The Mystique of Writing Stories

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The Mystique of Writing Stories

Postby Miki Yamuri » Mon Dec 22, 2014 1:42 pm

The Mystique of Writing Stories

Hi sweeties,

Over the course of several years, many, many have asked for advise on writing their stories. Because I was just asked again today, I am posting this in hopes it will help those who are wanting to write ... but have yet to put pen to paper.

As baby's creative writing teacher always told me ... "Write what you know, then add the details around it."

No matter what the story's true theme, always have the thread of what you know in reality as the foundation. That way, you know where you're going and do not need a map to show the way through the darkness.

Tell the story ... as you would normally speak the words. If you personally do not speak a certain way, it would probably behoove you not to use the vernacular until you become familiar with it. Do not underestimate the reader ... they instinctively know these things and can tell if you're telling what you are familiar with ... or not.

Tell the story in the 3rd person ... from the eyes of the beholder perspectives are reserved for special times. This does not mean not to do it ... just know when the proper time has come.

Add emotional content ... feelings ... OMG!! Moments ... make the reader 'feel' and 'experience' the thing. This is the bait, and the hook that snares the reader, and makes them continue on.

Keep the lines in small groups, so the manuscript doesn't look like a massive jumble of words. This makes it hard to read, and detracts from the overall pleasure of the reader.

Do your very best to use proper grammar, and to spell and edit as well as possible. A very good story will loose an audience quickly, if it is written poorly and difficult to read.

It's like my story, 'Miki's Pool Party'

It's about the Emperess Miki Anton and her very first invitation to a Royal Social Gathering  ... however, the pool party and lots of the incidents depicted ... actually happened. The names were changed to protect the guilty.

It's why the story has such depth and vividness ... because baby was describing an actual happening, but adding the fantasy around it.

'The Diaper Change' is another good example. The reason it sounds the way it does,   >>blushes strawberry pink<<   is because baby has her diaper changed all the time, and all I'm doing is describing what happens.

To be a good writer, you must answer this question:

"Am I a writer?"

The answer must be a resounding "YES"

Wanting to be ... and being ... are horns on different critters. Like comparing Brahma Bulls with Mountain Goats. Both have horns, 4 legs, and hooves ... but are entirely different animals.

"No try! DO!! or do not!" Yoda, Jedi Master

As for what to write about ... Hummmm ...

Baby no can help you there. A good story teller has their story come from within them. Whether it's a requested, outlined, Rplay, or completely spontaneous event, the little voice writing the story, will speak from within you, and you alone.

Of all the cartoons, comic books, books, TV shows, and movies baby is sure you have seen that have added to the bank of stories within you ... baby is sure at least 1 can come out and be a shining example of your originality.

Don't be discouraged by another's ability. A wise person once told baby, "A brandy glass will only hold a brandy glass' worth of the sea. The sea is vast and full of many great wonders ... a brandy glass is small and holds but a drop of the vastness of the sea."

To finish this, Practice. Each story baby writes, adds to the richness and diversity of my stories. I have been basically writing stories ... since baby learned to hold a pencil and do my ACB's.

I was 5yo and wrote a story about my Fuzzy Teddy Bear. It sounded really cute and the teachers loved it. But in reality, it was the fantasy of my Teddy Bear and the life it had within my pretend world. I basically wrote about something I was very familiar with.

Of course ... it wouldn't compare to one of my stories now ... but every journey, regardless of how near or far ... begins with the very first step.

The only thing stopping you from writing ... is you and your own fear.

Fear is the death we die a 1000 times. Fear is the mind killer, the little death that eats away our souls. Allow the fear to wash over and through you and pass by the wayside. Fear is not one of the things the G_D of all there is has given to you. Fear was the difference between whether Mankind walked on the earth ... or walked on the moon.


I look forward to reading many new stories from all you new authors. Relax, have fun ... enjoy it.

After all ... you are bringing to life an entire world that has never before existed. What an awesome power to possess.

With Love


Miki Yamuri
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