Humiliation of a Sissy

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Humiliation of a Sissy

Postby Miki Yamuri » Mon Apr 13, 2015 7:01 pm

Title: Humiliation of a Sissy

Special Request story for littlepissy51


John Alexander: 18yo Sissy in diapers

Jamie Rivers : 18yo Ababy girl friend

Scene: In a lonely stretch of the local park

John Alexander was 18 years old and only 4' 8" tall. He weighed 89 pounds soaking wet and his parents kept him in diapers because of his incontinence. They had been unable to potty train him, and the doctors had said he would be stunted and never grow very large. Of course, his parents were not pleased about this and gave John lots of grief every time he wet himself.

John was walking through the short cut from the Library to his home one day when the local psychopathic bullies came upon him in a lonely stretch of the park. John looked around ... there was no one in site to help defend him, nor would he be able to out run them.

After catching up to him, one of the boys says in a haughty, nasty tone, "Well, well, well ... Lookie what we have here. If it isn't that sissy girl Alexis."

All the boys laugh viciously as they crowd around him in a tight circle. John was truly afraid at this point. The last time he had an encounter with these hoods, they had beaten him. His parent had even put the oldest one in Jail over it ... all though the local judge let him out with just a slap on the wrist ... The judge’s statement of , “Boys will be boys.” ... held no comfort, and this only encouraged them to become more vicious toward John.

The largest one said sharply, "I know just what we're gonna do too. Grab him and pull his pants down. I'm gonna see how absorbent his cute little girl diaper is."

The boys laugh as they grabbed him and pulled his shirt off and his pants down. He helplessly struggled as his shirt disappears, his pants fall, and his diaper is bodily removed. John just whimpered as they took his diaper off. He was a lot smaller than the boys and there was nothing else he could do. They all started peeing on his diaper, watching it swell up and the wet indicators turn color.

After they were done peeing on it, they pushed him to the ground, put the wet, soggy diaper back on him, and redid the tapes. John whimpered as he felt all the warm pee surrounding his crotch causing his diaper to sag in the back after they yanked him back to his feet.

The largest boy laughs loudly as he says, "Look there, his ass is drooping." All the boys roar with laughter, "That Huggies he has on is pink. All the little lambs and kitties turned blue when we pissed in it." They laughed more.

A smaller boy says, "Yea, those are the same kind my baby sister wears alla time."

They roar with more laughter as they run off down the sidewalk yelling insults about him being a sissy girl and how they would love to take him on a date ... and do many gross sexual things to him.

After looking all around, John realizes they took his clothes and he has to walk home in a soaking wet diaper. He knows his mom is going to furious about his diaper being wet. They always yell and punish him.

As he self-consciously tries to sneak back home, he runs into his crush Jamie Rivers. Jamie was 5-5 and 110lbs. She was a very pretty girl with cute perky breasts, shoulder length dishwater blond hair, and a wonderfully round and shapely bottom. She had on a cute, powder blue romper that tied behind her neck and a matching baby T underneath. She wore a pair of white slip on tennis shoes that looked the world like a pair of booties to John.

Jaime said in a cute voice, “Hi, John.” she giggles, “My sweetie, you look adorable today.”

John forgot about being in only a diaper while he was around Jamie. She was such a cute girl and he knew he was in love ... and she didn’t mind he was in diapers in the least. He had only wished she was too. He sighs at the fantasy.

Jaime giggled to herself at how cute she thought John was in his pink sagging diaper. John was so nervous about talking to Jamie he started peeing in his Huggies ... he really couldn’t help it.

Jaime asked, “Why are you in just a pink diaper today love? Did you finally decide you’re a full time baby or something? I think that would be so sweet.”

She walked up to him and patted his droopy hinny softly as she hugged him and gave him a kiss on his cheek. This made John blush as pink as his diaper. John had forgotten he was wearing only a soaking wet diaper until then. He looks down at it and begins to feel tears welling up in his eyes. He didn’t want to cry in front of Jamie ... but he was so upset over what the boys had done, he almost couldn’t stop himself.

Jamie giggles softly as she coos to John like he was a baby, "Aww, sweet heart," she pats him on his hinny reassuringly, "It's ok to wet in your diaper. It's why your supposed to be in one ... right? I think it's kinda cute you have a droopy bottom." She giggles pleasantly again, "I think I'll call it 'Droopy Bottom Syndrome' ... what you think?"

If it were possible, John blushes even pinker while Jamie was patting him. He also started to wet his diaper some more he was so nervous.

John managed to say in a child like voice, "It's uncomfortable ... if you ask me." He turns and tries to see the back of his diaper, “I guess you can ... call it that if you wanna. It describes it perfectly.”

He fidgets like a little boy as Jamie smiles broadly. She has kept a secret from John for a long time ... and since he is so boldly out in his diaper .... she was going to tell him. She hopes it makes him feel better. Jamie takes him by his hand as she leads him towards his house.

"Don't be upset silly, I wear pull ups a lot ... at night too." she blushes softly, "I still wet the bed some times and have accidents ... I can't help it either. On special occasions, mom even dresses me like a very little girl. I’m in pull-ups now. I’ve ... been having little girl accidents a lot since mommy started me on the new vitamins."

Jamie leads John through the park towards his house. She holds his hand all the way. Just as they get to the Dragon Fountains at the entrance by his house, Jamie turns and kisses him gently ... right on his lips. John can feel her wiggly tongue as it enters his mouth and entwines with his own. He is totally stunned.

She says, "I just want you to know, I'm gonna ask mom if you can come to my house and spend the night. She'll take good care of you while you're there ... she knows just how to take care of babies."

With this, she left John and turned towards her own house, waving good bye as she skips off like a little girl.

John was seeing stars as he was walking home, Jamie had totally bamboozled him.

Suddenly, John heard a familiar mean voice growling, "Stay away from Jamie."

John looks up and sees the bullies there. He tries to run away, but due to his sagging diaper he trips and falls and the boys surround him, sneering viciously.

The largest boy kicks John in his butt as he says in a snarl, "You're a sissy boy in diapers ... you stay away from girls .. you hear?"

The other boys echo, "Yea!! Stay away from girls ... they're for men like us ... not sissies like you. All you’re good for is sucking men like us." All of them giggle.

Without warning, there is a loud POW!! The largest of the boys falls over on the ground, his nose broken and bleeding profusely. There stood Jamie ... she obviously was pissed off. She had a large purse in her hands and was swinging it at the next closest boy to her.

By the time John had looked up to see what was going on ... POW!! the 2nd boy topples, his nose broken, as the others scatter, screaming just like sissies as they run from Jamie before she can hit them.

She walks over to the largest one and kicks him in his butt hard. The boy screams like a girl and begins to cry in pain as he grabs between his legs and rolls on the ground ... John cringes as he hears the tump!

She says in a furious tone, "If you bother this boy again, I'll have you arrested ... I'm callin tha law!"

She had a strawberry phone in her hand in a flash ... the boys could hear a voice answer, "911, what's the nature of your emergency?"

As Jamie talked to the police and explained to them about the attack, the 2 other boys scramble away as quickly as their dazed selves could run. The older one had obvious trouble running ... his nose was severely broken and bleeding badly, and he held onto his crotch with both hands.

John said as he was getting up, "Thank you for saving me. I was so scared that they were going to hurt me." He looks down at his sagging and bedraggled diaper before he continues, "Is it ok if we go back to your place? I'm too scared to walk home like this." He shivers slightly, “besides ... mom’s gonna have a fit an I wanna put it off as long as I can.”

Jamie takes John by his hand and begins escorting him to her house like a little boy. She is so furious with those bullies. She wonders if the medicine her mom gives her could possibly be given to them somehow. She muses over many possibilities.

Jamie coos softly, “It’s ok sweetie, mom said it’s ok for you to stay the night and has some cute pull-ups to put you in. I told the dispatcher you would be at my house anyway and we need to give a statement about the attack.”

John begins to whimper as tears rolled down his cheeks. He knows what happened the last time .... and he knows his mom will be furious about him being in a different kind of diaper when he gets home.

By the time the 2 had arrived at Jamie’s house, several police cars were there. In the back of one of the cruisers, were the 2 boys with the broken noses in handcuffs. Jamie could see one of the Officers talking with her mother as they walked up.

Jamie’s mom says with a worried tone, “Are the 2 of you ok? Did those hoodlums hurt you?”

She rushes over and hugs the both of them to her.

Jamie replies, “I think I did more damage to them than they did to John. What they did do was disgusting ... and their comments are horrible. If something isn’t done, I think those boys are going to really hurt John ... they almost did this time.”

The police officer strode up to them with his arrogant swagger and says in a Texas Drawl, “Well, Ma’am, enny self respectin man out inna .... girls diaper,” he snorts derisively, “is probably gonna gets hisself attacked.”

Jamie swirls towards the officer and snaps, “That’s just the attitude that’s causing the problem. He can’t help being in diapers ... it’s not his fault! The only reason he’s in one ... and it’s wet like this ... is because they peed in it after stripping him in the park. They then left him and stole his pants, making him walk home like this. This is horrid ... and you and Judge Atkins are allowing it to continue ... and get more vicious all the time.”

The officer takes a step back with his eyes wide. He says in a different tone, “Whoa, there missy! Hold ur horses n back up a bit. It seems ta me you did a fair amounta attackin on yur own. It wuz in self defense, and I have arrested the boys involved already. The 2 in the back of my car ... need medical attention.” The officer snickers softly, “you broke their noses good. The last time something happened, it weren’t nuthin as serious as this time for sure ... and tha Judge ain’t gonna let em off easy. I needa statement from the both of you.”

As the officer talked to John about the attack, Jamie looked at the 2 battered boys in the back of the car. She could see them glaring at her and was sure they were having vicious thoughts. A plan began to form in her mind ... it would work only if her cousin would do what she asked. She was going to show those morons what it was like ... to be a sissy in diapers ... she was adamant.

While Jamie was lost in thought, her mom came up and pulled open the back of her romper and looked in. John noticed this immediately. He remembers her telling him she wore pull ups, and realized her mom had just checked her to see if she was wet or messy.

Jamie blushes softly pink as she looks at John and smiles shyly. John feels suddenly a lot better when he realizes ... he’s not alone, and why Jamie had always accepted him.

The Police had finally finished with their thousand question torture, and hauled the miscreants off to jail and a visit to the doctor.

Jamie’s mom takes both of them by the hand and coos softly, “Well, children, it’s time for an adult to tend to the both of you. I’m sure John’s more than ready to be out of the messy diaper, and I know Jamie is getting to be wet too.”

Both of them look at each other and giggle as Jamie’s mom leads them both into the house by the hand. She seats Jamie on the sofa and tells her to be a good little girl until she can tend to John. She leads him into the potty room for a much needed change.

Jamie’s mom says softly, “You can call me Nana if you want sweet heart. I know how to treat a baby and I promise to take good care of you. I’m sorry, but I don’t have any clothes for a little boy, but I’m sure I have something really adorable of Jamie’s that will fit you perfectly.” She pats the padded counter across from the sink, “Now be a good boy and climb up here so I can change you.”

John blushes pink, but obeys and climbs onto the changing counter and lays back. Nana undoes the tapes to John’s super wet and bedraggled diaper and removes it. John watches as she rolls it up and tosses it into a large trash can with a swinging top. He gasps softly as Nana cleans him like any baby with several sweet smelling baby wipes. She lifts him by his ankles and cleans his bottom well.

Nana rolls John onto his tummy and begins to apply some cream to his bum. He really enjoys the soft caresses. Suddenly, he feels Nana push something into his bottom ... 3 times in rapid succession before he can react or protest. He feels Nana hold him gently down with a hand in a strategic place in the middle of his back. He can feel a warm, wet, very tingly sensation inside him as the things begin to melt.

Nana bends and kisses him on his cheek as she coos softly, “That’s a good baby. Those will last for 2 days. Don’t be upset if you poopie. I know you’re in diapers 24 / 7 and am sure your mother knows how to handle it.”

A chill runs down John’s spine. He realizes what Nana had just done. She had made it to where he would be unable to help going poopie in his diaper. As much grief as his parents gave him over just peeing ... this wasn’t good.

John whines, “Noooo ... no do that! My parents are ... going to be really upset over just me being wet this time and coming home in a different diaper ... and it wasn’t even my fault!”

Nana pats his bare hinny reassuringly as she coos softly, “I’ve spoken with your mother. I agree, she’s a nasty sort, but she was more than willing to have you spend the weekend with us, and after talking with her she was very agreeable. I know just how to care for babies. Jamie is my baby and I insist she stay that way. I’m even starting her on new vitamins to help her be more baby. I’m going to give them to you as long as you stay here too.”

John was surprised to say the least. He wondered how Jamie’s mom had managed to convince his mom to let him stay the weekend. His only worry now, what her reaction when he did finally come home ... and how baby he was going to be then.

Nana turns John onto his back and lifts him by his ankles one more time. He feels the softness of the thick cloth diaper she placed beneath him and its warm comfortable embrace as she sat his hinny into it. Nana powders him well, the sweet clean smell of baby powder fills the air. Nana pulls the super thick cloth diaper between John’s legs and fastens it on snugly with locking diaper pins.

Nana helps John to his feet. She holds out an adorable pair of lavender colored lacy plastic lined panties.

Nana coos softly, “Be a good baby and step in.”

John was very shy about putting on girl’s panties, but under these circumstances, he had no choice. Using Nana for support, he steps into them. Nana pulls them up over the thick diaper and insures they fit. John gasps softly at the caresses she gives him as she insures his panties cover his diaper and baby won’t leak.

Nana then picks up an adorable matching really short babydoll dress with puffy sleeves and lace around the hem. John watches as Nana unzips it.

Nana coos, “Hold up your arms so I can put your dress on, sweet heart.”

John obeys. He holds his arms in the air. He feels the wonderful sensation as Nana fits his hands into the sleeves and pulls the dress over his head. He shivers as it tickles his skin. He feels the tingly sensation as it settles over his body, and Nana zips it up. She tugs gently on the hem, arranging it so there are no wrinkles. It is slightly large on him, Jamie was bigger than he was, but it fit well enough it didn’t matter.

Nana coos softly as she pats John on his hinny reassuringly, “You make a wonderful little girl. I hope you won’t mind if Nana calls you Angel? It fits you perfectly.”

Nana takes John softly by the shoulders and escorts him to a chair under a vanity. In the vanity’s mirror, John is astounded at how much like a girl he appeared. Nana began to brush and rearrange his hair. By the time she had finished, a very cute little girl with a short pixie hairdo looked back with big surprised eyes.

Nana bends and gives John a kiss as she says, “Your own mother won’t recognize you now.”

John feels so strange. He had been in diapers .... even girl’s diapers ... but he had never dressed as a girl before. He was totally mind blown. No one would recognize him if they saw him at this point.

Nana took him by the hand after spritzing him with a wonderfully nice smelling perfume, and escorts him back into the living room. Nana seats him on the sofa, and takes Jamie by the hand and escorts her off into the potty room for her turn.

John lifts his short dress and looks at the poofy panties. It was very obvious he was wearing a diaper. It was super bulky and felt so soft. He was kind of embarrassed that the bulk of it between his legs caused him to waddle a bit as he walked. He could over come this, but he had to work really hard and squeeze his legs uncomfortably together ... he really didn’t want to do that. He sighs softly and decides he’s just going to have to accept this for right now. His pants and shirt were missing, the boys had taken them when they attacked him, and he didn’t have any other clothes.

His thoughts are interrupted by the potty room door opening. He sees Nana escorting Jamie from the room. His mouth falls open. She has on a super thick bulky diaper beneath her soft peach colored rumba panties. Her panties had large blue/white lace around the legs and waist, with 4 rows of large ruffles across her bottom. In the very center of the back, a large bow.

Jamie had on a matching shorty flutter top and was sucking her thumb as Nana brought her to the sofa and seated her beside John. Jamie smiles shyly as she blushes. John couldn’t help himself either, he returns the shy smile and can feel his ears and cheeks burn hot with a deep blush.

Nana coos softly, “Now, you 2 girls be good while I make you a bottle. It’s time for Angel to start her vitamins, and time for Jamie to take her next one.”

Jamie’s mom turns and walks off into another room. The sound of the refrigerator and cabinets opening and closing can be heard.

Jamie takes John by his hand and says, “No be upset sweet heart. Tol ya mommy knows how ta takes carea us. An I promis ... you’ll havea goo weekend.”

She bends over and hugs John as she kisses him sweetly on his lips.

“I have known ur in diapers a long time ... jus I was sorta scared ta tell u I am too.” Jamie blushes a cute pink and has an adorable expression, “Imma baby ... mommy insists. She even helps me ta bea better baby alla time. This baby also gotsa plan. I hasa cousin that works inna kitchen at tha jail. He been employed therea long time. Is I asks him ... I thinks he doa huge favor for us .... n we can show those meanies what it like.”

John is totally blown away. Jamie is perhaps the prettiest girl in town ... and dressed like she is ... is absolutely adorable. She has snuggled up so close and kissed him on his lips. His head is buzzing and he is getting rather uncomfortable inside his diaper as he gets more aroused.

Jamie whispers softly in John’s ear, “I want you to know something ... I ... I really do love you and don’t want anything bad to happen to you.”

She kisses John lovingly on his lips one more time before her mom returns to the living room with 2 bottles filled with a pinkish red liquid.

Jamie’s mom lays her back on the sofa and props a pillow next to her head. She puts the nipple of the bottle in Jamie’s mouth and rests the bottle on the pillow.

She coos softly to Jamie, “Now, eat your lunch and let the vitamins take effect. It ok sweetie, mommy will take care of Angel.”

She takes John by the hand and escorts him to the large armchair across from the sofa. As she helps Him into her lap, he can see Jamie nursing eagerly. He can sorta tell that with each suckle, something was happening to her. He wasn’t real sure what it was ... but she seemed to be getting more adorable as time passed.

John suddenly found himself in the crook of Nana’s arm. He looks up at her smiling face as she put the nipple to his lips. The wonderful taste of fresh strawberries ... with a nice tingle intermixed ... filled his mouth. He suckled eagerly as well. It tasted wonderful and was so warm. He could feel it in his tummy as it trickled down.

Without warning, John realized something was happening to him. He could feel an intense wave of pleasant infantile sensations running through him. He could think of it in no other way. His mind began to slip away into a wonderful haze of contentment.

He looks up at Nana’s smiling face. She coos to him softly, “Relax sweet heart. You have no choice at this point, except to be my sweet and adorable baby. It will wear off in a few days and you’ll be back to normal.”

John knew Nana was saying other things, but what they were he no longer could understand. It seemed like she was making such wonderful cooing noises. His eyes became heavy as the infantile contentment grew over powering ... and John slipped off into a world he had long forgotten even existed.

~~ Long Time Passes ~~

John awakens slowly ... someone is pulling the back of his diaper open. He slowly opens his eyes and sees Jamie next to him. She is still sleeping. John’s eyes focus on the larger picture. He realizes with a start that he’s in a large crib with Jamie. The only thing the 2 of them have on ... is a diaper and a pair of plastic panties. He can see Jamie’s wonderfully petit boobies and the cute little pink nipples at the tip. He looks down at himself ... and gasps .. he too had some the same size as Jamie’s

Jamie’s mom coos softly, “Good morning sweetie, seems baby needs a bath and a change ... doesn’t she? Nana will take care of that right away.”

John feels a wonderfully soft and reassuring pat on his bottom. He sees Jamie’s mom check her too. Jamie wakes up and makes adorable gurgling noises.

Jamie’s mom giggles as she coos softly, “Aww baby, you’re so adorable.”

She kisses the both of them as she lets the crib rail down. She takes John by his hand and helps him from the crib, then raises the rail back into position. John feels so ... strange. Nana escorts him by the hand into the potty room across from the nursery. He discovers he is sucking his thumb by the time they get there. He also can’t help but waddle as he walks ... this time .. he discovers, there’s no way to over come it ... it’s just the way he had to walk.

Nana turns and plugs the tub and begins to fill it. She pours a cap full of amber liquid into the warm water ... many bubbles rise as the wonderful smell of honeysuckle fills the air.

John attempts to say something as Nana pulls his panties down and begins to unfasten the pins holding his diaper together.

The only sound he was able to make, “Goo gaaa arhg aeoh teioa wekk thhttpphhh.”

John is stunned as Nana giggles softly, “My ... baby talkative today ... isn’t she?”

He puts his hand to his mouth ... “OMG!! What’s happened to me?” he thinks in a small panic.

Nana finishes removing his diaper. Another shock ... Besides him having very cute boobies, his gentailia had seemingly shrunk back inside his crotch ... nothing was there except what looked for the world like a girl’s vagina. He reaches down and feels it ... his equipment was still there ... although it had somehow drawn back inside. He looks up at Nana with big surprised eyes.

Nana pats him softly on his bare hinny as she helps him into the warm bubbly water. She lathers a large wash cloth and begins to wash him behind his ears.

She coos softly, “Oh, my! Baby has a row of potatoes and a crop of corn behind her ears.” She giggles softly, “Nana will make sure they’re all clean. Remember, a clean little girl is a pretty little girl.”

John begins to giggle in an adorable manner as Nana washes him under his arms ... and his squeaky places. He really can’t help himself. It feels wonderfully intense as Nana runs the thick soapy wash cloth all over his skin, making it tingle pleasantly. The added tickles and caresses intensifying the pleasure.

In his mind, he can’t get over what seems to have happened overnight. He’s not too worried over it right now though ... Nana was doing such a wonderful job of giving him a bath ... it really didn’t matter. Besides, he had been called a girl so much ... that actually being one was ok.

Nana finally finishes washing his body. She takes a large bottle of red gel and pours a quantity into his hair and begins to massage it in. As Nana does this, she takes something loose that had been tied in his hair. He realizes ... his hair was down past his shoulders now ... He gasps.

Nana coos softly, “Relax sweetie. You’re my daughter now and no one will take you from me. I know you don’t understand, but over 2 years have passed since you came to be my baby with Jamie. I have a wonderful surprise in store too. That bully is getting out of Jail today ... and the Judge and a few members of city council have conspired to ... make sure he doesn’t bother you again.”

Nana massages his scalp into a wonderful bubbly mass. She then has John stand as she rinses his body completely off with the soft pulsations from the spray nozzle.

John attempts to say some thing else ... all that comes out .. are adorable gurgles, coos, and happy bubbling noises.

Nana helps John from the bath into a large, warm towel. She dries him briskly from head to toe, again tickling him along the way. John again can’t help himself as he giggles and squirms. It feels so wonderful.

As Nana helps him onto the padded changing counter, she says quietly, “Now Angel, you have to know, you are incompetent now. The judge has so ruled and given you to me to care for. You and Jamie are my babies for the rest of your lives, and no one will ever mistreat you again. I know, you didn’t really ask ... but I know it was something you secretly had wished for since you were permanently in diapers.”

She then bends and blows a very loud and tickly raspberry into John’s tummy. His eyes get huge a he kicks and screeches like any baby would under these circumstances. He is totally shocked at the fact ... he’s also a baby. After the initial realization, he relaxes and truly begins to enjoy what’s happening. It’s true ... he had always wanted to be a permanent baby ... and now ... Jamie’s mom had made it happen.

Nana takes John by his ankles and makes him bend his knees and spread his legs. She coos softly as John feels something touch him ... and penetrate him in an impossible way. It’s super intense as he feels it go deeply inside his crotch. Nana pushes something deeply inside him there 3 times, before she rolls him onto his tummy and repeats the process in his hinny. He lies there gasping softly as he feels it melting in both places ... causing intense tingly sensations to shoot through his body.

Nana holds him on his tummy with a hand in a strategic place in his back as he feels his mind start to slip again. Nana quickly rolls him onto his back, and lifts by the ankles and places a super thick cloth diaper beneath him and sets him in it. She powder him well, before pulling it between his legs and fastening it with locking diaper pins. The wonderful smell of baby powder made John feel really good inside.

Nana takes one of his feet in her hands and kisses his toes. He begins to squirm and giggle.

Nana coos softly, “This little piggy ...”

Once again. John has no thoughts on his mind except the wonderfully infantile glee created by the loving tickles and kisses to his toes and feet piggies produces. By the time Nana had finished diapering and playing with John, he was as baby as he could get.

Nana held out a cute plastic lined red and white romper with large ruffles every where.

She coos softly, “Step in sweetie so Nana can get you ready.”

John gets off the counter and holds on to Nana for balance as he steps into the leg openings of the cute romper. Nana pulls it up and insures the legs fit properly so baby won’t leak. She then lifts the lacy bib and ties it around John’s neck. John looks down and sees his cute boobies poking out. He feels intensely good at the fact, he’s not only a baby .... but a girl too.

Nana says softly, “Now, all we have to do is brush baby’s hair. As pretty a girl as you are, I think pony tails will be an adorable touch.”

She leads John by the hand to a chair in front of a very familiar vanity. The reflection looking back is that of a very pretty girl with long curly blond hair, and big, blue, sparkly eyes in a very cute little girl’s romper.

Nana brushes John’s hair briskly for a few minutes, and removes all the tangles. John fusses as any little girl would as the hurty tangles were removed. Nana gathers it into 2 long pony tails, and fastens it into place with barrettes that look like lady bugs.

Nana bends over and puts a pair of matching tennis shoes on his feet, then ties the laces into large bows. She escorts him back into the nursery by his hand and seats him on a large pillow chair. She gives him a bottle of reddish pink liquid, before going and getting Jamie from the crib and taking her into the potty room for her bath and change.

He watches as Jamie’s mom escort her off by the hand. Jamie waddled just as he did as she giggled adorably under mom’s caresses and tickles.

John put the bottle’s nipple in his mouth and begins to nurse it before he even realized he had done it. The wonderful warm tingly strawberry taste filled his mouth and began to warm his tummy. He felt the many sensations as they spread through him and his mind began to cloud up once again.

He was extremely happy at this point and really didn’t mind that his favorite bottle made him totally baby ... and maybe contributed to him being a girl too. His mind regresses away as he becomes enthralled with his new discovery ... his big toe!

He curls into a cute ball as he plays with his toes and suckles the bottle. Any vestiges of adult that might have ever found its way into his psyche ... had been totally purged by this time. Angel played joyously with her feet as she contentedly suckled her bottle.

Angel had no conception of time, but shortly, Nana was escorting Jamie from the potty room. She was in an adorable powder blue romper with large ruffles and lace every where. It had a Snoopy theme. It was quite obvious she was in a super thick diaper the same as he was.

Nana escorted Jamie over to the pillow chair and had her sit beside Angel. She gave Jamie a bottle with the same colored liquid in it that she too eagerly began to nurse.

Nana coos softly, “All right children, when you’re finished with your breakfast and are all baby, mommy is going to take you on an outing. We’re going to watch an event ... that maybe you’re too young to understand ... but one that is highly significant in Angel’s life.”

She bends and kisses them both lovingly as she disappears from the nursery. Her footfalls can be heard receding down the hall into the distance.

Jamie rolls over and says in an adorable baby voice, “Tol ya mommy kno how ta takes carea babies. An u beena wunnerful playmate for a long time.” She suckles on her bottle a few more times, “I kno baby no tol ya all of it ... but u tol me ya wished u could bea baby alla time.”

Angel’s eyes get huge as he realizes he can understand Jamie. He looks at her in surprise.

When he speaks this time, he too has a wonderfully adorable baby girl’s voice, “I ... I can unnerstan u? When I try n talk b4 .. was jussa buncha strange gurgles n stuffies.”

Jamie giggles softly, “Is still silly, jus we babies n can unnerstan each overs. The Adult Conspiracy only hear cute sounds ... us unner Baby Rules can unnerstan each overs ... is jusa way it is.”

The 2 babies hug n snuggle as they finish their bottles. Angel is the most happy he has ever been. The regression chemicals in his bottle and the hormone’s in the in the suppositories did their job perfectly. Angel and Jamie were 2 very contented and happy Adult Babies.

~~ Uniqueness in a Happening ~~

A short time passes, the babies can hear the tic, tic, tic, of mommy’s approaching foot falls. The door to the nursery opens and mommy walks in. She’s dressed in a very sexy shiny jet black leather teddy, elbow length matching fingerless gloves, and knee length, mirror shiny, 6 inch stiletto heeled leather boots. In her hands, she holds a rather long leather flair whip that she is tapping in her palm.

She coos softly, “Are my babies finished with breakfast? Mommy’s dressed and ready to go. It’s time for you to witness ... justice in action. No one Messes with the Mistress of Pain’s children .. and gets away with it.”

She walks to a closet and removes a rather large, 3 wheeled, folded thing and unfolds it. She also removes 2 adorable babydoll dresses and bottoms. One pink, the other powder blue. She locks several braces into place on the thing. The end result, was a tandem stroller built just for the 2 of them to be pushed places. Mommy helps her babies into the seats and fastens the belts and shoulder straps snugly so the babies can’t fall out and hurt themselves.

Jamie’s mom knows they have both been conditioned to act and do things as any baby would. They both did exactly that over the last 2 years and had made her extremely happy. Now, it was time to show a certain cretin what it was like to have Mistress justice, and how wrong it was to mess with babies younger than themselves.

~~ Surprise Surprise Surprise ~~

Jerry was taken from the cell that had been his home for 2 years, and escorted to a large open room with many concrete benches to await his final release from jail. In his heart, he was thinking of nothing but how he would get his revenge on that diaper wearing sissy fag and the girl that put him here. If it wasn’t for her and that suitcase of a purse she had with her, none of this would have happened.

Jerry looked around the room. There were several inmates mopping the floor and emptying the trash. He was sort of surprised no one else was being released along with him.

He heard the clanging noise and rattle of one of the barred doors as it opened. When Jerry looked up, he saw one of the officers walking in, pushing a large cart. It was laden with many kinds of wondrous foods. After 2 years of bologna sandwiches and peanut butter and jelly, this was a banquet fit for a king.

The Guard pushed it in front of Jerry and stopped. He said with their usual growl, “Now that you’re free, here’s a going away meal. That way we know you left under good heath and well fed.”

He sneered at Jerry with the usual contempt before turning and walking back out the way he came. The door slams shut with a metallic clanging rattling echoing noise and the sound of it locking.

The inmates in the room with him stopped what they were doing and looked at the cart longingly. One of them said, “Hey, man ... you wouldn’t be into sharing some of that with us, would you?”

Before Jerry could answer, the door on the other side of the room opened, and a muscular guard partially enters. He beckons the inmates to follow him with a wiggle of his forefinger. They smile at Jerry as they meekly walk out of the room. This door slams shut with the same echoing metallic sound as the last, leaving Jerry alone in the room with his huge feast.

It took only a second longer before Jerry tore into the meal. He ate like a ravenous pig. There were many kinds of fruits, meats, vegetables, coupled with several types of drinks. The honey buttered sour dough bread combined with the roast beef was to kill for.

By the time Jerry had finished, the cart’s contents had been devastated, and he couldn’t stuff one more morsel in. He was glad the prison outfit had an elastic waist, or he would have had to undo it to make room.

As Jerry leaned back and allowed the contentment that fills the soul after an excellent meal to wash through him, the door opens again and 2 officers and an inmate enter. The inmate takes the cart, and is escorted off by one of the guards.

The other guard says, “Follow me to processing, it’s time for you to become a free man.”

Jerry springs up the best he can under his current circumstances, and follows the guard through the door and down the hall. He is feeling sleepily content and is dreamily drifting in his mind. The guard opens a door marked Outbound Processing and awaits Jerry.

Jerry enters the room and walks up to the arched window. He is handed several pages of papers to sign and the neatly folded stack of the clothes he was wearing when he was arrested.

While he dressed, the officers behind the window filled out the release papers and entered it into the computer. When he returned to the window, the officer handed him a long yellow paper that was obviously a bad copy of his release papers.

From there, he was escorted out into a lobby. The guard shook his hand and said, “Good luck. Let’s hope we don’t see you around here again.” Before turning and walking back through the door they had just come out of.

Jerry saw several people sitting in the plastic chairs scattered through the room, and the semicircular desk and the officer behind it. He also saw the glass doors ... and freedom.

Jerry quickly went for the door. Without warning, a man in a very expensive suit and a billed hat under his arm stepped between him and the door. Jerry looked him over. He was wearing a pair of jodhpurs, thigh length shiny black leather boots, a blindingly bright white shirt, and a waste coat that had 2 buttons holding it closed and tails.

The man clicks his heels together sharply and bows at the waist. He says with a very pronounced accent, “Good evening sir. My name is Jarvis ... I have come to take you home. The car awaits outside in the lot.”

Jarvis gestures with his hand towards the door. Everyone in the room, takes notice and looks on with big eyed surprise ... including Jerry. A chill of real surprise runs down his spine as he stands in shock.

Jerry stammers, “Wh ... who sent ... ummm ... who sent you to get me?”

Jarvis stands up erect and says, “Mistress has ordered me to insure you arrive at your home in perfect order. I assure you, that it shall be as she has said. No one will accost you or interfere with your safe and timely arrival.”

At this point, Jarvis walks to the door and opens it. He stands erect as he waits for Jerry. Jerry was totally mind blown. He knew of no one in the town that was rich enough to afford a chauffer ... much less the huge Limousine he saw parked in front.

Slowly, Jerry walks from the jail into the bright sunlight of freedom. Jarvis walks several paces behind in perfect correctness of a high class chauffer. When Jerry reached the limo, Jarvis appeared and opened the door. He stood at attention waiting for Jerry to enter.

Jerry looks into the spacious interior of the Limo. It was as big as a small bedroom ... at least .. bigger than the one he had for the last 2 years and could easily hold a dozen people comfortably. There were thick leather seats, an open bar, a large flat screened TV, and what appeared to be a huge stereo entertainment system.

Jerry looks at Jarvis in bewilderment, “Who did you say sent you?”

Jarvis replies in his accented voice, “Mistress sent me to get you sir.”

Jerry raises his eyebrows and asks, “And .... ummm ... who is Mistress if I might ask?”

Jarvis replies, “Mistress is the one that has insured you had a full canteen, books, clothes, and even the meal you ate before you left your ... last accommodations, sir.”

Jerry’s eyes get big. He had wondered how he had all the special perks afforded an inmate ... now he knew. He was grateful for the thick wool blankets in the winter ... it was very cold in the cellblock at night.

With a shrug, he enters the back of the limo and snuggles into the soft, comfortable leather seat. It seems to engulf him like a fine leather glove as it conforms perfectly to his body. Jarvis shuts the door and enters the driver’s seat and starts the car.

There was absolutely no sensations of motion ... or any sounds he did not make himself. As he leans back into the plushness of the seat, the sleepy contentedness of his last meal caught up with him. He quickly falls asleep in the softest and most comfortable place he had been in 2 years.

~~ Punish only the Wicked ~~

Jerry slowly wakes up. He feels kind of cool all over. He attempts to move and finds himself unable. His eyes pop open as he struggles to move. Jerry is strapped to some kind of rack, on his stomach. It has him bent in the middle with his butt in the air totally exposed. He realizes he has on no clothes and there is some kind of thing strapped into his mouth muting any kind of screams or protests he might try to emit.

He looks around as best he could. He sees several muscular men in a weird type of shiny one piece black rubber suit with a hood. The hood was black with eye and nose openings, and a zipper where the mouth should be. There was a small golden lock attached to the ring at the end of the zipper, locking it closed. There also was a zipper running along the center of the top of their heads. The suit was crotchless, and their over large gentailia hung down almost to their knees.

Jerry hears a door open and the sound of feet scuffling in. He struggles to turn, what he sees is many people taking seats in rows of tiered chairs behind him. They all had on black leather outfits with masks.

The women wore very revealing sexy bustiers and low flat shoes. The bustiers were under wired and supported the bare breasts, causing them to stand sharply erect, and giving the women a deep cleavage. They had on jet black garters and black fishnet hose. He could also tell, none of them had on panties.

The men, were dressed just like the ones Jerry saw standing around. Only difference, these men’s gentailia seemed shrunken back inside their crotches ... almost like they were becoming vaginas.

Jerry begins to struggle. He is really afraid at this point, and is totally helpless. He tries his best to spit whatever was in his mouth out, but it was firmly locked in place. He could feel a long something in his mouth, but wasn’t sure what it was.

He sees a woman walk in front of him, escorting 2 of the most adorable little girls he had ever seen. The taller one was dressed in a really short, pink and white babydoll dress and rumba panties. The other was in a matching outfit, except it was Powder Blue. It was more than obvious they both were in diapers.

The woman was dressed in an extremely sexy Shiny black leather Teddy, and jet black, knee high stiletto heeled boots. In her left hand, she had a long whip of some kind.

The woman coos softly, “Welcome to your new life sweetie. As a virgin sissy, it’s up to a Mistress like me to train you to please men.”

Sissy? Please men??!!! NOOO!!!

She smiles as she bends and whispers to the smaller girl in blue, “Now sweetheart, Nana wants you to pay attention. This is how a Milk Maid does her job.”

Jerry gasps. He is unable to free himself as he struggles hard. His arms and legs where they are bound are beginning to chafe and hurt with his efforts.

The woman bends and pats the girl in pink on her hinny as she coos softly, “ Ok, Jamie, you’re the best Milk Maid in the state. I want you to be loving and understanding to the virgin. Show him you love him, but you won’t stop taking his manhood.”

As the little girl giggles adorably, recognition dawns on Jerry. NO!! This is Jamie Rivers and her mom! Jerry didn’t know who the other girl was, but she was truly pretty and he wondered how he managed to miss her.

Jerry struggles even harder as he sees Mrs Rivers give a sex toy to Jamie. It was 11 inches long, 2 inches thick, and had a strange bent rubber tip. Jamie opens a tube of Sex Wax and begins to lubricate the tip of the toy.

Jamie walks up to Jerry and pats his hinny softly as she coos in a cute voice, “It’s ok sweet heart. Every Sissy looses their virginity.”

She bends and kisses him on his cheek as he squirms and makes muffled noises.

Jamie continues, “Baby promis ... ta be gentle n makes it feel as goo as baby can. You gotsa be ablea please those gimps after.”

He sees she points to several of the muscular men in those weird outfits. He totally looses his mind in fear. He struggles until his arms and legs really hurt badly at the points he has been bound.

His eyes get large as he gasps out in surprise. He can feel Jamie’s fingers as she begins to lubricate his sphincter well. He can feel it as she penetrates him ... one finger, then 2 ... then suddenly, he feels the toy as it begins to rub against his opening. He makes as much noise in protest as he can.

Jamie bends and kisses him softly as she caresses his manhood with her other hand. This sends chills all through him.

She coos softly, “Jus realx an bea goo sissy.”

He grunts as the toy penetrates him. It sorta hurt at first, then, after his sphincter quit spasming and relaxed, he felt Jamie push it in deeply several times. He heard her turn it on. He felt the intenseness of the buzzing as she slowly and sensually pushes it back in. He hears the soft buzz disappear as it penetrates him.

Tears begin to run down his cheeks as he is raped. He can’t believe how intense the feeling is as she manipulates the toy inside him. He can’t help but gasp as she begins to manipulate his prostate. Chill bumps form all over his body. He can’t believe how wonderful this has begun to feel.

Through his bleary eyes, he sees Jamie place a beaker beneath his thing on a small shelf there. She maneuvers the toy inside him expertly for a few more minutes, as the urge begins to build. He can’t stop himself, it is so intense ... he peaks. It’s like he is going pee, as his body relieves itself of his white gooshy stuff. He pants softly as it all drains out in one short stream into the beaker.

Jamie pats Jerry on his hinny softly as she coos to him, “Now, sweetie, comesa fun part ... pleasing ur first man.”

She giggles as she runs to her mom and they hug.

Jamie gets a wonderful pat on her hinny as her mom says, “That’s a good girl.”

Jerry sees one of the large men in that weird outfit approach him. He also see the other one having the lock removed and the zipper on his mouth place unzipped.

The Mistress points to Jerry and says sharply, “Suck him ... do it right or I will punish you.”

The large man says shyly, “Yeas, Mistress, as you command.”

He walks over and kneels beside the frame. He takes Jerry’s cock in his hand and begins to play with it. Jerry gasps as the man takes it in his mouth and gives it a long sensual suck as he flicks his tongue around the head. That man’s voice ... was so familiar ... he can’t think of it at this moment.

Jerry feels the other man begin to relubricate his butt. He grunts as the man penetrates him deeply with his penus. It is so huge ... Jerry can feel himself stretching with each thrust. Jerry is now completely horrified. Between the intensity of having his dick sucked, and having his ass penetrated, he began to loose his mind.

He heard a cute little girl’s voice says softly, “The only thing a sissy like you is worth, is sucking real men and pleasing them.” Then cute little giggles.

Jerry looks up as the Mistress pats the girl in the blue on her hinny reassuringly and coos softly, “That’s right Angel, the only thing he’s worth ... is pleasing a man.”

As the adorable little girl turns and looks into Jerry’s eyes with her sparkly blue ones ... it dawns on him who this is ... NO!! It just can’t be. He can’t think coherently any longer as the 2 men begin to intensely have oral and anal sex with him. Jerry isn’t sure how long this lasted ... it seemed to go on forever.

By the time the 2 gimps had finished with him, his bottom was beginning to get sore, and he could no longer get his thing up. As he lay on the rack and panted. He suddenly feels a sharp sting in his butt. He grunts as he can feel something injected into him. He opens his eyes as the Mistress pats his butt. He sees her open a large package and remove 3 large, pink suppositories. He feels it as she pushes them deeply inside him, one at a time. He feels the warmth of them as they begin to melt, above and beyond the wet watery feeling of all the cum the slave had left in him.

She coos, in few minutes, sweetheart, Mistress is going to have you return the favor this slave gave you.”

She beckons to the large man that had sucked Jerry’s dick. The man came over and bowed to the floor and kisses the Mistresses boots.

He says in a strangely effeminate voice, “Thank you Mistress.”

Jerry can’t move. He can react in anyway. He thinks to himself that as soon as this ... gag is removed from his mouth, he’s going to bit that man’s dick off if he put it in his mouth. Jerry is adamant about this.

As he waits for something to happen, everyone watches him. He begins to feel strangely. Something softly infiltrates his mind, causing his thoughts to become foggy. He feels really nice waves of pleasure run up his spine, as chill bumps form. He shivers with the intensity of it ...

The next thing Jerry knows, he is swallowing some thing that is gooey and tastes salty and sort of sweet and bitter at the same time. He can feel it as is slides down his throat.

Jerry realizes that the man was taking his penus from his mouth ... GASP!!! He had just ... NOOOO!!!! He could feel it sort of dripping down his cheeks as he slumped. He began to cry and whimper.

Jamie came to him and hugged him lovingly as she coos, “That was so goo for a virgin. In no time, you gots it down perfect n be suckin perfect.”

She pats him on his hinny reassuringly.

Jerry gasps out with a whine in his voice, “Wh .. why? Why are you doing this to me?”

Jamie whispers softly in Jerry’s ear, “Dunno ... why did you torment John so? Why attack him n stuffies? No matters now ... u’ll know what it likes ta bea cute little sissy in diapers.” Jamie points to the man he had just finished pleasing, “ Baby think Judge Atkins will love you as his new playmate too.”

Jerry looks up with wide eyed surprise and recognition. IT was ... the judge! HE couldn’t believe it. Jerry could tell ... something was ... different about the way he was acting too. Like ... he was controlled somehow.

Jerry gasps out, “How ... I mean ... ??”

He never got to finish as the Judge came back to him and put his stiffening member back in his mouth. Jerry feels another sting in his hinny as the judge began to push his member in and out of Jerry’s mouth. Jerry weakly bites down on it, causing the judge to scream.

Jerry feels a severe pain across his butt several times as he hears a loud crack. He cries out loudly as his butt stings horridly.

The Mistress walks up and puts the whip in his mouth and pushes painfully as she snaps, “Sissy will never do that again. Is that understood? Mistress will have all his teeth pulled if he does.”

She yanks the whip from his mouth, almost pulling some teeth in the process, and slaps him across the cheek with it. Jerry is truly in tears at this point as he watches the Mistress Soothe and cuddle the judge.

He heard her tell him, “It’s ok sweetheart, Mistress promises sissy won’t do that again. He will be soft, and sucky, and pleasant.”

Jerry heard the judge whimper like a little girl, “Are .. are you sure Mistress? That hurt lots. See?? I gots teef marks.”

Mistress pats him on his hinny softly and coos, “Yes sweetie. Now go and enjoy him.”

The judge giggles and quickly has his member back in Jerry’s mouth. Jerry lets out cries muffled by the judge’s large member moving in and out of his mouth. His butt really hurts and so does his mouth where the Mistress had hit him.

Suddenly, Jerry feels those ... sensations begin to run through him and invade his mind. Before he went totally blank again, he felt some one pushing something into his bottom .... and then the huge insertion of the another’s penus.

Those men and women ... if they could be called that, sitting in the tiered chairs, began to clap and cheer the 2 of the men assaulting him on. Jerry lost his mind again as he was having his manhood taken ... and was proving just what a wonderful sissy he was.

~~ Reality of Waking ~~

Jerry wakens. He isn’t in any pain, but the pleasant smell of baby powder was everywhere. He opens his eyes slowly. All he can see is bars at first. He thinks he’s still in jail. He has some fuzzy memories of ... NO!!! Those weren’t memories.

He sits up suddenly, his head swims violently around as he feels his tummy do flips flops. He feel so strange. When his head finishes spinning, he realizes his pants are wet. He opens his eyes again and they focus. He gasps loudly as he realizes he’s in a crib, with a locked top.

He looks down at himself. All he has on is a really cute pair of white rumba panties with baby Tweety and friends all over. The lace around the waist is pink and white. He turns and looks at his butt. The ruffles were the same color. *GASP!!* and he was in a very thick and very wet diaper.

He looks at his hands. There are a pair of soft pink mittens with a small golden lock. As delicate as they looked, they proved to be super strong as he attempted to pull them off with his teeth.

He realized suddenly as he attempted that ... his front teeth ... top and bottom were missing. That woman had pull them to make him more enjoyable. He screams as he sees he had sprouted some very cute boobies as well.

The door to the nursery opens, in walks the woman he had hoped to one day marry. She was wearing a black knee length uniform with a white apron. Her sleeves had white cuffs and she wore a pair of low heeled black shoes.

He gasps out in a voice that surly wasn’t his, “Becky? What ... what’s the meaning of this?”

The woman walks to the crib, unlocks the top, and opens it. She reaches in and pulls open the back of his panties and diaper and checks him.

She coos softly, “Well, ever since the town discovered you are .... what you are. We have accepted you and allowed you to be that way. As you know, I’m your Nana, and you have become one of the most wonderful Love Pets ever. Nana shares you all the time with others, and they all agree you’re the best.”

Jerry is pushed gently in the middle of his new boobies ... he weakly falls to his back. Becky pulls his panties to his ankles, then undoes the tapes to his diaper. She cleans him with several sweet smelling baby wipes. Jerry is totally mind blown at this point. He looks down and realizes too ... it seems he has no male gentailia. After Becky had cleaned him and turned to pick up something, Jerry reaches down with his mittened gloves. He feels between his legs. His gentailia was still there, but had somehow shrunk back inside his crotch, leaving a very cute looking slit that appeared for the world like a vagina.

Becky turns back. Jerry’s eyes get large with surprise as she is lubricating a rather large sex toy.

She smiles as she turns it on and coos softly, “Now sweetheart. Be a good sissy and Nana will do your most favorite thing.”

He hears the toy as she turns it on, and can feel it vibrations as it penetrated him in an impossible way. He gasps and squeaks as it penetrates him just like a girl. Intense sensations run through him as the vibrating toy moves slowly in and out.

He can’t think or react in anyway except to gasp and squeak. He finds himself push into it ... and was really enjoying the intensity of being penetrated in this manner. He could feel it building within him rapidly ... he couldn’t help it. He screeches out in loud moans of pleasure as he has a super intense, full bodied orgasm the likes of which he had never experienced before. At the same time ... he realized Becky was squeezing a large bulb that was attached to the toy. With every squeeze, he felt a wonderful, warm, and watery sensation deep between his legs.

Becky allows it to drip for a few minutes. Jerry can’t believe how it felt. He lay there in total shock as he realized ... this is what vaginal sex feels like.

Becky takes several baby wipes and cleans up the drips. She then lowers the rail on the crib and helps him out. He has trouble standing, his legs seems to be unstable. She leads him by the hand into the potty room across the nursery.

He sees a cute little pink potty with fur on top and around the sides and long floppy ears. It has 2 large eyes on the back that made it look like some kind of cute critter. The open lid made it look like its mouth was open.

Jerry couldn’t help the feelings of fear that suddenly welled up in him. He began to whimper and shiver as Becky brought him nearer.

Jerry whines in a cute little female voice, “Nooo ... it gonna bite me onna hinny! Thata potty monster an it bites!”

Jerry clings to Becky and hides behind her. He shivers in fear as tears begin to well up in his eyes.

Becky giggles softly as she coos, “Don’t be a silly baby. That’s just me trying to teach you to go potty so you don’t have to be in diapers anymore.”

Jerry realizes what had just happened. He is totally shocked. He feels Becky patting his bare hinny softly, and the wet trickle of gel oozing from his new place between his legs.

He gasps out in the same cute voice, “What have you done to me?”

Becky makes him sit on the potty as she replies, “I have done nothing to you sweetie, except agree to be your keeper since you lost your mind 5 years ago.”

Jerry is horrified as she inserts the tip of a douche into his opening and begins to squirt. He feels the cool and tingly sensation as he is cleaned out. She makes him sit for a few minutes. He still feels terrified over this and is sure the potty is going to bite him on his hinny. He realizes this is irrational ... but it doesn’t help in the least.

Becky helps him to stand after a little while, and again cleans him between his legs with a sweet smelling baby wipe. She takes him by the hand and escorts him to a padded counter, and helps him to climb on. He lies on his back without prompting. Becky lifts him by his ankles and puts a super thick disposable beneath him, and sets his butt into its embrace.

He suddenly feels Becky penetrate his bottom quickly 3 times before he can react. She powders him well and pulls the diaper between his legs and fastens the tapes. Becky then helps Jerry from the counter and has him stand.

She holds out his rumba panties and coos softly, “Step in like a good sissy.”

Helplessly, unable to resist, he steps into the legs opening of the panties, and allows Becky to pull them up over his diaper. The plastic lining made loud crinkling noises every time he moved.

She leads him by the hand once again, out of the potty room and through the nursery. Jerry has no idea where he is, the long hall leading to the stairs down were unfamiliar to him. When he got to the stairs, he found it simpler, to sit on his butt and go down them that way, than trying to convince his unwilling body to go down them what he thought of as normally. Becky smiles and giggles softly.

At the bottom of the stairs, Becky takes Jerry by the hand and helps him to stand. She slowly walks into the den, with him toddling behind. When he enters, the room is full of women playing cards at tables arranged all around the den. In one corner, Jerry could see a large playpen with many baby toys and plush dolls inside.

One of the women says loudly, “Oh, look ... the baby girl is here! She’s so adorable in those new panties too.”

The women begin to coo and make lots of baby comments. Jerry feels very shy as the women begin to give him lots of hugs, kisses, hinny pats, and other loving attention.

In the process of all of this, he manages to see himself in a large wall mirror. The image looking back ... was one of a very pretty, big eyed girl in a cute pair of rumba panties, and a hugely thick diaper.

He grabs between his legs ... as he helplessly wets his diaper ... like a good baby.
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