for his nap, before customers arrived. By the time he awoke, he would have totally forgotten what it was like to be an adult and would be permanently regressed into the adorable little baby she so wanted him to be.

Jennifer picks up a really cute Little Princess Babydoll top and threads Tim's arms through the puffy sleeves. She pulls it over his head and buttons it up in back. She takes him by the hand and leads the toddling young man over to a large crib that had the side rail down. She lifts him into it and kisses him on his lips.

Jennifer coos softly, "Now have sweet baby girl dreams. When baby wakes up .... all of her adult troubles and worries will be washed totally away."

Jennifer raises the rail, then lowers a top across the crib. Tim sees her padlock the top closed with a large Master Lock. He was totally trapped. The boy whimpers as he's helped into the crib and locked in. On the other side of the nursery door, he could hear a chime. There was a customer in the shop, he realizes, as he was trapped in the crib.

Jennifer coos softly as she leaves Tim in his new crib, "Be a good little girl and take a nap while mommy's gone. I have customers to take care of."

The Mobile above Tim's head began to rotate slowly as it played a hypnotic lullaby, "Hushaby Baby ... dreamland calls. Follow the candy lane to the chocolate falls ..."

Tim was so over whelmed by everything that happened. His mind was loosing all ability to think like an adult. Just an hour ago, he had been a teenager, minding his own business. Now he was captive by a store owner and babied.

A fog seemed to settle in on his mind. He didn't remember what it was he was thinking. He missed mommy and hoped she would return soon. He yawns sleepily and lays down, quickly falling asleep while Jennifer takes care of her customers.

As Tim sleeps ... all of his adulthood is quickly taken away by the powerful regression drugs in the milk and food he consumed, and the soft hypnotic mind entrainment music of the very special mobile above his head.

He enters a wonderful dreamland of baby girl delights!

~~ Fin? ~~
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