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Mistress of Regression - Complete

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sat Jan 31, 2015 12:27 am

Title: The Mistress of Regression

Randy - just turned 19 year old male – Played By: Ella Kenet

Miki – Dr of advanced Psychiatry – Regression Therapy Specialist – Played by : Miki Yamuri

Scene: The Regression Nursery of the Mistress Nana

Randy grunted as his mom sped off angrily in her van, leaving him alone at this unfamiliar house. He was really furious with her too. He wanted to have the house all to himself for the next month as she went to London on a business trip with her new Boss. He knew it wasn’t for business and had argued with her until she told him she was taking him here.

That was the final thing ... and now here he was. He did regret some of the things he called her in this argument. He didn’t like the fact she was calling herself That man’s Pet. He was surprised at the new outfits she had begun wearing too. He made his anger known to his mom very plainly. His mom made it clear she was going to make sure he never argued with her again.

He walked over to the open door, curious and frustrated, he asks, "Anyone home?"

Miki was sitting on the sofa reading a book on regression therapy. The Author on the back cover showed her picture and named her, The Mistress Nana; The Mistress of Regression.

She hears a voice at the door and says cheerily, “Yes, come in.”

He walks in, a confused look on his face. "Um ... I was told I was staying here for the month ... my mom doesn't trust me to watch the house. You are?"

Miki sees a good looking young man of about 19 with shoulder length black hair standing in the door.

She puts the book down and replies in a very sultry and sexy voice, “My name is Miki ... Yes, your mother said you were coming. ... you must be Randy?”

He nods. Apparently she is in on whatever plot his mom cooked up. He thinks Miki is a very beautiful woman. He might not mind staying here for a month after all.

He replies, "Yes. And who are you?"

She giggles sweetly and replies, “Told you, My name is Miki ... I'm ... your sitter,
for the lack of a better word. Come in and shut the door ... have a seat.”

She shows you a seat on a very large and ornate sofa as she puts a book back in a small bookcase. She takes a DVD from the rack on top and opens the case. The Title of the DVD says just “Baby Girl”. In the small print on the case it is described as Advanced Psychiatric Binaural Regression Therapy. She puts something in each ear, puts the DVD in the player and turns it on.

He nods as he sees her put on the DVD and walks in, sitting down. He looks around the beautifully decorated room. A very pleasant and extremely relaxing music softly begins to play. It is most intoxicating to him and he really enjoys it.

He says, "Sitter ... gosh, the last time I had a sitter ... I was 3."

Miki smiles. She thinks to herself , “3 is a good age for you.” Then out loud, “ So tell me some about yourself ... are you hungry or thirsty?” as she walks into the kitchen.

He says distractedly as he sees the many Doctorial diplomas on the wall, “I am a little thirsty.”

She says sweetly, “What would you like to drink sweetie?”

He shrugs. "Whatever's available, I guess."

She asks, “Like some milk?”

He replies distractedly, "I suppose."

As he reads the 3 PHD diploma’s in Psychiatry. He is impressed with this lady’s education. He sees about 14 Doctorial diplomas as well. He sits back on the sofa and shakes his head. This lady is smart.

Miki opens the fridge ... takes out a bottle of milk ... gets a glass from the cupboard, pours the milk in, and puts the bottle of milk back in the fridge. She takes a small tube from her pocket and adds several reddish purple drops to the milk. With a gentle stir, it vanishes in the milk. She checks the filters in her ears to make sure they are in properly. She doesn’t want the DVD to affect her.

She takes the glass back into the living room and gives it to Randy. She runs her fingers softly through his hair. He enjoys the caress.

He nods, taking the milk and drinking all of it, without a second thought.

He says, "Thanks."

Miki smiles as she looks at her watch. She knows that it will be only a few minutes before the combination of the DVD and the drug start having their desired effect.

She says in a very flirtatious voice, “Your cute .. you know that? Have you ever thought of having pony tails sweetheart?”

He looks over at her. Is she nuts? He replies in a haughty simi infantile way, "Actually, no, I haven't. I like my hair the way it is."

She giggles softly and coos like she’s talking to a baby, “So tell me, when do you normally take your afternoon nap?”

"Afternoon nap?" He looks at her incredulously. "I don't take naps, thank you."

The way he said that made him sound like a toddler about to have a temper tantrum. He surprised himself and can’t understand the feelings that are beginning to manifest in him.

She coos, “Aww sweetie, no need to be upset. Would cutums like some more milk?”

She takes the empty glass and walks back into the kitchen.

He glowers and responds in a rather infantile way, “I am NOT upset, and I don't need more milk ... so there!"

He folds his arms, standing up. He pokes out his bottom lip and starts to pout. He's about had enough of this already, and he's only been here 10 minutes. He feels so strange and knows he’s on the verge of throwing a fit. He realizes he is pouting and does his best not to. He can’t even imagine why he’s acting like a brat kid. He’s surprised at himself.

Miki asks sweetly, “Are you hungry? I have cheese burgers and home made fries too.”

He looks over, his stomach growling. The food is more than tempting. He’s still upset and feels like pouting. He decides to lie. "No thanks."

Miki asks in a cooing voice, “Are you sure sweetie?? They are really good.”

He nods. "I'm sure ..." Although he knows he would rather have the cheese burger.

She comes back into the living room and sits in the big rocking chair across from the sofa.

The music playing is so soft and mysterious ... it is really making Randy’s head feel nice. He feels the irritation he was feeling a moment ago flow softly away in the undulating tones of the music. He is starting to feel so ... different.

He looks over at her. He has a fleeting wish he could see up her dress. She is sitting in a way that makes it impossible. Miki shifts in the rocker suddenly and he gets a dream look at her very lacy panties before she again is sitting where he cannot see. He is immediately aroused ... and then it as quickly fades as he becomes confused at just what his thoughts were. He suddenly doesn’t understand the very thoughts in his mind.

Randy is becoming more confused. He realizes he doesn’t understand the very adult thoughts and actions he was thinking of wanting to do with Miki. He knows he should understand. The problem doesn’t matter suddenly ... he doesn’t remember what it was anyway. This also confuses him.

He asks very nervously because of his sudden onset of forgetfulness, "So... what now?"

Miki replies, “Tell me some about you Randy, how old are you?

He shrugs. "19."

She asks, “Your out of school for the summer??”

He nods.

She says softly, “Please sit. I know you are feeling tired, It’s almost nap time for you, sweetie.”

He looks down. He thinks about it, then sits.

He frowns. He sort of feels she might be right but says, "I'm not tired."

She asks in a cooing voice like she’s talking to a baby, “What do you want to be when you grow up and your out of school?”

He thinks for a bit about the grow up part ... he decides to ignore it and replies, "A teacher."

She starts to rock slowly ... she looks at her watch ... she knows soon it will be time. She can already see him becoming more infantile.

He looks around, feeling unsettled. He hasn’t felt like this before and is having little boy fears. He has to go to the bathroom, but is too embarrassed to ask for some reason he can’t explain to himself.

He asks in a voice that is beginning to sound very cute, "So.... now what?"

She coos like she’s talking to a small baby, “Don’t be afraid sweetie ... talk with Miki. You will be here for a month ... or maybe more.”

He blushes, getting used to the thought of playing with Miki. It's not like she's that much older than him. She is extremely beautiful. He is starting to have feelings of love for his Sitter.

She continues to coo, “Has anyone ever told you how cute you are?

He blushes, shaking his head. "N-no."

Your mom tried to tell me what a cute baby boy you would make ... but I think she was being modest. I think you will make a cuter baby girl.” She giggles softly and sweetly.

He looks confused. "Tried to say what ... ?"

He can’t quite grasp this baby girl or baby boy thing. The concept is just out of reach and he is confused. He knows his mind is getting to where it doesn’t comprehend things he knows he should.

Miki replies so sweetly in her cooing voice, “Your mommy tried to tell me how cute you are.”

He blushes even more.

She coos, “Are you sure your not hungry?”

He nods. He was starting to get some strange ideas about eating and was getting even more nervous.

He said, "Yes, I'm sure."

She coos to him just like he’s a little baby, “You’re mommy’s little baby you know ...”

He blushes even more. "Well, yeah, technically... I spose.... but so what?"

She coos lovingly, “Well ... would you like to be Miki's baby too?? It would be a lot of fun ... and you wouldn’t ever have to worry about anything ever again.”

He blushes, not sure what she's saying. "Um... sure?... but you're not my Mother.."

She coos like she’s explaining a difficult concept to a little baby, “Well ... technically ... I am your ... Nana, your ... Baby Sitter.”

He blushes and says in a very infantile voice, "Nana? Baby Sitter?"

He doesn’t understand what’s happening to him. He feels so strange inside and has a very strong urge to play with the baby toys he sees in the other part of the room. He is also getting a very pleasant urge to suck his thumb. He realizes he has strong feelings about needing to sit on Nana’s ... I mean Miki’s lap and be rocked in the rocking chair.

Miki knows this is becoming a strong desire in him as she coos softly, “Wouldn't you like to sit in Nana's lap and let me rock you sweetheart??”

Miki opens her arms and beckons to him. He blushes and turns his head away, bashful. Oh, he wants so badly to sit in Nana’s ... I mean Miki’s lap. He feels an infantile shyness wash pleasantly through him. He shivers with the intensity.

He mumbles in an infantile way, "Um .... I ... I don’t know ..."

The feelings are now becoming intense in him. His thoughts are becoming more infantile and he is confused. He has never had this problem before and doesn’t know how to handle it.

She coos lovingly, “Don't be afraid baby, I wont bite you sweetie.”

Randy walks over to her, but doesn't get any closer than a few inches. He is awfully shy and demure, much as his mother described she wanted him to be. He is very hesitant about actually moving closer. He is acting like a shy little baby boy. Miki is over joyed the combination of Chemical she put in his milk and the DVD is working so well.

Miki notices a wet spot forming in the front of his pants.

She smiles and coos, “What’s that dark place on the front of your pants?”

She reaches over and holds him in his crotch like she’s checking a diaper.

He looks confused. He feels so strange now ... He knows he’s wetting his pants and can’t help it as he shyly puts his hands over the top of hers.

Miki points to the large spreading wet place on the front of his jeans.

She coos sweetly to the new baby, “Oh ... did baby wet her pants?”

He looks down and gasps at the large spreading wet spot. Right in front of her, in a prime position to be set on her lap where there is no way not to see ... he helplessly wet his pants. He feels his bladder empty and can feel it running down his leg.

He is totally embarrassed and gasps out like a little baby boy caught doing naughty, "N-no....this was a ... a ..."

Miki softly takes his hand and coos comfortingly, “It's ok sweetheart ... babies have accidents some times ... specially when they are not diapered properly. Nana can help. Let’s get baby all dressed in the right clothes.”

She stands and leads him slowly by the hand to the back. Before they leave the room, she picks up the DVD player and carries it with them.

He blushes and tries to get his hand away from her. He wines like a little baby, "No, it's ok... really."

He struggles as he is led back. He knows something is wrong. He can’t understand what it is, but he knows he has to get away somehow. Miki is so nice and talks so sweet to baby ... wait .. baby?? ... He struggles with that concept and realizes he is a baby and Nana is taking him to be changed. He can’t believe it ... He still remembers being grown up. The baby personality is becoming so strong.

Miki smiles knowingly at him. His heart melts at the loving smile he sees on Nana’s face.

At the end of the hall, She stops and asks cooingly, “What’s the matter baby?? All Nana is going to do is change baby and put her in a nice clean diaper and a cute outfit ... I promise.”

He struggles with what’s happening. He can’t quite understand why he is struggling. He wants to be a big boy not a baby. But a really intense thought keeps overpowering him ... he knows he is just a little baby.

He tries to explain in a very infantile voice that even surprises Miki, "I'm just... embarrassed. Really, I can take care of myself. I a Big Boy."

Miki giggles and says cooingly, “You will feel so much better in dry clothes and look like such a sweet little baby girl.”

She caresses his face gently and kisses him on the cheek softly. A very giddy feeling of infantile pleasure rushes through Randy as he is kissed and she caresses his face. He loves Nana.

The hypnotic music combined with the powerful drug is soothing his soul and taking away all his adult thoughts. He is helpless to fight it.

Miki says lovingly in a cooing voice, “Nana can make it so much more fun.”

He blushes, "Okay.." and stops complaining, letting her lead the way. He is very wet and wants to be a good baby and be changed. He is confused at these thoughts ... they are intense and growing stronger. Something is wrong ... but it feels so right!

Miki opens the door and leads him in like the little toddler he is rapidly becoming. The door closes by itself and there is a soft "click" like a lock had set.

Randy turns around and looks at the locked door, then looks around the room. He sees Miki put the DVD player that was playing that wonderful music on top of the dresser. The room is obviously a changing room to change ... very large babies??

This seems right to him ... but there is a nagging doubt that something is very wrong.

She starts unbuttoning Randy’s shirt and caresses his chest softly with her hands He looks confused. He's in a giant nursery and is confused about it.

He looks down, blushing. "What are you doing?" He blushes as she rubs his chest.

Miki coos sweetly, “You are such a cute baby girl.”

She undoes his belt ... He blushes and tries to hold his pants up as she takes them off. Miki gently tugs the pants from his hands like a little baby. Baby is so wet. She pulls down his underpants ... they are soaked completely by now. He blushes, trying to cover his parts from her with his hands and arms.

Miki smiles sweetly as she sees this. She knows her Training program is the absolute best. She thinks he is adorable and is going to make a fine baby girl for his mother when this session is over.

So far, Randy has regressed so wonderfully and is acting very much like his mother has said she wanted him to be.

Miki knows through regressing and training countless babies, that Randy needs to be a baby girl and not a baby boy. She only hopes his mother agrees.

She coos softly and reassuringly, “Here baby, let me help you on the table.”

She turns, takes the wet clothes, and puts them in a hamper. Randy can hear the lid close. He looks over, blushing, covering himself vainly. She turns back and lifts Randy off the floor. He squeaks as he is set on the table.

He thinks admiringly, “Nana is strong!”

Miki rubs her nose softly to his and tickles him gently in the ribs as she coos, “Baby is so cute.”

He blushes and giggles in glee. He takes his hands from covering his parts and happily fights with Miki’s tickling fingers. She opens a box of baby wipes and pulls several sheets from the container. She tickles Randy gently as she cleans between his legs.

She then removes his shoes and sox ... He is totally nude. Miki can’t believe how well Randy is regressing. He is already well into being baby. Now to make him ... her. She starts going over cute girl names in her mind.

Randy blushes, giggling with the tickles as she gets him to lay down and is able to clean all around his parts and legs and his feet. She walks to the DVD player and opens it. She takes the DVD out and puts another one in.

It has a huge red DANGER label. It reads Permanent Psychological Regression Binaural Protocol. This training cannot be reversed. Male to Female - Regression.

She checks the filters in her ears again and pushes play. The music and undulating undertones are so soothing and dreamy. Miki is unaffected by them as the frequencies are filtered by her earplugs.

Randy has now become a 3 year old in his total existence. He is giggling and squirming like any happy baby being tickled. Miki tickles his feet and kisses his toes.

She coos to him softly, “Ohhh widow baby gots piggies!”

She kisses his toes as she gently tickles his feet. He squeals and giggles with joy.

Miki takes his big toe and playfully tugs it and says in a cute voice, “This little piggy ...”

He blushes and giggles more. He knows something is very wrong ... but this feels too good and he loves Nana with all his heart. He truly loves her playing with him. He is trying to sit up now in response to his toes being so sweetly tickled. She gently pushes him back down on the table and continues to playfully tickle baby.

He can't help but squirm as she expertly molds him like putty. Miki takes some baby oil and puts it in her hands. He smells the oil as she pushes him down. It smells so heavenly of honeysuckle ... the aroma is more than hypnotically appealing to Randy as the Permanent Trigger has just been sprung. He will always be a baby girl. The DVD player turns itself off.

He looks over in innocent wonder. He want music to start again. Miki puts another DVD in ... It is titled Teddy Tellie sing along. The baby like music pleases Randy to his baby soul. He is making cooing noises along with the songs on the DVD. Miki is very pleased with her new baby.

She takes Randy’s foot in one hand, rubs the oil in with the other, and teasingly in a sweet voice says, ”This little piggy went to market ... “

As she softly tickle his toes. He starts giggling and screeching and begs happily, "St- St- stop!"

Miki goes to then next toe, “this little piggy stayed home ... “

She tickles them some more and caresses them lovingly with more baby oil. The smell of honeysuckle is so nice.

Miki opens another aroma of baby oil and close the honeysuckle. Wisteria fills the air.

He giggles more and more as she tickles him, losing control of himself as the involuntary baby side now takes over forever.

Miki continues in a sweet baby voice, “this one had roast beef ... “

Miki blows in his tummy and makes a raspberry noise.

Randy squirms and screeched and playfully fights with Miki’s wonderful tickling fingers, his stomach rippling with the effects.

“and this one had none ...” she says in a cooing, airy voice as she tickles his feet.

She says in a very sweet baby voice, ”and this little piggy went wee, wee, wee ... all the way home.”

He giggles even more, squirming on the table. As long as she keeps these tickles going, she can do anything she wants to him.

She tickles Randy lovingly all over ... He squirms with delight trying to get away, but not really making much of an effort beyond turning over. She takes more baby oil, this time the new one ... the wisteria was so nice, and caresses you between the legs as she applies a generous amount.

She says cutely, “ Must make sure baby no get hurty rash.”

He blushes and looks down, watching his hair clump with the oil.

He asks in an adorable baby voice, "What stuff?"

She rubs her hand over the clumps of hair ... it falls painlessly from his body ... when she is done ... he is hairless Except for on his head and his eyebrows.

She replies in a cutesy voice, “It's just baby oil sweetikins.”

He looks down and gasps. "My ... hair!"

Miki tickles Randy’s feet softly some more. He suddenly giggles, forgetting his leg hair ... he is in heaven with the tickles.

Miki is very pleased with the progress Randy is making. She rubs more oil on other hairy places.

She coos softly, “when I am done, the only hair on your body is on your head.”

He looks down. All of his body hair is now gone. He is as smooth as a stone now.

Miki again rubs her nose to his and coos softly, “Such a cute baby.”

She lovingly tickles his ribs.

He blushes looking up. He gasps happily between giggles, "Baby? I no ..." He is then silenced by another fit of tickling and giggles.

Miki lifts Randy by his ankles quickly but gently and puts an excessively think, soft, and very warm cloth diaper under his bottom and sets him back down.

She tickles him some more He giggles, trying to look down.

He gasps innocently, "Wh-what?"

Miki powders him generously with baby powder as she kisses his toes, and tickles his feet. He squirms a bit, trying to see what she's doing, then bursts into another fit of giggles as she tickles and kisses his toes and feet even more.

Miki coos lovingly, “Such a sweet baby.”

He blushes as he realizes what’s been happening. The realization is fuzzy and seems like it’s from so far away. He thinks to himself, "I'm no b-baby ... Am I ... ?"

This feels so right. But ... He says in a very baby voice, “I not a baby Nana.”

Miki fits the diaper between his legs and locks it in place snugly with locking diaper pins.

She coos in reply, “But you wet your pants like a baby sweetikins.”

She tickles his feet some more and continues amid his peals of baby laughter, “Mommy said she wanted you to be a cute little baby ... and now here she is.”

He has a hard time reasoning. He is only 3 with fading 19 year old attributes. He blushes as she overpowers him with logic and tickling: a girl's best weapons. He is left giggling and in complete euphoria.

Miki kisses him lovingly and coos, “And now you are my baby.”

Randy looks up and gurgles in a baby’s voice, "Your baby?"

Miki lifts Randy by his ankles again quickly and pulls on a pair of soft pink rumba panties she had just slipped over his feet.

Randy hears the golden lock on them go "click" as Miki locks the plastic lined panties on.

Miki replies lovingly, “ Yes sweetie ... my baby. You will never again grow up. And soon sweetie, you will be unable to talk ... you will be too young to know how.”

She tickles his feet some more. What is she talking about? His mind is about to loose what ever last vestiges of adulthood that were left and he no longer under stood.

He suddenly giggles even more, falling back down to his back as she tickles him. He laughs the cutest baby laughs in total glee.

Miki keeps the love and gentle tickles going so Randy will not fight with the protocols until it’s too late. It is now way too late for him to do anything about it ... he is the cutest little baby girl and is starting to look female as the regression continues.

She is very pleased with Randy. The regression is almost 100%. This is a process she has mastered with countless 'babies'.

Miki says, “Here sweetie, “ as she takes him by his hand and sits him up.

She continues softly, “There are rules baby sweetie. You have no choice but to do what the adults tell you to. You are too young to make any kind of decisions for yourself. In a few days, you will forget how to talk except like a 3 year old. I will get you a baby girl playmate too and let you babies have all the fun you want. I will allow you to remember sex.”

He sits up with her help. He is confused ... he knows he should remember what that word is ... he can’t remember except it feels really good.

She puts a pair of pink crochet booties on his feet. He looks down as he sees the booties go on his feet. He has yet to realize he's trapped in his clothes. Besides ... he is getting to where he doesn’t understand how to do many things as the regression continues.

She continues in a voice like somebody explaining a very difficult concept to a baby, “You are my baby and will be until your mommy decides to start taking care of you. You will never grow up, so don’t even try to make that a secret power spot to try and be a big boy ... It won’t work. Be a good baby, hold out your hands sweetie.”

He looks at her, confused and incredulous ... he feels that very place he had held in his mind dissolve away to nothing as he realized he will never again be a big boy.

He holds his hands out. Miki puts a pair of very delicate looking but extremely tough mittens on Randy’s hands. Again he can hear a lock go "click".

Miki continues in a voice like somebody explaining a very difficult concept to a baby, “You are now a helpless baby ... I expect you to act like one. Nana will punish baby if she is naughty.”

He looks up an says in a very whiney baby voice, "Howm supposed ta act like helpless baby?"

Miki says this like she is talking to a very young child, “Well sweetie, a baby your age is unpotty trained and doesn't know how to take off her diaper ... or feed herself ... or talk,”

Miki helps Randy to his feet then continues in the same way, “or walk except to waddle.”

He looks at her incredulously. As soon as he is on his feet, he falls down, his knees shaking from the weight of his body.

Miki coos sweetly, “Aww .. diddums faw dwon??”

Miki helps him back up and carefully walks him back into the living room letting him hold onto her 2 index fingers for support. This worked well for Randy he thought. There are 2 strange women sitting on the sofa when they get there.

Randy gasps, quickly hiding behind Miki. Aside from his diaper and rumbas, he still looks sort of like a boyish girl.

Miki says cheerily, “Hello Beth ... Debbie ... this is my new baby girl ... meet Rhonda.”

He blushes all over his body ... a new concept was becoming very powerful in his consciousness as the drug and the DVD Binaural Programming continued to make permanent changes ... he knew he was really a baby girl ... she became extremely shy, refusing to move from behind Miki. The women cooed at how adorable the new baby girl was.

Miki walks over to the rocking chair leading baby gently behind.

She continues, “As you can see, I am adept at baby sitting your baby regardless of how old they are when you drop them off.”

The old ladies twitter among themselves about Franki and George and what they are going to do with them for the rest of their baby lives. They giggle several times. Rhonda has a brief moment of simple grief for them and then forgets what it was she was thinking.

Rhonda was trying to hide shyly behind the chair as Miki sits, but is quickly picked up and set in Miki’s lap. Her size seems to not matter to Miki in any way.

Miki continues talking to the 2 women, “When you are ready, it’s by appointment only. Minimum session is 1 month. I guarantee you will have the baby of the age of your choice by then ... unpotty trained and very sweet.”

Rhonda looks at everyone, confused as they talk. The conversation is starting to sound like it’s in another language. She hears what they are saying but it doesn’t mean anything to her. She only understands some of the words.

The ladies stand and thank Miki ... Both women sign a check and give it to her. Miki has them sign papers and gives them a copy and a receipt.

They both walk over and coo to Rhonda ... they tell her what a sweet baby girl she is and give her a kiss on her cheek. Rhonda blushes as they coo to her and then leave with many bye byes to baby.

After they leave, Miki starts to brush baby’s hair softly. Rhonda tries to look up. She wonders what was all that about?

She can’t believe she is a girl ... she can remember being a boy ... the transformation feels so wonderful as more and more of the very few adult concepts left in her mind vanish forever.

Miki coos lovingly to Rhonda and continues explaining the rules, “You will be a sweet 3 year old baby girl bunnykins ... your mommy want you back like you were, before you got naughty. But you make a better baby girl than a baby boy. It’s part of who you are in your heart.”

Miki picks up 2 ribbons and ties Rhonda’s hair into cute pony tails. Rhonda sees her reflection in one of the mirrors ... she is an adorable little baby girl.

Rhonda gasps, “How happen to baby?”

She points to the mirror. Miki hugs and kisses Rhonda on her cheeks.

Miki coos softly to the baby girl, “Because you are such a cute girl my dearest.”

Rhonda’s confused ... she can’t think beyond being a baby girl. All the answers to any questions reinforce the protocols in her ... she is a baby girl.

As the protocols become set, Rhonda began having the most wonderful desires to play with the baby toys she saw on the floor.

Miki coos in a very sweet voice, “Aww, baby girl is so cute. I know baby is hungry I can hear her tummy growling. Nana has sompin jus for baby.”

She takes loose the dress tie on her shoulder ... she has on no bra. She gently squeezes her shapely firm breast ... a drop of milk forms on the nipple. She quickly puts this in Rhonda’s mouth before she can protest.

She squirms a bit, trying to protest, but starts nursing as she realizes this is lunch. It all is so right and she feels so safe.

Miki rocks slowly as she pats Rhonda gently. Miki hums softly a sweet little lullaby about Stepping Stones. She bends and kisses Rhonda lovingly.

Miki whispers so tenderly, “Nana love her baby girl. Dose baby girl love Nana??”

She tries to shake her head, blushing at the baby treatment, but the suckling and rocking motion makes her nod her head. She makes an umm humm noise that feels so wonderful on Miki’s Breasts ... She kisses baby lovingly again.

Miki continues her rules in a voice like somebody explaining a very difficult concept to a baby, “Ok Cutikins ... you are unpotty trained, you will not be changed ever until you have used your diaper like a good baby should. You won’t be able to help yourself in a few hours. You already can’t help going pee pee in your diaper.”

It's ok for you to do this. Everyone expects it because babies do this and you are a baby for the rest of your natural life. Don’t be upset or afraid. You are a baby and have no choice now. Your mommy wanted this to be who you are.

As you will discover, baby doesn’t know how to get out of her clothes. This is why they are all locked. So you won’t be able to do anything but what a baby can do until the protocols are all implemented. This takes several days and you are regressing so sweetly and quickly. You are such a sweet baby.”

Miki kisses Rhonda lovingly again.

Rhonda looks up at Miki, taking this all in as she finishes the first teat. She tries to squirm to get away. Miki lets her go and helps her to stand on her wobbly feet.

Rhonda stumbles quickly on her unsteady legs and sits. She looks up, blushing. The thickness of the diaper and the strange uncoordination she is having is still not allowing her to walk properly.

Miki bends over and coos in a voice like she’s talking to a very young child, “Ohhh ... baby faw down go boom??”

She kisses baby on the top of her head and comforts her. Rhonda turns her head, blushing, as Miki kisses her. She looks very much like a girl now as even her body seems to be transforming somehow.

The phone rings ... Miki picks it up ... it's Rhonda’s mother. Rhonda hears her mommy say she doesn't want her back after she is told she is not a baby boy but a baby girl. Rhonda is so confused and knows mommy is unhappy with her. She doesn’t know why ... she can’t understand a lot of the words she hears.

Miki tries to say, “But Mrs. ....”

She cuts Miki off and starts yelling. She refuses to take Rhonda back.

Miki says softly, “It's ok ma’am ... I love my new daughter and will take very good care of her for the rest of her life.”

All Rhonda hears is yelling. She can’t even tell who it is on the phone anymore ... she’s never heard her mommy sound that way before.

Miki hangs up and looks lovingly down at Rhonda and says sweetly, “ Well Snookums, call me mommy from now on. You are going to be my baby girl for the rest of your life.”

Rhonda looks confused. When Miki says the last statement, she gasps. A small remnant of adulthood understood again this change was permanent.

Miki continues in a very comforting sweet voice, “I will love changing your diaper and taking you to the park. I'm gonna call all my girl friends right now and have them over so I can show you off.”

Miki starts calling. Rhonda realizes she knows the first 6 girls Miki called. She is so confused by what’s happening. she merely sits there and sucks her thumb.

Miki sees Rhonda sitting with a confused look on her cute face. She tickles Rhonda gently ... baby feels happy immediately and starts to giggle.

Miki says in a cooing baby voice, “Debbie and Vickie will be here in a few minutes. They want to see Snookums real bad.”

She giggles a bit. When she hears the 2 names, she gasps. Her cousins! Baby knows Debbie and Vickie. They will be here in 10 minutes.

Miki coos, “I didn't know you were dating Cindy sweetie. She wants to be the first to change your diaper. I think she’ll make a wonderful baby playmate for you. I’ll let her violate the rules on her own ... makes regressing her more fun for me.”

Rhonda blushes really red and tries to complain. "Baby no wanna be seen by girfrin lek this!"

Miki says soothingly, “Ooohh baby ... your too young to talk yet.”

She takes a big pink pacci and puts it in your mouth. She fastens the strap around your head then makes sure it's snug but still comfortable. Rhonda tries to spit it out, but cant. She can’t take it out of her mouth because of the mittens on her hands. Finally, she merely sucks on it. Rhonda is now unable to say anything ... only make gurgling and clucking noises.

A knock on the door. Miki walks to the door and opens it. Cindy is there with Debbie and Vickie ... Miki invites them in.

Rhonda gasps and tries to hide when she sees it’s Cindy ... she still loves Cindy very much and doesn’t want Cindy to see her this way. Rhonda has no idea what to do .

Rhonda is beginning to look very much like an adorable girl so that you can’t tell she was ever a boy. Cindy sees Rhonda sitting on the floor in front of the rocking chair attempting to find a hiding place. Cindy realizes this used to be her boyfriend Randy. She is really impressed at how cute Randy has become.

Miki walks over to the chair and takes Rhonda gently by the hand and helps her to stand up.

Miki tugs Rhonda gently out into the middle of the living room and says, “Look girls, I have a new baby daughter.”

Rhonda blushes very pinkly as she, tries to hide behind Miki. She softly kisses Rhonda on the head as she pats her bottom.

Miki says softly to her baby, “It's ok sweetheart, these are my friends.”

Miki stands displaying her new baby proudly before the girls.

Rhonda is very shy and humiliated. She remembers these girls as his cousins and a most beloved girlfriend ... but if Miki’s her new Nana, then what are they to her now?
The girls giggle sweetly and adore how cute Rhonda is.

Cindy is amazed and more attracted now that she sees how cute Rhonda has become.

Cindy says, “Oooh she's so adorable!”

Then Cindy gives Rhonda a very nice kiss on the cheek with a soft pat on her bottom. Rhonda blushes even deeper, turning away from Cindy bashfully as she pats her bottom.
Rhonda’s heart breaks as she feels she is going to loose Cindy’s love.

Cindy asks, “What ever is her new name? She is absolutely a baby doll.”

Miki replies proudly, “Her name is Rhonda, and she is 3 years old. She’s your boyfriend Randy, after the procedure her mom wanted.”

Miki bends down and coos softly in Rhonda’s ear as she would a very young baby, “Tell Miss Cindy what babykins name is for Nana?”

She looks up, then tries to speak through the paci, but it only comes out as nonsense and gurgles.

Miki reaches around Rhonda’s head and unfastens the pacci.

Miki whispers sweetly, “Baby not be naughty ... right? Nana will punish baby if she is.”

She shyly fidgets and puts her thumb in her mouth. She takes it out an says in a very baby like voice, “baby name ... Ronni."

Cindy says excitedly, “She can still talk?? This is so cool!! How long will she still be able to talk Miss Miki?”

Rhonda wonders to herself, “Why shouldn't baby talk? She looks at them, confused.

Miki replies, “She is loosing the ability as we speak. It will take a few more hours and she will only be able to communicate like a 3 year old.”

Cindy bends down and gives Rhonda another sweet kiss. She says in a cooing childlike voice, “ That’s so cool Miss Miki! Tell Miss Cindy Snookums’ name. Is it Rhonda?”

Rhonda puts her thumb back in her mouth and nods. Rhonda is so glad Cindy still loves her.

Cindy asks softly, “How old is Rhonda?”

We all giggle sweetly at how adorable Rhonda is.

She blushes and looks at Miki. What is she supposed to say? She doesn’t want to tell Cindy 3. She doesn’t remember why it’s so important to be a big boy for Cindy.

Miki says sweetly, “Don't be shy babykins, tell Miss Cindy how old you are

Rhonda shrugs, and says in a baby voice. "Nawteen."

Cindy gasps then says sternly, “No, No!! Baby is 3 years old.”

Rhonda blushes, looking down. She realizes she has made Cindy mad. She also realizes Cindy knows she is only 3 and says in a pouty baby voice, "Uh, meant ... 3?"

Miki asks, "Well Cindy ... baby is being naughty ... isn't she?”

Cindy giggles, and says, “Is ok, Miss Miki. A baby makes mistakes sometimes ... why they babies.”

Rhonda gasps and looks at Miki fearfully. Baby doesn't want to be in trouble.

Miki bends down and says softly but sternly, “Ok, sweetie, baby is this many from now on ... ok?” She holds up 3 fingers.

Rhonda nods submissively. Cindy kisses her softly again as she pats Rhonda on her diapered bottom.

Miki makes note that Cindy has made the first violation of the rules, she did not properly punish the new baby for being naughty. She hopes Cindy will make a major infraction so she can be Rhonda’s baby companion ... it’s the least Miki can do since this is a permanent thing and she is sure that Rhonda still loves Cindy as much as Cindy still loves Rhonda.

Miki stands up and holds Rhonda close. She looks over as she is pulled close to Miki’s legs. Rhonda feels so weird all over her body as the Xy factor was being modified and becomes XX. Rhonda is a shy baby girl of 3 and hides cutely behind Miki.

Miki says to Cindy, “Ok ... I need to step out and here is your opportunity to baby sit my new daughter. You will be graded ... so do your best. A Mistress Nana is always in charge and takes care of her baby.

Rhonda blushes terribly and holds closer to Miki, not wanting to be left alone. She understands enough of what Nana’s saying to know Nana is about to leave.

Rhonda whimpers so adorably, it’s hard for Miki to believe that an hour and a half ago ... this 3 year old baby girl was a nineteen year old Man. She beams proudly at her newest accomplishment and hopes Cindy will be next ... Rhonda deservers it.

Cindy giggles and says, “No problem Miss Miki. I know this sweet baby really well.”

Cindy bends down and holds her arms out.

She says sweetly in a cooing child voice, “Won't baby come pway wif Cindy?”

She giggles at how adorably Rhonda is acting. She is more attracted to her as Rhonda than as Randy ... he is just too cute.

Rhonda is so embarrassed and humiliated. She blushes even more if it is at all possible as she is forced to walk over into Cindy’s strong arms. He's small and light enough now, even a 15 year old could carry him.. albeit, not for very long.

Cindy hugs Rhonda lovingly and says lovingly, "Don’t be afraid sweetie. You know me and we have lots of fun together.”

Rhonda is feeling uncomfortable half naked in pigtails and a diaper with Cindy. She is getting to where she can’t remember why. All Rhonda knows suddenly is that she loves Cindy and feels so shy around her.

Miki pats Cindy gently on the head and leaves the room with Debbie and Vickie following behind. Rhonda looks up as Miki leaves him with Cindy and whimpers so adorably.

Cindy still loves Randy with all hear heart. She is so sad that his mom had chosen to do this to him. She thinks to herself that since everyone has left, she can take Rhonda to the nursery and prove to her that she is very much loved.

Cindy asks, "What would Ellie like to do now? Play with your dolly?”

As she takes her by the hand and slowly leads her back to the nursery.

Rhonda shrugs ... she’s more interested in the noisy little pull ducky than a doll.

Cindy says in a trailing voice, “Well baby could take a nap with Miss Cindy. It could be a lot of fun.”

She shakes her head, even though she is tired , she still doesn’t want to take a nap ... she too big for a nap ... although she knows in her heart it isn’t true.

Cindy walks up to Rhonda and caresses her gently between her legs. Cindy can feel how little of her male pars are left as she gently feels inside Rhonda’s diaper. Maybe if she hurries, she can still give Rhonda one last pleasant love session before it’s gone.

Rhonda likes what Miss Cindy is doing ... it feels so good.

Cindy says, "You know Miss Cindy loves baby very much don’t you silly baby?”

She tickles Rhonda gently in herr ribs.

She has very vague doubty thoughts. Miss Cindy? She's his girlfriend! Not a superior! She tries to wiggle out of Cindy’s arms, although not very hard. Baby knows that Cindy can punish her if she’s too naughty.

Cindy giggles sweetly as she blows softly into you’re ear ... Rhonda giggles too and quits with the pouty struggles. She loves Miss Cindy too much to be naughty.

Rhonda feels Cindy’s gentle caress between her legs. There is very little left of his male parts. They are now almost absorbed into her crotch. Cindy enjoys the small feel of them in her soft hands as she caresses him softly.

Rhonda has many now unfamiliar emotions and exciting waves of tingling pleasure running through her. The feelings are so pleasantly strange and new.

Cindy whispers "I think baby is just adorable an want cuteums to know I am going to make love to baby.”

Cindy explores Rhonda’s mouth with her tongue in a soft French kiss. Rhonda doesn’t understand what’s happening ... she only knows it feels good and the fact Cindy is doing it makes it feel even better. Rhonda responds in kind and kisses back to the best of her now limited ability. She learns fast how to respond to Cindy as the caressing and kissing improves. Rhonda blushes as she is caressed all over.

She looks up at Cindy, blushing, her emotions confused, and says in the most innocent baby voice, "Wh ... wh ... what?? Baby no no ..."

Cindy slowly slips her hand into Rhonda’s diaper and panties. She gives her a most wonderful caress. She blushes as Cindy feels inside her diaper. Cindy caresses his quickly vanishing parts as much as she can. She can feel the vagina already forming.

Cindy says softly, “Baby all dwy n clean ... but Miss Cindy want to do something fun with baby.”

She takes Rhonda by the hand as she turns and slowly crosses the room. Rhonda follows after her, toddling as she is led by the hand. Cindy picks her up and puts her on the bed.

Cindy takes off her slippers and unfastens the buttons on her shorts and pulls them down. She takes of her top and bra. She is standing in just her cute bikini panties that says I love Randy with little red hearts all over it.

Cindy crawls slowly into the bed as Rhonda sucks her thumb and watches Cindy do something that several hours ago would have driven him to the top of the world.

Cindy removes Rhonda’s panties and her diaper. Cindy makes soft sweet love to Randy one last time as his genitals slowly vanish right before her eyes. By the time Cindy has had her passion expire, Rhonda only has a cute hairless slit where his beautiful manhood used to be. She is now a true Rhonda and Randy will be no more.

Cindy was so involved in making love to Rhonda, she didn’t hear Miki return. Miki knew she would do this. This is the major violation she had been waiting for. Miki went to the DVD player unnoticed by Cindy and opened the tray ... she took out the DVD that was in it and put one in that said “Baby Girl”.

She checked the filters in her ears and pressed play. The soft and hypnotic binaural regression music began to weave it’s irresistible magic. Miki left the room still unnoticed and shut the door that locked automatically. Cindy was now the next subject. She would be the perfect girlfriend for Rhonda.

Miki sat in the rocking chair for about a half hour. She knew she had to give Cindy the drug so the regression can complete. She went in the kitchen and made up a glass of milk. She takes a small tube from her pocket and adds several reddish purple drops to the milk. With a gentle stir, it vanishes in the milk. She checks the filters in her ears to make sure they are in properly. She doesn’t want the DVD to affect her.

Miki walks up to the nursery door and takes a deep breath. She unlocks the door and walks in. Rhonda is diapered and back in her rumba panties. Cindy is in her panties and has her top on inside out. Miki smiles as she sees the effort Cindy had made to put her bra back on. It was an adorable effort before she gave up. The problem was ... she tried to put it on over her top ... Miki shakes her head.

Miki asks Cindy in a voice like she was talking to a baby, “Is Missy Cindy thirsty?”

Cindy looks up startled for a second, then responds in a very adorable little girl voice, “I thursty.”

Miki helps Cindy drink the milk. She is becoming uncoordinated and can’t seem to hold on to the glass. Cindy was thirsty and drank the small glass of milk.

Miki walked to the DVD player and opened it. She took the DVD that was marked “Baby” out and put it back in it’s case. She puts another DVD in that has a huge red DANGER label. It reads Permanent Psychological Regression Binaural Protocol. This training cannot be reversed. Female - Regression.

Miki hears Cindy gasp. Miki looks around and sees Cindy trying to get up off the floor. She is very agitated. Miki smiles softly and pushes play. The beautifully hypnotic music begins to play. Cindy begins to cry.

Miki walks over to Cindy and picks her up ... walks over to the bed and lays with her.

Miki says softly and lovingly in a voice like somebody explaining a very difficult concept to a baby,, “Aww, baby, it’s ok I promise. You and Rhonda will be together for the rest of your lives. You were warned about the rules ... now babykins ... There are rules for your new life with Rhonda. You have no choice but to do what the adults tell you to. You are too young to make any kind of decisions for yourself. In a few days, you will forget how to talk except like a 3 year old ...”

Cindy is rapidly becoming confused. She knows she doesn’t have much time before she is a baby too, just like Rhonda. She hears the new rules to her new life.

Cindy is scared ... she knows she will be a baby for the rest of her life and there is nothing she can do about it. She suddenly feels so wonderfully strange as very infantile emotions begin to intensify in her. She is unable to remain afraid. There is one over powering awareness in her ... she just a little baby ... The DVD player turns itself off as the disk had finished playing. Cindy’s last adult thought was how good it felt to loose her Adulthood..

Miki continues to regress Cindy. Miki is so pleased with the progress Cindy is making. She will be the perfect babydoll to be proudly displayed next to Rhonda ... the other perfect babydoll. Her 2 crowning subjects.

They are so adorable in their diapers and rumba panties.

~~ End Pt1 ~~

Title: Mistress of Regression - New Horizons

Characters :

Miki – Dr of advanced Psychiatry – Regression Therapy Specialist – Played by : Miki Yamuri

Lisa – 20 - 3rd year Psychiatry Major – Played by: Subiiris

Michael - 18, male – Played by: Ella Kenet

Scene: The Regression Nursery of the Mistress Nana


Michael laughed at the joke, following Lisa out of her convertible and up onto the porch, his long blonde hair catching the porch light, before being bathed in darkness. He was dressed simply in some jeans and a blue t-shirt.

Michael asked, "So, what's your friend's name?"

Lisa giggles and replies, "Her name's Miki. She’s a real cool person to know."

Lisa knocks 3 times on the door. Miki was sitting on the sofa waiting for Lisa's return. She hears the knock and walks to the door and opens it.

Michael simply nods, standing back and waiting. He was a bit anxious to go on their date, but she had insisted on stopping here first. Seeing the door open, he looks up. A very beautiful woman of about 25 was standing in the door. She had on a very nice blouse and a short black skirt and flats.

Miki smiles and says, "Hello Lisa. Who's your friend?"

Lisa giggles and replies, "This is Michael ... Michael say hello to Miki."

Michael nodded a bit, looking the young woman up and down. She was quite pretty... perhaps even more so than Lisa.

Hearing Lisa, he jogged his head a bit, and immediately adhered to her command. "Oh, um, hello Miki."

Miki smiles softly and invites them in. The front door closes. There is an almost imperceptible click ... a lock fastened.

Miki says, "Have a seat. Would either of you like something to drink? Pop ... or maybe coffee?"

Michael nods, following the girls inside, "Pop is fine. Do you have any Coca-Cola?"

Miki replies, "Sure, Coke it is."

She walks gracefully into the kitchen. Miki opens the refrigerator and removes a 2 liter bottle of Coke. She takes a glass from the rack on the counter and fills it to within an inch an quarter of the top.

She takes a small vial from her skirt pocket. She knows this new drug acts quickly and renders the subject incontinent. She adds half the vial. It vanishes into the Drink. She returns to the Living room and gives the drink to Michael.

She asks, "Lisa, would you like something?"

Lisa says, "Sure, I'll get it."

Smiling, Michael takes the offered glass and quickly starts drinking it. Within moments it's gone.

He says, "Mmmm, thanks. I was rather thirsty."

Miki says, "Sure." then sits in the chair across from Michael.

She asks softly, "So tell me some about yourself. How did you and Lisa meet?"

He shrugs some, "She found me, actually. I was just in need of a study partner, and she was the first to answer my ad. It kinda... blossomed from there."

Miki smiles as Lisa returns to the sofa and sits.

Miki asks, "Where are the two of you off to today?"

Michael looked over to Lisa. Honestly, he didn't know. He just assumed dinner and a movie.

Lisa says in a bright voice, "we came to see you first. I wanted to introduce you to my boyfriend."

MIki says, "Well Michael, Seems you have wonderful taste in girlfriends. Does she baby you any?"

"Baby me?" he asks incredulously.

He's not sure exactly what she's asking. Before he can inquire further, however, he feels a sudden pressure in his jeans. Does he have to pee? But he just went before they left ... Lisa gasps and puts her hand to her mouth.

Miki asks, "Sweetie, have you just wet yourself?"

She points to a growing wet spot in Michael's jeans.

He looks down, gasping. "Oh no!"

Blushing scarlet, he immediately throws his hands down, trying to cover the spot.

Lisa snuggles close and whispers in Michael’s ear, "Does baby need a diaper?"

Miki asks out loud, "Seems you need to be changed young one."

He pales, shaking his head. "N-no.... it was just an accident, I guess."

He struggles some, prying himself out of Lisa’s grip.

Michael then looks over at Miki. "No, really, it's fine. May I use your bathroom?"

Miki replies, "Sure sweetie, I have some dry undies for you too."

She stands and takes Michel by his hand. She leads him into the bathroom down the hall like he was a little boy. He’s not quite sure what to think at this point

As Miki exits, she replies, "I'll be back in a minute sweetheart, with some dry panties for you."

He nods some, blushing as she leads him by the hand to her personal bathroom. Hearing her, he doesn’t quite catch the panties remark.

He nods. "Alright."

Miki goes into the regression nursery and gets a cute pair of training panties. They have cute little animals in blue and pink all over them. She returns to the bathroom door and knocks.

Michael forgets he is in his wet underwear and says, "Come in."

Miki says in a cooing voice as she enters the bathroom, "If you give me your wet things, I'll put them in the wash for you."

She hands Michael the girl’s training panties. They are just the right size to fit. He flushes some, nodding, as he strips down, being sure that she can't see anything as he hands her the bundle of clothes.

He retracts his hand, finding the training panties. "What are these?"

Miki says in a cooing voice, "Here, put these on. They will help if you have another accident."

Miki leaves him in the bathroom with just the panties as she takes his wet clothes and closes the door. Michael can hear her footsteps as they go down the hall.

He flushes some, looking at the panties for a while. Finally, he sighs and pulls them on. They fit snuggly, but he notices a bit of squishiness. Are they padded? They are very thick between his legs and restrict his ability to walk properly.

Miki returns to the door and says cooingly, "Is sweetums in her panties?"

She knocks softly. He flushes, turning at the sound of her voice as she knocks.

He replies shyly, "Oh, um, they fit fine, miss!"

Miki opens the seemingly locked door suddenly and walks in. She smiles softly and takes Michael by the hand. She leads him back out into the living room. He yelps some and struggles a bit a she leads him out in just the panties. The new drug is working perfectly and he is not realizing exactly what is happening.

"Oh, um.. thanks I guess." He stutters as he tries to hide his embarrassment by using his leftover hand to cover his panties.

Lisa smiles at the 2 of them as they enter the living room and says, "Michael, you are so cute in training panties."

Both women giggle Miki sits in the chair across from the sofa again.

After a few seconds of looking down at the cute training panties he was wearing, he looks up and asks. "So.... is there some way I can get some clothes to wear?"

Miki says in a cooing voice like she's talking to a small child, "I'll go in the back and see what I can find. I will have to wash your wet clothes."

She stands and walks into the hall. Michael can hear her receding footstep disappear.

Lisa takes hold of Michael's arm and pulls him gently onto the sofa with her.

She says in a really sweet cooing voice as she caresses his face, "Aww, baby is so cute in training panties."

He squeaks some, yelping as she pulls him onto the sofa, something he hadn't expected.

"Oh!", He blushes, turning his face away. "Stop teasing, Lisa..."

Lisa kisses him softly on the cheek. She says sweetly again, "Baby no like kisses?"

She caresses his ear softly and gently as she gently kisses it.

He flushes some, unsure of how to answer. "Nn-, I mean... you don't have to treat me like a little kid. I'm 18, you know."

Lisa giggles sweetly and replies, " Eighteen... and in training panties. That’s why your in training panties, your wetting your pants like a little baby."

She reaches down and checks his panties to see if they are wet again.

He flushes, trying to cover himself but in vain as she succeeds in pulling back the band and looking into his nether regions. Nothing... yet.

Lisa says softly, "You are and adorable baby, you know that ?"

He shakes his head, his face red, "No, I'm not!"

Miki returns to the living room. She says, "I'm going to have to wash your clothes. That will take about an hour and forty minutes. Would you like more to drink sweetie?"

Lisa coos, "Maybe you’re hungry?"

He folds his arms grumpily, struggling to get out of Lisa's grasp.

He replies like a little grumpy boy, “No! I just want to be let down! Come on, this is humiliating!"

He thinks about it for a moment and realizes he is rather thirsty. The drugs are making his mouth dry and helping the girls administer the other regression drugs to him.

He says in a very infantile voice, “I wanna drink ... am thirsty.”

Lisa gives him the drink that had been prepared and sitting on the table. He gulps it down. In a few moments, Michael realizes he is wetting himself again. Lisa sees the wet spot forming and giggles.

Lisa pulls open Michael's panties again and checks. She sees he definitely has again wet.

She announces, "Baby wet her panties again Miki."

Miki responds, "Well as cranky as baby is getting, maybe she needs to take a nap?"

He pales, squirming more as he realizes he can’t help wetting himself.

He stammers sounding more infantile as the drug takes deeper effect, "N-no.... no I don't!"

Miki takes Michael by one hand as Lisa takes him by the other. He struggles along the way, trying to pry his hands out of their grip. They lead him down the hall to another room.

This is a very nicely decorated very small child's room. This is the first step in his regression to infanthood. The girls are pleased at his progress.

Michael realizes suddenly that Lisa has pulled down his wet training pants. Looking down, he yelps and tries to pull them back up. A childish effort and Lisa treats him just like that little child.

Miki says softly, "We just going to put you in dry panties sweetie."

He blushes, then relents some, sighing. He knows something is wrong, but the drug is preventing him from realizing what it is as the intensity of his regression increases.

Lisa says, "Step out of those wet things like a good boy."

As she holds out a really cute pair of girl's training panties. They are pink with many balloons on them. They have ruffle around the waist and leg openings and 4 rows across the bottom.

He nods, sighing as he steps out of the wet pants and into the dry pair.

He kind of realizes what’s sort of wrong and whines like a toddler, "But these are girl panties," he complains.

Miki caresses Michael's face like a baby and replies, "You are just adorable in them. It's time for your nap."

She takes his hand and leads him over to the bed. The covers have baby Bugs Bunny and baby friends on it. She turns it down to reveal a soft pink sheet. There is a slight crinkling noise as he touches the bed.

He looks up at Miki and asks as some vestiges of adulthood remain, "Plastic?"

Lisa giggles as Miki replies, "So the bed doesn't get wet. It’s ok sweetheart, little babies wet the bed sometimes."

He flushes, folding his arms, "I don't wet the bed."

Miki says softly like she's explaining a difficult topic with a very young child, "Sweetie, we already know you wet your panties ... don't we?"

She holds up the wet training panties.

Michael turned his head away, refusing to answer her question. Miki gently but insistently like he’s a very little boy helps Michael into the crinkling bed. She covers him and tucks him in as she kisses him on his cheek.

Lisa kisses him softly and says, "Night baby. Sweet dreams."

Unable to do more, he is put to bed despite his protests. Within moments, the second drug kicks in, and he's asleep.

End - Part 1

Miki returns to the room after an hour. She knows the drugs should be well established in his system by now. She smiles as she pulls down the covers and sees Michael has wet the bed. She bends over and kisses him softly on the cheek. Michael turns over some, yawning and stretching in bed, his eyes blearily opening.

He mumbles like a confused child, "Huh...?"

Lisa is watching from the doorway with an amused look as Miki wakes up Michael.

Miki says in a cooing voice as she gently shakes him, "Wake up sweetheart. Time for baby to get up now."

Baby? Why's she calling him baby?.... but then he freezes. Looking down, his mind whirls, everything rushing back to him. Suddenly, he is afraid to look down at himself, afraid to know what he suspects happened. He is confused as his thoughts are more infantile.

He looks up at Miki and tries to act like an adult and asks, "What time is it?"

Miki replies, "It's about 11am sweetie. And time for baby to have her bath."

She takes his hand and gently helps Michael out of bed. The bed has a huge wet spot where Michael was. He realizes his panties are soaked. He feels so weird to know he has wet the bed.
Michael whines some just like a very little boy, squirming as the young woman easily lifts him out of the bed. Panicking, he flails in her arms.

Lisa giggles and kisses Michael's cheek, "Looks like someone slept pretty soundly. Lets get you aaaall cleaned up now little baby."

Kissed by Lisa, he squirms even more, trying to wipe the kiss off his cheek - something he wouldn’t have done before his nap.

Miki takes Michael into the next room. She stands him on his feet and pulls down the wet panties.

He whines in a little boy’s voice, "I don't need cleaning up..." and stomps his foot.

Lisa smirks and sniffs at the air, "Aww, isn't it just like a little kid to say that Miki? They never want to take their bath."

Michael tries to pull the panties back up, so as to cover himself as Miki pulls them down.

Miki nods and says, "Well if baby keeps being naughty, Nana will spank her bottom."

That only made Michael more stubborn. He is acting just like a 3 year old that doesn’t want to cooperate.

The tub looks for the world like a bassinette up on a small pedestal. The water is warm and smells like jasmine.

Miki says cooingly, "Ok, baby, Nana will help you into the bath."

She smiles and pats Michael's rear encouragingly, "C'mon baby, hop in so we can make you all nice and clean."

Faced between the two girls, what could he do? He was not in much of a position to struggle, but neither would he submit. So, he just kept squirming, trying not to be removed of his panties and put in the tub.

Lisa sighed and looked to Miki for instructions. "Looks like we've got a fussy one."

Miki swats Michael firmly on his thigh 3 times. He squalls just like the baby he is becoming.

She says scolding, "Ok baby. Time for your bath now."

Lisa nodded, moving to help Miki get the stubborn teen into the bathwater. Miki removes Michael's panties and puts him in the bath. The boy squirms, but to no avail as the two girls spank him, remove his undies, and set him in the tub.

The water is very pleasantly warm and smells wonderfully of jasmine.

"There now little baby. Now behave yourself." Lisa frowns at Michael as he sits in the water, looking frustrated with himself.

She picks up a washcloth and gets it wet, scrubbing Michael's back gently, working his shoulders and arms too. He winces some, arching his back as she grabs a washcloth and starts soaping him up.

Michael looks up at Lisa, a bit angry at her and whines, "Why are you two doing this? Isn't this a bit much?"

Lisa responds like she’s talking to a very little boy, "Sssh, that’s enough little baby. Let me wash you up now."

Lisa moves to Michael’s lower arms, then his sides and chest, eventually rolling up her sleeves and reaching under the water to scrub at his legs and boy bits. This makes him squeak as he squirms in the water, trying to get out of her reach as she reaches down.

Lisa smirks a bit to herself, lingering on his privates and holding him still with her other hand.

She coos softly, "Now now, we gotta get you clean there too little baby."

While Lisa washed Him, Miki had pushed on a section of the wall across from the tub. the wall had folded down into a table with many shelves made into the wall. There is many creams, wipies, and diapers. Everything to change a baby.

Michael still squirms, not enjoying his bath at all as his girlfriend vigorously rubs down his privates. By the time she's done, they are small and raw. Next she takes some perfumed shampoo and squirts it onto his hair, lathering it up before taking a plastic pail, scooping up some of the bathwater, and rinsing it out, leaving him smelling of some kind of tropical fruit.

Finally done, she pulls Michael to his feet. His body leaves the tub, but his body hair doesn't, leaving him completely bald from the neck down, even his pubic hair. The shampoo had a special chemical that counteracted the hair removal chemical in the water, so he'll keep that.

Seeing this makes him yelp. Panicking, he looks down. "What did you do to me?!"

The girls ignore his wining. Instead Miki says, "Bring the baby over to the changing table so I can diaper her."

Lisa nods at Miki and pulls Michael over to the table, making him lie down on it.

Miki rubs noses with Michael and kisses him softly.

She coos softly, "Such a cute baby."

Miki tickles him gently in his ribs. Lisa giggles and spreads his legs out, moving so Miki can do the rest.

"Yep, she's a real cutie Miki. Just wait until we're done." Lisa grins at Michael, making him worry about what could be coming.

Despite his squirming, he suddenly giggles, squirming cutely as she tickles him. He blushes some, looking up as Miki stops tickling so that Lisa can spread his legs.

Miki gets a large bottle of amber oil from the shelf. She pours some on her hands and applies it softly between his legs. She caresses him lovingly as she rubs it in. Lisa watches, giggling as she slides a finger along Michael's cheek.

Lisa asks in a teasing voice, "Hmm... what do you think we should have her wear Miki? A onesie or maybe a cute dress?"

Michael blushes, squirming, but at the same time cooing as Miki rubs the oil in and over his body. He can’t help himself, he is really enjoying this.

Lisa continues, “Perhaps just plastic lined rumba panties and nothing else but a diaper?"

Miki giggles at this and nods.

Lisa smiles wide when Michael coos, and comments teasingly again, "Aww. Look Miki, she likes it!"

Miki takes hold of his big toe and says playfully, "Ohh, baby gots piggies!"

Miki tickles his feet.

She says, "This little piggy ... "

He blushes some, trying to sit up and look, but is immediately giggling helplessly when Miki starts tickling his toes.

Lisa grins and tickles his armpits and sides, "Such a cute little baby you're gonna make..."

Before Michael can protest, Miki has lifted him by his ankles and placed an extremely thick, very soft, and pleasantly warm diaper under him and set him on it.

He looks down, flushing as he is set on something big, fluffy, and warm. What is it? He tries to sit up so he can see.

Miki tickles his feet more and says, "This little piggy went to market."

More helpless giggling, on Michael's part.

She goes to the next toe, "This little piggy stayed home."

Miki blows suddenly in his tummy making a raspberry noise. A raspberry. Michael can't help but giggle more, squirming with unintentional glee as she plays with him. He is putty in her hands, and they all know it, as he is quickly diapered. Lisa smiles and watches, obviously enjoying the show quite a bit.

Miki powders Michael gently then quickly pulls the diaper between his legs and fastens it snugly on with locking diaper pins. She reaches down under the table, and takes out a pair of pink satin rhumba panties with a plastic lining, the seat of them is covered in white lacy ruffles. She puts them down nearby and smiles, watching Miki work on her captive boyfriend with amusement.

Lisa asks, "How about these ones Miki?"

Miki replies to Lisa, "Those are perfect."

Miki takes his next toe and as she tickles it says, "This little piggy had roast beef..."

Yet more giggles, as he falls back down on the table, his feet at her mercy.

Miki kisses his toes softly and says cooingly, "This little piggy had none." She takes his little toe and between her fingers and continues, "And this little piggy went wee, wee, wee, all the way home."

She tickles him all over as she says this

He bursts into squeals and giggles, squirming on the table cutely in just his diaper.

Miki smiles softly and coos, "And this little piggy is going to be the cutest baby ever." As she beeps Michael's nose playfully.

Miki rubs her nose to his again and kisses him softly on it as she stands him on his feet. He wobbles a bit, woozy from the blending of the regression drugs, weight of the diaper, and the tickling.

Lisa picks up the ruffled panties and holds them out in front of Michael and coos, "Alright baby girl, time put these on."

He looks up nervously, but before he can complain he is lifted and set through the holes of the panties so Lisa can pull them up. Which she does, sliding the rubber lined panties snuggly over his diaper and giving them a pat, making the plastic lining crinkle loudly.

Lisa coos, "There we go! Don't you look adorable?"

She kisses his cheek.

Miki says in a cute voice, "She looks so cute."

He blushes, looking between the two girls, his face crimson. He knows something is terribly wrong, but her can’t figure out what it is. He sees the 2 women acting like this is so right ... he just knows something is very wrong. It feels so good though!

"Mmm hmm!", Lisa nods happily, "So what should we do with her next Miki?"

Miki takes 2 long ribbons from the shelf. She gathers Michael's hair into a bunch on one side and ties it into a cute ponytail. She repeats this process on the other side.

Miki replies, "I think that's a cute touch, don't you?" as she tickles his ribs some more.

Lisa giggles excitedly at the new look, playing with his hair as if they were a dogs ears, making the ponytails flop up and down.

Miki asks Lisa, "You think she would look cute in this?"

Miki takes a baby princess smock top from a shelf.

Lisa nods, grinning ear to ear. It is soft pink and has ruffles along the hem and around the puffy sleeves.

Lisa replies cheerily, "Oh definitely Miki, she'll look precious in it."

Miki says, "Ok baby, hold up your arms so Nana can put on your top."

Michael feels helpless. What else can he do, he thinks? Sighing, he raises his arms. Miki fits the sleeves to his hands and with a gentle tug, it settles over his arms and onto his body.

Now Michael looks like a most adorable baby girl. Lisa straightens the top and buttons the back, smoothing out any wrinkles.

"Yep! He's absolutely precious Miki." she grins and kisses his cheek, "Does the baby like her pwetty dwess?" she giggles.

Lisa turns Michael so that he's facing a mirror and can see exactly how he looks. "Pretty as a baby princess..." she smiles.

He flushes some, unsure of how to answer. His mind is being confused by the intensifying regression. He is loosing much of his ability to reason as an adult and just barely realizes what is wrong.

After a few moments, he slowly shakes his head, then quickly shakes it no. "No, I mean! Why am I being dressed and treated this way?!"

Miki coos like she is explaining a difficult concept to a very young child, "Because babies are dressed this way sweetie. And we all know you are an adorable baby girl."

Lisa smiles and nods, "You'll grow to love it soon enough."

Michael flushes, struggling with the concept. It is really feeling so right and he loves the way his new outfit looks on him.

Suddenly, he realizes what he is thinking and pouts, "No I'm not!"

Lisa smiles and pets Michael's cheek lovingly, "Looks like baby is getting fussy again, Miki, maybe its time for her to take another nap."

Miki leaves. Can hear her footsteps receded into silence

Lisa leads Michael into the nursery, making him get back into a crib this time.

Michael fights and struggles some as Lisa leads him into what is unmistakably a nursery. He starts whining like the toddler her is rapidly becoming.

Lisa pats his rear through the padded diaper, "Now, now, lets stop fussing and get you tucked in little baby."

Michael squirms even more and says in a winy voice, "No!"

Foot steps can be heard approaching.

Lisa frowns and pats his rear a bit harder, "That’s a bad baby girl, now get into your crib!"

He keeps struggling, although the soft spanking does make him wince some.

Miki stops just before she enters the nursery. She frowns and reaches over to a minifridge nearby, pulling out a large baby bottle full of what looks like milk. Miki walks over to Michael and pops the nipple quickly into his mouth.

Before he can complain more, his mouth is filled with the nipple and the sweet taste of the formula. Squeaking, his eyes widen as he instinctively starts suckling on it as she holds it.

Lisa takes the bottle of formula and holds it steady as he keeps suckling on it, his eyelids getting heavier as the drugs inside begins to affect him. She leads him, now with much less resistance, into his crib and closes him in, letting him finish what’s left in the bottle before she takes it back out.

As predicted, the bottle works its magic. In the span of less than an hour, he's been bathed, diapered, bottle fed, and now put to bed. He's soon sleeping again and dreaming very vivid baby dreams.

Lisa smiles down at the sissified boy, tucking him in and kissing him gently on his forehead, "Sweet dreams little baby." she whispers as she turns to leave the nursery.

Miki is standing just outside the door as Lisa exits, observing how Lisa is handling her regression subject.

"Looks like she'll be out for a while Miki." she grins, gently closing the nursery door.

Miki asks softly, "Did you give him the appropriate bottle with the drugs in it?"

"Of course." Lisa nods. "It was the one on the left wasn't it?"

Miki nods and says, "Let's go back into the living room and have something to eat."

Lisa nods, "Sounds good to me." and follows Miki out into the living room, sitting down on the couch.

Miki walks into the kitchen. She asks, "what would you like to drink, Lisa?"

"Mmm... Just some water is good." she replies. She's been trying to watch her weight lately.

Miki takes a glass from the rack on the counter. She puts the glass in the coldwater dispenser in the door of the refrigerator and fills the glass almost full. She takes 2 vials from her pocket in her shirt and puts half of each in the glass. With a quick stir ... it vanishes.

Lisa sits in the living room, flipping through the TV channels with the volume turned low so it won't wake up Michael. She leans back into the couch, watching the news while she waits.

Miki walks back into the living room and gives Lisa the water. Lisa smiles and thanks her, drinking it down. She didn't realize how thirsty she was, but soon the glass is completely empty.

Miki says quietly, We have to choose a proper girl's name for him. Perhaps .. Michelle??"

Lisa nods, "That sounds good to me."

Lisa yawns suddenly, her eyes feel prickly for some odd reason. "Huh... That’s funny, I felt fine a few minutes ago..."

Miki smiles and says, "Don't tell me it's time for your nap too?"

Lisa rubs her eyes, "What? I dunno... I mean, I feel kinda drowsy for some reason..."

Lisa blinks, her eyes slightly out of focus as Miki hears a faint peeing sound from under Lisa's skirt.

Miki says cooingly like she's talking to a very small child, "did Lisa baby wet herself just now?"

Lisa feels her forehead, she can't think clearly for some reason. "I... I think I might have..."

Miki takes Lisa gently by the hand and helps her to her feet.

She says cooingly, "Well if baby wets her panties, is time for her to be in diapers ... don't you think?"

Lisa stands up, a bit wobbly for some reason, her expression muddled. "I... yeah, okay..."

Miki leads Lisa slowly by the hand into the bathroom. Lisa stumbles along behind her, giggling a bit as if she were drunk as the regression drugs Miki put in the water begins to affect her more.

When they get there, Miki unzips Lisa's skirt and allows it to drop around her ankles. Under the skirt she's wearing a pair of purple satin panties, which now have a large dark spot between her legs and on her bottom.

Miki asks in a sweet cooing voice, "Baby needs changing doesn't she? It's ok ... babies have accidents sometime when they are not properly diapered."

Lisa blushed, but smiled a bit. The innocent open mouthed smile of an infant, "Hehe... diapy..." her eyes were unfocused and her expression was dreamlike.

Miki unbuttons Lisa's blouse and takes it gently off. She then unfastens her bra and removes it and tosses them both into a pail nearby. Lisa smiled placidly as she was stripped, now only wearing the soiled panties.

Miki says softly, "ok sweetheart, step out of these wet panties." as she pulls them down.

Lisa lifts her legs, stumbling a bit and almost falling over. Miki helps Lisa keep from falling as she picks up the skirt and panties and tosses them in the pail with the rest of the clothes.

Miki helps Lisa into the tub and starts to fill it with pleasantly warm water as Lisa flops forward towards Miki, giggling uncontrollably like a child. Miki catches and keeps Lisa from falling over as she adds a honeysuckle bath oil to the rapidly filling tub.

Lisa's nose twitches and she giggles, "Heee... Pwetty smell..."

Miki kisses Lisa softly on her nose and says, "Sweetie, you make a wonderful baby .. you know that? Maybe I don't want to bring you back but keep both of you as my children."

Lisa smiled and giggled, "Hehe... Kays..."

Then her smile flickered a bit, "W... wait... huh?" she rubbed her head again, "Woah... I'm kinda dizzy..."

She looked around, trying to shrug off the effects of Miki's drugs. She realizes in a dim way what’s happening

She asks in a very infantile voice, "Whats going on... Miki?... Why..."

Miki takes a sweet smelling soap and begins to clean Lisa lovingly. Lisa blinks a few times, but the relaxing feeling of Miki washing her sends her back under, and soon she's splashing a bit in the tub, the babyish smile back on her face.

Miki replies to Lisa in a voice like she's explaining a difficult topic with a very young child, "It's part of your training sweetheart. So you know what your subjects are going through and how they feel. But you are such an adorable little baby ... I think I’m going to permanently regress you."

Lisa gurgles as she splashes happily in the warm water. She has a vague faraway feeling that something Miki just said was important ... very important ... She realizes she has toes and begins to play with them.

All of Lisa’s body hair washes away except on her head as Miki completes the rinse. She stands Lisa up and helps her out of the tub. Lisa squirms a bit, trying to resist the drugs again, but being nurtured by Miki does feel rather nice to her...

Miki continues in the same voice, "I was regressed the same as you are being now. I was a baby girl for 6 weeks so I would know what it's like."

She takes a thick, soft towel and briskly but gently dries Lisa all over.

Somewhere, in the back of Lisa’s mind, it clicks a bit. If she has to know what it’s like to be regressed to finish her training, then she might as well go along with it, and she lets herself sink back into the soft drug induced mental state, giggling happily now as she's dried off.

Miki whispers in Lisa's ear in the same voice, "There is one thing too ... I might not want to bring you back. Is my choice as Mistress you know. Adds a bit of the ... proper feeling to the subject. And I think you might want to know ... I’m not bringing you back sweet heart."

The faraway place that’s still left in Lisa that’s adult realizes she is being permananlyt regressed ... not for training. She squirms a bit, but by now its like trying to wake up from a deep sleep, and she can't quite pull it off at the moment.

"Nnm ... gurgle ... gooo ", Lisa tries her best to complain.

The only real option is to throw a fit. Lisa knows baby get spanked if she naughty.

Miki lifts Lisa onto the changing table. She rubs her nose to Lisa's and coos softly. Lisa smiled and giggled happily, but deep down in her mind there was still a bit of her adult self tucked away where Miki couldn't get at it. For now anyway, and it didn’t want to be a baby girl.

Miki lifts Lisa by her ankles and places a very thick, soft, and pleasantly warm cloth diaper under her and sets her back on it. She tickles Lisa softly in her ribs.

Lisa smiled up at her, clenching and unclenching her fingers and giggling when she got tickled. Miki rubs jonquil smelling baby oil all over Lisa as she lovingly caresses her.

Miki kisses Lisa's toes softly and says in a cooing voice, "Such an adorable baby."

Lisa can’t help it anymore, she gurgles happily, trying to reach up at Miki now like a baby would. Still struggling against what’s happening in the very back of her mind, but unable to resist the regression drug’s powerful influence.

Miki powders baby generously with sweet smelling baby powder. She pulls the diaper between Lisa's legs and pins it snugly on with locking diaper pins.

She stands Lisa on her feet. Lisa looks down, patting the front of her diaper with a childlike curiosity.

Miki bends down and pick up a pair of white rumba panties with pink kittens and soft pink ruffles.

She holds them out and says cooingly, "Step in sweetheart."

Lisa giggles, smiling at the kittens on them, and takes a wobbling step into the panties, letting Miki slide them the rest of the way up.

Miki kisses Lisa softly on her cheek and says, "from now on, you will be my daughter. Michelle too. The 2 of you will be such cute babies."

Michelle, the sissy boy/girl in question stirred some in his crib. He was finally coming out of his drug-induced nap, and he was probably wet too.

Lisa smiled, and flopped down, wrapping her arms around Miki's waist like a toddler would. Miki takes out a powder blue playsuit with ruffles across the bottom and around the tie on bib and the leg openings.

Miki fastens the 4 snaps in the crotch and holds it out.

She says cooingly, "Step in baby."

Lisa stumbles into it as well, smiling as the soft material covers her.

Miki pulls the romper up and ties it behind Lisa's neck. She has on no top. Miki takes 2 powder blue ribbons off the shelf and ties Lisa's hair into cute ponytails. Lisa giggles and bounces, making her tails bounce up and down. Deep down, Lisa’s last adult place gets a a lot fainter.

Miki leads Lisa by her hand to the mirror for her to see her new self. Lisa follows along, her eyes wide as she looks around before she reaches the mirror. She blinks and tilts her head, making a soft "Aah?" sound.

Her eyes slide in and out of focus for a moment, then she blinks a few times, having finally managed to claw her way back into control of her mind and looks at herself, her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open.

Miki hugs Lisa lovingly and says in her cooing voice, "You are just an adorable baby. I really want to keep you."

Lisa’s mouth moves slowly, trying to form words, "Ah... But... I... gah..."

Miki picks Lisa up and sets her back on the changing table. She puts matching powder blue crochet booties on her feet. They are very soft and comfortable.
"But... I..." she stammers, "But... What if I don't.... What if I don't want to be like this!?" Lisa manages to push out. She's finally back enough now to realize what’s happening, the shock of seeing herself like that acting like a huge wake up call.

Miki replies in the same cooing voice as she tickles Lisa gently, "Doesn't matter. Now does it baby? You have the full dose in you. You know what the lessons said. You are the top Student Nana."

"But... I don't... I mean, I'm in training to be a Nana! I don't want to be a baby forever!" though she has to repress a giggle when the booties go on.

Miki helps Lisa off the table and gently leads her by the hand into the nursery.

Even as she said it though, the chemicals began to affect her again, and she had to struggle to keep her own mind as the two of them walked into the nursery. Lisa knows that there is no choice ... she will regress and will be helpless.

Miki says in a cooing voice like she's explaining a difficult concept to a very young child, "Baby knows it's up to the Mistress in charge at this point. I am in charge and I want you as my baby daughter permanently. You a far too cute to let go."

Hearing the talking, Michael or rather Michelle, sits up, grabbing onto the bars of the crib as they walk in.

"But... I..." Lisa struggled. Her mind was squirming now. Half of it weakened and wanting to listen to Miki, and submit to being a baby girl. It felt so right ... the rest trying to convince itself that it was still worth fighting against.

It was then that Michelle noticed Lisa. He gasped in a very infantile voice, "Lisa? You too?!"

Miki coos to Michelle, "Hello baby girl. Nana has a playmate for you. You two will be my daughters from now on for the rest of your lives."

Miki lifts Lisa into the crib. Lisa turned at the sound of her name, blinking at Michelle and trying to focus her eyes on him. Something about seeing him babified made her resistance crumble even more. Lisa knew she was a baby too and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Miki kisses both babies sweetly on the cheek. She checks Michelle's diaper and finds her very wet.

Miki coos, "Aww, baby is such a good girl. Nana change her."

Michelle blushes squirming some. "Hey, st-stop!" His voice sounds extremely young and high pitched from the formula he drank.

Lisa squirms in the crib, her mind slipping further. She wanted to fight it... but the crib was so comfy... but she wasn't a baby!... but the clothes felt nice... but its not right for it to happen to her!... but the crib walls made her feel safe... but why did they do that?!.. but plushies ... she realizes the mobile nice too and begins to play with it.

Miki lifts Michelle from the crib and stands her on her feet. She takes her by the hand and slowly leaves the room. He squirms some, fighting helplessly against the woman who is obviously in control of the situation.

Lisa is now alone in the crib with her helpless thoughts raging wildly. Lisa looked around, feeling small and helpless now. She wanted to stand up and get away from here, but her legs wouldn't move the way she wanted them to now... that mobile is so fun ...

(Lisa thinking as he adult thoughts quickly fade) "I've got to get out of here quick! Miki's lost i... hee... that bunny is pink... NO! No! Fight it Lisa! Don't... don't... there's a mobile up there... its got a ducky on... GAH! NO! I... I... my mouth feels empty? But... I..." she began to squirm harder now, whining as she laid there.

Miki returns with Michelle led by the hand. Before Lisa realized it, her thumb had slid into her mouth. Even with her mind screaming she began to gently suckle on it, and soon her thoughts began to quiet down as she slowly closed her eyes, sucking her thumb and kicking her legs as she laid there She thought that, "I... If I'm going to be like this for now on ... I ... I guess I could try to enjoy it..."

Michelle now is rediapered and smells sweetly of baby powder. He's blushing, following demurely, holding Miki’s hand, his complaints forgotten.

Miki has 2 bottles in her hands. She lifts Michelle into the crib and gave her a bottle. Squeaking, he takes the bottle and starts nursing it, just as confused as Lisa, but already only thinking like an infant.

Miki says softly to Lisa, "Here is your bottle sweetheart. It will make baby feel so much better. And when baby is finished with her bottle, she will always be my lovie baby girl ... kaay?"

Lisa blinks and slides her thumb out of her mouth. Miki puts the bottle to Lisa’s lips. The nipple fills the emptiness in Lisa's mouth, Her mind faintly lets out one last cry of warning before the nip slides in and she closes her eyes, suckling on the bottle with the occasional sound of contentment.

Miki smils softly and says in a very sweet voice, "Ok babies. Just so you know ... this is permanent. When you have finished those bottles, you will always be a baby. Sleep well and have nice baby dreams."

Miki turns off the light and leaves the nursery in soft dim light.
((Inside Lisa's mind)) "No! No... It was drugged! It had to be... It... It... Mmm... Its milk... Yummy... Lisa likes her milky..."

Lisa gurgled happily as she drained the bottle, then curled up, sucking her thumb again as she drifted off to sleep.

Michelle is having the same thoughts, but on a much dimmer, less real way. After a while, he removes the bottle, throwing it away. Something in him has found the where withal to try and resist.

He pouts stubbornly, "No, I'm not doing this..."

Lisa opens her eyes halfway, still suckling her thumb. Michelle eyes her, then shakes her head. His mind is in full rebellion, the drugs become less effective against his strong will, but in the end will eventually over come him.

Michelle says in a whiney baby voice, "N-no... I refuse to submit to this."

Lisa shuffles over to Michelle, blinking a bit in a curious way, then nuzzles up close to him and continues to suckle, smiling around her thumb.

He looks down, sighing. It seems Lisa's too easily gone. He almost regrets having ever falling for her.

Michelle says in a sweet baby voice, "Sorry, but you kinda deserve it, after what you did to me. You got me into this mess."

Lisa looks at him, her thumb falling out. "Ah?"

Sighing, Michelle stood up. He realizes his legs only work like an infant toddler who has just began to walk. He holds tightly onto the crib rail, climbing out of the crib, and hopping out with a thud, landing on his cushioned bottom just loud enough for the baby intercom to hear him.

Lisa watches her 'sister' get out of the crib, and suddenly in her current infantile mind state, she feels alone and scared. And like all babies, when she's scared, she cries. Loudly.

Panicking, Michelle does his best to try to open the door. Locked. Lisa keeps going on, a loud siren like wail that wakens neighbors and ruins meals at restaurants, even louder since its coming out of an adult body.

Michelle turns for the window. It may be locked... but he can break it. He tries looking for something he can pick up and throw at it, but all he finds is stuffed animals. Then he realizes ... he has been crawling every where he was going and can’t walk properly when he manages to stand up. His panic starts to fade again. He begins to wonder why the upset ... after all ... he is a baby. No! ... gotta gets away ...
Lisa’s tantrum continues, she's probably forgotten why she's even crying now. Babies are like that. Miki opens the nursery door and comes in. It closes and locks behind her. Lisa looks up and reaches out for her, her mind thinking "Mommy" over and over.

Miki sees Michelle out of the crib and Lisa crying fitfully. She's not crying as loudly anymore, but she's still visibly upset.

Miki goes to Michelle and pops her soundly on her thigh 3 times

He wines in a very infantile way, "Owowow! Lemme go!" as he squirms in her arms desperately. Then begins to cry fitfully and forgets he was ever an adult. Miki picks the crying Michelle up and puts her back in the crib

Lisa's sitting back on her rear now, sucking her thumb again. She's watching it all with wide eyes as Miki goes to the dresser and takes 2 delicate looking mittens from a drawer. She comes back to the crib.

Miki says in a voice like she's scolding a very young child, "Baby Michelle is naughty and has upset her playmate. I'm going to punish you now for being naughty baby."

Michelle merely glares at her, backing away into the wall. Lisa's eyes follow Michelle, as she sucks her thumb.

Miki grabs Michelle by the arms and quickly puts the mittens on her hands. They lock in place

He squirms, struggling as he is mittened. He wines in a baby voice, "What're you doing?!"

Miki replies sternly as she scolds baby, "I am making sure you can't do anything a baby can't do until the regression becomes permanent."

"Permanent?" he whines, all color draining from his face.

Lisa blinks, still sucking her thumb as she watches, and her face goes a bit pink as she wets herself.

Miki goes back to the dresser. She opens a small drawer on top and removes a large pacci with a locking strap on it. She comes back to the crib and forces it into Michelle's mouth and locked it in place. Lisa looks at it, then at her thumb, then pouts. She looks jealous.

Michelle blushes some, tears welling in his eyes as he starts crying and sucking on the paci. He can’t make any loud noises because of the pacci.

Miki says, "Now baby girl, All of your food and drink from now on is geared to regressing you. Same with Lisa. You both are my babies for the rest of your lives."
Michelle cries even more, as Miki explains this. He doesn't want to be a baby.

Miki kisses and caresses Lisa lovingly. Lisa squirms a bit, her wet diaper beginning to bother her. She sniffles a bit.

Miki says cooingly, "Is baby feeling better now?"

Lisa squirms more, her diaper squishing a bit. Miki checks Lisa's diaper. Lisa is very wet.
Lisa pops her thumb back into her mouth, suckling it again.

Miki says, "Ok Michelle baby, you be good till Nana comes back with Lisa."

Miki lifts Lisa gently out of the crib and stands her on her feet. They leave to change Lisa with Miki holding her hand and leading her like an adorable toddler. Lisa giggles and follows behind Miki, still suckling on her thumb.

Michelle is now alone in the soft darkness of the nursery. He is still crying, distraught at the situation like a true baby. Soon, he's cried himself back to sleep and very pleasant baby dreams.

Miki shortly returns with Lisa. She sits in the big rocking chair and lifts Lisa into her lap.
Lisa snuggles close, still sucking away at her thumb but looking much happier now that she's dry.

She rocks Lisa gently as she feeds her another bottle of sweet tasting milk. Lisa suckles it down, the laced milk making her drug induced regression even stronger, though she's practically lost any will to resist it now.

Miki sings a soft sweet tale of Stepping Stones and regression to infantcy. Miki thinks to herself that Lisa will make an excellent Nana after her training regression is complete.

Miki softly sings the lullaby as both babies sleep contentedly.

End - Chapter 2

[09:33 AM] amyyamuri: Mistress of Regression Pt. III - New Horizons

Miki has given the new baby girl Michelle to the mommy who had requested a baby sissy girl of her description. Michelle was now permanently regressed to 2 years old and was an adorable little baby sissy girl. This was a permanent regression and Miki had made extra sure this family would care for Michelle very well.

Miki sat in the nursery with Lisa in her arms, feeding her the morning bottle of milk and regression drugs.
Lisa smiled around the nipple of the bottle, suckling away as she squirmed happily in her infantile state. Miki knew she couldn't give Lisa too much of the drugs. If she did, Lisa would be this adorable baby for the rest of her Life.

She rocks Lisa slowly as she coos softly. The little bit of Lisa that was still an adult had stopped fighting. It was part of her training after all, so she'd know what it was like to be regressed. That and, though she wouldn't admit it to herself, she kind of liked it.

Miki checked Lisa's diaper ... she was wet n messy and would need a bath after she was fed. Lisa finished her bottle and snuggled up close to Miki, popping her thumb into her mouth again.

Miki rubs noses with Lisa, gives her a soft kiss and says, "Lisa a good baby. She all tinky n need a bath."

Lisa giggles as Miki touches her face, blinking a few times and trying to grab at her finger with both hands. Miki stands and gently places Lisa on her wobbly feet. Lisa stumbles, her legs not responding to her brain properly anymore, and the thickness of the diaper causes her to waddle along behind Miki, sucking away at her thumb.

Miki leads Lisa into the bathroom. Lisa looks around the room, her eyes wide and childlike. Still sucking her thumb but bouncing a bit at the new surroundings which makes her ponytails shake and toss.

Miki coos to Lisa like a baby, "Lift your arms sweetheart so Nana can take off your top."

Lisa gurgles like an infant, raising her arms up over her head. Miki takes the baby top off. She then kneels and pulls down the rumba panties to Lisa's ankles.

She says in the same voice, "Ok sweetie, step out of these.

Lisa squirms a bit, feeling slightly chilly now that she's not in her warm outfit. She steps out of them though, waiting for her 'mommy' to continue.

Miki unfastens the locking diaper pins and gently cleans Lisa with sweet smelling baby wipes. She drops the messy and wet diaper into a pail and helps her into the bassinette looking tub.

The water is very warm and smells sweetly of jonquils. Miki softly tickles Lisa as she washes her in all her squeaky places. Lisa giggles and squirms, splashing the water as Miki tickles her.

"Eee! Gbrth!" she babbles out in baby talk, unable to speak in her current state.

Miki giggles and says in her cooing voice, "Lisa is such a sweet baby ... Nana Miki might just keep her this way."
Lisa smiles up at Miki, the open mouthed wide smile of a baby. "Geeeh!"

Inside her mind she's still annoyed over this, but then again... no. No, she wants to be an adult right? Yes ... well ... maybe ...

Miki kisses Lisa lovingly as she helps the now clean and sweet smelling baby girl out of the tub. Lisa bounces, splashing droplets of water everywhere as she does.

She dries Lisa briskly in a very think and soft towel from head to toe. Lisa gurgles happily as she feels the soft material drying her.

Miki picks Lisa up effortlessly and lays her on the changing table. Miki blows in her tummy and makes a loud raspberry noise. Lisa squeals a bit, kicking her feet and giggling uncontrollably.

As she tickles Lisa softly, Miki coos, "Such a cute and adorable baby."

She blows in her tummy again. Lisa giggles and smiles up at Miki, gurgling. Then squeals again as she gets a second tummy kiss.

Miki reaches on a shelf and gets a bottle of amber baby oil.

Inside of Lisa’s mind, she's feeling conflicted of course, but still ... Being babied isn't that bad ... She mentally shakes herself and reminds herself that its only going to be temporary. Of course Miki said she might keep her this way... but Miki was just joking... wasn't she?

She pours it slowly all over Lisa from her waist down in a small spreading line. The oil is cool on Lisa's skin and makes chill bumps rise pleasantly all over her body. Miki then caresses the oil in ... warming the oil as she does with her hands.

Lisa smiles, gurgling as Miki rubs her all over and enjoying the sensation. Though now she feels a bit nervous, what if Miki wasn't joking?! What if Miki really did intend to keep her this way?! What would she do? What could she do?! ... Would she care? That thought definitely made her worried ... a spark of understanding ... She means it!

Miki rubs her nose to Lisa's and coos, "I know you would love to be my baby for ever n ever."

Lisa gurgled, but her expression faltered a bit as she began to resurface through the haze of drug induced infantcy.

Miki takes Lisa by her ankles and lifts. She places a very thick, very soft, very warm diaper under her and sets her back on it.

Lisa squirmed a bit, but the diaper was so nice and soft, and with the help of the drugs her adult mind slid back down, leaving her to smile and suck her thumb as Miki continued to diaper her.

Miki takes a large container of baby powder and generously powders Lisa. The sweet smell of baby powder fills the air. Lisa sneezes a bit as the powder tickles her nose, but smiles at the treatment.

Miki lovingly rubs it in as she says, "Now wouldn't baby like Nana to do this all the time??"

Miki’s hands softly tickle baby. Lisa giggles as Miki rubs the powder in, but in her mind she's shaking her head violently. No! No! I'm an adult! I want to be an adult! I want this! No! NO NO! No I DON'T want this! No!

Miki spreads Lisa's legs and pulls the diaper up and pins it snugly with locking diaper pins. She stands her on her wobbly feet. Lisa giggles and wiggles in her diaper, even though her mind is still wrestling with itself.

Miki opens a cabinet under the table and takes out a cute playsuit with little pink kittens on it. It is plastic lined and has ruffles around the bib and legs. It also has 4 rows of ruffle across the bottom.

Lisa looks it over, then giggles happily at the cute pictures on it. Her ponytails bouncing up and down in excitement. Miki snaps the 4 snaps in the crotch and hold it out.

She says in a cooing voice, "Ok baby, step in like a good girl.”

Lisa stumbles a bit, but steps in, giggling as Miki pulls the outfit onto her. She starts sucking her thumb again as Miki finishes putting it on. Miki pulls it up and ties the bib behind her neck.

Lisa suckled her thumb and smiled at how cute she looked, inside her mind weakening just a bit more ... Lisa knows she is lost to infantcy.

Miki giggles softly and says in a loving voice like she's explaining a difficult topic with a very small child, "Sweetheart, you are so adorable, I'm going to keep you as my daughter. I think you'll love it too ... it's an easy and very pampered life."

Miki takes Lisa gently by the hand and leads her to the living room. She picks her up and sits with her in the rocking chair then she begins to rock slowly with Lisa in her arms

Lisa blinked, then blinked again, then something else happened. She started to sniffle, then started crying a bit. She was certain of it now that Miki wasn't joking, and that scared her.

She began to tremble in Miki's arms, her mind was yelling "(No! I don't want to be a baby forever! NO!)" but all that came out of her mouth was an infant's crying, a loud wailing sound.

Miki coos softly and comfortingly, "It's ok sweetheart. It won't be very long before this is who you are. Mommy loves her baby very much."

She kisses the crying Lisa lovingly as she caresses her. Miki reaches over and picks up a bottle she had prepared.

Miki says softly and lovingly, "Ok Lisa, this bottle has the final permanent dose in it. You will be my baby from now on. I love you and will take very good care of you for the rest of your life."

She puts the nipple to Lisa's lips. It tastes very good. Lisa shakes and tries to squirm away, she's holding her mouth shut so tightly that her lips are a white line, but somehow the nipple manages to find its way into Lisa's mouth.

She begins to suckle it reflexively, and soon she's calming back down, then finally snuggling up against Miki, eyes shut and gently nursing on the bottle.

Miki coos, "See?? Loosing your adulthood isn't so bad."

She's completely unable to think like an adult now, her thought patterns simple and little more than instinctual, like a real baby's. Lisa nuzzles a bit closer to Miki, gurgling softly around the bottle*

She continues to rock slowly as Lisa nurses her bottle. Finally, the bottle is empty, and Lisa curls up on Miki's lap, sucking her thumb with a smile. Her mind innocent and carefree.

Miki smiles down at the new baby as she drifts off to sleep. She is so proud of the progress Lisa has made in regressing.

Lisa’s last adult thought is that it actually is kind of nice to become a baby, but then the drug finishes its work, and she doesn't even think in words anymore. A baby in an adult's body.

Miki stands up and carries Lisa to the nursery. She places her gently into the crib and raises the rail. Miki looks at her watch .. she knows Lisa will be waking in an hour. She will be a little girl growing fast for about a day.

Miki turns off the light and leaves the dimly lit nursery and the sleeping baby.

End part 3

Mistress of Regression - Pt IV - Teacher's Regression

Lisa stirred in her crib, feeling a warm wetness between her legs as her eyes flickered open... however... a strange thought occurred to her. Or rather, it was strange that a thought occurred. She could think again, even though Miki had permanently regressed her!

She sat up in the crib, feeling the wetness between her legs, and looked around. She could think yes, but not quite as clearly as before... Didn't Miki say something about a smaller dose of the drug wearing off over time?

She felt the diaper and pouted, then reached around and unlocked the crib, the simple locks proving no problem now that her mind was more mature. She climbed out onto the floor of the nursery and after a bit of fumbling managed to get undressed down to her diaper, then tried to figure out the locks on the safety pins.

The doorknob rattles. Miki walks into the nursery.

Miki beams a wonderful smile and says, "You have done very well Lisa. You have graduated and here is your diploma."

She hands Lisa a very ornate pigskin sheet with a gold ribbon attached under a solid gold seal

She squirms in her diaper and tries to unlock the pins still, struggling with them.

"Um... Hey, how do you get these off again? I can't quite remember for some reason..." Still younger than her true age in mentality, she can only focus on one thing at a time.

Miki continues as she unlocks the diaper pins, "Congratulations."

Its the evening now several days later, and Lisa's mind has gone completely back to normal. She's dressed in a purple t-shirt and a pair of girl's jeans now and she's just brought some drinks into the living room while Miki is watching television.

"Well, I must admit I'm glad that’s over..." she says as she sits the drinks down and sits down next to Miki, taking a sip from her's.

Miki thanks Lisa for the drink and takes a long drink. She is thirsty and it tastes good.

Lisa watches the news while the two finish their drinks, then leans back and smiles to herself.

Lisa says softly, "So I'm a fully trained nana now huh?" she grins, "Guess that’s pretty convenient."
She looks at Miki, with an expression like a cat that just spotted a tasty mouse,

Lisa says with a strange sparkle in her eyes, "Interesting drugs we use aren't they? You can't even taste them at all."

As Miki sits, she begins to feel very elated for some reason. She finishes her drink and looks at the glass. A very vague suspicion flits across her mind for a second and then is dismissed.

Miki replies, "So the subject doesn't realize till it's too late."

Miki feels a need to go potty. Suddenly she realizes she has wet her panties in an accident as she begins to become confused. Her whole bottom is now wet.

Lisa grins and nods. "Yes exactly. Such a nifty little thing. You can hide it in any drink in the world..." her tone sounds slightly odd, and she's watching Miki out of the corner of her eye.

Miki doesn't quite understand what has happened. A strong infantile feeling comes over her and fills her mind.

Miki stutters in a confused manner, "Wh ... what's happen ... "

Lisa grins and gets to her feet, then looks at Miki. "My turn."

She takes Miki's hand and pulls her up, patting her cheek gently, "Now then little Miki, lets get you out of those wet panties and into a nice dry diaper."

Miki can't quite put her thought into words as her mind is becoming more confused.

Miki follows Lisa but squirms and fidgets and fights weakly against Lisa's lead.

In her mind, Miki can't believe it, as her adult hood quickly and very pleasantly recedes from her.

She says in a voice sounding very much like a little girl, "Diaper ... n n no!"

Lisa smiles sweetly. She knows Miki will make the most wonderful baby girl. She thinks happily how wonderful it will be to have Miki as her baby for the rest of her life. Lisa hopes she can be the best of mommies to Miki.

Lisa knows that at that dosage, Miki will quickly and permanently be the cutest baby girl a Nana could have to display. The crowning achievement of any New Nana, to have your instructor as your permanent baby. Lisa is more than happy.
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