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Field of Stone - By: Miki Yamuri

PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2020 1:04 pm
by Miki Yamuri
Field of Stone

As I sit lost in thought all alone
I look over this large field of stone

So many stand all in a row
Carved into their faces they show

Of times and people past
Proof all are dust and do not last

If I knew today
Was the last I could say

How much love I felt for you
I would make very sure you knew

If I had known this day
Would take all away

So much more I would give
To make this day better to live

I sit and ponder the field of stone
Deep within feel so alone

If I had but known
So much more would I have shown

So easily those importaint things we assume and never say
How quickly the time passes away

You in my arms I would hold
My love to you would be so bold

I now always remember lost time passed away
As the sun is setting on another day

To all much love
In earth below and the skys above